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Visual Novel Translation Status (11/19/2017)

This week we had Kuroinu Chapter 2 release along with the announcement in regard of Newton to Ringo no Ki (I'll call it Newton VN), and because of that I make the title as a derivative version of Detective Conan movie here which had some callback to London (The Phantom of Baker Street) in regard of the real Isaac Newton who lived in London. As for the 'Black Hound' part, it was a direct translation from Kuroinu and I felt that hound was more fitting than dog which Mangagamer translated 'inu' as, because from what I understand in the VN Kuroinu itself was the Red Baron for the MC who was quite infamous for hunting the woman. Oh, and speaking about London which located in England there's a famous novel from there which titled 'The Hounds of the Baskerville', which is part of Conan Doyle work who depict one of the great detective Sherlock Holmes adventure. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which we had many update from official localization company which should be good if you want more officially localized VN, although admittedly there's one infamous company that was mixed along with. Let's see what we had for this week.

As for fan translation, it's still mostly just usual update here and so I'll just write it up here like usual. For Eustia, right now it was at 26.63% translated along with 16.35% edited and 16.33% TLC-ed. As for Loverable, it was at 94.2% translated (Kaho's route was at 61.39% translated), 63.78% TLC-ed, 26.45% edited, and 18.29% QC-ed. Looks like there would be no progress for Pure Pure this week because apparently the translator was quite busy in real life, although we still got usual update from Musumaker here in which it was at 43.4% translated right now. There's Venus Blood Chimera as well which right now was at 86% translated and the translator was released another patch as well. We finally had some Majokoi update here, and right now it was at 93.2% translated and edited. As for Tsukiyori, right now it was at 23.2% translated. For the last progress, Tsujidou progress was indeed (Sorry) slowed down because of Trip sickness which mean that the progress was not as good as last weeks, but at least it had the upside in which it could allow Urrim to catch up in regard of editing - the progress was Maki's route was at 65.80% translated and overall was at 65.96% translated. That's all for fan translation.

Sekai Project

Finally we could saw Sekai new tracker, and you could visit that tracker here. As for the updates from the tracker, we had both of Kanonana and Girl in Glasses was already in QA along with first Tokeijikake - there's also Maitetsu which is already in QA as well but apparently they need to wait the third party in regard of some policy difference (Probably), Nanairo Reincarnation was already at 80% translated, Bokukotsu was already finished the translation and waiting for engine work, and finally we had Daybreak was finished with the translation as well. They also had licensing request section, in which two of the candidate title were Hello Lady and Amatsutsumi. There would be voting in regard of that, so we couldn't be so sure whether Sekai will manage to negotiate and localized the title or not in the future for now.

As for this week release, we had Sekai released the Nekonin 2nd side story for Saiha who is as we knew a ninja who wearing a mismatch modern military uniform, and with 18+ content as well. Sekai also did announced one planned release, in which they'll gonna released Hoshimemo for Steam at December 18th later and they already set the Steam store for that purpose. In regard of 18+ patch for Hoshimemo, I guess they'll gonna have a word in regard of that later but seeing that usually it was released along with Steam version as well perhaps Hoshimemo could be had 18+ version released along with Steam version as well. I still think it's pretty redundant release, but then again maybe some people want to see new translation for Hoshimemo so there's that.


We finally had an announcement from MoeNovel in regard of their secret project, and 'surprisingly' it's Miagete. Okay, most people were already predict it since back when MoeNovel said that they'll gonna release a VN with astronomy title, but still it would be very surprising because it's MoeNovel (And to certain extent Pulltop) that we're talking about. The reason was because we knew that Pulltop did their blunder to localized Konosora by cutting all of H Scenes and also rewriting a route as the result of that as well, and of course naturally the fans were outraged by that action. What's quite baffling was apparently Pulltop was so afraid by allowing 18+ version to go to overseas, although perhaps it could be understandable with Rapelay scandal which apparently traumatized Japanese developer in regard of allowing eroge overseas. But still with many VN localization company nowadays like Mangagamer or Sekai, it sort of questionable if Pulltop still afraid of that and instead preferring to do that by themselves and do their questionable policy. Hope that someday Pulltop higher up realize that they should learn from both of Sekai and Mangagamer in regard of 18+ version distribution. Oh, as for the release MoeNovel said that they'll release it at December later and for the premise it's almost the same as Hoshimemo in regard of viewing star (Quite a coincidence).

For good news here, we had Sol Press decided to try another KS to localized the VN and the VN in question was after mentioned Newton to Ringo no Ki or as localized Newton and Apple Tree. As for the VN itself, we had Newton who of course was depicted as a girl instead of the old man since this is an eroge as well. For more info, this VN was also involved time travel as well since the MC himself was came from the future because he was messed up with some sort of the time machine, and in turn messed up with the apple tree which supposed to be the inspiration for the gravitation theory. From there, the MC himself must fixed his mistake and hopefully managed to guide Newton to discover gravitation theory. As for my impression of the VN, the opening was remind me of Sharnoth because of the accordion and quite ironic at that because Liar Soft would be more fitting to make this VN with alternative Isaac Newton because they already had alternative England at Sharnoth as well. Also the Newton herself was mostly resembled Michiru from Grisaia franchise. As for the KS, they'll start it at December 1st later and for now I would say good luck to their Kickstarter.

Oh, for one more good news we had Seabed release was changed at earlier date from December 26th to December 19th, which is good if you want to get Seabed as soon as possible. Although I wonder though if the reason for that change was in regard of South East Asia big tsunami anniversary or not, but perhaps it is.


As expected, Mangagamer did had batch of updates this week. For the roundup here we had Hapymaher was at 96% edited, Trinoline was at 53% translated and 5% edited, Sengoku Rance was past halfway (51%) retranslated and 20% edited, Sideboob was fully edited, Sona Nyl was at 18% translated, Rance Quest was at 35% translated and 26% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was fully translated, and Maggot Bait was at 63% translated along with 1% edited. There's also another VN that entering the testing, and it's Damekoi which mean it should be almost ready for the release so perhaps we could see it released at 2018 beginning. Speaking about release planning, finally we had release date for Imopara 2 which is at December 22nd later - although to be honest I prefer that Mangagamer release Evenicle at that date instead of Imopara 2. Oh well.

As for the announcements, turn out that my guess was right that they announced two nukige VNs so it's not quite interesting. Although to be fair, the convention where Mangagamer announced those was the small one, and the year was almost end. For the VNs, the title was Sweet Switch and Bitter Exclusion which surprisingly(?) almost finished the translation, with the former was already in testing (Fully translated and edited) while the latter was already fully translated and 44% edited. Not quite interested with the announcements, but it could be interesting for some people though. Speaking about nukige here, we had Kuroinu Chapter 2 which released back at 17th in which the titular character was doing the hunting like back at Chapter 1 and in this case of Chapter 2 we had another 3 of his prey (ie women). Yeah, the MC was a rapist who like to rape and corrupt the woman alright. Oh and we also had already Chapter 3 was at 39% edited, so you might as well waiting for the 3rd part if you want to play Kuroinu fully.

For last news we had Chiru released at the same date as Kuroinu Chapter 2 (Back at 17th as well), and we also gonna have Golden Fantasy release at December 8th later. As for my comment, Chiru release was quite redundant even with capability to change the graphic easily and adding the voice, because there's already Chiru with that addition since back at 2013. Not to mention that the ending was already well known for Umineko hardcore fan, so yeah in a way Chiru was redundant release although it should good for Steam user though for they finally could enjoy Chiru legally. As for Golden Fantasia, good if you want to punch your hated Umineko character I think, although I'd heard that apparently there would be some interesting ending so perhaps it would be worth getting a shot if you like fighting game.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (11/11/2017)

Yeah I knew it's very corny one for the title, and it sounds like the description of an anime with many girl inexplicably fall in love with the MC whose name is Leon. As for the real reason, it was because we had two girls from KARAKARA as the image header and the girls themselves were fall in love with KARAKARA MC whose name was Leon. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for be late here again. As for this week, like Decay said there's nothing much that I could say in regard of that, although KARAKARA's one of new heroines full name was interesting though in which it was Rebecca Valentine - coincidentally I did make a VNTS Review with that title back at February, so I think it's interesting that the developer saw my VNTS Review and decided the full name of Rebecca from there lol.  Although to be fair there's another possibility though, namely that the developer was inspired by Resident Evil for the name of two characters because back at RE we had Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine as main characters. Let's see what I could write for this week here.

Although I did say that there's no much for this week, we still had some usual progress from fan translation. This week we had Eustia at almost a quarter (24.85%) translated, Lee's route from Majikoi A-3 was had 29 out of 32 scripts was translated - I admit that I didn't closely follow Majikoi A-3 translation project, Musumaker was at 43.3% translated, Loverable was at 94.2% translated with Kaho's route was at 61.39% translated (Also was at 25.57% edited and 61.36% TLC-ed), Pure Pure was at 45.65% translated and for Chapter 3 right now it was at 40.21% translated, and Shin Koihime Musou was at 89% translated. Surprisingly this week we also got Yosuga no Sora update considering that it's more than a year since last update, with Motoka's route was at 40.52% translated. For Tsukiyori right now it was at 22.6% translated, while for Tsujidou there's still some translation work courtesy of Trip. For more detail right now Maki's route was at 61.94% translated and overall was at 65% translated, and because Trip tell us that by the time Urrim resume the editing work that the progress would be had some regress (The number was go down) I'll report it as 'translated and edited' if the regress would be really happened.

No Mangagamer updates for this week, which is quite unusual considering that they did the natch updates two weeks ago. Then again, maybe Mangagamer was preparing for their convention and two VNs release at 17th later, so perhaps we will see their updates next weeks. Oh, they did another VN release there which is a nukige from Umesoft. The premise was just a sexually frustrated wife who had affair with the mailman which according to the synopsis was a handsome one, which safe to said it's definitely not a grand story and therefore I didn't care about the release. That said, I think it's still okay though if Mangagamer really want to release that.

