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  1. Fwiw I found this old-ish python 3 script on tlwiki for converting encodings, but it didn't have a way to specify writing the BOM, so I hacked it in. It seems to work? Have fun with the command line tool experience and all that, and remember it will overwrite stuff without mercy if input dir = output dir. As for how I've done it personally, I basically always used some form of Kotlin program to reinsert text into scripts since it was my comfort language at the time I worked on shinobi harisenbo (which ended up being SJIS still because I was MISLED TO BELIEVE THAT THE BOM WAS WRONG BY THE
  2. I don't think there should be any doubt that 999 counts as a VN, personally. There really are long VN sections with heavy narration. What I want taken out is phoenix wright, evenicle, toushin toshi II, and whatever other ero-rpg is just in there because ero-rpg fans want desperately for their games to belong somewhere. That or rebrand to something else than vndb w
  3. Symphonic Rain (mostly 1 character) Katawa Shoujo (shizune) (not that her route is great) Sanzen Sekai Yuugi (punk'd! this is an otomege chuunige and the protagonist at one point goes on a bounty hunting killing spree because she's having difficulties dealing with her emotions. um.) Spellbroken (request interpreted very broadly)
  4. these days a list of notable evns would be too long or would you just tighten the quality floor? I guess...
  5. What game(s) specifically are you having problems with?
  6. Chad up, use the unread content page instead https://forums.fuwanovel.net/discover/unread/
  7. of course, you can read the japanese version unless you mean mosaics
  8. If you're using a legal download version, be aware that the patch was never fixed to work on it, you need the physical release. Otherwise lol idk
  9. Are you sure it's using BOM (byte-order mark)? The real encoding you want is UTF-16 LE with BOM, which is very close to UCS-2 LE but not quite methinks. Yes even if the badly translated sourceforge docs say the opposite. Other than that the other tip I've seen is to convert every file to UTF-16 LE BOMc including all the systme script files.
  10. light.vn is a somewhat lesser known engine and I don't know of any work having been done on it. It's used by this, for example https://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/17154. There's also Kodoku no Yurikago, a pretty crazy denpa game by the same writer, though that one's not free.
  11. I've found more success putting every modified file in the same directory (say, /patch/scenariofile.ks) rather than thinking kirikiri will walk the directories involved.
  12. Now all that's left is for someone to train a machine learning algorithm on hentai / vn cg sets to predict the pubic hair characteristics of girls based on their appearance
  13. the Contact Page link leads to fuwanovel.se; intentional?
  14. I think I have really high standards when it comes to purple prose. I want it to be tight as fuck, or it just makes me cringe ever so slightly. Overall, it just felt a lot like jamming unusual words where they did not quite fit, rather than using them as a valid alternative to something more pedestrian. There are also some more consistent phrasing issues like lack of commas, a fair bunch of inexplicable semicolons that should be colons or changed to something else, &c. I'm half inclined to actually try to edit this, though who knows if I'd complete anything. The sections that IMO need the
  15. To note regarding plays, there are plays that were primarily designed to be read, not acted: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Closet_drama. In fact, the moderately well known Faust was originally written as one.
  16. ...is this purposely written with a lot of typos and general fuckiness? The vibe a few screens in is good, the prose not so much EDIT: well, I got 1/1 ends, I guess The prose gets better once you stop trying to be pretentious, though there are stil la few pain points probably partly caused by a lack of proofreading. The atmosphere is great, and I appreciated the history-of-vns part of it (it's certainly nostalgic to see titles I too have played...). The presentation is great, so my only real complaint is the unpolished writing.
  17. I can't believe you denied me the experience of clicking unread posts, deciding that none of the threads appeal to me, then posting nothing for a whole five hours. For shame!
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