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  1. Thanks! Only temporarily gone though. Always been like that. Interest goes from different media. Lately it's been regular games and mmo's and i figured it was about time to read total eclipse
  2. Just finished Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Well, i can't say i was very impressed with this, but at least it's out of the way. Now to finally start Muramasa
  3. Umineko is close, but the last chapter ruins it
  4. Sharin no kuni Cartagra and kara no shoujo
  5. So thats why they delayed it. Well, they can keep it. Not even worth pirating
  6. Many vn's have populsr friends. Its either that or clowns. They usually stay single though for some reason.
  7. I only recommend it for hard core fans really. It was ok to good for the most part, but it relied on deus ex machina bullshit at the end. Nothing offensive really, but it was lame..
  8. Indeed. You could break up that fake relationship. It was fake. Because she didn't treat MC well really. You could choose to ditch her and move on and that's where it branches out. Even if you do stick with her she won't be a good GF until waaay late in the route and the sequel.
  9. Cant remember having to be a dick in Tsujidou though.
  10. Queue heavy drama if relationships are established early!
  11. And i dont enter threads to read mean spirited and pointless posts. Ignore and move on if it doesnt interest you. I for one agree with most of your choices. They're pretty good. Although Suki suki for me isn't funny at all. Wish it was, but the humor is too immature
  12. In the end thats all we can do. I personally think it might not see the light of day, but time will tell and shaun can argue and bicker until he pops a vein for all i care
  13. How can it be hot if its a chinese powerpoint porno-game? I mean it's just drawings. Imagine finding that hot. Better seek medical aid.. Right?
  14. try some gameplay focused games. Utawarerumono (although the gameplay is sparse), 13 sentinels (debatable if this is a vn), Kamidori Alchemy Meister. If nothing is interesting then you just have to accept that VN's are not his thing and that's ok.
  15. That is fair. You like what you like and hate what you hate. I prefer vanilla in my eroge too given the choice. I kind of enjoyed kinkoi as a whole, but some parts of it irked me. Sylvie and all the backstories felt like she was more into Ria than protagonist all the way through and Elle seemed to be into Sylvie also but to a lesser degree and not really problematic. Reina's route to me was the best. Didnt read Akane, but Ria was also good.. in a way.
  16. What is this with being high? Yes they were kind of high, but it's not like they were smoking or in other way intentionally trying to get high. But i get what you mean. Reina was the least off putting threesomes in the vn imo. I'm on the other side with this. A threesome the first time with no obligations to one another is way more realistic. Sylvies just throwing mina or whatever at you was way more off putting. And Elle also irked me, but i don't remember the details anymore. Think it was something like Elle being way more into Sylvie than MC during the scene or something.
  17. You dont have to understand anything. Just deal with people having other opinions. I'm sure you have lots of "shit" opinions people would start a rambling post over too.
  18. Classic tsundere can be good if done well, terrible if done... not well. Sometimes the transformation from tsun to dere is just not very believable at all and too quick and sudden.
  19. Might be tired of writing the same stories over and over with small differences, yet too afraid of making something original in case people don't find it interesting.
  20. The difference is very apparent if you read them in order. I recommend you do it as it's awesome in many ways.
  21. A story isn't sacrificed because it has great art. Story is written by one person or a team who only focuses on story and other teams are working on their fields. Where do you even get it from that the story takes a hit cause they focused on the art? :mindismostcertainlyblown:
  22. This is a discussion board. What needs to happen is for you to accept that others have different views and outlook for things. Your constant replies in annoyance is as much of a derailment as anything else as it continues these discussions instead of having them end in one post. Circlejerking and enforced positivity with no place for scrutiny has no place anywhere. You're free to disagree as this is a discussion board We've seen similar delays and issues before release multiple times before. Astral air, clover day's, Irotoridori no Sekai and probably lots more. All ended up looking for funding and astral air seemed to be short on luck and stuck in limbo. I'm not negative without any reason. I'm just wary based on trends i've observed. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me and all that. Nothing would be better than this being released as i do really want to read it.
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