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Foreword - Still no VNTS here, so once again I decided to make my own VNTS Review here. As usual I hope that you'll enjoy the review here.

Seeing that we have Mangagamer did released Yurirei Full Chorus back at last Thursday, I decided to just add 'Fullvoice ReBORN' at the end of the full name of Yurirei here (Okujou no Yurirei-san) because it's what Yurirei Full Chorus really is if we boil down into it. For the explanation here, each time Liar-soft rereleased their partially voiced VN (The example are Inganock and Sharnoth) they always add 'Fullvoice ReBORN' into the VN name, although this time they decided to change the titling for Yurirei though wth 'Full Chorus' (I knew that it's supposed to adapt the school setting that Liar-soft set in Yurirei and in turn made the titling idiosyncratic). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which other than Yurirei Full Chorus release we finally got some updates from Mangagamer and as usual we also got to knew what Mangagamer will release in the next month (Regardless of my interest) along with usual fan translation updates, so at least this week is slightly more active compared to the past weeks. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

There's surprising news from PQube that they'll release Chaos Child at Wednesday later, in which it's should be good if we want to get it legally because it's very expensive if we want to apply the available fan patch (We need Japanese PC version and PSV script if we want to apply it legally). Although in case some people already have the English version of Chaos Child PC here here, obviously the release will going to be redundant to them. That sad, if from Chaos Child entering Steam (Risk for being banned aside) we can have more interesting SciFi ADV available in English, perhaps it's the good news here. In an unrelated note, I start to see that 5pb really like to milk SciFi ADV (Especially Steins Gate) which in turn delaying the continuation of SciFi ADV main story (I knew that the main story scope is quite big, but still), although perhaps it's just my baseless assumption here.

From Mangagamer we have Yurirei Full Chorus release, in which it's only Yurirei re-released that was already released back at 2016. Although this release did have full voice, so if you want to hear more voice in Yurirei you should get it because the original Yurirei here was only partially voiced. As for Yurirei, I think everyone was already knew that we'll going to have two ghost wohse deeply n yuri relationship that want to established as many as GL/yuri couple in order to learn of how to express their feeling before going to afterlife, and that they decided to enlist the help from our female MC Yuna who understandably quite hesitant at first. Have fun if you want to replay Yurirei here or just want to play it for the first time (Go get the Full Chorus version if you want full voice here).

Other than Full Chorus release, we also have Mangagamer did have their own updates. Before going to the updates, let me say that their next release (Steam Prison) is not quite interesting to me seeing that it's otome VN (And that my focus was on Mangagamer other queue list), although if you looking forward into it you can wait until February 14th later and treat it as the Valentine's gift from Mangagamer lol. As for the updates, we have Rance X was at 22% translated, Sukehime was at 82% translated along with 27% edited, Room No.9 was both at 80% for both of translation and editing progress, Sona-Nyl was at 79% translated, Escalayer was fully translated and 72% edited, Amatarasu was entering beta testing, and Maggot Bait was fully edited (Good job to the editor for enduring it lol). We also have first secret project, in which Mangagamer was apparently proud of it with the current progress was at 66% translated along with 19% edited. We also have interesting updates from them, in which that both of Bokuten and Damekoi were finished the testing along with Lilycle. Although apparently it's still quite a while though before the release, because Trinoline was still in scripting here and perhaps they'll release Trinoline first there.

As usual we have the updates from fan translation, in which we have Eustia was at 61.97% translated along with 45.54% edited, Harugi's overall was at almost halfway (49%) translated with Shino's route was past halfway (58%) translated and Branch was at 45% translated, Pure Pure was at 91.79% translated with Tobari's route was at 88.79% translated, 4,379 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 1,001 lines of it were edited, Watamasu was at 38% translated, and that we finally got the full patch for HaraChuChu at this week although I'm not quite interested with this though seeing that it's just a nukige with pregnancy fetish (Go get the patch here if you interested, and have fun). For the last update form fan translation, as usual we have Hoshiori update in which Touko's route was at 66.8% translated with overall Hoshiori was at 65.27% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - We still haven't VNTS as of now, so once again here's this week VNTS Review from mine and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

As for the title, seeing that we have Miyabi's route from Harugi was fully translated (Well it's been a while here), I decided to do the seiyuu joke again because Miyabi here did share the same seiyuu as Da Capo's Sakura and also same role seeing that both of Sakura and Miyabi were the headmistresses at their respective VNs (Sakura was only did have that role at the 2nd Da Capo though). As for Time Paladin part, it's because Sakura receive her spin off VN that was called Time Paladin Sakura so I decided to parodying it by changing 'Sakura' to 'Miyabi' (I knew that Sakura's seiyuu in Time Paladin VN was Suzuko Mimori (Love Live fans should knew her as Umi's seiyuu) instead of usual Hokuto Minami though). Back to VNTS, as for this week there's no releases but at least we can see that Sekai did have some updates there, and if you've been waiting for the releases there'll be one at three days later (Yurirei Full Chorus) by Mangagamer. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

I see that apparently Sekai decided to add their own three VNs into Upcoming Releases at their own translation tracker site, so at least I should gave them some praise for them to finally start moving at the start of the year. As for those VNs, they were Majokoi (So it mean that the leaked picture is true), Nanairo (They already have Steam store opened, and now we need to wait whether Sekai will release 18+ version or not), and Nine part 1 (Episodic, so I'll pass even though the art is good looking thanks to Izumi Tsubasu). While once again it show that Sekai was already ready to release those three which is good (Personally I'm interested with both of Majoki and Nanairo), perhaps we should be wary about the delay here because it's prone to happen with Sekai here especially if we remember Dracu Riot case. Let's just hope that everything will going well for the releases, and as for the current state of those three VNs obviously they were already finished the QC.

From Nekonyan, we have confirmation that they'll took care of Makeover's FD as well, so that we can fully enjoy it. We still don't know though whether they'll really work on it or not because they still didn't announce it officially (They indirectly announced it through their forum), but at least it's something to take note for. Other than Makeover FD indirect announcement, we have Song of Memories exact release date announcement, in which they say that they'll release it at February 1st later for PS4 only because the Switch version release were cancelled (Not my interest anymore though seeing that the PC version did need high spec and apparently didn't port properly). We also have the translation for Isekai Harem Dungeon Master was almost finished, although seeing that it's nukige I'll pass on it (You may look forward to the release though if you interested with nukige).

We have a new fan translation project with the objective to translate this nukige, and as far as nukige concerned at least I can say it's quite interesting simply because we rarely saw translated nukige with the place setting at the massage parlour even though it's very common in real life (The current translation progress for the nukige itself was at 30.60% translated). Other than the new project, we have Eustia was at 61.60% translated with Licia's route was past halfway (51.17% translated), Harugi's overall was at 45% translated with Shino's route was at 34% translated, Yoigoshi was at 84% edited, and Loverable was at 57.61% edited along with 38.86% QC-ed. As usual we also have Hoshiori progress from Tsurezure, and in this week currently Touko's route was past halfway (52.2% translated) in which it bring overall Hoshiori translation progress to 62.82% translated.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - Still no VNTS at 2019 here because admin Tay was still missing leaving the webpage remain unfixed, so here's my first VNTS Review for this year and I hope you'll enjoy this.

Welcome to my first VNTS Review for 2019 here, and as for the first VNTS in this year to be blunt it's very dry seeing that there's almost no updates from official localization companies. Of course it mean that at least we still have some usual update from fan translation, albeit only usual one. Speaking about the fan translation updates, this week title was reflecting the first update from Tsurezure at 2019 and seeing that Trip started his work on Touko's route it mean that the pattern title will be 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc', and the VN in question for this chapter would be Wagahigh. While at first I chose Wagahigh because the writer for Touko's route is the same one as one of Wagahigh writer (Nissy), this review made me think that Wagahigh here would be more fitting title seeing that Touko here is like someone who want to get her own way at first (Her first song even have 'Wagagmama' word), and that she have excellent talented because otherwise she wouldn't getting scouted into becoming the club member after she defeated all sports club captains in the school. My rambling about Wagahigh meaning aside, let's see what update that we have for this week even though once again it's quite lacking.

Seeing that Steam got active to remove another store page for this nukige, safe to day that there's no December release so we must wait longer if we want to purchase it - not that it didn't make official release is less redundant seeing that we already have one released as fan patch beforehand. We also have estimation date of Majokoi from the leaked picture here at Q1 of this year, although seeing that we still didn't have the announcement from Sekai yet (Not to mention that there's still no Steam store for this unlike Nanairo) perhaps we should wait and see until they'll announce it by themselves. We also have Pulltop announced the plan to release Konosora FD at this month, although unfortunately it might be not worth it though seeing that they decided to release the original version with the sex contents was cut (Their usual tactic) instead of releasing the console version (Cruise Sign) like back at Cross Channel (Translation issue aside) that did have Akari's route addition. What I can say is that while I knew that there's a reason of why Pulltop couldn't localize Cruise Sign easily, it's still their fault for not having the sex scenes localized. Almost forget to inform that Bell Chime for Gold spinoff Kickstarter was succeeded with the fund gathered was at around 220,000, so congratulation for that. 

As for fan translation roundup of updates, we have Yoigoshi was at 36% edited, Eustia was at 61.39% translated, Harugi's overall was at 42% translated with Shino's route was at 19% translated, Nursery Rhyme was at 55% edited, and Loverable was at 32.15% QC-ed. I'd forget to announced that Witch Garden project was dropped according to the translator at his forum post here, so it's quite unfortunate that we wouldn't get Witch Garden in English here (Hope that somebody will pick this in the future). For additional update here, we have Tsurezure did have translated Touko's route and that turned out Trip did some work on translation even after he did say that he took a break, and as for the progress as of now overall Hoshiori did past 60% mark (60.4%) translated with Touko's route was already at almost 40% (37.77%) translated which is quite substantial for the work that was done at the break.

That's all for first VNTS Review at 2019, and sorry for once again quite short here. See you next week.


Foreword - Still no VNTS because Decay's new busyness later and more importantly admin Tay is still missing. So here's my last VNTS Review for 2018 here, and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

Since we have nurse nukige VN got released back at last week, I figure that it would be better if this week title should be 'Nurse's Service' simply because the nurse in the nukige was took special priority to service the MC (The nurse was MC's childhood friend), and that MC's situation was sort of the nurses's fault as well so the nurse felt responsible for that. While in real life it shouldn't possible because the nurse supposed to serve the patient equally, at least it's stated that the nurse served the MC after she was done with her works. Anyway welcome to the last VNTS Review at 2018, and first of all let me being blunt that the updates for this week was quite dry. But then again, perhaps we'll going to have many interesting releases at 2019 later and that we already have many big releases in previous weeks, so perhaps we should treat this week as the breather (Still quite unfortunate though that we didn't get the big releases from Sekai like back at the last year). Anyway let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for the updates from the official localization, we have one from Nekonyan. But before that let me report there's Tenkiame release at Steam, and let's just say that the release itself is less than ideal according to Doddler's tweets. What I can say is that if you felt interested and want to try it then go ahead, and at least it's not on the level of Your Diary looking from the screen alone so far. If anything at least they manage to release 18+ version on Steam despite of how their (Steam) recent behavior were quite confusing, and that you can get the 18+ contents directly unlike Your Diary (Hobibox charge around 1000 yen for Your Diary 18 patch). As for Nekonyan's updates, we have Fureraba fandisk were completely finished all of the translation progress (Including TLC and editing) with only QC left, Aokana was at 33% translated and 16% edited, Sukiren was at 70% translated and 30% edited, and currently HGB was almost finished the editing progress (At 95%) and halfway QC-ed.

From fan translation, we have some surprising update though in which we saw Majikoi A-3 got a bit of progress and currently they'd translated 45 scripts files of it. For usual progress, we got Eustia was at 60.90% translated, Harugi's overall was at 39% translated with Miyabi's route was fully translated, Loverable was at 55.38% edited, and Yoigshi was fully translated with the editing process was abut to begin and the translator also said that he aim for January release. Asides from there's no Hoshiori update at this week because Trip took a rest for a week or two, we also have partial patch for Tamainin Asagi Zero that was released by Rattanman back at 25th as the Christmas gift. As for the patch itself, it did cover one third of the overall VN so go get the patch from his Tumblr page here if you want to try it already, although personally I wouldn't took my interest in this seeing that it's nukige and all.

Well that's all for this week VNTS Review and also my last 2018 VNTS Review. Sorry for being short here, and see you next year. And here's hoping for more interesting VNs release in the next year.


Welcome to my top 10 list of translated VNs for 2018, and I think it's the right time to make this seeing that 2019 is almost come. As for the rule, there's no yaoi, otome, fandisc (ie Fata Morgana fandisc), and re-release (Konosora and Chaos Child). As for my list here, my taste here is quite personal so I'm sorry if some of your favorite titles were didn't available here. I knew that there's some interesting release from Sekai such as Maitetsu (The interface is very good), but too bad it's censored and that I did took my interest to both of Nekonyan's releases more here. Here's my list of top 10 translated VNs for this year, and I hope that you'll enjoy it. As for the score currently I'm based on the average score at today (January 19th, 2019), although it may be change in the future seeing that the scores is often fluctuated.

10. Newton to Ringo no Ki aka Newton and the Apple Tree (VNDB 7.51, Erogamescape 72)

As usual Japanese like to genderbent historical figure, and this time we've got Isaac Newton who in fact turned out to be a tsundere 19(?) years old girl with the name of Alice Bedford. Other than the usual gender-bent premise, we also have the MC Asanaga Shuuji who distanced himself from science because of his grandfather who was left him and get dragged by his female childhood friend Yotsuko to Tenbridge University in London. Then both of Shuuji and Yotsuko were accidentally activated time machine in London and got thrown to year 1687, and they accidentally burned the apple tree that was the source of inspiration for Newton gravitation law which in turn indirectly alter the history. From there Shuuji decided to try fix the mistake while at the same time tried to befriended Alice. This VN is also the first VN that was released by Sol Press, in which it's also the second VN that they'd crowdfund after Sakusakura although the release order was reversed though because they did need to resolve Sakusakura's technical problem back when Newton VN released. So essentially we can say that Newton VN here is the debut VN for Sol Press, and for a supposedly moege it did have some talk in regard of science and the drama itself could be surprisingly heavy at that.

9. Hapymaher (VNDB 7.53, Erogamescape 78)

While I did admit that I was interested with this VN because of the costumes that the girls wear in the dream, I also can see that the costumes here is quite sexy so much that it did distract the reader's attention from the real meat of this VN which is the mind screw story that have some nakige element (I understand that the distraction may be deliberate, but it's still a waste though to have that kind of sexy costumes considering that this isn't nukige lol). As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC Tohru Naito who is burdened by his past that he was lost his family, so much that he can't rest because he did have lucid dream every night that he keep felt awaken in the dream. One night he saw two mysterious girls Alice and Maia, with the former was trying to help Tohru while the latter keep doing something bad. From there Tohru keep trying to find the solution to his own problem, while Maia somehow keep dragging the other girls into Tohru's dream. Since this VN involving people entering dream, what I can say is that it would be better to just enjoy the show instead of keep thinking seriously of how is that even plausible because it'll be hurt you head if you think it. Oh and almost forget to say that Hapymaher here did have Alice in Wonderland theme.

8. Sorcery Jokers (VNDB 7.78, Erogamescape 78)

The first 2018 release from Mangagamer that was announced back at Otakon 2016, and it's setting was in regard of a city which got some magic user that was exist after years ago when the magic was suddenly came to the existance. While at the first glance it made people felt more content seeing that they manage to a normal life, beneath that there's some secret plan happening one that was involved the life of some people. Two of those people were Senri (The magic using criminal) and Mutsumi Haruto (Ordinary school boy) who happened to be our MCs, and from there they'd try to understand more about what's happening around them in which they may need have a hard time to do that.

As for the MCs, yeah I did say it in plular because in Sorcery Jokers we'll going to have two MCs with each of the MC got two heroines each. That said, since this VN involving some combat and world building we won't see much romance at least until you finished the VN, and for more info this VN is a linear one with the feature that you need to unlock the scenes first. Also while there's only two MCs occasinally we also can see the perspective from three other heroines (The fourth heroine didn't have POV), or to put it simply it's like 11eyes Cross Vision system. Speaking about Haruto, I did hear that his 'not playing fair' catchphrase is annoying although I would say that Haruto here is overshadowed by far more cool Senri, and that you can slightly understand there's a reason of why Haruto is like that if you know the twist (The twist remind me of Tales of the Abyss's own twist).

7. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (VNDB 7.78, Erogamescape 78)

I did repeatedly say that it'll be better if we didn't expect Majikoi from this seeing that both premises were already different, but seeing that the tone is the same along with the fact that there's Takahiro who is infamously have big influence in each of his credited works, it's hard to say that it's not like Majikoi here. So perhaps the right word for Tsujidou here is 'Majikoi but no Majikoi', in which I know it's hard to understand but at least I'm certain that Tsujidou here will be full of comedy. Anyway the premise is that our Hiroshi who is far more normal compared to Majikoi's MC did spot the beautiful delinquent at his class Tsujidou Ai (The main heroine) did looking cute while pick a cat, and from there both of Hiroshi and Ai sort of in relationship for a while. While at the same time, Ai was dubbed as one of the three strong delinquent in their territory along with two other heroines (Renna and Maki). For more info, this is the second Tsurezure's work that in which Trip didn't like Maki to put it lightly and said that Hiroshi here is worse compared to HatsuKoi's Yuuma. Even so, they still managed to finish Tsujidou and I'm sure that most people who've been looking forward to this would be grateful, so I appriciate their work on this even with the fact that Trip dislike this.

6. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ (VNDB 7.86, Erogamescape 81)

The first time I find this VN was through the opening song, in which I did hear it when I'm binged Astral Air opening. One time I let my Youtube video player to play next video in the play list, and it happen that one of the video was Fureraba opening in which I'd find it addictive because it's sounds melancholic. Anyway after I'd hear the opening I search about the VN, and turned out that it's a VN from Smee in which back then there's no hope to be translated even though I'm quite interested with that. At least until Nekonyan did their debut and announced Fureraba as their first title, in which they'd release it quickly at the same month that they promised (March). As for Fureraba, while the opening sounds melancholic actually the game itself is full of humor so we can say that it got some mismatch lol. The premise is simple though that namely it's about Kyousuke (The MC) who strife get his girlfriend, and that you must accomplish it through the small talks between the heroines. As for the heroines, there's estranged childhood friend, best friend, very rude classmate, and very shy popular senior girl. Overall I did enjoy this VN and if you want more Smee VNs, there'll be more considering that Nekonyan picked Making Lover.

5. Evenicle (VNDB 7.90, Erogamescape 82)

The first attempt from Alicesoft to make new franchise now that they already ended Rance franchise, although both of Evenicle and Rance did share some of it's lore though. As for the VN story itself, it's self contained enough considering the scope was covering of the whole Evenicle world instead of a part of the whole world like Rance, although judging from the sequel we may have many different worlds for Evenicle series setting though. As for the first Evenicle premise, it's in regard of Aster who want to marry both of his childhood friend only to be stopped by the rule that man can only have one wife unless he became the knight. So Aster decide to become the knight in order to be able to marry both, and from there he met several other womans whose one way or another become his wives while at the same time he face several enemies whose based on Seven Deadly Sins. As for the gameplay I think it's like the combination of Final Fantasy 4 with fixed five party members with specified roles, and Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light with battle system that based on 5 BP that will regenerate by one per turn (Also with the seven sins thing). Overall I did find that Evenicle here is quite good.

4. Island (VNDB 7.96, Erogamescape 83)

Frontwing 15th anniversary project, and instead of ask four writers like back at Grisaia this time they decided to ask Goo to write this, so it's normal if we expect some sci-fi from this considering that Goo did write Himawari who is also known for some sci-fi element. As for the premise, it was in regard of Setsuna who at first didn't remember his name until a girl with the name Rinne call him with that name, and so Setsuna decided to go with it and helping Rinne while at the same time try to understand his own self. We also have the setting that there's a legend that Rinne here is one part of the three families in an isolated island, and that there's a rumored curse that was supposed to be happened because of apparent past mistakes that was done by supposed Setsuna's and Rinne's ancestors. Almost forget that like Tsujidou you can have a romance with the three family daughters, although since this is all age VN obviously we wouldn't have sex scenes (At least Yukari Tamura as Rinne here is more than enough tradeoff lol). Like Grisaia, Frontwing also adapt Island into anime and it should be good if for the conclusive ending only (The anime was kind of rushed though), while at the same time the VN was ended in slightly less conclusive note.

3. Sanoba Witch aka Sabbat of the Witch (VNDB 7.97, Erogamescape 80)

Back at last year I did thought that Sekai will bring more Yuzusoft VNs, and turned out I was wrong because the one who release it first was Nekonyan. Also to elaborate more Senren Banka license was moved from Sekai to Nekonyan, leaving Sekai with Tenshin Ranman and Dracu Riot in which both of those were frozen so any chance for near future release is small. So let me redact my statement by saying that there'll be more Yuzusoft VN in the future because Nekonyan did have Senren Banka. Anyway as for Sanoba's premise here it's about of how love that was started from masturbation, and it make sense in the context. Or if you want to be concise it's about our MC Shuuji who can perceive the emotion saw Nene who was masturbate in the library which turned out it's because of her witch contract that cause the horniness, and Nene sign the contract in order to fulfill her wish just like Madoka. While they say witch, I would say that magical girl here is more fitting to Sanoba but then again both of those were almost the same. For more info, this is the first officially localized Yuzusoft VN while at the same time the third (The second if you still wait for Dracu Riot official release) translated Yuzusoft VN, and once again there'll be more in the future thanks to Nekonyan.

2. Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- (VNDB 8.31, Erogamescape 81)

Also known as Flowers Summer and the most interesting JAST release at this year out of four releases to me. As for the premise, it's in regard of Suoh who attend Saint Angraecum (Latin name for orchid) and currently suffer some heartbreak after the event from the previous Flowers happened. Thus our snarky wheel chaired girl Yaegaki Erika took unto herself to recover Suoh and become the MC of this VN, and obviously we'll going to see of how Erika will handle her own problem in which she did find a new friend with the name Takasaki Chidori who'll later become her soulmate (This is shoujo ai VN after all). As for the whole Flowers itself, one may remember Maria-sama ga Miteru (Marimite) anime in which also did have the same setting, and also both of Flowers and Marimite were happened to be the tetralogy. Since this is the second part of tetralogy, obviously there'll be two more in which as of now JAST was working on the third part and hopefully they'll work on the fourth part later, and seeing that it's JAST I would say that it'll took them a long time to even release the third part. That said, the main part of Flowers Summer here is still resolved though so it would be fine if we play this as standalone VN just like Kara no Shoujo duology.

1. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ aka 428: Shibuya Scramble (VNDB 8.50, Erogamescape 81 (Wii version))

Currently the only VN that got Famitsu score 40/40 in which in term of video game it would be a big accomplishment (Only 25 games as of 2017), and obviously it mean that Shibuya Scramble here would be a subject of hype. Although as for that, I think the hype was pretty much justified seeing that this VN is quite unique because instead of usual anime like drawing, the creator decided to use photograph which mean that it's obviously will cost a lot. As for the premise, it start simple enough with a detective was tasking into resolve the kidnapping case by giving the ransom money to the kidnapper. Of course things turn out to be not as simple as the first look, and so the detective decided to unravel what's really happening behind the kidnapping. Other than the detective, there's four other characters who somehow are involved in the kidnapping case and you'll going to see from the perspectives of all of those characters so essentially we'll going to have five MCs. Other than PS4, Shibuya Scramble was also out for PC so you can play it if you didn't have PS4, although you can only use the keyboard to play it. Almost forget that if you like Canaan anime, you should check Shibuya Scramble here seeing that this VN is the prequel for the anime itself.

As for of the VNs at this year, I would say that with both of Nekonyan and Sol Press being aggressive looks like it'll be possible that we can get more VNs title. Although of course it's still up in the air though because it's still up to the company whether they can release it or not, and moreso if we know that the company situation could be easily changed. With this year was almost close, let's look forward to 2019 later with more potential VNs release.

PS - As for the title, I'm just combined Flowers's place setting (Saint Angraecum) with Shibuya Scramble, so we got 'Angraecum Scramble' for the title although of course there's no big scrambling zebra cross in Flowers like back at Shibuya.


Foreword - Still no VNTS considering that the page was still not fixed along with Decay will gonna be busy with two Nekonyan's projects (And it mean that he'll no longer working on Nukitashi), so here's usual VNTS Review from mine and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

First of all Merry belated Christmas to all of Fuwanovel's users and guests here. Second as for this week title it's simply because I'm combined the Making Lovers (Makeover) (Nekonyan's announcement) opening song Girl's Carnival with Nanairo Reincarnation, so we got 'Demon's Carnival'. For more explanation, in Nanairo we got a setting where the MC did got live together with the demon, so I decided to add the 'Demon' word there. Note that there's a soundtrack with the same name out there, but of course I wouldn't review that here. As for this week, there's a lot of hightlight namely that this week we have three nukige title releases along with surprise Rikka's patch release, Nanairo release announcement by Sekai, and most importantly two announcements from Nekonyan (Makeover and another title). So in hindsight we'll going to have quite a bit of contents to talk, and let's see what I can write about those hightlights here.

Back at 19th we have Sweet Pool release by JAST in which it's translation was heavily edited compared to the previous patch, so perhaps this release would be slightly less redundant although if I may say something JAST should have more release though. While the premise is quite interesting with bizarre sickness and hallucination, in the end it's BL which is not my cup on tea so I'll pass. Go get that from both of JAST store and Steam in case you want to get this legally, and have fun. Speaking about Steam, we also have Sekai did set their Steam store page for Nanairo which mean the release date for this was almost near, and in this case it would be at Q1 2019 so we should get this by March's end at most if all goes well seeing that usually the company need to preparing a lot of things before the release. I hope that Steam won't banned Nanairo here, so that Sekai can release their big title in a while without much problem seeing that they did lose one of their license.


Frontwing did announce that they'll delay Sharin release to February later in which it mean that there'll be more wait for the people who want Sharin from FW, although personally I did think it's a redundant release though so no much need to wait for Sharin to me here. We also have some updates from Sol Press as well in which they'd finished both of translating and editing work for Hitotsuba, along with the updates from both of Onikiss (58% translated and a quarter edited) and Kimi to Aogi (78% translated and 40% edited). Other than that, I think there's none seeing that they'll start the other three (ie Nukitashi, Mirai Radio, and Himawari no Kioku) at 2019 later including Irotoridori KS, so that's all for the last Sol Press updates at 2018.

Just in case you like otome VN and happen to have PSV, then you can try London Detective Mysteria that was released by XSEED back at 18th, in which it'll told the story of how about a girl who be able to date some handsome men that was happen to be the descendant of the great detective, and those men along with the female MC was about to investigate some mysterious things that was happened around them. We also have Quof announced his nukige work in which it happen will be released by Fakku in the future, and that the premise itself is full of pun if you understand Japanese lol (The puns are in regard of Japanese word for penis). Not quite interested with both of the release and the announcement seeing that the release is a BL VN and the announcement is a nukige, but some people may like it one of those two title (Not both obviously although maybe there's some people who took the liking to both of two VNs out there).

We also have some surprise that Nekonyan was announced back at 21st, and it's in regard of one of their announcement. But before going to that, let me say that I did find Makeover opening song here is quite catchy to me, and that I'll look forward to the release even though it might took a long time seeing that Nekonyan will release this at Winter 2019 later. As for Makeover itself, it's another Smee VN that did have same system as Fureraba along with of how the MC want to find his own girlfriend, so the most thing that I can say is that we better expect this as moege (Duh). Their other announcement is quite surprising because the name of the announcement is Senren Banka in which if we remember it is one of Sekai AX 2017 announcement, and perhaps it mean the rumor that the relationship between Yuzusoft and Sekai was quite shaky is true. Anyway the premise still the same though that the MC got the sword that was stabbed in the rock and the sword turned out to be the girl, and therefore my advice is still the same that it would be better if we expect Senren as normal charage. As for the release estimation, Nekonyan say that they'll release it by late summer 2019 so obviously it'll take a while here. With this Nekonyan's announcements was increased to seven, and I just hope that Nekonyan will be able to release all of those at 2019 later.

Fan Translation

We have three nukige VNs sudden releases here, and two of those were involved some NTR which may not appealing for some people (I also like to note that one of those two NTR VN was from Atelier Sakura which if we remember did have partnership with Mangagamer). As for the third VN, it was in regard of a nurse whose meet up with her childhood friend (The MC) who want to be a doctor only to suffer the accident, and then the nurse did his best to take care of her childhood friend so much that she's willing to go prioritize the MC over her other patients. We obviously didn't need to guess what will happen between the childhood friend couple in that nurse VN, but I did find that it's quite popular because it did have PS4 port with reworking scene to allow the VN could be enjoyed without the sex scenes and it mean that obviously it'd need a lot of rewriting seeing that the original VN itself is nukige. Oh the team that was behind nurse VN translation is Oxford Comma in which if we remember was the one who translate both of Noble Works and Miu's route of Dracu Riot, and this time worked it in secret before they suddenly release this back at Sunday. Regardless of my personal opinion on nukige (Didn't interested much), I would still say congratulations on the releases and I hope that whoever play those three will have fun of playing it.

For the roundup this week fan translations update, other than sudden Rikka's patch release by Tsurezure we have Eustia was at 60.65% translated along with 45.04% edited, Harugi's overall was at 38% translated with Miyabi's route was at 91% translated along with Branch was at 44% edited, Loverable was at 54.16% edited along with 31.25% QC-ed, Oreimo Tsuzuku script was fully finalized, Summer Pocket common route was completely translated and the current progress was at 15,5% translated with the detail 17,291 out of 111,484 lines were translated, and Yoigoshi was at 93% translated.

For the last update from fan translation, we have a surprise Rikka's patch release from Tsurezure in which if we remember Irru keep saying that they might not be able to make it by Christmas, and here we are with the Christmas gift from Tsurezure in form of Rikka's patch. Obviously the patch here will translated Rikka's route here along with Marika's and Misa's, so go get the patch here if you already want to play Rikka's route there and have fun. By the way Irru also say that Trip want to take one or two week of rest, so they may not have the progress at Touko's route for the next week so hopefully there'll be one at 2019 later. As for the progress from Hoshiori, it should be obvious that Rikka's route here is fully translated along with 54.06% of it (Congratulation to Tsurezure for halfway translating Hoshiori there). That's all for fan translation updates.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and once again Merry belated Christmas. See you next week.


Kokuhaku 2 Review

Foreword - No VNTS at this week once again which mean the main page problem is still not fixed so I decided to made another VNTS Review here, and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

As for this week, because I saw Deep Blue's review of Kokuhaku and of how much Suki Suki (Big release for this week) did have a gameplay heavily based on confession (TL Note: Kokuhaku mean confession), I decided to make the review for the 'sequel' which of course never there in the first place and Suki Suki casts here is far more developed compared to the 'prequel'. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which other than Suki Suki release we also have some updates from Mangagamer (Their last 2018 updates according to their word), alongside usual fan translations updates and Sol Press one. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

It's quite a pity that Carrion Crow Kickstarter was failed with they only managed to gather ~6,000 out of 10,000, although they did say at their update that they want to re-evaluate the KS so perhaps we can see anther attempt from them to re-launch the KS. If they'll do that later, then I hope that their next KS will be successful. We also have Lamunation was at halfway translated, so be happy if you're one of the people who want to see the meme in Lamunation. In regard of Sol Press updates, we have Hitotsuba was at 90% translated along with 80% edited, Shitsuaru was at 23% translated, Onikiss was past halfway (55%) translated along with 20% edited, and Kimi to Aogi was at 725 translated along with 35% edited. We also have Muv Luv Photonflower will be released at 2019 later, but for now we didn't have much info other than they release year.

To be honest, considering that the updates were very sparse and usually took months so much that I decided to not keeping the eye on that it's surprising that we saw anther Yosuga no Sora updates at this week, and the progress of that was surprisingly a lot with Akira's route was fully translated except the H scenes. While of course it's good that we finally can see that Yosuga no Sora project still active, the translator did say that he'll about to enter university so he warned us that the progress will be even more sparse in the future, and what I can say is that I just hope that someday it'll be finished seeing that it's almost 8 years since the team start the project. Anyway as for the current progress overall it was at 92.6% translated with Akira's route was at 92.51% translated and Motoka's route was at 63.98% translated. Other than Yosuga no Sora sudden update, we have Eustia was at 60.61% translated, Harugi's overall was at 36% translated with Miyabi's route was past three quarters (82%) translated and Branch was at 44% translated along with 42% edited, Watamasu was at 36% translated, Loverable was at 53.14% edted alng wth 29.7% QC-ed, 4,020 lines of Pure x Connect were translated, and overall Hoshiori was at almost halfway (49.79%) translated with Rikka's route was slightly past three quarter (75.9%) translated. That's all for this week fan translation updates.

As for Mangagamer updates, we have both of Bokuten and Steam Prison were almost finished with the testing, Trinoline was finished the testing, Sona-Nyl was at three quarter translated, Sukehime was at 62% translated and 19% edited, Rance X was at 20.3% translated, Amatarasu was fully edited, Room No. 9 was at 60% edited, and the work for Sengoku's image and UI was started. As for Sengoku here, seeing that Suki Suki translation choice did get the flak and that the translator (Arunaru) did also responsible for Sengoku's retranslation, I'm kind of wonder whether people will treat Mangagamer version of Sengoku Rance as redundant release or not seeing that we already got it translated for nine years. Granted that they need to retranslated it in order to make it consistent with the new translation choice seeing that there's some terms that were translated differently between Sengoku and VI, but still some people were probably already getting used by the old translation choice. For the last update, it's the biggest one to me in which they'd already announced Yurirei Full Chorus exact release date at January 17th later, so if you've been looking forward to play Yurirei with full voice go pre-order that from Mangagamer site.

