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  1. Kokuhaku 2 Review

    Foreword - No VNTS at this week once again which mean the main page problem is still not fixed so I decided to made another VNTS Review here, and I hope that you'll enjoy it. As for this week, because I saw Deep Blue's review of Kokuhaku and of how much Suki Suki (Big release for this week) did have a gameplay heavily based on confession (TL Note: Kokuhaku mean confession), I decided to make the review for the 'sequel' which of course never there in the first place and Suki Suki casts here is far more developed compared to the 'prequel'. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which other than Suki Suki release we also have some updates from Mangagamer (Their last 2018 updates according to their word), alongside usual fan translations updates and Sol Press one. Let's see what I can write for this week as well. It's quite a pity that Carrion Crow Kickstarter was failed with they only managed to gather ~6,000 out f 10,000, although they did say that they want to re-evaluate the KS so perhaps we can see anther attempt from them to re-launch the KS. If they'll do that later, then I hope that their next KS will be successful. We also have Lamunation was at halfway translated, so be happy if you're one of the people who want to see the meme in Lamunation. In regard of Sol Press updates, we have Hitotsuba was at 90% translated along with 80% edited, Shitsuaru was at 23% translated, Onikiss was past halfway (55%) translated along with 20% edited, and Kimi to Aogi was at 725 translated along with 35% edited. We also have Muv Luv Photonflower will be released at 2019 later, but for now we didn't have much info other than they release year. To be honest, considering that the updates were very sparse and usually took months so much that I decided to not keeping the eye on that it's surprising that we saw anther Yosuga no Sora updates at this week, and the progress of that was surprisingly a lot with Akira's route was fully translated except the H scenes. While of course it's good that we finally can see that Yosuga n Sora project still active, the translator did say that he'll about to enter university so he warned us that the progress will be even more sparse in the future, and what I can say is that I just hope that someday it'll be finished seeing that it's almost 8 years since the team start the project. Anyway as for the current progress overall it was at 92.6% translated with Akira's route was at 92.51% translated and Motoka's route was at 63.98% translated. Other than Yosuga no Sora sudden update, we have Eustia was at 60.61% translated, Harugi's overall was at 36% translated with Miyabi's route was past three quarters (82%) translated and Branch was at 44% translated along with 42% edited, Watamasu was at 36% translated, Loverable was at 53.14% edted alng wth 29.7% QC-ed, 4,020 lines of Pure x Connect were translated, and overall Hoshiori was at almost halfway (49.79%) translated with Rikka's route was slightly past three quarter (75.9%) translated. That's all for this week fan translation updates. As for Mangagamer updates, we have both of Bokuten and Steam Prison were almost finished with the testing, Trinoline was finished the testing, Sona-Nyl was at three quarter translated, Sukehime was at 62% translated and 19% edited, Rance X was at 20.3% translated, Amatarasu was fully edited, Room No. 9 was at 60% edited, and the work for Sengoku's image and UI was started. As for Sengoku here, seeing that Suki Suki translation choice did get the flak and that the translator (Arunaru) did also responsible for Sengoku's retranslation, I'm kind of wonder whether people will treat Mangagamer version of Sengoku Rance as redundant release or not seeing that we already got it translated for nine years. Granted that they need to retranslated it in order to make it consistent with the new translation choice seeing that there's some terms that were translated differently between Sengoku and VI, but still. For the last update, it's the biggest one to me in which they'd already announced Full Chorus exact release date at January 17th later, so if you've been looking forward to play Yurirei with full voice go pre-order that from Mangagamer site. The biggest release at this week (And only release at that) is Suki Suki, in which if we remember was the VN from Chuablesoft that as we knew suffer the bankruptcy. As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC (Souta) who is quite capable at farming and cooking that manage to met up with some mysterious fairy and the fairy told Souta that he'll lost two things in the future if he didn't search the girlfriend. Obviously Souta here didn't understand a thing abut that, but regardless of that he decided to search for a new girlfriend seeing that he did want to get one. One thing that interesting to note in regard of Suki Suki is that this VN was quite viral. Although the reason was not for of how Mangagmer manage to release something from a bankrupt company, or whether the story did have contrast tone at some of the routes, or the choice that was surprisingly quite complex for a modern charage. Instead what we have here is the discussion in regard of Arunaru's translation choice, in which it's quite questionable for some people. Some of those were gratuitous Spanish and change onii-chan into dude, in which while granted those two changes were quite small, some people were still angry abut that and it's quite understandable. Well in the end what I can say is that perhaps you'll better try to enjoy Suki Suki without being bothered with the translation there, and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  2. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    I decided to add the poll, so feel free to vote whichever the girls that you like. Obviously it wouldn't have Maya though, because she didn't have a route (Thanks to Chuable's financial problem). Oh and don't mind the dude thing in Chiho's name there lol.
  3. Rice, what do you use it for?

