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Room No. 34 Review

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I just combined Room No. 9 with number 34 so we have 'Room No. 34' as this week title. The reason for number 34 is because we have Matsuribayashi finished the testing, and if you like Higurashi surely you would know that the main character for the first parts did have name that mean 34. As for this week, we have surprise Yuki Koi Melt (Yukikoi) announcement. Other than Yukikoi announcement we also have several updates from Mangagamer and fan translation, and interestingly Sol Press did have a lot of update in regard of Irotoridori. Overall I would say that this week is a plain one seeing that there's no interesting release, and let's see what I can write for this week here.

We have Cherry Kiss released their nukige, and this time it's about a hero who was from another world that met with brainwashed female maou (TL Note: Maou mean demon king) and married after the hero save the maou. Or in short it's like Maoyu but instead discussing about economy and politic between two races the couple will have a lot of sex. Well go get the VN if you interested (The VN English name is Runaway Demon Bride for the reference) and have fun. We also have Sol Press somehow put a lot of progress on Irotoridori, in which currently it's at 70% translated along with 46% edited. Well if anything else at least they show effort on their bigger announcement there, so let's see it later.

From Frontwing we have them announced Yukikoi, which to tell the truth it's quite predictable seeing that Frontwing did give a hint that they've been working on it along with Hatsumira since back at 2017. Guess it's good that Frontwing finally manage to localized their own VN from the past, and they already set the Steam store for that. They also already set the release time, and it'll be at April so we should get it in few weeks seeing that today is the last day of March. Speaking about Frontwing, they also already announced Phantom Trigger part 7 release date (At July 22nd later) in which it should be obvious that they'll release it with English language as well. No much info for now other than it'll be longer than previous parts (Apparently will be doubled), and of course it'll be the finale of the whole Phantom Trigger just like Rakuen for Grisaia. As for Yukikoi, for now I can only say that it's most likely an usual moege.

For Mangagamer's updates, no much interesting there but let me do the roundup for that. Currently we have Rance 01 was almost finished with their testing, Matsuribayashi was finished the testing, Room No. 9 was started the testing (Honestly I lost track on when there's update for Room No. 9), and Sona-Nyl was almost finished the editing with current progress was at 95% edited. They also apparently work on Refrain contents in which it's the additional contents that was available for console version of Sona-Nyl (ie PSP and XBOX 360), although obviously I don't know what Refrain content is. If anything at least I can say that Mangagamer did good job for adding additional contents from console to their releases.

Currently we have Trip did take some hiatus like he said beforehand, so there's no Ginharu progress for this week. For the rest of the updates, we have 11,183 lines of Pure x Connect translated, Miotsukushi Ura was at 4% translated, Loverable was at 81.53% edited, and Angel Beats was at 73.85% translated. Lastly we have the translator for Yosuga no Sora already translated the untranslated lines from Motoka's route, and the team leader said that they may have Yosuga no Sora fully translated in the upcoming few weeks. After finished with Motoka's route, the translator will move on to the fandisc (Haruka no Sora) and they'll give the updates for that as well later. With this like the leader said it's the time for the beginning of the end for nine years old project (Yeah they started the project back at 2011 based on the first post at their website), and let's look forward to the full patch release.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


This time I'll teach you on how to make chocolate, hence the title for this week VNTS Review. Or not because you can just search on how to make it on Google, and that I just combined the word 'Making' from Making Lovers aka Makeover and the word 'Chocolata' from Amairo Chocolata (Apparently Chocolata here is another calling from chocolate). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week it's quite less eventful one seeing that there's no release here. However it's not too bad to me though because we have Nekonyan did announce Makeover release date along with additional update in regard of Hello Lady, and that we also have Ginharu's update. So I guess overall this week is once again quite an average one, and let's see what I can write for this week here.

After I did think that Sekai wouldn't localized Amairo Chocolata into English, turned out that they already planned the English version of it. I have no idea though on why they hide the English version of it, but I guess they have some kind of contract that require them to hide the English license until a certain number of translation achieved (In this case it's at 30% translated). As for the VN itself, it's another catgirl moege VN out there which recently become quite booming thanks to Nekonyan big success (Especially with proper anime adaptation with the producer change the VA). Well if anything at least it'll be interesting if you want some catgirl moege and a bit of romance, although I'll just pass it. We also have some Nekogami progress, in which currently Sekai did finished the QA for that while at the same time fixing some bugs along with check some texts. If anything, we need for a while in regard of Nekogami release because usually it'll take a while there.

For fan translation, we have Eusta was at 54.6% TLC-ed, Angel Beats was at 69.63% translated, Loverable was at 81.44% edited, and Miotsukushi Ura was fully ported to the PC. For Ginharu's update, after a week break Trip finally finished translated the biggest file in Ginharu which apparently contained ~20,000 lines which to say quite a lot. For the numbers here, currently Momiji's route was almost fully translated with the progress was at 96.71% translated and with that it bring Ginharu overall to be at 61.95% translated. Trip also say that he'll attend some real life matter so he'll need two week to take a break or something like that, so perhaps we wouldn't have Ginharu updates for two weeks here. In any case, I hope that we'll going to have Momiji's patch by June's end if all goes well.

We have some announcements from Nekonyan, and one of the announcement is would be Makeover release date announcement in which they'll release it at April 3rd later which surely could make a nice early Easter gift. We also already have the Steam store for that, so you can get t from Steam as well (Duh). For another announcement it's in regard of Hello Lady like I said earlier, and the news is that they decided to localized the updated rerelease of Hello Lady that called 'Superior Entelecheia' or in another saying it would be the complete version of Hello Lady which to say was quite a nice move seeing that it'll contain the fandisc along with the original story that was added for the new version. With this I treat Nekonyan did took Hello Lady fandisc license, and that it'll be a while before they'll finished the fandisc translation seeing that it's still not translated yet. They also already set the timeline target for the release, and in this case it'll be at this summer although of course it may change in the future. Almost forget to note that we also have Aokana Extra 1 start the translation, so good for both of Nekonyan and Mashiro's fans.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late again. As for this week title, I joined words from both 'Funbag Fantasy 2 Sideboob' (Fantasy) and 'The Humbling of a Holy Maiden' (Holy Maiden), so we have 'Holy Maiden Fantasy' as this week review title. The reason for the title is because we have Funbag Fantasy 2 release along with the announcement of Humbling of Holy Maiden, and let's just say that I'm not quite interested with those two). What I can comment for this week would be that I like Sakuramori release announcement here, although it's only interesting update to me here though. Other than Sakuramori release announcement, we have Mangagamer updates along with some usual updates from fan translation. So yeah I guess I can say that overall this week is an average one, and let's see what I can write at this week as usual.

We have Meru of Love Lab announce their newest localized VN, in which it came with the aforementioned name 'The Humbling of a Holy Maiden' as the localized title. What I can comment is that the cover did have twin girl have mini dress that adequately telling that the nameless male MC will corrupt the girl there or something like that, or if I want to be blunt I don't know much about the VN itself except that it have a lot of sex scenes with the setting in another world (Well at least we have more isekai VN here). Not that interesting to me, so I'll just say good luck with the release later. From JAST we have Eiyuu Senki GOLD at 80% translated, so good for them I guess. From Sekai, we have them started QA for Nekogami and translation work for Nekopara 4, although I just want to say that I'm kind of wonder when they'll have updates for their bigger title there.

Once again we Trip took a rest from translation Ginharu, so there's no progress for this week. We also have Steps to Love prologue patch released, and let's just say that the VN title (Or the translation?) took 'Steps to Love' very literary. For the updates of fan translation, we have Miotsukushi Uta was 71% ported to PC, 32 out of 95 lines from Majikoi A-3 was edited, Motoka's route of Yosuga no Sora was past halfway (52%) TLC-ed and the team said that he hope that at most he'll finished Motoka's route at most within two months (Including translate the rest of her route, and Yosuga no Sora as the whole), Pure x Connect reach 10,000 lines mark (10,482) translated, and Eustia was at 88.73% edited. That's all for fan translation at this week.

From Mangagamer we have Sideboob 2 release, which apparently was based on first Funbag rather than the second one. I know that some reviewers did say that Funbag did contain surprisingly good story, although too bad that the boob is too big there so I'll just pass that. Get that though if you interested with Sideboob 2 there, and have fun. For the rest of Mangagamer we have three VNs finished the testing (Macchiato, WanNyan, and Escalayer), Mugen Renkan was start the testing, Rance 02 was fully edited, and Sona-Nyl was at 90% edited. Also since Mangagamer did release one of their VN it mean that they'll announce their next release, and in this case it's long awaited Sakuramori in that they'll release it at April 9th later. I look forward to Sakuramori release here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. For this week title I parodied the old nukige Discipline by changing the 'Crusade' to 'Celibate'. The reason is becuse we have Nukitashi was almost fully translated along with the reveal of the localized name (Nukitashi: I’m a Celibate, Get Me Out of Here!) that did have the word 'Celibate' (And that Nukitashi premise here remind me of Discipline), so we have 'Discipline: Record of a Celibate' as this week VNTS Review title. As for this week, most of interesting updates are comes from the update while for the release there's not much to say here, so I guess I can say that the week is overall quite a plain one here. Before I continue, I know that Mangagamer did release Funbag Fantasy 2 and announce Sakuramori as their next release (At April 9th later) today, but I'll talk more about it at my next VNTS Review. Let's see what I can write at this week.

From Cherry Kiss we have yet another isekai nukige with the MC here is basically the isekai hero who somehow manage to marry a cute demon king (Should be demon queen I guess), and that they'll release the nukige at 27th later. For the release, we have SF which as we know one of Tetsuzou VN who is more well known for his colorful word back when he find out that his works being fan translated. Well since it's a nukige and most of Tetsuzou VN are only have the advantage in the animation, safe to say that I'll just ignore it (Have fun though if you like it). In any case, I just hope that Sekai started on their serious project such as Amatsutsumi or Nine Episode 3 if we talk about their AX announcements here. We also have a word from Frontwing in regard of Sharin, which basically said that they need to delay their merchandise production for Sharin because of Corona virus pandemy, and I'll just basically say that unless you back it or waiting for it just play the available Sharin translation if you've been wanted to play it.

I guess this week we also have significant update from Sol Press, although it's still faraway from being ready for the release though. The first update from them was in regard of Irotoridori in which currently was at past halfway (55%) translated along with 31% edited, while for the second update we have Nukitashi was almost finished the translation at 98% translated. In any case, good luck to them despite their rare update roundup from them recently.

From fan translation we have surprising update from Gore Screaming Show, in which they just recently showing their activity with the current progress for the translation was at 13.4% translated. Speaking about recent activity, we also have some Pure Pure progress after the translator been busy for several months with real life matter, and the newest progress for Pure Pure 94.47% translated. From Higurashi PS3 arc, we have new progress for Miotsukushi Ura and currently it's at 4% ported to PC. For the rest of the roundup, we have Angel Beats show a massive progress with the curent progress was past halfway (51.66%) translated, Eustia was at 88.76% translated with side route was at 27.03% translated along with 86.62% edited, and Ginharu show some big progress with Momiji's route was at 85.12% translated and overall Ginharu was at 59.79% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week, or perhaps in a few days later.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being very late here. As for this week (Or rather the last week), what I can say is that we have two releases of VNs that have female MC and have three language. Other than the releases, we also have some Nekonyan updates along with Miotsukushi Omote release, so I guess I can say that overall last week is quite an average one. Let's see what I can write at this VNTS Review here, and as for the title I'll tell it at PS later.

Well it's not that surprising that Sol Press delayed their Himawari no Kioku release seeing that it's already past February (I hope that Sol Press can differentiate between ready and reckless when announce the release estimation), and so does it's not surprising to see JAST delayed their Kimikoi release. It's quite surprising though that JAST announce the exact release date for Kimikoi, and in this case it'll be at May 5th later. I still don't know whether they'll release it at that date ir not yet, but seeing that usually they already ready when they announced the exact release date let's just see it later (For now I leaned toward that they'll release it at May 5th here). We also have them released Togainu no Chi, which to say is a redundant one seeing that we already have it since back at 2012, although if you want to get that BL VN in legal way then feel free to purchase it from JAST and have fun.

As for Nekonyan updates, we have Riddle Joker was at 80% translated along with 60% edited, Kirikoi was at 45% translated along with 15% edited, and IxShe Tell was past halfway (55%) for both of translating and editing progress. We also have Makeover was halfway QA-ed, which is reasonable seeing that it's their next release. Let's see if they can release it before AX later, and that's all for Nekonyan's update roundup.

