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  1. How do you refer to fuwa members by name?

    I like to use "esteemed Fuwanovel poster-sama" and bow until my head touches the desk. Did I mention I have a shrine of everyone's avatars?
  2. Clockwork Alt Works

    Why not be reborn? Clockwork Loli, a phoenix rising from the ashes! You can move on and endeavour to handle your anger better in the future. The community is clearly accepting you back.
  3. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Illya might argue against ambiguity on the loli front... But I'm gonna go with your username indicating that you, yourself, are a loli.
  4. What is your favorite Season in VNs?

    They all each have their own charms and I find it very difficult to pick one. The freshness and delicate feeling Spring can bring, the carefree heat of Summer, the slight melancholy and colours of Autumn and the chilly soft snows of Winter. I've seen different seasons portrayed very nicely in VNs: Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- for Spring (if only all four volumes were translated given that each volume corresponds to a season!), AIR for Summer and Cartagra for Winter. Oddly enough, I have most trouble thinking of a VN I associate with Autumn. I wonder if Autumn is portrayed more subtly? It's easy to spot Winter for snow, Summer for heat/holidays/crickets and Spring for... sakura? I might have to add to the Summer hate slightly, it's my irl least favourite season and I reckon it's the least interesting thematically. Excluding AIR! I'll pick Winter, mainly because it's really lovely to see the effect of snow falling in a VN.
  5. Wholesome yuri reccomendations?

    There are a lot of SonoHana/A Kiss for the Petals entries e.g. A Kiss for the Petals: The New Generation and what I've read has been fluffy and cute, BUT very much not wholesome depending on your definition - there are a lot of H scenes, no men involved though! I thought I'd mention them on the off-chance "wholesome" doesn't exclude high sexual content.
  6. Looking for games like Sengoku Rance

    I would suggest not asking for any more recommendations until you do so.
  7. Looking for games like Sengoku Rance

    @DSKS you need to make a VNDB and link it so people know what you've already read. Everyone has been going by the titles you mentioned in your OP and trying to help only for you to shoot them down. edit: whoops, I overlooked that littleshogun had already suggested this. I strongly second this suggestion.
  8. Moe Day sales!

    So Moe Day (10/10) was a few days ago, and to celebrate both MangaGamer and JAST have VN sales on this week. Banzai! ~MangaGamer and JAST~
  9. Looking for games like Sengoku Rance

    No mention of Evenicle (also Alicesoft) yet? I haven't played any games of this type yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out.
  10. Halloween VN poll

    Sweet, I know I'll be checking out a few of those this month. Maybe a late night All Hallows' Eve read~ edit: 100. spooooky
  11. VN with a cheating route.

    At least make him into an AI first?
  12. munches popcorn @Happiness+ I really don't see what's so shameless about being curious. It doesn't mean you're suddenly going to become a part of the drama. Certainly I don't think it's something to spend a lot of time on, but it's interesting and sometimes amusing to have an idea of what's going down and the issues some of those into VNs are worked up over.
  13. FORTUNE edit: I probably missed some in-joke or something but I love Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  14. VN with a cheating route.

    Ehhh if you'd try an otome, Ozmafia!! has some weird love triangle mechanic in three routes. Okabe, you better stay loyal! If only @Kurisu-Chan were here to scold you. lol
  15. Help me choose my next avatar

    1, 2 or 7. Maybe 6. I like the more arty looking ones. Agreed, 1 is beautiful, it looks like a delicate watercolour and all the different coloured flowers are so lovely. I like the style of 2, it's really cute! 7 is pretty and a bit eccentric.