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Zombie Love Diary Review

Foreword - After last week we have VNTS, apparently we'll not gonna have VNTS for this week so I decided to make yet another VNTS Review along with my commentary on AX here. Hope you'll enjoy my VNTS Review here.

Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week. At this week we have a lot of AX announcement which of course it should be good because we have many potential VNs release, and yet for some reason it could be underwhelming here if people didn't like the announcement. As for me, while normally I would be excited for the announcements that were especially coming from Sekai, the fact that Sekai always find a way to mess up with the release and longer wait compared to Mangagamer didn't really help at all. Not to mention that there's the fact that NekoNyan here promised us the big titles at August (Otakon?) later, so my attention here is goes to NekoNyan. So in the end, to me this year AX is just average. But enough of my personal opinion here, and let's see what we got for this week in regard of AX announcement along with of course some updates from the translation projects.

As usual we didn't have AX announcement from fan translation, although perhaps you can treat Majokoi going official as fan translation AX announcement lol. So more or less we just have the updates for fan translation section here. For the updates, we got Eustia was at 47.88% translated along with 36.47% edited and 33.75% TLC-ed, Amagami original's script was at 26.7% edited, and Harugi's Main was past halfway (57%) translated (Harugi's overall was at 6% translated with Main's big progress) along with the prologue was at 77% edited. So that's all in regard of this week fan translation for now.


Finally JAST decided to get their gear to moving at this AX, and this time they announced not only one but two upcoming release with the exact date within less than a week. Those two releases were Trample on Schatten and Flowers Summer, in which it'll see the release at 16th later. If anything, at least this time they managed to get some releases in not so far future, because if we remember at the last year we have JAST announced some releases with the estimated time and yet there's no exact date announcement back at the last year, and so we still didn't have the release from the last year AX announcement (ie Katahane). Other than those two releases announcements, we also have the announcement for Flowers Autumn which as expectedly was announced by JAST and right now it was being worked on. While I say that it's should be the good news, JAST policy there made me wonder whether they'll release it quickly or not, but if it's like usual JAST there I hope that the end product will be at least satisfying.

After many years they work together with Nitroplus and long time with no new announcement from them, finally they have several announcements from them although most of the announcements are what I could call redundant here. Those announcements were DRAMAtical Murder, Togainu no Chi, and Lamento in which as we recall was already have fan translation since long time ago. While at least they'll gonna use the new translation from what I'd heard, the fact that most of the readers were already read the translated version of those BL VNs (For BL fan of course) should made some people hoping that there will be some new announcement from JAST Blue. But on the other hand, perhaps JAST themselves didn't have many choices in regard of BL VN for their new branch, so they didn't have other choice than picking some well known BL VNs. I guess what I can say in regard of this would be hopefully BL fan would willing to wait if they want to read the new translations of those three BL VNs.

Almost forgot that they also announced Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi in which it's too mouthful so much that most people decided to just shortened it as Totono, although maybe I'll just shortened it as Kimikoi. Anyway as for Kimikoi concerned this VN was the first attempt of Nitroplus doing moege, so unfortunately there won't be some disturbing contents. But instead what we had is our MC Shinichi was have a childhood friend with the name Miyuki, and one day he saw a strange girl who called Aoi. From there Shinichi did want to help Aoi and by doing so Shinichi decided to ask Miyuki to help the, and the days when all three of them have a happy live will be starting. ...Or so that's what Nitroplus want us to think like that back at the announcement, but as of now most of people were already know what Kimikoi really is, especially with one Youtube video which showed a certain characters ending going viral so the twist here more or less is already Late Arrival Spoiler and that particular twist is certainly resembled DDLC. While Kimikoi here is definitely one of interesting announcement that JAST did compared to the last year, I would't expect a quick release for this especially with the confusing mechanic that the player need to deal with.


We have Spike Chunsoft announced that they'll release Shibuya Scramble at September 4th later for both of PS4 and PC, so if you want to find out of why that VN did get perfect Famitsu score (40/40) feel free to find out by yourself later. We also have Steins Gate Elite will be released at early next year, but seeing that it's just Steins Gate with anime graphic I just think that more or less it's just another redundant announcement here (As if two Steins Gate releases for PC are not enough), although at least White Fox studio did a good job for made a new animation that didn't adapted into the anime, so it's should be good for people who want to rereading something like Luka's or Faris's route with the anime graphic. For the new announcement from PQube, we have YU-NO remake version release as well for both of PS4 and PC in which it'll be launched at the next year. While in theory the graphical improvement is should be good, unfortunately no much change other than the graphic so I just think that it's sort of redundant release because we already have the translated version of the old version. Granted the graphic was very outdated, but at least the characters was not as bad as Higurashi so I'm still okay with the old version there. That's all for PQube announcements here.

After last blogpost from NekoNyan, I'm glad that they'll finally upped their work for both of Sanoba and HGB looking from the progress. As for the progress, right now for Sanoba it was at 90% translated along with both of editing and TLC was at 45%, and the QC was at 10%. While HGB release was delayed, at least they started to show some progress with the current progress for HGB was at 60% translated and a quarter edited. Forgot to report this back at last VNTS Review that we already have Steam store for Sanoba, which mean that NekoNyan here should be serious for Sanoba release in which it would make it quite ironic if Sanoba here was indeed the first officially released Yuzusoft VNs, because if we remember Sekai was the first one who have Yuzusoft license.

Almost forget that Frontwing was also have their AX announcements, but other than Island finally have their own Steam store opened and they'll gonna release it at this summer, noting interest me from them unlike back at the last year. Although if you want to see more of dungeon crawling RPG with rape, perhaps you can try Lilitales when it's released. Also if you want to see more Grisaia, Frontwing announced that they'll gonna have anime adaptation of Phantom Trigger, which at least it should be easier to adapt compared to Kajitsu because unlike Kajitsu Phantom Trigger was only one big linear storyline with five volumes so far (Four of those were already released). Not my interest though, but good luck to Frontwing for the Phantom Trigger anime production later.


Surprisingly instead of three announcements like we promised, we have four announcements from them in which one of those titles were pretty much quite hyped up by some people. Let's see what they have for this year AX as well.

Interesting that Mangagamer also announced another BL VN like JAST there, although at least this time the announcement is not a redundant one because we still didn't have a fan translation release for this particular VN yet - there's wordpress page that contained the translation, but I won't count on that as a proper VN Translation here. Anyway as for the BL VN in question it is Luckydog1, in which it'll depict some mafia members whose got caught and thrown into the prison. From there it's up to the MC himself who is famously always lucky so much that he earned the Red Baron Luckydog to free the mafia members, and of course the player gonna decided whether Luckydog will be successful in his quest (And earned the prestige in the mafia group) or failed. I admit that at least the premise is looking interesting, although like I say several time BL isn't my interest though as of now so I'll pass on Luckydog.

We also have GL (ie yuri) announcement by Mangagamer as well, so at least this time they managed to announced new VNs that cover both sides of of same sex relationship. The yuri VN in question is Lilycle Rainbow Stage, in which it'll depict the story between student teacher, an uprising idol, and a hall monitor. Also joining the mentioned cast is twelve girls which were coming from the drama CD, bringing the cast to 15 girls who each of their own have their own interest in regard of yuri romance. If you're hoping for the heavy story inLilycle, then I hope that you're not expecting that because most of the games was apparently only have some yuri fluff in which it might be too sweet to handle so much that you got diabetes. As for what I can comment on this, seeing the number of the girls from Lilycle made me wonder if the developer was planning to develop this as idol anime/VN following Love Live before finally just scrapped the idea. Well if you're looking into very lighthearted yuri VN, then Lilycle should be good. Also seeing that it was all age in the first place, I'm sure that Mangagamer will prepare the Steam Store for this in the future.

I'm surprised that we managed to have Rance X announced along with Rance IX, so it's good to see that Mangagamer having big announcement there. As for Rance itself, I'm sure that we didn't need the introduction for this one but I'll try to talk about those last two VNs from Rance series. So basically each Rance VN starting from VI were basically adapted the scenario for each country that was appeared in Kichikuou, and now we have both of Helman and Monster Army arcs for both of IX and X respectively. For the reminder of the rest of Rance series here, we have VI was focusing on Zeth, VII (Or rather Sengoku) was focused on JAPAN or if you prefer Arunaru's translation Nippon, and VIII aka Quest was sort of focused on Free Cities and Kalar. So let me try to talk what I knew in regard both of IX and X here.

As for X, while it's good that they developed the grand finale for Rance here, after seeing some spoiler and video I can't help to think that Alicesoft here is kind of cramming all of the materials into one VN, so the story for X itself might felt rushed for some people and therefore the outcome might not satisfying considering that we have a lot of characters to cover, especially in regard of the Dark Lords. But I guess seeing that most people was satisfying with the outcome, I think it wasn't bother most of the people out there (The fact that EGS average score is at 95 should speak for itself). Good luck to the translator though, because X's script is quite massive at around 8 MB and that's without the voice and apparently there's still nothing to do on the scripts itselves. For IX itself, it was focused on Helman in which it'll be about of how Patton will try to liberate Helman with help of Rance. As for IX gameplay, from what I saw it's sort of revamped version of Mamatoto. Also interestingly this is the second Rance game that have sort of IF routes after Sengoku, and we instead of three like Sengoku we'll gonna have six routes to pursue. Oh and Arunaru said that he already finished with IX, so we may see the release for IX in the near future. I'll try both of IX and X if both of those released later, although in case of X maybe I need a long time to wait though.

That's all for Mangagamer, and I would like to see what they have for Otakon as well later because usually Mangagamer have something big at that convention as well.

Sekai Project

Considering that at the last two years they managed to announced fan translated VNs, I wasn't so surprised with them announced yet another fan translated VN. So let's see what anoouncements that they have for this year AX.

Congratulation for Denpa in regard of the release the Zombie VN, in which they pretty fast on that since they announced it (Only about a month). Other than Zombie VN release, they'd also announced the prequel (Episode 0), episode 2, and episode 3 of the aforementioned Zombie VN. As for me, well not quite interested with this so I'll just pass on this but if you like some zombie outbreak setting in the VN maybe it'll be interesting to you.

Speaking about multiple part VN, we also have announcements for both of ReLord Episode 2 and 9-nine- (I'll just call it Nine) Episode 1. As for the former, I would say that Sekai should announced the middle part of the ReLord if they already got the license for episode 1, so at least it should be good that we can see more of our demon MC will be going to defeat the 2nd witch who invaded his world. As for Nine, apparently this VN will have some supernatural element with some girls managed to developed the superpower. And since from VNDB we knew that Nine will gonna have four heroines, we can expect that Nine will have four VNs and right now the second part of that was already released in Japan. By the way if you wonder of why Nine art is almost resembled Saku Saku, it's because the artist for both Saku Saku and Nine is the same person and both VNs were from the same company (Palette). I just wonder though why Sekai didn't Mashiro Iro Symphony, but maybe because the cost to localized the short episodic VN is more cheap than localized a full VNs.

Well we also have Majokoi, in which like I said earlier is already showed some sign that it'll be officially localized with the word like 'blocked from the engine work' that was said by Fred. From there more or less I already knew that it was already going to be localized, so I'm not surprised that it was announced unlike back at Saku Saku (I understand though if some people felt surprised and angry about this). Also it's not surprising that the partner is Sekai because Majokoi here did using the same engine as Tokeijikake, and after by do some searching in VNDB it's easy to know that Qoobrand here is from the same group as Unionshift Blossom (Tokeijikake's developer). As for the premise, it was in regard of Alice who found some magic diary which depict some sexual acts of a male high school student, and from there Alice decided to find out more about the diary after she was met by the dragon who said to knew about the diary. For the reminder here, this is also Nijima Yuu work who is famous with Hatsuyuki Sakura, so at least we can expect some tearjerking moment there if we knew his works. As for the release estimate timeline, Fred did say that it'll be at Q4 of this year in which somehow it's quite doubtful seeing that it's Sekai, but let's try to be positive and hope that Sekai will be managed to do that.

Other than Majokoi, there's Harumade Kururu (Or Harukuru) in which it's more or less was already set in stone that Sekai will work on them with two main staff from there working on the VNs that Sekai will be released (The writer working on Ninja Girl that would be released at this December, while the artist working on Island Diary), or rather I think that Sekai should announced this at last year AX so they kind of late a year for the announcement lol. For the premise, it's just a nukige with four girls in an isolated island having sex everyday, so there's not much to expected here other than we'll gonna have a lot of sex. Or so that's the initial reaction for some people who read this before Harukuru finally showing it's true color after the prologue (And 15 sex scenes), so more or less it's just like Kimikoi or in this case Majokoi, because both of Harukuru and Majokoi did have same pattern that there's a lot of sex scenes in the prologue before finally getting serious after the opening, and in Harukuru case it would be in regard of science fiction and quantum theory while Majokoi did have some mystery and drama. Also like Majokoi, while Sekai still didn't have release estimation I just hope that it'll be quick.

For the rest of announcement, we also have idol VN (Idol Connect -AsterikslLive-), two OELVNs (Mischievous Sensation and Last Stanza), and Nekopara Extra in which it'll be depict the time when Chocola and Vanilla was adopted by Shigure's family. Not much interesting to me, but at least it can be interesting for some people.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week (Or rather in next VNTS Review).

PS - As for the title, since we have Zombie VN release along with Majokoi official announcement, I decided to just change 'Witch' in Majokoi localized title (Witch Love Diary) into 'Zombie' so we have 'Zombie Love Diary'.


Visual Novel Translation Status (07/02/2018)

Foreword - Finally after one month absence (The longest waiting time so far) we have another VNTS here, and as expected both of admin Tay and Decay schedule from the last month was pretty hectic so they couldn't provide VNTS for most of the last month. So here's my VNTS Review for the last week with proper VNTS, and I hope you'll enjoy this.

Like I say before, finally we have VNTS here in which it mean that there's a lot to catch up on the main page. Although even without factoring one month absence, there's still a lot of catch up here because we got many updates and release in span of a week since my last VNTS Review. As for the title, since we have releases for both of Evenicle and Chaos Child I decided to make this week title as a parody for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle dub name (Chronicle of the Wings), so we have 'The Chronicle of Shibuya's Madness' as this week VNTS Review. For more elaboration here, the 'Chronicle' part was from Evenicle in which it was actually the acronym from 'Eve's Chronicle', and for 'Shibuya's Madness' it was come from the Chaos Child in which we have the in-game serial murder case known as 'New Generation Madness' with the crime locations was at Shibuya. With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review and like I said at last VNTS Review as expected we have a lot of juicy updates and releases here, so overall this week is more interesting compared to the last week. So let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Sekai Project

Congratulation to Sekai in regard of their big release at this week Maitetsu for both of all age version and 18+ version, although unfortunately the later release was damaged by major mistake that Sekai made. While at the very least they still the sex scenes intact, the panty shot and the nipple was getting censored. While at the very least Sekai is slightly better than Pulltop, unfortunately it still shown of how incompetent that Sekai were because they somehow mixed the console version for 18+ version, something that should be easily prevented if Sekai did one last check before QA-ing it. As for the fix, I read that Sekai there was apparently bounded by the contract or something like that, so they can't do anything to the released VN and therefore we need to wait for a while before finally get it uncensored.

While the censorship here is quite alarming for Sekai competence there, personally I could less care if they only censoring nipple and panty shot as long the sex scenes is still intact, and I prefer that if we can talk about the story itself. As for the story itself, it'll be revolving around revitalizing old small city around the station by using the titular train which somehow managed to become the girl, even though it was mitigated by the fact that the girl is an android AI who operated the train instead of the real train. Well whatever, and if some of you decided to ignore the controversy behind Maitetsu and play it right now, have fun. For the last word here, actually I'm interested with a lot of opening in Maitetsu here, although unfortunately the good production value for that was overshadowed by the news about Sekai incompetence.


We also have Venus Blood Frontier prefundia there with the base goal was at 125,000 in which it was pretty high, and if I remember the last time we have KS with base goal past 100,000 was back at Libra the Vampire Princess KS. While the number itself is quite high, at least it's justified because apparently they're on their own as this is actually Ninetales first experience to do their localization. While it's quite questionable that they managed to have KS for a game that was full of tentacle rape (Granted the sex contents were cut, but still), I hope that the KS will be successful so good luck to the KS. As for the estimated release time, it'll be at Summer 2019 later so it's gonna be a while before we finally see the release. I'll report the KS updates for Frontier if available later, and forget to say that at least we didn't have ridiculous tier that we can have a dinner with the illustrator for Frontier here (I look at you Koropukkur).

Other than Frontier KS, we have a bunch of updates from Nekonyan in which unfortunately we saw HGB will be delayed to November because lack of translator from the last month. Of course there's more update other than HGB delay and it was in regard of Sanoba release, in which they announced the estimated exact release date at October 26th later, and I'll be interested to see whether Nekonyan can fulfill this or not. We also have a plan for Fureraba complete edition release, in which Nekonyan will combined the main game and the fandisc into one package along with additional contents from Fureraba PSV version. For the release timeline, Fureraba complete edition will be released after fandisc release if you're curious about the release time, so it might be around fall or early winter at the latest. For the last update from Nekonyan, we'll going to have two big titles from them and they'll going to announced that at August later. While for now it's still unknown what the titles are, if we following Shinku translation it might be possible that both of the projects were Astral Air and Irotoridori, and if that's true than it mean that Favorite will be added to the list of company that left Sekai.