As for Chuusotsu, apparently the release was delayed to March 2018 later because of the translator real life matter. Not much saying here other than if you looking forward to Chuusotsu hope that you're willing to waiting longer. There's also another rerelase of Wild Romance, in which it would also translated the H Scenes as well and they will release that on Steam. Which is interesting considering that Steam was supposed to banned the discussion about 18+ patch, but then again there's no rule about spread 18+ patch outside of Steam anyway so yeah we still got 18+ patch for Wild Romance Steam release - for more info about new release of Wild Romance check this post here. Speaking about Steam, we had JAST did release Eiyuu Senki for that version. Seeing that we already knew that PS3 material could be ported easily to PC version, I think the Steam version would contain the additional scenes. Well the release was redundant enough anyway, although it could be good if someone want to get Eiyuu Senki Steam legally.

The well known release for this week was KARAKARA 2 which is the sequel of KARAKARA. As for the VN itself, it was tell a story about an accident that happened in the past that caused the world to decay, although it was very vague anyway and didn't get focused much. Instead we focused on how our MC Leon was living with two girls, and this time he got two additional female to live with - Rebecca who apparently like to plant the seed and the ninja girl Mari. For now I think it's only moege instead of some epic story just like Nekopara if we talk about KARAKARA, but I think it could perhaps had some potential. Other than KARAKARA 2 release, no much news from Sekai there.

That's all for this week albeit a bit shorter here, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (11/04/2017)

For the title, since we had Little Busters release at Steam and Princess X release by JAST I decided to just combined both title into 'Little Busters X', in which ironically it was sounds a lot like Little Busters EX and that version was contained 18+ scenes - and there's the fact that Steam version didn't contain 18+ for obvious reason. Speaking about Steam, apparently they didn't allow 18+ patch anymore so obviously Mangagamer couldn't do the same thing like Dal Segno anymore, and maybe there would be many VN company in the future will cut H content for Steam release there. Other than that, I can't comment much about that here.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and this week once again we had several updates along with VN Releases (Duh). As for the releases, it was obviously Little Busters and Princess X which is very opposite if we talk about the content here considering that the latter did had many sex scenes and the former didn't had any. As for Princess X release, well at least JAST managed to release two VNs in two weeks which is good for them I think even though I didn't interested with the titles here. About the VN itself, it was just a monster girl nukige thing and my impression here would be still the same like back at AX 2016. Though that said, apparently it had some deconstruction though in regard of sex with monster girl so perhaps it could be interesting for some people. Well have fun if you already interested with Princess X there, and if you curious about the deconstruction here's the comment about Princess X from VNDB courtesy of Tyrosyn.



... Princess X is not your average monster girl game.

In fact, Princess X deconstructs the genre and its tropes. Everything in this game is deliberating repulsive to fans of the genre, it's one big awesome troll game making fun of everything monster girl fans like (like how unpleasant the daily life with a monster girl waifu really is) and showing the things monster girl fans try to ignore (like how disgusting it is to have sex with animal body parts).
Sure, you...


For Sekai we had them released two additional stories for Nekonin in which both of the stories for side characters, and it should be good if one want to romance two side characters that was available in Nekonin. Other than Nekonin, we had Hoshimemo finally had estimated exact release date in which it would be at January later, and Sekai will release the beta version for the backer at 17th later. Not much interesting news from Sekai here to me, although the reason here was because I'm waiting for Tokeijikake exact release date though.

For fan translation here, we had Eustia was at 24.38% translated, Loverable was at 93.58% translated along with Kaho's route was at 57.21% translated and 25.61% edited for overall script, Pure Pure Chapter 3 was at 30.43% translated and overall was at 44.23% translated (The translator said it was rough one though), Musumaker was at 43% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 8% edited, Maki's route from Tsujidou was at 48.56% translated and overall was at 61.67% translated, Tsukiyori was at 21.8% translated and 12.9% edited - there's no much progress in translation because the translator did had overtime for several days but at least the editing was going nicely, and if some of you interested with Sansha Mendan finally we had the exact release date there in which it would be at December 1st.

Speaking about Sansha Mendan earlier, actually this time we had the new project from the translator (Quof) himself in which his project was Lovely x Cation 2 - I'll shorten it to LxC2 next time. It's not that surprising though if he would translate this eventually, but seeing that he was already bitter about translating the first Lovely x Cation say that it's good to see that Quof is already recover there. As for the plan, he was going to release the patch for each heroines route just like both of Majikoi and HatsuKoi (Interesting that LxC2 designer also work at HatsuKoi), and the order goes like Hime's patch first, then Hinata's, Seine's, and finally Wakoto's - if all goes well by January end we should have Hime's patch. No spesific plan in regard of 16 append disks, but at least I knew that it'll bring additional 34 H scenes and it was released monthly for a year - the additional four was came from each heroines birthday date. I'll keep my eyes on this later, even though it's just like old dating sims VNs in regard of raising status.

There's an interesting news in regard of Wild Romance that apparently it will be have 18+ version released in English, which should be good if you want to play it fully since the original version of that was supposed to be nukige, and the Steam version was cut a lot of sexual content which is essential to any nukige. Still have no idea in regard of this, so for now I'll just wait and see in regard of this. For the last news here we had Little Busters released at Steam in which it translated three additional routes as well, which was missing back at 2011 patch (Formerly posted at TL Wiki, and obviously meant that this is one of TL Wiki projects back at 2010). As for the VN itself, I think it should be well known enough and it was already discussed to the death. Anyway, while I think that this release was quite redundant it should be interesting to play if one want to see three additional routes, and maybe some graphical improvement although it was the least interesting feature to me though.

I thunk that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (10/28/2017)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. As for the title, it was obviously meant to parodying the old Rance RPG 'Kichikuou Rance' only that instead of Rance I using Chihaya, because the default name for Eiyuu Senki's MC was Chihaya. Another reason for parodying Rance VN here would be to allude that one of Eiyuu Senki writer was also the writer of Kichikuou Rance (Also Rance series up to VI) who was well known as TORI, and there's similarities in term both of the story and the gameplay - except the battle in which it was quite different from Kichikuou. By the way, I knew that Kichikuou was mean brutal king and Chihaya was not very brutal - very nice even, but still I want to parodied Kichikuou Rance here lol. Anyway, in this week I like one paticular updat from Mangagamer here (Hapymaher), but other than that it's still usual week here for some parts.

I think some of you should figure out of why I did talk about Eiyuu Senki here, but in this case you want to be more clear the reason was because JAST managed to release it in few days ago at 24th and they will release Steam version at November 10th later. As for my comment, assuming that both release would had same content as the previous version I would say that this is very redundant releases considering that we already had this released in the past, in which the translation was ripped from PS3 version and it was ported to PC version. The only thing that I think different was this time JAST uncensor the H scenes, in which it was not important enough imo. Anyway at least now there's legal version of Eiyuu Senki for PC there, so if you want to purchase that's good for you then. Other than that, there's no news from JAST which is just another usual week for them lol.

For more Eiyuu Senki here, there's Surferdude of VNDB which released the H patch for GOLD which translated 37 of 67 H scenes. As for my opinion here, I found this is more interesting news compared to Eiyuu Senki release by JAST there, and it might be good because it mean that Surferdude was already trying to work on GOLD narration translation - I want to see GOLD fully translated because it got many gameplay improvement compared to the one that JAST released here. Hope the best for Surferdude there, and good luck to him.

For the rest of fan translation - I did count GOLD translation as the part of fan translation section here, we had Eustia was at 23.47% translated along with 15.53% edited and 15.51% QC-ed, Loverable was at 93.23% translated with Kaho's route was past halfway (54.87%) translated along with 61.14% TLC-ed and past a quarter (25.61%) edited, Pure Pure was at 42.02% translated for overall VN and Chapter 3 was at 15.22% translated, Musumaker was at 42.4% translated, Tsukiyori was at 21.6% translated and 11% edited, and Witch Garden was at 34% translated. Not much to say for the updates here other than good job for Loverable in regard of Kaho's route progress, and nice to see that finally we had an update after two weeks absence in regard of Tsukiyori. As for Tsujidou, right now Maki's route was at 39.89% translated and overall was at almost 59.51% translated. That's all for fan translation here.

From Sekai there's Tokeijikake in which they're almost ready for the release of the first part, and they estimated that it would be at November. Other than that, we also had Daybreak (2nd part) here finally showing the progress again and right now it was at 87% translated. Also we finally see Morning Mist (3rd part) translation progress, in which it was at halfway translated. There would be more news for the latter two at next year, and they said that the engine problem was more or less was mostly fixed because the engine for the first part was the same one for both of Daybreak and Morning Mist (Duh). Oh, and if Sekai say the they can't wait for us to play the first part here, then I would say that I can't wait to be able to see the release of Morning Mist later. That's all for Sekai here.

Winged Cloud was managed to release Sakura Halloween, and according to the LP that I watched it was very short VN. Not interesting to me here, but at least Winged Cloud still had some idea for their Sakura VN I guess. For Phantom Trigger here, we finally had the exact release date and it would be at next year (January 26th). No much comment other than if you want to see more Sakurako, then you would be better to wait until that date.

I like that Mangagamer give the good update for this week, and it was in regard of Hapymaher in which it was finally fully translated and right now it was at 94% edited as well. For now I just hope that Mangagamer would release it quickly after they do some job to Hapymaher, but seeing that they had some VNs that was queued to be released I understand that it would hard to do. Speaking about release, right now they released Naked Butler and they will release Kuroinu Chapter 2 at November 17th later (Same date with Chiru), but seeing that I had less interest with those two I'll just pass those for now.

