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  1. Birthday thread

    Happy belated 25th birthday to our @Silvz there, and I hope you'll have a good year ahead.
  2. The Katana in the Stone Review

    Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Senren Banka teleased at the Valentine days with the premise that remind us of Arthur legend I decided to parodied the 1963 Disney movie that adapt that legend. Although in this case since the blade is katana of course I change the sword into katana, and for a bit of info katana is the name of Japanese sword. As for this week, we have one big release from Nekonyan (Senren Banka) along with one nukige (Imopara 3), so I can say that it's been an active week if only if we look at the releases alone. Other than the releases we also have usual updates, with the most interesting update is that Trip back to have weekly update in regard of Ginharu. Let's see what I can write for this week here as well. One day before Valentine we have Mangagamer released Imopara 3, which mean that now we have all three Imopara VNs are being localized. Also like previous releases Mangagamer did announce their next release, and in this case their next release is Sideboob 2 at March 12th later. For Imopara 3 here, well it's a nukige and for the premise it's still the Nanase family tradition in which we'll have one male MC love his five sisters a lot and will have a forbidden romance that was expressed through sex, though this time Moonstone decided to make new Nanase family instead of connect it from the first and second Imopara. Well get Imopara 3 if you like previous two Imopara and want more little sister nukige, and have fun. By the way I prefer little sisters in Onikiss if I may say what I think about the design, although finally I can see Moonstone manage to design cute youngest sister so I like her design the most followed by the fourth sisters (The rest of the sisters still have shadow from previous Imopara VNs). About Harlem Blade, I only know that the translator chose PC-98 version to translate (Why not PC Windows version?), it's produced by GIGA (At least they didn't interfere with their firced censorship policy here), it's a gameplay VN (RPG), and that it featured the MC with the name of Cain who is a pervert man who also a descendant of a legendary hero. In any case, you can try it if you somehow interested with it and have fun. For the rest of the updates, we have Miotsukushi Omote was past halfway (53%) edited, Loverable was reach 80% mark (80.39%) edited, Eustia was at 88.13% translated along with 84.59% edited, and Ginharu was at 56.64% translated with Momiji's route was at 68.3% translated. By the way we also have Tsurezure did release new version of Hoshiori's full patch, so feel free to get it if you're not satisfied with the available translationof Hoshiori. The biggest release for this week is obviously Senren Banka in which as we know it's been announced by Sekai first back at AX 2017, and apparently Yuzusoft decided to change their partner to Nekonyan seeing that they already have successful Sanoba release (My assumption). Anyway with Nekonyan took over Dracu Riot and Riddle Joker we'll going to have more Yuzusoft VN thanks to them, and perhaps it's only a matter of time to see Nekonyan took Tenshin Ranman license. For the premise itself is that we have our MC Arichi visit his hometown that has been famous because of the tourist who want to see traditional Japanese village, and he somehow manage to break the katana that was stabbed in the stone that was supposed hard to pull. To add more problem, because the spirit of the katana acknowledge Masaomi as the new owner of the katana and that he broke one of tourist attraction, he must take responsibilities by having an engagement with the local shrine maiden who also the daughter of shrine's priest. Seeing no choice, our Arichi decided to try to get use to her new life. Also while some review pointed that Senren Banka here have the plot, the safe approach here would still expect this as charage. In any case, you can get Senren Banka at Steam or Nekonyan (Or JAST, Mangagamer, and Denpasoft), and have fun. That's all fir this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  3. Senren Banka, Nekonyan's 2020 Valentine Prize [UPDATED]