For Marco, what I should say is that I should praise Harukaze (I don't really certain if Tokyotoon is really their rebranded, but I treat Tokyotoon as Harukaze anyway) for make an all age VN instead of censoring their previous VNs like their previous releases (Noraneko duology), so that at least I wouldn't need to comment on their censorship like Pulltop. Let's hope that they'll focused on all age VN from now on. Anyway as for the premise we have Marco who was kidnapped at 6 years old after seeing her mother kidnapped in her piano recital, and currently she wondering in space as treasure because apparently she was kidnapped by the aliens. After getting some clue about her mother whereabouts, she decided to go to Earth together with the titular galaxy dragon Arco in order to find out more. Another things to note is that it'll have the anime with unique animation (Quite similar to old Western animation style) in that it's also shown in the VN as well, it have same staffs as Noraneko, and that it'll have ~1,000 CGs (Which would be quite a number seeing that it's all age VN and that the VN is quite a short one). Go get the VN from Steam if you interested, and have fun.

We have Sukera Somero released their debut VN, and like Amrilato (From the same group) it's another GL VN only that it's more explicit because it have sex scenes as well. The VN in question is Oshirabu, and the subtitle is Waifu over Husbando. The premise is that we have a female MC (Akuru) who's been wanted a certain handsome male from a gacha game so much that she spent much money (Thankfully not at level of a guy who spent ~4,000 dollars for two servants in FGO yet), and one day she see a teenage girl (Ren) who have a lot of luck. Desperate for a lucky draw, Akuru ask Ren to draw the gacha and when Ren manage to pull it of Akuru was very happy. So much that she propose to the handphone that displayed the handsome male that Akuru been wanted while the handphone was still in Ren's hand, and of course Ren mistaken it as if Akuru proposed to her here. From there Ren keep approaching Akuru, which of course make Akuru uncomfortable before she started to like Ren. Go get Oshirabu if you've been interested with it as well, and have fun.

For fan translation, currently we have Eustia was at 88.5% translated with side route was past a quarter (25.38%) translated along with 86.58% edited, Loverable was at 80.9% edited, Angel Beats was at 39.05% translated, and after a week break we have Ginharu was at 58.04% translated with Momiji's route was past three quarter (75.81%) translated. We also have Alka teased us about their secret project, although so far there's no much hint other than it would be non-KEY VN along with the fact that it'll be an ordinary slice of life romance eroge. Lastly we have Miotsukushi Omote patch release, so if you've been wonder on how PS2 ended Higurashi you can play it and have fun. For their next plan, they'll translate Miotsukushi Ura in which it's PS3 version of Miotsukushi and apparently there's some difference between those (Don't ask me on why we have Miotsukushi in two versions for different consoles). That's all for fan translation here.

That's all for my VNTS Review here, and see you next week (Or rather in a few days later).

PS - For the title, since we have (Redundant) Togainu no Chi along with Marco and Galaxy Dragon releases, I just use localized name of Togainu no Chi (Blood of the Reprimanded Dog) and change 'Dog' into 'Dragon' so we have 'Blood of the Reprimanded Dragon' as this week VNTS Review title.


Of course I didn't review another Sakura VN that was created by Winged Cloud, and the reason for the title is because we have Sakuramori finished the testing along with the nukige release from Cherry Kiss Games with the English name 'Elf Breeding Farm', so we have 'Sakura Farm' as this week VNTS Review. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week it's less lively after two big releases at the last two weeks (Summer Pockets and Senren Banka) with this week release is the aforementioned nukige. That said, at least this week update is quite nice to see because it have two interesting updates to me here (Makeover release and Sakuramori finished the testing) although in the end this week is quite a plain one here. Let's see what I can write for this week as well here, and sorry if this week review would be a short one here.

From JAST back at 25th we have Togainu no Chi release which to say is a redundant one, but if you want a hardcopy version of Togainu no Chi then feel free to get it there. And speaking of the release, there's also the aforementioned Elf Breeding Farm that was released by Cherry Kiss which to say not within my interest there, but if you like it then go get it and have fun. Speaking about nukige, there's Yamizome in which it's already halfway translated. While Yamizome here is not nukige, I understand that people would likely thought it as one, and beside I think it would be nice if JAST can show good progress on that later in the future. Lastly we have JAST have their Flowers Autumn ready to preorder, which honestly not mean that the release date is almost close especially if we look at Majikoi (Granted it's because of voice license problem and the release is a redundant anyway, but still enough for an example of preorder is not always mean ready for the release). In any case, let's try to conclude this in a hopeful matter that hopefully JAST will be able to release Flowers Autumn in a near future or perhaps at this year.

From fan translation we have Tsurezure take a break at this week, Miotsukushi Omote was at 86% edited, Angel Beats was at 31.50% translated, 9,814 lines of Pure x Connect are translated along with 5,287 lines edited, and we have Eustia at 88.24% translated with Side Routes was at 23.7% translated along with 85.95% edited. Lastly we also know that Yosuga no Sora did a lot of QC work, and currently they keep working on it as of now with the current progress that they already finished the TLC for both of common and Kazuha's route and apparently they about to put more focus on Motoka's route TLC which as of now still not fully translated. Let's see if we can see the end of this eight years old project in the near future (Good luck to the team), and that's all for fan translation here.

Currently we have Aokana planned release for PS4 and Switch at this summer by PQube, which should be good if you somehow have PS4/Switch and yet didn't own a PC/laptop. If anything at least it would reach wider audience in which it's what Pulltop attempt to do it in a sloppy way with MoeNovel, and more importantly it mean that Nekonyan manage to fulfill yet another of their Kickstarter promise. Although instead of that, I'm more interested to know that their next release plan is Makeover and they stated that it should be happen in not too far away (There's still no exact release date for that, but they'll announce it when they ready). From Mangagamer, we have Sona-Nyl was at 85% edited, both of Macchiato and Rance 01 was started the testing, 02 was at 90% edited, and last but not the least we have Sakuramori finished the testing. Seeing that it's the only update that have been finished the testing, perhaps we may have this as Mangagamer's April release although I may expect too much here though. In any case I'll look forward to it's release.

That's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Senren Banka teleased at the Valentine days with the premise that remind us of Arthur legend I decided to parodied the 1963 Disney movie that adapt that legend. Although in this case since the blade is katana of course I change the sword into katana, and for a bit of info katana is the name of Japanese sword. As for this week, we have one big release from Nekonyan (Senren Banka) along with one nukige (Imopara 3), so I can say that it's been an active week if only if we look at the releases alone. Other than the releases we also have usual updates, with the most interesting update is that Trip back to have weekly update in regard of Ginharu. Let's see what I can write for this week here as well.

One day before Valentine we have Mangagamer released Imopara 3, which mean that now we have all three Imopara VNs are being localized. Also like previous releases Mangagamer did announce their next release, and in this case their next release is Sideboob 2 at March 12th later. For Imopara 3 here, well it's a nukige and for the premise it's still the Nanase family tradition in which we'll have one male MC love his five sisters a lot and will have a forbidden romance that was expressed through sex, though this time Moonstone decided to make new Nanase family instead of connect it from the first and second Imopara. Well get Imopara 3 if you like previous two Imopara and want more little sister nukige, and have fun. By the way I prefer little sisters in Onikiss if I may say what I think about the design, although finally I can see Moonstone manage to design cute youngest sister so I like her design the most followed by the fourth sisters (The rest of the sisters still have shadow from previous Imopara VNs).

About Harlem Blade, I only know that the translator chose PC-98 version to translate (Why not PC Windows version?), it's produced by GIGA (At least they didn't interfere with their forced censorship policy here), it's a gameplay VN (RPG), and that it featured the MC with the name of Cain who is a pervert man who also a descendant of a legendary hero. In any case, you can try it if you somehow interested with it and have fun. For the rest of the updates, we have Miotsukushi Omote was past halfway (53%) edited, Loverable was reach 80% mark (80.39%) edited, Eustia was at 88.13% translated along with 84.59% edited, and Ginharu was at 56.64% translated with Momiji's route was at 68.3% translated. By the way we also have Tsurezure did release new version of Hoshiori's full patch, so feel free to get it if you're not satisfied with the available translation of Hoshiori.

The biggest release for this week is obviously Senren Banka in which as we know it's been announced by Sekai first back at AX 2017, and apparently Yuzusoft decided to change their partner to Nekonyan seeing that they already have successful Sanoba release (My assumption). Anyway with Nekonyan took over Dracu Riot and Riddle Joker we'll going to have more Yuzusoft VN thanks to them, and perhaps it's only a matter of time to see Nekonyan took Tenshin Ranman license. For the premise itself is that we have our MC Arichi visit his hometown that has been famous because of the tourist who want to see traditional Japanese village, and he somehow manage to break the katana that was stabbed in the stone that was supposed hard to pull. To add more problem, because the spirit of the katana acknowledge Arichi as the new owner of the katana and that he broke one of tourist attraction, he must take responsibilities by having an engagement with the local shrine maiden who also the daughter of shrine's priest. Seeing no choice, our Arichi decided to try to get use to her new life. Also while some review pointed that Senren Banka here have the plot, the safe approach here would still expect this as charage. In any case, you can get Senren Banka at Steam or Nekonyan (Or JAST, Mangagamer, and Denpasoft), and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


The reason for this week title is obviously because we have the full release of Summer Pockets here, and I add the 'Finale' here because it's the last time that I'll use that particular title. For the reminder I did treat Summer Pockets as the memorial for past KEY VNs and I combined that with Precure All Star Memories in which Toei did make the movie as some sort of memorial for Precure old fans, although to me the writing for that is quite sloppy though especially when the movie add the previous Precures awkwardly (By the way the movie writer so far did her job good enough at her new Precure series (HealGPC), although it's still two episodes to judge anything though). Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and our biggest release for this week should be Summer Pockets in which the one who release it first turned out to be Visual Arts (VA) instead of Alka, so Alka decided to take down their own patches because it's already released. Other than that, this week was comprised of some fan translation updates so I think overall this week is an average one. Let's see what I can write for this week here.

For fan translation, the most obvious update would be that since Summer Pocket released officially Alka decided to remove the patch and stop their project which is almost close seeing that they only have 3% left to completed the translation and preparing Alka's patch. If anything, at least they sort of glad that Summer Pockets was released officially on time so all goes well I guess (VA curiously never deliver C&D to Alka there). Anyway in light of that, Alka decided to change the focus to Angel Beats and currently it was at 4.83% translated. For the other updates, we have Loverable was at 79.74% edited, Miotsukushi Omote was at 26% edited, 9,704 lines from Pure x Connect are translated along with 5,043 lines are edited, and we have Ginharu update from Tsurezure again in which the current progress for the overall VN was at 56.08% translated with Momiji's route was at 65.3% translated. I guess that's all for this week fan translation updates here.

About Summer Pockets here, I think it's easy to say that it's KEY newest big VN although the main writer is different though because we have Niijima Yuu wrote the VN instead of usual Jun Maeda because currently Maeda have a severe health problem. That said even without Maeda took big role in the writing and directing, his influence is very high in that Niijima sort of write it like older KEY VN. While it may argued that KEY probably intend this as their 20th anniversary VN (I forgot if they stated like that or not), some older fan would understandably recognize some plots instantly. So I would say that if some new VN player want to play KEY VN, then Summer Pocket should be their first choice. I forgot to note that with this it mean that Summer Pockets here is the second Niijima Yuu VN that was translated after Majokoi, one of the heroine was drawn by Tsubasu, and that it's all age VN so don't expect sex scenes there (Nobody want KEY sex scenes anyway).

The premise for Summer Pockets itself is that our MC Hairi goes to an island to spent his summer at his aunt house (The beginning is like Kanon here), and in there he met with a mysterious white haired girl who introduce herself as Shiroha (Who also as the main heroine of Summer Pockets here) later on. From there Hairi did his best to enjoy his days on the island, although of course like Niijima Yuu previous writing (And KEY) there's something more behind that. Lastly you can get Summer Pocket at Steam if you've been interested with it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as we know our highlight for this week should be Nekonyan's announcements. Other than that, we also have some updates from fan translation, Mangagamer, and Sekai which is good enough to me seeing that we also have one particular big announcement from fan translation. Lastly before I'm continuing the review let me said that at first I think that this week would be a plain one, but thanks to Nekonyan it turn to become an interesting one. Let's see what I can write for this week as well here, and I'll tell the meaning of this week review title at PS later.

