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  1. Funniest VN

    I recommend the Grisaia trilogy, lots of really great comedy.
  2. Nintendo Switch VN

    I think they should primarily stick to VNs that were originally all ages for Switch releases or any other VN releases on console. In that regard it is quite nice that Clannad has been ported to the switch, it gave me a chance to get a physical edition of it and I am looking forward to reading it on the switch. For 18+ VNs I think that in almost every case an all ages version is inferior and as such I don't really feel like I want a port of them to the Switch or any other console (I am not against it for those who are interested in the ports just not interested myself). Regarding IMHHW the official english version of it is considered horrible, to the point that the entire thing was retranslated by fans and it was also censored so 12 year old french girls could enjoy it, not sure why they figured 12 year old french girls were their most important target audience. So considering those things about IMHHW I think the Switch release for it is just an annoying reminder of Moenovel being a shitty publisher.
  3. Books about visual novels?

    Considering how much of a niece VNs are I would assume the only things you could find is artbooks.
  4. Help installing japanese visual novels

    Are you sure you have all settings you need in japanese? Some titles require your time setting to be in japanese for instance. Also something I have noticed in some of my physical japanese titles is that renaming a folder the VN is in or changing its location can in some cases cause it to not work, probably because it uses folder locations to locate programs to use (said something about not finding a program). Other than those things I don't know what it could be.
  5. How do you guys feel about the JVN industry right now?

    Couldn't this also have to do with saturation of the market rather than shifting consumer base? Moege and Charage usually don't have uniquie things to sell people on, because of this I think they have a large problem competing with older titles. It could be that there are just as many reading Moege and Charage today as before, but that they instead of buying new titles pick up older titles 2nd hand. With a plotge I think they tend to be more unique and have a wider variety of settings (not all being sett in high school for instance). Of course this is just speculations and you most likely have a much better grasp on the japanese VN market in general then I do, I just wanted to add my thoughts on another potential cause to the shift in which title that does well.
  6. Saya no Uta Coming to Steam

    They are giving free updates though so I doubt it.
  7. Why Visual Novels?