Other than Hapymaher being fully translated, we had Trinoline was at halfway translated, Sengoku Rance was at 43% retranslated, Rance Quest was at 28% translated, Sona-Nyl was at 15% translated - only around 7 months left if they keep the progress at 3% for each update, Hashihime was at 36% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 97% translated - almost completed, and Sideboob was at 89% edited. Mangagamer was also had a surprise in which they'll had two more announcement in the convention at November later, but seeing that they only had two announcements and this is almost year's end, maybe I'll just expect that they'll announce two nukige VNs later for now.

That's all that I can write for now, and see you next week.


For this week title, I decided to just using 'Massacre the Fighter' from Tsujidou. For the explanation in regard of Massacre it was Maki's Red Baron, and for 'The Hooligan' part I use that from Comyu it was in regard of there's a character who had that nickname and the character himself was have the same seiyuu as Maki - the title was fitting for Maki anyway since she was considered as delinquent, and hooligan was the synonym for delinquent. As for this week, there's no VNTS here but even so I decided to just write the weekly review like usual. For this week, no big release to be blunt here because looking at VNDB we only saw some smaller release. Despite that this week we got some update in which it should be a norm for each week (Duh), and some release announcements. Let's see what I could write for this week, and welcome to this week VNTS Review here.

From Mangagamer we had Chiru was ready for preorder which mean that it was ready for the release, and yes it was about to be released on Steam at November17th - the blog post for the proof. I was quite surprised that Mangagamer decided to release Chiru first instead of releasing Kai first, considering that Chiru was happen later after Kai and not to mention that it's obviously Kai was released first originally. Either way to me Chiru release was redundant anyway considering that the translation was apparently using the old version, and there's already mod to add better graphic and voices as well back at 2013. Oh, for the references here Chiru was the 2nd part of Umineko and Kai was 2nd part of Higurashi - in the actual sense Chiru and Kai here was the answers arc, although from what I gather Chiru's way to answering Umineko was quite roundabout though so much that it gathered many theories in regard of the actual answers.

As for fan translation, it's still some usual progress though as warned beforehand there's no Tsukiyori update though. For the progress here we had Eustia was at 22.46% translated, Loverable was at 91.74% translated (Kaho's route was at 44.99% translated, 60.32% TLC-ed, and 24.7% edited), Musumaker was at 41.9% translated, Pure Pure Chapter 3 was at 5.43% translated and for overall it was at 40.6% translated, and Shin Koihime Musou was at 88% translated (6% edited). As for Tsujidou's update, it was going stable with Maki's route going 10% for each week so right now Maki's route was at 30.01% translated and for overall it was at 57.05% translated. Other than the updates, there's a word in regard of Chaos Head Noah translation project that namely they managed to get the translator here, so hopefully it mean that we could have some good news in regard of the translation - by the way if you want to knew the translator might as well visit his Twitter there. For the last news here, it's the bad news that namely Lovely Cation translation project was dissolving because all of the currently active member was quit the project and most of the members were missing. For more info I think I'll just link to Quof's post and EldritchCherub's post, because those two were the leaving members that I talked about.

We finally had Steam store for Little Busters, in which it should tell us enough that they indeed serious about the release at November 1st later. Speaking about the Steam store, there's another VN that was also had Steam store and surprisingly it was a VN that got quite good reception. Too bad though that the VN itself would be localized by SakuraGames, which to say that they already gather some infamy because their translation was quite bad and most importantly their choice of VNs was not quite good except for this one. As for that matter, to tell the truth that VN was quite interesting to be translated but seeing that the translation company was already quite infamous, maybe it would be better if I'm not expect much here. Oh, the VN itself would be released at November 16th later. Speaking about SakuraGames, their hemorrhoid imouto VN that was translated by Cafe was apparently cancelled and my comment here would be 'Okay, whatever'. But still, too bad though that Cafe's work didn't managed to had a release there considering that he was already worked on that. Oh well.

That's all for this week, and sorry if this time it was shorter here. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (10/14/2017)

I did see the premise for this week otome VN Bad Apple Wars at VNDB earlier here, and the premise was remind me of DS RPG The World Ends with You here so of course I decided to parodying the title here by changing 'You' to 'Apple'. Back to topic here, which of course my VNTS Review for this week and welcome to anyone else who read this. As for this week, there's two releases VNs although too bad that both of those were for console though instead of usual PC. There's also usual update from both of fan translation and Mangagamer, and there's a release of voice patch of Fate Hollow Ataraxia (I'll call this Ataraxia here). Let's see what I could write for this week here.

Apparently there's an update from Sekai in which Rakuen 18+ was finally finished, which should be good if one want to play more Grisaia and especially if they already waited for complete version. There's still some QC and engine work, but at least it should be good for now, and of course it would be better if Sekai will not have delay in regard of the release later. Other than Rakuen, there's no update from Sekai here.

From fan translation this week there's no update from Pure Pure, but that didn't mean that there's no progress because they still have the update in their Facebook page, and right now they do some proofreading for Chapter 2 in which it's at around 35% finished right now. There's Eustia as well in which they reached 21.94% translated, and they also had QC almost caught up with the editing process (14.7% edited and 14.69% QC-ed) - they also managed to recruit another translator, so hopefully we could see more good progress from Eustia here. Loverable here was still stable with the progress was at 91.09% translated (Kaho's route was at 40.7% translated), 59.56% TLC-ed, 23.45% edited, and 18.1% QC-ed. About Tsukiyori, apparently the translator will be going to a trip so she warned us that perhaps there wouldn't be any update in regard of that, oh well. For more update, we had Witch Garden at 33% translated and Musumaker was at 41.6% translated.

For the release here it was Ataraxia's voice completely ported to the PC version. It should be good if one want Ataraxia voiced and translated because the translated version was PC version, and the voiced one was PSP. As for the cast, I would say that they got good names for the new casts like Koshimizu Ami and Nabatame Hitomi for the examples. Well, have fun for playing Ataraxia there especially to admin Tay who Decay said was a big fan of Fate franchise.

This week we have Mangagamer updates and for the roundup here we had Sona-Nyl was at 12% translated, Sengoku Rance was at 34% retranslated, Trinoline was at 42% translated and 4% edited, Marriage was finished both of translation and editing process, Kuroinu Chapter 2 was finished the testing and Chapter 3 was fully translated, Sideboob was at 84% translated, Hashihime was at 30% edited, Maggot Bait was at 60% translated, Hapymaher was at 94% translated and 86% edited, and Chiru was atill in testing. They also answered a question in regard of Bokuten, and they answered that they still need to take care the engine in regard of that. As for a bit of release prediction, I think the closest one to release was Kuroinu Chapter 2 following with Imopara 2, in which both of those weren't interesting to me considering that I look forward to Damekoi and Evenicle here - and those two still not in testing yet, presumably waiting for their turn.

For Bad Apple Wars, it might get some praise there but the premise was once again remind me of The World Ends with You, in which both of those had a dead protagonist who must take a test for the chance to go back to life. That said, since this is otome VN of course we would had a female MC there. Have fun if you own the VN there, and hope it would be enjoyable.

Finally, for the big release here there was Chaos Child in which it was some sort of sequel from Chaos Head. Both of Chaos VNs did had same setting as Steins Gate, which make it ironic that while both of Steins Gate was already officially localized, here's the first part (Chaos Head) was still not officially released yet despite it was already announced back at 2009 and it managed to gather some polarized opinion. The premise for Chaos Child here was there's many murder which eerily resembled the murder from Chaos Head, and from there MC and his friends (Mostly female by the way) was tried to uncover the truth behind the murder. I knew that this VN did have pretty good score at VNDB and the character art was easy to see, but too bad though that it was for PS4 so I couldn't play this. Well, have fun if you already get Chaos Child there and have PS4.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - There's Tsujidou update in which right now Maki's route was at 20.57% translated, and overall was at 54.7% translated. Urrim also said that at November he will go to Japan, so perhaps the progress would be delayed by one or two weeks there. That's all for additional Tsujidou update.

PPS - Did a little more research, and found out that Angel Beats was more similar with Bad Apple Wars. But I think that 'The World Ends with Apple' still fit though considering that I instantly recognize The World Ends with You first instead of Angel Beats, and besides it also has similarity with Chaos Child that both game was had setting in Shibuya.


Visual Novel Translation Status (10/07/2017)

Since we finally had Saku Saku release along with the cute love fairy Tina at the image header, I decided to reuse 'Sakura Cupid' title here because we had love fairy and besides I think Tina (The aftermentioned love fairy) was quite fitting to be called cupid from what I said at first Sakura Cupid review. As for 2, it was to mimic the Winged Cloud who also released Sakura Beach 2 as the sequel of Sakura Beach. Speaking of Winged Cloud, apparently they released Sakura Gamer at Steam after they did the Patreon - you might check that up if you interested although I'm not quite interested though.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review in which this week was quite lacking to tell the truth, because Mangagamer already did their updates at last week. That said, of course there's always some update to talk about here and most importantly we had quite a big release in form of Saku Saku, which had a bit of history with mine here. Let's see what we had for this week.

For this week from fan translation, we had Eustia at 21.41% translated along with 14.62% TLC-ed - by the way Fione's arc was past halfway translated, Musumaker was at 41.1% translated, Norturnal Illusion Renewal was at 19.2% for the second pass editing, and Pure Pure Chapter 2 was fully translated - though that said it was apparently rough translation and right now it was also 30% proofread for Chapter 2, and then after Chapter 2 was finish the proofread the team will do the testing before finally released Chapter 2 patch (By the way, for the overall translation it was at 39.81% translated). For Loverable was reaching 90% mark translated (90.29% with Kaho's route was at 35.74% translated) along with 58.11% TLC-ed, 22.39% edited, and 17.62% QC-ed. For Tsukiyori here, finally there's some editing progress with currently it was at 10.3% edited along with 20.4% translated. For Tsujidou, yes Tsurezure work at Maki's route right now and it was at 10.14% translated as of now, and for overall it was past halfway (52.1%) translated.

