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  1. Ok well if you've tried everything I said in thread I can't think of anything else. rip
  2. you can't really most of the time (people don't usually publish hashes for their vn installs...), better to just redownload and see if problem fixed
  3. It's failing to read a file in the folder, are you sure they're not corrupted / set to read only / you didn't put sonohana in a folder path that has weird characters like ü in it like C:\users\überlingen\sonohana\ or whatever (or the path is just really long)
  4. I think compatibility mode might help, but it's been really long also I can read jp so if you post jp error I can look at it
  5. japanese unicode locale will make error readable that said idk if that will fix it shrug it's been too long since I played I think there might be a way try searching
  6. To procrastinate doing anything productive, I have decided to write a summary of what I did last year. GENERAL During the early parts — months really — of the year I was kind of reeling from having had a very frightening GERD — acid reflux — flareup. It’s fairly hard to tell the symptoms from a heart attack, and paranoia about the whole deal caused anxiety issues. In the end it receded… when I started eating less and barely eating at all when I was not very hungry. Would’ve been nice to have tried that earlier. GERD and anxiety seem to feed into each other in weird and fucky ways and th
  7. kyu->kyou* sorry I have nothing to contribute but typo control
  8. Over time, a bored translator tends to accumulate random pieces of translation they never went that far with, or did in 10 minutes for the shitpost for whatever reason, etc. Apart from that, I’ve personally done some scattered work for fan translations that may or may not ever see the light of day, some (very modestly) paid in ebooks. Anyway, here we go: 1. Random demonbane fight/action scene I think this is from an expanded rerelease or something. There’s an absolutely meme error left in here where my brain read 拳 as 拳銃, even noticing my confusion in the comments but nevertheless failing to
  9. You might be able to use the deffont tag command's face attribute for this, placing it an early init file prolly http://kirikirikag.sourceforge.net/contents/Tags.html#deffont (idk if this is different between different krkr versions) I'm not sure how you can get the game to load custom fonts, if it's even easily possible, but you might be able to make your users install a font and then use its name ingame even without that. I do remember a game that definitely uses a custom font and is extractable: find the japanese trial for ことのはアムリラート, which I remember extracting the custom font from to
  10. I like the possibility of there having been many civilizations of intelligent creatures having evolved on earth before, which due to some quirk of their civilization just didn't leave enough of a trace to be identified by us before they got wiped out
  11. the truth hurts but we must look upon its harsh beauty or suffer in ignorance forevermore
  12. >how can I get it translated? learn japanese, do it yourself
  13. What hath @ittakuwrought actually 2007 is before that I guess
  14. Yeah this being good is basically mathematically impossible, rip. This is in line with the kind of speed that infamously sloppy translators that have maxed out their speed stat to meet shitty deadlines for console pubs do... at maximum speed.
  15. Why so sure it doesn't use a default system font? Also, check the installer fro the game if it has one
  16. > 1 yen per 1 character (depending on experience). Crediting as the translator of the product. Access to the original version of the products you are asked to translate. 0.9 cents per character, wonderful offer innit? Actually worse than sol press. Well maybe they actually pay > Required skills/experience ・ English: native with excellent writing and proofreading skills ・ Japanese: fluent (preferably JLPT N1 or equivalent) ・ Photoshop nice standards, but who would actually do the work for you at this skill level? Anyway I doubt they actually demand this for real, I've see
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