    I think VNs have an advantage when it comes to harems, H-scenes and mystery. When it comes to harems anime often don't have a proper ending and those that does tend to have it ending shortly after the main character gets together with one of the girls which means that you don't tend to get to see much of how they actually interact as a couple. Manga tend to have an ending where the main character chooses a girl, but again in these cases it seems like it tends to end shortly after they get together . As for light novels I am not certain since I haven't really read light novels and anime adaptions usually aren't complete but I would assume they are probably somewhat similar. As for VNs you get to choose which heroine you want the main character to get together with and due to most VNs having sex scenes you usually get to see their relationship develop for quite some time, then after you are done you can read the other girls routes as well. Because of this I think VNs tend to be able to handle harems much better than manga and anime. H-scenes I think has an advantage over eroanime and eromanga due to the length of VNs. Eroanime tend to be quite short, have bad art and animation and pretty much just consist of sex scenes. Because of this I think it gets boring rather quickly, since it is so short and sex focuses the characters are almost never properly built up as anything you care about. Without any character to care about it pretty much just comes down to the scenario and how the character looks, since the art is generally quite poor that usually just leaves the scenario. For me at least this meant that once I had seen lots of different scenarios it just started feeling repetative and boring as they didn't have anything else of value to offer. Eromanga I think are better since the art usually is better and an artists style can keep things fresh, however a problem here is that they tend to be really short and as such I can't care about the characters and get bored rather quickly. As for eroge a lot of them are fairly long and does a good job making you like the character before the H-scenes which to me makes it more satisfying. Thinking about the popularity of Doujinshi based on characters from anime and manga I think this way of thinking is pretty common, but with VNs you get those scenes as an official part of the story rather than just some fanmade what if scenario. As for mysteries I think the route system and choice system of VNs can be used really well to build up mysteries in ways other mediums can't really do. Choices can be used in a way to make you engaged by having you actually trying to figure out the best choices based on your knowledge and routes can be used to feed bits of information from different routes to build up a more complete story. As for general story telling I think an apealing thing about VNs is that adding length does not neccessarily add a lot of cost for the developer. Due to sprites and backgrounds being used repeatedly a story can be expanded quite a lot just based on writing alone, this means that the author isn't as restricted as they are with manga or anime where new drawings need to be made for everything that happens. Also they are not restircted by weekly deadlines like manga and anime. Due to most of them having voice acting and the fact that they shouldn't have too long gaps without CGs there still is more of a cost to adding more text then there is for a light novel. An advantage they have over light novels however is their visuals and audio since I would imagine a lot of people want to see the characters drawn and hear them speak rather than just reading things like a normal book with a drawing here and there once in a while. Btw I do not mean that VNs are better than the other mediums, I think each of them have their own advantages and things they excel at
  8. Pretty sure both these publishers don't give a damn about VN fans and I would assume that they are never going to bother looking up this forum. Not sure about fruitbat though, maybe they would check fuwa sometimes possibly.
  9. In terms of microtransactions I think Neko works is a company to worry about. So far they have had it in one of their titles Monmusu and they are also doing a nekopara mobile game which will surely have microtransactions Nekoparaiten!.
  10. It just kind of seemed like you hated every moeblob which was kind of why I questioned your actions. If it is just that you dislike most of them but like some of them I can understand using it to seperate the ones you like from the ones you dislike.
  11. Stop hating on Moeblobs. There is a large variety in quality among them and just because you don't like them doesn't mean they are not of quality. Also if you don't like moeblobs then ignore them, don't pirate them (not sure you do your text just kind of seemed to possibly hint at it).
  12. Do roughly 4 out of every 5 people who are into VNs live in poorer countries? Seems like a bit of a high number.
  13. Btw can anyone think of any ways we as fans can try to increase the numbers of people buying things legally rather than pirating? Like trying to make publishers of VNs and their financial situations more known or adding where to get things legally when recommending things especially for people new to the medium or any smart ideas anyone can think of?
  14. I think the way people get into games and VNs are quite different and I would assume that this makes VNs a bit easier for people to feel it is okay to pirate than games. Most people get into gaming when they are young and at that age things like pirating I would assume isn't that common (probably a bit complicated for a 6 year old or highly risky for them in terms of getting viruses which would probably lead them to stop doing it after their parents scold them for getting a virus). Because of this people kind of start with the natural point being to buy their games and then later dvelve into piracy if they feel like it. With VNs people are generally starting at an age where they can easily pirate things which means they can be introduced to it through piracy and feel like this is the natural way to get VNs and as I mentioned previously there was already a culture for piracy that was established before a decent amount of titles got an official release where piracy wasn't just a part of the community but the entire community was pretty much built on piracy.
  15. I would assume it has to do with so many VN fans having started before there were a decent amount of officially translated VNs and because of this a culture of piracy has been established and lots of newer people getting into it getting advice from these people. Also one thing I think has somewhat of an effect is newer people asking for recommendations getting recommended things that only has a fanpatch thus starting of pirating which just makes it much easier for them to continue doing so. Also due to the length of VNs I think people who pirtate are unlikely to buy something they enjoy. For instance with anime since so many of them are rather short it is possible for people to watch a ton of anime through piracy and then among their favorites pick out which to buy on blu-ray or by merchendise. With the length of a VN it is unlikely that people would want to reread it and a digital download is not as enticing as a physical product like a blu-ray for instance and then for the physical versions of VNs many people don't want to import them either because they don't want physical 18+ stuff or are scared because loli character or semi loli characters being taken as illegal material.
  16. Here are pictures of all of my physical visual novels. Some of these I have already done a review of while the others are planned to at some point get a review once I have read them. There are also going to be more visual novels added here in the future. For instance have I backed physical tier of kickstarter for Island, Momoiro Closet and Newrin as well as having pre ordered the complete box for Grisaia. Some of my english visual novels More of my english visual novels Grisaia complete box My english visual novels with nsfw cover English Console VNs Japanese visual novels for PC More japanese visual novels for PC Some more japanese physicals, some of them have NSFW box My japanese visual novels for PS Vita My japanese visual novels for PS3 and PS4
  17. Having just finished all the endings of the Haiyore! Nyaruko-san PS vita VN i figured I would share my disappointment so those interested in know more about the VN. The first half of the VN is a retelling of the first season of the anime with a few new scenes and lots of lots of CGs, almost all of which are just art taken from the anime. The remaning half is a decent enough story but nothing special, my main problem with it is that the comedy is very repetaive with things that used to be funny early on being overplayed to the point where it loses most of its comedic value. The really bad thing about this VN however is its route system and endings. There are 8 different endings though 6 of them have 2 variations so quite a lot of endings. These endings are short 2-3 min and the part of the route of the character that leads up to the endings are lackluster with the same events playing out each time but with a different character which means some of the dialoge is changed. The main problem here is how much of a pain in the ass it is to get to a new ending once you have completed the VN. Most of the scenes are the same for all routes and the more routes you do the less scenes are left to read in the other routes. This means a lot of skipping and the problem with this is that the skipping in the VN is a bit slow as it uses time to load the different sprites and background. Because of this skipping through the VN while not reading a single scene will take roughly 1 hour and there are probably 40-50 options to choose between so it will stop you up as you skip through it constantly. This system is a pain in the ass to deal with as you need to read the VN 8 times for all the endings and 6 of these times you need to read from roughly 70% complete to the end twice. So once you are done with your first route you will just switch between reading short segments and skipping with the later ones being pretty much pure skipping until the end. I would estimate I used roughly as long time skipping on this VN as I actually did reading it and if I weren't a completionist by heart I would have dropped it someplace during my 2nd read through. So the only ones I would recommend to pick this up are people who really just want some more Nyaruko and just plan on reading one route before quiting. Front of the vita case Back of the vita case The cartradge
  18. Otakon Announcements 2019