The biggest release at this week (And only release at that) is Suki Suki, in which if we remember was the VN from Chuablesoft that as we knew suffer the bankruptcy. As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC (Souta) who is quite capable at farming and cooking that manage to met up with some mysterious fairy and the fairy told Souta that he'll lost two things in the future if he didn't search the girlfriend. Obviously Souta here didn't understand a thing abut that, but regardless of that he decided to search for a new girlfriend seeing that he did want to get one. One thing that interesting to note in regard of Suki Suki is that this VN was quite viral. Although the reason was not for of how Mangagmer manage to release something from a bankrupt company, or whether the story did have contrast tone at some of the routes, or you can get rejected by the heroines if you confess. Instead the reason of why Suki Suki was viral here is in regard of Arunaru's translation choice, in which it's quite questionable for some people. Some of those were gratuitous Spanish and change 'onii-chan' into 'dude', in which while granted those two changes were quite small, some people were still angry abut that and it's quite understandable. In any case, I guess Arunaru should take a responsibility to his own translation style. Well in the end what I can say is that perhaps you'll better try to enjoy Suki Suki without being bothered with the translation there, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - Currently admin Tay is atill missing, so obviously it mean that the font page is still not fixed and therefore no VNTS. So here's another VNTS Review from mine, and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I'm simply parodied Romance of the Three Kingdom that was the main inspiration of Koihime Musou franchise (Albeit loosely one at that) into 'Romance of the Three Queendoms' simply because we have Shin Koihime Musou was fully translated, and the Queendom part should be obvious because in Koihime Musou we have almost all Chinese historical figure were genderbent into woman. And by 'almost all' I mean all except one character in which that one character only was a naked muscle man, although he's not the king though so the Queendoms part should still applies even though the game not said that. As for this week, other than another fit from Steam there's not much news here other than regular updates, so if I may blunt here this week is kind of dry. That said, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Steam's fit, this week we have HGB was removed from Steam page and banned, in which it proved that my worries was right that Steam may change their policy after allowing 18+ VNs to be added into Steam store. To make it worse, the version of HGB that was added was supposed to be wouldn't have any sex scenes also at least the work should be safe to be added at Steam, even with the fact that 18+ patch will available later. While granted that the deletion was might be just personal matter of taste from the one who reviewed and deleted HGB store page, it's still shown that Steam is not free of censorship and to make it worse it's not clear what kind of the game that would be not allowed on the store page. In the end, what I can say is that while Steam is good platform to market the VN, it would be better to not depending on it too much considering their inconsistent policy (Sorry for going a bit emotional here). If anything at least HGB release was already decided at January 25th later (Good that it's still on time for summer release if you live in Australia) which mean that at least the Steam ban didn't affected the release, and as of now Nekonyan did try to port HGB into their new engine for Englsh release later.

Like I say earlier, we finally have Shin Koihime Musou was finiased the translation progress after a lot of translation works. That said it didn't mean that the work for it was fnished though, because there'll be a lot of editing work in which currently it's at ~28% so easy to say it would need some times before finally we can play Shin Koihime Musou in English. Other than Shin Koihime Musou, we have Eustia was at 60.35% translated along with 44.65% edited, Harugi's overall was at 34% along with Miyabi's route was at 69% translated, Watamasu was at 35% translated, Loverable was at 51.68% edited, Pure Pure was passing 90% mark translated with the current progress was at 91.15% translated for overall with Tobari's route was at 85.05% translated, and Yoigoshi was at 87% translated. Other than those usual updates, we also have Rhapsody's update in which the translator was already finished with Chapter 8 of Lavirie's route translation and currently working on Chapter 9 with around halfway of the chapters were already translated. Other than the update, we also already got the editor for Rhapsody's project so at least it should help the translation. For last update from fan translation, we have Tsurezure did managed to almost halfway translated Rikka's route with the current progress was at 49.51% translated, and with that it bring overall Hoshiori translation progress to 45.12% translated.

For additional update, just in case you already have PSV and been looking forward to London Detective Mysteria otome, be happy because XSEED already announced that they'll release it at 18th later. While for PC version, apparently they work on that version so that the PC player will have good experience, and therefore they still not determine when there'll be PC version release. In that case, then hopefully it mean that they'll take care the porting very seriously.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - As usual we don't have VNTS here, because admin Tay is still missing and presumably the technical problem was still not fixed. So here's my VNTS Review for this week, and hope you'll enjoy it.

As for the title, because we have Misa's patch released obviously the pattern for the title would be 'Star-Weaving Future Dream'. I'd know that there's White Album 2 (WA2) word here, and the reason is because the next route that Tsurezure will translate is Rikka's route. As for Rikka herself, most of the people were reminded of a certain main heroine of WA2 (Touma Kazusa) when they see her, simply because the character design of Rikka and Kazusa along with some initial setting is more or less the same one. Namely that Rikka sat besides Ryousuke just like Kazusa sat beside Haruki, Rikka like to play the piano in the afternoon just like Kazusa like to play the piano in the afternoon, Rikka was opened up to Ryousuke just like Kazusa was opened up to Haruki, and both of Rikka and Kazusa were living alone. Of course those resemblance were not enough to me to give the title 'White Album 2' so there's one more similarities here that convinced me, namely that the two songs for Rikka route here would be important to the story in her route, just like Todokanai Koi is the important song for WA2. Of course, Rikka herself is turned out to be different from Kazusa in her route simply because she didn't involved in the messy love triangle case like WA2, and that she can only play piano compared to Kazusa who can play other instruments.

WA2 comparison aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which other than Misa's patch release there's no notable updates here. Of course it did mean that there's still some updates, just not quite big. Oh and seeing that Misa's patch here is just partial patch for Hoshiori and that there's no other release for this week, easy to say that there's no full release here. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

I did hear some rumor that Frontwing (FW) license in Sekai was finished, and therefore FW decided to sell their own Grisaia trilogy by themselves. Whle this is make sense seeing that FW did managed to sell their own product (Regardless in their reliance to crowdfund), I can't help to think that Sekai was probably need to deal with a lot of loss here. In any case, I just hope that both of FW and Sekai will managed to have good releases in the future (Personally I didn't care much abut the news here). Speaking abut crowdfund, we have Kickstarter (KS) for both of Neighbor spinoff (Carrion Crow) and the spinoff of 18 otome VN Bell Chime for Gold were launched, and to be frank I'm very late for noticing the former here seeing that it's been there since November 11th. Quite an interesting idea I guess that Carrion Crow KS here want to attract the backer with famous game composer, but then again the story was still pretty much the horror one just like Neighbor here (At least it should be good if you interested with mystery). As for Bell Chime spinoff, perhaps Sekai will help the release seeing that they released the main game as well. For the funding situation, Carrion Crow was at almost halfway funded and Bell Chime was fully funded.

As for Sol Press, I see that they'll start the Kickstarter for Irotoridori at January later. I'm pretty much okay with the delay here because Sol Press were probably need to prepare some paperwork before finally they'll be able to launch the KS, but what I can say is that I'm still really hope that Sol Press was already ready to work on Irotoridori's technical work because they'll need to prepare for that a lot like I say several times (I still remember that Sekai weren't able to resolve the locale problem back at Hoshimemo). Other than the slight delay to Irotoridori KS (Earlier Sol Press said that they'll have Irotoridori KS at December), we have Onikiss was at 47% translated along with 13% edited, Hitotsuba was at 80% translated along with 70% edited, and Yotsunoha was reentering the QA in order to take care of the remaining bugs. Other than Sol Press, seeing that it's almost year end there's a chance that Nekonyan will announced something at this month, so let's see what kind of the announcements that they'll have later. For additional news here, we also have Lamunation was at 40% translated so it's should be good if you looking for ward to the meme at Lamunation.

From fan translation, other than Hoshiori Misa's patch release we have Eustia was at 60.28% translated, Harugi's overall was at 32% translated with Miyabi's route was past halfway (59%) translated, Watamasu was at 34% translated, and Loverable was past halfway (50.13%) edited. Other than those usual updates, we'd have Pure x Connect Chapter 1 was fully translated and the overall progress was 3,625 lines were translated along with 302 lines were edited, and Trans! (Toradora doujin nukige for the reminder) were at 7% for both of editing and translation progress along with that they finally managed to find the people who can solve the technical problem. We also have a bad news that Tenkiame project were stopped because some company managed to have it on Steam with questionable translation quality, and obviously it mean that there'll be no further attempt to translated this officially because it mean that there'll be the risk of facing legal problem if they attempt that. Perhaps it would be better if we wary about that seeing that currently Steam did allow 18+ VNs to enter their store, so there's might some similar problematic release in the future.

For the last update from fan translation, once again we have Misa's patch released along with Trip was already starting the work on Rikka's route in which it did show some good progress there, with Rikka's route was at 27.96% and overall progress for Hoshiori was already pass 40% mark (41.31%) translated. I would say that Trip here is doing good with that considering that Rikka's route here is the longest one in Hoshiori, and Irru did warn us that they might not managed to have Rikka's patch released for the Christmas later because of the length. For a bit of my story here, seeing that Trip did translate Marika's first I thought that Trip would translated Misa's route last because of Misa appearence here is similar to Midori's while Marika's role here is resembled Yukino and thus it would make a nice bookend (Because we have Trip did translated Midori's route first and Yukino's last back at HatsuKoi), but turned out I was wrong here because Trip did translate Misa's route as the second route. Not that I didn't have any problem with it, because it mean that with Misa's patch release here we have one more route in Hoshiori translated. Get Misa's patch if you've been interested to try it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For this week titling, I'm sure that someone would already realized that each of the title did have VNs name every time Tsurezure did release the patch, and let me say that it was my intention here that I made it like that so we have the VN name idiosyncratic titling here whenever we have Tsurezure did release the patch.


Foreword - The technical problem at the main page was still unresolved, so it's pretty obvious that we still didn't get VNTS here as long as admin Tay here is still missing. I'm still hope that the issue with the main page is fixed, no matter of how long it'll be. Anyway, here's usual VNTS Review for this week and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for the title it's very simple that I parodied both of Sakusakura and Sakura Swim Club, because the former did have art club as the most prominent club in the setting and if we remember we already have old Sakura Swim Club from Winged Cloud, so I'd combine both of those into 'Sakura Art Club'. Granted that Sol Press did localized it as 'Fine Arts Club', but in the end art club here is still fitting lol. Anyway in case you didn't catch up with the news we finally have Sakusakura release in which it's the second full VN release from Sol Press after many delays, and other than that we have some updates from fan translation. Other than those two, there's no update from most of other official localization companies. Let's see what I can write for this week as well, even though this week was a bit lacking if we keep the eye on official translation.

Like I say before, finally we have Sakusakura release in which we finally have it delayed for several times. What I can say about the delay is that while granted that there's some thing like back when Steam was purging the adult games in panic and therefore Steam need more time to review it thoroughly, I'm still say that their overestimation of their capabilities of making it high resolution did contribute to the delay because turned out that there's a lot of work need to be done for that according to Doddler (Here's the blogpost for the proof). Well in the end all of those were history, and I hope that Sol Press will keep improving themselves. As for Sakusakura release, from what I'd read we'll going to have two type of MCs (A timid one and a sly one) that will have problem with their own love triangle problem. Or to put it simply each of the MCs will have to deal with love triangle problem, so we'll going to have two love triangle story. What I can say is that if you didn't like love triangle then you can avoid Sakusakura at all cost, although if you looking forward into that because of the love triangle I would say that it wouldn't be as dramatic as School Days love triangle. Go get Sakusakura if you've been interested with, and have fun (Personally my interest in Sakusakura here is already waning).

From fan translation, we have two new projects were announced although technically both of those were already there for a while though. The first project is Pure x Connect in which it's another Smee VN that did have same setting as Fureraba because two of the heroines did attend same school at Fureraba (Same uniform), and same story to an extent that namely the MC want to feel love after being single for some time. As for the current progress, right now 3,200 lines out of 43,986 lines were translated while 160 lines were edited. What I can say is that good luck to the team, even though there's a chance that Pure x Connect here might be Nekonyan secret announcement. The second project is Trans! in which it's Toradora lemon VN technically speaking, although perhaps calling it lemon would be disrespectful because of the negative connotation from lemon so I'll call it Toradora doujin nukige VN. As for the premise I think VNDB should explain it more clearly here, so let me to write about the progress here in which the current progress of that was already 5% for both of translation and editing progress. As for Trans!, personally I would pass on this but still good luck to the team who translate it.

For the rest of fan translation updates, let me round up it. For this week, we have Eustia was at 59.74% translated, Harugi's overall was at 31% translated with Miyabi's route was at 48% translated, Loverable was at almost halfway (49.4%) edited, Pure Pure was at 89.57% translated with Tobari's route was past three quarter (75.70%) translated, Watamasu was at 30% translated, Yoigoshi was at three quarter translated, and Gore Screaming Show was at 21.78% translated. Other than those roundups, we also have Summer Pocket gave their update with their current situation is that the team was almost finished the translation of the common route and translated all of the minigame files. As for the next plan of Summer Pocket, the team will release common route patch after all of the editing work for the common route is done along with make sure that the minigame is working. For the last update, we have Misa's route was fully translated and overall Hoshiori was at 36.36% translated, and like Trip said earlier there's no patch release at this week because there's still some work left before they'll release Misa's patch later and after that start the work on Rikka's route.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - Seeing that Decay experienced some difficulty in regard of making VNTS because of the technical error and that admin Tay is still missing, it's inevitable that we couldn't have VNTS until the problem is fixed combined with Decay's new busyness later. So as usual here's this week VNTS Review from mine and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

As for the title, since we already have Healing Harem release along with soon to be released Sakusakura at this day, I decided to combined two title seeing that it's very fitting because we have Sakura Spirit release in the past. By the way 'Curse Spirit' part here is the direct translation of tatarigami, in which as this site mentioned is the curse spirit that need to be appeased whenever there's some curse in Japan because Japanese people did believed that the curse was caused by tatarigami's anger. That title aside, as for this week other than both of Healing Harem and Sakusakura later there's no releases for this week, but of course we still got usual updates so let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Healing Harem, well it's more or less just Pulltop's answer to Sakura series so it's not a big release to me. And more importantly it's quite obvious that Pulltop will release it in Japan with H scenes later, so we can treat Healing Harem as censored VN. If anything, at least Haling Harem here is not Pulltop's big VN like both of Konosora and Miagete in which those two releases did cause some controversy because of the censorship, and more importantly the three goddess heroines in there did have big breast lol. Speaking about big breast, Cherry Kiss did announce Isekai Harem Dungeon Master in which while it's interesting that we have another isekai VN announced (Isekai VN here is surprisingly rare), the mere mention of Cherry Kiss should what we need to guess that the VN itself is a nukige and did have big breast heroines. Not my type of VN, but if you want more nukige perhaps you'll be looking forward to the release.

As for Sekai, I guess it's good that they have Nine, Majokoi, and Nanairo was on track. Although it's too bad though that Nanairo need to do the QA once more because apparently they want to do it more precise, in order to avoid the past mistakes like Hoshimemo and Tokeijikake. Oh and speaking about QA, there's Majokoi as well in which apparently it wouldn't be possible to have Sekai release it at Q4 2018 because it said that they need multiple QA to get that done, and they about to do the first round. The reason for the multiple QA is that Majokoi's engine itself is quite complex, and if we recall from back at Tokeijikake there's some hiccup like we need to play it using Japanese locale instead of English locale, and for the remeinder both of Tokeijikake and Majokoi did share same engine. Other than three projects, Sekai also did have fully translated and edited secret project and right now they waiting for the third party to do the engine work (No idea what's the secret project is). From Mangagamer we have Suki Suki finally released at December 13th later, so it's definitely the good news seeing that they finally managed to release it after two years delay because of Chuable's bankruptcy.

From fan translation section, we have Eustia was at 58.80% translated along with 44.04% edited, Harugi's overall was at 30% translated along with Miyabi's route was at 42% translated and Branch was at 43% translated along with 34% edited, Watamasu was at a quarter translated, Loverable was at 92.38% TLC-ed along with 48.44% edited and 27.4% QC-ed, Akagoi's prologue was finished the editing process, and Yoigoshi was at 64% translated. As for Hoshiori's update, this time we have Misa's route reached 70% mark (70.59%) translated and overall Hoshiori was at 32.23% translated. While it's possible that Misa's route will be fully translated by the next week, according to Trip there's still some editing work left so obviously we'll not have it released at next week, so perhaps it would be reasonable if we think that Misa's patch will be released at December later.

