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  1. The bundle for Ukraine that they sold a way back had quite a few visual novels worth my time, including Pale Cachexia which is one of the best things I've read in a while. A lot of weird indies in the best possible meaning of that word get in on them.
  2. For forums there is lemmasoft. I heard there might be issues registering there right now, though? idk. For discords, look up LoveVN and Devtalk+.
  3. I definitely know translators in the VN loc industry that actually do this still. That said, I don't think they're always getting paid for the time, so... #passion... I also think most book translators would do it no other way, though certainly there the time expenditure is usually less. Not reading the whole thing is basically a cope due to getting paid too little or having unreasonable working conditions. Especially in a fan tl context, I can't help but think of it as unwise. What if you end up hating the work halfway through? There are always exceptions, but yeah...
  4. I would say most people think it's more disruptive than you ("having to explain the joke" is literally a standard bad thing), and that's the reason you have a divergent viewpoint. As for guessing what is or isn't important to the author, it is sometimes difficult, but honestly not very often. Most sane translators read the whole work before starting work on it, and most authors are not deliberately obscurantist. I'll willingly take the 0.5% chance of being wrong about a minor detail being relevant to the writer over having to write explanations every time (which is not to say that many ap
  5. I mean ngl hata I'm not even sure if Lamunation is that great of an example because AFAIK the writer is literally a westaboo and put lots of western references in his original script, lol.
  6. Was it important to the writer that this particular joke be used, though? I didn't read the VN so I can't comment, but quite often the purpose of a joke is mostly to be funny in some way, not connected to some deeper theme. So the purpose behind what was written in the original was "to be funny", and if you write a different funny joke (perhaps using similar material), that's respecting what the writer was trying to do in the original as well.
  7. I played a bit of Despiria (wonder if anyone has a proper dump of the script, I was able to get fragments but not particularly organized... though the scenes with words flying around are probably hell in any case) on a dreamcast emulator (not flycast tho, redream) and it worked pretty well indeed, should be nice. Good luck with the project, haven't played the original game — would you say that's needed?
  8. I believe they eventually (but it took a while) released a patch that freed the shota, but it was a pretty high level move indeed... Generally same opinion as sanah. To add is that they tend to hire translation agencies (to keep up with how much DMM japan side demands they push out? maybe), which makes them unable to credit the translators often (besides the usual bad quality a translation agency offers). When they can credit, they do, however.
  9. Well, actually you can do this by surrounding a link with <>. I do still like forums though, don't get me wrong w
  10. Welcome back bro. I think we last spoke in 某 streamer's chat, wonder what happened to him with the... thing. Ah well. Depending on your availability we might be able to use you as a reviewer / guest reviewer again if interested, btw.
  11. Actually it's pronounced "nero". common mistake (skill issue honestly. true nihonjin would 以心伝心 nasu immedia... who am I kidding it's bullshit) Also the name is beast's lair it says right in the window title Also I can totally pronounce nrvnqsr. Maybe I should learn polish... I wonder if the thing where the text is spaced reallywidely in Japanese in wide mode was fixed along the way, I remember my buddy's screenshots reading through it were kinda wack
  12. I think you've misspelled the topic's title ("OmOnkeo"). I think you can edit that yourself, so it should be fixable without too much issue. Do you have anything on what the VN is about that isn't in video form? I have a nigh-pathological distaste for video that isn't exactly what I like in videos, so I mostly just don't watch them.
  13. I have 117 discord friends, im practically an influencer
  14. Hi and welcome to Fuwanovel! @HataVNI can probably relate to you given that he's strongly involved in a german-language fansite w. I've had a mixed opinion on the spanish scene, mostly because they tend to do english to spanish translations and then not credit the japanese to english translation team (it happened to me), but I know there are cool people doing jp->es translations and I actually did get credited once when I complained, so it's not all bad. In any case you're not part of any of that, and I wish you luck in growing the spanish scene.
  15. the only good genshit character is kayamori ruka
  16. Man, I sound so fucking llee in that note, but I'll stand behind it I guess. At least I read the full game. And yeah, strongly recommended if you think it seems like your kind of aesthetic. I you bought the itch.io bundle for ukraine a ways back, you already have it.
  17. Zakamutt

    Literally Hitler

    if necroposting is necrophilia is this a gangbang? the world needs to know
  18. 1. I am not an official translator but I know some stuff about the business. Mostly on the indie/VN end, not 8-4 or squeenix or whatever level. Most weeb media companies, esp for VNs, work near exclusively with contracted freelancers. There are some exceptions, but those want you to live in the US or Japan. Most companies avoid agencies for niche media; shiravune/johren is a kinda cringe exception. Nobody really wants to hire an agency, it's more expensive. 2. Contractor positions are usually remote. Full-time positions are usually onsite and usually somewhere with crazy cost of living (c
  19. This tl is like, totally great 「akatuki no goe」 This review is completely unbiased, and not forced out of me by bee in any way, shape, or fap. So like, I read the tl of this thing and it's amazing. Beyond grisaia tier. Brains sprouted from my groin and I ejaculated pure information (and cum) at least 300 times while reading just an hour of it. You can download it here, and remember, I was not forced to write this by anyone, especially not Bee. Thank you for your cum-operation
  20. >whenever a book has lots of foreign expressions, the publisher just deals with it by slapping a glossary at the last pages you sure about this one fam? maybe in 'fine literature' where the publisher wishes to maintain some illusory purity, but I doubt it in the middle and lowbrow categories. EDIT: This is not to say they might not use somewhat more intrusive techniques on occasion (but likely not TL notes), but so do VN translations sometimes. A lot of the time you might not even have noticed those techniques being used if you're not paying attention. Translation textbooks tend to inc
  21. maybe I overestimate the english ability of the average spanish translator but couldn't you just mail them in english lol
  22. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I just took a 5 ECTS law course recently. >has someone done it? there is no english release listed at https://vndb.org/v20003, so no. >is it illegal to hire someone to translate it? Depending on the jurisdiction (I was looking at Swedish law for this, which should mostly match EU law[1]), technically no. What's illegal is to spread the translation to a larger amount of people, so you'd have to keep it private or maybe share it with like two people (consult your local law source!). You would also need to find a translator willing to transla
  23. Japanese natives are saying it's 30 mins long in reviews, so for normal people it's probably not longer than 4 hours to read (fuck some of these guys read fast).
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