Almost forget that we have Sprite tweeting something in regard of 'overseas transplants' for Aokana after the news said that they were in deep, but whether it'll be in regard of the dubbing of anime version of Aokana or the VN localization I'll just wait and see for now (It's good though if they localized the VN, because it's been cursed for a while). Also we have a release for this section at this week, and it was only an otome for PSV version so I'll just pass on the release (Have fun though if you have PSV for play that).


Interesting to see that we have another update from Mangagamer two weeks after their last update, which mean that perhaps we'll gonna see biweekly update from them again after AX later. As for the updates roundup here, we have Son-Nyl was at almost halfway (49%) translated, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was at 68.3% translated and 67% edited, Tsui Yuri was finished the beta testing so it'll be enter the queue for the release, Amatarasu was at 34% edited, Maggot Bait was at 89.4% translated, Steam Prison was both fully translated and edited, and Trinoline was at 74% edited. I think that's all for Mangagamer's update roundup here.

Other than updates roundup earlier, we also have a big release from them in which it's obviously Evenicle back at June 28th. While Evenicle itself was may not as epic as Rance X (Both of those were from Alice Soft for the info), I would say that it managed to be a good standalone RPG compared to Rance. As for Evenicle, the premise was that our MC Aster was have very simple goal namely that he wants to marry both of his childhood friends only to be stopped by the rule that he can only marry one girl in the lifetime, so from there Aster search a way to become the knight in order to allow him to marry more than one female. While the premise sounds like an excuse plot for harem nukige VN thing, actually Evenicle itself is a RPG so obviously we'll going to have some gameplay and fighting there, and of course cliche JRPG story which may be nostalgic for some people. Forget to say that the character design was resembled Senran Kagura characters, and the reason was because Senran Kagura artist also did design characters for Evenicle here (At least some of girls breast didn't as big as Senran Kagura characters). Have fun for playing Evenicle if you already got that.

Fan Translation

As for this week, like Mangagamer and Sekai we also have a big release from this section. But before that let's see what update that we have for this week. For the updates, right now Eustia was at 47.36% translated, Loverable was at 77.88% TLC-ed and 39.56% edited, and Harugi's Main was at 38% translated (Bringing overall progress to 5% translated) along with the prologue was at 73% translated. Other than those three, there's Shin Koihime Musou still have some increased translated and edited line counts although the percentage is still static though (95% translated and 28% edited respectively). Before going to the big release, let me say congratulation for the release of Alice otome VN after three years of work. Here's their homepage if you want to get the patch, and as usual I'll just pass on this one since this is otome and all. Have fun though if you want to play Alice VN here, and at least it was available for PC in the first place instead of console only like most of the otome.

As for something interesting that I was talk about at the last VNTS Review, it was in regard of Chaos Child translation port patch in which it add the PS4/PSV translation into the PC version, and obviously it mean that finally we'll be able to play Chaos Child without using the console here. As for Chaos Child premise, once again it was in regard of one high school students and his female friends (With varied circumstances) who investigate the murders that eerily resembled the murders back at Chaos Head, so much that the in-game murder was dubbed as '2nd Incarnation of New Generation Madness'. Like both of Chaos Head (Chaos Child here is some sort of spiritual sequel for Chaos Head) and Steins Gate, it did have some sci-fi element and more importantly shared same setting. Get the patch from Committeeof0 homepage here (I like that Committeeof0 did their countdown at their Twitter eight days before the release), and have fun playing Chaos Child at PC there.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - There's no VNTS for this week as well (In three weeks straight nevertheless which is quite a worrying record), which mean that obviously both of admin Tay and Decay were quite busy in the real life. So once again I decided to make another VNTS Review here, and hope you'll enjoy this.

To tell the truth there's almost nothing interesting in regard of VNTS from last week, so what I can say is that the last week is quite plain. Although if one want to be more optimistic, we can say that the last week is like some sort of breather in which we'll gonna have a lot of release at this week, so we can say that the last week is like calm before the storm. Anyway, welcome to VNTS Review and obviously I will try to talk about last week VNTS here. For the title, since we have both of Yotsunoha demo release and Muv Luv Alternative (MLA) 18+ patch release, I decided to parodied Chinese historical film 'The Flowers of War' in which it depict the Japanese massacre of Chinese in Nanking back at 1937. The reason of the title is that because we have a war situation in MLA, and as for clovers it was from Yotsunoha which translated as 'four leaf clover'. Regardless of what I said earlier here, let's see what I can write for this time VNTS Review.

From Sekai we finally had their fourth secret project was fully translated, and while what kind of the project is still unknown one can hope that they'll reveal their secret projects at AX later, just like Mangagamer at the last year AX. By the way, congratulation for 'My GF is a Mermaid' KS in which it managed to gathered 18,757 in which it's slightly over the original goal (12,000), even though I'm still won't play this though because I didn't have Switch - just in case you look forward for the release, the estimation release month for this VN will be at March 2019 later for the reminder. Also for the reminder we'll gonna have Maitetsu at the end of this week, so keep in mind of that if you interested with dating the android AI train thing (My interest with Maitetsu is more in regard of multiple opening though).

For fan translation, we have Eustia was at 46.7% translated, Taraimawashi (Higurashi's side story) was at three quarter translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 95% translated, Witch Garden was at 46% translated, 216 scripts file of Oreimo Shizuku were finalized, and Harugi's Main was at 23% translated with 6% TLC-ed along with the prologue was at 70% edited. I guess that's all in regard of fan translation for now, and by the way let me tell something that we'll gonna have something interesting by this week from this section as well.

We have Sol Press released Yotsunoha demo, and as for whether the translation is accurate or not unfortunately I can't comment on that lol. But just in case you need an opinion, apparently it was still quite rough (ie still not improved) according to one source so perhaps it should be approached with open minded in regard of Yotsunoha's translation. Speaking of Yotsunoha's release date here, Sol Press decided to change the release estimation to Q3 2018 in which it's obviously get delayed, and from there I can tell of how they did overestimated their capability to get released the VNs quickly. Other than Yotsunoha demo release and the delay of the full release, we already have Newton VN finished QA process and Sol Press decided to release this as soon as they got approval from Steam, and it mean that the estimation release date is obviously unpredictable more so if we remember Steam controversial action in regard of several VNs.

As for MLA 18+ patch, what I can say is that the release itself is already redundant enough if you satisfied with Amaterasu version of MLA translation (With 18+ content in the first place). While in theory it sounds good that finally we have MLA full version with new translation, actually it didn't matter as well because the sex content in MLA is very few and one of those scenes is quite divisive to boot, so perhaps it's the best that we play MLA without sex content. Regardless of that, have fun though if you're waiting for MLA with 18+ content. Oh, we also have another otome VN announcement in which it'll depict our female MC will interact with Sherlock Holmes and Arsene Lupin (Both of them were handsome lol), and it'll be released at Fall for both of PSV and Steam (Obviously it mean that we can play this on PC) later. Not my type of VN, but it's good that translated otome VNs keep increasing I guess.

That's all for this time VNTS Review, and see you at next week VNTS Review.


Foreword - Because as of now we still didn't have VNTS again (Although Decay apparently promised will prepare one later), I decided to create another VNTS Review without the VNTS itself. I hope that you'll enjoy my review here.

As for the title, because we have both of Tsumihoroboshi release and Hapymaher exact release date announced here, I decided to made the title based on those two VNs. For more info, in Hapymaher we'll gonna have MC who has constant lucid dream, and as for Tsumihoroboshi is in regard of Higurashi in which like I said earlier is full of conspiracies. Therefore we have 'The Lucid Conspiracies' as VNTS Review title for this week, and funny enough there's a blog with the name Lucid Conspiracy. It should be obvious that I won't cover the blog contents here, so let's move on to the main topic here. As for this week, I like that we already have Hapymaher exact release date. Also as expected we have Mangagamer monthly update which is good in case some people was keep an eye on Sona-Nyl or Amatarasu. Other than Mangagamer updates, we also still have some updates from fan translation, Sol Press, and Sekai as well so more or less it's just normal week for those three. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From Sol Press, not much that I could write here other than Newton VN was finished the QA, and Yotsunoha translation was almost finished with 95% translated (Along with 87% edited). That said Sol Press here definitely need to change the release estimation for Newton VN, because they still listed it as early this month and I'm sure that right now we about to enter last third of June ie no early month anymore.

Sekai's 4th secret project was at 95% translated, and I'm sure that nobody know what's their secret project is so they can only speculate as of now. The only way of knowing the project is just waiting for Sekai to tell us, so in the end it's just the matter of waiting. Speaking about waiting, they also need to waiting for the third party in regard of Nanairo as well so anyone who wait for Nanairo will need to wait for a while (Including me). If anything, at least they already have Nanairo in QA so perhaps the release would be happen in near future (Maybe).

Fan Translation

As of this week we have Eustia was at 46.26% translated and 34.36% edited, and what I can comment is that it's good that at least it looks stable looking from the usual weekly progress. There's still some progress from Shin Koihime Musou as well, but as long as the percentage didn't change I wouldn't report the progress here (The line count itself is quite big with 102,893 lines), and for the record the current progress is 30,230 lines were already edited.

Other than those two above, we have Harugi with the translation progress for both of main school and branch school common route was coming along at the same time, but before going to the progress since this'll be gonna confusing if I didn't make a term for Harugi branching here I'll try to explain about Harugi's structure first. For the explanation, actually Harugi's setting here have two prominent school here and our MC will have involved with teaching at the two schools (Forgot to say that the MC himself is the teacher). Also from what I read, each branch did have their own heroines. So from now on if we talk about main school common route I'll use term 'Main', and for branch school common route I'll use 'Branch'. My very uncreative terms aside, the progress right now is that Main was at 11% translated and Branch was at 10% translated along with 3% TLC-ed. Also as for the prologue itself right now it was already fully TLC-ed and 67% edited.


As for Mangagamer, congratulation for both of Tsumihoroboshi release and Hapymaher exact release date announcement in which it'll be at July 12th later. I think we should already knew what Tsumihoroboshi is, and it is Chapter 6 of Higurashi in case you need the reminder. While I'm more or less already guessed that they gonna announced Hapymaher release date along with Tsumihoroboshi release, I'm still hapy (Pun was intended, sorry) that we finally get it because I'm already accepted if they'll going to release Hapymaher at 2020. Other than that, if some of you want Mangagamer's version of Umineko hardcopy edition then be glad because they'll also announced the release date for that as well, in which it'll be released at the same date as Hapymaher release. As for Umineko hardcopy, it's more or less just redundant to me but at least I can say that if JAST was stubbornly want to keep releasing the hardcopy then they can take some page from Mangagamer here.

As expected, right now they did announced their monthly updates, so let's do the roundup for that. For the updates, we have Tsui Yuri is currently in the testing so it probably mean that it'll be released in the near future, Sona-Nyl was at 47% translated, Trinoline was fully translated and 69% edited, Maggot Bait was at 86.5% translated and 42% edited, Steam Prison was almost completed both of translating and editing process with the progress for both was at 98%, Amatarasu was at 86% translated and 33% edited, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was at 63.5% translated and 625 edited, and Rance Quest was fully tranlsated along with 84% edited. As for Rance Quest, while I admit that I look forward to this back at Otakon announcement, now that we already have very epic Rance X I wouldn't sure if I would have same interest like back at the announcement, and moreso if we knew that Evenicle did finished the story with one installment while Rance need 10 installments. For the last updates, Mangagamer will bring three announcements at AX later with two of those from new partners, and for now I can't comment much on this other than I hope the announcements it'll be interesting.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - After two weeks with VNTS available, looks like at this week we won't have another one at this week so I decided to make a review of one even without VNTS itself. Enjoy.

Since we have Maitetsu release date announcement at last week from both of Steam and Fakku (Well just yesterday for Steam) and currently I like to browse some Harry Potter info, I made the parody title based on Harry Potter 6th book with the Maitetsu MC's full name (Migita Soutetsu) as stand in for Harry Potter, and I replaced 'Prince' into 'Train' because we have human form train which somehow have a human form. I know that it's an android, but I figure that since the android in Maitetsu looks very human I figured to make it as half blood there even though the android itself might not have the blood. I know the title for this week is not very appealing with Maitetsu MC's name there lol, but regardless welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for the last week we have several release announcements and too bad that there's no releases. But still it's worth to look what kind of the announcements that we have for the last week, so let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Neighbor, right now we have it at fully translated while apparently they about to start the editing. Good luck to the editing, even though to tell the truth I didn't pay attention to it much. Other than Neighbor, as expected we have KS for Phantom Trigger Volume 5 with my initial reaction can be summarized as 'When we have KS for Island then?', although in regard of Island VN Frontwing said that there would be more news about that VERY soon though. Anyway for Phantom Trigger Volume 5 right now it's already two third funded, with the exact number of funding was at 20,162 out of 30,000 with 24 days left. Almost forget to say that the KS is for physical edition, and as for the release time frame estimation, we'll have it released at this summer later. Oh, from Sol Press we have two updates in which they doing some QA work for Newton VN last route, and from Yotsunoha we have it was at 93% translated and 84% edited.

Finally JAST announce something in regard of release , and I would be more happy if they did that more often. As for the announcement, they announced that they already prepared for Trample in Schatten preorder, and it was only took six years for them to work on it since they announce it back at 2012. While I understand that JAST is just (Pun no intended) a small company, actually the same can be said to either Sol Press, Mangagamer, and Sekai. Or should I say JAST is the biggest company in regard of VN localization and the most experienced one, which unfortunately plagued by lack of translation staff. While this can be the reason of the slow progress (They should outsources more people then like other localization company), there's still no reason for them to always announced small and redundant title at AX, because I think they can do more on that to the many untranslated title out there.

Back to topic, as for Schatten at first I'm pretty much skeptical about that because it'll take a long time to be released (JAST and all). But after seeing more on that and since it have some mahou shoujo heroines, I think it would be quite an interesting VN considering that mahou shoujo (Magical Girl) in VN is quite lacking saving from some nukige that featured raping Magical Girl. Although from glancing the CG, apparently there'll be some yaoi sex scenes which could be say as my pet peeves, but then again I'm already knew that Subahibi is having yaoi sex scenes and yet I'd finish it, so I will consider to read this if JAST managed to release it at this year (It should be since they already prepared the pre-order) because the initial reception of Schatten is quite good from the reviews that I saw.

As for Maitetsu, after Fakku announced that it'll be added at 29th later, now Sekai was also announced that they'll launch it on Steam later at the same date. So essentially we'll gonna have two version of Maitetsu released at the same time, just like Sekai usual pattern there. While Maitetsu world itself is already confusing with the train can become girl (Mitigated somewhat by making the girl is android AI for the real train), it's also caused quite a stir with most of the heroines looks like a children and with sex contents available come controversy whether Maitetsu support lolicon or not. What I can say is that it would be quite hard to discuss the topic, so I can only say is that you should remember that the game logic is sometimes very different from the real life (The game still need to follow some real life logic though), and therefore just avoid to apply that to the real life. That's all for what I can say, and I'll look into Maitetsu later.

Right now we have Eustia was at 45.86% translated and 33.59% edited; Harugi's Branch School common route was at 10% translated along with Main School common route was at 6% translated, which in turn bring overall progress to 4% translated with the prologue was past halfway (57%) edited; Higurashi Taraimawashi was at halfway translated; and Oreimo Tsuzuku was having 259 scripts finalized. As for this week unfortunately we still didn't hear much about both of Loverable and Majokoi, but hopefully we'll have more visible updates from them in the near future (There's still some off screen work for Loverable at least, but I find that Majokoi description of 'blocked on the engine work' is quite ambiguous to say it lightly). For the last update here, while I already inform that we'll gonna have Chaos Child PC patch at this month, we have Committee of Zero posted the translation of audio drama CD which could be said as the E3 announcement according to them at their Twitter here. What I can say about that it would be that I'm looking forward to this month release of Chaos Child PC patch, in which it can be happened at the last week of June along with Evenicle and Maitetsu making it three big releases at the last week of June.

That's all for this week, and see you next week (Or rather next VNTS Review).


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/04/2018)

Sorry for the belated VNTS Review here, and yeah it's good that we managed to have VNTS on time again. As for this week, I struggling to find the title but after did some Googling in regard of zombie anime, I decided to settled with simply parodying the zombie anime title that I find (Shikabane Hime) into 'Shikabane Office Lady' (TL Notes: Shikabane mean corpse) in which it was the profession of the woman in image header, and yes she was a zombie there (No spoiler). As for this week, well perhaps we can say that recently it's been quite lacking to said it bluntly. That said, we still have some good announcement for this week though, so let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for this week, we have Sekai (Or rather Denpasoft which mean the VN will have H scenes obviously) announced 'I Walk Among Zombies' in which it'll depict the post apocalyptic world with our MC is immune to become zombie, while most of the population in the world is already turned into the zombies. Not quite interesting to me even with the good looking graphic and interesting premise, but what's happened behind the announcement is quite interesting. The reason is because at this week we have a user here announced that he was going to translate this, only to refuted by some members here that there's already an official project for this so obviously this VN couldn't be picked for fan translation project. I'm more convinced that Denpa here is announced this quickly in order to answer the project, because usually they would like to announced something at conventions and I think this is the first time they announced the license outside the convention.

Other than Zombie VN, we have both of Maitetsu and Starnova awaiting the approval from Steam and seeing that Steam have some controversial action that was cause by paranoia of the new law, safe to say that perhaps it'll take a while before approved - but at least it mean that those two VNs were almost ready for the release (Probably). For now I just hope that the releases would be successfully get the approval without much problem from Sekai side.