Sekai Project

From Sekai here, it was only one big release in regard of the update. Before that in regard of their policy of not doing usual updates l would say that make the updates from them very vague, and it would be bad to anyone else who want to track their favorite VN project. Although seeing that they usually lacking if we talk about their updates, I guess it wouldn't matter much to me here especially if I considering that there were many projects that was already at 100% translated from Sekai and yet it's still not ready for the release yet e.g Maitetsu and Tenshin Ranman.

As for Sekai's release, it was Saku Saku which was released back at Monday and it was quite surprising that they ready for the release after their bad planning that was caused the delay back at August, because back then they still not ready yet. Anyway, what done is done and have fun playing Saku Saku there, and if I give some advice it would be don't expect much from the VN because I'd heard that many people were dissapointed with that although of course there should be some good points in regard of Saku Saku. Forget to say that the premise was quite unusual with love fairy thing.

Oh, for more trivia Saku Saku was started as fan translation by Akerou back at 2014 as a mean to practicing his translation skill before translating Irotoridori, and actually it was already finished the translation back at 2016 only to see that the release was still uncertain because apparently there's some 'polishing work' left iirc. Then turned out that there's Sekai who already made a deal with Akerou (And Shinku TL) to officially released Saku Saku ie the 'polishing work' was meant as finalize the deal with Sekai, and therefore delayed the release. Oh, I was shocked the moment I'd heard Saku Saku opening at Sekai AX 2016 stream so much that I closed the windows, and it was quite a while before I managed to finally calmed down in regard of the announcement.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (09/30/2017)

Sorry for being late here in regard of VNTS Review beforehand, and here's the belated VNTS Review for this week. As for the title, since we had To Heart 2 release I'm going with parodying To Love-Ru anime because in To Heart 2 we had alien with the nickname Ruu - coincidentally To Love-Ru was also had aliens, and and I used XRated here to reflect To Heart 2 patch release once again. With that title matter here done, welcome to this week VNTS in which we had good news from fan translation section and nice updates from Mangagamer. Let's see what we had for this week here.

For the first updates here we had Dangan Ronpa V3 which was out for PC back at September 26th, and apparently the premise was still the killing game. As for the story, to tell the truth it was quite a lot if we want to understand it fully and I think it could rivaled Kingdom Heart because there's a lot of material to cover. Nevertheless, I agree that it should be a good VN to play if you're Dangan Ronpa fan although the size might be too much though (At 26 GB). Also there's another update from JAST in regard of the release - very surprising that we had JAST announced two releases in short span of time, and it was Princess X which would be released at 31st later. What I could say is that at least JAST managed to released two VNs in short time in which it's already a big accomplishment of the year for them lol (Even though personally I didn't interested with the releases though).

Sekai Project

This week we only had Sekai (And Denpasoft) in regard of Anime Weekend Atlanta announcement, in which it's apparently just smaller scale anime convention compared to the like both of AX and Otakon. As for the announcements itself, well at least there's some yuri ie girls love so if one like girls love then Sekai announcements should be satisfied you although I'm not quite interested with those though - I admit that at least the art of those announcements were at least pretty nice. Oh, Denpa was also participate in this and they announced Nekonin 18+ patch along with two side routes in form of DLC which should be good considering that Nekonin was treated as nukige in the first place iirc. For the rest of the announcement, we got maid cafe VN, alien girl VN (Coincidence maybe?), and a yuri VN with the premise that remind me of yurirei. That's all that I could write in regard of the announcement for now.

Ironically, the most interesting announcement from Sekai here wasn't announced directly, but rather it was a subtle one. The announcement itself is Saku Saku finally had the Steam store for that, and they also already had release date in which it was at 2nd which should be tomorrow. I knew that it might be delayed just like back at Wagahigh, but at least now that Sekai was already had Steam store it mean that they'd ready for the Steam release unlike back at August end in which they did announced the exact date twice while they didn't ready for the release yet because they need to take care of Steam release first - permission and engine problem. As for 18+ of Saku Saku, still no word in regard of that yet but hopefully Sekai will announced that in near future.


This week Mangagamer also had updates, and they also released Space Live as well back at September 29th. As for the VN itself, well the premise was quite ridiculous at the first glance with we had Internet Browser as the idol (And of course female), but then again knowing that there's Neptunia in which we had consoles turned into female perhaps it wasn't too surprising there. For more info here, I think the VN itself was quite cheap because there's no voice at the VN itself make this as some sort of hasty milk attempt from Circus (Aside Da Capo), and most importantly the female had the big breast in which it's quite unusual because Circus was also has flat chest heroine from what I knew. Oh, and by the way this VN was actually out in English first, so perhaps there would be improved Japanese version later just like MoeNovel's Lovekami - the addition of sex scenes. Have fun if you already bought Space Live there.

As for the updates here, I'd found it was more interesting compared to the release here especially in regard of Sona-Nyl in which it was at 9% translated right now compared to the past progress at 5% translated, and for that matter while it's not big at least it had some jump in regard of the progress (ie not always 2.5% jump for each updates). For the rest of the progress, we had Fata Morgana fandisc was at 90% translated, Kuroinu Chapter 3 was at 77% translated, Sideboob was at three quarter edited, Sengoku Rance was at 27% retranslated, Hapymaher was at 93% translated and 85% edited, Trinoline was at 40% translated, Sorcery Joker was in the testing process, Maggot Bait was at 57% translated, Hashihime was at 26% translated, Marriage was almost finished the translation (99% translated) and 95% edited, Supipara Chapter 2 was fully translated and edited - I wonder if the editor was suddenly very excited to editing Supipara there considering that at the last update it was still at 22% edited, Rance Quest was at 23% translated, and Evenicle was fully edited. For the last announcement here, Mangagamer announced the release date of Naked Butler which is at 27th later and could be pre-ordered right now - not my taste though.

Fan Translation

There's some interesting news from this section. But first before going to the news I'll write some usual updates for this week. As for the updates here, we had Eustia at 21.06% translated along with the editing was at 14.29% and TLC progress was at 13.61%. For more progress we had Loverable was at 88.72% translated (Kaho's route was at 24.85% translated), with 55.63% TLC-ed, 21.95% edited, and 17.34% QC-ed for the overall progress.

For the rest of the updates, I'll just roundup all of those and it goes like Pure Pure was at 36.33% translated with Chapter 2 was at 85.89% translated, Musumaker was at 40.7% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 87% translated and 3% edited - I admit that I didn't watch this closely but at least they got the percentage from what I read somewhere so it would be easier to track the progress, Venus Blood Chimera was at 71.9% translated, and Tsukiyori was at 19.2% translated - good job to the translator despite her being sick once again. There's also some subtle announcement just like back at Sekai with Saku Saku, in which Arcadeotic finally had a release timeline for Bishoujo Mangekyou 1 and the timeline would be at around 10th later. Here's his tweet for the proof, and I hope that the release for Bishoujo Mangekyou 1 goes well.

For the first news here it was in regard of Tsujidou, in which we finally had Tsurezure released Ai's patch there and if anyone else already planned to play Ai's route there have fun. As for the talk about the script, I'd find it was quite interesting with the fact that actually both of Runa's and Maya's route (From HatsuKoi, and those two were the longest routes) combined was had more lines compared to Ai's, although of course Ai's route itself was obviously longer with the script size for Ai's route was exactly twice of Maya's route. What I understand in regard of that was Ai's route was significantly longer compared to any HatsuKoi routes, and therefore it took more time to translated - good job to Tsurezure nonetheless for being fast of course, and for doing the image translation as well. For more info, Urrim also wrote that both of Maki's and Renna's route was only a quarter less that Ai's route which make each route was at least had around 150k words, and looking from that I think the translation for each routes should be done much quicker compared to Ai's there. As for the next plan, they're going to work on Maki's route starting from next week and of course I'm gonna report the translation progress on Maki's route just like usual here.

For the last news, we finally had To Heart 2 release by Ittaku after 10 years of hard work which coincidentally also VNDB's age right now (VNDB just celebrated it's 10th anniversary). Congratulation for the release there, and thanks for the hard work. As for the translation, it definitely had many history looking from the Readme text that came along with the patch, so I think it should be an interesting read. For To Heart 2 itself, well it's pretty much just usual lighthearted slice of life VN which surely was quite a lot nowadays, although compared to those VNs To Heart 2 was actually quite popular (Also the predecessor of the genre as well) and had a lot of fans so much that it spawns the fandisc and a RPG spinoff - understandable though if Leaf want to milk To Heart 2. If you want to knew more in regard of To Heart 2, just look at Wikipedia page because there's a lot of interesting info if you want more info in regard of To Heart 2 especially in regard of development. Well, have fun playing To Heart 2 if some of you already got the patch.

That's all for this week belated VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (09/23/2017)

This week title should be very obvious that it was in regard of Muv Luv Alternative (MLA) Steam version release, and the fact that MLA was the VN that insipred Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT) mangaka (Hajime Ishiyama) - of course once again BETA was stand in for titan. For more info in regard of that, I'll quote Ishiyama's word that said he was inspired by MLA in regard of making very popular AoT manga below - including the question beforehand (Source was from MAL thread here, and I cut the answer from Ishiyama here):



Q: What was the inspiration behind Attack On Titan?

A (By Ishiyama Hajime himself): I used to play a video game rated R called MUV LUV ALTERNATIVE. It was about aliens taking over the earth and the human race reaching the extinction. That game was my inspiration for Attack On Titan. At the beginning....