From fan translation, there's no update from Tsurezure again so I'll just directly assume that either they took some rest or really busy with real life matter (If anything I'll just think that they'll release Mizuha's patch in 2021 at the earliest, but of course if they want to prove me that they can release it at this year then so be it). For the other updates, we have Shin Koihume Musou was at one third (33%) edited, Loverable was at 78.82% edited, and Miotsukushi Omote was at 5% edited. For the biggest update in fan translation, we have Summer Pocket was at 94.37% translated with Alka's route was fully translated. As for their plan to release Alka's patch (ie at 17th later), I admit that it's very interesting so let's see if they can fulfill it later (And obviously it mean that they manage to release it first before the official release). As for why I call it Alka's patch, the reason is because most of the lines for the true routes was in Alka's route, and for more information the last route for Summer Pocket is Pocket's route itself (Summer Pocket true route here did consist of Alka and Pocket routes). That's all for fan translation section at this week.

We also have Irotoridori was at 20% edited, and that's all for Sol Press update here. From Sekai currently we have Daybreak was in image editing and more importantly waiting for the review (Which understandably took a long time seeing that it's Valve and all), Hoshimemo retranslation was in QA (Still redundant to me anyway), and Eternal Heart was at 40% translated. The most important update from Sekai is that they lost their Dracu Riot license because it's been revealed that Nekonyan took the license as their first secret project, and currently it's already finished the translation progress (Yes including editing) so we may have near future release. I think I didn't need to introduce it seeing that most people should already know about it, but to me it's still a redundant announcement here (I know that some people did prefer to wait for the edited version, so good for them). With this Sekai was already lost two Yuzusoft VNs license, and I think it's only a matter of time before Nekonyan take over Tenshin Ranman license as well.

As we know we have Nekonyan did revealed all of their five secret projects, and one of those projects are Dracu Riot that I talk above. For the rest of the announcements, let me talk about it started from my least interesting announcements to me (Beside Dracu Riot obviously). But before that let me list some of their updates here, in which they already have both of Hello Lady and Makover was fully translated, Aokana Extra 1 translation will start in a few months, and Senren Banka already ready for the release as Nekonyan's Valentine prize (At 14th later). What I can say is that I hope that Nekonyan can release both of Hello Lady and Makeover (Or either one is fine) in this year, and good luck to Nekonyan in regard of that.

The first title that I would talk here is IxShe Tell aka their fifth secret project, because from several reviews that I search I did find that apparently it got the least favorable opinion such as it's only a generic moege or something like that. That said, my opinion may change though so I'll keep my eyes on this. The premise is very simple in that it have our MC as the student council president who manage to abolished the rule that banned student to fall in love, and currently he need to deal with five cute girls chase after him. For more info, Nekonyan did offer this as their replacement for Melty Moment which make sense seeing that it's been from the same developer (Hooksoft), and currently it's been at 45% for both of translation and editing progress.

Turned out that their second secret project is Riddle Joker (Pretty much already expected, especially if we look at SD CG from Riddle Joker that Nekonyan post at one of their past tweet), in which it's the most recent Yuzusoft VN before Cafe Stella. The premise is we have the MC who is a secret agent who infiltrate the school that nurture the student with special talent, and that his secret was revealed by student council president who hide the secret that her breast is very small and thus she wear pads. While more Yuzusoft VN is always good and looks like their current relationship with Nekonyan is quite good, I think I'm probably neutral with this for now. Anyway with Nekonyan took over both of Senren Banka and Dracu Riot from Sekai along with this and Sanoba, currently we have them hold four Yuzusoft VNs so I'm kind of wonder if they somehow could hold Amairo license in the future later. For the reminder, the progress at Riddle Joker was at 65% translated along with halfway edited.

Their third secret project is quite surprising, because turned out that the name of the project is Kin'iro Loveriche aka Kirikoi which as we know it's Saga Planet VN. While currently Saga Planet here is the cursed company that still have none of their VNs are translated, looks like the one who break that curse is Nekonyan. I don't know though if Kirikoi license here could be followed by other Saga Planet license, but let's hope that it'll be especially with some of their well known VNs such as Hatsuyuki Sakura and Hanasaki Love Spring. For the premise, well I think Evangile's premise should be similar enough except the MC caught attention from an European princess and that he got beaten up by the guard before being placed in the high class school. For additional note here, almost all of the heroines are blonde (Because of the 'kin'iro' title, and 'kin'iro' mean golden (Just like Kin'iro Mosaic in that the female MC have an interest to blonde hair)) and currently it's been at 40% translated along with 12% edited.

For the 4th secret project, currently it's the most interesting one to me. It's also been fully translated for a while, so perhaps we may have this being released in the near future. The project is Clover Days, which as we know it's one of the project that was in torpor because it became too much for Astro to handle. Out of all five announcements, safe to say that Clover Days here did gather some favorable opinion so I'll be looking forward to the eventual release here. The premise is going like we have a MC who is an adopted son that was taken from London to live in Japan, and that he had two very cute twin sister. Also the MC himself was already established his friendship with several other characters, who somehow are the twins (Apparently Clover Days here really put emphasis on twin sibling). Since we already have Ittaku fully translated this, all that left is the editing progress so good luck to Nekonyan for that.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and happy very belated Chinese New Year. See you next week.

PS - For this week title, I use 'Twilight' from Dracu Riot and 'Days' from Clover Days. 'Days' part here is obvious enough, while for 'Twilight' it's because in Dracu Riot we have vampire and the closest vampire story that have romance would be Twilight, so yeah once again I parodied Twilight here.

PPS - Forgot to write Mangagamer's updates here, but overall it's been overshadowed by Nekonyan's announcements. For their update, we have both of Macchiato and Matsuribayashi about to be in testing, Rance 01 was fully edited, the image editing for 02 was finished, and Sona-Nyl was at 80% edited. That's all for my belated Mangagamer's updates roundup here.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I decided to combined both of Senren Banka (Because we have it's trial released at the last week) and Utawarerumono (Because we have the duology rereleased at PC) here into 'Thousand Battles Ten Thousand Masks'. The reason is because in Utawarerumono we have the MC from the first part wore his iconic mask and that there's a lot of battles happened being SRPG and all, and that we have kanji mean 'Thousand' and 'Ten Thousand' in Senren Banka Japanese name (Kanji 'Sen' and 'Ban' respectively). As for this week, I guess I should say congratulation to Shira VN in regard of their hard work to port Utawarerumono into PC, although I'm quite mixed on that though. Other than that, we also have some fan translation title along with Sol Press updates that they'd announce stealthily at the last week, so overall this week is more or less a bit plain to me here (Although it might be great though if you Utawarerumono's big fan). Let's see what I can write at this week.

For Utawarerumono duology port, once again while I should praise Shira VN for their hardwork and Leaf for still care about their initial market (PC gamer), unfortunately my laptop here can't play this so too bad that I can't join the fun. I also did wonder whether my reaction would be different if my laptop can play this, but after I remember my reaction to Grisaia trilogy even after it's been translated I guess my reaction to Utawarerumono would still the same in that I still thought that it's more or less just Leaf being milking Utawarerumono franchise in which actually the first game itself is already conclusive enough (The first game story is very linear). Speaking about the first game, apparently Leaf want to remake the first part as well and let's just say that perhaps it should be good for the fans who want to play first Utawarerumono in better graphic. Well go get Utawarerumono duology if your PC/laptop is strong enough and that you've been a big fans of it, and have fun.

Speaking about Shira VN, turned out that they also responsible for publishing Marco and Galaxy Dragon here. While I'm surely wouldn't have any problem with any publisher seeing that it's all age VN in the first place (I should praise Harukaze/TOKYOTOON to wisely made original all age VN after their blunder in Noraneko duology), it's still good that we have a new VN localization company bring active here. I also have a good news if you like otome VNs, in that Aksys will released their three otome VNs at this year with the closest one is Collar x Malice Unlimited in that they'll release it at this summer. There's also bad news as well, in that we have Ryuusei World Actor was being banned from Steam again. While I know that the writer (Kinugasa) isn't the capable one when it come to finished the story, it's still too bad that it's been banned here so hopefully it'll find a solution to resolve the case (Even though I'm surely wouldn't read it thanks to the writer's bad reputation).

As for Sol Press update, we have Irotoridori was at 45% translated along with 10% edited, Shitsuaru was at 30% translated along with 10% edited (I thought it's already been finished the translation), and Himawari no Kioku was at 67% translated along with 60% edited. We also have some hidden updates in which the CEO Xeviax only announce it on Sol Press Discord (Don't ask me why he decided to do it) in that we have Sakura Celebration was at 67% translated along with 60% edited, and Nukitashi was at almost three quarter (74%) translated along with 8% edited. Like I said last week, for now I can only say that it's just too bad that we still didn't have Mirai Radio update so hopefully we'll have that in the near future.

From fan translation we have Tales in Distress release in which apparently it's just a nukige with the graphic that resembled some old Tales series (The sprite). Other than the small release, of course we have some updates as well in that we have Eustia was at 79.28% edited with Eustia's chapter was at 61.54% edited, and finally we have Miotsukushi Omote fully translated. Lastly we have Tsurezure do their usual update after a week of absence, and for this week update currently they have Ginharu's overall was at 54.74% translated with Momiji's route was at 58.13% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Kamome's patch of Summer Pocket released obviously I'll reuse 'KEY All Stars Memories' with the 'Part 4' here is obviously meant that this is the fourth times that I use this title. For the reminder, I use that particular title was because Summer Pocket here have the older KEY VNs plot as some sort of KEY memorial (My interpretation) and we also have Precure All Stars Memories that the staffs intend as Precure memorial (By the way the writer for that movie will write upcoming Precure (Healin' Good Precure or HealGPC)). As for this week, well I guess I can say that it's more lively because we have several releases here although ironically the most interesting update here would be partial one though (And yeah it include Senren Banka demo release). Overall I think this week is better compared to the last week when it comes to updates (Duh), and let's see what I can write at this week.

We finally have some updates from Sol Press, although I would like to ask though why they didn't announce it on Twitter seeing that it's been a while since we see some updates from them (The CEO even announce three updates in Sol Press Discord only). I'll list the update at next VNTS Review, but I guess I can say that it's too bad that there's still no progress from Mirai Radio here. We also have Chuusotsu 1.5 release here, and what I can say is that go get it if you like Chuusotsu since the start and have fun. Almost forget that we also have JAST announced the release date for their (Redundant) Togainu no Chi at February 25th later, and that we have Cherry Kiss released their newest nukige (I'd pass on this, but if you already play it and like it then have fun).

From Mangagamer, as expected they announce their next release after they released Magic and Slash, and this time their release is Imopara 3 in which they'll release it at February 13th later (One day before Valentine day). As for the release itself, while female MC is always good turned out that it's not much special seeing that we have a lot of female MC in HRPG that was created by RPGMaker, and apparently Magic and Slash is one of those (Mangagamer did port it to Unity engine though). For more info, it also have action RPG gameplay which while it sounds interesting, actually we already have Baldr Sky release here if we talk about action RPG (And both of Rhapsody and Frontier have more interesting gameplay, at least from what I think after I'd read a review about Magic and Slash). Still if you want some action RPG that have cute female MC and will be raped when she lose, go get Magic and Slash here and have fun.

From Nekonyan we have Senren Banka trial released, which mean that they should be ready for their Senren Banka release in the near future. I know that they still didn't announce the date here and that it's up to them, but if I want to be hopeful perhaps I may expect March 30th release as their 2nd anniversary of Fureraba's release prize. In any case, our Nekonyan here is obviously far more successful in regard of bringing Senren Banka to Steam compared to Sekai. There's also Kamome's patch of Summer Pocket release like I mentioned earlier, and currently we already have Alka translated five files of the true routes. While we already have four heroines route translated, it's still not finished though because KEY recently like to write the true route and Summer Pocket here is no exception. From the progress, we have 32% script still untranslated and that amount did contain true route. Good luck to Alka there, and in any case let's see if Visual Art can resolve their problem and release it before Alka finished their work in true route here.

For fan translation, we have Loverable was at 78.56% edited, Eustia was at 88.07% translated (Side routes was at 22.58% translated) and 78.37% edited (Eustia's chapter was at 54.95% edited), and no update from Ginharu because apparently they took some rest or something like that. From Rhapsody, apparently the team get some more staffs to help with the editing and image translating, and as the result the progress for both of those are going smoothly (Hopefully we can get Rhapsody's full patch at this year if possible).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and while there's still not much to say at this week as well at least we have some interesting stuffs happen such as Nekonyan opened Steam store page for Senren Banka. Other than that we also have some updates from both of Mangagamer and fan translstion, so overall I think this week is a bit plain here. I'll tell the title at PS later, and let's see what I can write for this week.