Tayutama 2 release was delayed as expected, so it's not surprising lol. No much comment on this, other than maybe I better don't much hoping that SakuraGame will have any release on time (Major translation problem in their VNs aside). We also have Neighbor was at three quarter translated, and Muv Luv Alternative 18+ patch release plan in which it'll be at sometime in this month (To me it's just a redundant release though, but if you purchase MLA from Steam and want 18+ content then good for you). From Venus Blood Frontier, we already have a date when Ninetail will launch prefundia, which is at 26th later. From Frontwing, as expected they'll have Phantom Trigger volume 5 in which it'll be depict our ninja girl Murasaki and presumably her dark past. I just hope that Frontwing will allow us to have a glimpse on Haruto's past now that they create the chapter for his childhood friend. Here's the tweet from Frontwing for the proof. For the last news, we have Tsundere Idol release in which it's just a short nukige, although considering that recently Steam was give warnings to any VN with some nudity it's quite surprising that we can still get that at Steam (Of course we can get 18+ version on Fakku as well).

From Mangagamer we have Kuroinu release, in which it's not that interesting if you're not into VNs with many hardcore sex scenes. Anyway, it was also the closing game to all of Kuroinu that Mangagamer released it beforehand, so if you want a complete Kuroinu or just want to complete it go get that from Mangagamer. However with this release came another release announcement, in which it was Mangagamer current practice that they'll announced their next release each time they release a VN. In which case it's Evenicle and the exact release date would be at 28th later, so more or less I can say that I'm looking forward to it. Also just in case some of you looking forward to Damekoi I would say that now we have Koropukkur will be released at Fall later, then it leave Winter (Or in this case Christmas) to have Damekoi release if they still want it released at this year - although of course if they want to release it far early than may guess that I would be more than fine with that as well (I'm also looking forward to Damekoi by the way).

As of this week, we have Eustia was at 44.75% translated along with both editing and TLC progress was at 33.59%. Also after two weeks with no update because the translator was quite busy with school, finally we have Pure Pure update with current progress was at 74.41% translated for overall script while for Hinata's route it was at 89.44% translated (Still rough one for the reminder). For Harugi, right now common route for branch school was at 7% and the prologue was at 46% edited. From LxC 2, we have an update from Quof that right now he managed to finished translating Hime's route, and too bad that right now he couldn't do anything other than waiting because the image insertion is still not done yet. We also have one surprise release and it's nukige Hajimete no Okaa-san in which we have a daughter tried to woo her father after her mother dead with the result that the daughter became pregnant, and the daughter in question is still looking like underage. For the last update, we have Committee of 0 promising us that they'll deliver Chaos Child patch at this month according to their tweet. While granted that it may change, for now I think it should be good that at least we have estimation month release for Chaos Child patch, so I'm gonna keep my eyes on that.

That's all for this week, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (05/27/2018)

Foreword - I'm glad that after two weeks absence we finally have proper VNTS, so here's my review for this week VNTS.

Since we have Sakura Sadist release at this week and SakuraGame announced a chunige with Norse mythology theme Fortissimo, I decided to make the title as 'Sakura Valkyrie' because we knew that usually in each of Norse mythology we should heard about the war goddess called Valkyrie, and Fortissio itself is started as the eroge with four heroines as Action Girl. Do the math. As for this week, not much happening in regard of the release here (Other than otome 7'Scarlet released by Aksys that is) but at least we still have the updates, so to me here it's just another usual week. Although there's exactly one announcement that surprising us though that we have SakuraGame announced Fortissimo, in which some people are understandably upset about the news. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From JAST, we have some sort of update in regard of Flowers Summer from their answer to one Twitter, in which apparently they finished with the TLC and about to do the testing. While this is good update, seeing that we deal with JAST here made me uncertain when they'll managed to deliver Flowers later. Especially when they need to do some hardcopy printing before finally release it. For the info, it was already delayed from back at January since they promised to release this at last year winter (Although if they rush the process, they could still on time for Australian winter release though lol).

As of this week, we have Eustia was at 44.04% translated. Other than Eustia, we have that finally Harugi project was added to VNTS table along with Watamasu, and for Harugi right now the branch school common route was at 4% translated with the current translated line count was at 2,032 lines. For the note in regard of Harugi, from the review that I read apparently we'll gonna have heroines that depend on which common route branch that we played. We also have Nurse Rhyme editing resume with current progress was at halfway edited after long time with no update. That's all for fan translation.

Sekai Project

Right now we have a word from Sekai that Maitetsu is back to do the QA process, although to be honest it's been there for a while beforehand. Apparently they needed to deal with the engine problem beforehand, so they forced to stall the QA for a while. Anyway now that they back on track (Pun no intended mind you) to do the QA, perhaps the release time for Maitetsu is almost near, and maybe we can get the exact date for the release at AX later if we felt overly optimistic here. As for Daybreak, apparently Sekai was need to wait for the code in order to solve the engine problem, so it'll be stalled for a while here.

For their newest announcement, Sekai decided to do their usual method to localized their announcement back at ACEN (My GF is the Mermaid) by doing Kickstarter, and right now they managed to gather 9,907 funds out of 12,000 as the target with 30 days left. While I'm not intended to play this VN unless someone bought me a Swtich, the cast there made me remember Nagisa x Kaede pair from Assassination Classroom because their seiyuu work to voicing two out of three heroines. After I read the cast, I did wonder if I should pair Ion with Petakko because of that Role Association, and more importantly Pettako's hair is also green like Kaede as well. By the way I'm surprised that the introduction managed to remember that Suzaki Aya was voiced Kaede, while unfortunately they forgot to write that Fuchigami Mai was voicing Nagisa in which he's basically the second most important character of Assassination Classroom after Koro-sensei. My Assassination Classroom rambling aside, Sekai already planned to release this by March 2019 later.


So we have SakuraGame announced that they'll release Fortissimo in Chinese at Steam later. Okay not too bad I guess, although they follow up with the announcement that they'll refine the English version before finally release this. While normally this should be the good news now that we have another VN to be localized, unfortunately the mere SakuraGame name as the producer will surely made people doubt whether the VN that they translated worth to be playing or not. In case you wonder why, SakuraGame here is quite infamous with bad translation (I mean MTL level of bad), and more importantly bad public relationship skill back when Tayutama 2 was announced. As for Fortissimo itself, it's a chuuni VN that have borrow some Norse mythology element with the name like Odin, Loki, and Ragnarok, although from what I'd heard apparently it's more or less average one though compared to the like of Tokyo Babel (Don't say Dies Irae). I'd also read that apparently Lacryma here is indirectly refused NekoNyan request to localized it by not replying the request.

What I can say in regard of this is that if we based on one comment back at the thread, perhaps Lacryma themselves were pretty desperate to ask SakuraGame in order to localized Fortissimo. Considering that we knew some VNs companies in Japan goes bankrupt, I suspect that it might possible that Lacryma here is more in deep than we realized. I admit that all of these is just my conjecture here, but if we saw that back at Circus attempted to do their own OELVN Space Live back at 2017 it's quite reasonable if we think that, because it mean that back then the company was try to grab some chance to get the money. For the record here Lacryma itself is a company that formed by the joint of Circus, Broccoli, and an unknown third company (More like company with unknown release though). So I guess whatever financial problem that Circus had could be expanded to Lacryma here, and seeing that Lacryma want to expand to western market quickly, they decided to go with SakuraGame. That, and perhaps Lacryma themselves quite ignorant with SakuraGame controversy. In the end, I would like to just wait and see about this matter, and maybe I can try to read Fortissimo later to see of how chaotic the translation is lol (I admit that at least Fortissimo graphic is good looking).

Since I talked about NekoNyan earlier here, let me give the update from them first. As for their current progress, right now they managed to translated halfway of HGB, while for Sanoba they already translated 70% of it along with a quarter edited. As for my opinion here, I guess NekoNyan here put more effort to translating Sanoba instead of HGB looking from the progress, while according to their schedule they planned to release HGB first. While I admit that I'm slightly more excited to see Sanoba progress is more than HGB progress, I think it would be better if they can do more effort on translating HGB first, so that the people who wait for HGB would more looking forward to the release. It's up to NekoNyan though on whatever choice that they made in regard of their work, so I'm more or less content with this.

For the last progress, we have Frontwing announced their original VN Loca-Love. Other than we'll gonna have romance story with three girls, we still didn't have many info about this for now. Although if we look from the writer, I guess that we at least could expect some Witch Garden plot (Not that I know it lol) because the writer is also the main writer of that. The girl art here is looks too much like Shino from Coroblo, which make sense because the artist is the same one. Other than those notes, I expect that we'll know more about this VN if Frontwing decided to do their fundraising later, so let's see it later. By the way, for Loca-Love here Frontwing is already planned to release this at Fall later.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - Fore more reason of why we have Sakura Valkyrie as the title, it was because in Fortissimo we have a character called Sakura in which if we remember Da Capo it was the main heroine name.


Sure enough, we have Yoshino Sakura (Different writing for Da Capo's Yoshino Sakura though) here as well as another Sakura from Fortissimo itself. As for Yoshino Sakura title here, it was 'Brynhildr' which according to Wikipedia is Valkyrie. So we got 'Sakura Valkyrie' here, and yes the Sakura in Fortissimo is stated to be the spirit of sakura tree, in which any Da Capo fan should be realized what the mentioned sakura tree was. To add more connection with Da Capo, even in the first game it was stated that the power's name is Da Capo.

Beware of the spoiler above though if you interested with Fortissimo.


Foreword - It appear that there's no VNTS for this week again perhaps because both of Decay and admin Tay were busy, so I decided to make another review here without VNTS itself. I hope that by the next week we'll have a VNTS at Fuwanovel main page.

Since we have Fata Morgana fandisc release and the main story of the fandisc is an event from the past just like both of Meikyuu and Sharin, I decided to just use the subtitle for Grisaia no Meikyuu here for the review so we have 'Fata Morgana no Meikyuu' for this week title. Which somehow could be more fitting if we consider that Fata Morgana story was starting from somewhere in French, and as we know Frontwing always using French subtitle for Grisaia trilogy there. As for this week, while the fan translation side here is quite lacking in addition with one of the project was officially localized, in turn we have a lot of Mangagamer announcements from both of their ACEN and usual monthly announcements, so I think it's somehow balanced at this week. That said other than Fata Morgana fandisc, there's no other major release for this week. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

In regard of Tsundere Idol nukige, we go the exact date for the release in which it'll be at 28th later. While we should expect that they'll gonna release the 18+ patch for the Steam version, it's quite interesting though seeing that it's still managed to get the approval despite the controversy in regard of Steam attempt to take down some VNs at their store, and for the note all of the game that was about to be taken down is have some sex content. So when Tsundere Idol here manage to pass the test, I'm wonder if it'll have 18+ patch for Steam release as well considering that Steam apparently also banned 18+ patch as well. Of course we also gonna get 18+ version as well, so you don't need to worry whether the sex scenes would be cut or not. Other than Tsundere Idol exact release date announcement, we also have Newton VN both of fully translated and edited. With the translation process done, all what's left is that Sol Press need some Steam review before allowed to sell it at the Steam store. In wake of waiting for the Steam approval, unfortunately it's causing the release to be delayed to early June later. I just hope that the release would be going to be successful later.

From fan translation we got Eustia was at 43.46% translated along with both of TLC and editing was at 32.35%, Shin Koihime Musou was at 94% translated, and Pure Pure was at 73.47% translated with Hinata's route was at 85.21% translated. Usual updates aside, we also have surprise in form of Amayui prologue patch. As for my comment about this, apparently the group behind this is the one who responsible for some interface patch of Eushully VNs, and most importantly the group is not Nekohen in which is quite infamous with them machine translated Eushully VNs. That said even though the result of dialogue patch might not be satisfying for some people, personally I would like to keep my eyes close on this project if possible, and hopefully we'll have fully translated dialogue patch from Amayui.

We have Sekai's announcements at AX as well, and let's just said that only Sumire interest me a bit because of the graphic. For the info, the premise of Sumire is one MC who is always play galge online, only to have his relationship in real life with his online friend is a bit awkward before finally try to open up. While on paper the premise is sounding good, unfortunately from the reviews what I saw it's quite mixed to say the least so I kind of hesitate to play it later (The EGS score of Sumire is quite good though). For one more info, the creator of Sumire was also the one behind Narcissu and one of Sumire's character is also a character from Narcissu Sumire, so it's only inevtable that Sekai will localized this because it's from one group. There's also My GF is a Mermaid VN as well in which the title itself is obviously resembled Osadai localized title. What I knew is that this is a Korean VN that was only available for Switch, so I'm not quite interested with this. In regard of Bokukotsu, Sekai still waiting for Chinese script integration and Steam content, but at least Sekai tried to have it's released at this year, so let's just wait and see.


As for Mangagamer, most of this week announcement is come from them. But first of all let me say congratulation to mod Dergonu in regard of Tsui Yuri (Localized as Sisterly Bliss) announcement, because it's one of their announcement back at ACEN. As for the premise, it's just the twin sister who try to maintain their lover relationship while keep it secret from their mother. Graphically speaking, it's looking good so at least so I think it should be interesting enough, so good luck with the release later. We also have Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 (Localized at Funbag Fantasy 2) announcement which is good if you look forward to more Kyonyuu Fantasy, although to me it's just another nukige announcement though. Overall even with Tsui Yuri announcement, the announcements is just on the average side because usually Mangagamer tend to have bigger announcement at AX later, but at least it's new announcements so it's quite not too bad I suppose.

Even though the ACEN announcement itself is quite average, at least the bunch of Mangagamer updates look interesting enough to make it up, and looks like they'll indeed going monthly instead of two weeks each like in th past. Anyway as for Mangagamer monthly updates we get Tsui Yuri was both fully translated and edited (I would be surprised if the progress is still at 0% translated after one year of work to completed this), Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was at 57% translated and 48% edited, Sona-Nyl was at 44% translated (Maybe I should expect that it'll be finished at July 2019 with this speed, and 2020 release for the soonest), Trinoline was at 95% translated and 64% edited, Rance quest was at 93% translated and 82% edited, Steam Prison was at 87% for both of translating and editing progress, and Amatarasu was at 84% translated and 19% edited.

Other than the updates, we also have both of Sengoku Rance and Hashihime about to enter the testing along with Japanese version of Koropukkur, while Evenicle is already finished with the testing and about to be have some editing process again. While unfortunately we still didn't have exact release date for Evenicle here, I think it could be possible that it'll be out at this year. Especially if we look at Mangagamer project list in regard of the VNs that already finished the testing (Evenicle, Damekoi, Sweet Switch, Bitter Exclusion, and Hapymaher). If we follow Mangagamer pattern here, I think right now all of those VNs were in queue to be released, and one of those could be announced at May 31st later along with Kuroinu release (I might be wrong in regard of this though). By the way from what I saw here each time Mangagamer released their VN it'll be followed by the announcement of next release exact date, so they should be announced something along with Kuroinu release looking from the pattern.

Once again the release for this week from Mangagamer was Fata Morgana fandisc, in which it'll depict some characters past along with the glimpse of the after story of main Fata Morgana. So if I may say here it's more or less just like Meikyuu, in which back at Meikyuu we also saw some characters past (Mainly our Grisaia MC Yuuji though). Although it's just the fandisc, it should be a nice treat for any Fata Morgana fan so you may get that if you interested with more Fata Morgana. Also just like the pattern that I explained before, Mangagamer announced the exact date for their other release in which it'll be at June 15th later, and the release in question is Tsumihoroboshi which is another part of Higurashi. With Tsumihoroboshi here,l now we already have three quarter of original Higurashi retranslated, and it also mean that we'll gonna have Tsumihoroboshi voiced with PS3 graphic later.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.


Foreword - Since the schedule for both of admin Tay and Decay is apparently quite chaotic like warned from the last week, the result is that we still didn't have this week VNTS yet. So in turn, I decided to create my early VNTS Review here. Enjoy.

In case you like or know Pretty Cure (PreCure) like me, then surely you would know what the title parodied here - for one who didn't knew it's the very first PreCure title (FwPC). Also since we have only two heroines at that title, I decided to adopt the word 'Futari wa' into the Show Within A Show from Momoclo Frill Lace, in which the heroines is also the pair as well. For 'A La Mode', the reason is the premise is almost a like Kira Kira PreCure A La Mode (KKPC) in which back at KKPC we have bad fairies steal some mystical energy from the sweet, only to had Frontwing reuse the plot with clothes instead of sweets. Other than both of FwPC and KKPC, the first episode synopsis resembled Happiness Charge PreCure (HaCha) in which the blue magical girl fought alone before gaining pink magical girl ally - by the way the image header at this blog is the characters from HaCha. For the last parody here, Frill Lace is airing at 8:30 AM on Sunday which make it even more blatantly obvious that it's Momoclo's version of PreCure.

Other than my lengthy explanation of what PreCure reference that Momoclo took, to be honest like last week there's not a lot of updates here. If anything at least we have Sekai did have some progress unlike JAST, so it's all good I think. Anyway not a lot is still mean that there's some updates, so once again let's see what I can write from the updates for this week as well.

