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  1. Happy Birthday! (●´ω`●)

  2. I never expected anyone to comment on a 2 year old thread lol
  3. Good start to the new year
  4. PV was made by Ufotable and OP was sung by Reona. Cast:
  5. Finished Eien no Aselia yesterday. Overall a decent read, but there were several issues which I had: The requirements for Kyouko/Tokimi are too complicated Main antagonist is as generic as it gets Main story doesn't diverge much in all routes except Kyouko/Tokimi and Lesteena. After the first playthrough (with Aselia), I sort of understood the direction which the other routes would take. So I basically replayed the game multiple times just to get a few unread lines in between and a different epilogue. Too many battles. Sure, I can just press 'l' to skip the battle, but the fact that there are so many battles means that I had to press 'l' multiple times to skip them, when the skip function should have already done that. Final rating: 7.8/10 And now on to Seinarukana, the sequel to Eien no Aselia. Honestly, I have no idea how the route order even works, since I can't seem to find any solid walkthroughs in English online. I'm aware that there are 6 routes, and so far I only know of potential 3: Nozimi, Satsuki, Narukana. What about the other 3? In general, I know that Narukana requires NG+, but are there any other requirements for routes which I should know of? Where can I find JP walkthroughs for this? I'm only at Chapter 2, so a route hasn't decided yet, but I read that Chapter 8 is the divergence point, so I'm not sure what to do when the time comes.
  6. I actually found out my issue, and it was that I didn't use New Game+ -- I had loaded a save on the prologue of my very first playthrough, which was a big no no for Tokimi/Kyouko. I had looked up the Steam guide which said that New Game+ wasn't required, which was why I thought loading a save would be fine. Turned out it wasn't fine at all LOL
  7. Currently playing Aselia the Eternal right now, and I'm stuck at the Kyouko/Tokimi routes. Tried the Dakkodango guide; didn't work. Tried the guide on Steam which claims that it fixes the errors in the Dakkodango guide, but I still keep seeing Uraka in Turn 10 of "Mission 14: Defend Ransa". Is this normal, or should I be seeing someone else instead? If not, who should I be seeing in Turn 10? The choices I made are the ones required for the Kyouko/Tokimi routes, plus the first 3 choices for Lesteena (excluding the last one so that I can quickly switch over to Lesteena's route once I'm done with Kyouko's and Tokimi's routes). Could this be causing the problem (having made Lesteena-specific choices)? I've completed the first 3 routes by the way.
  8. Got spooked by Waver again while using 22 tickets and 30 SQ to roll for Sitonai. *sighs* I want to save my remaining SQ for Cu Alter, but no idea when the interlude campaign is gonna come
  9. The only Tsukihime anime we'll ever get (excluding Carnival Phantasm)
  10. Got NP1 Nobu, NP3 Fran and NP3 Nitocris (and a third Beowulf spook LOL) before finally landing Nero. Took 33 tickets and 420 SQ (started with 656 SQ). Thank goodness I had quartz saved up.
  11. Skadi in 11 tickets and Sherlock NP2 in the GSSR. NP5ed Sailieri as a bonus too. It's been a goood day.
  12. Nah you probably shouldn't do that. There's a major plot reveal at the end of Mask of Deception which links directly to the start of Mask of Truth, so it's better not to skip MoD. Sorry about that; I've changed the font size and colour now.
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