    Add the heroines info and the poll. As for my opinion on this, well Senren Banka here is more or less a charage with traditional Japanese setting. Also from what I read apparently some of the background was taken from Kyoto, so it's nice of them to do some researching there. Feel free to discuss about Senren Banka here, and congratulation to Nekonyan in regard of their newest release.
  4. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Here's this week update from Tsurezure, and I like that they go back to weekly update here. Common: 100.0% Bethly: 100.0% Mizuha: 0.0% Yuzuki: 0.0% Momiji: 68.3% Hinata: 100.0% Total: 56.64% No much to say here other than translating porn apparently quite a tasking work there, so that's all for this week update.
  5. Decided to bump this thread because we have Trip do a lot of editing for Hoshiori's script, and today they released the second version of Hoshiori's translation. In case you didn't satisfied with the current translation, you can get the new version of Natsuki's patch at their usual site here. Have fun.
  6. Congratulation on your rank up as mod on Reddit there, and it's too bad that there's a drana involving moderators there. I guess moderators can also involved in the drama as well, no matter which community it is. Anyway for January VNTS I would say that if not for Nekonyan's announcements it would be very plain, especially when there's no big name releases there. At least February releases here is quite interesting, so hopefully we can see more interesting releases at upcoming months.
  7. Congratulation for the Steam release, and after I read through mostly I can say that Frontier here didn't need to have have nukige tag. Granted that it have some mandatory sex scenes, but compared to the gameplay ratio it was far less compared to Haruka in that we need to grind through sex and yet it's still not categorized as nukige in VNDB list (I mean you didn't really neccesarily need to corrupt the goddess to get a strong team (Admittedly it help a lot though, and why not seeing that the corrupted goddesses outfit is quite sexy lol), and that Loki definitely didn't need to level up the goddesses through the sex). So yeah compared to Haruka and Escalayer, you can have less sex in Frontier (And you can totally avoid the optional sex scenes) and therefore I can say that the nukige tag on VNDB is wrong. By the way I like the VN here. For the story, I can say that the law route here is like Route B of Valkyrie Profile while for chaos route it's like True Route of Valkyrie Profile, except instead of Lenneth the protagonist here is Loki (You'll root for him in law route, and even if Loki was become Villain Protagonist in chaos route you still root for him anyway). For the goddesses, their name and traits is derived from Norse mythology and it should be obvious from Loki name here. Thor, Freya, and Odin should be more obvious examples here, while for Tyrca here her name is derived from Try (Her power is like Lenneth though, and perhaps it might intended seeing that her design is like Valkyrie). While Rigret name here is less obvious and she only get the real world name in the sequel, her Divine Gear should be enough hint on which god that inspire her (It's Heimdall in which it's pretty well known for Gjallahorn). Lastly I believe that Ninetail chose this as their very first official localized VN, because it's the more popular VN on Venus Blood series. The reason is simply because they make a sequel based on this (Ragnarok), and I think it wouldn't be happen of the VN is less popular (The Norse mythology here did help a lot admittedly). For the next release, let's just say that I hope that Ninetail can localized both of Hypno and Ragnarok if possible, although I know that Ragnarok will possibly be a Tough Act to Follow for Frontier being the sequel and all.
  8. Hello there. (Insert Obi One Kenobi voice here)

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and to tell the truth I don't know on how Kenobi voiced (I may search it later). Sorry for the belated greeing, and I hope that you'll have fun here. For the last eord, good luck on your VN project there.
  9. Hello, hello

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. Feel free to ask any questions in regard of VNs here, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  10. New here, but also not really

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and while I'm on Discord admittedly I rarely come there. Anyway feel free to talk about VNs here if you like it, and I hope that you'll have fun here.
  11. From the title looks like you expect something like story driven VN, so let me say it straight that you shouldn't that kind of writing in Yuzusoft VNs because when it comes down to that they specialized in charage/moege, and Noble Works here is their VN before Dracu Riot. Granted that their recent VNs did have some overaching stories (Please remember that it's still mostly in charage territory), but remember that they just started the trend at Dracu Riot so you can't exactly expect that it'll be the story driven here. So if you ask me what's your not getting, probably it would be the affection to the heroines in which usually it was the charage creator goal. About the semantic underrated here, just like Ittaku said it should be overrated because it clearly describe the OP situation well in that he trapped because of good rating at VNDB. For the clarification overrated mean that the work that get too much praise when it turn out that it's not up to the supposed praise, while underrated here mean that a less known work that receive less praise and turned out that it's pretty good (You can see this link for clearer understanding). Of course to determined whether the work is underrated or overrated it's up to each of their own (ie subjective matter), but in this case it's pretty clear that the you find Noble Works is overrated.
  12. The reason for the title is obviously because they release this on Valentine days. Anyway I figure that I should open the discussion thread for Senren Banka here, even though it's still six hours early. Feel free to discuss what's your thought on this, and I'll add the VA info along with the poll later. For the reviews, I guess we can say that Senren Banka here is pretty much like Yuzusoft previous VNs, so you better expect this as charage there. If anything, at least the MC (Arichi) here is not like Makoto from School Days. So let's go with the heroines and their VA directly, and for the routes here we'll going to have four main routes along with two side routes. 1. Tomotake Yoshino The shrine maiden that Arichi saw when he came to the shrine, and she's the daughter of the priest of the shrine. She also have hold some secret, namely that whenever there's evil spirit appear she'll have (Cute) cat ears. She also appear to be quite strict in her appearence, so much that she like to slap herself when she woke up even though it's very painful to her. Because of circumstances, currently Yoshino was engaged with Arichi and understandably Yoshino was confused with that. Her VA is Eri Sendai in which her roles are Inaba Meguru from Sanoba Witch (And we'll see Yoshino say 'Challo' at a certain point), Kusunoha Misaki from Hatsukoi Sankaime, Suzuki Kana from Daitoshokan, Kisaki Reina from Kirikoi, Otonashi Saku from Hello Lady, Kouzuki Io from Dal Segno, Kuroki Michi from Noraneko, and Nijouin Hazuki from Riddle Joker. 2. Hitachi Mako The female ninja who act as Yoshino's guard, and also act as her friend (Sort of like Akari and Sena from Noble Works). Although she's quite serious when it come to her job, she also like to tease someone who is quite close to her, and that included Yoshino as well. Her VA is Takamori Natsumi in which her roles are Kariya Wakana from Sanoba Witch, Patricia from Noraneko, Sorakado Ao from Summer Pockets, Higashi Mashiro from Apeiria, Inui Azusa from Tsujidou, Inui Saki from Aokana, Tachibana Ochiba from AstralAir, and Souma Ria from Kirikoi. 3. Murasame The spirit of a sacred sword that was sealed at the shrine, and the sword itself was supposed to be not breakable. At least until Arichi somehow manage to broke it and that circumstance lead him to have an engagement with Yoshino, and that Murasame acknowledge Arichi as the new master of the sword. As the spirit, she's only visible to a small amount of people (Including Mako and Yoshino). She also have some ironic trait there, namely that she's quite afraid of ghost even though she herself is a ghost. Her VA is Yamamoto Nozomi in which her roles are Misono Senri from Daitoshokan, Arisaka Mashiro from Aokana, Tsukuyomi from Baldr Heart, Satou Koutaro from Wagahigh, Shitaka Iori from Love Cube, Yuri from Uchi trilogy, Kabutoyama Midori from Hello Lady, and Nosuri from Utawarerumono sequel duology. 4. Lena Liechtenauer A foreigner who happen to like Japan and that she have some misconception, such as eating wasabi in a sizeable amount instead of bit by bit. She did transfer to Japan in order to helping at the inn which also doubled as Arichi's grandfather house, and she passed the test. She somehow also be able to see Murasame, and that she help with the evil spirit hunt occasionally. Her VA is Tanezaki Atsumi/Kirihana and her roles are Ayachi Nene from Sanoba Witch, Mitsukasa Ayase from Riddle Joker, Kodachi Nagi from Daitoshokan, Ousaka Sora from Hoshiori, Yuunagi Ichika from Astral Air, Asuhara Yuuki from Noraneko, Niimi Sora from Nine tetralogy, and Ikoma Murasaki from Phantom Trigger. I guess that's all for the heroines, and even though I didn't talk abput side heroines I'll still add those two heroines in the poll.
  13. Tsujidou-san No Virgin Road

    Like Ange said, Trip didn't like Maki when he translate her route, so the chance for him to pick the fandisc is very miniscule as of now. Also as of Tsurezure (Trip's group) did translate Ginharu, and so far there's no other team who translate Virgin Road so the answer for you question here is 'There is no Virgin Road translation project as of now'.
  14. Amairo Chocolata

    So apparently it's just yet another Nekopara like moege there? I see. Apparently Sekai will release it for Chinese and Japanese language only on Steam, and after read the review I know that I wouldn't get it even if Sekai will release it in English later (Which should be happen sooner or later, unless they changed their mind).
  15. About Kin'iro Loveriche nickname, yeah I know the official nickname for that is Kinkoi. As for Kirikoi, it's the meme nickname for Kin'iro Loveriche. I know that I should use the official one here, but I decided to use meme nickname here anyway for a certain reason.