Good to know that we still have some progress updated after Sekai didn't have that from last week, but still no major title release from them though. Well at least they released 2236 although looking back at December I would say it's the redundant title simply, because it was already released by the original development themselves back at Japan. For this week progres, we have Bokukotsu will going back to QA shortly - which mean that apparently they already ready for the release, Koi Ni Kami no Sete (Good graphic for a doujin VN) was at 70% translated, and their 4th secret project was at 30% translated. That's all for Sekai Project.

It's more or less just another week with usual updates, so let's try to roundup what we have for this week as well. As for the updates, right now Eustia was at 42.42% translated, Loverable was at 38.9% edited, Pure Pure was at 73.45% translated with Hinata's route was at 85.21% translated - they'll going to retranslated the first chapters as well because so far the progress from Pure Pure is rough translated according to the translator, and right now Harugi's prologue was fully translated along with 42% edited (For the overall progress Harugi was at 3% translated). For Shin Koihime Musou, they still have some update there in case you worry about that, although the progress there it's just in line number though so it's slightly hard to note here.


For Newton VN Sol Press said that the release might be delayed to be around May to June (No exact date anymore), because they waiting for Steam review which apparently work as some sort of approval to set up the store. I hope that they'll be able to get the review fast, and as for the progress right now Newton VN was at 95% translated and 90% edited (All routes but Alice's were fully translated, and Alice's route was at 83% translated and 66% edited while Emmy's route was at three quarter edited). We also have another update from Sol Press, in which it's in regard of Yotsunoha with the current progress was at three quarter translated and 70% edited. Speaking about waiting for Steam review, there's also Tsundere Idol with the release planning at this month end if all goes well, and I'm sure that Cherry Kiss would apply the same strategy in regard of distributing 18+ patch (Duh).

We also have the news in regard of Muv Luv Alternative 18+ patch in which they just started the translation, although to me it's redundant anyway because we can also get 18+ content from Ixrec's patch in the first place (Potential translation issue aside). Other than that, we have status in regard of the two fandiscs as well with Photonflowers just finished the translation with only technical work remaining, while for Photonmelodies the translation work is still ongoing (Whatever). There's also Neighbor VN translation as well in which it was at 45% translated, and as for the VN itself the graphich there definitely didn't give enough impression, although apparently it's quite popular with the KS for that managed to reach more than a million funded (Neighbor is a Japanese horror VN in case you didn't know about that).

In regard of Frontwing, finally they managed to release Momoclo at Steam in which the 18+ patch for that should be available as well. Since I'd already talked enough about PreCure reference in Momoclo, I'll just straight say that the main girl in that was quite a pervert for easily horny whenever she managed to get something that she like it very much, or in this case whenever she's about to cosplaying pink heroine of Frill Lace (Magical Frill). Although it's been Frontwing's release for a while here, I'd more interested with Island anime broadcasting plan in which it'll be at July later. Since Frontwing said that they'll gonna coordinate Island localized version release along with the anime broadcasting time at the last year, safe to assume that they'll probably gonna release Island at July later or if that's not the case then perhaps we'll gonna to hear more about that from Frontwing at AX later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (05/06/2018)

Foreword - It's good that we finally have VNTS again, although currently admin Tay schedule is quite chaotic though so there's no guarantee that we'll gonna have VNTS next week, but at least Decay promised us that he'll do his best to keep VNTS alive even though he warn us that he might not be able to do that at every week.

For the title, since we have Chuusotsu released back at almost two weeks ago, I decided to make this week review title as sort of the tribute for the title so we have 'Chuusotsu Graduation Album for this week, because any graduation should at least have some graduation album and Chuusotsu here it's not the exception - because after all they have Chuusotsu! 1st graduation as the game title. I knew that this week image header was Luce from Marrigae though. Of course what I'll be writing here is not the graduation album, but rather this week VNTS Review like usual. As for this week, well it's getting calmer after a bunch of releases at last week and this time we don't have any update from Sekai, but instead we got one release from JAST which is somehow balanced I guess. Lack of update from our Sekai, at least we still have updates from fan translation with Tsurezure be active again, so more or less it's just another usual week in regard of the update. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

While it's good that we finally have JAST give us the release, unfortunately it's not a bombastic title like Muramasa or Majikoi, or if we want to be more down to earth Flowers Summer. But instead what we got is that we have Sweet Home nukige which is their first release at 2018 here. Say whatever you like about JAST if you support them here, but the fact is that currently even Sekai was outrun JAST with the releases here. Not to mention that Sekai's Fatal Twelve is certainly more interesting compared to Sweet Home. Granted comparing nukige to shoujo ai story VN is just like comparing apple and orange, but what I want to say is that even Sekai managed to JAST beat at this year in term of releases, and let's not compare Mangagamer to JAST here in which the former did release more interesting nukige (Sideboob). Back to Sweet Home, the premise is just an university student MC going back to his home because his apartment is burnt and find out that his house became girls boarding house, and MC managed to have sex with the girls whose boarding there. Have fun though if you interested with Sweet Home nukige.

As for Momoclo Steam version, finally Frontwing did have the exact date for the release and it'll be at tomorrow so just in case you want Steam version may as well note the date. Other than Momoclo, Frontwing also delayed Sharin release to this month although for now they still won't be so sure about that though, hopefully they'll be able to sort out the release date. As for Tayutama 2, once again very unexpectedly the release was delayed and this time apparently it would be released at this month, in which obviously we don't know if it'll become true or not. We also have Venus Blood Frontier KS, which apparently still in planning so for now we didn't know whether it'll be successful or not - keep in mind that KS usually quite adverse with sex scenes, and Venus Blood franchise is quite infamous with tentacle rape (They released English demo as the translation sample). There's Princess Maker 5 released at Steam as well, and I can only say it's redundant release because we already have it released as fan translated VN.

For the last updates, we have Fureraba released at Steam store in which too bad that there's no PSV exclusive CG ported to the Steam version. Nekonyan also have stated that they'll focusing on working at both of Hello Good Bye (HGB) and Sanoba so that they'll be able to release those two VNs in certain months (HGB for August and Sanoba for October). If anything, even if they say that the current release month was delayed from their previous targets, at least now we have almost exact release date so we didn't need to wildly guess as much as before - they'll probably going for the months end in regard of the release time.

We have Eustia was at 41.07% translated along with 29.62% edited and 29.25% TLC-ed, Loverable was at 37.47% edited, Harugi's prologue was at 92% translated and one third (33%) edited, Pure Pure Hinata's route was at 81.66% translated and overall was at 72.66% translated, and Witch Garden was at 45% translated. As for LxC 2, unfortunately our Quof right now is swamped with a lot of official projects (Five VNs translation projects for the record) and not to mention that his hacker was recently is getting busier, so as for now LxC 2 is stalled for time being (I just hope that Quof will find the solution for his problem). For the last news, finally after one month and half of absence we have Tsurezure released HatsuKoi append which translate both of Kyou's and Maya's short after story, and for their next plan they'll going to do some rereading + a bit re-TLC at HatsuKoi first translated routes (Common, Midori's and Runa's) alongside their work to translated Yukino's short after story. After all of those finished, they'll going with their work to translate Hoshiori in which personally I hope it'll be happen in near future.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - In regard of Higurashi PS3 exclusive arc port, congratulation on Tsukiotoshi patch release and for the next work the translator will work on Taraimawashi which apparently is a short arc. The translator said that it'll be possible if he managed to release Taraimawashi patch by the end of June here.


Foreword - Because there's no VNTS at this week, I decided to make my own VNTS Review post again. Hope you enjoy it, and I'm apologize in advance if I miss some updates.

This week title is based on Mangagamer big release Magical Marriage Lunatics, and because in the past we also have another wedding theme anime (Wedding Peach) I decide to modify the anime title by simply changing the 'Peach' part with one of Marriage's heroine (Luce), so we have 'Wedding Luce' as my VNTS Review title for this week. Back to the review, as for this week actually there's a lot of releases so I can say that it's one of the better week compared to the past weeks. However while some of the releases is quite good, to me it's only another week here because most of the releases are the one that I'm look forward into, or to be exact I must wait for a while longer to see the releases that I look forward. Let's see what I can write for this week as well, and as for JAST release I'll cover about that in my next VNTS Review.

Since I talk about Luce at the title, I'll go with Mangagamer first. As we know, their latest release is Marriage in which we gonna have our MC Yuuta gonna need to deal with his forgotten wedding pacts from another dimensions. The reason is because according to the story if someone going to another dimension and then leave, the memory of the particular dimension will be erased. To be honest the synopsis make Yuuta here is looks like the biggest playboy at his childhood for being able to made him had six wedding promises with the heroines even though Yuuta himself was unwillingly to do most of the promise, so people may be misunderstand the story (Including me to be honest). While the amnesia plot device can alleviated the implication that Yuuta is a playboy in his childhood, it's still not quite right though because it mean that Moonstone here is didn't really think much about the plot, especially when the plot is concerning marriage. Then again, it's Moonstone that we talk about and it's not quite surprising if we remember that they also did the same mistake with Imopara 2, so I guess no much we can do other than enjoy the harem at Marriage. Also just in case you're waiting for Kuroinu last part (Not me), be happy because Mangagamer did announce the exact release date for that in which is at 31st later.

As for Sekai, my reaction more or less can be concluded in one sentence 'Why they released Nekonin 2 instead of Suzukaze no melt?' - feel free to make a drinking game if you feel that I'm hoping that Sekai should announced Suzukaze no Melt too often lol. Yeah they released Nekonin 2, in which they quite fast at that because if I remember they just release the Japanese version back at March. If only they using this kind of speed to release something like either Baldr Sky or Nanairo then it would be very good, or even just Daybreak is fine as well. Oh well, guess reality it's not always nice here if we talk about Sekai.

As expected Sol Press did delay Sakusakura release, because I already suspected that the date at Steam store was only the placeholder, and according to the update they still working on the resolution increasing work. Let's just hope that they'll be able to release it in near future. Speaking about delay, Momoclo Steam version is also have that as well although at least Momoclo did have 18+ release so people who want to play Momoclo can finally play it. I'm quite confused about this though lol. Other than Momoclo, Frontwing also have another plan in which they'll release Sharin at this month (May), and obviously we still didn't have the exact date for that yet. We also have Aksys Games release one otome (Kokuchou no Psychedelica), and two planned release for otome VN - 7'scarlet at 25th later and Haitaka no Psychedelica at June 29th later. To me it's the least favorite announcements because of the obvious reason, but if you like otome and have PSV then be happy with the announcements here.

This week we also have Umikana release, which as expected it's just a short VN so it mean that the heroines might be not fully developed compared to the writer's previous works (Konosora and Miagete). Other than the length issue, I think Umikana here could be a first step for Pulltop to finally released all age VN in their homeland (Japan), although ironically they already got the bad reputation to overseas because of that though lol - for the reminder both of localized Konosora and Miagete did have the H scenes cut, and Lovekami spinoffs re-released in Japan with H scenes addition. I just hope that after this release Pulltop will stop their infamous localization policy, although it may be hard to change though.

This week we didn't have the updates from both of Pure Pure and Musumaker project, because the translators for both project is basically pretty busy at this week. So for the roundup of usual fan translation for other than those two here we have Eustia was at 40.6% translated along with 29.49% edited, Loverable was at 36.42% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 28% translated, and Harugi's prologue was at 80% translated along with 40% TLC-ed and 30% edited. Other than usual updates, back at VNDB we got some sort of update from Chaos Child translation port, namely that the almost completed the process of the porting (CGs work, revising the translation, and some engine work) and therefore is closed to be finished - apparently in a couple of weeks although it might be longer though.

That all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - I did forgot about Chuusotsu release here lol, but I guess better late than never in regard of conglaturary message here. Congratulation to Fruitbat in regard of Chuusotsu release, and I hope that it'll be successful. As for the VN itself I say that this is one of interesting VN, although the fact that this is the first psrt of the series is make me hesitate though. About that, I just hope that we'll see translated Chuustosu sequel in the future. But if you already tried Chuusotsu and like it, have fun.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/23/2018)

Because we have Sailor Moon nukige VN released and we have Pulltop announced their localization for all age VN, I decided to make this week VNTS Review title into 'Aheahe Moon S'. As for Aheahe Moon, it's obviously the title of the Sailor Moon doujin nukige. While for S, it was the title for season 3 of Sailor Moon. For more explanation, it was the season when both of Sailor Uranus and Neptune were introduced, and both of the planets were known in Japan as 'Sky King' and 'Sea King' respectively. Also Pulltop's VN did have both sky and sea for the title as well (Sora (Sky) to Umi (Sea) ga, Fureau Kanata - I'll call it Umikana), so in regard of that I decided to combined it although it might be too roundabout though lol. As for this week, it's more or less just still like last week although instead this time we have Mangagamer gave a bunch of updates. Other than that, I was quite surprised to see that Pulltop decided to localized their newest all age VN - Umikana. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Another week with no notable update from Sekai, so more or less we can just think of it as the usual thing lol. They still better than JAST though, because at least they still have frequent updates no matter of how small it be. Right now I didn't see their progress for Secret Project 3, though apparently they still waiting for the third party in regard of that. Speaking about secret project, Sekai decided to add another one so we have four secret projects from Sekai, and right now their 4th secret project was at 10% translated and in need of the engine work. Other than secret project, we have Nekonin 2 was through QA which apparently mean that it's almost ready for the release (Hopefully).

For Pulltop's next release (Umikana), okay it looks interesting from the graphic alone. Also if we look at the writer, he was the one who wrote both of Konosora and Miagete so at least we can expect the dynamic that happened in both of those two VNs to be reappeared. Also since the release is originally all age, I think it should be less controversial compared to their previous releases. My concern is that looking from the price alone looks like it'll be a short VN, so maybe the writer himself can't explore the heroines story more. That said I'm quite interested with this a bit, although I'm also wary with the chance that Pulltop will rereleased with with 18+ content for Japanese only though (Like their previous 2 Lovekami). Other than Umikana we have Yotsunoha was at 60% translated, and Princess Maker 5 will be available in Steam at 26th later (Redundant release if I may say because we already have release it fan translated). For Frontwing, we have them updated Island homepage with the screenshot from the English version, which mean that at least the time for Island English version release is almost near, and it's probably around the same time when the anime airing (It'll be at airing as Summer 2018 anime for the reminder).

Unfortunately this week we didn't have Musumaker update because the translator have some stuff to do at this week, but at least we still have some updates here. For the update we have Eustia was at 40.53% translated along with 26.72% edited and 27.13% TLC-ed, Harugi's prologue was at 68% translated along with 39% TLC-ed and 21% edited (Finally the overall progress was moved to 2% translated), and Shin Koihime Musou was at 27% edited. For more updates, from Loverable we finally saw some progress in both of QC and editing with the current progress was at 36.07% edited and 20.16% QC-ed. Also this week we have the progress from Pure Pure as well, with Hinata's route was at 79.58% translated and overall was at 72.20% translated, and apparently they'll need to do another reediting, because the translated script at the beginning was quite different with their current translated script. For the last update, we have Quof released his translation of Aheahe Moon which can be summarized as Sailor Moon doujin nukige like I said earlier. So i'll just say that it's good that Quof will continuing his LxC 2 project now that Aheahe Moon is completed.

Finally we have another Mangagamer batch of updates, and looks like they'll go monthly updates instead of biweekly updates from now on. For the roundup, we got Sona-Nyl was at 40% translated, Rance Quest was at 90% translated and 74% edited, Sengoku Rance was fully edited, Trinoline was at 91% translated and 56% edited, Maggot Bait was at 80% translated and 38% edited, Steam Prison was at 78% for both of translation and editing progress, and Amatarasu was at 83% translated and 10% edited. Too bad that there's still no statement whether it's possible that we'll gonna see either Damekoi, Evenicle, or Hapymaher at this year, but at least if some people look forward to their last Boston announcement then they'll be happy with the updates here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/14/2018)

Finally we have on time VNTS for this week, although in turn this time my VNTS review is quite late. As for the title, you may find it quite strange, although in fact it's just another role association from me here because the seiyuu for the image header girl was also voicing Makoto back in Chrono Clock, who as we knew is the yakuza. For peace loving part, it's to adapt with another name of Supipara Chapter 2 in which it was called Peace Story, and especially it was because the 'Pi' part from Supipara is stand for Peace. It's pretty ironic though that the girl in image header (Hotaru) was supposed to the main girl of Peace Story, and yet she's quite a tsundere who managed to say 'kill' five times in a conversation with MC lol. With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review which is to be very frank still quite anemic although at least we have two major updates from Mangagamer (One release and one planned release), so at least this week it's slightly more active. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Sekai, no notable update will be very appropriate for them. For the update, we have Loveduction was fully translated and need some engine work. Other than the only update, we have Sekai revealed three additional secret projects. What I know is that we still didn't have info for that project, so I guess we better just wait and see later. However, the most probable guess would be those three projects would be another lesser known VNs considering that those three VNs were almost ready for release, and more if we knew that it's just revealed today. But even so, I will be happy though if those three secret projects turn out to be very well known VNs, almost impossible as it is. For secret projects progress roundup, the 1st project was in QA, 2nd project was fully translated and 99% translated, and 3rd project was still waiting for the third party (According to the tracker it's almost ready for release).

As for fan translation once again it's only just regular updates, although this time we have Pure Pure have a break though because the translator was busy at the university. For the roundup we have Musumaker was at 52% translated, Eustia was reached 40% mark (40.06%) translated along with at 24.82% TLC-ed, Harugi's prologue was at halfway translated along with 28% TLC-ed and 16% edited (The overall progress was still at around 1%), Higurashi Tsukiotoshi was almost completely translated (At 99% translated), Shin Koihime Musou was at 26% edited, and Witch Garden was at 44% translated. Still no news from Tsurezure yet although perhaps they're quite busy lately, so that's all for fan translation section.