    Well, you eat it of curse (Duh). Edit - I did mean 'of course', but yeah you can curse people by using rice as well (I just googled it now lol).
  4. Nekonyan's Possible Two Announcements

    As long as Sekai, Frontwing, and Mangagamer didn't sue Nekonyan for the insult, I think they didn't need to apologize to the three companies, or at least that's what I guess. That said, I understand though that if Nekonyan need to really use crowdfund then they should take a responsibility to their earlier word. Also while I think that we should be more positive in regard of Nekonyan, I didn't like when people did keep pushing his own opinion in regard of the positivity even if another party didn't accept it because to me it's quite rude even with the intend that the people have, and I can speak about this from my experience in another community when even the mod did say 'I'm okay with breaking the rule as long as I can see some positive opinion' or something of that effect. Or to put it nicely okay we can still keep telling positive opinion in regard of Nekonyan, but I would say that it would be the best to retreat when other people didn't convinced with that. Sorry for going a bit personal here, because the earlier discussion remind me of that. As for Nekonyan, while granted that recently they have down in regard of HGB delay that could be attributed to sudden disappearence of the translator, I still think that they did better compared to Sol Press though seeing that they managed to have two releases on time (Fureraba and Sanoba) in less a year - I talk about full VN by the way. To be fair, Sol Press probably did have more obstacle in regard of localized the VNs though. As for Pulltop and Sakura Games, I say that as long as they got some money, then they can keep going even if the staffs were not passionate to translate the VNs.
  5. I'm not quite skilled enough to make LN title, but let's see if I can try based on what I know here. 'I'm reincarnated as goblin and killed repeteadly by Goblin Slayer because I'm abuse orphan in real life' (Crossover with Goblin Slayer) 'I'm a handsome laborer who somehow have a fight with beautiful CEO before finally we love each other, and the next time we know we've become the king and the queen in another country with the GDP at 230 billion dollar' 'Is it wrong if my girlfriend also in love with my school desk and have a polygamy with it?' Yeah I'm not very good when it came with LN title, but as I can see it's indeed getting longer and most of those were isekai.
  6. Another update, and no need for much word here seeing that Irru didn't have anything else to report there: Common: 100.0% Sora: 0.0% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 0.0% Misa: 100.0% Rikka: 75.9% Touko: 0.0% Total: 49.79% That's all for this week update.
  7. Birthday thread

    Happy belated birthday to @-soraa here, and if you want you can treat Rikka's patch as your belated birthday gift later. Also happy 33rd birthday to our @Decay there, and I hope that you'll have a good year ahead.
  8. What are you playing?

    Finished with Misaki's route, and therefore I'm finished with Hatsukoi Sankaime here. As for Misaki's route while I did find her situation at the beginning is quite questionable for some people, in the end I did manage to take a liking to her route. As for Misaki, she was supposed to be Taichi's first love that reject his confession before moving out, and thus indirectly motivated Taichi to enter Kirigamine and set the story in motion. While the story in Misaki's route didn't as dramatic as Himeka, I'm very content with her route because her route here is the one that sort of resolved the problem at the end of the common route in detail, namely the disappearence of Rin. Like other VNs, in here we have three side characters. Those three were Togawa as best friend archetype, Fujisaki as odd girl archetype, and Senri as teacher archetype. Out of those three, Togawa was mostly just there being handsome and not involved too much with Taichi, Fujisaki's was sort of shoehorned into Misaki's route, and Senri here was have a lot of screen time in Himeka's route. So out of those three, it's pretty obvious that Senri here is the best side character because of her role in Himeka's route, and Togawa here is the worst one because his role was too miniscule other than provided a cafe to be the basecamp of the film club (I understand though that Windmill probably want to fill the slot for male best friend archetype, but I think it would be better if Windmill did add some info for Togawa like what's his hobby or his type of girl). Other than side characters, I think I can say that Sui's route here is the shortest one mostly because there's no drama other than usual incest taboo thing that was resolved very easily off screen. Although I understand though that the reader might find Sui's route good if they like blood imouto character, and more importantly a breather if the reader did read Sui's route after Himeka's. There's also a bit of translation problem and typo there, although it didn't matter much though because I can still enjoy the overall VN just fine. So in the end what I can say is that if you're Indonesian or can read Japanese, then you can try Sankaime here. Too bad that Sankaime here is still not available in English, but hopefully it'll be available in the future so that more people can read this. PS - As for Misaki's seiyuu, her name is Haruka Sora which as we know is the pseudonym for Eri Sendai. As for Sendai's role, some of them were Inaba Meguru from Sanoba Witch, Kouzuki Io from Dal Segno, Tomotake Yoshino from Senren Banka, Nijouin Hazuki from Riddle Joker, Otonashi Saku from Hello Lady, Suzuki Kana from Daitoshokan and Yukimura Suzuno from Witch Garden (Another Windmill VN). Also I like to note that Sendai here is also voiced Rin for the plot reason.
  9. Nekonyan's Possible Two Announcements