It was based on the translation for his interview though, so it might be inaccurate. Nevertheless, Ishiyama himself was really mentioned Muv Luv at the interview in the Youtube video so it should be good enough for the proof. Speaking about Youtube, there's AMV movie called Attack on BETA (Just like the title here XDDD) in which it had MLA clip with AoT opening song. And as for the title here, well I want to create this since back when I knew that AoT was inspired from MLA which is already more than one year - as shown with my review with the title 'Attack on BETA: Before the Fall' which was published at July 2016. That's all in regard of my title for this week VNTS Review.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week there's many good news from Other section here although as for fan translation it's still usual though. Other than those two, finally Sekai did a good job setting up the Steam store for Tokeijikake first part and JAST did had exact release date for Eiyuu Senki - albeit Eiyuu Senki release itself was redundant one (No Mangagamer update for this week though). Let's see what I could write for this week.

About Eiyuu Senki, well congratulation to JAST in regard of the release I guess. I did find that the release was redundant though because we already had Eiyuu Senki translated for quite a while, and the sex scenes was already translated as well. I think I'm gonna try to talk more about Eiyuu Senki here now that JAST did already had exact release date, at October 24th later.

Good job to Sekai there for finally managed to set up the Steam store for Tokeijikake, because I just worried that Sekai started to be incompetent after they announced Saku Saku exact date twice while still didn't get permission for the Steam store - in which they should get the permission and set the store first before announcing exact date. Anyway, as for Tokeijikake I admit that it looks interesting enough although we still need two more parts though to enjoy this fully, which I'm sure that it would take a while before the releases. As for the release time, I see that apparently it would be November although it could be fastened to October (Hopefully) or more realistically delayed because of some engine problem. Let's see it for now in regard of Tokeijikake here.

Fan Translation

As for fan translation, there's Loverable which right now was at 88.71% translated (Kaho's route was at 24.77% translated, and for overall it was at 55.26% TLC-ed and 21.87% edited), Musumaker was at 40% translated, Majokoi was at 71% TLC-ed, Witch Garden was at 32% translated, Sayooshi was at 45.2% translated, Tsukiyori was at 18.4% translated and 8.9% edited, and Pure Pure was at 31.91% translated (Chapter 2 was at 67.95% translated). Ittaku was promised us that he could release To Heart 2 full patch by next week (Congratulation for finishing 8 years translation by the way, Ittaku), and I look forward to the release here.

As for Tsujidou, I found some interesting info that namely Ai's route in Tsujidou was longer compared to both of HatsuKoi Maya and Runa route (Two longest route from HatsuKoi) combined, which mean Ai's route was quite long and therefore it took longer time to be translated - by the way, from the progress I knew that Ai's route was ~30% part of Tsujidou. From there, I could say that the translation for next routes would be much quicker now that we have 51% left divided by three routes - and one of those remaining was side routes (Also the fact that the routes wouldn't as long as Ai's). Look forward to Ai's patch later in which it should be released next week if they still want September's end release. For one more progress, there's Denwalts with his secret project was at a quarter translated right now. That's all for fan translation this week.


For this section here, there's definitely many good news from them. First of all, Sakusakura was managed to get the major burst with 28,810 funded which surprised Sol Press as well. As for my comment, congratulation that the project was finally funded after saw the fund was gathered very slowly just like back at Chuusotsu KS. For the release itself, while maybe there would be a lot mistake in regard of that I still hope the best for them as of now, and hopefully both of Sol Press and the fan was satisfied with the release.

There's also Little Busters in which it was finally had an exact release date - at November 1st, andit would be Spring at Australia in which somehow VA did fulfill their promise in regard of Spring release for Australia people lol. As for the release itself, I would say that it's quite redundant considering that we already had released translation since back at 2011. But seeing that version didn't had three routes that was added later, and this version would added those three routes translated there perhaps I should say that it's the good release here if one want more Little Busters (ie the new heroines).

Speaking of announcing exact release date, PQube here was also did the same in regard of Chaos Child in which it would be launched at October 13th for EU version and October 24th for NA version, in which both of those were for PS4. As for my opinion here, for now I'm not quite interested with this because obviously I didn't had PS4 here. But looking at the good average VNDB score compared to the sort of prequel Chaos Head, I would say if you like that and did had PS4 you should try Chaos Child later.

For the big news here, there's MLA release once again which as we knew using the new translation instead of old one. As for my comment in regard of MLA, I admit that it's a good VN considering that it was the first highest score back at VNDB. Although unfortunately it make age dependent on Muv Luv setting so much that they didn't develop any big VN after MLA, and it could be interpreted as age was too afraid to develop the VN besides Muv Luv. Even though it might be age policy in regard of Muv Luv ie age had Tough Act to Follow trope, I think it could be better if age was trying to go out of their comfort zone by making the VN that didn't had same Muv Luv setting - Schwazesmarken didn't count here seeing that it still had Muv Luv setting. As for the release, well it's redundant to me considering that it already had the translation for years and even though it might be no good for some people, it didn't make MLA did had a bad score just like Decay said because after all majority of the score there were still pretty high ie MLA was very good VN. Regardless of my opinion, I would say thanks to the new translator though because through their hard work the Steam user could enjoy MLA fully.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (09/16/2017)

Finally after two weeks absences here we see new VNTS there so of course I'll review it like usual, and before started the review for this week I'll just write some notes in regard of the image header (ie releases from past three weeks) from left to right pictures as refresher:

  • Boukaku was remind me of Paradise Kiss, and it's otome VN with sex content in which interest me back at AX 2016 - not interested anymore though
  • Ne No Kami 2 was remind me of bad release planning for Saku Saku because it was planned to be released at the same date with Ne No Kami 2 release - at August 31st, but regardless I think it's nice historical yuri VN (I mean Ne No Kami 2)
  • Too bad that I couldn't play Utawarerumono 3 because it was for PS4, although at least it's looking good from VNDB average score
  • Subahibi was released by Frontwing, and out of those four I think it's the biggest released here

I think that's enough for the refresher in regard of the releases, and let's see what I could write in regard of this week. Oh, and hope Caribbean people managed to rebuild their hometown after Irma destroy most of those like shown in the photo.

For this week title, I knew that it's sounds like the crossover fanfic for the anime of Sakurasou no Pet and Chuunibyou ga Koi but of course it's not. The reason here was because this week we had two demo releases from two VNs, Sakusakura and His Chuunibyou Can't Be Cured (Mangagamer's OELVN from back at Otakon) in which it's meant to show us what kind of VN that those two were - I knew that the title was sounded like one of Sakura franchise VN from Winged Cloud lol. Other than two demo releases, we had usual updates here and as expected this week Mangagamer was also joining the update for this week as well because it's their biweekly updates. Let's see what the updates had for this week, shall we.

From fan translation updates here we had Loverable at 88.01% translated with Kaho's route was at 20.11% translated (Also at 53.57% TLC-ed and 21.76% edited), Pure Pure was at 30.49% translated with Chapter 2 was at 62.18% translated, Musumaker was at 39.7% translated (I admit that I didn't keep my eyes closely on this project), Witch Garden was at 31% translated, Tsukiyori right now was at 17% translated, and Yo Heart 2 was at 90% QC-ed (Sasara's route was finished QC progress) and 95% proofread - Ittaku also stated that they on track for November release so let's wait and see in regard of that. As for Tsujidou, right now it was at almost halway translated (At 49.58% for overall translation) and Ai's route was fully translated - they also stated that in upcoming two weeks there would be no progress because they're preparing Ai's patch, so they could deliver September's end release. That's all for fan translation section.

For Mangagamer they bring bunch updates which is always welcomed here, although this week they had surprise though in which they also stated that Chiru was in testing already, and that mean it should be a good news for Umineko fans although to me it's still just redundant though. Speaking about testing, Imopara 2 was about to finished the testing which mean if everything goes well it should see the release in near future. And for more VN in testing, there's Ritarnia in which was already entering the testing and finally Sorcery Joker was about to do the testing - which mean that the engine work for Sorcery Joker was finished. For the updates here we had Maggot Bait was at 53% translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 86% translated, Hashihime was at 24% edited, Supipara Chapter 2 was at 22% edited, Sengoku Rance was at 20% retranslated and 10% edited, Rance Quest was at 23% translated, Hapymaher was at 91% translated and 84% edited, Sideboob was at 69% edited, Marriage was at 96% translated and 90% edited, Trinoline was at 38% translated, Sona-Nyl was at 5% translated - which mean it's only about 76 weeks left to be finished if they keep the pace like this in next weeks, and Evenicle was at 94% edited. That's all for Mangagamer section this week.


This week Frontwing did has two updates as well here, so I'm gonna write that here. The first one was in regard of Phantom Trigger, and as expected they're gonna had Volume 4 and it will be released later at this Winter. Also as expected it'll be another spotlight chapter, and this time it goes to Sakurako which is an explosive master - also we're probably gonna know her dark past here just like previous two (By the way, I did say that Sakurako was remind me of Satoko from Higurashi appearance wise). There's also Momoiro Closet as well in which Frontwing was already opened it's website, and it will has Spring 2018 release. That's all for Frontwing update here.

For the last update here we had Sakusakura fund was got some burst since they released the demo, so right now they gathered 20,424 with less than 70 hours left. To tell the truth, it's quite questionable though they didn't release the demo earlier because if they did they earlier, I think it could help the awareness a little bit. In any case, the demo was rushed though because it got some problem at the first version but at least Sol Press issue the patch to fix that quickly, so for now I didn't had problem with the demo and they also promised that they're gonna fix the translation - not as bad as Konosora MoeNovel translation at the very least in regard of current translation. Let's see what they would do in regard of this later, and hopefully we could had good Sakusakura release later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review for now, and see you next week.