This week we also have Punchline VN release news for both of PS4 and PSV at this summer later, although seeing that at the same time we'll gonna have the probable release for both of Island and Shibuya Scramble - by the way we already have another Island anime PV and apparently it'll be released as a part of summer 2018 season, so it mean that there's a chance that we'll get Island VN release at summer later. Back to Punchline, for the info it was created as anime first by Uchikoshi (Ever17, Zero Escape) and the anime have some infamy for showing too much fan service. So the bottom line here is that Punchline announcement was not interesting to me because it was overshadowed, and it was only available for console. 

We also have change from Sol Press in which they decided to announced another VN from the same company as Sakusakura (Yotsunoha), and it was quite an old VN from 2000's. From the first look, I just think it was just an average moege but at least it was good looking - also it have OVA as well. As for the translation progress, it was already at the middle and right now it was at 42% translated, 30% edited, and 8% QA-ed. Other than Yotsuhana announcement, we also finally have Sol Press made a new website in which it looks neat. They also made the progress for their two remaining VNs project is easier to navigate, especially in regard of Newton VN in which it was at 85% translated along with 70% edited and 40% QA-ed (At least we didn't need to take not which route was in translation and in editing). As for the release date for those three VNs, they're quite confident to announced the exact release date although keep in mind that they may have delay in regard of the release - for the date, Newton VN will be released at May 25th, Sakusakura at 30th later, and Yotsunoha at July 27th.


From Mangagamer, we have one planned release with the exact date ready. As for the release, it was Fata Morgana fandisc in which it'll be released at May 17th later. Although it could be said as the fandisc, actually it also depict the past of certain characters who said to be the catalyst of Fata Morgana story (I can't say it freely because it was a major spoiler). Go preorder that if you want to see more Fata Morgana.

Other than Fata Morgana fandisc release date announcement, we also have Supipara Chapter 2 (Peace Story) in which it's also the currently last chapter for Supipara. I said currently because Supipara itself was pretty ambitious project that was planned to have five chapters, only for minori to face the financial danger before barely saved (That's why their heroines in VNs after Supipara release have big breast). For Peace Story itself, our focus will be on Hotaru in which once again is a quite tsundere and her connection with Alice the Witch. There's also interesting fact that there's an opening that depict the heroines for the remaining two unavailable chapters, in which it should be a hint that minori did intend to continue their ambitious project, because if not I think there would be no new opening for Supipara even with the reduced cost for that (The new opening is till better animated compared to usual VN opening though). As for my opinion here while the opening itself sounds exciting (I like it), I still have some doubt that we'll be able to see this complete because it'll be need a lot of money so more or less I'm pretty wary about this. In the end, I hope taht I'll be able to see Supipara released with all of five chapters completed, although it might take very long time to achieve that.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/10/2018)

About the title, since we have Fureraba release back at March 30th and in this week only release we have herbalist female MC at otome VN The Bell Chime for Gold, I decided to parodying this dorama because we fure from Fureraba (TL Note: Fure mean cheer in Japanese), so we have 'Fure Fure Herbalist' as the title for this week with herbalist part is from Bell Chime - by the way the image header for this week was interestingly depicted five heroes for Bell Chime as inept adventurer party. Okay, as for this week to tell the truth it was pretty anemic in regard of fewer update, but if we think positively perhaps this week we have a break after many good releases from last two weeks (ie Tsujidou, Konosora retranslation, and Fureraba). Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

No major update from Mangagamer other than the reminder that we'll gonna have Supipara Chapter 2 released at Thursday or Friday depending on the timezone, and also we got Koropukkur successfully funded at 37,093 funded. Well too bad though that we can't get Koropukkur voiced because they still didn't have enough money gathered for that (They need to reach 80,000 fund gathered for that), but at least it should be enough for now. Also for additional note, as expected there's no backer for the most expensive pledge (At 7,500), because the reward was too exaggerated - I mean eating dinner with the illustrator was surely sounds out there, and besides I think people would be more interested to have dinner with idol singer (Although to me both of those are waste a lot of money though).

As for Sekai, other than Bell Chime, there's no interesting update from them. For Bell Chime itself, the premise was looks like a parody of the usual otome in which we have the female MC who is a herbalist work very hard in order to gain money, and after that she'll using the money to buy his boyfriend which coincidentally consist of five poor man who have a lot of debt. So more or less it's subvert very usual otome in which rather than pure love, the MC here need money to solve his love problem. Forgot to say that the heroes are not as handsome as usual otome VN heroes XD, and more importantly this is another otome VN that have sex scenes. Other than Bell Chime release, we have Nekonin 2 was in QA which mean that it's already fully translated and edited, and 2236 was already finished the QA so it's good to know that Sekai still willing to release this even though 2236 was already released for overseas by the developer themselves.

After one week with no update, we finally have another update from Newton VN with Emmy's route was at 23% translated and Haru's route was fully translated. Still no update in regard of Sakusakura though, so hopefully we'll get more on that at this month. No comment for Harem Guild other than the translation was about to be finished by April, and also the official release would be redundant) because Quof already released this back as fan translated patch. In case you're willing to wait for Tayutama 2 release, apparently it's about to be released at this month according to the Steam store (Might be just placeholder month though), but seeing that there's many issue surrounding the release (Bad translation, bad public relation, and the prequel is still untranslated) I'm not quite interested with this. We have some sort of plan for Fureraba fandisc release, in which it'll be somewhere around fall, and they said that it'll be depend on whether Sanoba translation will coming along well or not later (NekoNyan's tweet for the proof). As for the release plan from Other section, we'll have Chuusotsu release at 24th later.

For fan translation more or less it's just usual update but before going on the updates, let me report that right now we have Motoka's route from Yosuga no Sora was at 51.62% translated - I forgot to report it last week. For the updates we have Eustia was at 38.93% translated and 26.56% edited, Higurashi Tsukiotoshi arc was at 87% translated, Musumaker was at 51.7% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 (Or rather I'll call it Hinata's route from now on) was at 69.72% translated and overall was at 70% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at a quarter edited, Witch Garden was at 43% translated, and we have Harugi's (Or KaniShino's) prologue was at 41% (742 lines) translated along with 492 lines TLC-ed.

That's all for this week, and yeah we have quite belated VNTS here. See you next week, or hopefully next Monday at the latest if all goes well.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/01/2018)

After one week absence (Again), finally we have VNTS for this week. So I decided to create another VNTS Review here. As for the title, since we have Cross Channel overseas by release I decided to just merge it with Gakkou Gurashi anime title into 'Gunjo Gurashi' - Gunjo was the name of the school at Cross Channel, and coincidentally both work (Cross Channel and Gakkou Gurashi) did have same events - only few characters live in a world devoid of human, even though the circumstances were very different (I knew that the image header was from Fureraba). As for this week, I think it's a good one because we have Easter, April Fools, and more importantly we have many official release form the localization company – especially Fureraba to me. Also since recently Mangagamer did have announcement back at Boston, they also have three new announcements with all three of those were notably different in regard of the genre. So let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From Sekai, well right now they have the least interesting news, although before I'm going on that let me congratulate them for Fatal Twelve release. As for Fatal Twelve itself, I think the graphic was looking very good and the premise was apparently in the after world in which 12 death people must eliminate each other by gathering the info in order to do so. From what I saw in the synopsis, it looks like Dangan Ronpa with The World Ends With You element, only that instead of emo male MCs we gonna have good looking female as the MCs here along with all girls cast - basically this VN is pretty much another shoujo ai, albeit a darker one looking back from the developer resume (Sounds of Drop). Other than Fatal Twelve release, Sekai did announce the sequel of Nekonin in which we gonna have another two catgirls into the MC's harem. This should be a good news if you like catgirls in Nekonin because we'll get more sex scenes with those, although to be honest I prefer Sekai to announced Suzukaze no Melt instead of Nekonin 2 if we talk about Whirlpool VNs. Oh well, and that's all for Sekai.

From fan translation, more or less it's just usual week although this time Tsurezure take a break before translating HatsuKoi append disk though. As for this week, we got Eustia was past a quarter (25.96%) edited, Pure Pure was at 68.56% translated with Chapter 4 was at 63.38% translated, Higurashi Tsukiotoshi was at three quarter translated, Loverable was at 76.67% TLC-ed and 35.78% edited, Musumaker was at 50.6% translated, and Shin Koihime Musou was at 24% edited. We also finally have the first progress from Harugi, in which we have the prologue was at 24% translated (427 lines) and overall was still at less than 1% translated - the line count for Harugi was not at ~116,000 like TLWiki state, but rather was only at 68,206 lines in which it's still a lot (Duh). I'm pretty much look forward to it, although I'm okay as well if Harugi managed to get officially localized with 18+ scenes available even though it's impossible with Pulltop current policy for overseas release lol.


We got three Boston announcement from them, and this time their clues were pretty obvious enough so much that two of their announcement matches some clues that they gave. One of those clues is otome, in which Mangagamer did announced another otome VN from their new partner with the name Steam Prison. What I can say that at least it's looking good enough with the setting itself was in a crapsack world, so I'm sure that any otome fan would find this announcement interesting - not me though, but at least the MC herself looking good. Another clue was yuri and voice, in which it'll point to the second announcement. And that announcement was Yurirei Full Chorus, in which I'd already interested with that ever since it was released for Japanese version. It's obviously just Yurirei with all of the scenes voiced - just like Liar-soft did in the past with both of Inganock and Sharnoth, and with some additional new CGs so it should be interesting enough if you want to replay Yurirei. I believe that both of the release should be available for Steam as well, so both of the announcements fulfill Steam clue.

For the third announcement, we got Amatarasu Riddle Star in which it's from Mangagamer old partner Softhouse Seal, or rather it was from the sub brand of Soufthouse seal-Qualia. As for the Riddle Star itself, from the first look it was indeed looks like just an ordinary moege with the premise a meteor came to MC town and crashed near the town. From there, apparently MC will find a mysterious girl and befriended with her. Even though from the premise it's just like any moege with star watching setting, it still have Softhouse Seal trademark as the nukige producer though in which it'll have 31 sex scenes - quite a lot for medium length VN. Not quite interested with this for now because we already have many promising similar VNs release planned (ie Damekoi, Sanoba, and even just released Fureraba), but at least the girls looks good compared to their past works. Speaking about moege with many sex scenes, Mangagamer announced that Marriage will be released at 26th later, so if you want to see six girls from the different dimension compete to be the MC's wife feel free to pre-order it. Before closing Mangagamer section here, let me congratulate them for releasing Sideboob back at March 29th and have fun playing that for anyone else who already have that.

That's all for Mangagamer.


In regard of Robotic Note announcement from Siliconera back at last week, turned out that it was the mistake from Siliconera. So unfortunately we won't get Robotic Note English release, at least for now. No update from Sakusakura as of now although we have Newton VN update back at March 27th, in which Emmy's route was at 18% translated along with Haru's route was at 42% edited.

As for Cross Channel, at the very least I must praise Pulltop because they still have common sense to port console version to PC rather than cut the sex content from original PC version lol, and also the console version apparently did have some new CG. But still it didn't help though that the release was indeed pretty redundant because we already have it translated in the past, with the sex scenes intact mind you. Granted that Ixrec's translation of Cross Channel might filled up with some wrongly translated lines, but in the end the majority didn't have the problem with Ixrec's translation though, so there's that. Other than that, apparently Pulltop's translation was filled with mistakes so combined with lack of sex scenes what I can say is that the release was once again pretty redundant even with supposed new CGs, in which ironically this is their best localization from Pulltop because of that lol.

The big release for me this week was Fureraba, in which I'd already keep hoping that it will be translated since I'd binged Youtube and heard the full opening for that (Quantum Jump). As for the premise, we have our MC who is pretty much determined to find a girlfriend in his youth and therefore chase it aggressively. As for the girlfriend candidates, we have four here so it mean that we'll gonna have four routes at Fureraba. If I may be blunt here, the VN itself was pretty much just slice of life VN with some comedy that came from exaggerated MC's action. Other than that, it have some sort of pseudo gameplay in which we'll have a small talk with the heroines to increased the heroines interest. I admit that it might be not too convincing that the heroines managed to develop from friend to lover through the small talks, but if we compared the romance with Persona gameplay I think it's more believable imo. To each of their own I guess, and with this release I hope NekoNyan will managed to release the rest of their announcements later.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week. Happy Easter to all of Fuwanovel user who celebrate it.


Since there's no VNTS for this week, I decided to created VNTS Review for this week even though we didn't have VNTS. As for the title, since we finally have Renna's patch released for Tsujidou I decided to just do another seiyuu joke (Or Role Association to put it nicely) for Renna, and since Renna did have the same seiyuu as Tsubame from Majikoi franchise I decided to have this week title as 'Tsubame-chan no Jun'ai Road' - the 'chan' part was to synchronize her alias at VNDB. Also if you really interested and want to play the real Tsubame-chan no Jun'ai Road, then I would recommend you to play Tsubame's route at Majikoi S lol. Back to VNTS Review, as for this week after almost a month with no releases from fan translation, we finally have two big releases from that section (The aforementioned Tsujidou and Konosora Restoration patch). Other than that, we have some surprise news from one of localization company and finally we have Mangagamer update as well. So all in all I would say it's a good week, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Sekai, to me there's no other notable update other than Fatal Twelve will be released at March 30th later (The graphic was pretty nice looking). Of course no notable update didn't mean that Sekai didn't have the update, and for Sekai update I'll just round up those updates. Fore more detail, we have Loveduction was at three quarter translated, The Bell Chime For Gold was through QA, Dracu Riot was about to be in 2nd round of QA, Maitetsu was waiting for third party (I guess it was to discuss about the H content considering that it was quite divisive), Cyber Rebeat was apparently need some fix, and Eternal Heart was at one third (33%) translated. Forget to report this earlier, but they finally have Root Double released for PSV back at 13th, in which it was delayed for five days because of technical problem. That's all for Sekai, and I hope that they get serious in regard of bigger announcement next time, even though it might be too hard for them.

After more than a month without updates, finally we have Mangagamer gave some of the updates. For the updates, we have Sengoku Rance was at 80% edited, Hashihime was fully translated, Sona-Nyl was at 36% translated (Maybe I better expect 2020 release with this pace of translation), Rance Quest was at 80% translated and 67% edited, Maggot Bait was at three quarter translated and 34% edited, Trinolie was at 88% translated and past halfway (53%) edited, Tsumihoroboshi entering the testing, and Fata Morgana fandisc was about to finish the testing. Looking from the many VNs that they need to testing or in testing, I'm quite worried that they might not be able to handle the release queue considering that it's a lot. For now, I hope Mangagamer will be able to managed that. Almost forget that they gonna have three new title to be announced at Boston with one of those was from the new partner, although from last year Boston announcement I'm not sure to look forward to the announcement. For the last update, we have Koropukkur was funded at 25,210 with 8 days left.


This week we have surprise announcement from Spike Chunsoft that they'll release Shibuya Scramble at summer later, which to said it's quite a good news considering that it got 40/40 score from Famitsu and for now only 12 games that receive the score (Including this). Although it's surprising enough, it's still nothing compared to the news that they'll release Steins Gate 0 (Zero) and Elite at Steam Store though, and for the info they already opened the Steam Store for both of Elite and Zero (Also will be released at May 9th later). Of course both of the release were redundant enough seeing that Elite is just Steins Gate re-released with anime graphic, and Zero was probably using the PSV translation in which we already got that since last year. Oh and there's also the announcement for Robotic Note as well, although there's still no much info for that yet though - I would guess that they may release it for console first seeing that it's still didn't have PC version yet. While this is the good news for sci-fi VNs fan, I just wonder if this mean that Spike Chunsoft managed to get both of Chaos Head Noah and Chaos Child license for PC version as well, and if that's really the case then I hope they'll get those two released at Steam.

Unfortunately Sakusakura release was delayed to April and therefore cause the beta release for early backer was delayed as well, simply because the work for that VN was much more than the team anticipated. That said Sol Press promised us that their work will be worth the wait, so I hope that Sakusakura was well received. We also have Momoclo fully funded back at 22nd later with 42,127 funded, and right now they'll prepare for the backerkit. There's also Cross Channel exact release date in which Pulltop will release this today (March 26th), and once again what I can comment on this is that the release was redundant one considering that we already have it translated by Amaterasu Translation (The translation quality was quite divisive though). As for Fureraba, finally NekoNyan got the approval from one of payment processor company according to this tweet, so hopefully we'll be able to preorder Fureraba in few days later. Other than payment processor solution, NekoNyan also have some update from both of their project (HGB was at a quarter translated, and Sanoba was at both of 30% translated and 10% edited).

We also have release month for Haitaka no Psychedelica which is at June later, but seeing that it's console only otome I didn't quite interested with that (Be glad though if you like otome).

Fan Translation

Like I said earlier, we have two big release from this section. But before going with the release, let's round up what updates we have for fan translation. For the roundup, we have Eustia was at 37.58% translated (Collette's arc was at 14.17% translated) along with 24.77% edited and 24.43% TLC-ed, Loverable was at 76.61% TLC-ed and 35.48% edited, Musumaker was at 50.2% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 93% translated and 23% edited, Yosuga no Sora Motoka's route was past halfway (50.9%) translated, and Pure Pure was at 66.35% translated with Chapter 4 was past halfway (53.52%) translated. Other than roundup we have new project with the goal of translating Pulltop old VN with the name Haruka ni Aogi Uruwashi no, or Harugi for the short. Apparently this is Pulltop best VN, although the review for this is still lacking though so I wouldn't know much. For now I hope that they'll able to translate this, and if there's a progress for each week I'll report that.