Fruitbat have a plan to released Chuusotsu 1.5 in which the release date for that will tomorrow, although to me I don't really particularly interested with it though seeing that I'm still don't know much about Chuusotsu to be very blunt (Perhaps it might be a good addition for Chuusotsu's fans). About Senren Banka Steam store page here, two days ago we have Nekonyan open the store for that. While granted we still don't know when Nekonyan will release it seeing that they also plan to release the trial version of that here, at least the time for that is almost close so hopefully we'll have it at this year (Should be possible seeing that we have 11 months left). One more thing here is that it's quite ironic that Sekai did announce Senren Banks first, and yet the one who open the Steam store page for that was Nekonyan.

For Mangagamer's updates here, we have Sona-Nyl was at three quarter edited, both of Mugen Renkan and Macchiato was in programing, and both of WanNyan and Escalayer was in testing. Not much to say other than it's good that we can finally see Escalayer in testing (More magical girl VN is always good), so let's see what Mangagamer will announce for their next release after they'll release Magic and Slash later.

We finally have Pure Pure was continuing their progress after the translator being busyfor some time, and currently the progress for that was at 93.68% translated (Still a rough one though). Other than that we have 9,634 out of 43,896 lines of Pure x Connect were translated (Almost 10,000 lines translated there), Loverable was at 78.39% edited, Miotsukushi Omote was past 90% mark (92%) translated, Summer Pocket was at 68.40% translated with Kamome's route was fully translated (So we should have Kamome's patch released in the near future), and Eustia was at 87.48% translated (Side route was at 18.77% translated) along with 77.76% edited (Eustia's chapter was past halfway (50.50%) edited). For the last update once again we have Ginharu's update, in which we have Momiji's route was past halfway (51.16%) translated and overall Ginharu was at 53.44% translated. Not much to say other than I like that Tsurezure back to their usual pace at this week.

That's all for this week, and sorry if this week is still a short one. See you next week.

PS - For the title, I just joined Escalayer's English title (Beat Angel Escslayer) and 'A La Mode' from WanNyan full title so we have 'Beat Angel Escalayer A La Mode' as this week title, which is quite fitting anyway seeing that we have Kira Kira Precure A La Mode and Escalayer here is a magical girl to a degree (Perhaps we may have the sequel with the same name (Beat Angel Escalayer A La Mode) if Alicesoft in the mood for it).


Welcome to first 2020 VNTS Review, and yeah I know that I'm very late here. For the title, I decided to parodied Plant vs. Zombie ending song simply because we have Tsurezure released Hinata's patch and that her ending song title is 'Himawari' (TL Note: Himawari mean sunflower), and that we have Sunflower sang the ending song. Of course theres no zombie in Hinata's route (The real one obviously), so I changed the 'zombies' into 'dogs' (Because dog is very prominent in Hinata's route and thus we have 'Dogs in Your Lawn' as the title. For this week other than Hinata's patch there's no much do say here so let's see what I can write for this week here, and sorry if this week VNTS Review will be a short one.

With 2019 done, obviously Sekai will delay a bunch of their planned 2019 releases (Presumably they've been too tired after Baldr Sky release) along with Sol Press delayed Mirai Radio release. That said, I'm still hopeful a bit though in that Sekai may be able to release Daybreak at this year along eith Morning Mist, so let's see it later. Speaking about 2020 release, we also have Aksys planned to release Collar x Malice Unlimited at this year so let's see if they can do it later as well. We also will have Cherry Kiss will release their next nukige at 17th later, but like most of other nukige I'll just pass it.

I know that we'll have Utawarerumono sequel duology PC port release at 23rd later thanks to ShiraVN effort (Guess they like VN with ancient Japanese setting), although too bad that I can only say that my laptop probably wouldn't be able to play it. We also have Nekonyan released DLC for Aokana, in that it'll contain the content from Perfect edition. While apparently there's no much content in it, we should appreciate Nekonyan released this as their way to fulfill their promise at KS. Doubly so if we've know that we can get it free as their compensation for them having work on the DLC for a long time along with Senren Banka delay, and for the info initially Nekonyan want to charge the DLC at US$ 5.

From fan translation we have two nukige release with one of those are very heavy on lolicon content. While the other one surely wouldn't win an award for the story, at least the setting is interesting in that we'll going to have medieval setting. For the updates from fan translation, we have Eustia was at 87.11% translated with side route was at 16.33% translated, Loverable was at 78.39% edited, and Miotsukushi Omote was at 86% edited. For Ginharu here once again we have Hinata's patch been released as some sort of belated New Year prize from Tsurezure, so if you've been interested with Hinata and been wanted to play her route you can get the patch and have fun. Of course we also have the first 2020 Ginharu update here, and the update goes like currently Momiji's route was at 42.1% translated and overall Ginharu was at 51.74% translsted.

I guess that's all for my first 2020 VNTS Review, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.


Since it's already 2020 which mean the year was already changed, I figure that I should make my list for best rated translated VNs from back at 2019. I know that people here might not agree with my list here seeing that they have their own best VNs list there, but still it should be fine if I give my own list here. Once again the rule is still the same in that I wouldn't list nukige (So no Venus Blood Frontier here even though I like it), otome, BL, fandisc, and partial translated VNs (No Rhapsody here since the translator himself classify it as partial patch). Oh and censored VNs is obviously out of window, so no Noraneko duology even though those are quite well received on VNDB. Anyway let's see my list for 2019 here, and I'll tell what's the title mean at PS later. Almost forget to mention that the score based on today (March 10th 2020), and it's possible that both of the rank and the score will be change in the future.

10. Lamunation (VNDB 7.35)

As for Lamunation here, the first thing that I know is that when I learned that Erogamescape scoring here is horribly unfair in that they'll judge based on the author's scandal rather than the story. While granted that Lamunation's story here is not a serious one (ie comedy and parody) and that the director scandal could be categorized as harrasment to a degree seeing that he type a dirty joke on a female tweet, it's still too bad that people prefer to judge it by the people rather than the VN itself. In any case all of those are happened in the past, so hopefully the director (Kepposhi) could learn a thing or two from his past mistake to be more careful on his word on the internet.

For the premise, basically we have our MC Luna did have a lot of fun activities together with his little sister, his childhood friend (Female), and his twin friends (Obviously female as well). Some of the activities are including of jumping from the helicopter, go to the school that have no curriculum other than do whatever you want, hang out in the cafe, and so on. Yeah it's hard to explained the story because the translator (Meru) herself tell us that it'll have meme, so you'll just need to have a laugh in Lamunation like what Kepposhi would probably have in mind when making Lamunation. Another thing to note is that Kepposhi did some of GL VNs here, and Lamunation here is not the exception even though it have male MC, because all of the heroines are bisexual to a degree (Especially the twins).

9. Majo Koi Nikki aka The Witch's Love Diary (VNDB 7.53)

The first Niijima Yuu VN that was translated, which is quite an accomplishment seeing that there's several failed attempt to translate his works. For the project itself, at first it's started as fan translation by Luna Translation with the progress looks satisfying at least until AX 2018 in which Sekai did announce this. While it's surprising to me, at least it's not as shocking like back at Saku Saku announcement. After that, like other Sekai announcements there's no much talk from them until when they decided to do sudden release back at July 26th. For the premise, we have our female MC Nanno Alice find a mysterious diary. Curious, she peek on the diary only to find out that apparently the diary depict the life of a man named Sakurai Takumi (Majokoi's true MC), and Alice find out that Takumi is quite a player for approaching several women and then have sex with them. Of course being Niijima Yuu work, nothing as simple as that so in Majokoi here we'll going to unravel some mystery behind the enigmatic Sakurai Takumi. While the story itself are interesting in that it have some unexpected element, some reader are understandably react like Alice when they play the prologue in that they disturbed with Takumi's attitude.

8. Ano Harewataru Sora yori Takaku aka Farther Than the Blue Sky (VNDB 7.72)

At first I thought it would be impossible for Mangagamer to localize this seeing that we have Chuable being bankrupt before we have Haretaka release here, only to turned out that I was wrong because Mangagamer did announce this back at Otakon 2018. After some busted payment processor problem, Mangagamer manage to release this back at September. For the premise, we'll have our so-called idiot Otoya who attend a general class in a school that was famous with the rocket making. Then at one night he met with a red haired tsundere girl Arisa who want to retrive the rocket from the sea, and Otoya decided to do it without hesitation. After that, both of Otoya and Arisa met again at school and after Arisa tell a story on how her rocket club Byakko will be abolished because lack of member, Otoya decided to join the club despite his lack knowledge of rocket. For Haretaka here, I can say that the writer did good job compared to Suki Suki in that he manage to have all four heroines did have proper interaction with each other in the common route, which is very important seeing that Suki Suki did have out of context heroine (I'm looking at you Chiho, and I can sort of understand why Arunaru did translate her onii-chan as dude).

7. Nanairo Reincarnation (VNDB 7.78)

For Nanairo I can say this is quite a smooth one in regard of the release so no much to say other than than Sekai did released it (After several QCs) at the same time when Nekonyan released Aokana, so good job to Sekai here. As for Nanairo here, it have some appeal namely that you'll have the MC as university student instead of usual high schooler. For the premise our MC Makoto did got some inheritance from his grandfather in form of a house. In there Makoto find out that his grandfather have some spirutual connection, and that Makoto did have same capability like the grandfather. As if it's not enough, Makoto also found out that his cheerful childhood friend was in fact a selfish zashiki warashi who's been helping Makoto's family for generations. Then Makoto was being told that his grandfather help the police with the cases that involved supernatural as the spirit detective, and Makoto was also supposed to inherit that role. Seeing no choice, Makoto slowly learning the rope of his new role in solving some supernatural cases. Lastly, I'm content with Nanairo release here seeing that it's one of well received VN out there.

6. Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi aka The Most Forbidden Love in the World (VNDB 7.80)

So-called White Album 2 prototype, although in this case it's more like Maruto only have one main heroine (Mitoko) instead of two. That said, I can understand the reason why people draw some comparison with WA2, because Maruto did apply some of Damekoi characteristic in WA2 as well. While the English title is quite suggestive, honestly I'm don't think that it's bad if we already see some example of big age difference romance in the manga. Of course that kind of romance would be a very sensitive issue in real life, and let's leave it at that. The premise is we have our 28 years old MC Osamu who just fired from the company as the scapegoat and that he didn't have home to come back seeing that he's been divorced, so basically his life was very unlucky. After being touched by a passerby woman who somehow help him and tell where her home is, Osamu decided to go to her home only to find out that the woman is eloped leaving her 14 years old daugther Mitoko alone who proceed to slap Osamu. After sorting out the situation, Osamu decided to help Mitoko and possibly to have so-called forbidden love with her. For more info, this VN have ladder structure route and it's been translated by the late Conjueror.

5. Kotonoha Amrilato aka The Expression Amrilato (VNDB 7.81)

This VN have a unique premise, and of course it's obviously not only just because it's a GL VN. Also it's not just because we have the MC transported to the another world as well either, even though it's still unique on it's own seeing that isekai translated VNs is still quite rare. The reason is because in Amrilato we'll be able to learn another language, and in this case it's Esperanto. Too bad that Valve didn't manage to see the educational value of this VN and only see the bath scene, so they decided to throw a tantrum by banned it for a while (Even though Amrilato here is all age). Well all of those are in the past, and at least now we can get this from Steam as well after Valve revoke the ban. The premise goes like we'll have our female MC Rin who somehow going to another world, and naturally she tried to communicate with the other people only to find out that it's futile because the people can only speak Esperanto. At least until she find a girl (Ruka) who can speak Japanese a bit, and from there Ruka teach Rin the Esperanto language bit by bit while at the same time both of them develop their relationship with each other.

4. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai (VNDB 8.02)

After several years of waiting we finally manage to have a proper August VN with sex scenes and all, and with this August's curse was finally broken. I know there's Yoake and Shippo Days, but those two didn't count because the former is the backport of PS2 version which mean no sex scenes (Even though it have two additional routes) and the latter is Daitoshokan side story. For a bit of history, the translation was started back at 2016 before the project going silent for about three years before the editor decided to leak the complete translation patch at Reddit in April. Granted it's still unedited according to the editor, but at least it's still fine compared to several bad translation out there (ie SakuraGames localized VNs).

The premise is goes like we have Kakei (The MC) who is a sole member of Library Committee and have precognition power like to read alone, at least until he met with Tsugumi who have her mission to help everyone in the academy. Of course at first Kakei thought it was a bother, but after he got a message from someone called Sheperd who somehow know what Kakei doing and that Tsugumi also got the message, Kakei decided to help Tsugumi in order to get down the mystery. After that, it's also revealed that some more students (Mostly female for an obvious reason) are also receive the same message, and thus the students decided to join the committee as well. While at first Kakei was confused, slowly he learnt to enjoy his time in the committee together with the new members.

3. Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai (VNDB 8.26)

The VN that Trip want to translate first, although Irru convince Trip to do HatsuKoi first though because back then both of them (Tsurezure) didn't have enough knowledge to do engine work for Hoshiori. Time passed, and they started to work on Hoshiori here back at October 2018. After six months of work, they manage to release the full patch of Hoshiori and currently they working on Ginharu. The premise of Hoshiori itself is very simple in which our MC Ryounosuke going back to his hometown after seven years living in another town, and after that Ryounosuke was roped into helping Tanabata festival which is the biggest event in his hometown. From there he'll have a romance with one of six heroines. I also like to note that this VN have a have extensive after stories for each heroines which is a rarity for the VNs, and that they carry this concept to Ginharu. Other than that, I think Hoshiori here is sort of feedback for HatsuKoi's criticism seeing that they try to make Ryounosuke being far more capable and stable unlike Yuuma and also they tried to reduce the amount of drama. Granted that those change might be a little too successful for some people, but at least it make Hoshiori's reception is generally better compared to HatsuKoi.

2. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (VNDB 8.41)

In the past I remember that there's several projects with the goal to translate this VN, but out of all attempt the most memorable one is from Ren. The reason was because he accidentally delete the complete translated script of Aokana, and after that he basically running away from his responsibilities by throwing the tantrum after promising an announcement. While accidental loss of data is understandably very annoying, I think he just need to clearly say that he quit Aokana project if he couldn't be able to keep up with it. That aside we finally have Aokana thanks to Nekonyan after their very successful Kickstarter, and we got an improved version at that seeing that it also have music gallery which not exist in the original version for some reason. The premise goes like we have a fictional sport that required to wear flying shoes (Flying Circus/FC), and our MC Masaya was a prodigy at FC before he got hit with some trauma and then quit. Time passed, and one day Masaya find Asuka who have a great talent for FC, and after that Masaya was getting dragged back into FC as the coach. While at first he's against it, slowly he started to find the enjoyment that has been lost to him in the past. Aokana here is also serve as some sort of sprite's Swan Song, seeing that it's their last big VN before they decided to quit although apparently they've been revived so we may have the promised sequel in the future.

1. Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare” (VNDB 8.88)

One of most awaited VNs from back at 2010, and back then there's an attempt to translate this VN but GIGA decided to C&D the project. Time passed, and at 2016 we have a surprise in which Sekai did announce that they'll localize this. Of course back then we worried that there'll be no 18+ contents seeing that Sekai didn't say a word about it, and turned out that our worry is right because Sekai was forced by GIGA to release it censored. While at first it mean that we'll get censored Baldr Sky, fortunately there's a fan who immediately make 18+ patch so we can enjoy the sex contents. The premise is goes like we have our MC Kou who surprised that he woke up in the battlefield with the beautiful lady (Rain) called him lieutenant, and of course Kou was confused seeing that his memory was mostly about his school life. After a while Kou started to remember 'Gray Christmas' word that apparently was some sort of major incident, and from there he started to find out about his memories. Some things to note that this is a gameplay VN with robot, and that we'll going to have AI and virtual world for the setting. As for the releases, in the past GIGA did release the VN in two parter while Sekai did released it in one package. I list the 2nd part here along with the opening for it, because in the original version the 2nd part here is covered the whole Baldr Sky.

That's all for my list here, and by the way if I may name some honorable mention here, I would name Bokuten, Somnium, the aforementioned Venus Blood Frontier, and Raging Loop. I think overall 2019 is quite a nice year with long awaited title releases such as Baldr Sky, Aokana, and Damekoi so overall I'm content with it. Another things to note is that Sekai recently like to release their title at the same time when one of their competitor released their own title, so perhaps it might be worth to expect some Sekai release whenever some other companies release their VN (Well at least it's nice seeing them being active here). In the end, I hope that we'll have more VNs releases at 2020 later especially from Nekonyan here.

PS - For the title here, I'm simply combined 'Baldr' word from Baldr Sky and 'Rhythm' from Aokana so we have 'Baldr Rhythm' for the title here.


Welcome to my last VNTS Review for 2019, and as for the title I just joined 'Cherry Blossom' from Sakuramori (TL Note: Sakura mean cherry blossom) and 'Rhapsody' from Kami no Rhapsody so we have the title as 'Rhapsody of a Cherry Blossom'. After very active week from the last week, I did find that this week was interesting to a degree here. The reason was not because the official releases like the last week though, but rather it's because we have Rhapsody full text patch release which should be more than enough if one want to play it especially of we know that there's no proper narration patch for Eushully VN out there. I admit that I'm not seeing this coming seeing that I dismissed the chance for Rhapsody's patch release as the Christmas prize, so seeing that it's been released four days after Christmas is a very good surprise to me and therefore defeat my earlier remark here. Other than Rhapsody full text patch release, we also have some updates from both of Mangagamer and fan translation while at the same time we also have new VN announcement. So let's see what I can write at 2019 end here.

While I still think that Bullied Bride nukige is a redundant release, I guess it's good for Fakku to be able to release Chii-chan nukige at 2019. Not my choice of Christmas prize though, but then again some people out there may think otherwise so have fun if you like it. Also KEY decided to delay their Summer Pocket because they find some problem in the engine and apparently Valve like to debating with KEY for the age rating, so obviously KEY will delay Summer Pocket release. What I can say for now is that hopefully KEY will find a way to get through of it, especially if we know that Valve like to randomly banned VNs.

We also have Aniplex decided to join the VN localization with their two new VN Adabana and ATRI, and they'll release it at the next year. While it's interesting that Sony here joining the VN industry (Aniplex is a part of Sony) especially if we know on how Sony like to tightening the censorship, my concern is more to ATRI though in which it's Makura and Frontwing partnership project which mean that we may have a chance of Sakura no Uta localization however miniscule it is (I know it's just my wishful thinking here). Lastly we have Harukaze (Or rather Tokyotoon) announced that they're release their new VN (Marco and the Galaxy Dragon) in three language simultaneously (Including English obviously) at February 28th later, and apparently the MC will be female so looks like it'll be some sort of GL VN which mean at that date we'll have two GL VNs releases. No much comment other than since Tokyotoon already made this as all age VN, there shouldn't be any controversy in regard of censorship like back when they localized Noraneko duology.

No much word for Mangagamer here other than good job with their updates. For the roundup of their last 2019 updates, we have both of Uchikano and Mugen Renkan finished the image editing, Room No.9 beta testing still waiting the build from Japanese developer, Sukehime was in image editing, Sona-Nyl was at 65% edited, Escalayer was about to enter the testing, and Sakuramori was in testing. No much to say other than hopefully Sakuramori testing will going and that they'll release in the near future.

From fan translation, other than Rhapsody complete narration patch release we also have several updates. For the updates we have Eustia was at 86.51% translated with side stories was at 12.49% translated, Mitosukushi Omote was at 82% translsted, Majikoi A-3 was finished the translation and the editing work still hasn't started yet, Loverable was at 78.36% translated, 8,869 out of 43,896 lines of Pure x Connect are translated (Good job on that), and Ginharu was at 50.88% translated with Momiji's route was at 37.46% translated (Looks like there'll be no Hinata's patch release for new year prize as well here).

Lastly the biggest update for this week should be Rhapsody's full text patch here, in which it's should be help a lot if you want to play Rhapsody in English as soon as possible seeing that usually Eushully's interface patch is enough to understand the gameplay (Translation issue on interface patch aside). The translator still call it as partial patch though, seeing that his team still need to translate some image and that he also said that some of the translation is still unedited. So I'll call the patch as partial patch just like the translator here, and hopefully we can have Rhapsody full patch in the near future. As for Rhapsody itself, it's gameplay are very different from what Eushully made in the past (Especially Kamidori) so it might need some time to get use to the gameplay here. Go get the patch if you've been interested with Eushully VN here, and have fun.

That's all for my last VNTS Review at 2019. Happy new year, and see you next year.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as far as this week concerned it's very exciting because we have several releases, not to mention that one of those releases are Baldr Sky which as we know it's one of most requested VN back at around 10 years ago. I remember that back then Baldr Sky is one of most requested VN to be translated, and that there's two projects with one of those was ended with C&D from GIGA while for another one it's simply because the editor are too busy and therefore lack of time to work on this. Other than Baldr Sky, we also have Frontier release as well in which it's a gameplay VN with rape and that the gameplay is better compared to Chimera, and for the reminder both of Frontier and Chimera are the part of Venus Blood series. While my highlight for this week are Baldr Sky and Frontier releases, we also have several other releases as well and of course usual updates with the most prominent one are from Nekonyan. Let's see what I can write for the Christmas here, and I'll tell the title at PS later.

From Mangagamer we have them announced the release date for Magic and Slash at January 16th later, which mean that it'll be their first release for 2020 later. Our main focus on Mangagamer should be Bokuten release though, in which it's been going through several programming hell thanks for their initial plan to release it for other OS (ie Linux and Macintosh) as well, only to be cancelled because too much work to make it work. About the premise we'll have a very pessimist MC (Tomoe) who is very cynical when come to love, and he somehow manage to help a Love Freak angel (Aine) to spread the red string which supposed to help created the new couple. And when we talk about love, turn out in Bokuten it's not as beautiful as usually depicted in any other media and like what Aine think, thanks to the author who possibly have the exact same view as Tomoe and probably in depression when he wrote the VN, so you better not to expect some happy ending for the love stories in Bokuten. That said, I know some people may delighted to see depressing love stories, so perhaps you may try it and have fun especially when we finally get it being released after six years being announced. Almost forget that while I say so much about author here, actually Overdrive still can compose the good song and Bokuten's OP here is quite good.

I only know that in Sakura Wars here we'll going to have the setting in Taisho era and that the MC will fight the youma using robot while at the same time dating the girl, and that so far we only have the fifth part that was available in English for PS2. I talk about it because we have Sakura Wars patch released, and that version is Saturn version which should be easy enough to play on emulator. Have fun if you want to try it, and just remember that Sakura Wars here is 1995 VN so obviously we can't compare it with the newer VNs art (You may like it though if you like retro art). No much comment on Cara other than the MC will do the revenge to the heroines through corruption and rape like any other Black Lilith nukige, and that the main heroine is vampire who prefer peace over war. Feel free to try if you in need of some dark nukige though. For fan translation update roundup, we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 77% translated, Loverable was at 78.17% edited, 7714 out of 43896 lines from Pure x Connect are translated, Eustia was at 86.4% translated with side stories was at 11.77% translated along with past three quarter (75.12%) edited, and Ginharu finally past halfway (50.31%) translated mark along with Momiji's route was at 34.42% translated.

We also have the updates from Nekonyan, and as expected they didn't manage to release Senren Banka at this month because it's still not finished (Currently it's at 90% translated along with 80% edited and 40% QC-ed). Of course we should appreciate them though for admitting that they didn't be able to fulfill their promise instead of being silent like Sol Press when they can't release Nukitashi at November 22nd after they being overconfident announce the release date at AX, and that Nekonyan will prepare Senren Banka trial in the near future. Other than Senren Banka, we also have Nekonyan finally almost ready for releasing Misaki's sex scene from the Perfect Edition for free as their compensation for being so long to work on it along with Senren Banka delay, and for the info initially they'll release the DLC for US$ 5. For the roundup of Nekonyan's progress, we have Makeover was at 85% edited along with 5% QC-ed, Hello Lady was almost fully (99%) translated and 95% edited and that there'll be no mosaic in English release later, second secret project was at 65% translated along with halfway edited, and the third secret project was at 24% translated along with 10% edited.

I have no much comment for Harem Game here other than it's a big breast nukige and that the translation is very bad, while for Wabisabi here it's one of Sekai's release for this week. For more info, apparently we'll going to have miko with animal ears as the heroines in Wabisabi. If anything, at least the MC here is the college student instead of usual high school student. Feel free to get those two VNs if you interested with it (Or one of those) and have fun.

For Venus Blood Frontier here, while the premise is basically the same as Cara in which we'll going to have the MC corrupted the heroines through the sex, actually it's involved some interesting gameplay in which the MC need to build the army in order to fight the goddesses who surely wouldn't easily captured. The premise goes like we have our MC Loki who supposed to be the unwanted child in Hel, and when Surt announce the competition to get the Heart of Yggdrasil with the prize of the throne, our Loki here obviously wouldn't let the chance got away and thus he started to do some planning in order to get the MacGuffin while at the same time fighting back against some other competitors. Just in case it's not clear enough, Frontier here took some name from Norse mythology and in there Loki was almost always depicted as the villain although in here we can make him as anti-hero though. Other than that, I did find that the English opening here is quite good and that I didn't really agree to classify this as nukige even though VNDB said so. Go get Frontier if you've been waiting since the Kickstarter was announced, and have fun.