Apparently this week Tay was at around Carribean where hurricane Irma was just passing, and the damage at there was quite severe in which it also affected the internet connection as well. So once again, unfortunately we couldn't had VNTS here just like last week. Even so, I decided to make the VNTS Review here so enjoy and if I missing the updates here just write in comment.

For the title, since we had both of Utawarerumono 3 and Boukaku release there I decided to join two title here - Bocchi Musume from Boukaku full title and Futari no Ikemen from Utawarerumono 3 (The real subtitle for Utawarerumono 3 was Futari no Hakuoro), although it was the truth though that Boukaku did had two handsome man hence the title 'Futari no Ikemen' (Two handsome men, and by the way apparently this is also the title for a doujin drama CD yaoi porn lol) which of course should be obvious considering that Boukaku was otome game in the first place. Other than the releases, this week we lacking the updates here if I may speak the truth. Although of course there's still some updates here, In which I'll try to report on that.

For fan translation, let me do the roundup for this week fan translation segment. For the roundup here, we had Loverable was at 53.2% TLC-ed and 21.4% edited (Kaho's route was at 13.25% translated), Pure Pure was at 29.54% translated with Chapter 2 was at 58.33% translated, and Tsukiyori was at 15.3% translated. As we had Subahibi released, finally we could see a progress from Sayooshi which right now it was at 43.9% translated now that apparently vvav was finished with Subahibi and imouto hemorroid VN thing, so hopefully we could see more progress from Sayooshi here. For the last progress here, we had Tsurezure do the update on Tsujidou in which it was at 47.3% overall translated with Ai's route was finally reach 90% mark (92.47%) translated, and they also stated that they should finished Ai's route next week and release Ai's patch at September's end (After doing image editing, second reading, and make the patch). That's all for fan translation section.

As for Mangagamer, I think that they'll gonna had the batch of updates at next week - and by the way they announced the release date for Space Live which is at 29th later (I'll talk about that later there). As for this week, they released Boukaku in which it was already been a year since it was announced back at AX 2016. As for the premise, we had a girl who is shunned because of her height and her scary face and the shunned was causing her confidence to be plummeted. At least until she met with two handsome men in which they would change the girl's life forever, by turning her into a model although the girl was not quite thrilling for the chance though at first. The premise here was remind me of Paradise Kiss anime, especially in regard of recruiting an ordinary girl to became a model although back in Paradise Kiss we only had one love interest though. For more additional info, this VN was actually had sex scene which is usually lack in any otome VN because most of that were didn't had sex scenes. Anyway, have fun for playing Boukaku out there if you already got that.

Right now Sakusakura was still gathering 15,874 with a week remaining. To tell the truth, it's looks very worrying considering that Sol Press only had little time if they really want to gather 24,000, and yet right now they just barely managed to got almost two third of the goal. Hope that by the end of KS that they managed to release it. For the last update, we had Utawarerumono 3 in which it was for console (PS4) so if you didn't had the console obviously you couldn't play that (Like me here). As for Utawarerumono itself, I think the first VN was conclusive enough although apparently Leaf was felt otherwise though so much that they made two sequels for Utawarerumono ie they want to milk Utawarerumono series - I would also like to ask the question though why they didn't release both of Utawarerumono sequels for Steam yet. My nitpick aside, I believe that Utawarerumono 3 was look quite good so if you already owned Utawarerumono 3, have fun for playing that.

That's all for this week, and once again see you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review even though the VNTS itself was missing, and if you recognize the title for this week it was indeed looks like a mess from the first glance. Although the meaning here was actually very simple though, because it's just a title from this week big release which all of us should know. The release was Subahibi for the answer, although for the title here I decided to use four language for each part of the title. For 'everyday' and 'furenzoku' (Mean 'discontinuous') it should be obvious for what's the language was (It's English and Japan respectively), while for 'merveilleux' it was French word which mean 'wonderful' and 'dasein' here was the Germany word which mean 'existence'. The French word here was because the publisher for Subahibi was Frontwing, and we surely remember that Frontwing like to use French word for the subtitle in Grisaia trilogy. Oh, and the German was because Frontwing use that language for Subahibi subtitle.

With title matter done, as for this week it's definitely interesting week with big release such as Subahibi although unfortunately another big release here was delayed though because the bad planning. Other than releases talk here, we had the updates from both of fan translation and Mangagamer section which of course it was good to us here. Let's see what I could write for this week here.

About Mangagamer updates here, for most part it's looking good. The updates goes like Hapymaher was at 82% edited, Maggot Bait was halfway translated (Good job to Mangagamer CEO Kouryuu there for surviving half of Maggot Bait), Fata Morgana fandisc was at 82% translated, Sengoku Rance was at 10% retranslated, Rance Quest was at 20% translated (Surprisingly very fast there), Marriage was at 90% translated and 86% edited, Sideboob was fully translated and 65% edited, Hashihime was fully translated and 21% edited, Supipara Chapter 2 was 10% edited, Trinoline was at 35% translated, and Evenicle was at 87% edited. We also finally see Sona Nyl translation progress starting from this week, although as expected the number was low though - it was at 2.5% translated right now.

Sekai Project

Saku Saku here was unfortunately seeing the delay once again here, although they said that 'our cherry blossom gonna be blooming little late' (Not exactly like that though) or in more exact word minor delay so perhaps in near future it would be released - hopefully at 2017. As for my opinion in regard of this, I think this is very obviously showing that they had bad planning here because apparently they still need to get permission from Steam in order to set the Steam store for Saku Saku there, and apparently they still didn't readying that yet ie no Steam store. Not to mention that there's other factor there namely that the PR guy for Saku Saku was sick, and some of the staff was in Japan according to one of their employee. The bad planning here was not in regard of Steam or employee absence, but rather it was release date in which it sounds like trolling when they announced that twice and yet they're still not ready for the release. In the end, I think for now nothing we could do here other than waiting.

To closing Sekai section with positive news, back at 31st they're released Ne No Kami volume 2 which of course the continuation of Ne No Kami in which it tell us of GL story in which one of the girl was from future who thrown into the past. Oh, and apparently this is the last volume or something like so if you want to see the ending for Ne No Kami, then you could read that and have fun.

Fan Translation

For fan translation, apparently from what I saw it get fewer updates compared to last week but of course the update should be still good, no matter of how small they were. As for the updates here, we got Eustia at 20.58% translated, Loverable Nanako's route was fully translated and only Kaho's remaining (Overall was at 86.98% translated, 52.47% TLC-ed, and 21.02% edited), Pure Pure was at 27.96% translated with Chapter 2 waa past halfway (51.92%) translated, and Tsukiyori was at 14.3% translated.

We also finally had Tsujidou update here after two weeks absence, in which while it was told beforehand I'd still anxious waiting for their update there. As for the updates here, it's looking good for people who been busy for two weeks with Ai's route was reaching 80% mark translated (84.1% translated) and overall was at 44.77% translated. They also told their next plan, in which that they hope to finished Ai's route within two weeks and releasing Ai's patch either at September's end or October's beginning. Looking forward to next update here, considering that they promised that they would had another update next week.


Sakusakura kickstarter here was gathered 12,340 with 16 days left. As for this condition here, to be honest it was quite slow if we talk about the funding but then again it was lacking in regard of promotion compared to Sekai Project, so perhaps it's inevitable that it would go like that. But still, I would like to see the KS to be successful here so for now I would still hope the best for Sakusakura there.

For the last news here, we had a big release and it's obviously Subahibi in which it was published by our Frontwing. As for the premise itself, it was telling us of how apocalypse would be approaching at July 20th 2012 - which to said was of course false here considering that right now it's at 2017 here lol, and for that we'll gonna see the events at around July 20th from multiple perspective. The translation itself did had many history with at first it was posted at TL Wiki from back at 2012, only to see some sporadic progress. And after Kajitsu was finished, I remember that Subahibi progress was more frequent at 2015, before Moogy said that it's gonna get officially translated and therefore delayed the release. Then after we forgot about this mostly, suddenly we had Frontwing announced that they gonna release this back at February, and here we are with Subahibi released at August 31st. Censored content aside, at least we got Subahibi once again and let me said congratulation to the Frontwing in regard of their first attempt to released the title from another publisher. Oh, and if you look forward to play this because most review that praise Subahibi there, have fun to find out if Subahibi was really good as review said (Or maybe felt that Subahibi was overrated).

That's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (08/27/2017)

Edit - I knew that VNTS Image Header was from Dangan Ronpa Killing Harmony, but I think I would still using Sakura Cupid as my title here because it was more fitting to reflect Saku Saku early release plan which as of the VNTS publish time was two days ago (At 25th).

The title in this week was once again had Sakura title, and this time it's Sakura Cupid. As for the reason, it was because in the upcoming Saku Saku release (At 31st) we would had a love fairy, and I'd like to think that perhaps in some way love fairy is what we could call cupid. And I think the title cupid could be fitting for the love fairy (Tina) in question, since she was like to be meddlesome in regard of MC's relationship, and cupid could be associated as someone whose too meddlesome in order to start the relationship between couple. Well, with how I managed to made the title for Sakura VN two weeks straight here perhaps I should reconsidering the job at Winged Cloud lol. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review here and this week was quite slow compared to last week now that Mangagamer did had the announcement at last week, but I think next week it would be more interesting a lot with the releases. Let's see what I could write for this week.

Fan Translation

For fan translation, this week it's nothing differ much compared to last week although of course it's still good that we got the update (Srill no Tsujidou update though yet unfortunately). As for the updates here, we had Eustia reaching 20% mark (20.45%) translated and 13.45% edited, Koiken Otome fandisc was at 9% translated, Tsukiyori was at 12.3% translated, Venus Blood Chimera was at 58.9% translated, Pure Pure was reached a quarter mark translated (25.75% overall translated, with common route was at 42.95% translated), and Loverable was at 86.48% translated (Nanako's was almost finished with 96.78% translated).