We finally have full version of Konosora restoration patch after five years, in which it'll allow us to play Konosora with full content. For the info, Konosora was Pulltop first attempt to go international by translating it themselves, only to have them did the poor job at that. The reason was because the translation was far from good and most importantly they didn't translated the H scenes as well, in which it didn't make sense considering that they should already have experience of localized VN with H scenes (Princess Waltz). Granted maybe the translation company (Active Gaming Media) was the one who suggest the H scenes cut policy back at 2013, but seeing that they still didn't change their policy in regard of cut the H scenes for overseas release without adding the restoration patch (See Lovekami short VNs, Miagete, and today Cross Channel), I can't help but think that Pulltop didn't realized that people should already knew that their original version of the localized VNs did have the H scenes, especially when they release Lovekami for overseas first before release it at Japan with H scenes. In the end, what's matter is that we finally be able to enjoy Konosora fully. Have fun.

Other than Konosora we finally have Renna's patch release in regard of Tsujidou, and thus fully translated Tsujidou after 11 months of work. As for the premise, it's just a normal MC managed to date three female delinquent who said the strongest in the region. Even though I did say that we shouldn't think of it as Majikoi, it still did have some influence from them but the story was very different because the writer are already different. So what I can say is that even if Tsujidou did have Majikoi influence, we better saw this as it's own VN instead of another Majikoi. As for the history, actually we also have the project for this back at 2015, only to be stalled after few months with the progress was at around 4% translated (Obviously already surpassed by Tsurezure long time ago). For Tsurezure next plan, they'll take a rest before starting with HatsuKoi append disc later - I'll obviously will report on the progress later. For the last word here, have fun to all people who already want to play Tsujidou translated and I hope you'll enjoy it.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (03/17/2018)

After a week absence, finally we have weekly VNTS here. As for the title, since we have Pulltop announced Cross Channel for Steam release and we have a Japanese girl (Sakurako from Tropical Liquor) wearing kimono, I decided to make the title as 'Ultramarine Japanese Girl' and for 'ultramarine' part it was come from Cross Channel in which we have it set at the school called Gunjou Gakuin (TL Note: Gunjou mean ultramarine) - I knew that Sakurako color herself isn't ultramarine one. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and we have surprise announcement that Pulltop was about to localized Cross Channel at Steam. Other than that, we have Tsujidou finally finished the translation process and Koropukkur was started the KS. We didn't have any notable release for this week though, so what we have here is more or less another calm week. Let's see what I can write here.

Currently Koropukkur KS was going smoothly with two thirds funded (20.205 out of 30,000 funded), and apparently they also planned to add the voice acting as well. Which should be good considering that they said right now that they approached famous anime seiyuu, although it came with the hefty cost that it can be only happened if they managed to get 80,000 funded so it might be stretch too much (There's a reason that it called stretch goal after all). Other than Koropukkur, Mangagamer will also released Boukaku hard copy at 29th later which personally didn't interesting to me. Honestly I prefer that Mangagamer keep focusing on released big titles that was in queue more frequently instead of focusing on this ambitious project (Koropukkur) with the release deadline at September, but I guess there's saying whatever float in Mangagamer boat. Oh, and there's still no usual routine updates from Mangagamer yet.

Fan Translation

We also have another usual week updates from fan translation, although this time apparently Pure Pure was absent at this week (Maybe this time they busy). For the roundup we got Eustia was at 36.26% translated, Loverable was at 76.15% TLC-ed and 34.7% edited, Amagami was at 26.1% edited and they have some updates in regard of no partial patch release (No ETA for full patch release as well), Witch Garden was at 41% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 22% edited, Musumaker was finally halfway translated (At 50.1% translated), Higurashi's Tsukiotoshi arc was at 37% translated, Nocturnal Illusion Renewal was corrected to be at 39.2% second pass edited, and Tenkiame common route was at three quarter translated.

We also have another new VN translated with the name Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu (I'll shorten it as Watamasu), although it's not exactly just recently established though because it's been there for weeks. What I knew about that it's a linear VN with the depression theme (Like Narcissu), and right now it was at 12% translated. For the last update, we have surprisingly early Tsujidou update with all of the routes was completely translated, and as for the release plan they'll release it within two weeks after they did some polishing work. It would be interesting if they managed to release it at April 1st as the Easter gift, but of course if they want to release Renna's patch in this month it'll be even better.


For Cross Channel announcement, it's indeed surprising that Pulltop take another VN outside their library to be localized. Of course since we talk about Pulltop (Or MoeNovel if we want more technical), the VNs that they localized bound to be have stupid 'regional bonus' in form of cutting the H scenes for overseas release just like their previous four VNs. Although to be fair this time they just port PSV version to PC version though, so at least this time they have slight justification because we knew that console port of 18+ VN usually have the H scenes cut. But it didn't mean that they still can just port console version though, because the H content was still cut. That said, I find that this is the best localization announcement from Pulltop because basically this is just redundant release from them lol, even with Ixrec's translation was did not quite a good job aside (Personally I think it didn't matter much considering that most of the reader were able to understand Cross Channel). Forget to say that they already have planned for Spring release, although it's still uncertain though.

Right now for Momoclo KS we Frontwing managed to have gathered 32,819 out of 35,000 with three days left, which to say it was quite a close call. We also have Newton VN update as well, in which common route was fully translated and as promised they started the work on Emmy's route in which it was at 3% translated right now, while for the editing progress right now we have Haru's route was at 23% edited. We also have the news from Cherry Kiss Game in which they'll officially released all of Quof's fan translated nukige, and they'll start with Harem Guild (The original title was too long lol). For the last news, quite unfortunate that NekoNyan couldn't use Paypal as their payment processor so NekoNyan must find another online payment processor, and therefore the preorder for Fureraba that was available for a brief time was removed because of Paypal issue. That said, there's a good news though that they managed to set up the Steam store earlier than expected, considering that they expected that it'll take weeks because of Germany bureaucracy. I hope that the online payment processor issue will be resolved quickly, so we can have Fureraba release on time.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Disclaimer - Because admin Tay in the place where's there's no easy internet access and therefore made him unfortunately unable to make this week VNTS, once again I decided to make another VNTS Review without the VNTS itself. As for Tay's experience well let's just said that I understand how it feel like, because I experienced when the internet in my house was off for several days and the cause was something unknown.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Sekai released Tropical Liquor and ReLord (Quite sudden at that), I made the title by combined two title into 'The Demonic Liquor' and the 'demonic' part was come from ReLord in which the setting was the demon realm (Also with the MC as the demon) - sorry if the title for this week was pretty offensive for some people here. As for this week, compared to the last week this time we didn't have JAST announcement like usual, but at least we have Sekai still managed to pump two VNs releases so at least it's somehow balanced. On the other hand, we have some update from Mangagamer and they also did their first KS to develop their original VN (Koropukkur) that they announced at last year AX. Let's see what I can write for this week.

As for Koropukkur, Mangagamer did launch the KS the goal it's pretty low for a supposed in development KS (At 30,000), so maybe we better expect there'll be no voice at the VN later. For Koropukkur itself, the premise was more or less we have a fairies from Hokkaido who somehow managed travel to Akihabara, and from there the fairies help the MC who run a rundown maid cafe. As for the artist, it was from Itaru Hinoue who as we knew is formerly KEY artist and honestly the arts isn't changed much since she was work at KEY. While the artist here definitely leave some impression, what we should concern is the story and the writer past work alone here was not quite showcase his ability, even more so considering that usually he work together with several writers in less known VN. Well everyone have a chance to improve though, so maybe the writer will be able to write a good story for Koropukkur. For other update, we have Supipara Peace Story aka Hotaru Chapter have exact release date, and it'll be at April 12th later. For Higurashi, we have Tsumihoroboshi (EP 6) was about to be in testing and Mangagamer already planned to have Kai (ie Tsumihoroboshi, Minagoroshi (EP7) and Matsuribayashi (EP8)) released at this year, and hopefully they'll be able to release it as planned.

I'm pretty surprised that we still didn't have Sakusakura fully translated at the last week lol, but anyway for the current progress right now it was fully translated and the editing was not too far behind (Maybe at around ~90% edited for the estimation, but at the very least it should be less than a quarter left for the unedited text). For the next plan, apparently Sol Press will release the beta version for the backer although as for the release date there's still no exact date though. And speaking about Sol Press, we also have Newton VN weekly update with common route was at 95% translated. For the last update from Other section, we have Frontwing release Momoclo demo back at Friday so if you curious about Momoclo you can try the demo first (The KS right now was at 30,416 out of 35,000 funded).

For fan translation, right now we have Eustia was at 35.54% translated with Colette's arc was at around 6% translated, and for overall script it was at 23.44% edited. For the rest we have Loverable was at 33.18% edited, Musumaker was at 49.9% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 47.89% translated and overall was at 65.09% translated, and Witch Garden was at 40% translated. We also have a release in form of partial patch of Hara Chuchu, and this time it add another translated route (Mei's) - be glad if you have pregnancy fetish lol (Obviously not me). We also have Tsujidou surprisingly have progressing pretty rapidly with Renna's route was at 86.6% translated and oveall was at 96.68% translated, and interestingly Urrim said that earlier release (ie before April 8th) might be possible for now. For the last update, surprisingly we have Yosuga no Sora update with current translation status is Motoka's route was at 48.94% translated, although by now I just want to know when it'll be finish though because it's been almost 10 years (2009 from back at TL Wiki) since the project started. That's all for fan translation.

I like that Sekai recently have released many VNs within two months (Four), although admittely the VNs itselves were less known before released, and even one of their release from last week was kin d of questionable. I already saw Tropical Liquor, and the gameplay itself is resembling Huniepop only that we need to memorize the pattern, or if you didn't want to memorize then you can take the pattern picture and start the game lol. As for ReLord, yes to me the release here was pretty sudden because there's no much news in regard of this before the release. Anyway, it's good that we got ReLord here even though the gameplay was only stripping battle, although to me it's just the first part of trilogy though so I'm not quite interested with this as of now. Oh, and as expected Bokukotsu was still not released yet seeing that February was already ended, and apparently they still waiting for the 3rd party in regard of the release.

That's all for this week VNTS Review even though we didn't have VNTS. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (03/04/2018)

As for the title, since we have two eccentric VNs from Sekai at this week, I just combined both of 'Creature Romance' and 'Girl in Glasses' into 'Meganekko Romance' (TL Note: Meganekko literally mean Girls in Glasses). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and compared to the last week we didn't have many interesting release (Other than those two Sekai VN that I mentioned), but of course we still have some updates for this week like usual with some surprise. Now let's see what I could write for this week as well.

As for the surprise update, we finally have JAST ready for another VN release. Although unfortunately it wasn't Flowers Summer though, so I'm more or less just think not much about that ie not interested. The VN in question was Sweet Home, and from the record apparently it's already in process for years since when it picked up back at 2013 - at least it only took almost 5 years to be released lol. From the premise, we have MC who back to his house because his old apartment was burnt, only to find out that his house was became the girls boarding house. Long story short, the MC who is an university student managed to stay and his house and get steamy with the girls as well. Yeah this is nukige all right, and that's another reason of why I didn't interested with the release - JAST usual release pattern didn't help at all. At least they also already did have the exact date for the release, which is at May 1st later - also ready for pre order as well.

From Sekai, once again we have both Creature Romance and Girls in Glasses released. As for my comment at least the latter (Girls in Glasses) was more in line with normal VN, even though the girls were wearing the glasses (Duh). While for the former (Creature Romance), what I can say is that maybe it could be appealing for the people who somehow managed to develop a fetish to grasshopper, because our main heroine was looks like a grasshopper only that it's a human size as well - to each of their own I suppose. There's also another update from Sekai in which at least they managed to address the untranslated text problem from Tokeijikake, which at least it good that Sekai try to be responsible about their mistake. Apparently there's a bug that still persist in the new engine that caused the problem, so obviously I would suggest Sekai to do another QC before the release. Although apparently they ignore that bug though back when it was reported by their QC staff, so I don't know what to say. I just hope that they won't repeat that mistake in the future for both of Daybreak and Morning Mist.

As for Frontwing's Momoclo KS, right now they managed to gather 25,918 out of necessary 35,000 funds or in percentage it would be Momoclo was at 74% funded with 17 days left, so at least it goes well for now. For Newton VN, right now common route was at 89% translated and Haru's route was fully translated (Lavi's route was fully edited as well), and fir the next plan they'll work on Emmy's route. Other than both of Momoclo KS and Newton VN, we have Nekonyan announced the exact release date for Fureraba which is at 30th later and coincidentally it will be at Good Friday, so at least we can treat Fureraba release as the Easter gift from Nekonyan. There's also another surprise from NekoNyan, in which they'll also translated the fandisc as well and it'll be available at this year as well (They'll give it for free to anyone else who buy Fureraba from NekoNyan's site). For more information, other than NekoNyan's site Fureraba will also available at both of Nutaku and Fakku while unfortunately there's still no Steam release at the same time. The reason was because of Germany bureaucracy according to NekoNyan post (Understandable), and therefore Fureraba Steam release will be delayed for a few weeks.

For fan translation, right now Eustia was at 35.23% translation and 22.87% TLC-ed - they finally begin with Colette's arc work with the current progress for that arc was at 4.56% translated. For more roundup we have Loverable was at past three quarter (75.33%) TLC-ed, Musumaker was at 49.6% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 92% translated along with 19% edited, Pure Pure was at 63.19% translated with Chapter 4 was at 39.44% translated, Tsukiotoshi was at a quarter translated, and Witch Garden was at 39% translated. As for Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at 72.1% translated and overall was at 93.57% translated - for the info Trip was quite busy for last two weeks, so the progress didn't increase much. Other than usual updates, there's another VN that have was translated recently (Also about to be release at around this month) and that VN is nukige pseudo NTR or something like that - I just realized the project today lol. We also have another update from LxC 2, in which Quof was mostly finished with Hime's route but unfortunately right now he need to do programming work for Hime's patch, so the translation for next route will be stalled. For the last update, we have surprise Nanatsuiro Drop partial patch release which translate the first two episodes of common route, which obviously is a very small part of the VN itself. Go get the patch at Doki Fansub, and for my personal comment I hope that they'll manage to fully translate Natsuiro later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review from mine, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/24/2018)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for the title since we have Sono Hanabira release with all casts from the past have the continuation with their story, I decided to just combined it with Precure All Stars DX movie (Coincidentally it's also the crossover anime for the first six Precure) with Sono Hanabira, and so we have 'Sono Hanabira All Stars DX' - as for the DX thing I think it's stand for Deluxe but maybe Toei knew it better lol. For this week, other than Sono Hanabira 11 we also have Sekai finally get slightly serious with the release both of Mhakna and Kanonana, also we have more progress than usual for this week so overall compared to the last week this time it's more interesting especially with two yuri VNs release (Kanonana and Sono Hanabira 11). Let's see what I can write for this week.

So apparently JAST did have opened a new branch called JAST Blue, which is focused on yaoi (BL) VN - it's pretty obvious from the 'Blue' word lol. Also they already have Sweet Pool as it's first license, and the Sweet Pool itself already had fully translated with less than halfway (43%) edited. In theory the announcement was quite redundant one, but according to news they'll using new translation so maybe it'll be not so redundant at all. That said, it's JAST though so we can't still tell when they'll finished with Sweet Pool, which is probably far away in the future if we look from their release pattern (Hardcopy release as well). As for me, good for them if they want to expand I guess but I rather have them focused on getting Muramasa or Sumaga translated if they want another Nitroplus VN, because more or less personally I didn't care about BL - I knew that this may be a good news for BL lover though.

For Newton VN, right now they have Haru's route was at 23% translated along with Lavi's route was at 40% edited. By the way, if you interested with playing otome at PSV (Not me) there'll be two otome release at this year - Black Butterfly at April 20th and 7'scarlet at May 18th, although keep in mind though it's just a leak from Amazon JP so it may be change in the future. Other than the leak of possible release date of two otome VNs, we also have Frontwing started the KS for Momoiro Closet (Momoclo) and I think the fund will probably used for developing physical edition looking from the goal (At 35,000), and as for the current situation right now it was at past halfway (18,958) funded. Now that we got the clearer picture of this VN, the premise from Momoclo was pretty interesting with both of MC and his female friend bonded over Sunday morning magical girl anime (Frill Lace or FL), and the girl want to cosplay as one of the FL heroine. I'd find that FL itself was more interesting compared to the actual VN, because they pretty blatantly parodied Kira Kira Precure (KKPC). Guess I'll see of what kind of story that Momoclo will offer at April 27th later.

For fan translation, first of all we have Eustia was at 34.57% translated along with 21.57% edited and 21.37% TLC-ed as of now. As for the rest of the updates, we have Musumaker was at 49.2% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 35.21% translated and overall was at 62.64% translated, Witch Garden was at 38% translated, and finally Majokoi was fully TLC-ed - there's still no info when the QC will start, but if there'll be regular QC progress then I'll report it here as usual. As for Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at 67.64% translated and overall was at 92.54% translated, and also apparently Trip was busy at this week and he will at the next week so the progress was slightly less than usual (Still good though).