Our biggest release here is obviously Baldr Sky, which as we know it's been Sekai's biggest project. While at first we worried that we wouldn't get the 18+ content seeing that Sekai was failed to convince GIGA to license it (And I learnt that GIGA did spawn Leaf, so perhaps GIGA should focused on console VNs just like them), turned out that we have a very faithful fans who work very hard in order to bring the censored contents so we can enjoy 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes there. There's some debate on whether the fan group is either Sekai or purely a fan seeing that the patch was released very quickly after the VN release, but in any case I would say that we should be thankful to the one who released the patch regardless on whoever behind it. For the premise we have our MC Kou who suddenly woke up in a middle of battlefield, and that our Kou supposed to have amnesia because he sometimes remember his peaceful daily life while he's supposedly to be always in the battlefield as mercenary. Slowly he managed to remember the words 'Gray Christmas' (How appropriate), and from there he started to piecing what's really happen to him and the truth behind his circumstance. Go get Baldr Sky if you understandably interested with it, and have fun. Almost forgot to say that Sekai released this as one VN, while originally GIGA divide Baldr Sky into two releases.

That's all for this week, and merry Christmas. See you next week, or perhaps next year.

PS - For the title, since we have Frontier released and that Frontier did adapt Norse mythology, I decided to parodied Val x Love anime here. Of course I change 'Val' to 'Goddess' and 'Love' to 'Corruption', because we'll going to corrupt the goddesses in Frontier while in Val x Love here we'll see on  how the MC will love the Valkyries in a gentle way to have the Valkyries getting the power boost.


Ghost Beats! Review

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week title I just combined both of Seven Days and Angel Beats here because both title here are supposed to be our attention at this week. For more elaboration, the 'Ghost' part here is from Seven Days because we'll going to see ghost problem in there while for the 'Beats!' part it should be obvious where it's come from. For my overview on this week, we have two releases (The aforementioned Seven Days and Winter Polaris) and two new projects which should be good if you've been waiting for it. Although my focus is more on Tsurezure did resume their Ginharu work though, so I can say that this week is pretty interesting if only because of Ginharu's update. Anyway let's see what I can write for this week here.

Back at 12th we have Sekai suddenly released Winter Polaris, in which it's quite quick for them seeing that they just announced it back at May (To be fair it's only a short VN though). In any case, I didn't know much about this VN other than it'll involved a pandemic that caused people disappeared or something like that. Anyway get the VN from Steam if you curious about this and have fun. There's also an update from Nekonyan in regard of Aokana, in which they already have the the sex scenes for Perfect Edition are already in preparation for the QA and that they'll plan to release it at this month so let's see if they can fulfill the target. We also will have Nekonyan doing their usual updates at the next week, so let's see what they have at their next update later. By the way I'm not expected something like Senren Banka release here, but if they'll fulfill it at the next updates then it'll be a very nice bonus.

We have Cherry Kiss announced their redundant nukige (Bullied Bride) release date, and it'll be at 24th later. Not my choice of Christmas prize if I may be blunt here, but at least some people would appreciate the release seeing that it's finally available for legal. We also have Sukera (The company who behind Amrilato) will release their new VN (Oshi no Love yori Koi no Love or OshiLove for short) at February 28th later and unsurprisingly it's another GL VN like Amrilato, but instead the surprising part here would be that it'll be available for simultaneous release for English and Chinese version. For more info, it's also 18+ VN judging from the VA name and that the graphic is looking good, so hopefully they'll be able to release it on time later.

About Summer Pockets, apparently Visual Arts already have it in review by Valve so perhaps they'd really want to make the release it real as soon as possible. Whether the review time would be long or not it's up to them, but in any case I can only say that hopefully the review will be going smoothly. We also have news from Alka, in that they decided to translated Angel Beats in which as we know was stuck at halfway translated after Visual Arts issued C&D to the translator group who translated it. I believe they can do it, although whether Visual Arts will handle C&D later is still not known yet. In any case, I'll probably just pass on this seeing that Angel Beats here is still the first part and apparently there'll be more of that, which is impossible as of now seeing that Jun Maeda as the main staff did have severe health issue. Good luck to Alka though for tackling the project later. Almost forget to say that Alka already translated three quarter of Kamome's route, and that they'll try to release Kamome's patch in two or three weeks.

From the rest of fan translation, like I say we have a progress from Tsurezure in regard of Ginharu after a few weeks of no update. As for the update, currently we have Momiji's route was at 29% translated and overall was at almost halfway (49.29%) translated. Also Trip did find out that the first part of Momiji's high school arc are sex scenes, so he have some rough time to get through of it. Oh and currently he also still doing some TLC on Hinata's route, so it'll be a while before we can finally have Hinata's patch (Hopefully as either Christmas or New Year prize). For other progress we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 72% translated, Loverable was at 77.03% edited, and Eustia was show a number of progress in which currently it's at 85.65% translated (Side stories was at 6.85% translated) along with almost three quarter (74.36%) edited (Licia's route was fully edited and Eustia's route was past a quarter (25.87%) edited.

As for Seven Days, I remember that VN was created from the crowdfund that happened in Japan with the help of Fruitbat. After that, Fruitbat decided to localize it with the late Conjueror as the translator. After the loss, we have Steiner take care of the rest of the untranslated files until it's ready for the release back at 13th. As for the premise, we have the MC who manage to get a cursed Blu Ray disc that spawn a female ghost. While the ghost was easily defeated, there's another problem arise namely that turned out that there's seven ghosts that inhabit the ghost's body, and thus the MC need to calm down all of the ghosts within seven days each in order to allow each ghosrlt to move on. So essentially we'll going to follow on how the MC will try to calm all the ghosts within 49 days, and find some circumstances that surrounds the ghosts. If you interested with it, you can get it from Steam (No need to worry about censorship since Seven Days is the all age VN in the first place) and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Welcome to Fuwanovel, and as for this week I can say that it's more lively compared to the last week. The reasons is simply because we have man announcements and one of those announcement is Baldr Sky Steam store that was finally opened, although right now I'm quite anxious in that there's high chance that they'll censor it. Other than Baldr Sky Steam store, we have Seven Days release date announcements as well in which it's sort of Conjueror's Swan Song because it's his last translation job besides Rewrite+ before he doing the action that ended his life. We also have Mangagamer and fan translation updates as well, and JAST also join the updates here with them announced Kimikoi release month at February later. Let's see what I can write for this week here, and I'll explain the title at PS later (Of course it's not because Winged Cloud released yet another their Sakura VN, although I appreciate them though in that their recent VNs MC are always female instead of faceless male).

For Baldr Sky Steam store, let's just say that I have mixed feeling on that. The reason is definitely not because Sekai still set the release date as soon (I understand if they need more time to polish the engine), but rather it's because apparently it'll be censored according to the rumor. While I can just dismiss the rumor as nonsense, I start to see that there's some indication that the release will be lack of sex scenes. The silent response from Sekai there didn't really help at all, and in fact it make it worse. In the end, if the censorship must be happen, then I'll obviously blame GIGA because it mean that they're the same as Pulltop and that Sekai releases always have 18+ patch add on. So for now I just hope that whatever GIGA planned in regard of the replacement for the sex scenes should be worth the trouble if the censorship is inevitably happened, and if it's very important to them. At least I can say that the font is far better compared to what we see at Baldr Force which show a hard work from Sekai's programmer, seeing that the engine is supposed to be very hard to crack.

I'm not surprised to see that JAST delsy both of Katahane and Flowers Autumn releases seeing that the fall is already over and that there's no word about those two, but instead I'm very surprised with JAST suddenly announced that their Kimikoi are already ready for the release at February later. For more info, they also already have the pre-order for that. So if you want to see on why Kimikoi here is occasionally alluded as well known Doki Doki Literature Club predecessor and want to see 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scenes (And moreso if Baldr Sky is really censored later on), you can do the preorder at JAST's site. For now I'll just hope that JAST didn't delay Kimikoi release at February later.

From Mangagamer, we have some updates from them at their usual biweekly updates. The updates are Sukehime was fully edited, Rance 02 was halfway edited, Sona-Nyl was at 55% edited, WanNyan image editing was completed, and Sakuramori was about to enter the testing soon. Out of those announcements, I'm interested with Sakuramori the most so I hope that the testing for it would be going well.

We have Ninetails released the new demo for Frontier, so perhaps you may try the new demo before decided whether you'll get Frontier that'll be released at 20th later or not. Speaking about the upcoming releases, we have a rerelease of a nukige by Cherry Kiss at this month (I'll just say that it's a redundant one because it's already fantranslated), and Seven Days at two days later (13th) in which it's been famous as the VN that was created from the crowdfund. I have not much to say other than I hope the releases will be successful.

For the fan translation, currently we finally have Loverable was past three quarters (75.22%) edited and Miotsukushi Omote waa at 68% translated. We also have new project with the current progress was at almost halfway (49.7%) translated, and the VN in question is Chiccakunai Mon in which apparently it's a loli nukige so you may need to be very open minded if you want to play this later (I'll pass this anyway). Lastly we have a surprise new Amayui rough patch release that apparently translated 63% of the narration and that it's still not TLC-ed, which is fine enough to me seeing that I already survive Soukoku no Arterial 'translation'. While it sounds good enough, unfortunately I can't check in regard on how much the narration that was translated so let's just say that I'll pass on Amayui's partial patch here until there's a 100% translated narration patch in the future (Whether it's fully TLC-ed or not).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.

PS - For the title, the 'Sakura' part here is obviously from Sakuramori. As for the 'Literature Club' here, it's in regard of Kimikoi release month announcement which as we know it have similar twist like a certain very well known free OELVN (Doki Doki Literature Club).


What I can say for this week? Well if I may be very blunt it's very dry here seeing that we only have few updates from fan translation along with a re-release (Otome VN Taisho Alice, which admittedly very important one seeing that it have controversial first release), so I think there'll be no much to talk at this week and thus my VNTS Review here will be short. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and let's see what I can write for this week, and for the title I'll explain it in more detail at PS later (It's very obvious that the title here is from Taisho Alice VN).

As for Taisho Alice, well I did know that it have a lot of messy translation with the infamous one is 'Hiragana and katakana Alice' (To be fair, it's spoken like that in the VN itself, although it's obviously very awkward for non-Japanese though). We also have one VA dubbed the whole VN (Or so that's what I hear), so at least you can relive the nostalgia if you watch the dubbed anime in your childhood (The dub is nice or not is another matter though). In the end, we finally can have a proper translation of Taisho Alice thanks to Verdilish for the translation and JAST for helping with the release procedure, so if you want to play Taisho Alice with good translation then pick the newer version and have fun with it. It's too bad though that it still the first part, but apparently we can finished two route (Red Riding Hood and Cinderella) so perhaps you can play it if you only interested with those two routes.

From fan translation, we finally have Shin Koihime Musou was at 32% edited which is quite a big achievements than it sounds seeing that basically they edited few hundred lines periodically in a week, and for the line count currently it's at 34,595 out of 108,888 lines edited. Other than that, we also have Loverable was at 73.58% edited. Last but definitely not the least, we finally have Eustia was at 85.24% translated with Eustia's chapter was fully translated and currently they working on the side stories with the current progress was at 4.233% translated.

For the last news we have Nekonyan did release patch 1.1 for Aokana in which it's add the additional feature, namely voice bookmark. While this feature is more or less just interesting but not necessary add on to me, it's still nice that Nekonyan add it to Aokana here so at east Aokana player can save some of their favorite voices if they want to. More importantly, this also shown that Nekonyan here manage to deliver their promise from this Kickstarter update, which is very good. Speaking about Aokana, recently we hear that sprite just sort of revive and currently gathering their employee in order to apparently continuing their stalled EXTRA 2. I don't know if Aokana overseas sales help a lot in regard of their revival or not, but nonetheless congratulation to them for their revival.

That's all for this week and sorry if it's quite short at this week. See you next week.

PS - For the title, it's simply based on two Alices in Taisho Alice and what they called in the new translation (Alice (The main hero) and Arisu (The female MC)). Or if you want a comparison, basically it's like Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie except with less assassinate each other.


