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  1. I am looking for VNs that shows you which paths you have completed. With this, completion of reading all text of VNs might be more convenient than only using walkthrough. Bonus: VNs with multiple point of view of the protagonists.
  2. Robo Waifus?

    Sales of nekonin series is quite high compare to other VNs on steam (generally sales of VNs are not big). My reason why Nekopara series is high because of the word of mouth (memetic) value and was release at the right time (early on steam) just like Sakura series. (Winged Cloud) The artwork look better than Sakura series.
  3. "Your Diary" is coming out

    I am curious about it. If the Japanese developers can't distinguish the difference between good and bad translation, then how do they know which companies to license their VNs or finding skilled translators and editors.
  4. Currently I don't expect EVN to have budget for full combination of professional English voice actors/actress, good artwork and interesting stories like some AAA games. Very unlikely situation. What if those big Hollywood companies obtain the license and create a film adaption? There are some manga and comic books that I don't know they exist until there are film adaption of them.
  5. Speculation about how different outcome might have change history. Outside WWII (e.g., Axis victory), alternate history seems to be a niche genre (especially hard AU).
  6. Steam's Preferences

    For me (old user), those content are enable by default. People still do troll tagging on steam. (like FPS on Sanoba) You might also untick the 2 boxes below the "COMMUNITY CONTENT PREFERENCES", "VIOLENT & SEXUAL CONTENT" if that annoys you.
  7. I heard about this topic on some reddit thread. Some developers said steam has the highest sales but they never explain why they don't release on multiple storefront. (steam and non-steam together) I assume they just don't know, don't care, or negotiation with other storefront is difficult. (different requirement?)
  8. It seems interesting based on the demo. They don't plan to release on other storefront. It will retain the honorifics toggle. Not sure where they will distribute the 18+ patch.
  9. There are few standalone Frontwing's games on Jastusa so I am not sure about sales. If Frontwing release non-adult VNs(like Phantom Trigger), will people buy it on Jastusa instead of steam?
  10. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    Some localization companies might include honorific toggle for both side. If I remember, Newrin demo has this. Sol Press has not yet release the full version on any platform. I wonder how they will handle the turn off button for it. Onii-chan might be Big brother, his name, etc.
  11. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    It might be IP3 or Rance 01,02,03 for lulz.
  12. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    It is quite common in video games localization(not sure about VNs). It depends on context (excluding historical real life characters, mythology, anthropomorphic personification, or to represent people from different countries). Fushigidane in English is called Bulbasaur because it means bulb + dinosaur or Kyukon as Ninetails to make sense to English speaker. They don't translate name like Pikachu because it might sound awkward in English. I already given the reddit link on why they translate Xenoblade characters' name. I am curious about English-to Japanese localization companies do to English honorifics (Mr, Mrs, Dr, Sir, M'lady, etc)
  13. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    I heard the reason about Pyra/Homura from here :
  14. (8/1 update) Results of the honorifics survey

    They claim they do it for etymology reasons. They assume the meaning would be lost if they leave it untranslated (Homura = Fire = Pyra) because the audiences don't speak Japanese. Sometimes it would sound weird if they leave it untranslated. (like some Pokemon name) I see VNs rarely localize their names.