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  1. I don't know why they have problem with banks rejecting kickstarter. From what I heard, stretch goals might disappear if the issue is not solved.
  2. The appeal of heterochromia?

    I am not sure about anisocoria (unequal unequal size of the eyes' pupils) because I can't find the tag on vndb.
  3. How many people cares for physical copies?

    Some people use VPN or changing DNS to access website depends on how the ISP block them. Digital items are harder to enforce compare to physical items. This is why 9tail decide to release all-age physical only for VBF
  4. How many people cares for physical copies?

    Most of the time, I avoid physical for entertainment media because physical price are relatively expensive (like shipping cost, tax, production cost, etc), lack of space, and strict laws against any controversial content.
  5. From what I heard, some people consider their CN translation of VNs are good and most of their customers are CN.
  6. Does it matter if it hit the goal for retranslation of trial? It looks like they can't offer optional all-age and 18+ physical hardcopy.
  7. Moe Day sales!

    It work for me. I don't know why it does not work for you.
  8. Moe Day sales!

    Maybe try contacting JastUsa for that. https://jast.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  9. Moe Day sales!

  10. Evenicle Release by Mangagamer (on June 28th)

    Still some companies release 18+ patch because Valve told them it will be blocked in certain countries or companies want to avoid unwanted attention for countries to block steam. Valve are subjective about which adults content will be blocked and some don't have region lock.
  11. Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    At first, I thought this was a new company the with possibility of hiring unskilled translators/editors or MTL due to lack of information of VNDB and both CN and ENG translation for this memege. Still not sure if this is steam exclusive or not. It is still possible for those artists to heard of complaints about bad drawing so that future games (including OELVN) are less likely to have this issue. (unlike manga localization which rarely face this issue) Not just censorship, there are other technical factors to consider during the development of games for outside of Japan such as displaying English text, upscale UI for large monitors, etc.
  12. Not all countries, Thailand and Singapore are not blocked because they don't know about them. They read some countries and assume some countries will block steam for that. They want avoid "Fight of Gods" situation. Steam has vague guidelines or how they enforce it. There are also controversial things like LGBT, politics, and religions which might not be legal in some countries. For Shining Starnova, the 18+dlc it doesn't seem to be block in any countries. Unpopular developers are unlikely to create a lot of attention. Because of Dharker decision, Kagura Games still use the patch method for Treasure Hunter Claire. According to their discord, Steam told them about their games could be blocked in numerous countries if they release standalone uncut content (such as China). Patch is still the safer way than standalone for visibility.
  13. I heard those with more game-play have better sales.
  14. Thank you for finding it, I am just trying to remember the page on google play I forgotten. I am just curious about the "edutainment" genre.
  15. How many -ge there are? Not sure if loliige is part of the -ge family.