Bobby Quest 2 Review

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for this week title I parodied Dragon Quest by changing 'Dragon' to 'Booby' because we have Funbag Fantasy 2 release so we have 'Booby Quest 2'. For more elaboration Funbag is a big breast nukige and as we know it parodied Final Fantasy, so I decided to parodied Dragon Quest in which it's the biggest RPG franchise after Final Fantasy. By the way it's the second time I parodied both of Dragon Quest and Funbag Fantasy here, and the first time was back at 2016 when the first Funbag Fantasy was released. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week while it's more lively because we have three releases, my interest is more leaned toward the updates though (Especially Eustia) because two of the three releases are nukige which to say not my interest here. Let's see what I can write for this week here.

From Cherry Kiss we have nukige Nympho Monster Domination in which it'll tell us that the setting is in the another world, so at least we have another isekai nukige translated here. Go get the VN if you interested and have fun. We also learnt that in Sol Press language Nukitashi meant Busy Wizard LN, or in other word they're not surprisingly delayed Nukitashi until further notice. Well it's not surprising to me was because they still at 8% translated when they announced the release date back at AX, and so far the progress was not like they're ready to fulfill the deadline that they set back at 22nd. It's also a shame that Sol Press apparently more focused on LN and forget to announce the delay on Nukitashi here (Unlike Nekonyan in which at least they announced Senren Banka delay), which is too bad here. For now I just hope that Sol Press will improved themselves in regard of marketing, in which apparently it started to get worrying because they make several mistakes.

As for Funbag Fantasy 2, for the reminder it's Arunaru who localize the title. Since this is also nukige, i would say that I'm not quite interested with it even with apparently it have some interesting story. You may get that though if you like heroines with very big breast, and have fun if you play it. For other updates, we have Uchikano was fully edited, Sona-Nyl was halfway edited, Mugen Renkan image editing was in progress, the testing for Magic and Slash was finished and currently the release build for that was in finalizing process, Sideboob 2 release build was currently in finalizing process as well, and Sukehime was at 81% edited. For the last progress here we have Mangagamer finished the image editing for Matsuribayashi and currently they do some programming work on that, which mean hopefully they'll be able to release it in near future and finally we can Matsuribayashi being voiced and have PS3 graphic (For the info Matsuribayashi was not available for PS2 version because Alchemist decided to make their unique finale for that version). That's all for Mangagamer's updates here.

Other than two nukige that I mentioned earlier, we have Lamunation release in which it's easy to say was the most interesting release to me here. As for the premise, we have Luna who always have fun in a modern looking city along with his twin sister, his childhood friend, and his best friend who is a twin (All characters besides Luna are female for the info). While the writer of Lamunation here (Kepposhi) did have some controversy and that it affected Erogamescape scoring a lot, actually this VN is might be nice if you're in a mood to enjoy some simple VN that have a lot of comedy here. So the best advice that I can say is that would be just enjoy what we have in Lamunation here, and have fun with it because I can see that the writer have a lot of fun to insert many joke and parody (And a lot of meme) there. For additional note here, the price is quite cheap for a medium length VN (At US$ 13 if I remember) so at least you can legally purchase it if you have some money to spare, and not to mention you can have the sex scenes which is always a bonus if we compared it to Noraneko duology. Granted that some featured was cut out because of the price, but at least it's more in regard of technical matter which is fair enough to me here.

Almost forget that we also have some updates from Sekai, in which currently they already have Winter Polaris entering QA and set the release month to December (Good luck for that I guess). Other than Winter Polaris we have Sekai waiting Bokukotsu FD build from the developer, and more importantly they already finished the QA for Tokeijikake 2 and currently they fixing the bug that might be left in the engine. In any case, I hope that Sekai's plan to release Tokeijikake 2 in December will be going well.

From fan translation, we have Mitosukushi Omote was at 59% translated, Loverable was at 73.13% edited, and Eustia show some nice progress. For more elaboration here currently we have Eustia was at 84.56% translated with Eustia's chapter was almost finished the translation progress (At 99.78% translated), and also it was at 69.76% edited with Licia's chapter was already past 90% mark (94.54%) edited. What I can say is that good job to Eustia's translation team, and hopefully we'll be able to have it released at 2020 later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


For this week title since we have Summer Pocket Ao's patch released and that Summer Pocket story here is basically resembled KEY older VN story, I treat Summer Pocket as KEY All Stars an combined it with PreCure All Stars Memories so we have 'KEY All Stars Memories', only that the most obvious reason is we wouldn't have all KEY VNs heroines in Summer Pocket. And since we already have three patches released, I did treat this as the part three of the review. That aside since we didn't see a releases we can say that this week is more or less a calm one, although with Mangagamer finally announce Bokuten release date after six years along with Ao's patch released, this week is turned out still interesting to me. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

In case you still want your otome VN Alice Taisho to be retranslated, be happy because we have a well known translator Verdilish retranslate it. As far as progress concerned, it's almost ready for the release. Or to be exact we already have the release date for that and it'll be at 28th later, so if you've been want ed to read Alice Taisho with better translation feel free to take note on the date. For the info, we already have this translated for a while with the localization company did their best to translate and dubbing the VN. Although in this case the hardwork of the company is not appreciated though, mostly because of their translation fiasco (Hiragana Alice and Katakana Alice anyone?) and that the dub is not the best quality to say it lightly (Apparently it's only been dubbed by one person). As for me, even with the better translation and I took a liking of otome VN I still wouldn't interested with Alice Taisho though, and the reason is because we only have one part being translated and therefore we need to wait if we want to play the full version here.

Congratulation to Sekai Project in regard of their successful Rewrite+ Kickstarter at 207,200 funded, and hopefully it mean that they'll work on this more intensive now that they already got the new translator for it. Still not going to change my mind that the main game is a redundant one even with the so-called revised script in the Plus version, but at least the fandisc is still nice if you've been waiting for it since back when Ixrec finished Comyu's translation (At 2014 for the reminder). Of course we still need to wait for Sekai to finished the main game first, but let's just hope that it'll be done quickly. We also have some updates from Sol Press like I said back at last week, and for the updates currently we have Sakura Celebration was at 48% translated along with 38% edited, Himawari no Kioku was at 69% translated along with 58% edited, and Nukitashi was at 58% translated along with 7% edited (I can see that Sol Press will delay Nukitashi's release at 22nd later with the current progress here). For Sol Press here, I'm just hope that we can see both of Witch's Garden and Mirai Radio progress in the near future.

As for the aforementioned Bokuten release date, Mangagamer did announce it back at NYC. The release date for that will be at December 19th later, in which it should make a good Christmas release here (Although Mangagamer may have one more release to announce after Funbag Fantasy 2 release though). For a bit of history, Mangagamer did announce this back at 2014 which mean that it need five years to be finally released. Granted that there's a lot of porting work in order to allow both of Mac and Linux user to play this, but to me it's not like it's necessary seeing that most of PC user would using Windows. If anything else, at least it's good that Mangagamer willingly to approach OS user outside Windows. For the story, granted that I only read the review but at least I can say it'll be more dark compared to other Overdrive VNs so much that it leaned towards utsuge. Also if you dislike Deardrops writing, you better just ignore this seeing that the writer is the same and that he's more or less will write in the same way (In that I just realized he might be on cynical side in regard of love).

From fan translation, currently we have Trip took a rest as Irru said so obviously we didn't have Ginharu update at this week. Of course we still have some other updates though, such as Miotsukushi Omote was past halfway (53%) translated, Loverable was at 73.06% translated, and Eustia was at 82.50% translated with Eustia's chapter was also already past 80% mark (84.84%) translated. For the big update here, we have Alka released the aforementioned Ao's patch so you can get it at their site if you've been want to play it only for Ao's sake just because she was designed by Tsubasu Izumi, and have fun. For Alka's next plan here, obviously they'll continuing Kamome's route translation in which it's been at a quarter (25.14%) translated and then they'll working on the true route translation.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


My Fair Cat Review

In regard of two (Problematic) releases, I decided to join both of VNs title (Kimiaogi/My Fair Princess and Noraneko 2 (TL Note: Neko mean cat)) so that we have 'My Fair Cat' as this week title. Anyway welcome to my VNTS Review for this week, and while I'm supposedly be excited seeing two moege releases and that the graphic is not too bad, it's just too bad that those two releases have some big problems. Although to balance it I like some of the updates that we get, so in case you quite disappointed with the releases at least you can look forward to the updates here. If anything at least I can say that this week is slightly more lively compared to the last week, and let's see what I can write for this week as well here.

For the first updates, I'll talk a bit about the two problematic releases. While we should be happy that we finally managed to have Sol Press released Kimiaogi, apparently there's still some bug left. Namely that some text are still in Japanese and apparently some option in the menu are mixed up. I can only guess that they missed it during the QC, which once again proved that Sol Press may do the QC hastily in order to fulfill their promised release date. Honestly they didn't really need to announce the exact release date if they still didn't ready for the release back at AX (Especially if the date in question is in the near future), but I guess it's already happen so oh well. Anyway feel free to get Kimiaogi if you've been interested with that and have fun, and hopefully Sol Press release in the future didn't have the same problem like Kimiaogi.

While granted that Kimiaogi release is problematic, at least I can still say that it's not too bad compared to Noraneko 2 in that it did have the sex scenes being censored just like the first one. Granted that they give the reason such as the lack of funds to license the sex scenes voices here, but I would say that actually they can just remove the voice in the sex scenes seeing that we have Mangagamer did remove the voice for initial releases both of Koihime Musou and Kara no Shoujo. Granted it's still controversial, but at least it still less compared to their sex scenes censorship. Other reason is that apparently Harukaze decided to change the brand to Tokyotoon and decided to deal with all age VN only just like Leaf, so they decided to released the console version of Noraneko duology. I prefer Leaf treatment then, in that they didn't officially localized their old releases that have sex scenes. Censorship aside, even with Noraneko 2 being uncensored I still wouldn't interested with it anyway seeing that I'll just treat it as the fandisc. Feel free to get Noraneko 2 if you didn't mind the censorship, and have fun.

Other than the releases above, we have Lamunation release date announced and as for the date it'll be at 22nd later. While granted that obviously I shouldn't take the VN seriously because most of the time it'll have comedy and meme, at least the graphic is quite good looking so at least you can look forward to it if only for the graphic alone. We have Nekonyan gave us their monthly update here, in which I suspect that they may need to delay Senren Banka again seeing that it's still not at ~90% translated. I know that I should praise them to work diligently on that seeing they also work on both of Makeover and Hello Lady, but I thought that to fulfill the December release Nekonyan will focused on Senren Banka work only to be proven wrong. In any case, at least they already have new translator (Meru) joining to translate two side routes of Senren Banka, so hopefully the work on Senren Banka will going more efficiently and they'll manage to release it at December later. For the progress roundup, we have Senren Banka was at 65% translated and 60% translated, Makeover was fully translated and 78% edited, Hello Lady was at 90% translated and 85% edited, second secret project was at 40% translated and 35% edited, and third secret project was at 20% translated along with 8% edited.

We also have Mangagamer gave us some updates as well, and as for the roundup currently we have Sideboob 2 finished the testing, Rance 01 was at 89% edited, Uchikano was at 70% edited, Sona-Nyl was at 40% edited, and Sakuramori image editing was finished so hopefully it mean that we can see Sakuramori in the testing soon enough (I look forward to it). As for their next release after Funbag Fantasy 2, most likely it'll be Imopara 3 in which it's a nukige. Speaking about nukige, almost forget that Cherry Kiss announced the release date for their newest nukige Nympho Monster Domination, and it'll be at 21st later (Same date as Funbag 2 here).

From fan translation, we finally have Loverable past 70% mark edited or to be exact currently it's at 72.28% edited. For more progress, we also have Miotsukushi Omote was at 48% translated and Eustia was at 81.46% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 77.35% translated along with 68.06% edited and 54.24%TLC-ed. For usual update from Tsurezure in regard of Ginharu, currently we have Momiji's route was at 18.77% translated and fr the overall of Ginharu currently it was at 47.38% translated. Also apparently we'll going to have Trip take a break from translating Ginharu here and Trip did tell us that we'll not going to have weekly update for a bit, although Irru say that Hinata's patch release shouldn't be impacted or something like that (At least he did say that he'll make a post when Hinata's patch being released later).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - I did take a brief look on Sol Press updates (Their first one after a while), and I'll talk about it at next VNTS Review. As for what I can say about it right now, I just wonder when we'll going to see either Witch's Garden or Mirai Radio progresses (Or both) here.


