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  1. Got spooked by Waver again while using 22 tickets and 30 SQ to roll for Sitonai. *sighs* I want to save my remaining SQ for Cu Alter, but no idea when the interlude campaign is gonna come
  2. The only Tsukihime anime we'll ever get (excluding Carnival Phantasm)
  3. Got NP1 Nobu, NP3 Fran and NP3 Nitocris (and a third Beowulf spook LOL) before finally landing Nero. Took 33 tickets and 420 SQ (started with 656 SQ). Thank goodness I had quartz saved up.
  4. Skadi in 11 tickets and Sherlock NP2 in the GSSR. NP5ed Sailieri as a bonus too. It's been a goood day.
  5. Nah you probably shouldn't do that. There's a major plot reveal at the end of Mask of Deception which links directly to the start of Mask of Truth, so it's better not to skip MoD. Sorry about that; I've changed the font size and colour now.
  6. Apparently, undodgeable attacks can be dodged?
  7. Completed Mask of Truth a while ago, and with that, I have finally finished the entire Utawarerumono trilogy. Man, now that I have completed this trilogy, I feel so empty now. I expected so much from this, and boy did it meet my expectations. Seiyuus Before I get to the story itself, let me first get to the cast. Fujiwara Keiji (Rest in Peace), Sawashiro Miyuki, Kugumiya Rie, Tanaeda Risa, Sakura Ayane, Minase Inori, Murase Ayumu, Namikawa Daisuke, Takahiro Sakurai; just those names were enough to tell me that the voice acting for the trilogy were going to be splendid. The seiyuus here (for the most part) voiced what they were known for, but what caught me the most by surprise was Sawashiro voicing Aruruu. Ayaneru also sounded different (compared to the characters that I know whom she had voiced) while voicing Uruuru and Saraana, but then she had always been known to have many different voices for many characters, so I wasn't that surprised compared to Sawashiro. This just goes to show how damn well these seiyuus can portray their voices, huh. Prelude to the Fallen And now to the story, starting with Prelude to the Fallen. It started off well, and while there were numerous slice-of-life events in between, the pace was decent. The villains were very typical though, so I couldn't help but roll my eyes at how the villains behaved. Final score: 8.7/10. Mask of Deception Next up, Mask of Deception. This is probably the weakest entry in the series, with a myriad of slice-of-life events, so much so that they probably outnumber the number of fight scenes. It started pretty well though, just like its predecessor. Anyways, this entry was interesting but had its shortcomings: namely too much slice-of-life and pointless fanservice, so I'm giving a score of 8/10. Additional note : I love the OP so much. Additional note 2: Mask of Truth Last but not least, Mask of Truth. Considering that this entry is #9 on vndb, I had the highest expectations for this. Although the start felt a bit like Mask of Deception with all the slice-of-life events, that all changed with the start of the rebellion arc. Not gonna lie; Raiko really felt like Lelouch. His methods of manipulating his opponents to his needs, and ability to adapt to situations, is reminiscent of S1 Lelouch, and it amazed me how Haku was able to escape from most of his strategies. Honestly though, I can’t help but feel that the cast in Prelude to the Fallen would have easily dispatched every enemy which Haku and his group had difficulty facing.They could literally defeat while Haku’s group was struggling against mere humans/kemonomimis. I really wanted Hakuoro’s group to play a more active role here, and I’m glad that they got more screen time towards the end of the game. While the final battle in Mask of Truth may not be as epic as that of Prelude to the Fallen, it certainly evoked the same amount of emotions as it did in Prelude to the Fallen, Final score for Mask of Truth: 8.7/10
  8. Finished Dies irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~ a while ago, and wasn't expecting much, but I'm glad it (slightly) exceeded my expectations. Decided to give it a 7.5 in the end. Now, on to Utawarerumono. I'm very much looking forward to exprerience the trilogy; it's probably one of the few translated popular VNs which I have yet to experience.
  9. I don't have to worry about that; I'm gonna overwork my future Waver anyways
  10. Been listening to these 2 songs almost everyday ever since I finished Baldr Sky.
  11. I can only think of Steins Gate 0. Almost every word in Okabe's inner monologue is self-depracating.
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