    Hope they announce a moonstone VN and hapymaher fd.
  19. Japanese Visual Novels

    If you do not understand Japanese I would recommend that you go for things that are translated rather than japanese only releases as there are a lot of VNs that has been translated and actual translations should be much better to read than VNR. As for pirating I am pretty sure asking for where to pirate is against the rules of this site as it does not promote pirating. Under is a list of visual novels that have an official english release. There are also some other titles that has gotten fan patches in english that you can probably look for on vndb but I specialise on official releases so I would not be much of help when it comes to those.
  20. Nicely done harem

    Not really plot based but if Moege are okay I can think of Nekopara, Karakara and Neko-nin ex heart. Though out of these I think the only one where there is a bit of awkward feelings towards the harem from the girls is Karakara, though maybe not to the degree you want.
  21. Sekai Project VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery World End Economica June 2014 May 2015 Not yet delivered Clannad November 11th 2014 October 2015 March 2016 Grisaia Trilogy December 2014 October 2015 April 2018 Memory’s Dogma June 2015 December 2016 Not yet delivered The Human Reignition Project June 2015 December 2016 Not yet delivered Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project October 2015 April 2016 Not yet delivered Root Double January 2016 March 2016 November 2016 Chrono Clock August 2016 April 2017 Not yet delivered A Clockwork Ley-Line Febuary 2017 January 2018 Not yet delivered Fatal Twelve March 2017 January 2018 November 2018 Hoshizora No Memoria May 2017 September 2018 Not yet delivered Shining Song Starnova August 2017 August 2018 June 2019 A light in the Dark February 2018 June 2018 Not yet delivered Tokyo Chronos July 2018 April 2019 Not yet delivered Frontwing VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery Corona Blossom vol 1 June 2016 October 2016 July 2019 Corona Blossom vol 2 September 2016 December 2016 July 2019 Sharin no Kuni November 2016 October 2017 Not yet delivered Corona Blossom vol 3 December 2016 March 2017 July 2019 Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 1 and 2 March 2017 June 2017 March 2019 Grisaia Complete box March 2017 Q4 2017 Febuary 2019 Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 3 June 2017 September 2017 Not yet delivered Wonderful Everyday August 2017 January 2018 Not yet delivered Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 4 November 2017 April 2018 Not yet delivered Momoiro Closet Febuary 2018 July 2018 Not yet delivered Grisaia Phantom Trigger Volume 5 June 2018 October 2018 Not yet delivered Island August 2018 December 2018 Not yet delivered Sol Press VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery Sakura Sakura August 2017 December 2017 Not yet delivered Newton and the Apple Tree December 2017 May 2018 Not yet delivered Irotoridori no Sekai Febuary 2019 December 2021 Not yet delivered Others VN Start of Kickstarter Estimated delivery Actual delivery Muv-Luv September 2015 September 2016 July 2018 Libra of the Vampire Princess December 2015 November 2016 May 2017 Dies Irae December 2016 May 2017 April 2018 Koropokkur March 2018 September 2018 October 2018 Venusblood Frontier September 2018 December 2019 Not yet delivered Seven Days September 2018 January 2019 Not yet delivered Aokana June 2019 December 2019 Not yet delivered
  22. Hakoniwa Logic has become the victim of the plague that is Sakuragame. As this unstoppable company continue all we can do is watch in horror as they rake in enough money from the chinese market to continue their goal of ruining VNs for the english speaking market. Btw here are some nice lines from their summary of the title Our protagonist, ,Wakui Arata is a student in the artificial city called Senba City. Senba City, also called Hakoniwa City, is a man-built city.
  23. Just looked through hardcopies on the mangagamer site and found that there are still 9 copies left of Princess Evangile. Pretty sure it was suppose to be sold out, so if there are anyone who wanted to get it and that was disappointed about not being able to get a physical of it now seems to be a chance to get it. https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=3&product_code=228
  24. I have now played through all of the 18+ version of Princess Evangile and figured I would make a review of it. As for an introduction to Princess Evangile I think the description on vndb does a good job at this so I will just use that rather than try to explain it myself. Burdened by the incredible debt his father left behind, Okonogi Masaya is now destitute and alone. However, through a strange collection of events, he finds himself living at the prestigious Vincennes Academy, an all-girls charm school! His purpose is to mingle amongst the Filles De La Vincennes ("Maidens of Vincennes") as the single male "sample" to promote gender integration. How will these young, innocent, and otherwise pure maidens react to his presence?! Princess Evangile consist of a common route and 4 heroine routes. The common route is 16 chapters long while the heroine routes are 10 chapters long. The four heroines are Rise, Ritsuko, Ayaka and Chiho, who can all be seen on the back of the game case. The common route is really nice in my opinion. It does a good job introducing the different characters and there are a lot of great moments that I can look back at. The common route also has a really nice ballance of comedy and drama something that made it really enjoyable to read. I would say this part of Princess Evangile is where the comedy shines the strongest. The Rise route was my favorite of all the routes. Rise is just