For more update there's also Musumaker translation project revived with the progress was at 38.8% translated, and the team decided to use HD version for the base game that would be translated (I didn't interesting with that, but nevertheless good luck). As for Tsui Yuri it would be useless to just track the progress using the QC number, because right now the translation was reviews ie the team redo some translating and editing so the number might be change in the future. For the last progress from fan translation, we had Witch Garden at 30% translated.


For this week, we had a news that Cafe translated an officially released VN although the VN in question was not Sayooshi though unfortunately. But rather it was an unknown VN with the title that surely would entertain us here, and it's 'My Sister Can't Possibly Have an Hemorroid' which to said it's quite unique at the very least lol. It's just blood related incest nukige VN here so I wasn't too interested with that, but if you want to see the VN itself it would be released at this year. There's also Dangan Ronpa Killing Harmony demo release, which should be good if you want to check the VN first in which it would be released at September 26th. To tell the truth, at this rate Dangan Ronpa was starting to look like Cash Cow Franchise by expanding already finished story and add more VN releases imo, then again maybe it was a necessary move. Anyway, as for me I think I wasn't interested with this considering that the size was big (26 GB) but if you like Dangan Ronpa, I would suggest you to get the VN.

For more better announcement here, we're gonna had Subahibi released at 30th later and Muv Luv Alternative at September 19th, so I think September would be an interesting month with three big releases (Saku Saku, Subahibi, and MLA). Oh, and Dies Irae would apparently will had 18+ patch releases although I won't be so sure for now though. As for Sakusakura kickstarter, right now they managed to gather 10,437 out of 24,000 with 24 days left, so I think it's definitely on the slow side and for now I guess it would be barely funded at the end but then again it might be change though in the last days. Oh, and speaking about KS there's Subahibi in which it's already successful but still wouldn't be able to gather 120,000 for the strecth goal (It's almost 100,000 right now).

That's all for my early VNTS Review here, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (08/19/2017)

For the title, it's very simple because I just combined 'Sakura' from Sakusakura and 'Idol' from Starnova (Which still in Kickstarter right now) in which both of those were VNTS image header, so we got Sakura Idol here for this time VNTS Review which of course not my review of Winged Cloud Sakura's VN - although perhaps Winged Cloud would be interested to release their new VN with that title in the future lol. Welcome to this week VNTS Review in which this is the real one after the apocalypse albeit very belated, and for this week it's quite a breather after Otakon for Mangagamer although we got the updates from them though so it's good. Let's see what I could write this time here.

The first news that I would write is from Sekai, in which they only had two news here both good and bad. The good news is that if you like Ne no Kami then you should look forward to 31st because they'll release the volume 2 at that date, and for the bad news is that Saku Saku release was once again delayed and would be released at 31st as well. As for the reason I had no idea here other than they wanted to make it perfect release for them, but at least I knew that the delay was very sudden because three hours before delay they still said that they gonna release that at 25th. Oh well, guess that's all for Sekai here.

For the fan translation, once again there's only usual progress for this week although interestingly Tsureure was absent though - although it was explained from last week that Trip (The translator) would be busy for the upcoming two weeks, so perhaps there would be an update from them again at September later. For the roundup of this week update, we got Eustia was at 19.82% translated, 12.87% edited, and 12.55% TLC-ed; Loverable was at 86.11% translated (Nanako's route was at 94.53% translated) and 51.75% TLC-ed; Pure Pure was at 24.49% translated; Venus Blood Chimera was at 56.9% translated; Tsukiyori was at 11.5% translated and 8.3% edited; and To Heart 2 was almost finished the proofread (95%) and it was 80% QC-ed as well.


This week we see that Sakusakura Kickstarter (KS) was launched, with the goal was once again at 24,000. As for the KS, iit's going quite well with them managed to gathered 9,891 with 24 days left as of now (08/26) although I still worry about that though because it remind me of Chuusotsu KS in which it was quite a struggle before finally managed to get barely funded at the last few days (Funded at 24,000 with the base goal at 20,000). With the higher goal compared to Chuusotsu, I gonna say that it would be hard KS but despite of that I hope their KS would be success because I kind of looking forward to Sakusakura here (Good luck to KS by the way).

Other than Sakusakura, there's MoeNovel in which apparently their new project would be focused on astronomy, in which the most likely candidate would be Miagete. I'm quite interested a bit here, but seeing MoeNovel highly questionable localization choice in regard of Konosora I couldn't say that I was look forward to the project unless they learned from both of Sekai (Sell it through Nutaku) or Mangagamer (Release free 18+ patch) in regard of handling 18+ release. If not, then I would more than happy if they just release another Lovekami with big boob astronomy goddesses instead of Miagete lol. Other than that, I'll just gonna to wait and see in regard of them.


One week after Otakon, they had many updates here. As for the usual updates, right now they had Hashihime at 96% translated (19% edited), Maggot Bait was almost halfway (49%) translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 77% translated, Trinoline was at 32% translated, Marriage was at 85% translated (82% edited), Hapymaher was at 90% translated (81% edited), Sorcery Joker was fully edited, and Evenicle was at 63% edited. As for my opinion in regard of the progress here, I would say that they did the good job here for Evenicle editing because I think right now they need to upped the editing for Evenicle if they want to release it fast. Oh, and good work to Sorcery Joker as well and hoping that both of Sorcery Joker and Evenicle could see the release in near future. As for Suki Suki curiously the testing still not finished yet, but perhaps rather than complicated situation from Chuuable Soft it was more in regard of the VN itself.

For the new Otakon announcements, they also had the updates for that as well. Right now Sono Hanabira was already completed since back when it was dubbed as 1st secret project, Ritarnia was also both of fully translated and edited as well, Supipara Chapter 2 was finished for the translation - by the way the translator himself stated that he was already work on this since the fundraising was already gathered around 190,000, Sengoku Rance was at 3% retranslated - Arunaru said that he would use new translation for Sengoku Rance, and Rance Quest was at 4% translated - by the way the translator for Rance Quest was working on Sorcery Joker. As for Sona-nyl, Mangagamer said that they still had the translation underway although for the exact number of the progress it's anyone guess though - probably still not much considering that they just tweet Sona-nyl progress exactly one year after they announced it.

For additional news here (Not Mangagamer, but JAST), Doddler at his Twitter said that his porting work on Schatten was already completed which mean that's leave the testing before finally see the release. Although knowing JAST, I would say that it would be either hard to predict or long wait if we want to see Schatten release here.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you on next VNTS Review because when I write this it's already Saturday afternoon here.


Visual Novel Translation Status (08/12/2017)

The title for this time was combined 'A Peaceful Story' that was came from Supipara Chapter 2 that was also known as Peace Story, and Sengoku from Sengoku Rance in which both of those two were Mangagamer Otakon announcement. I knew that the title was quite ironic in a way, considering that back at Sengoku Rance there's always war in the VN itself and also in real life Sengoku era itself was dubbed as period of near-constant military conflict. Welcome to this week VNTS Review along with my commentary in regard of Otakon, although it's very late though for obvious reason the moment I wrote this (Forum breakdown and all).

As for the Otakon itself, this time it's only Mangagamer that had participate and Sekai did had announcements at another convention (Anime Fest). As for my opinion, well to tell the truth the announcements from both of them were quite a letdown to me especially in regard of Mangagamer (Last year Otakon from them was had new interesting announcements, and so does with recent AX), but then again perhaps my expectation was a bit too high here. Regardless, let me write what I could say in regard of Otakon here (And Anime Fest as well if possible).

For the fan translation, after the announcement that Clover Days was translated there's no much to report here other than usual progress, which of course still good if one keep an eye on one of the fan translation project that interest them. For the roundup of fan translation project here, we had Eustia at 19.80% translated, 12.66% edited, and 12.36% TLC-ed; Kanobito was at 8% translated; Majokoi was at 92% edited; Pure Pure was at 22.59% translated; Tsujidou was at 10.3% translated and 6.7% edited; Tsujidou Ai's route was past halfway (58.66%) translated, and overall was at 37.06% translated; and Loverable was at 84.62% translated (Nanako's route at 84.78% translated), 51.53% TLC-ed, and 20.91% edited. This week we also had Lovely Cation progress and right now 1,200 lines from Sera's route (Out of 4,565 lines) were translated. I think that's all for fan translation here, and of course we didn't had either Otakon or Anime Fest announcement for this.

Sekai Project

Sekai's announcement from Anime Fest to be honest not very interesting to me, because it's just new OELVN and I think I didn't interested with those VNs here, but then again maybe there's some people who look forward to the OELVNs. As for the OELVNs announcements, three of those fives were yuri (ie shoujo ai) announcements so perhaps you might interested with those three title if you're yuri fan (The shoujo ai VNs were Blackberry Honey, Same As It Ever Was (From Highway Blossom developer), and Synergy). Another announcement from them was otome game (Operation: Future Domination), in which it didn't really interesting to me to said it lightly although apparently it had some sort of time loop story though so perhaps it could be interesting there. For the last announcement, there's Exogenesis in which it was already in development for 4 years. The premise was apparently it was in post big war setting thing so perhaps it might be interesting, although too bad though that I didn't interested for now (Good luck for the project though).

Speaking of OELVN, there's Shining Song Starnova in which they launched the kickstarter and I think the goal was a bit lower for developing VN that was claimed using Japanese seiyuu, which is only at 40,000. Other than that, there's a problem namely that the writing was quite not fitting according to Zakamutt. Not that I interested with the VN anyway considering that it was mostly just like usual idol anime, but nonetheless good luck to the KS I guess. For the last news in regard of Sekai, let's close it with the good news that Saku Saku was finally will be released at 25th which of course it was very good news. Although seeing that Wagahigh got delayed after the release date was determined, perhaps I better be careful in regard delayed release from Saku Saku (By the way, the release was delayed to 31st at the time I write this (August 24th), but of course I stull looking forward to this (Delayed or not I would be waiting Saku Saku here, although of course I prefer that delay didn't happen). 