I like that Sekai finally get serious in regard of the release, and other than releases I also like that they finally do the QA for Dracu Riot. As for the releases, both of their release was pretty sudden when I thought there'll be none from them at this week. One of the release was Kanonana in which it's premise was a girl from the magic club who live together with the ghost for seven days, and from there we'll gonna have many yuri relationship (Duh). For a bit history, it was created as free VN by 2chan so it's pretty much like Katawa Shoujo in term of development. As for more info, while I'd find this VN interesting unfortunately as of now it's still lacking in regard of the review so I couldn't tell whether it'll be a good VN or not, so I guess we better find out about Kanonana but trying it by ourself. The other release was Mhakna which is pretty much like FL earlier, only that it's from Fault universe. As for my opinion, while I appreciate them to make a VN based on fictional fairy tale actually I prefer Fault team to just focused on the main story and finished that. But then again it may be another good addition for Fault fan, so perhaps you may try Mhakna if you Fault fans.


Finally Mangagamer did released Sono Hanabira (Sonohana) 11, and as of now it's one of big Sonohana VNs that also have previous five couple have some roles here, so in short we have what we could call once again as Sonohana all stars lol. As for the premise, it's pretty much the same as New Generation in which the school gonna have best couple vote, and in Sonohana 11 we'll have six couple instead of three like in New Generation. Of course by six couple I mean that there's a new couple for the 11th Sonohana, although for us it's not exactly new though because we already saw the couple (Risa x Miya) back in first officially localized Sonohana. This VN also have some unique history because back then I'd always reported the translation progress from Yuri Project, even after Mangagamer did announced that they have seven secret projects and this is the first scret project which revealed back at Otakon 2017. Well back then both projects did have some difference from the progress so I didn't think much lol. Oh well, at least this release should be good for Sonohana fan whose been waiting for this VN to be translated, and if that's the case then have fun.

Other than Sonohana 11, finally we have Mangagamer did their updates. For the updates, we have Sona-Nyl was at 33% translated, Maggot Bait was at 73% translated and 22% edited, Sengoku Rance was fully retranslated and edited (Already knew from Arunaru last weeks, but it's good that Mangagamer confirm it directly), Trinoline was at 82% translated and 41% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was fully edited, Rance Quest was at 74% translated and 55% edited, and Hashihime was at 67% edited. There's also the confirmation that Evenicle was in testing, and I guess this time Mangagamer tested it to the beta tester in order to find out the bug seeing that Doddle already did some test on Evenicle, and hope fully it mean that it'll be released in near future. Speaking about testing, right now Marriage was also in testing so at least it could be interpreted that Marriage was also about to be released. And yes, there's many VNs that was in testing in Mangagamer so maybe it'll be hard for them to juggle the release time. For the last update, we have Mangagamer finally have exact release date for Sideboob which is at March 29th later, so it's the good news if you fan of Funbag Fantasy nukige series.

That's all for this week, and sorry for the belated review. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/18/2018)

Before starting this week VNTS Review, let me say that there's interesting development from Winged Cloud that they recently released Sakura Cupid which obviously one of my VNTS Review title here. In regard of that, I'll decided to just let it go and maybe buy some lotto lol. If anything, this show that any Sakura VN can be released as long as there's any adjective in the dictionary - just paste Sakura to any adjective and you'll have another new title for Winged Cloud VN. Speaking about Sakura naming scheme my VNTS Review for this week is also like that, because we have Sakura Cupid release once again and this week VNTS Review image header was the vampire from Dracu Riot, so we have 'Sakura Vampire' which I'm sure it'll be one of Winged Cloud ideas.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week while there's still no big release at least the updates for this week was more livelier compared to the last week, if only because we have slightly more updates. So at least it's good for now from what we have at this week, especially in regard of a certain updates for myself here. As usual, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From Sekai, we have Dracu Riot which is finally have in programming and stated will have a QA soon. Personally I'd find that update is not quite interesting, but at least for anyone else who waiting for Sekai version of Dracu Riot it's getting there. Also for more info, Tenshin Ranman also did have same progress which is more interesting to me. While those two updates are good because it mean that the time of Yuzusoft VNs coming officially translated almost close, seeing that it's Sekai I'm not quite sure of whether I should trust them or not especially in regard of whether they'll able to release those quickly or not. For more update from Sekai, right now Fatal Twelve entering QA stage so at least they should still on track for March release, for now. Other than those updates, apparently Bokukotsu did have the status 'Stalled', so maybe they can't make the time for February release. Although in exchange of that, at least there's Tropical Liquor which could sort of work as the substitute because it have same illustrator (Sayori of Nekopara fame) lol, with the exact releast date for three language was already announced (It'll be at March 10th later). That's all for Sekai Project updates.

As for fan translation, we have Loverable was at 74.38% TLC-ed, Musumaker was at 48.4% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 19.71% translated and overall was at 58.76% translated, Tenkiame common route was at halfway translated, and Majokoi was at 91% TLC-ed with Konron's route was progressed rapidly from 1% to 21% TLC-ed. Other than those usual updates, we have Tsujidou was reached 90% mark (90.98%) translated with Renna's route was at 60.89% translated - and as expected they'll going for April release (At 8th) because Trip's gonna busy at March end and next week, so they put April 8th as the safe bet although keep in mind that it might be change in the future. For the last update from fan translation, we have the update from Higurashi PS3 port with the progress right now is Tsukiotoshi arc was at 12% translated.

For Newton VN, right now the common route was at 89% translated and Haru's route was at 11% translated, while at the same time Lavi's route was at 17% edited. They also admitted that the editing going slow, but they have the reason for that namely the editor was focusing on edited Sakusakura so hopefully they'll be able to have March release. There's Fureraba which coincidentally have March release as well, with the progress was at 80% QC-ed and fully edited so at least they on track to have on time release (At March obviously). There's two Chinese VNs update as well, with Cryste was fully translated (80% edited) and Rice-hime was at 35% translated (25% (A quarter) edited).

I guess that's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for be very late here. See you next week, and happy belated Chinese New Year.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/10/2018)

First of all sorry for very belated review here, and welcome to this week VNTS Review - I'll tell about the title in my PS. As for this week update, well anemic was one way to put it like admin Tay although perhaps we could call this a slow week. That said, we still get some update though so it's enough for now. Let's see what we get for this week.

We finally to have release date for Root Double PSV version at March 8th later, which mean that Sekai finally managed to fulfill one on their KS promise. It's quite a good news alright, only that apparently it's only for NA which mean unfortunately Europe still didn't get that yet, although Sekai promised that they'll look at the issue. Not that I care anyway, since I didn't own PSV lol. Other than Root Double PSV, we got Bokukotsu release estimation, in which they gonna release it at this month - it's rumored that it'll be released at Valentine day later, but for now it's still unconfirmed whether they'll release it at 14th or not. Other than those two, no other interesting info from Sekai.

This week back at Tuesday, Mangagamer did released Sono Hanabira 11 demo. As for the demo, apparently it's only for the engine testing so there's no much content to see. If anything, at least they already prepared the engine for the release at 22nd later. Oh, and since obviously there's already exact release date for Sono Hanabira 11, it mean that the fan translation project of this was halted and therefore there'll be no more progress from that project. While this week Mangagamer didn't have their usual updates, Arunaru tweeted some interesting thing that namely he managed to have Sengoku Rance was at 90% retranslated and he hope that by next week it should be finished.

Fo fan translation, there's still some updates like I said earlier. The roundup goes like Eustia was at 21.22% edited and 20.86% TLC-ed; Loverable was at 74.16% TLC-ed; Musumaker was at 48% translated; and Majokoi was at 85% TLC-ed, which is good because at least they're on track to finished TLC within one or two month. No update from Pure Pure at this week, because the translator said that he's quite busy at the school (The info was at Abyss Translation Facebook). As for Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at almost halfway (49.05%) translated and overall was at 88.25% translated - no much to say I admit. There's also another two updates from both of Koiken Otome fandisc and Shin Koihime Musou, in which they have some progress. For more info, Koiken Otome fandisc was at 13% translated, and right now Shin Koihime Musou was at 91% translated along with 15% edited.

Before closing this VNTS Review, there's another update from Newton VN. As for the update, right now they managed to fully translated Lavi's route and fully edited Yotsuko's route. Other than that, there's no much info from them at this week.

Well, that's all for this week and I admit that this week review is pretty short. See you next week.

PS - For the title, seeing that we got a sleeping succubus in front of monitor and the sucubuss herself was from Bokukotsu (The full title is 'Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma', and the ponkotsu part from the title is mean 'affectionately useless'), I decided to just adapt Pulltop's Lovekami VN from 'Useless Goddess' to 'Useless Succubus'.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/03/2018)

When I saw the picture of the header, suddenly I remember the scene when the same thing happened in Kajitsu as well - it was from Phantom Trigger by the way. The scene in question was titled 'Running Cadence', and in that scene Yuuji and Makina sang a song which made Amane embarrassed. In that case of the image header, I don't know though if Tohka and Rena were singing, but at least they should be running so I decided to make the title 'Running Cadence', and also I add the 'feat. Tohka and Rena' because obviously those two girls featured in the CG. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review after one week of absence, and this week was quite interesting with another company enter the VN localization market with five announcements to boot. Other than that, we still have some usual updates here so let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for fan translation, it's still usual weekly updates here. For the updates, we got Loverable was at 71.8% TLC-ed and 32.84% edited, Eustia was at 33.72% translated and 21.02% edited, Musumaker was at 47.8% translated, Witch Garden was at 37% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 4 was at 13.38% translated and overall was at 57.34% translated, and Majokoi was at 79% TLC-ed. There's also an update from LxC2 as well, in which Hina's route translation was going stable and Quof is more or less happy with that, although he afraid though that there's nothing could be done in regard of the programming, so hopefully he can find the solution in regard of the programming. For the last update here, quite unfortunate that Venus Blood Chimera translation team shut down their Patreon, but then again it's quite a grey area to ask the payment for fan translation so maybe this is for the best. Other than updates, we have another new project established with the goal of translating Tenkiame, and for the progress it's quite stable for now with common route was at 26% translated (I hope that they could go through it until the end). For Tsujidou, right now Renna's route was at 41.34% translated and overall was at 86.48% translated - looking from the current pacing I think by around April we should be able to get Renna's patch.

As for Sekai, unfortunately Fatal Twelve was delayed to March, and so does with Maitetsu - although in Maitetsu case it was stalled though, which it mean that there's no definitive time for the release. For more update, we have Nanairo was in need to waiting for the third party which hopefully it goes well for Sekai. As for their VNs that was ready for the release, not quite appealing to me except for one (Kanonana) in which I'm just a bit interested with this. They have the good news though, and it was in regard of Balder Sky which is halfway translated right now, although I don't know though if that mean that Sekai managed to translated one VN or each VN have some translated lines that the combined result was halfway of Baldr Sky lines (By the way, Baldr Sky was divided into two VNs for the info). I just hope that Sekai will improve their performance in the future, because apparently there's some discord happened between Sekai and the contributors.


For Newton VN, right now Lavi's route was at 80% translated and Yotsuko's route was at 45% edited. For Song of Memory, apparently PQube managed to get the license and they already planned for Nintendo Switch release at this month, although unfortunately there's still no info in regard of Steam release at least for now.

As for the mentioned Sekai contributors, it was quite interesting that both of Akerou and Chuee of Shinku Translation formed the VN localization company with the name NekoNyan. Not only that, they announced five VNs which more or less could be said as charage. As for the reason of why they did that, perhaps they have problem with Sekai as well. While this might be just my speculation (And probably is), seeing that we have 2236 was released by Japanese company itself which gave a hint that it might be the truth that Sekai facing the problem with their contributors and the Japanese company. I said this because one of NekoNyan title was Sanoba Witch, and that title is notably 8th Yuzusoft VN whose as we know was have a deal with Sekai - it's more or less like Purple Software case. That said, what I could say in regard of NekoNyan is that we better to wait and see until they have the first release in near future, and I say this because there's some anxiety in regard of both Akerou and Chuee which as we remember worked on Hoshimemo, and it have some issue in regard of the translation.

For NekoNyan announcements, other than aforementioned Sanoba Witch (At 20% translated), there's Hello Goodbye (At 10% translated), Sukiren, Melty Moment, and Furereba (Fully translated and edited, and at 70% for both of TLC and QC). As for the release plan, they're quite ambitious with the closest one was Fureraba at March later. For my opinion about the announcements itself, I interested with both of Fureraba and Sanoba even before the announcements so those two were good announcements to me, and I just hope that they'll indeed released Sanoba at fall later because it's mean more translated Yuzusoft VN which is always a good thing. For the rest, I'd slightly interested with Hello Goodbye (HGB) and less interested with Melty Moment, and Sukiren was pretty much in the middle between those two.

While I like that they'll release those three quickly as well - HGB will be in Summer and Melty Moment in December, unfortunately they just stated 'aiming' which mean that there's no certainty for the release and therefore there might be delays in the future, also the delays can be happen to both of Sanoba and Fureraba. Speaking about Sanoba, they also have plan for physical release as well so perhaps the delay will most likely will be happened. In the end, I hope that I'm just being paranoid here and the release was indeed according with the schedule, especially Fureraba in which if the release was indeed at March later then it would be very interesting month, because there would be three big releases in one month (Fatal Twelve, Sakusakura, and Fureraba).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Well since I'd already made two of my top 10 list based on Conjueror's video, might as well goes with the third as well which is based on the video that talk about best rated translated VNs in 2015 - therefore the scoring was already different compared to the video because it was fluctuated. As for the rules, it's still the same though with the most obvious one there will be not yaoi or otome. Also I didn't want to add euphoria here because the sex content was too hardcore, although I might consider that for another list. For VNDB score, I'll list that based on the votes at January 31st 2018. Beware of the spoiler when you playing the opening here, and I'll tell the meaning of the title at PS.

10. Noble Works (VNDB 7.36, Erogamescape 78)

Also known as Noodle Works back when it was released, although it's obviously meme title lol. This VN was the first VN that break Yuzusoft curse in which in the past there's no known complete translation for the VN from the company, and in turn prove us that it's possible for us to have Yuzusoft VN to be fully translated (They have partnership with Sekai as of now, so there'll be more in the future). The premise was a poor MC with many capabilities met a man who resemble him very much and an ill boy as well, so the MC decided to became the man body double and turn out that the man was a son from a very rich conglomerate. Of course since he spent the time as the very rich boy, he attends the high class school and from there he tried to enjoy his new school life while make sure that his secret as the body double remained secret. I like that Yuzusoft here did have some high production value, especially in regard of the cover songs for the heroines as the promotion in which they keep that tradition for their future VNs.

9. Princess Evangile (VNDB 7.46, Erogamescape 68)

Don't be surprised by the Erogamescape score, because sometimes the taste of the VN will be differ between overseas and Japan. I knew that there's some issue in regard of Erogamescape rating, but perhaps Japanese people didn't like Evangile as much as in overseas. As for the premise, once again it's in regard of poor MC who have many capability entering the high class school, only that the school was former catholic all girl school and the MC was first male student when the school was about to reformed into mixed school. Of course there would be many discrimination that the MC will be faced, so it's up to him to face the discrimination and hope that he could endure all of that. There's also the matter of infamous headmistress, in which when I saw the writer past work I think it could be attributed to his portrayal of one of the mom back at Suika, although headmistress herself was far saner than the mom though (Hint: The mom at Suika was very crazy). What I could say in regard of this is that back at 2015 I'm surprised that Shimotsuki Haruka sang the opening, although if I saw this right now maybe it's not surprising anymore.

8. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (VNDB 7.47, Erogamescape 70)

This VN was see very long time of translation since back at 2012, before finally have a sudden release back at 2015. For the premise, it's about the MC and his childhood friend (A female by the way) club which about to be abolished because the club didn't contributed to the school at all, and of course they couldn't accept that. The only solution was to become the student council president, and it's up to MC for becoming one. Since the main focus was the election, there will be some school politic talk so it might be interesting if you like politic. Other thing to note is that the aforementioned childhood friend (Chisato) route was locked first before you could play all of other routes, which seeing that some of the people dislike Chisato at the other girls route it could be interpreted that the writers may didn't have confidence that her route will be be played if the player able to chose any route to play first (Or maybe even the writers dislike Chisato), so they decided forced the player to play her route first - a decision that cause some divisive opinion for easy word. As for the art, it was quite unique compared to many other VN out there.

7. Bunny Black (VNDB 7.57, Erogamescape 72)

This VN MC was pretty much an expy of Rance, although by the 2nd VN he was more or less different though because he managed to have good relationship with the woman that he was sexed with. As for the premise, we have our Rance expy MC (Darx) was about to defeat the demon king only to be defeated by the demon king. Take an interest to Darx, she (The demon king was a woman by the way) recruit Darx to became one of her minion. From there, Darx will do many grunts job at first before finally have rise in regard of the rank, and of course fighting the threat that came to the demon king. The VN itself the gameplay VN, and in here you could make the party although you can't control their action though just like Persona 3 - at least they sort of fix the problem in the sequel. What I could say more is that at the beginning it'll be quite hard and you could die if you careless, at least until the mid game in which it became pretty easy.

6. Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a Shining Brave~ aka Gahkthun the Golden Lightning -What a Radiant Brave- (VNDB 7.63, Erogamescape 81)

The first Sakurai Hikaru Steampunk series to be officially translated, and it's supposed to be hard to translated because her(?) works supposed to have some poetic style. Not that it matter though because more or less we already got three of Steampunk VNs translated (Inganock and Sharnoth was arguably badly translated though), and the fourth work (Sona-Nyl) was in translation right now. As for the premise, our female MC (Neon) was live poorly at the university and she must overworked every time so much she was suffer because of that. To add more her problem it happened that she saw some supernatural battle and about to be silenced, only to be rescued by some handsome man who somehow control a giant robot. One day after that, turn out that the handsome man was Nikola Tesla (The male MC) which is at 72 years old as of the time of the game, and Neon became Tesla's maid because she was bought by Tesla for 30 silver coins. For more info, the VN have usual Steampunk VN style in which Tesla gonna have 'battle of the chapter' format for each chapter, so it might be repetitive for some people. Oh, and as for the name it was quite hard to type to me lol.

5. Eiyuu Senki (VNDB 7.66, Erogamescape 76)

The premise was more or less just an excuse plot, in which we have our amnesiac MC who supposed came from another world managed to arrive in a world when all the famous heroes genderbent into female (Some of those were loli by the way). From there, the MC (You can rename him) try to conquer the world and get the heroes (Or maybe heroines is more appropriate) join his cause. With such premise, obviously this is gonna be a gameplay VN with the gameplay and the story resembled Kichikuou Rance with some modification from Sengoku Rance in which it make sense, because the writer was wrote those two as well. Oh, and it did have the fan translation project back at TL Wiki, only to be C&D-ed by Tenco. Then we saw this get released at PS3 by Fruitbat Factory which is quite a questionable question, because they release the translated version first for the console - they did made some sex replacement scenes for PS3 version. One year after PS3 release, it was released by JAST at Steam but unfortunately the replacement content from PS3 was cut so Steam user wouldn't enjoy the scene. It also have fan patch as well, which port the replacement scene from PS3 and therefore make JAST release was redundant even though JAST release 18+ version as well lol.

4. Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet (VNDB 7.75, Erogamescape 80)

How appropriate that the VN with setting at the Earth with it's destruction approaching placed the fourth position here. The premise was Earth was about to be destroy because of the mysterious red star, and most of Earth population were already migrated to the space leaving handful people stay on the Earth. Our MC here was a capable young soldier (Ryou) who tasked to protect a female artificial human (Sion), who supposed to have very high intelligent. Said artificial human was help the migration to the space, and now that Sion already finished her job she was waiting until Earth is destroy. Seeing that Sion was have an isolated life and want to be free in the last days of Earth, our Ryou decided to help Sion to reach her freedom. As expected from minori the animation was very good, moreso if we looking at the opening which have some good effects. If we asked whether there will be an happy end for this, unfortunately there's none because the Earth was about to be destroy so more or less it's an utsuge. Forget to say that the demo was translated by No Name Loser before they joining Mangagamer.

3. Rose Guns Days (VNDB 8.16, Erogamescape 81 (Last Season part))

While this is another Ryukishi07 work, it won't have many mysterious murders like his previous work (Higurashi and Umineko, or When They Cry for both series) and also it won't be another eight parts of kinetic VN. Instead Rose Guns Days (RGD) itself is just four parts of kinetic VN which set up in an alternative world, with Japanese was divided into the part that was a part of Chinese and a part of American with Japanese people became the minority in their own land, so we'll gonna have to see the struggle of Japanese people - and yes the land of Japan still didn't belong to Japanese themselves even at the present because it was stated at the prologue that one part of Japanese is a part of Chinese. The story was begin back at modern time (Present time) in the prologue, before flashed back to 1947 to 1950 when most of the story take place of. 

The main casts was work in a brothel so more or less it could be said that it have underworld setting, in which the story itself could be quite dark and grim for another reason (There'll be some death here as well, only not as often as When They Cry series). Other than that, I admit that RGD sprite was improved compared to When They Cry, although it could be argued that it was because it have multiple actress to draw the characters though. There's still no voice though, so too bad if one want to play it with voice - although it's no problem to me though (I just wonder if Yukari Tamura would voiced Stella though because of Stella is resembled both of Furude Rika and Bernkastel). As a bonus, I'll add the second opening here although beware of the spoiler though, especially because it was played at the second half of the last part of RGD.

2, Maji de Watashi Koi Shinasai (VNDB 8.38, Erogamescape 81)

The premise was very simple, with MC was already be one of seven people group since his childhood and that's about to be change because the group gonna accept two more female into the group. But the main strength of Majikoi was the comedy, which could be quite absurd so much that you're not gonna care about the logic here and just laughing. It also have martial arts setting as well, although it didn't matter anyway since one of the main cast have Story Breaker Power, and therefore we could ignore that setting mostly. For a history in regard of this, it was translated by Takajun (ie Yandere Translations) first before he disappeared back at 2013 after he work at out of five girls route with the fifth route (Miyako's) was at 85% translated. After that, it was picked by one of the user here and from there we saw the progress of Majikoi going steadily, and finally it was released as fully translated patch at March 2015. It'll be officially localized by JAST as well, but seeing that it's JAST and we already have complete translation I could say that JAST announcement in regard of this was pretty much redundant to me. Enjoy the opening below, which is fully animated although there's no special effect like Eden opening though.

1. Kara no Shoujo 2 (VNDB 8.39, Erogamescape 85)

Unlike Majikoi in which the tone was mostly lighthearted, this VN did have exactly the opposite in regard of the tone - grim and depressing. The beginning was already grim enough with our MC Reiji who work as detective was still couldn't move on from his traumatic event back at first Kara no Shoujo, which is already depressing enough. Here he must have another murder case to contend, this time with the new MC Masaki who have some connection with the murder. As for the murder, it's also rumored to have some curse from Masaki's hometown so obviously things not going to be easy for our Reiji. From there, both of Masaki and Reiji work together in order to unfold the murder case, and to find out the truth behind the curse. As for the ending unfortunately it's still quite dark especially at the true end (After all, this VN was called as utsuge for a very good reason), and what's more it's obviously a sequel hook because Innocent Grey was working on Kara no Shoujo 3, so unfortunately Reiji still didn't get the satisfying conclusion. That said, most of the conclusion was satisfying enough though. Oh, and the demo that was provided was did have different story compared to the main VN, so if possible you could play the demo as well because it was sort of served as the prologue and introduction. 

That's all for my list here, and hope you'll enjoy this. As for my opinion, 2015 was the year when we started to get some interesting VNs from the official company, especially when Sekai announced some interesting VN like Root Double - same goes with Mangagamer in regard of Tokyo Babel. Although in exchange of that, the number of fan translation was goes down compared to back at 2015 to nowadays - which could be argued as most of fan translator already going official. Just my opinion here.

PS - As for the title, since we have Majikoi which have the anime title as 'Majikoi: Oh Samurai Girls' and Kara no Shoujo 2 as the two best VNs of 2015, I decided to add 'Samurai' to 'Kara no Shoujo' so we have 'Samurai no Shoujo'.


Edit (3/20) - Since current version of Dracu Riot was accepted as the complete translation, I decided to add Dracu Riot here considering that it's still within top 10 here.

As for this time, I decided to make my 'Top 10 translated VN at 2016' even though it's very belated for obvious reason lol. Once again, I would use some data from Conjueror's video with some modification here, and also to show of how easy the score was fluctuated. As for the rules, no yaoi and otome VN here, localized name for alias, I'll list both of Erogamescape and VNDB average score if possible, I'll add the party who translated the VN, and the translation must be considered complete by VNDB as of January 31st - the VNDB average score would be based on that date as well (Keep in mind that it can be fluctuate). Also beware of the spoiler when you played the opening here.

10. Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou aka Nurse Love Addiction (VNDB 7.63, Erogamescape 73)

First of all, this is a shoujo ai VN which mean that there would be some yuri, although in regard if that it's quite limited though because this is all age VN. For Hakuai premise here, our MC Asuka who is quite a ditzy one find her picture book with the writing 'I want to be a nurse' and from there she find out that her childhood dream was to became a nurse. So from there Asuka and her more responsible younger sister entering the nursing school, and met with a very popular yuri couple who soon to be the sisters best friends. After that they'll gonna have a fun school life while learning to becoming the best nurse, ......if only it was as simple as that. Yeah, turn out things here was not as simple as it looks from the cover alone just like Symphonic Rain - I mention that because it was from same developer, and I guess some Symphonic Rain staff also involved in Hakuai here. As for the twist itself, I'll leave to the reader here in order to find out about that if you curious.

9. Tokyo Babel (VNDB 7.64, Erogamescape 71)

As for this VN, the premise was that the world was already destroyed and right now the last remaining of humanity live in the purgatory - by the way the name of the purgatory was the title drop lol. Also other than human world, both of heaven and hell was also have some complicated situation as well so both of angels and demons live in purgatory as well. From there, all three race was travelling together in order to met the God for asking His atonement. Of course there would be no smooth sailing for this because sometimes some powerful being got crazy, and here's our MC job to combat the crazy one while on his quest to find out about himself. That premise aside, it's already well known for the fighting scenes here so it should be good if one yearn for that. Also interestingly this VN did have no sex scenes, which mean that it have all star cast from the anime (Hanakana and Miyuki Sawashiro come to mind) which probably blew most of Propeller's budget. For last note here, I just want to nitpick that why they need to use school as purgatory lol, and more seriously noted that Tokyo Babel was more in line with Shin Megami Tensei franchise in general.

8. Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- (VNDB 7.72, Erogamescape 75)

As for this VN, supposedly it was Eien no Aselia sequel although the connection was quite loose because it only have few returning characters from Aselia, and the casts were travelling between different worlds instead of stay in Aselia's world. That said, the gameplay for this VN was improved so at least should be satisfy some people whose been interested with Aselia gameplay. As for the history of the translation, it was back at 2011 iirc that Seinarukana was started the fan translation. After that, the first translator was disappear and then the team got another translator to hopefully finished the project. Too bad thought that the second translator was disappear as well making the project was in danger of the purge. After all that happened, Aroduc decided to help with the translation and out of those two he is obviously managed to finished the translation and sold it to JAST. Which obviously lead to long time - it was planned at 2013 iirc only to be delayed, before finally it was saw the release at 2016. Well all of those events were already in the past, and at the very least we could enjoy it in English.

7. Dracu Riot (VNDB 7.85, Erogamescape 76)

This VN did have many history back at April 2012 when the VN itself was translated by Insem after he finished with Hoshimemo. Long story short, we saw Insem withhold his almost completed patch for more than two years (And make the fan angry in the process), before finally release it back at April 2016 with Miu's route untranslated. Because the patch was incomplete, some members of Fuwanovel decided to to finish Miu's route. After that, back at September 2016 apparently there's a discord within the team, which resulting some team members leaked. Although the patch then was taken down quickly, it's still too late though because the leaked patch was already spreaded. After that, back at AX 2017 Sekai decided to officially release this which should be polished compared to the leaked patch (According to Decay, the leaked patch was still unedited). As for the premise, it's more or less just vampire who live in an articifial island and MC was tried to adapt at the island after became the vampire. It have some sci-fi element and some plot about vampire origin, but the overall tone is lighthearted.

6. Himawari (VNDB 7.87, Erogamescape 81 (Peeble in the Sky PC version))

There's an interesting case in regard of the English version release of this VN, namely that this VN spent too much time in testing case ie delayed. As for the reason, I could say it was probably because Frontwing released PSV version for Japan first before ported it to PC for overseas version, but it didn't matter now anyway because it's already released - the delay was last for more than half a year though because it was supposed to be released along with Tokyo Babel (Tokyo Babel release at March 31st). As for the premise of the VN, it was in regard of Youichi (The MC) who live in 2048 and still recovering in regard the loss of his dad who was dead along with many victims in the space plane crash, with him as the sole survivor of the accident and suffer amnesia to boot. After he find an alien girl at one night, Youichi was started to uncover his memory and the truth behind the accident. For a bit more trivia, Himawari was released as doujin first before Frontwing took the attention to this and adding all star cast from anime as the seiyuu. As for the difference, the original version contain sex scene while the remake version didn't have that (Duh).

5. Okujou no Yurirei-san aka Kindred Spirits on the Roof (VNDB 7.96, Erogamescape 80)

I admit that at first I didn't see this VN potential because of the simplistic graphic lol, and I thought that the format just 'yuri couple of the chapter' in which it's what Liar-soft like to do with their Steampunk VN. Turned out that's not the case because instead of just one time appearance, the couple actually did have enough development and more so if we decided to watch all the scenes from the perspective of the couple. For the premise, it was just a ghost yuri couple who couldn't move on because they want to felt each other but they wouldn't be able to do that for obvious reason, and so they decided to enlist Yuna's (The MC) help in order to established as many yuri couple as possible in order to allow the ghosts for learning how to express the feeling. Obviously heard that request Yuna was quite hesitant, but after did the first attempt reluctantly she started to like that and decided to be more active. Oh, and by the way this VN was partially voiced, although there will be full voiced version later though (JP only) - I hope that Mangagamer will license that version if possible.

4. Grisaia no Meikyuu aka The Labyrinth of Grisaia (VNDB 8.08, Erogamescape 82)

While I already said that I didn't pay attention too much to fandisc and think both of this and Rakuen as fandiscs for Kajitsu, I would say that Meikyuu here was did good enough job for that. Although there's an infamous cliffhanger though, in which it was sort of understandable if we look at Frontwing situation whose still in recovery after barely safe from bankruptcy thanks to Kajitsu. The content of Meikyuu here was the main story along with some side stories, one of those should give you some cathartic if you play Makina's route. Anyway, the main story was explained Yuuji's past which to say was quite dark, from becoming the unfavorite in his family, trained to be the terrorist since he was children, and finally enter the military at young age. As for the side stories, it was in regard of the girls route epilogue in which it should give enough closure to the heroines tale. So in the end, the concept here was more or less like Sharin FD in which Grisaia was take the clue from Sharin itself (Quite appropriate). Oh, and I like the OP here because my roommate back at my dormitory stay replayed it at some point.

3. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- (VNDB 8.10, Erogamescape 83)

What I first remember for Root Double is that I'm looking forward to the eventual English release of this VN since back at 2012, simply because GundamAce (The translator) said that this VN was on the almost same level as Ever17. Of course I was quite happy seeing that it was finally about to be licensed by Sekai back then, some problematic issue aside. Let's not forget that this VN was also have the delay as well, although the case was not as bad as Saku Saku though because at least they only delay it once instead of twice lol. As for the premise, it was involved a nuclear explosion in a facility and there's amnesiac firefighter captain who was supposed to rescue the people inside the facility, only to be trapped for 9 hours and from there he and his comrades must try to figure of how to save themselves. There's also another MC in which he was a high school student who also trapped inside the facility, and from there he also must figure out of how to save himself and his friends.

For more info, there a lot of number nine here (Nine enneagram, nine characters, and nine hours) so I think it's more or less could be said as Nakazawa answer to 999 (Uchikoshi created that, and Nakazawa was Uchikoshi's former partner back at Ever17). For one more note here, GundamAce lament that Takeshi Abo was not composed the OST in Root Double, because he think that it would be more fitting. Oh, and forget to said that Sekai released Xtend version instead of original version, which is a better version because Xtend add some additional scenes. So I'd decided to post both opening here, and beware of the spoiler from 2nd opening below.

2. Steins Gate 0 (VNDB 8.26, Erogamescape 80)

Instead of set after the main game ended like Meikyuu, this is was set up in the midst of Okabe's despair when he fail to solve the problem. Obviously since our usually chuunibyou MC was fall in despair, the tone that this VN beginning set was more grim compared to the original Steins Gate. Anyway, while VNDB did list this as sequel I think like both of Kajitsu sequels this could be categorized as fan disc, and perhaps it could be because the material for this VN was come from additional novel of Steins Gate. While I did say that the tone at the beginning was quite grim, it did have some lighthearted moment of course whenever you didn't have Okabe as the main POV because sometimes you'll gonna have another POV to view. It also have some nice moment though, especially for Suzuha fan because she was get some interesting development here. There's also new characters as well, which you could say were interesting on their own. Oh, and while officially it was for console only VN, at least you could play this on PC as well because there's a patch that add PSV translation to PC version.

1. Fata Morgana no Yakata aka The House in Fata Morgana (VNDB 8.78, Erogamescape 88)

Okay, at first I didn't trust this VN like Yurirei because of the graphic was quite unorthodox compared to usual VN, and more importantly the Bayesian score of this VN was quite low - turned out that more or less it's just determined of how popular the VN was. After seeing the good review for this VN, I decided to tried this and find it was quite good indeed, especially with the mystery behind the aforementioned house. As for the premise, you act as someone who got amnesia and a mysterious maid guide you through the doors which show the tale of the house former residents, whose more or less were doomed to have a tragedy while hoping that you'll get your memories back. The VN itself was a doujin one so there's no voice in the VN, at least in translated version because there's also PSV version with voice acting. It also spawned drama CD which have voice acting as well, and the casts was well known for anime fan - some of them returned for voicing PSV version. Another good point of this VN was the OST, which some of those was sang by Gao. Here's one of the sample in form of the opening.

Well, that's all for the list here and hope you enjoying this. As for 2016 it was quite interesting contrast because there's more story content VN, compared to 2017 in which some of best VN there could be categorized as usual charage. Not that I said it was bad of course, but rather it's just something that I noticed here.

PS - For the title I'm simply combined both of Fata Morgana and Steins Gate 0 into Fata Morgana 0, which could be still an appropriate title for Fata Morgana fandisc lol.