Because we have Ginharu Bethly's patch released and that one of her setting is her father is a pilot, I parodied one of Macross iconic song 'My Boyfriend is a Pilot' by changing the word 'pilot' to 'dad' (Of course Bethly wouldn't sing the song in the game seeing that the lyric is more fitting for the couple and that Bethly didn't have Electra complex there). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for this week we have interesting update from fan translation in regard of Bethly's patch release. Other than that we also finally have Sol Press announce the new release date for Kimiaogi along with some nukige releases, while at the same time we have a failed Dei Gratiia KS. So overall what I can say is that this week is pretty calm from the official side, while from fan translation it's pretty interesting. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

We have Mangagamer did released kunoichi nukige from Umesoft, and what I can say is that at least it's sort of interesting if you want to play nukige featuring kunoichi. Other than that, there's Black Office nukige that was released by an unknown publisher, in which it'll depict a story about an office woman who will face several sexual situation in the office or something like that (I only know that at least it'll have female MC). Feel free to get both of the nukige if you want it, and have fun. Speaking about nukige, we have Cherry Kiss announce another nukige with isekai setting, and the name of the nukige is Nympho Monster Domination (The real name of that is quite mouthful by the way). For the release, apparently they'll do it at this month (November) so let's wait and see here.

While it's logical that Dei Gratia KS is failed (It was funded at 7,844 out of 57,000) seeing that they set the goal too big for a lesser known doujin VN localization, it's still too bad though that they failed seeing that they've been want to share the VN because the story remind Lemmisca's staffs of Ever17 (For the record Lemnisca is started from the fan translation group who did Never7 as their first work in VN translation, and that they'd been inspired by Ever17). So for the next plan they decided to not working on this for seeing that the KS is failed, although they said that they may will try it again if there's another chance in the future. We also have good news as well here, in which we finally have Sol Press announce the new release date for Kimiaogi in which it'll be at Friday later, so let's hope that Sol Press already finished what was needed to resolve the bug so that they wouldn't need to delay it anymore. For anyone else who still keep the eyes on Muv Luv translation project, we finally have Photonmelodies fully translated although it's obviously still need quite a lot of time bore the release though.

For the fan translation, actually we have a full release in which it's a short otome VN that was worked on by Zakamutt. While I'm not interested to this, at least you may pick it if you've been wanted to read a love story between the princess (Who also the MC) and her ninja bodyguard. For the updates, we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 45% translated, Loverable was at almost 70% (69.98%) edited, and Eustia was finally past 80% mark (At 80.60%) translated with Eustia's chapter was at 71.07% translated along with 66.47% edited. There's Alka as well, in which currently they editing and testing Ao's patch before release it in the near future (At most would be next week), and then after that they'll continuing Kamome's translation work before finally focusing on both of Pockets and Alka routes (Both of those routes are Summer Pocket's true route). They also stated that they'll make sure that we'll have Summer Pocket available in English at this year whether it's from Alka or from KEY themselves, so let's see it later. For Summer Pocket's translation progress, we obviously have Ao's route already fully translated and for the current progress of Summer Pockets it was at 60.36% translated.

In regard of Ginharu, we finally have Bethly's patch after two months of waiting so congratulation for Tsurezure for finally manage to do it after they being stumped by the real life matter. While I understand that some people would prefer waiting until Mizuha's patch released (For the reminder Tsurezure will translated Mizuha's route last and so I called Ginharu's full patch as Mizuha's patch), you can try Bethly's patch if you've been wanting to play her route just because you've been interested with her only and have fun if you do it. For the progress, since we have Trip being sick since Tuesday (I hope he'll get well soon) so that there's not a lot of progress there, currently we have Momiji's route was at 11.94% translated with overall Ginharu was at 46.1% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review. For this week since we have Momiji's route from Ginharu started being worked on I decided to use the title 'Silver Colored Faraway', and of course it's the fourth time I used the titling hence 'Track 4' word here. I'll explain more on the title at PS later, so let me say that the second part of the title was taken from one of Kanon 2006 title specifically episode 4 (Holiday Caprice) which to say was quite a coincidence here. As for this week while my focus here is more on Ginharu, we have four nukige released with two of those are quite dark in that both of those contain several extreme sex scenes. We also have Noraneko sequel being announced, which to say was not quite interested here mainly because it's more like FD to me and not to mention being censored. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

About Amayakase here while it's good that JAST was quickly released this as soon as it's announced, it's just too bad that it's not quite interesting to me because when it come to nukige I would prefer them to work on Yamizome. Although in case you like to have silver haired cousin who like to take care of you including the sexual need, then feel free to play Amayakase here and have fun. There's Magical MILF from Cherry Kiss as well, in which we'll going to have five housewives who is the former magical group are about to fight the evil that was return with the risk of being raped. While I secretly hoping that we'll getting more magical girl VN and that Magical MILF sort of fulfill my wish, I can't say that I like the design because their breast is too big and it distract the costumes here. I know that the premise is to have very big breast magical girl, but when it come to the big breast magical girl I prefer Hijiri of Gendou Rinne. Anyway you can get Magical MILF if you've been interested with it and have fun.

We have Harukaze did release Noraneko 2 English demo back at 23rd, and obviously it mean that we'll going to have Noraneko 2 translated. Let's just say that even if for example Harukaze release it properly, I think I wouldn't take an interest to this because it's pretty much amounted to FD here even though Harukaze did treat this as the sequel. While there's still no word from Fruitbat in regard of no sex scenes, I think it's should be pretty obvious that it'll be censored just like first Noraneko seeing that they once again credited the VA with their real name instead of the alias. In any case let's just treat this as another censored release from Harukaze and move on, although if you interested with it keep in mind that it probably will be out at November later.

We have Mangagamer released Maggot Baits in which if we knew is full of disturbing rape. While Mangagamer CEO Kouryuu who also the one who translated the VN promote it as the love story, I can only say that there's several VN with love story that have significantly less number of disturbing rape, so if you want some love story and hate disturbing rape contents then you shouldn't force yourself to play Maggot Baits. In any case, you can get it if you didn't mind the disturbing contents and have fun. If anything at least the opening song of Maggot Baits here is pretty cool and it's English song instead of usual Japanese. Almost forget to mention that since Mangagamer released Maggot Baits, it mean that they'll announce the date for their next release and in this case it's Funbag Fantasy 2 in which it'll be released at November 21st later. Also judging from on how they already have the release build for Impoara 3 ready, perhaps it's safe to say that Mangagamer will release it at December later.

About Annerose, what I can say is that the release was quite sudden and that VN is another dark nukige from Black Lilith. The premise is that we'll going to have a very weak looking MC who work for a very arrogant female detective witch with the name Annerose (Title drop), who if we know Black Lilith nukige enough will suffer a lot of rape and mind break (At least it's not as disturbing as Maggot Baits, but it's something to keep in mind). Well you can get Annerose if you show some interest to Black Lilith nukige, and have fun. For the rest of fan translation usual updates we have Harugi was regressed to 53% translated because apparently the team find the new translator and the new translator decided to retranslate the whole Branch, Miotsukushi Omote was at 39% translated, Loverable was at 69.72% edited, and Eustia was at 79.59% translated with Eustia's chapter was at 63.80% translated.

For the last update from fan translation, we have Trip managed to translated 7.87% of Momiji's route (Which is at around 3,119 lines) and that's bring overall Ginharu to be at 45.34% translated. We also have Irru finally tell us that the work for Bethly's patch is almost finished, so we may have Bethly's patch at this weekend later (ie Saturday or Sunday) if all goes well. In any case, I'll look forward to Bethly's patch release here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week

PS - As for the second half of the title, I use 'Caprice' out of all song term in Kanon 2006 episodes because it's the one that fit Momiji the most here, seeing that she like fantasy story and all. For the translation notes here, the Japanese for caprice did contain the kanji for fantasy or imagination, and it's also her route theme as well seeing that her route is about acting in that it need imagination to execute. For 'October' part, it's more simple in that it's from Hanafuda card game and the October card is called 'Momiji' in which it's Japanese name for maple tree.


Since we have Summer Pocket Tsumugi's patch release at the last week that somehow I missed it, I decided to reuse 'KEY All Stars Memories' title here and of course it's the second part of the review here. For the reminder here Summer Pocket is basically have the plots of older KEY VNs, while All Stars Memories here is parodied PreCure All Stars Memories in that it have inserted all 55 PreCures in a sloppy way. Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for this week we have some Mangagamer's update along with Sekai surprisingly quite forward with their announcements, along with of course some regular updates from fan translation. As for the releases, after several big name titles this week we have a breather with lesser known title here, and perhaps it'll be going like this until December later so I'll going to look forward when suddenly we have many releases at that month later. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Recently we have JAST announce new VN release called Amayakase, and they already have the release date announced in which it'll at 25th later. While granted it's only short nukige there, I really wish that JAST would apply the same speed at their more interesting announcements such as Yamizome if I need to compare it with another nukige here. Speaking about release date, turned out that Sol Press not surprisingly delayed their Shitsuaru from their supposed promised release date at 18th presumably because it caught the same bug as Kimiaogi. While on subject of those two VNs, I didn't really recall such instance happened when Koi Iru Chuu Lips was released (That VN was also developed by Pea Soft). But then again, if we recall Pea Soft did lose a number of no mosaic CG for accidentally delete the file so there's that. In any case, it mean that Sol Press only able to fulfill their AX promise for Onikiss release as of now.

In case you need some horror VN, you can try Raging Loop in which it's been released by Lemnisca here, although you need to wait until December 5th for PC version though because currently it's only available for Switch and PS4 version. The premise it's goes like a deadly Werewolf game in which the MC discover the power to loop back tot the time before he got killed, and from there he decided to figure the mystery behind the game. In case you already interested with the VN (So far it's quite well received) and have either Switch or PS4, you can try Raging Loop there and have fun. We also have some update from redundant Sharin project, and currently they doing some debugging before doing the testing. So if you somehow still waiting for this even after we have 10 years old patch, you still to need more waiting before finally they manage to release it.

From Mangagamer we have they submitted Bokuten for Steam review, so perhaps the time for the release is almost close after years of waiting. Speaking about almost released VN, we have Imopara 3 was already have the release build ready so if you prefer to have imouto (Little sisters) with colorful hair as opposed from Onikiss perhaps you didn't need to wait for long here (I'll just assume that they'll release it at December just like the prequel). For the roundup of the updates, we have Magic and Slash fully updated and currently in testing, Sideboob 2 was in testing, NyanCafe image editing was finished, 01 was at 57% edited, X was at 28% translated, Sona-Nyl was at 35% edited, Uchikano was past halfway (55%) edited, WanNyan was fully edited and in image editing, and Sakuramori's image editing was almost finished. We also have an name for Overdrive's Swan Song here, and the name is Musicus in which they'll release it at 2020 later. That's all for Mangagamer's updates here.

This week Sekai released another VN, and the VN in question is Nekonin 3 in that it'll tell the story of three new catgirls in Haruki's (Nekonin's MC) harem. You can play it if you've been Nekonin's fan here, and have fun. I also like to note that currently Sekai like to have the release at the same time with the release from another company, in which it's sort of questionable here. Although I didn't really mind though, as long as it could help them to shaved some of their backlog. Speaking about backlog, currently we have them finally managed to run Tokeijikake in the new engine and right now they managed continuing work on that. For the progress, currently Daybreak was in QA and Morning Mist was in editing. If all goes well, they planned to release Daybreak at year's end (Along with Senren Banka if possible) and Morning Mist at the next year so good for them. Lastly we have Rewrite+ KS launched with the base goal was at 180,000 in which at least it's quite reasonable compared to Dei Gratia here. It's worth to note that Steiner will replace the late Conjueror to translate the rest 33% of Rewrite+ script and the KS was also to fund Harvest Fiesta (The FD) here, so good luck with the KS here (The main game was still redundant though).

From Summer Pocket project, Alka did release Tsumugi's patch in which it did translate both of Shiroha's and Tsumugi's routes so if you've been wanting to play Tsumugi's route go ahead and have fun. Also while I know that KEY will release this overseas, just for reminder here Alka already stated that they'll continuing to work on Summer Pocket until either KEY launch C&D notice in any form or KEY released Summer Pocket before Alka finished their work. For the rest of the update, we have Miotsukushi Omote was at 37% translated, Eustia was at 79.39% translated (Eustia's chapter was at 62.34% translated) along with 53.36% TLC-ed, and currently we have Trip completed Hinata's route translation and overall Ginharu was at 43.87% translated (Keep in mind that this week Trip will be busy with conference, so perhaps he'll have no time to translate Momiji's route at the this week yet). There's also an update from Harugi, in which they're in need of second translator to translate Branch and the rest of the heroines routes, and since there's no much that can be done for the translation they'll focused on editing and QA work on Main (Hopefully they'll find the new translator to help them).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.