    About Kiriririri, let's just say that this meme should be appropriate response to your post here. I agree though that we should try to make this place not as wild as Reddit, along with 4chan as well even though it might be hard to do. By the way, about Kiriririri himself I think the mods were pretty much already got used to it and gave some appropriate warning when his behavior was cross the line, so you didn't need to worry about that. That said I understand though if you felt put off by the negativity, because you kind of want to run away from Reddit's negativity there. So in the end, what I can say is that just don't bother by Kiriririri's post (Just think of it as bad meme if you felt negative) and just move on, even if I'm not the one who should tell you this. And yeah Kiriririri's avatar is Toriumi Yuuko from Hapymaher FD in which it's Hapymaher's fandisc that was still untranslated. As for hard copy, while granted it's more expensive than soft copy and thus did have potential to bring more money, I agree with the opinion that Nekonyan here shouldn't be bothered by hardcopy because it would be too much effort for a new company. Also if we took a look at Sekai's case, we can say that most of their KS problem were in regard of the hardcopies promise which mean that it's quite difficult to do. Also if we see Frontwing cases, they crowdfund for every hard copy (Granted they sor of abused crowdfund as pre-order store, but still) which proved that hard copy need a lot of budget. As far as the company who managed to consistently produce hard copy, I think so far it's only JAST that managed to do it although it also came with other problem that they have though namely that their releases is quite sparse compared to even Sekai. In the end, I'll leave the hard copy decision to Nekonyan there and hopefully they already have some insight of how difficult it'll be to produce one.
  10. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    Recently finished Hatsukoi Sankaime, and I did like the ending song so I'll post it below. Note that I decided to just link it to Bilibili site because there's no Sankaime ending video at Youtube. Here's the link to Bilibili site, and enjoy.
  11. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    I didn't know if personal translator choice can cause some commotion here, regardless of how suitable the choice it is. Anyway as someone who managed to finished Fureraba along with two routes at Chrono Clock, then this kind of the translation shouldn't be bother me. If anything, this commotion was served to strengthen my personal opinion that there's no translation that was free from the critics, at least from what I saw in VN Translation scenes so far. And therefore it's always to each of their own if we talk about the translation here, unless if we talk about the example like Your Diary or Sakura Games VNs in which case that we can say those VNs did have bad translations. That said, we still don't know though of how good the translation is to other people if we keep only talking that 'Oni-chan' was translated as 'Dude' as the example, so perhaps we should read the VN fully in order to find out. PS - Apparently Arunaru's dissing was started from 4chan (How appropriate) in that 4chan dislike Arunaru for not using the translation for the terms that everyone got used with it when he translating Rance series officially.
  12. Craving a good tsundere

    About Chrono Clock, currently I'm stuck on Makoto's route here so perhaps it would be better if I can replay it again in near future. As for the recommendations, I think Miu from Dracu Riot could be a good tsundere for you. Other than Miu, there's Esteel from Yoake, Riho from Deardrops, and Hotaru from Supipara. I hope that my recommendarions here would be helpful to you in case you still didn't play those yet.
  13. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    Hopefully so, although for now we wouldn't know for sure about their reasons though. As for the news, here's belated one in regard of HGB from Nekonyan here. As for my comment well let's just hope that my old laptop here can run HGB well, because there's a worry that HGB might not run at low spec laptop from one of the post at their forum. Although if I may say something, perhaps it would be for the best if they can release the demo in the new engine, but I'm sure that they probably think about that as well. As for mosaic, well I'm pretty much neutral about this but good if you want to have no mosaic I guess. For the last word here, I'll look forward to January 25th later. PS - Since Steam did removed HGB from their store front, perhaps it would be better if I changed the topic title.
  14. Nekonyan's Possible Two Announcements

    Well I guess it's quite a hard choice if they really want to release the hard copy, because it mean that they must not adhere to their original policy for not using crowdfund. Although apparently it'll be for the last resort only, because they say that they'll eventually do hard release without crowdfund after two successful big release. In the end, I guess it's up to them of how they'll do it because they say that they'll leave it to the fan, and if the fans were disagree with crowdfund then they won't do that although in turn it'll take longer time to release the hard copy. Personally to me I didn't care much about hard copy, but if you want that perhaps it should be an interesting news. Back to topic, and as for the announcements in the end what we can do here is just wait and see for now. Hopefully it wouldn't took long time for the wait.
  15. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    I guess we can say that the director was probably still depressed after his company bankrupted, and thus he's became more cynical. Also probably both of the director and the writer did have some conflict when they made Suki Suki, simply because the writer and the director taste is different especially if you know that each people did have different taste in regard of the girls. Anyway, quite depressing note from the director aside we finally have Suki Suki released today, although I'm reported about this very late. Go get the game from Mangagamer site, and have fun. Feel free to discuss the VN here, and perhaps I should make the poll later.