This week other than Sakusakura release we have a lot of updates from Sol Press announcements, so I would say good job to them there. As for Irotoridori, while for now it's still uncertain there's a possibility that they'll launch the KS at December later along with possibility of adding the FDs as the stretch goal, so let's wait and see in regard of Irotoridori. For their roundup progress, the work of Mirai Radio, Nukitashi, and Himawari no Kioku will start at 2019 later, so don't expect any updates from those three for now. As for the rest of the announcements, we have Shitsuaru was at 20% translated and 11% edited, Kimi to Aogi was at 60% translated and 30% edited, Hitotsuba was at 60% translated and halfway edited, and Onikiss was at 38% translated along with 5% edited. For additional notes here, Sol Press did targeted to have all of those announcements released at 2019 later, in which while it's not impossible it would be tall order to do so I hope that Sol Press manage to find a way if they want to fulfill the target. Oh and it's good that Sol Press finally managed to release Sakusakura after two years delay later.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.


Foreword - Since Decay already tweeted that he can't make VNTS because some function at the main site is broken, currently he was stuck because he can't make one and therefore waiting until admin Tay appear again which easier said than done considering that the admin is been missing. So obviously there'll be no VNTS again and like usual I decided to make another VNTS Review. Hope you'll enjoy this.

As for this week review, I decided to once again parodying Wedding Peach because we have elf angel demon nukige release from Cherry Kiss Games (Congratulation to mod Dergonu in regard of the release seeing that it's his 2nd translation work). For more elaboration, in the 2nd opening of Wedding Peach we have the word 'Tenshi Akuma...' which obviously mean angel and demon, and the japanese title for the aforementioned nukige did have those two words. The title of the opening in question is 'Wedding Wars' and I must say that it's quite fittng considering that the three of the creatures (Angel, demon, and elf) did engage in 'wars' to get the MC. Also since this is a nukige, I add letter X in the end of the title just like controversial Valis X in which that version of Valis did have sex contents (By the way both Wedding Peach and Valis are magical girl, even though the media is different with the former is anime and the latter is video game). With that matter done, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which while there's no big release we have two companies did have a lot of updates especially Mangagamer, so it's good to me. Let's see what I can write at this week.

This week we have announcement that there'll be Date A Live VN released for overseas at 2019 later, and the releases was available for both of Steam and PS4 with the latter was gathering some controversy in regard of censorship and banning VN port to PS4. As for Date A Live itself, at first I thought that the premise was quite absurd with one male need to romance the spirits in order to maintain the peace, but then I learned that this is one of well known anime so perhaps the release will be interesting for Date A Live fan. Also from what I'd heard the VN was apparently quite good so perhaps you may interested with the title, although I'm still not quite interested with Date A Live franchise as of now anyway. Other than Date A Live VN announcement, we have elf demon angel nukige release from Cherry Kiss Game in which the premise was the same as Date A Live, except instead to maintain peace the MC need to decided which female that deserved to be with him, because the females that were from different race each was fought over the MC in order to make their children very strong (The MC somehow have the gene that came from the legendary warrior). Go get the nukige from either Steam, JAST, or FAKKU if you interested, and have fun.

We also have Onikiss was at 40% translated and 2% edited, so at least it's good to see that now we can see the progress from one of eight Sol Press VNs announcements. Other than Sol Press, we also have some updates from Nekonyan in which we have Aokana was at 20% translated, Sukiren was at halfway translated, and HGB was at 80% edited. Speaking about HGB, Nekonyan did already the Steam store for that and they already said that they'll going to announced the exact release date later, so the time for us to finally enjoy HGB shouldn't be long considering that Steam list the release date at Winter 2018 (Should be released in December's end at the latest). As for HGB itself, while the premise might make us expect there'll be action, I would say that it would be better if we just expect HGB as charage instead of the action VN because I saw some disappointment that HGB didn't have enough action (ie just expect it like Kajitsu or Sharin with some MC's past scattered through four routes).

From Mangagamer, we have a lot of surprise that namely six of their projects were entering beta, so at least those seven should be ready for the release. Those six VNs were Steam Prison, Lilycle, Trinoline, Yurirei Full Chorus, Damekoi, and Bokuten. As for the last one, it's been in editing for a long time so it's good to see that we finally have Bokuten was almost ready for the release after more than two years of works. Personally I look forward to Damekoi here, in which Mangagamer did apply the emote system from the newer version (2018 release) into the English release, and seeing that it's already finished the testing one I think the testing for this time was to test if the emote system will run well or not in English version - I just hope that Mangagamer will release it at December if they still want to do 2018 release for Damekoi. For more info, we also have Suki Suki entering final round of testing which surely mean that Mangagamer was indeed finally manage to handle the license right from Chuuable. For the roundup of the updates from them, we have Amatarasu was at 82% edited, Sukehime was at 40% translated and 15% edited, Escalayer was at 97% translated, Room No.9 was at 60% translated and 45% edited, Maggot Bait was at 64.2% edited, and Sona-Nyl was at 67% translated. That's all for Mangagamer updates, and I'll look forward to their announcements at Anime NYC later.

From fan translation we have Eustia was at 57.56% translated, Harugi's overall was at 29% translated with Miyabi's route was at 37% translated and Branch was at 41% translated along with 31% edited, Watamasu was at 18% translated, and Pure Pure was at 88.15% translated with Tobari's route was at 62.79% translated. Also we'll going to have another project revived, and the project in question is Bishoujo Mangekoyo 2.5 or if we want to call it in classy way it would be 'Kaleidoscope Beauty: You were the Girl (I knew) Back Then', in which if we knew it was started back at two years ago before finally stalled because Arcadeotic being busy there. The project will be started at December later, so for now what I can say is that good luck to the project. For the last update, we have Trip whose been busy back at conference and beeing tired from that managed to translated 36.21% of Misa's route through the weekend (Good job on that), and the overall progress for Hoshiori was past a quarter (27.41%) translated.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Foreword - Seeing that Decay was probably will get busy again even with Sanoba released because now that he got two projects to contend (Nukitashi and Nekonyan's secret project), easy to say that he probably wouldn't have enough time for VNTS here. So let me write the VNTS Review for this week as usual, and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

Since we have Hoshiori's Marika's route patch released by Tsurezure, once again for this week the title scheme goes with 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' and of course it mean that it would open the new chapter now that we also have Misa's route to be translated next hence 'Chapter 2' at the title. As for the chapter title, seeing that Misa did her best to guide Ryousuke into closed down aquarium made me remember back when Ever17's Sora guide the guests back at the VN beginning, I think Ever17 here should be fitting for Misa's route seeing that her route will have a similarity in regard of aquarium even though Ever17's setting was in underwater theme park (It still did have aquarium though), and moreover both of Misa's route and Ever17 did have jellyfish with the former as Misa's iconic(?) animal while the latter was one of the attraction along with the leitmotif for one of Ever17 heroine. Even with some similarities here, obviously both of Ever17 and Misa's route were very different seeing that Hoshiori is more or less just a charage, while Ever17 itself was quite famous because of the escape from the imploding underwater theme park story along with some mind screw element.

My trivia in regard of Ever17 aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review and after a lot of announcements from Sol Press along with three releases, this week we have a breather here so it's the updates here was not as numerous as the last week. Of course it didn't mean that there's no interesting updates though, especially in regard of Tsurezure who released Marika's patch back at the last week. Other than that, we have one VN release although admittedly it's less known though. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

While in theory it's good that we got another release, unfortunately it's quite unknown to me here so I'm more or less just pass on this. The VN in question is Death Mark, in which it'll depict the story of an amnesiac no name detective (Because he forgot his name) who fated to be dead quickly with the strange accident because of the mark that the detective have, and from there he met with a mysterious doll girl who seemingly have the connection with the mark. Other than the factor that the VN is quite less known, there's also the fact that it's only for the console so I'll pass on this. Other than less known Death Mark VN release, we also have Lamunation was at 30% translated according to LoveLab's tweet along with Pulltop did announce the exact date for Healing Harem release at 14th later, and as for the latter I'm still suspect that Pulltop will rerelease that in Japan with sex scenes available.

For fan translation, we have Eustia was at 56.71% translated along with editing and TLC progress was at 43.63%, Harugi's overall was at 27% translated with Miyabi's route was at 27% translated along with Branch was at 40% translated, Loverable was at 45.78% edited, Yoigoshi was at halfway translated, Watamasu was showing some progress with current progress was at 17% translated, and Shin Koihime Musou was finally touched 99% mark translated. For more updates, we got both of Eushully VNs here did have some updates. For Rhapsody as of now we have Chapter 8 of Lavirie's route was at around 10-15% translated (According to the translator himself), while the TLC was already progressed through Chapter 1. As for Amayui, right now Chapter 1 was already at 69% translated and by translated I mean 69% of Chapter 1 should already finished both of TLC and QC along with editing processes (Hopefully), while as far as rough translation concerned as of now the translator were finished with around 12,000 lines of main story script. What I can say is that it's good enough that Eushully projects still show some of the activity, and I'm still hope that both projects will eventually release the full patches.

For the last update from fan translation, we have Tsurezure released Marika's patch so go get the patch and have fun. Also they already announced their next route to be translated and it's obviously Misa's like I'd say at the beginning, and more importantly they announced the translation order for the rest of the routes. So for the remaining routes, after Misa's they'll translated Rikka's route next, following by Touko's route next, then Sora's, and finally Natsuki's. And since Tsurezure already announced that they'll translate Natsuki's route last according to Irru's wish, from now on I'll call Hoshiori full patch as Natsuki's patch here. Other than routes order announcements, we also have some progress for Misa's route and the current progress for Misa's route was at 10.86% translated with overall was at 23.85% translated. For additional notes here, Irru said that Trip will be busy at this week so it would be better if we didn't expect that the next week progress will moving much, although personally I'm content with Hoshiori showing some progress here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week. 


Foreword - No VNTS yet again, and perhaps this time it's because Decay was still in need to cool down from his work load. So here's another VNTS Review from mine and I hope you'll enjoy this.

As for the title, it should be obvious that it have the relationship with Sanoba release but for this time I'll tell why at the PS so let's focus on the main topic first, and welcome to this week VNTS Review. Quite a surprise that we got from Sol Press back at the last announcement, so I'll try to write about those announcements. Other than Sol Press announcements, of course we still have some usual updates with JAST and more importantly we have two big releases (Bokukotsu and Sanoba). Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From JAST we'd have Majikoi was at 70% edited along with Kimikoi was fully edited, in which while it's not too much at least it mean that there's still some activity at JAST (Let's hope that they'll manage to have good announcement at next AX later). For fan translation, we have Eustia was at 55.38% translated, Harugi's overall was at a quarter translated with Miyabi's route was at 17% translated along with Branch was at 36% translated, Loverable was at 88.9% TLC-ed and 45.51% edited, Yoigoshi was at 46% translated, Pure Pure was at 87.36% translated with Tobari's route was at 62.62% translated, and Witch Garden was at exactly halfway (50%) translated. For last updates from fan translation (At this week obviously), we have Trip managed to fully translated Marika's route in which it's bring Hoshiori overall progress to 22.32% translated, and they'll going to release Marika's patch along with announce the next route that Trip will translate next within this week (Before Irru going to Japan at Saturday later). That's all the updates for both of JAST and fan translation section.

Congratulation to Sekai in regard of Bokukotsu release, in which like Sanoba it did have some good production value although once again my interest was still with Sanoba though. As for Bokukotsu, the premise is that the MC (Ren) who suddenly became the caretaker to five magical creature girls (The game say it demon though) who is quite useless, and two of those five were his brocon stepsister and his childhood friend. Safe to say that Ren's adventure will be rocky because those girls have each of their own quirk. Other than comedic story, Bokukotsu here was also the VN with Sayori as the artist so you didn't need to wonder if the art remind you of Nekopara. Have fun with Bokukotsu there if you've been interested with, and before forget Sekai did release that for both of all age and 18+. Other than Bokukotsu release, Sekai doing their porting work for two parts of Tokeijikake (1st part and Daybreak) into the new engine in which it good to know. We also have Nine was fully edited, although I'm more or less just pass on that because it's episodic release.


We'd have Frontwing released Loca Love, in which it's only the first part so I'm not quite interested with this. Although from what I saw I think Frontwing will probably going with one character route per releases, in which it's been the format that Frontwing did for their past episodic releases (Phantom Trigger and Corona Blossom) so at least you can say that FW was already experienced with episodic releases. In any case, at least Loca Love here isn't as bad as Supipara in which if we remember didn't have the sex scenes while Loca Love here did have the sex scenes. Get Loca Love if you've interested with that, and have fun.

Last Sunday we did have a lot of announcements from Sol Press, and one of those was Irotoridori in which it's surprising enough seeing that I've been thinking that it would be Nekonyan's next project. But then again, perhaps we could say that FAVORITE would be interested with doing the KS while Nekonyan was already insist that they're not doing the crowdfund (Including KS obviously), so obviously both of FAVORITE and Nekonyan were clashing with each other. Keep in mind that it's just my conjecture though, so I may be totally wrong in regard of this. Anyway let's see what Sol Press new lineup is.

For both of Nukitashi and Onikiss, what I can say is that Decay work on the former and Fred did work on the latter. Although as far as my interest going, I would say that Nukitashi here is the third most interesting announcement to me after Irotoridori (I'll talk about my second most interesting announcement later), while for Onikiss I'll just pass that as nukige with little sister theme. Yeah I know it's quite ironic that I prefer the VN with nukige name there compared to the VN that didn't have nukige in the name there lol, but that's my impression here. As for Nukitashi, it's in regard of our MC (Junnosuke) who is quite valiantly to protect his virginity to his true love that got thrown into the island where have sex is a necessity if you want to survive, and that situation obviously wouldn't sit well with Junnosuke so he decided to organize the rebellion or something like that. Not something that you would expect in a title with nukige all right, so at least it should be interesting. As for Onikiss, well the premise was did give nukige vibe like so I'll just pass on that although perhaps there's something more beneath that because otherwise 4chan wouldn't insist to have this title to be translated.

To tell the truth, their ojou sama VNs announcement (Shitsuaru and Kimi to Aogi) were not interesting to me, because we already have both of Evangile and Noble Works and also Hello Lady that we'll get at the next year if all goes well. No to mention that the MCs concept as poor and capable man was already done in both of Evangile and Noble works, and from the look of I think we can just dismiss those two VNs as moege although I still hoping that maybe those two VNs did have some potential especially in regard of Shitsuaru. That said, if you want to talk about the seiyuu that did those two VNs, there'll be a lot to talk because the seiyuu were quite well known especially in regard of with the example like Kawashima Rino and Taguchi Hiroko (The latter did have roles at both of ojou sama VNs). Not quite interested with Hitotsuba here either because it's just less known VNs that got called as 'The Second Aokana', although to me it's more like the combination of Aokana, Haretaka, and Konosora though (And not not mention that the girls costumes didn't interesting like Aokana lol), but then again some people may look forward into this.

As for Himawari no Kioku well apparently the producer decided to go with Nekonyan instead of working alone to localized it like back when it was announced, although more or less I just pass on this (The graphic was still good though). In any case, it's obviously will be released on Steam seeing that it's already been green-lighted at that site since two years ago, and obviously Sol Press will have 18+ patch available for this VN as well. As for Mirai Radio, since it's another Laplacan VN it's not surprising that Sol Press did get their hand on that. As for the premise, it was in regard of the post apocalyptic world in which the MC himself was about to die only to find a strange girl who said that the MC wasn't supposed to die yet. To tell the truth, I did have a hard time to understand it from VNDB synopsis alone so I'll just link it to mod Clephas's review because I find that his review is understandable. Anyway, this is the second most interesting announcement to me after Irotoridori, so I'll look forward to eventual release of Mirai Radio.

The most interesting announcement from Sol Press to me here is obviously Irotoridori. As for Irotoridori, the premise was in regard of our MC Yuuma (Another Yuuma as MC's name I see) who receive the power from Shinku when he was a child. As he grown up as the adult, suddenly he's heard a girl's voice that beg him to to save the her. Irotoridori here definitely have some history with two translation attempts, the first was by Tokidan and the second was by Akerou. It's a shame that Tokidan was failed to present the full patch for Irotoridori, especially with his progress back then was already at almost 90% translated. While for Akerou it's been his dream project, and to be frank it's quite frustrating to him if he didn't able to work on his project so hopefully he could move on now that he manage to established Nekonyan with currently two big releases there. That aside apparently Sol Press will going with KS in regard of funding this, which is understandable considering the scope of the project (And once again more in line with FAVORITE's interest) so let's see of how Sol Press will handle the KS later.

To conclude Sol Press announcements here, once again I'm interested with Irotoridori the most, following with both of Mirai Radio and Nukitashi. As for the rest, well let's just say that I probably didn't interested with other five announcements as of now, but I may change my mind in the future. Also while it's good that we have so many announcements from Sol Press, it would be inevitable that if they couldn't manage those eight it'll be hard to them, especially with they promised another announcements later. In the end, I just hope that they'll find a way to handle those announcements, and seeing that they overestimated their engine work back at Sakusakura I just hope that they'll be more ready to work on the engine for all of those announcements, especially Irotoridori in which from what I'd heard it's hard enough to work around. If anything else, at least they should be experienced enough to work on Mirai Radio since it should shared the same engine as Newton VN. Oh and I knew that they already hired five people to work on the engine, so I hope that those people will be suffice for the announced VNs.

The biggest release to me at this week here is obviously Sanoba, in which it's another Yuzusoft VN (Congratulation to Nekonyan in regard of first official translated Yuzusoft VN release). Obviously it's very ironic that until now Sekai still didn't release any of their Yuzusoft announcement yet, also with FAVORITE left them but at least Sekai managed to release Hoshimemo even though it's a redundant one. As for the premise, it was in regard of Nene who is a witch that have some arousal problem because of her witch contract, and Shuuji (The MC) was lucky enough to see Nene masturbated using the table lol. Seeing that Nene was easily depressed, obviously got seen by other man it would be very embarrassing to her, and so Shuuji decided to take a responsibility for the situation. As for Nene's situation, since she's a witch she got the job to collect heart fragments that was appear whenever human felt some strong emotion (Be it happy, sad, or anger), and while at it Shuuji also could perceive the emotion around him as sense. While the premise was sounds like nukige, actually it's more in line with charage so if you want to read some charage, then Sanoba here should be good VN. Get that from either Steam or Nekonyan's store, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Once again the title was obviously come from Sanoba Witch but instead of 'Witch' I'd use 'Sadistic', because it's in regard of seiyuu joke (ie Role Association) with Nene's seiyuu (Kirihana) who also voiced a character in Blend S and if we remember back at the opening Kirihana's character (Miu Amano) was associated with the word 'Sadistic Oneesan', so I just add 'Sadistic' for the title at this week. Here's Blend S opening in case you want to get some nostalgia.


Foreword - Yet another week with no VNTS, so hopefully by the time of Sanoba release (Four days left) we'll gonna see another VNTS Review there, and for the reminder Decay was worked on Sanoba. So here's another VNTS Review from mine here, and I hope that you'll enjoy this week review.

For the title, seeing that we have Bishoujo Mangekyou release at the last week, I thought that it would be appropriate if I parodied 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie into 'Fifty Shades of Kirie' even though I'm belated a week for that. As for the reason of why I chose that particular franchise, it's because in Bishoujo Mangekyou we have young looking vampire girl (Kirie) and we surely know that Twilight here would be associated with romance between vampire and human. Being the popular work obviously mean that Twilight here would have a lot of fan fiction/doujin work, and one of those works was the basis for Fifty Shades of Grey with Christian Grey in the novel was supposed to be stand-in for Edward Cullen, in which Edward himself is a vampire in the original Twilight. Therefore I changed 'Grey' into 'Kirie' simply because she's a vampire like Edward and did have some sadistic streak like Grey, even though the sex scenes in Bishoujo Mangekyou didn't involved BDSM lol.

Fifty Shades of Grey rambling aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which unlike last week we didn't have the releases at this week. That said we have a bunch of the updates from Mangagamer after a while so at least this week was slightly interesting for that, although of course we still have some usual updates from fan translation here at this week. Other than usual updates, we also got a good news that Frontier KS was officially confirmed as successful one along with many stretch goal was also funded. Let's see what I could write for this week as well.

From Cherry Kiss we'll gonna have elf angel demon nukige will be released at November 7th so congratulation to mod Dergonu in regard of that his second work was finally about to be released, although personally I'm just pass on this though. Other than Cherry Kiss announcement release, we also got an update in regard of Lamunation in which the current progress was at 17% although I admittedly late in regard of reporting this because LoveLab was already posted the update since back at last week (14th) at their Twitter here. As for Frontier KS, congratulation for the successful campaign in which they managed to gather more than ~23 million yen with the base goal was only at 16,665,000 yen for the comparison. While personally I think that the stretch goal was mostly only a cosmetic one, it's nice to see though that Ninetail would do their extra effort to provide new content there such as new soundtrack and new side episodes. Anyway what I can say is that after I did try the gameplay demo, easy to say that I'm gonna looking forward for the full release even though I'm need to wait for 14 or more months here.

As for the updates from Mangagamer, obviously their most biggest updates at this week was Bokuten was about to enter the testing in which if we know it's been frozen for several years because of the editing hell or something like that. With this update, obviously it mean that all of the editing process was already finished. As for me while in the past it's one of the big title that was announced by Mangagamer, nowadays there's a lot of more attractive VNs announcement that was announced by either Mangagamer or other company so I couldn't help to think that Bokuten was already having the trope 'Seinfeld is Unfunny' there, but it's still nice to see that finally it managed to get a word from them about that after a long while though. Other than Bokuten, we have Steam Prison was about to enter the testing too, Amatarasu was fully translated and 78% edited, Trinoline was fully edited, Sukehime was at 23% translated and 13% edited, Escalayer was at 91% translated and 58% edited, Maggot Bait was at 55% edited, Room No.9 was at 45% translated and 30% edited, Sona Nyl was at 64% translated, and Rance X was at 18% translated which is a lot more than it sounds. That's all for Mangagamer updates.

Right now we have Eustia was at 55.35% translated, Harugi's overall was at 24% translated with Miyabi's route was at 10% translated, and Loverable was at 44.39% edited. We also have new project for Gore Screaming Show with the obvious goal was to fully translated the VN in question, although technically it's not the new project though because the team was been working on that for a while. Right now the team was finally find someone who can make the patch, so hopefully they'll be able to keep the stable updates there. You can visit their homepages here (There's two websites for the info), and for the current progress right now it was at 20.97% translated. As for Screaming Show itself, personally I didn't quite interested with that but I see that some people who like the disturbing content took a liking with that, so I hope that the project will be successful if only for them. For the last update, we got Marika's route of Hoshiori was past halfway (52.79%) translated and overall was at 15.6% translated. There's also the plan that they'll release Marika's patch along with announcing the route order at November 3rd because Urrim want to go to Japan, but keep in mind that the plan may change.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS because Decay once again was quite busy with Sanoba upcoming release in which it's only 10 days left, and he also said that he'll probably will have more free time after Sanoba release so that's something that we could look forward for (Hopefully more proper VNTS). Once again since we still didn't have VNTS yet, I decided to make another one here and I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review as well.

Since we finally have Trip announced which route that he want to translated in Hoshiori first (Marika's route), as promised I decided to use 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' for this week VNTS Review. Another reason for this week titling is like I said before is because that each time a partial patch released I would use the unique titling here. As for the chapter titling pattern, well it's more or less just like Fairy Tail Tartaros arc when each time a new part start Mashima Hiro would be use 'Tartaros Arc Chapter X:XXX', and obviously I took his pattern for the titling here because each time Trip decided to translate another route would equal to Mashima wrote a new chapter of Tartaros arc (At least to me here). For this week chapter title, I decided to use 'Fureraba' as the chapter title because the VN was quite fitting for Marika there, seeing that she's got Rinarin's voice (Same seiyuu), same role with Himahima as childhood friend, good at swimming because of a circumstance like Yuzuyu, and quite shy at the beginning like Misakichi. So in short Marika here did have traits from all four of Fureraba heroines, and therefore I decided that Fureraba would be a fitting title for Marika's part here.

Some comparison between Fureraba heroines with Marika and my rambling in regard of Fairy Tail titling aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week, I did like that fan translation did show some activities with one surprising project in form of Akatsuki no Goei translation project. Although too bad though that there's no big release from official localization companies, although to be fair some of those already announced the exact date for the releases though so at least it would be interesting to note there. Let's see of what I can write for this week as well.

I'm slightly dislike Mangagamer at this week though, seeing that they didn't announced what they want to release at the next month because usually they'd announced next month release each time they release a new stuff. To elaborate here they'd release nukige Bitter Exclusion back at 11th, and since Exclusion was only nukige I'll just ignore that even though nukige was supposedly Mangagamer money source. Guess it'll be better to look forward to whatever Mangagamer will bring as their surprise release later then, and hopefully they'll be able to release good title at December later. Speaking of announcing the release, we have JAST did announced the exact date for Sweet Pool in which they'll release it at December 19th later. What I can say is that I would be more happy if JAST took more effort to release something like Sumaga or Django instead of redundant BL VN even though the old translation was still unedited, but it's not like I could hope any big title release from JAST at this year anyway now that it's only two months left (Frontier was still far away at December 2019 later).

We also have two other additional VNs that interestingly will be released at the same date with Sanoba release (At 26th later), and those two title were Bokukotsu and Loca Love. As for the releases, well I already took my interest to Sanoba so more or less I'll just pass on those two especially in regard of Loca Love in which it's still only part one out of three part, but at least Bokukotsu here should be interested if some people out there want to see Nekopara alike art (Same illustrator). We also have Karakara 3 announcement, in which I'll assume that they'll gonna continue it from the cliffhanger at the end of the second part, so at least there's something to look forward to for Karakara fans.

This week we also have two successful Kickstarter. The first KS was came from Fruitbat in regard of the Seven Days, and as of the gathered fund itself they managed to gather 34,323 out of the base goal at 20,000. That said, Fruitbat still want to push it to the news stretch goal at 37,000 so that they can add another new CG for Seven Days. If you want to support Seven Days release, you can do it through the PayPal right now at this site and it'll be closed at November 13th later. Another successful KS here would be Venus Blood Frontier, in which as of now it managed to gathered almost 160,000 funds with the base goal was at ~150,000 (I didn't have the mood to write it in yen lol) with three days left. As for the situation here, it's interesting to note that apparently few days ago there's some huge burst of backing that came from some mysterious backers, so thanks to the mysterious backers out there we could have successful Frontier KS although if we want it to be more cautious perhaps it would be the best if you wait for three days until the KS end. I just hope that JAST will be on time working on this now that we got Arunaru as the translator.

Fan Translation

For fan translation roundup, we got Eustia was at 54.84% translated along with both of editing and TLC progress was at 43.28%, Harugi's overall progress was at 23% translated with Tonoko's route was fully translated and Miyabi's route was at 4% translated while Branch was at 35% translated (Along with 27% edited), and Loverable was at 87.83% TLC-ed along with 43.49% edited. From fan translation here we also have surprise that we have another Akatsuki no Goei translation or shortened as Akagoei, with the progress was already finished the translation with the remaining progress were editing and TLC which is still quite a lot, and the release plan for Akagoei will be at 2019 later. While Akagoei here is one of most requested VN to be translated, from what I'd heard apparently the writing in Akagoei trilogy was so infamous that the writer couldn't writing the satisfying endings even at the end of the trilogy, so I was quite wary on that. If anything, at least the writing in regard of character interaction was quite good, so you could look forward to that if only for the character interaction only.

Congratulation to Arcadeotic in regard of Bishoujo Mangekyou, in which that it's been two years since I'd keep my eyes on this at the beginning. The premise was that we have MC (Shigehiko) who work as the teacher at the all girl school and met with a beautiful new student, only to have Shigehiko have lusted toward the new student. Also to complicate matter turn out that the new student itself is a 300 years old vampire (Kirie), and the vampire herself was quite a sadistic to boot. From there, both of Shigehiko and Kirie would have sex a lot, while at the same time that Shigehiko was getting closer to Kirie there. Anyway, to be honest Bishoujo Mangekyou is more or less a nukige technically, albeit with the good drawing there (I must say that the graphic for Bishoujo Mangekyou is good looking). Go get the patch from the translator's site here, and have fun.

For the last update we have Tsurezure release common route patch for Hoshiori in which it'll covering 8.08% of Hoshiori which obviously the common route, although in Hoshiori actually the common route itself did have double duty as the prologue though because the opening wouldn't play until the end of common route. With the common route patch release, of course it mean that Tsurezure was already announced the first route that would be translated, and in this case it would be Marika like I said earlier. While personally I didn't have problem with whichever route that Trip want to translate first, I did wrongly guess that Trip would be translate Marika's route last because she's been the reason of why Trip translate Hoshiori in the first place and therefore want to save the best for the last, but instead Trip decided to translate Marika's route first although I understand though if Trip couldn't wait to translate Marika's route there. Other than common route patch release, we also have the update from Tsurezure in which the current progress of Marika's route was at 11.94% translated and overall was at 9.78% translated which is quite good enough.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS again because the deadline for Sanoba release is only 18 days left, so as usual I decided to make another VNTS Review here. I hope that you'll enjoy this week review from mine as well.

Since we have an exciting announcement from Pulltop along with Koropokkur release at the last week, I decided to just combined the word from those two title. As for 'in Love' it was in regard of the full name for Koropokkur which is 'Koropokkur in Love', while for 'Tatarigami' it was because Pulltop's new announcement in which turned out to be yet another their Sakura expy VN and this time the subtitle was not very subtle (Healing Harem) with the focus on three tatarigami want to marry a man who is coincidentally our MC (Duh). Anyway after the good announcements from the last week, this week was pretty much quite a plain one although we also have an update from Tsurezure though which of course always welcomed. As for the release, while this week we have more compared to the last week, unfortunately none of the release were big one so I think it's more or less just another usual week. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

This week we have both of Harem Guild release, and the exact date for Steins Gate Elite release date was announced at February 19th later (Obviously at 2019). Well what I can say is that both news were pretty much redundant to me, so I'm more or less just pass on those two. Speaking about harem, once again Pulltop did announced their own Sakura expy (LoveKami) and this time they decided to be not so subtle about the title here (Healing Harem). The premise was just like I said earlier, that three tatarigami want to marry the MC so I think I didn't need to talk more about the VN itself. If anything at least this time I agree with Pulltop that this is an exciting announcement, mostly because it's not a big title and therefore I could just ignore it considering that Pulltop here most likely will released it with additional H scenes while we still got censored version for overseas release. In case you want to purchase Healing Harem take a note that Pulltop will release it at this fall, and at the same time Pulltop did announced that they'll released Konosora FD at winter later.

We also have two releases from Sekai, which is quite unusual although the releases in question were more or less just a small one though albeit with some gimmick. The title in question is Innocent Forest, which tell the story about a mysterious girl with the name Luciel who interact with two man through two VNs (Innocent Forest itselves is released as duology for the info). What I can say is that the production value for that is quite low and the graphic itself was not quite good, and the gimmick was definitely didn't help at all with the VR device was necessary to play this (Too expensive for now). So overall what I can say is that this year Sekai releases were quite underwhelming compared to the other companies to me, but at least we have them apparently already finished with Nanairo's QA so if we lucky perhaps we could get that released at this year.

Nekonya did have another updates at this week, and as for the updates roundup we have Aokana was at 12% translated, HGB was fully translated, and Sanoba was finished with the editing and TLC progress along with 95% QC-ed so at least we could see that they indeed focusing on getting Sanoba release on time. Also if we look at Frontier KS, as usual it did well with the gathered fund was at almost three quarter of the goal with 11 days left (In yen the gathered fund was at 12,306,667 out of 16,665,000), so it should be possible that the KS would be quite successful although keep in mind that the situation might be change though.

The releases from fan translation section was quite mediocre to say it lightly, although the full translation for Umineko Tsubasa is of course should be good if we want to see more Umineko content. As for Gakuen Heaven 2 congratulations for the team, although since the VN in question was a BL one let's just say that I'm more or less just pass on that (You can get that though if some member here want to read some BL). We also have the release of three nukige VNs which is quite sudden, so obviously we have three more nukige translated. I guess some people out there might appreciate those nukige VNs, although once again I'll just pass on those three. In the end, while more or less I'm not quite interested with the releases, but if you want to read those then I hope that you'll have fun out there.

For this week roundup from fan translation updates, we have Eustia was at 53.71% translated, Harugi's overall was at 21% translated with Tonoko's route was at 90% translated and Branch was at 31% translated (Along with 23% edited), Loverable was at 42.48% edited along with 22.47% QC-ed, Pure Pure was at 86.10% translated with Tobari's route was past halfway (55.14%) translated, and Yoigoshi was at 27% translated. For the last update, we have Tsurezure did fully translate the common route of Hoshiori with overall progress was at 8.08% translated, and they'll release the common route patch at the next week. Along with that as expected Tsurezure also say that they'll announce the route order for the translation (I did guess that they'll announce the route order when the common route patch is released), and looks like they'll going to have release the patch for each heroines so I'll call the full patch for Hoshiori with whoever route that Tsurezure will translate last.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS at the main site because of Decay's business in Nekonyan and admin Tay was still missing, so you should know the deal here. I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review from mine here.

I thought it would be nice to spice up the title here, so I'd decided to remove the 'Review' part in the title and write it like Fairy Tails Tartaros arc chapters title, and since this is the beginning of Hoshiori translation project I'd use the word 'Prologue'. Obviously I wouldn't write about Tartaros arc, but instead I'll write about this week VNTS here and for next reviews I'll use the this week title format whenever there's a big update from Tsurezure (ie common route and heroines route patch releases). For the title I intended that as the literal translation for the original title of Hoshiori (Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai) with 'Star' here is obviously came from 'Hoshi' and the 'Weaving' part here was from 'Ori', and for a bit of spoiler actually the Hoshi Ori part here is foreshadowed that the Tanabata festival here will be important because it'll be the focus of the first half (For a bit cultural note here, Tanabata was meant to celebrate the meeting between the two stars (Hikoboshi and Orihime) and Orihime here is also known as the weaver). While for the 'Future Dream' part, it was come from 'Yume Mirai' which is exactly as it says ('Yume' mean 'Dream' and 'Mirai' mean 'Future') and more importantly it's because Hoshiori will tell the story of how the casts will reach their own future dream.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and my convoluted explanation for this week title I'd definitely like that Tsurezure here was finally managed to started their own dream project (Hoshiori). Other than Hoshiori project was finally started, we also have several releases from fan translation section and a release from Mangagamer. Other than the releases, we also have some updates from fan translation like usual. So let's see what I can write for this week VNTS Review as well.

