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  1. VN with a heroine who is a villain/rival to the MC

    I'm not quite sure if saying this counts as spoilers or not, so I'll play it safe!
  2. Most of what I would say on this topic has already been mentioned. I will say that I feel there's a hierarchy of how clear each term is. Nukige: the most obvious. It's porn. Nakige: the second most obvious. Makes you cry, in a cathartic way. It's KEY. (well, mainly. I guess that could make it the most obvious, if you say KEY = nakige.) Charage and moege: two terms that always blend. I suppose there's moege without mention of the term charage, but charage seeming to be a form of moege means there's always gonna be a level of debate as to whether something is a charage, or just a moege. Why not both.
  3. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Yep. I tried it with YouTube and actually kept doing worse than I had before. Probably didn't manage to sync it right.
  4. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    @BookwormOtaku it's a tricky bit. Actually, you can jump occasionally. You only need to jump a few times I think. Try and plan your route and go the most direct and obstacle-free way. If you keep getting stuck I suggest YouTubing it. Perhaps mess about with the pod programs to find something more suitable - Mirage? @cro-mag yeah, it's nigh unplayable at points. I still haven't finished Drakengard 3 cos I've been stuck on the final boss for ages...
  5. I know being screwed over as a Kickstarter backer isn't exactly a new thing, but as a backer I'm getting fed up of Frontwing's handling of the Subahibi KS. At the end of May they told us reward production had started. The most recent update, on July 4th, said production would start once they are back from Anime Expo... HMMM. The rest of the update contained a bunch of ads for Frontwing properties like Grisaia Phantom Trigger and whatnot. Now, I know the KS is over. But for the KS to so badly let down the people who wholeheartedly supported Subahibi from before release doesn't bode too well for any general support of Subahibi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I second this. You're making her sound like a test case. If you don't want it to last, you emphasise that she's not your ideal, and you're "shooting for a year", then far from no longer leading her on, you're doing quite the opposite. Like Funyarinpa said, is she aware of how you feel about this?
  7. Is there any romance in Chaos;Child?

  8. How about Subahibi? It hits artsy, poetic, avant-garde and it's definitely thought-provoking. Edit: I second Ranzo's recommendations, especially the House in Fata Morgana.
  9. Momoiro Closet

    I agree with you regarding the dynamic between Reiji and Alice, it's really cute. I love that there's only one romanceable character, which I think had been a common complaint with the Kickstarter ("urgh, only one girl?"). It's refreshing to have one girl to focus on. It's nice to hear you're finding Momoiro Closet readable despite other VNs being hard to read recently. I found it very readable myself, especially when low on concentration. It's lovely and fluffy and funny to read. The focus on Frill & Lace as Alice's obsession is cool; I have a thing for fictional fiction. There are two routes. Chuuni imouto is secret best girl.
  10. I'm not very inventive, but here's my suggestion (maybe with some text saying "L-lewd" or "Don't censor my lolis"):
  11. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    If I don't smash anything and manage to get through Bloodborne with my sanity intact I'll definitely give that DS remaster a go. It really is a lovely game, I dig the Victorian Gothic setting a lot too. The blood splashes are quite satisfying. I'm certainly enjoying it a lot so far, just hoping I can keep the momentum going and not get stuck, then let the game collect dust. I hope there's a remaster, but I'm concerned how a NieR remaster would work/turn out. For starters it's graphically not so good for a PS3 game. Gameplay is rather rough, and to those coming from Automata's sweet Platinum action, it'll be a rather difficult adjustment to make. Perhaps a remake? I'm curious what the Yoko Taro approach would be. It seems unlike him to just rerelease NieR a bit jazzed up. I'd personally be hopeful for Replicant, regardless.
  12. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Recently I've been playing an procedurally generated (every 24 hours) endless runner called Race the Sun. It's super fun and addictive, but most of all it's really chill to space out and play it while listening to music for short periods of time. Maybe I need it to counterbalance the Bloodborne I've also been addicted to recently I really must be a masochist. Honestly I enjoy it so much more than the handful of hours I attempted Dark and Demon Souls for. I love the faster pace and the far more aggressive nature, it suits my playstyle way more than the slower, methodical, super cautious defensiveness required in Dark Souls. Also it helps that I suck a lot less now (I still suck a LOT though!). Threaded cane ftw. I'm itching to get stuck into a JRPG, more specifically I'm craving to finish Final Fantasy XIII-2. However, my save files did a runner, and the idea of playing through 40/50 hours again just to get back to the same place ever so slightly hurts my soul. I suppose there's the multiple other JRPGs I'm two-thirds through to complete as well... In the very slight chance anyone wondered, no, I have not beaten Drakengard 3's final boss yet. When I tried YouTube a few times to help I found syncing up harder than just playing it straight. So - it's on hold for now!
  13. Hello! o/

    Welcome! Your taste in VNs sounds interesting. As far as I can tell there are a large number of yuri fans here, but it's significantly rarer for a fuwaposter to enjoy otome and/or BL. Variety is the spice of life! I'm just happily dipping my toes into those three genres myself. What narrative-focused games do you enjoy most?
  14. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I'm currently too stubborn (see spoiler). Part of me just wants to beat it totally on my own.
  15. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I'm attempting Drakengard 3's final boss. Help me. Somebody please help me. Yoko Taro is gleefully giving all players the middle finger. Spoiler: