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  1. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as you can see this week is quite packed because of AX that was finally happened after two years absences thanks to pandemic. While in general the AX announcements are quite interesting and that it mean there's a lot of new announcements, there's still some doubt whether we can see it quickly especially when it come to Sekai Project. Although seeing JAST recently manage to upped their game combined with their announcements, we may have some good title from them in the near future if all going well. Overall I can say that the first AX after pandemic here is
  2. From what I'd read, none of Sekai's announcement was announced at Denpasoft panel, although to be honest it could mean anything as in it's already open secret that Sekai will release their VN with 18+ contents intact. That said for Parfait obviously it mean that we may not have the sex scenes translated, seeing that this time GIGA has good reason to just release all age version of Parfait with said version has extra heroine (In this case it mean that it'll be like Yoake or Eien no Aselia) and the 'fans' may not find that it's worth to include the sex scenes into Parfait Remake later. As for wh
  3. I see that we reach yet another milestone with the game is finally fully translated, and no much I can say other than good luck on finishing the editing work later.
  4. Finally we have progress on Yuzuki's route, and said progress is that one of ten sex scenes is already translated. Also turned out that Yuzuki's route has 37 script files, and Trip already translated 9 of it (Those 9 script files are her middle school arc) so the new progress for Yuzuki's route here would be 9 out of 37 script files were already translated. Lastly since the translator is not a big fan of Yuzuki to say it lightly, don't expect the same speed like when he's translate Mizuha's route (Obviously I'll still report the progress whenever it came out).
  5. So after two years not being held, finally we have Anime Expo returned and for the first panel Sekai here bring some interesting title such as Hamidashi Creative or Parfait (At least GIGA still willing to localize their VN I suppose). I'll list the announcements here later on. PS - Here's all of the announcements for AX 2022 below, and I'll try to sort it based on the order of the panel. Sekai Project Aksys Games Spike Chunsoft JAST USA Mangagamer That's all for the announcements for the first AX since the pandemic happened, and of course I'll write
  6. Let's just say that I can definitely relate with that, and in my case it's also happen when the number in the current bar was increased.
  7. After some time considering it, I finally managed to play Digimon Cyber Sleuth in which it's RPG that was the part of Story series from DS. I can see that Bandai did combine several elements in regard of raising Digimon from past Digimon World games, although I'm not sure of it yet. Oh the beginning remind me of Devil Survivor, which make sense to a degree seeing that both works shared same artist.
  8. In regard of Anne, there's also the fact that Hayao Miyazaki also work on this for 15 episodes and that this is the last work that the late Takahata Isao do on World Materpiece Theater series. Other than Anne, obviously the most prominent thing in 1979 is the birth of first Gundam anime in that it spawned several sequels and spin off, and the first one characters has two iconic characters in form of Amuro Ray and Char Aznable in that the latter has many villain based on him so much that there's a trope called Char Clone. No much to say other than those two anime, so that's all for what I can c
  9. This week title is obviously the parody of Reflection Blue with I'd change 'Summer' into 'Snow' and 'Blue' into 'White' (Because snow here is obviously white), and the reason for the parody is simply because we have Snow full translation patch released with Snow here is resembled older KEY VNs, Kanon and Air, to a degree with even the producers themselves acknowledge that Snow's structure did resemble those two KEY VNs. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and we have several nice releases in this week, especially the aforementioned Snow in which it's a historical VN although it's not as in
  10. It's been a while, and here's Snow full opening song in order to celebrate the release of full translation patch of it (Also it's quite long at 7 minutes and 24 seconds). Enjoy.
  11. Erogamescape, well I only know that I stopped using the score from there after I know that Umineko Episode 8 score was at 58. Granted there's a lot of understandable reason on why it get that score, although it's quite jarring anyway if one compared it to VNDB score in which Chiru here is one of the most well received VNs in there (Chiru itself is the bundle of Umineko Episode 5 to 8). Umineko scoring aside, it seems that Erogamescape users are not quite interested to all age VN, although big all age KEY VN such as Summer Pockets still manage to gather almost 1,000 votes which is quite a numbe
  12. Whatever meant by decent plot and satisfying true end may differ between people. That said if you need some well received VN for your new backlog, then I can recommend some VNs that are not in your VNDB list such as Hentai Prison, Nukitashi duology, White Album 2, Robotic Notes, Sousaku no Kanojo, Maggot Bait (Beware of the disturbing sex scenes though), Tsui no Sora Remake, and Baldr Force. I don't know if you'll enjoy those VNs though, but regardless of that I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you in case you still didn't play those VNs yet.
  13. As for this title, it should be obvious that I parodied the last VNs from Saga Planet Season series Hatsuyuki Sakura (Also the most well received one) that was written by Niijima Yuu because Hatsuyuki Sakura here is represent winter (It should be obvious that snow here is meant winter, and for translation note yuki mean snow), and the reason for the parody is in regard of Flowers Winter release so I'd combine 'Hatsuyuki' and 'Flowers'. Speaking of Niijima, coincidentally we also have Summer Pockets Reflection Blue (Niijima here is also one of Summer Pockets writer) translation patch released w
  14. I see two name that has been famous with good animation, namely Hayao Miyazaki and Madhouse. As you know, Conan here is the debut for Miyazaki who then together with the late Takahata Isao along with the staffs for Conan will establish Ghibli Studio. I'll admit that I only watch Conan for a very brief moment, and back then I didn't know if the director is the one who formed Ghibli Studio (I also didn't even know Ghibli Studio when I watch it at 2006 or 2007 through Animax). The second name that I see is Madhouse, in which it's the studio that famous with good animation while at the same time h
  15. My very first impression on 1977 would be that there's a lot of robot anime here. Anyway other than Araiguma Rascal here is 1977 World Masterpiece Theater series, I did remember that Yatterman was also aired in Indonesia with the opening was changed into Indonesian version that was sang by female singer instead of male singer (Both lyric are pretty much tell the same thing in different language). Also you're right that the protagonists duo are pretty much boring even though the opening song is shilling them for an obvious reason, although it's because the villain trio is more interesting. It's
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