What I can say in regard of Koropukkur (The real title is actually Koropokkur, but may as well just kept my mistaken naming here lol) is that too bad that Mangagamer didn't announced any of their next month release like usual, because I've been looking forward to Damekoi release. Although perhaps Mangagamer will anoounced that in the near time, so I'll just wait and see until they announced it - if they still want to release it at this year, then Christmas release sounds like a good time. My wish for Damekoi announcement aside, Koropukkur itself was a VN that have Inoue Hitaru as the character design so obviously it should be good if we want more of her work. As for the story itself, it was in regard of the MC who want to revive a maid cafe in Shibuya with the help of three fairies. To be honest, I wouldn't expect much in the story writing because of the writer's previous works so I'll skip on this, although I understand though if some people might find Koropukkur's writing is very good. As for the art, well I think somehow this work managed to show Hitaru's weakness or to put it nicely the coloring was not quite fitting for her art here, compared to her works at KEY VNs earlier. Have fun if you want to play Koropukkur there.


As for Neighbor VN, it's remake of an old horror and mystery VN that was funded through the KS with almost 1.3 million yen funded. While granted the art here might be not everything in regard of VN, in Neighbor case I must say that the art there was quite old schooled to me (It migh be nostalgic though if you've like old newspaper black and white newspaper comic), and the fact that it didn't have big name seiyuu made the VN was quite less popular to me. Of course I may be wrong though in regard of this, so nevertheless you should try it anyway if you interested with more horror and mystery VN, and see whether you'll like it based on the art or not. If you can get past the art (Admittedly it's better than Higurashi's default sprite though), then I'm sure that you'll have fun with the Neighbor there. Either way, have fun with Neighbor there if you've have some interest.

We also have surprise from Frontier that right now they managed to gathered more than halfway (At ~58%) funded with 18 days left, so of course this should be a good news regardless of what happened in the past week. Other than quite successful Frontier KS, we have another new company entering VN localization market that was headed by the famous translator Meru. To add more surprise, they decided to localized their first title with the name Lamunation. As for Lamunation, apparently EGS scores was dropped unfavorable because of the scandal that was happened with the director himself. That controversy aside, the premise was that we have MC with the four girls tried to sell the traditional drink lamune to make everybody happy or something like that. While the premise could be passed of as another moege, apparently this VN did have another gimmick that the comedy is quite over the top so much that you'll probably just throw the logic in order to enjoy it. I just hope that it'll be delivered here successfully at 2019 later, although as for the release timeline it's quite vague though (Should be around March at the most).

Fan Translation

For fan translation we have Eustia was at 52.77% translated along with the editing and TLC progress was at 42.76%, Harugi's overall was at 20% translated with Tonoko's route was at 83% and Branch was at 28% translated (And 22% edited as well), the script for Oreimo Tsuzuku was almost completely finalized with 267 out of 268 scripts was finalized, Yoigoshi was at 22% translated, and Loverable was at 42.21% edited. We also have two full releases, and one of those was Daitoshokan short story (Or rather short FD) which safe to say was quite strange that we got the side story first even before the main game was fully released. While it's too bad that it's just a short VN there, at least it'd manage to break another August's curse with two of their VNs were translated (Granted that Yoake was unedited, but at least we could enjoy it in English albeit the translation of that could be quite rough).

Before covering the obvious another release from fan translation, let me write that we have Summer Pocket trial patch was released by Alka Translation which is already delayed from the initial promise. Although in the end they managed to release it though, so I'd have no problem with that. As for the VN itself, well once again you may treat it as a tribute to Key past works because there's a lot of references in Summer Pockets there, although this time the main writer is the famed nakige writer Niijima Yuu. Feel free to try the patch, and I hope that the translator managed to see this through the end now that the project leader was managed to ensemble the team to do the project after beforehand was told to give up the project here (I admit that I'm the one of the people who told him to give up, although it was more in regard of the engine though), so good luck to the team.

For the last update here we have HatsuKoi Yukino's append patch released, which mean that all of HatsuKoi work was finally finished. As for the append, while obviously it wouldn't give new content much at least it's good enough if some reader want to see a bit more of Yukino, Kyou, and Maya (Too bad though that there's no Midori and Runa append there). Other than append contents were translated, Tsurezure also did some re-TLC of common, Midori's, and Runa's routes so hopefully you'll be able to experience HatsuKoi more smoothly.

And with HatsuKoi was completely translated, it mean that the time has come for Tsurezure to translate Hoshiori, which I'd been interested with for a while here. As for Hoshiori premise, while I already rambling about the title connection with Tanabata and the future dream thing actually it's pretty much a basic one with our new MC (Ryuousuke) came back to his hometown after seven years away from it, and in there he decided to try to realize his dream to become an architect. For additional note here if you'd been disliking Yuuma (HatsuKoi's MC) the you didn't need to worry about it here, because apparently tone work decided to work hard to polished their VN even more and it should be obvious that the result is Hoshiori (Of course HatsuKoi still did have some merit when it comes to the heroine). Good luck to the project, and I'm going to look forward to the complete patch release. Before I'm closing this week VNTS Review here, let me say that Tsurezure did already have the progress which is very good with the common route was at 18.19% translated and for overall Hoshiori it was at 1.47% translated, and as for route order Tsurezure will announce it later (Probably when common route patch released).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS again as for this week, so you should already know the deal here. That said I'm still hope that someday we'll gonna have proper VNTS, and like usual I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review from mine as well.

I admit that the title here is pretty ridiculous considering that we didn't have the prequel or the sequel planned there lol. For the title, since we have both of Venus Blood Frontier starting the KS and White Album 2 sudden partial patch release at this week, I decided to just combined the title into 'Ragnarok Album 2' (Without the prequel obviously lol) and the subtitle '~Introductory Chapter~' was there because the KS for Frontier was started yesterday (For the trivia Ragnarok is came from Norse mythology, and Frontier here was have Norse mythology as the setting of the story). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and this week we have some interesting updates from fan translation section with the biggest news was in regard of Frontier KS along with WA2 partial patch release, although unfortunately we didn't have much updates for this week though. Let's see what I can write at this week as well.

One of the biggest news for this week was indeed Frontier KS, and the goal itself was in yen rather than in usual dollar so I'll state the goal in yen since we knew that currently the exchange rate for yen to dollar is easily fluctuate. As for the current gathered funds, it was at 4,512,618 yen out of 16,665,000 yen or in other word already passed a quarter (~27%) mark funded. By the way, the goal itself did have some peculiar number but perhaps Ninetails did have the reason for that. The goal aside, looks like the KS itself was did fine so far considering that they managed to gather at around ~40,000 (In dollar) in less than a week. Of course there's 25 days left with a lot of funding was needed, so anything could change in term of gathered fund rate. So for now I'll just wait and see here, and once again I hope that the KS will be successful. Almost forget that they planned the release at December 2019 later, so obviously it'll be a long time to finally have Frontier in English JAST or not. Other than Frontier KS, at 30th later we'll gonna have Neighbor release although as far as the release concerned I didn't quite interested with that, although some people may interested with that though.

Fan Translation

We have Harugi's overall was at 18% translated along with Tonoko's route was at 72% translated, Witch Garden was at almost halfway (49%) translated, Yoigoshi was at 14% translated, and Loverable was at 85.16% TLC-ed along with 42.11% edited. Also for the reminder Shin Koihime Musou progress was still ongoing, although the percentage still didn't change much though. Other than those updates, we also have slightly bigger update in regard of Eustia in which the current progress was the third arc (Irene and Colette arc) was already finished the translation and with that the overall progress for Eustia was at 51.97% translated along with 41.77% TLC-ed, and after that obviously the translator will going for the fourth arc (Licia's arc) which is the longest arc in Eustia with the line count was at ~12,500 lines so keep in mind that it'll be a while there before we finally going to have Eustia translated.

Other than those usual updates, we also have surprise update from Bishoujo Mangekyou in which the project was still alive. Turned out that the translator himself (Arcadeotic) was been busy in previous months so much that he couldn't took much time to the project there, but of course there's still some background work happening (Polishing script, fix the lines, etc.) so it's not like that the project itself didn't getting worked on. As for the release date plan for now it's still vague, but Arcadeotic said he hope that he can release it at this year so there's that. Other than Bishoujo Mangekyou, he'd also announced that he'll work on Tenkiame as well so hopefully after Bishoujo Mangekyou release we could see more of Tenkiame progress in the future. Also just recently Trip tweeted that he already finished with translating Yukino's append, and therefore what's left is the new patch of HatsuKoi in which it'll also contained the polished translation for both of Midori's and Runa's route. We still didn't know the release date for the patch though, but hopefully it'll be soon so hopefully he could started Hoshiori project at this year.

For the last update, once again we have surprise update that another big title patch was released just like last week and this time it was White Album 2 (I'll call it WA2), although too bad though that the patch itself was still a partial one, so we couldn't play WA2 fully in English as for now. But at least it should be sufficient enough if one want to play the sub routes only because so far only those that was fully translated, and as for the rest I think it'll be a while before we finally could see that seeing that the translator himself said that the rest of the untranslated part was quite long. As for the premise, it was more or less in regard of an indecisive MC who's trapped in love triangle between the school idol and a pianist, so if you didn't like love triangle drama perhaps it would be the best to avoid WA2. What I can say is that the opening song for this was quite nostalgic seeing that it was another VN opening that my roommate was occasionally played, and he also happened tried to play the VN itself using the translator. Almost forget to say that this VN was one of most well received VN out there together with MLA and Steins Gate, so I'm sure that most of the people would be happy with the full patch release later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Baldr Tears Review

Foreword - Since admin Tay was still absence and Nekonyan was probably getting busier with the updates (So does Decay), obviously we didn't have another VNTS here. So here's this week VNTS Review from mine, and I hope that you'll enjoy week review.

Since we have surprise big release Baldr Force and part one of Daresora release, I decided to just combined 'Baldr' and 'Tears' into 'Baldr Tears'. The meaning for Baldr itself should be obvious that it was came from Baldr Force ie Baldr Series from GIGA, while for 'Tears' part it was came from Daresora localized subtitle 'Tears for an Unknown Sky'. With the title matter done, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which the updates that we'd have were mostly focused on both of fan translation with the aforementioned big release Baldr Force, and Other section with two newly announced KS (Frontwing's Loca Love and Fruitbat's Deven Days). Let's see what I can write for this week as well, shall we.

First of all, congratulation to our Mangagamer CEO Kouryuu that he finally managed to fully translated Maggot Bait, which surely would be mentally tasking for someone who didn't like some extreme and guro stuff. Although the translation for Maggot Bait was already finished, it didn't mean that the process was finished because after that it'll be in TLC by other people and after that if the flow goes like usual, they'll going to edit and testing the Maggot Bait before the release (By the way, good luck to the TLC-er, the editor, and the tester to endure the Maggot Bait). Other than Maggot Bait update, we also have Sekai did open the Steam store page for Bokukotsu which mean that at least Bokukotsu should already be ready to be released. Interesting to note that Steam apparently did allow 18+ content to be added at their store, so perhaps Sekai will released the uncensored version at Steam as well although I'm still wary a bit though that Steam may change their policy in the future, but perhaps it might be the new change for visual novel market considering that most of VN did have 18+ content.


This week Frontwing decided to open the KS for Loca Love, and this time Frontwing decided to release it as episodic release just like Corona Blossom. While it make sense that Frontwing want to release it like that, unfortunately I'm in favor for full release instead of episodic release because if they decided to do that it mean that the reader wouldn't be able to get the full story for the VN that they'd read, and I'm sure that most people would prefer Frontwing to release full version of Loca Love. That said seeing that we have three heroines for Loca Love, perhaps Frontwing would like to devoted each chapter for one heroine so it might be work considering that Loca Love here is probably just an ordinary moege. As for the KS itself (For the first part), once again Frontwing decided to use it as their own pre-order store for the physical edition with the base goal at 30,000 with currently the gathered fund was at 12,612. Oh, we also have Frontwing said that they'll gonna release Sharin at December later after many delays, but seeing that we already have it translated since long time ago (And discussed to the death) I'm more or less just treat as the redundant release even with the knowledge that they'll also released the FD as well.

For Daresora, well good for Sol Press that they managed to release it on time at the exact date that they'd announced back when Daresora was announced (Back at 14th). I just hope that Sol Press will keep up their current good performance, namely that they didn't overestimated the release time when they announced any new announcement like back at Sakusakura. As for Daresora itself, it's just the first part of that and one hour at that so we may wouldn't see enough of what the VN itself will offer, although I admit that it would be easier to the writer though if the company decided to release it episodically. That said, seeing that the writer also did write ChronoBox in the past perhaps we can expect some disturbing contents in the VN itself, although apparently we couldn't see that yet in the first part. Well go get Daresora from Sol Press if you've been looking forward into it and have fun, even though you may be able to finish it in one hour at most. 

We also have Seven Days KS in which the VN itself is an unique one, considering that it was funded through the crowdfund with some help from Fruitbat. About the Seven Days, for the doujin VN that was funded through the crowdfund I would say that the production value of that is quite high, and interestingly the developer also did manage to get two well known seiyuu (Uesaka Sumire and Shimizu Ai) to voiced two characters in Seven Days. As for the premise itself, it was in regard of the MC (Shuuichi) who have an encounter with the ghost which possessed the Blu Ray disc and try to exorcise it, only for the exorcise to be partially successful because the ghost was leaving behind the physical body which turned out to be a girl body. The girl was also said that there's other six ghosts inside of her, and after hearing the ghost story Shuuichi decided to help all of the seven ghosts with each ghost have seven days to gain their own happiness before departed. As for the base goal, it was only at 20,000 with the current fund gathered was at around three quarter (15,221) of the base goal itself. Also interesting to note that this was another KS with the goal to gather the fund for physical edition, and that Fruitbat was estimated that they'll release it at December later.

Like what I said earlier here, yesterday we have some updates from Nekonyan so I'll roundup the update here. For the updates we have Sanoba was at 90% for both of TLC and editing progress along with halfway QC-ed, Fureraba mini fandisc was at 60% translated, Sukiren was at 30% translated, and Aokana was at 6% translated. No much to comment other than Sanoba progress was going smoothly, and that Sukiren was interestingly already have sizable progress. As for Aokana, I understand that the script was probably did have a lot of line so good job for the current progress.

Fan Translation

For fan translation roundup, we have Eustia was at 51.42% translated along with 42.10% edited and 41.59% TLC-ed, Harugi's overall was at 17% translated with Tonoko's route was at 66% translated and Branch was at 27% translated (Along with 20% edited), Pure Pure was at 85.15% translated with Tobari's route was at 49.53% translated, and Loverable was at 85.14% TLC-ed along with 41.63% edited and 21.03% QC-ed. Other than those updates we also have Taimanin Asagi Zero was about to be translated by one of the fan, although seeing that Asagi is one part of well known nukige series I wouldn't sure if I'm gonna look forward to the eventual release of that.

Once again we have Baldr Force as the big release for this week, and to be frank it was quite surprising because at first I thought that the translator was attempted to do his very belated April Fool prank at 4chan lol. Of course we should be happy that the translator was turned out to tell the truth, and more since we could consider Baldr Force as one of most well known VN that people want to be translated (Even though the translator chose to translated the backport from PS2 version, so no explicit sex contents were translated). As for the premise of Baldr Force, we have our MC Tohru who joined a team of hacker before everything's going wrong and the team caught in the crossfire between the military and the terrorist, and one of his teammate was killed. From there Tohru decided to join the military in order to search of whose the one that killed the team leader and possibly avenge him, while at the same time uncovered the truth behind both of the military and the terrorist. From what I saw, I think we can treat Force here as sort of it's more popular spiritual sequel (Baldr Sky) prototype, and perhaps you can try Force first while waiting for Sky for a very long time. For the last word here, while Force here did have good reception I would still said that don't trust they hype and look by yourself whether it'll be good not. Have fun if you've been interested with Force for a while there.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS this week again because both of Decay and admin Tay were probably pretty busy, so I guess you should already know the pattern here lol. Once again I hope that you'll enjoy my VNTS Review here, and also someday we'll have another proper VNTS.

