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  1. Those reviews could measure linguistic demography for the translation list.
  2. I already brought Lucy and will try it first because of the Black Friday discount. Generally, I liked science fiction genre in many mediums.
  3. It seems many of those developers lacks skilled translators with awkward English description on the page. There are lack of request for legit companies to localized with decent translation (most of the request are JVN). If anybody here can evaluate the translation quality, then recommend VNs with high quality translation because some of the reviews only praise the story in it's original language.
  4. Pessimism on VN community

    The profit gain from that might not be worth the cost of DRM and other ways. Mangagamer's products used to have it before they abandon it.
  5. Pessimism on VN community

    There are people that both pirate and buy the game for the sake of supporting the industry. Piracy is big in China but there are many customers. For example, before FW added official CN translation for Island, there are many CN reviews on Steam despite CN fan-translation already existed before official release on Steam. There are also people that buy games without playing it and old games on discount. Why some games that some people already spread them illegitimately few days after release sell like hotcake even if they don't have DRM in official release? Due to cost of localization, how they advertise it and legality to obtain, some community size did increase due to piracy because otherwise they won't know it existed. For anime and manga, I am aware of some translators and companies which are involved in fan-translation before being legit. It's difficult to find how piracy affect sales due to many factors involved. Unless you have god-like power to read all people mind, time travelling and releasing officially with convenient service(easy to buy and use) to see the difference for availability of pirated copies. For price VNs, it's hard to justify the high price of VNs similar to AAA games. Nowadays I consume fewer VNs compare to games due to lack of genre I am interested in being localized. *If the market outside Japan is really good, then I wonder how it will affect the way Japanese developer design the VN (or I create new thread for discussion).
  6. I heard that they won't be including Japanese voice due to licensing issue.
  7. What to read next- "kamige edition"

    Polls looks evenly voted. There should be "What to read next, 'kusoge edition'."
  8. Sol Press 2019 Licensing Survey

    What about manga? I leave LNs and Mangas blank while I only request unpopular VN.
  9. So basically "first big dubbed VNs started as Windows release instead of console" because others was dubbed for both console and then Windows but before Umineko.
  10. Danganronpa and Zero Escape have English full audio listed as on steam page. Both of them are released by Spike Chunsoft.
  11. JVN with dub.

    Note : I am not looking for OELVN with voice acting. I am aware that localization companies lack funding and demand for VNs compare to anime or AAA games. I am looking for few exception of them because I heard “Umineko When They Cry: Gold Edition” planned to have dub funded through Kickstarter.
  12. I am wondering why some people have negative, positive or neutral views about them. How viable do you think are episodic VNs for companies?
  13. Thanks for the recommendation. Hopefully they will localize more gameplay JVN.
  14. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Not all nukige or VNs with high 18+ content are without interesting story.
  15. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Then request them to use the non-censored version (or patch) for steam.