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  1. Hmm, skip then. Thanks. I'd read it if it was just as i was finishing the original vn
  2. How's the minidisk folks? Is there anything that makes it worth buying or is it just an excuse to show us more h scenes for each heroine?
  3. Man, i can't bring examples out of my head like that. I've seen it multiple times. But it's not often and might just be for 1 of 3/4 scenes.
  4. Nope, it's not. luckily some vn's have clitoral stimulation during fucking. Or other form for stimulation than just pounding away.
  5. To be fair, some girls do and some don't. Many arrogant buys with over average dicks pound fruitlessly inside faking girls because their dick is so awesome.
  6. Yeah, he shouldn't write out his screwed up imaginations of how stuff like this works. Makes him just look both virgin at sex and masturbation.
  7. Fucking like porn stars from the first fuck. Then cumming like 6 times in a row and boner just getting bigger etc. Majikoi is especially bad. I wonder if it's some unknown gender not having any connection to female or male genitalia writing this nonsense.
  8. What are you playing?

    I'll admit that i went a bit far with that comment. Still, however female autonomy has nothing to do with male friendship dynamics and unspoken rules though.
  9. Death Mark get PC release

    Thanks! Was not aware of this game. Will get it for my switch.
  10. How many do you play at once, if any?

    One at a time. It's easier to finish it that way. If i keep switching vn's then it's easy to permanently drop a vn after a few days if it's not super interesting. Might not always be a bad thing, but still.
  11. Kara No Shoujo or Rewrite?

    Good choice! It's a great vn.
  12. What are you playing?

    Between friends at that age there is certainly a thing like claiming a woman. Same goes for girls as they do the same. I didnt read everything as i cant read sjw nonsense without getting pissed off. Yeah, go try getting it on with a girl your friend is either trying to date or is dating, but not in a official relationship with and see how long your friendship lasts. I mean, even if you're a sjw its still allowed to make use of your head.
  13. What are you playing?

    Capt didnt know about romance and everyone knew Yamato and Momoyo had a thing going on. Dont forget that Yamato explained why he was rejected, and that was because he hadnt fulfilled his promise to her, which was what he was doing at the time. Capt just found out he liked her blushing face after she and Yamato were flirting aftrr the war, and went for her without reserve and care. It was a dick move.
  14. Ahh.. Guess that explains it.
  15. Kara No Shoujo or Rewrite?

    I somewhat regretted Kara no shoujo though, even though i was totally engrossed in it. Horrible game. Well written, but it's still horrible.
  16. What? I didn't expect anything from Sekai Project at this point.
  17. Kara No Shoujo or Rewrite?

    You should hold off on kara no shoujo until we know more about the final installment. Rewrite is good though, but i expect the new version will be a bit better
  18. Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press

    Well, it's too bad they overshot this whole campaign. Wish they'd just translate this and sell it as usual. It would naturally bring in a lot if they were to advertise properly as many have been waiting for this game for a long time already. Now we risk they'll analyze the campaign and conclude that the interest is very low and just drop it entirely.
  19. What are you playing?

    Majikoi.. cant say im overly fond of it. Some things are hysterical, some things are pretty funny, but the amount of miss humor is big as well. I also feel like the vn goes through some anime checklist of including as many harem type plot cliches as possible. I do like most of the characters though. Chris is the exception. The vn would be better without her. She adds nothing and actually ruined a fun group dynamic. Im not overly fond of all the the yuri fanservice either. And another thing is that none seem into Yamato at all(except the obvious exception), and might rather at times look like they're fond of other guys instead. I wonder how they're going to convince me with the routes. Some one sided realization and spontaneous love confession certainly would not. And yes,
  20. About Himawari

    Why the fuck would i want real life, or what i'd consider a shitty situation in real life in my visual novels? Visual novel reading is likely more often than not, simple escapism.
  21. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    And eroge, manga, anime all teach young girls that acting like a vile cunt, even go as far as murder does let you off without consequences. Girls are cute and have to be protected and can't be held responsible for their actions.