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  1. Just one at a time. It helps to stay focused and not forget the plot and the characters lol
  2. The fact that erotic content is so hard to get on Steam when the scenes of murder and violent crimes are totally okay is super idiotic. Not to mention the sex scenes are not even real people but just 2D images...
  3. Welcome to the forums! So many nicknames lol
  4. Hello and welcome! Comyuu and G-Senjou are my favourites too!
  5. That's super weird, someone played your digital copy lol. Cannot imagine how's that even possible, ask your imouto, she must have tried your new eroge while you were away or something.
  6. Wait, you mean you record the let's play and then watch your own videos? What's the point if you have already played the game?
  7. How do you prefer to read your VNs? Do you like to do it on the go if such option is available (VN has a PSP, PS Vita, DS, 3DS, Android, iOS version or you just happen to own a Windows tablet) or do you prefer to do that at home on your PC/laptop? The reason why I'm curious is that one of my friends said to me that he cannot bring himself to do it at home where he would rather play something more gameplay focused while the other one told me that he despises those who play Zero Escape on the train because it kills the atmosphere.
  8. I like how the allow you to bind hotkeys. The mute button should be in every VN, it's so frustrating having to save and exit the game every time you need to watch a video or answer a call or something. I know you can adjust volume for each application separately in system sound settings but being able to just hit the M button to mute is awesome.
  9. All the best puns are already taken but let me try. This is the time when shit gets real on Fuwanovel.
  10. Have been playing Call of Duty Ghosts for the past two weeks. Prestiged in multiplayer but haven't started the campaign yet. Don't understand all the critisism of the game when it first launched, some of the maps are a bit too big for CoD though...
  11. There was an interview with Majikoi translation team on Fuwacast if you're interested:
  12. I like the default skin, have been using it since 2009 when I joined VNDB and it brings back a lot of memories.
  13. I try to leave the best girl's route for last so that I have this nice aftertaste after finishing the VN. I play the most annoying heroine's route somewhere in the middle to negate the possibility of dropping the title since at that time I have already invested some of my time into the game and I just don't want it to go to waste.
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