As for the title, seeing that we have both of Shibuya Scramble release and Aokana's announcement by Nekonyan (From last week though), I decided to just change 'Shibuya' into 'Kunashima' and if we knew Aokana we surely would understand that Kunashima is the island where almost all of Aokana's cast reside. So yeah for this week title I'm simply parodying Shibuya Scramble title, in which it's the biggest release that we have at this week simply because it got 40/40 score from Famitsu in which it's quite an achievement in itself. Other than Shibuya Scramble, we also have two other releases along with some updates from several section. So let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Seeing that JAST did managed to have Kimikoi was already halfway at editing Kimikoi, perhaps I should gave them some credit that they really want to improve their work tempo so good for them - although I still didn't agree though that they focused on the physical release before the actual release (ie they can just release download version first). Hopefully they'll keep up the good job there, and perhaps we'll be able to see more interesting announcements from JAST.

From Sekai unfortunately both of their Yuzusoft project were in icebox (ie in torpor), or to put it more generally were stalled. While personally I wouldn't care too much in regard of Dracu Riot seeing that the announcement itsel was a redundant one, it's still too bad though that Tenshin Ranman was getting stalled as well. Also since it's Yuzusoft and they also work together with Nekonyan to releasing Sanoba, I assume that Sekai did need to wait for Yuzusoft action until at least Sanoba release (October 26th later). While it's funny to see that Nekonyan did released Sanoba first before Sekai, I should hope that Sekai did sorted up this dilemma if only for the sake of the fan whose been waiting for Tenshin Ranman (And I guess for fans who've been waiting for more polished version of Dracu Riot). Also while there's still no news in regard of Senren Banka, it's easy to assume that it's also got tangled as well.

While both of their Yuzusoft project were in the icebox, at least we still got some good updates from Sekai. Namely that we got both of Bokukotsu and Nanairo was still in track, with the former was already through the QC. While there's still no clear update from those two, I'll just hope that it mean that they've been preparing those two for the release especially the former. Oh and we also have a release from Sekai Project, in which while the VN itself was not quite interesting to me (Koiama), although at least it's should be interesting if you just want to play a short moege VN there to take a break from the routine. The premise itself is just a MC was about to reopened the cafe that was closed down by his grandmother, and coincidentally he met two girls that were available to hire as the new staff. So yeah more or less just a story about running a cafe, although at least the MC here did have a face and it's a good looking one lol. Have fun play Koiama there if you've been waiting for that.

Finally after more than two years in work we have Tsui Yuri released by Mangagamer, which of course followed by the announcement of the upcoming release in which it's unsurprisingly Bitter Exclusion (It's been finished the testing for a while) at October 11th later. As for Tsui Yuri well from the name it's should be obvious that it was another yuri VN, and this time we have a twin sister were in love with each other but they must hide their passion from their mom who obviously wouldn't agree with that kind of relationship, because if the mother agree the subtitle shouldn't be 'Don't let mom find out' lol. Anyway, this VN did also have a history with this blog seeing that I'd kept reporting the progress at each week whenever there's a progress, at least until it was fully translated iirc before the QC progress began along with the engine works - back then it was still fan translation project. For the last word in regard of Tsui Yuri, if you've been waiting for two years to play this then go get that from Mangagamer and have fun. Also congratulation to mod Dergonu in regard of Tsui Yuri release there, and I hope that your second project will be successful.

For fan translation progress we have Eustia was at 50.72% translated along with both of TLC and editing progress was at 41.59%, Harugi's overall was at 16% translated with Tonoko's route was at 60% translated and Branch was at 27% translated (Along with 15% edited), 266 scripts of Oreimo Tsuzuku were finalized, Daitoshokan side story was finished both of editing and TLC progress, and Pure Pure was at 83.73% translated with Tobari's route was at 41.12% translated. Also we have the new update from Higurashi PS3 port, in which they already extracting Yoigoshi's script and already began with the translation. Also for the trivia here, they took a longer time to port because Yoigoshi's several choices and it also have multiple ending, which is quite surprising if we knew that Higurashi's arcs were mostly did have single ending.

For Daresora as promised I'll try to write the premise here. The VN itself was written by ChronoBox writer, which as we knew were infamous for some twisted sex contents so obviously Sol Press can't add ChronoBox to Steam easily. That said, since Daresora itself managed to entering the Steam, perhaps the writer decided to make the sex content at the minimum there. Anyway from the first glance apparently we'll gonna have some sort of battle which involved some magic or something like that, although seeing that it's just a very recent release it would be hard to getting most of the info - at least we know that the MC will have a battle against a mysterious woman. As for me, seeing that it'll be a serial release I guess I'll just pass this for now despite the story itself have many potential. For the release date, it'll be at 14th later so let's see that whether Sol Press will managed to release Daresora at that date or not.

For this week we have big release with the name Shibuya Scramble, and it's definitely a big release seeing that it's lauded as Chunsoft's Magnum Opus back when it was released at Wii, simply because it got score 40/40 from Famitsu which is quite a prestigious achievement (Only a few games managed to get that score, and as far as VN concerned currently only Shibuya Scramble that managed to achieve that score). As for the premise, it was in regard of some characters were involved in the kidnapping case at Shibuya, and it's up to one detective to handling the case by saving the victim. I can't say more than that because it would be spoiler, but rest assure that the kidnapping case will spiraling into something else. This VN also have some unique feature, in which we'll going to have the photo as the background and the sprite was a real man, or to put it simply rather than anime style like almost all of the VNs in here we'll gonna have live action style. Also interesting to note that Type Moon also involved in here, and their contribution was writing one of mini scenario with the anime style there. Go get the VN if you're curious about this, and have fun. Also while this VN get 40/40 from Famitsu, it didn't mean that you should trust the hype because some people out there might be not interested with this or just find this overrated.

That's all for what I can write at this week, and see you next week.


Foreword - Since we already knew that Decay would gonna be busy in regard of Nekonyan seeing that he's one of their staff and admin Tay was still absent (Probably from travelling), predictably we didn't have VNTS for this week as well. So one again I decided to write this week VNTS Review, and I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review.

As for this week title, I understand if most of the user here wouldn't understand it just by looking it alone, so I'll explain the title first. For the information about who is Kirara and Wataru both of those two were the characters from Go Princess PreCure (GPCC), in which the former was a PreCure while for the latter he's the big brother of Kirara's fellow PreCure. As for the shipping, I'd read that the coupling for those two characters were quite well known albeit very subtle because there's more prominence shipping at GPPC there. Obviously I wouldn't talk about the GPPC shippings here, but instead I'd use the shipping as the seiyuu joke here because we have Hello Lady announcement from Nekonyan. For more detail here, the seiyuu for Wataru was Okitsu Kazuyuki who voiced Hello Lady badass MC Shinri Narita using pseudonym Umesaki Charlie, while the seiyuu for Kirara was Yamamura Hibiku and in Hello Lady she was voicing Katsuragi Sorako using pseudonym Mizusaki Lime.

My rambling aside, this week we have exciting announcements from Nekonyan and an average one from Sol Press. Other than the announcement from those two companies, we have some updates from both of fan translation and Mangagamer. Speaking about fan translation, seeing that some of the official translator was probably the fan of their work and we saw many of fan translation project going official, perhaps rather than fan translation it would be fitting to call it unofficial translation. But still I understand though if people felt that the word 'unofficial' could be sounds rude for the people who do the translation, so I'll just keep the term 'fan translation' here. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

No big update from Sekai at this week, but it seems to be the norm for them so whatever. I know that there's some background work in regard of their projects, but so far there's no visible progress on their bigger announcement such as Senren Banka and Nanairo, with the former is going to be ironic because Nekonyan managed to get first official release of Yuzusoft VN (Sanoba). That aside, even if I say 'no big update' it didn't mena that Sekai didn't have any update for this week because they still have one small update, and it was in regard of the exact release date for Love'S Sweet Garnish aka Koiama. The premise was looks like usual moege with cafe, so I'll just pass on this for now.

As for fan translation more or less it's another usual week, although too bad though that Summer Pocket demo release was delayed again and this time they want to look up the script so the estimation release date for now was unknown until it was announced (Hope the best for the team). Speaking about delayed, Astro did say that there's some mess in regard of Clover Days so he couldn't release it because of some legal matter or something like that, so safe to say that perhaps he did messed up in regard of the project. I hope that the mess in regard of Clovers Days were sorted out now that the project was in torpor (Because Astro didn't say that it was dead), if only for the sake of the translator (Ittaku) - sorry for going personal here. For the progress, we have Eustia was at 50.42% translated along with 41.07% edited, Harugi's overall was at 15% translated with Toko's route was past halfway (51%) translated and Branch was at 26% translated (Along with 13% edited), Pure Pure was at 82.31% translated with Tobari's route was at 32.71% translated, and Watamasu show another progress with current progress was at 14% translated.

From Mangagamer, we saw in Twitter that they indeed finished the translating and editing processes for Haretaka, and since we already knew about that back at Otakon we can treat the tweet as a direct confirmation from Mangagamer. For now I just wonder when they'll do the beta testing for Haretaka, and I hope that they'll do it in the near future. Other than Haretaka, we have Maggot Bait was at 95% translated (Good job to Kouryuu for almost survive in Maggot Bait), Amrilato was both fully translated and edited, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was fully translated, Son Nyl was at 58% translated, Trinoline was at 80% edited, Sukehime was at 10% translated, and Escalayer was at 72% translated along with 56% edited (Good job for the progress there Quof). Also while this is not included in their Twitter, the crowdfund for Overdrive's Swan Song (MUSICA) was already going and right now they almost gathered 90 million yen or in dollar it would be at 800,000. Even though we still don't know much about this, I'll going to keep my eyes on this since looking from the base goal alone it looks interesting.


There'll be much to talk about Nekonyan's announcements here, but before that let's see some roundup for this section first. Since August here was already ended, obviously the KS for Frontier was delayed and therefore they'll set up the new month in which it'll be at this month - I just hope that they didn't keep delaying it to the next month each time the month ended. There's neighbor as well, in which they already released the demo for the backer. While I did saw some good news about this, unfortunately the graphic was quite bad so I would pass on this. Although of course it might have some potential, just like Fata Morgana.

We also have Punchline VN release, in which it was adaptation from the anime series with new scenario. While the staff behind it looks promising with Uchikoshi work as the writer with both of Nakazawa (As senior director) and Abo (As other composer), it would be quite hard for them to have Punchline to be equal to Ever17 (Those three people were work together in Ever17) because the premise itselves were quite absurd in the first place. The premise for Punchline itself is that we have a boy who have a curse that if he saw woman's panties twice he'll be dead and a meteor would destroy the Earth (There'll be alot of that seeing that this is one of fanservice anime), and yet it shouldn't be a problem to a boy himself because he have an ability to travel back in time as a ghost to fix up his mistake. I'm definitely don't make up the premise here, because it's the real premise itself. So if you want to see of how both of Nakazawa and Uchikoshi handle the game itself, you need to approach it with open mind very much just to accept the premise. Anyway, as for the release it was released for Europe back at August 31st, with both of USA and PC version coming later. Have fun if you've been interested with the anime and want to try the VN itself.

Once again back at this week we have big two announcements from Nekonyan, and those two were the projects that most people were been wanted to be localized. In regard of Nekonyan itself, I think so far they show that they'd eager to improve more in regard of the release so I would like to see more of them in the future, especially in regard of their two additional secrets announcement after Sanoba release. For now I just hope that they'll be able to handle the works himself seeing that they currently have to work on nine projects with three were working on and the other six (Including two big announcements and two secret projects) were in work, and hopefully the won't suffer the burnout too much because of too much projects.

For the first announcement itself, it was Hello Lady in which it's one of the VN that I've been interested into as GPPC fan, mainly because of the seyuu themselves like I said before lol. Although if one want to see it from the VN itself, it was a chuuni VN which told the story about Narita who is quite capable transferred onto the high class school and managed to become the member of student council which mostly comprised girls (Eroge and all). Of course seeing that Narita himself is quite capable and badass, naturally he'd have dark past which cause him to have one goal in his mind and it was revenge. Almost forget that we also have some sort of special ability seeing that it's chuuni VN and all, so we'll see more action just like back at Comyu (Same developer). For unrelated notes here, from what I saw usually the MC from Akabei Soft and it's branch (Including Hello Lady developer Akatsuki Works) were quite capable and well developed, so once again if one want capable MC then Hello Lady should be good enough.

As we know, their second announcement is Aokana in which it did go through drama road before finally saw the chance to be localized here. Before the announcement, most of the people were correctly predict that it'll be localized by Nekonyan seeing that Sprite already tweet that it'll be localized overseas, although their wording is questionable though (Overseas transplant) so I'm worried that SG might get this. For the drama, it's interesting to mention that both Ren and Astro did work together, and it's quite unfortunate that they didn't managed to finish the project properly because of the discord that happened, so much that the project was cursed. Enough about the past and let's try to talk about the premise, in which we'll gonna have the heroines will do Flying Circus (FC) with magical girl like tight body suit along with MC as the retired FC athlete did the coaching. The FC itself did have enough detail for a fictional sport, so perhaps Japan can make an exhibition match for that at Olympic 2020 later lol. Seeing that the girl was look like a magical girl in their suit, I'll look forward to the release.

For the release plan of those two Nekonyan announcements, they said that they'll launch it at Q2 2019 later with Hello Lady first and after that Aokana at summer later, which is quite fitting flr the latter case seeing that Aokana time setting was in summer. Also they plan to release it a console port version and they'll add 18+ patch for the releases, which is not a big deal more than it sounds because both announcements did have low sexual content and I'm sure that there's no problem if they cut the sex scenes. They also work together with Hikari Field, in which if we remember was responsible with Tayutama 2 infamous translation, so Nekonyan here may have license Tayutama in the future.

That's all that I can write for now, and see you next week.

PS - I'd just realize that I forgot to write about Sol Press announcement (Daresora), so I'll write about that at next VNTS Review.


Foreword - Seeing that Decay did say that he'd quite busy with Sanoba with the release date getting closer, it's understandable that if he can't deliver VNTS for this week. So I decided to make a VNTS Review for this week like usual, and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

I bet that any user or lurker here who saw the title would recognize the title instantly, especially for No Game No Life (NGNL) fan. As for the title, I'd just simply do another seiyuu joke with one of Yukari Tamura's role here (Because we have Island release with her voiced the main heroine Rinne), and in this case it was back at when she did voiced a fantasy race member flügel (Jibril) back at NGNL. As for 'Sakura' other than it's so easy to came up with the name thanks to Winged Cloud, it's also in regard of the infamous Sakura Game (SG) in which they decided to 'work' on both well known VNs that were developed by almost bankrupt (Probably) companies - sorry to make that a bit personal here. Or if you want to be more detail it is in regard of Fortissimo, in which we have a character with the name Sakura. Anyway, other than SG unwanted announcements and Island release, we have some updates from both of fan translation and Nekonyan, along with Pulltop did show a bit of activity. With that done, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for SG, they did released Fortissimo and announced Midori no Umi. Since some people want those two VNs to be translated, this should be the good news. If the publisher was not Sakura Game who is quite infamous for machine translation that is, and there's also the matter that no word from them in regard of 18+ content so overall SG was quite bad in regard of handling the release. As for my opinion, while I did say that move on is the best choice, it's still quite unfortunate though that SG did 'localized' those two VNs because I took a bit interest of those two VNs, especially Midori no Umi in which I did like to heard the opening back at 2012 when there's no much translated VNs compared to nowadays. Oh well, it's not like there's less translated VNs to choose nowadays anyway, and hopefully someday some passionate fan would willingly to retranslate those two VNs.

From Mangagamer, while we still didn't have a batch of updates from them, at least we got the exact release date for Koropukkur in which it'll be at September 27th later. While to tell the truth I'm not quite interested with Koropukkur for now, if we follow Mangagamer pattern it's quite interesting seeing that usually they like to announced the next release after one of their VNs was released. So if they would following their usual pattern, perhaps we can get another new release for this year so I'm gonna wait and see their next release later. Of course for some people who've been waiting for Koropukkur, Mangagamer announcement should be the good news for them as well.

Before we're going with fan translation, there's some scattered updates at this week. Namely that JAST officially announced throught their Twitter that Kimikoi was indeed already finished the translation and they'd about to move onto editing and QC (Hopefully it'll be quick), Cyber Rebeat released by Sekai Project, and Neighbor was about to be released by the next week. Not quite interested with Cyber Rebeat for now, but nevertheless congratulation for the release though.

Fan Translation

Well enough about SG here, and let's try to be more positive in regard of fan translation updates. Before going to usual updates, let me write that we actually already have Kami no Rhapsody translation project for a while here (I'll call it Rhapsody from now on). While this is another Eushully VN in which it's obviously it should be another good chance to see another translated Eushully VN, somehow I'm kind of have less interest compared to both of Amayui and Arterial seeing that compared to those two Rhapsody's gameplay was quite lacking. Still seeing that it's Eushully VN, of course I would still interested with this anyway and will play it later, and perhaps I might find Rhapsody is quite good. So if possible I would like to try keep my eyes on this even with the infrequent updates there, and good luck to the project there. As for the current update in regard of Rhapsody here, right now the translator already finished chapter 6 translation and about to move on to chapter 7, and also for more info he'll translated Lavirie's route first before going to Mistorie's route. Forgot to say that the translator also need people to do the TLC and edit the text, so feel free to contact the translator if some of you are willing to help. Good luck to the project, and I hope that the translator will finish this.