such a lovable character. She is very strong willed, but she is also just so god damn adorable, some scenes in particular with her just had me grinning from ear to ear. As for the sex scenes well they were really nice and sweet, seeing Rise embaresed was just so fun. As for the drama during this route well I really liked it, you get to learn a lot more about Rise and why she is trying to reform the school and there are some great emotional moments wrapped around a rather sad story. Ritsuko is quite lovely. She is a very sweet and timid girl and the earlier parts of her route really showcase her appeal. She can also be somewhat silly and easily gets jelous which drove a lot of the comedy in her route. Though her route had some comedy I felt like it from time to time got a bit boring. I guess it is a bit the way she talks as well as sometimes not having that much interesting to say. So while I quite enjoyed her and her early route I would say that it can get boring from time to time. As for the later part of her route, well I felt it was okay though kind of lacking compared to the later part of the other girls routes. One problem was that there was a cliche that it was building up to that could be seen a mile away, well atleast I think they executed it pretty well though so it is not really that bad. Akaya's route I found to be pretty good. The early part of her route focused quite a bit on comedy but also built up some tension for later in her route. The middle part of her route was more emotional and drama driven than what believed her route would be based on how she acted during the common route. While I found this part to be enjoyable I did kind of wanted to have more comedic moments with her since she was pretty good at driving some of the comedy during the common route and other character routes. As for her sex scenes well they were pretty good, though they didn't really stand out. As for the later part of her route there are a lot of twist and turns that really made it an interesting read. I found the story told to be quite interesting and it definitely kept my attention. As for Chiho's route I liked it a lot though I think it had some flaws. The first part of it had some great comedy which mostly included her and Rise though the other characters had some nice comments as well. The middle of her route focused more on Chiho herself and had some nice moments. The buildup to them having sex for the first time was rather awkward and funny something I really liked. As for the later part well the main thing that happened was quite similar to something that happened in the common route, though I still felt like it was quite fresh due to some different elements that spiced it up. To sum up what I though of her route, it was quite good in regard to comedy though it felt somewhat lacking in regard to Chiho herself. Chiho was not really as present in the early and late parts of her route as the other girls, this made it feel kind of hard to grow attatched to her. As for my thoughs on the work as a whole, well I really liked it. The music and visuals worked really well with what was going on and I think that it helped create a good atmosphere which probably contributed in me playing it for many hours at a time. Almost all of the time I played I was invested in what was going on and I found myself smiling almost the entire time when I played it. As for the characters in Princess Evangile I found almost all of them to be really fun and just loved seeing them interact with one another. As for some negatives, one problem I have is that Ruriko didn't have a route, based on the story it really seems like she should have a route and I think she is the only one among the characters who rival Rise in how much I like her. Another thing is that while I found the sex scenes to be quite cute and atmospheric they were generally quite long and could sometime become quite boring after a while. I guess I shouldn't end this with the negatives so I will end this by saying that I recommend this to anyone that want to play through a light hearted visual novel with a bit of drama to spice things up. The cover of the limited edition (The character models are just the same as the ones on the cover for Princess Evangile W Happiness, which I find to be a bit lazy) The front of the game case The game disc The back of the game case Steamkey card which of course has a code for the steam edition. The front of the original soundtrack case The original soundtrack disc A little sample from the artbook As for the limited edition I think it is really worth it, I find the limited edition cover to be really nice and I also like the case for the VN itself as well as the sound track. There is also the artbook which is really nice and has lots of nice illustrations as well as some information about the girls and the school. Lastly the limited edition also contains a steam code, the steam edition is the all ages version which contains some scenes right before and after sex that aren't in the original, the replacement scenes are really short and there are only 1 to 2 each route though so other than the few cgs I don't think it adds much. Still I find it really nice that they added that as a bonus. When I wrote this review the limited edition had a few remaining copies left, but it has now been sold out.
  25. Btw I hear all this about NN having poor translations, though from the examples I have seen it mainly seem to be nitpicks and people complaining about meme VNs having memes. Then there are things like swearing, which while not common in Japan I would say to some degree very informal speech would be pretty much equivalent to. I have not read any of their titles yet as I wait for physical releases and hope they end up doing way more physicals but I would assume the TL problem is quite overblown.