For the rest of the updates, we have Eustia was at 50.23% translated, Harugi's overall was at 14% translated with Branch was at a quarter translated (Also with 12% edited) along with Tonoko's route was at 45% translated, Pure Pure was at 81% translated with Tobaris' route was past a quarter (25.53%) translated, Loverable editing was finally reach 40% mark (40.18%) edited, Witch Garden was at 48% translated, and finally we have Watamasu progress after long time we didn't see that with the current progress was at 13%. We also have a progress from Daitoshokan side story, in which the translation was already finished and both of TLC and editing saw some good progress, so with that progress perhaps the time for the release is near. In regard of Summer Pocket, unfortunately the demo release for that was delayed because the team decided to do some translation checking before finally release it, and the new release date is quite close enough at 30th later (Coincidentally the same date as first Nekonyan's announcement). As for Summer Pocket progress, right now the translation is finished and the team about to do some QC and TLC here, so hopefully the release would be good.

For the last info, we also have Trip tweeted that he already finished with his own difficult test and from there he said that he'll continuing HatsuKoi work with him will continuing on re-TLC work at Runa's along with the translation of Yukino's append, and after that hopefully he'll be able to starting on Hoshiori after he finished with all of that. For now I just hope that he'll be able to finished with that and starting on Hoshiori, in which it's been his dream project for a while there so good luck to him.


We also have Moenovel/Pulltop announcement at this week, and looking from their usual pattern I'm sure that nobody will expect them to release the VN with sex content there. While their first release could compete with both of SG releases and Your Diary+ in term of infamy, at least they did show that they'll be able to improve so Pulltop here is slightly better compared to SG and Hobibox. Anyway, their next release was Konosora FD in which like usual FD it'll show some heroines after story and the new routes for side heroines. While releasing FD as all age VN is quite a questionable decision because FD is usually have a lot of sex scenes, actually it's not that strange though because we have Sharin FD was also available at console version as well, or Rewrite Harvest Fiesta if one want PC release. Besides, at least this time Pulltop did already port the FD to the console, so they should be able to do the backport to the PC (They still need to get over their no sex scene policy though). Let's just hope that they'll be able to get the decent translator for this, and like any FD I'm more or less just pass this announcement.

From Nekonyan, we have another announcement at their Twitter in which they'd say that they'll announced their two new announcement at 30th and 31st later. No idea of what kind of the VNs that will be announced, but some probable speculation here would be Aokana seeing that Sprite did tweet that Aokana was ready for overseas transplant or in more sensible word localized. While it would be interesting to see Aokana finally broke the curse, seeing that Sprite's tweet did use some unique choice of word to say that they'll gonna localized Aokana, there's a chance that Sprite might already made a deal with less trusted localization company such as Hobibox or SG, and the latter could be quite fitting seeing that Sprite did announced that they'd in pickle (Hopefully I'm wrong on this). Regardless of whether Nekonyan will announced Aokana or not, they'd say that one of those would be story VN so perhaps we can get some very interesting title, so for now let's just wait and see in regard of Nekonyan's announcements later. Announcement aside, we also have updates from Nekonyan in which Fureraba FD was at halfway translated, and Sanoba was at 80% for both of editing and TLC progress along with 35% QC-ed.

For the last update at this week, we have another big release in which it was came from Frontwing. The big release here is obviously Island, in which it's all age VN in the first place so you didn't need to worry about the censored contents for the Steam version unlike either Konosora FD, Midori no Umi, Fortissiomo, or Your Diary. Of course since this is all age VN, it fitted perfectly for Steam and it's obviously available on the Steam store as well. For the story, we got an amnesiac man (Setsuna) who is more or less didn't have a name until he find a girl (Rinne) who somehow managed to trigger a tiny bit of Setsuna's memory, and Rinne's decided to help Setsuna in regard of his quest to find out about his memories. While this VN at the first glance looks like normal moege, one must knew that Himawari's writer (Goo) was behind this so naturally this is one of long awaited VN, and if we can recall Himawari we should knew that we'll gonna have a lot of sci-fi. That said, like Himawari this VN might be too divisive for some people, so perhaps we need to be more open minded in regard of this. Anyway, go get Island if you've been waiting for this and have fun.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (08/20/2018)

Foreword - Yeah you didn't see it wrong that we finally managed to get a proper VNTS at this week from the link, and as expected recently Decay was very busy in regard of Sanoba because of the deadline for the release (At October 26th later) so perhaps there'll be no VNTS at the next week. Regardless of that, good to see that we finally have a VNTS for this week. As for Decay's comment in regard of lukewarm reaction of the big announcements (AX and Otakon), personally I would be more happy if Mangagamer was the one who announced Sekai's announcements (Especially Majokoi and Harukuru) instead of what we have now. Anyway, here's this week VNTS Review and hope you'll enjoy this.

Since we have VNTS image header with Alice Bedford in which if we knew was the main heroine for Newton VN and the titular genderbent Isaac Newton at that, I'd just parodied the most well known Isaac Newton biography 'Never at Rest: The Biography of Isaac Newton' only that I change 'Isaac Newton' part into 'Alice Bedford' for a very obvious reason. As for this week, well we surely have some big announcements from the Other section but unfortunately not from the well known official company like Sekai and Mangagamer. Other than several official announcements, we also have some fan translation updates like usual. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Somehow I did miss this update since back at around AX, but still I would like to report this because at least it should better be late than never, or so that's the people would say. As for the belated update from mine here, it was in regard of Nocurnal Illusion Renewal in which right now it was at 71% edited. Other than the belated update, we also have Eustia was already reach the halfway mark (50.01%) along with 40.53% edited and 39.57% TLC-ed, Harugi's overall was at 13% translated with Tonoko's route was at 36% translated and Branch was at 24% translated, Loverable was at 83.49% TLC-ed and 39.62% edited, and Alka Translation did planned to release Summer Pockets at 26th later so if you want to see of how Summer Pockets translation looks like you may take a note to the date and try the patch later. If you've curious of how Shin Koihime Musou project was, as of now it's still ongoing so you didn't need to worry about that for now.

We also have a new project, although to tell the truth it's been there for a while and I'd ignore this though because it was quite questionable (Not the VN itself, but rather the priority order). The VN in question was Daitoshokan, or rather the side story of that. While I did like that we have another project, I would prefer if they wait until the main game translation was finished (Granted that it's been inactive for almost two years) or they the one who translated it. But then again, the side story was shorter compared to the main game, so perhaps it would be preferrable choice to translate (They already reach 70% translated progress). Good luck to the team there, even though it's quite unusual to take the side story first.


Back at 16th, we have a surprise that namely Hobibox decided to launching 18+ patch for Your Diary in which it did change my opinion that Hobibox was slightly better than Pulltop, because at least Hobibox did have 18+ patch for the released compared to Pulltop who insist to not localized the sexual contents. While it should lift the problem of no sex scenes, it did came with two problems though, namely that we need to pay 980 yen to download this at DMM which is controversial enough seeing that most people would think that the patch should be free, and more importantly the sex scenes translation was quite bad (ie MTL-ed) with the notable one was 'atsui' was translated as 'crispy' (Perhaps I should call the patch as Crispy patch), so you might confuse if you read sex scenes from the translated Your Diary lol (By the way the 'translated' version of Your Diary is probably +H with the H scenes cutted).

Just in case some of you angry about subpar translation update above, let's dilute the anger here by seeing the good news that we'll gonna have from Frontwing. Namely that they already have the exact release date for Island in which it's been teased to be released at last year AX, and now they announced the release date at their Twitter. Anyway if you'd been curious about the release date it'll be at 24th later, so keep an eye on that date if you've been waiting for Island VN release.

For the last update here, congratulation in regard of Newton VN release. As for the VN itself, it was quite historical because we know the real history is that Newton was actually is a tsundere blonde twin tail girl lol, and more seriously this is Sol Press very first release. From what I saw there, seeing that most of the translation staff was well known people in VN communities, I think there's shouldn't be any problem in regard of the bad translation unlike Your Diary+. As for the premise, well once again it was in regard of Newton who somehow turned out to be a little girl with name Alice Bedford was about to come up with the gravitation theory, only to have the MC (Shuji) who somehow managed to came with the time machine burned the apple tree which was the place where Newton came up with the gravitation theory idea. Obviously it'll lead to many time paradox, so it's up to Shuji to fix up his mistake to make sure that history would be in the right track. While the premise was wouldn't be out of place in another Steins Gate spin off, most of Newton VN was slice of life though (Admittedly with the ongoing plot) so don't expect something heavy from the VN itself. Have fun for playing Newton VN there if you already got it.

I think that's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS again, so time for another my own VNTS Review here. I hope that you'll enjoy my VNTS Review here, and once again I would hope that someday we'll gonna have VNTS as well.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review even though I'd write this on Wednesday here so I'm quite late for this, and seeing that we did have Mangagamer's Otakon announcements at last Saturday I'll comment about the announcement in this review as well. As for the title, I'm sure that some of us would recognize it as Esperanto language, but let's see what we updates that we have at this week beforehand (I'll explain the title in PS later). For this week, seeing that we have Otakon announcements from Mangagamer, I would say that this week is definitely a good one. Other than Otakon announcement, we also have sizeable updates from the fan translation section compared to the last week, and not so favorable news from Sekai as well. With that done, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Yesterday we have surprising news from Sekai, which unfortunately is quite a bad one namely that Sekai fired off all of their marketing staff. While understandably they probably in dire need of money so they think that they should be able to do the marketing be themselves fine, unfortunately seeing the former CEO bad reputation I wouldn't be so sure if it's would be the good decision from Sekai or not. Anyway, it show that Sekai perhaps have some problem inside of the company itself so maybe some of the their partner would have doubt on Sekai. Enough my assumption here for now, and apparently Sekai did assure us that the projects will do fine for now so there's that. Now that Sekai did have some scandal here, they also list off some of their ongoing project at their site here, and out of all those updates the only thing that shown some clarity was Rewrite with the retranslation progress was at 35% (To me it's redundant project though). Let's just hoping that everything will work out somehow, especially for the projects that wasn't listed at the post (ie Majokoi, Harukuru, and Baldr Sky).

We did have Your Diary+ release back at last Friday on Steam. While the graphic for Your Diary itself is looking good, unfortunately the translation for that is pretty awful and there's no H scenes for that. As for my opinion here, I can try to tolerate the translation there but lack of H scenes will surely wouldn't do much favor to the people there. Oh and as for the translation, according to Pabloc back at VNDB it's worse than Konosora initial translation and for the note Pabloc himself was the one who retranslated Konosora, so if I may say here it would be need more than five years if one want to retranslate Your Diary (Konosora retranslation need almost five years to be finished). As for the removal of H scenes, while we knew that there's console version of this, Hobibox still don't have the excuse to only released all age version without 18+ patch because in Japan we also have Your Diary+ that was have the H scenes as well, and more importantly Hobibox could do it like the publisher nowadays (Did they didn't know either Fakku or Mangagamer?). In the end, I guess it;s a shame that we did get not so good release of Your Diary, considering that I find that the graphic itselves were quite nice to see.

Fan Translation

A week after starting the project, the translator for Summer Pocket did have a plan to release the trial patch for that at 26th later. While obviously it wouldn't cover the translation up to the endings, at least it should be enough if we want to see of what kind of the translation that Summer Pockets will have. For the VN itself, I'll try to talk more about it later but let's just said that it's more or less could be treated as a tribute to KEY's past VNs with many similar plot points. As for Summer Pocket's progress, the common route translated line count was at 2,810 lines while for others 1,446 lines were translated, bring the total translated lines was at 4,256 lines (Out of 111,484 lines, so the percentage for translated lines of Summer Pockets was at 3.81% translated).

Other than Summer Pockets, we have Pure Pure was at 80.25% translated with Hibari's route was at 20.56% roughly translated, 264 out of 268 lines from Oreimo Tsuzuki were finalized, Eustia was at 49.76% translated along with 40.06% edited and 39.08% TLC-ed, and Harugi's was at 12% translated for the overall progress with Tonoko's route was at 31% translated along with Branch was at 23% translated (With additional progress was at 8% edited). We also have a word from Musumaker project in which apparently they already finished with the engine issue for inserting the text, so at least from there hopefully it should be easier if we talk about Musumaker engine work (Also interesting to note that the team will remove the mosaic for Musumaker). From Loverable, the translator himself say that the team will revised the translated scripts from the start and they'll remove the honorific from the translation later, so let's wait for the further news here. As for the current progress for Loverable, right now it was at 82.33% TLC-ed. I think that's all for the updates in regard of fan translation, and obviously we didn't have Otakon announcement for this section lol.


Before going to Otakon announcements from them, let me say congratulation for the release of short nukige Sweet Switch back at last Thursday. And of course seeing that Mangagamer like to announced the exact date for their next release after the current release for most of the time, this time obviously Mangagamer did announce the exact date for the next release. As for the next release in question, it is Tsui Yuri in which it'll be released at September 6th later. So congratulation of mod Dergonu in regard of the release here, and if you've been waiting Tusi Yuri for more than two years, take a note of the release date.

The first announcement from Mangagamer Otakon panel is shoujo ai VN Kotonoha Amrilato, which I'll like to call it Amrilato from now on. As for the premise, it was in regard of a girl (Rin) who mysteriously transferred to the another world where the sky that did have the eternal sunset color. After that, Rin obviously want to know what was happened and from there she met another girl (Ruka), in which the usual trope that everyone spoke Japanese even in another world didn't happen because Ruka only understand Japanese a tiny bit with her dominant language was the unknown language (Juliamo). Obviously with that circumstance both Rin and Ruka wouldn't be able to communicate very well, and of course the only solution is that Rin learn Juliamo. What make this VN unique is not the isekai premise, but rather Amrilato allow us to learn Juliamo language along with Rin in order to understand the world by ourself. While Juliamo language here is a fictive one, actually it was based on a real language called Esperanto in which some of the word in Juliamo should be familiar if one been learning Esperanto. I'll hope that the translator able to translate this properly, because it would be hard if one want to translate this properly if we'd looking from learning the foreign language aspect.

The second announcement is otome 18+ VN from Kalmia8 Horny Magical Princess (Or I'll call it Sukehime from now on, with 'suke' was shortened from 'sukebe' which mean pervert). The premise is that we have a cute alien came to the Earth in order to search for her husband, and after landing on the Earth she found two handsome virgin men who the alien think was good enough to be the alien husband candidates (Forget to said that since the alien spoke Japanese as well, there wouldn't be major communication problem between her and two handsome men just like Amrilato lol). Even though it's 18+ otome which in theory is interesting enough, unfortunately this is the least interesting announcements to me for now. But if you've been take a liking to Boukaku from the same developer, this should be an interesting announcement to you. Oh, and the alien girl herself (The MC for this VN) is far more cheerful compared to Boukaku's MC. Almost forget to say that the translator already translated 4% of it according to her Twitter here.

Their third announcement was surely came off as a surprise, considering that the company in question was already bankrupt. But seeing that I'd been wish the announcement since last year Otakon, the surprise is quite good to me here. As for the third announcement, it was Haretaka in which it was dubbed as the best Chuablesoft VN. The premise is more or less just like MoeNovel sky themed VNs though (Konosora and Miagete, but instead of glider or telescope we'll gonna have rocket here), but at least we knew that this is gonna be better release compared to MoeNovel one because the mere fact that Mangagamer will release it uncensored (ie include the H scenes). As for the progress right now it's been already fully translated and edited, so perhaps we'll gonna have Haretaka did the beta testing in near future. Anyway, while I did say that it's surprising that Mangagamer did announce Chuablesoft title in which as we know is a bankrupt company, Mangagamer did answer that they already have a talk with the new license owner for Chuablesoft, which automatically mean that they should already cleared the license problem for Suki Suki as well. Seeing that Suki Suki was still in beta testing, I hope that it'll be finished in the near future and after that they'll release it. Forget to say that actually it's not a new thing though that a work from bankrupt company released overseas, because in the past we have the examples of that from JAST (Romanesque and more recently Schatten).

The fourth announcement from them was another Alice Soft VN, and this time it's Escalayer in which we'll gonna have a magical girl going to fight of the evil organization to defend the peace of the town. While the premise is absolutely cliche with the same pattern as Haruka as well (Both Escalayer and Haruka did share the exact same gameplay with slight difference), this VN was obviously Quof's next project because Haruka is more or less a nukige (Interesting to see that this is the second time that Arunaru didn't involved himself in Alice Soft VN), and therefore Escalayer should be the nukige as well. While it might be a nukige here, actually it could be treated as the gameplay VN with merely had high sexual content because the sex in Escalayer (And Haruka) did improve the character status so the sex here is quite necessary. In the end, whether you want to call this a nukige or not is up to each people. As for the difference and the similarities with Haruka, I'll write about that later on.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As for the title, it should be obvious that it was an Esperanto language. Which in this case of the title, I simply translate the localized title for Haretaka (Farther Than the Blue Sky) into the Esperanto here.