That's all for Sekai Project section here.


Before going to the Otakon announcement from them, this week they had two updates. The first update was they released Marina which is apparently just a short NTR nukige VN, which to said not my type here but perhaps there would be some people here who would appreciated that kind of VN. The second update is that they're about to release Boukaku at Spetember 8th later, and they already released the demo for it so if you want to see Boukaku by yourself you may check that out. As for me, I'd already tried the demo itself and I think it's pretty much usual otome game although the MC herself was kind of weak willed though (So much that you could get the bad end at the beginning). So I think I won't get this VN even though it's interested me back at last year AX because it had some sex scene, but if you already decided to get Boukaku hope you gonna enjoy that later.

As for this year, to tell the truth I expected that Mangagamer would bring something like Sengoku Koihime or Haretaka rather than what we had now. Guess I was asked too much here if I wish for those two, especially Haretaka in which it would had some additional procedure before finally Mangagamer could bring it now that Chuuable Soft was bankrupt. Regard less of what I said, I think it's better if we just accepted the announcement from them for now and hope that next time there would be a better announcements from them.

Like Sekai, this week Mangagamer was also announced a number of OELVN to their collection. As for the OELVN itselves, I would said that I didn't quite interested with them in the first place although I must said that one of those were different from the rest of OELVN. As for Lupesoft VN, let's just said that I didn't interested with them at all. As for Five Hearts, it's a yuri VN just like Mangagamer another announcement here but with the monster girl so maybe it could appeal people who like both of monster girl and yuri. For the last OELVN announcements, there's 'His Chuunibyou Can’t be Cured!' which apparently will tell a story of how a group of gaming student was tried to created their own video games. Didn't knew the detail yet, but perhaps it could be interesting I guess. I think that's all for the OELVN and let me write in regard of the localization announcements.

For the first localized VN, there's Ritarnia in which it was another HRPG which focused on the spirit girl. To be honest, right now it was lack of info when I did searched about this one but I managed to found one Youtube video and apparently it was some akin of first person RPG with usual turn based combat. The story itself was fairly cliche old RPG with a threat was looming in the peaceful country, and it's up to the MC himself to counter and destroy the threat. I just hope that in the future we could get more info in regard of this one, and I think for now I prefer Evenicle in regard of HRPG.

Didn't really interested with Room No.9 because it's yaoi and all (If you like that yaoi announcement it's okay), but at least we managed to see Mangagamer get the license for Sono Hanabira 11 aka 1st secret project in which it did had fan translation project previously. As for the premise itself, actually it's just the continuation of the previous five couples that was developed in the previous 10 VNs and the couples  would like to deepen their relationship there. However, other than those couples they also featured a new couple in which it's not exactly new though now that they already debuted in 'Remember How We Met' back at 2015 - in fact the couple from that VN (Risa x Miya) was first appeared in Sono Hanabira 11. For more info, it was already had the fan project back at Yuri Project and I already knew that they planned to sell the translation to Mangagamer, also the fact that actually the translator himself (Ralen) was already involved with the official localization of Nyuu Jene so perhaps Sono Hanabira 11 localized by Mangagamer was forgone conclusion.

As for Supipara, at least they finally managed to reach 200,000 sales which mean that they should be prepared for Chapter 2 (ie Peace Story) release in which it will be more focused on our half French tsundere Hotaru. As for Supipara itself, I think it's already well known that it was an ambitious project by minori that was failed because the development cost for that was too expensive, and for now we only had two stories (Smile (Chapter 1) and Peace (Chapter 2)) out of supposed five stories which of course was still incomplete considering that we missed 60% of the story. And since now that we had Chapter 2 announced, minori decided to announced additional goal for their fundraising in order to develop Chapter 3 (aka Passion Story) in which they need to bring the overall sales at 350,000 (ie they need to gather at least 150,000 to start the development). I would say that this method would be too slow if they really want to launch Supipara faster, but then again it might be only need two years perhaps if they managed to release Trinoline later and add the sales to fundraising (Would be still be very slow though). For now I would like to just wait and see as usual, although I won't expect much though.

For Rance announcements, I would say that this is actually good announcements. But I would say that Sengoku announcements was very redundant to me here, if only because we already had that fully translated for a long time ago mistakes aside. Besides, I think some people out there would be prefer that Mangagamer announced the new stuff instead of Sengoku because they already secured Rance license with Rance VI release. Well whatever float in Mangagamer's boat I guess, although to tell the truth I prefer Mangagamer (And Arunaru as the translator) got busy in Rance IX instead of this though, because to tell the truth I want to see of how Rance IX conclude one of the interesting subplot (You knew if you play Sengoku).

As for Rance Quest, it's good that they got the Magnum version because it was the improved version of Rance Quest. Also they got the old translator to work on this so it should be good, but then again it's quite inevitable though that the old translator (Tulip Goddess Maria) would work on this sooner or later. As for the premise, it's the continuation of Sengoku in which it would tell us of how Rance will tried his best to resolve his own problem, only to greeted by another problem because he was too reckless in regard of having sex (It's quite complicated to explain). Long story short, Rance decided to gathering the female that he sexed, and from there he was doing as he please while searching a way to solve his problem. As for the story, I'd heard that it was mostly quest based which mean that there will be no big war like VI or IX. Although the main point for this VN was apparently it's trying to resolve the side characters story from Rance which should be a lot considering that it was already out for 20 years. I'll be looking forward to this for now, even if the wasn't as epic as VI here.

I think that's all for what I could write in regard of Otakon here. See you next week (Or rather next VNTS Review).

PS - Forget to said that Subahibi was as expected managed to reach the goal at 80,000 at this week, although looks like they're gonna had a hard time though to reach 180,000.


Visual Novel Translation Status (08/05/2017)

I decided to make all of the VNTS Review that I couldn't created earlier because the forum was down, or just as Tay said 'FuwApocalypse'. Keep in mind that for this VNTS review it might be disjointed, because I tried to write the info based on the VNTS rather than current updates so I might be wrong on several data here (Also sometimes I attempted to write this based on the day I read VNTS). As for the title for the first post apocalypse VNTS Review, I decided to go with 'Ritsuko the Apocalypse Maiden' (Sorry in regard of this beforehand if you Ritsuko hardcore fans) because back at 5th the forum was already down for a few days, and we had Ritsuko as VNTS image. So I just combined the trope 'Apocalypse Maiden' and Ritsuko for the title, and let's see what I could write in regard of past VNTS.

As for Mangagamer, considering that it was already two weeks since their last update it's quite unusual that they didn't had the update for this week. But then again perhaps right now they preparing for the Otakon later, and since they had six titles announcements planned perhaos they need some time to preparing thenselves. Well, guess I'm gonna to be looking forward to their Otakon announcements later. I knew that it's quite ironic to said that today after Otakon was already ended days ago, and most importantly their announcements was quite a letdown to me here.

No updates from Mangagamer aside, they did open the preorder for Seabed at their site earlier which mean that at least Fruitbat already got the release date and it would be at December 26th later. Speaking about that date, it was had some history with my country (Indonesian) that a big tsunami happened on that day back at 2004, and it's quite ironic that Seabed was had sea in the title (Very obvious). Other than Seabed which for now I was interested with, there's Subahibi kickstarter in which it was quite successful considering that it was almost managed to fully funded within the first days of their Kickstarter (Almost 76,000 funded), and therefore it's almost obviously gonna reach the goal (80,000) in the few days. Speaking about Kickstarter, there's Sakusakura which already set their Kickstarter target at 24,000 with their Prefundia. Considering that the team was the new player for VN localization, perhaps there's bound one or two mistakes from them in regard of Kickstarter but nevertheless good luck to their Kickstarter.

For fan translation section, there's some usual update here along with two projects which were completed the translation progress. For the updates, we had Eustia at 18.55% translated, 12.44% edited, and 12.1% TLC-ed; Majokoi was at 91% edited; Kanobito was at 6% translated for the new progress (Turned out that the new translator was TBAC); Pure Pure was at 21.48% translated; Tsukiyori was at 9.8% translated and 5.9% edited; Tsujidou was at 38.06% for overall (Ai's route was past halfway (58.66%) translated; and Loverable was at 83.39% translated (Nanako's was at 76.82% translated) and halfway (50.29%) TLC-ed. For the completed progress there's Clover Days and Sansha Mendan. For Sansha Mendan, well to be honest I didn't care about that but I think it'll be good if Quof want to continue Lovely x Cation because from what I knew the old project was sort of inactive, so hopefully he could managed to completely translated that. Good luck to the new project there, and looking forward to his Lovely x Cation 2 project as well (Quof was also said that he will translated the 2nd title as well).

As for Clover Days, actually it should be very good news considering that it was at 100% translated. However, knowing that Astro was quite busy as Sekai translator project perhaps it would be a long time before finally we could see Clover Days release (Not to mention that apparently there's a lot of editing and QC work left), and that's not to mention another reason that perhaps I shouldn't say it here because it's just my speculation here. But regardless of what would happen with Clover Days project in the future, I hope the best for the project and hope we could enjoy the translated version of that sooner or later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and I'll write my commentary about Otakon here. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (07/29/2017)

For this week title, I decided to parodying Kaichou wa Maid-sama manga because this week we had Wagahigh release and there's also the matter that both of the works were have student council president characters, although in Wagahigh the president was work as manga illustrator though instead of maid. Therefore for this week we had Kaichou wa Mangaka-san for the title, and welcome to this week VNTS Review from mine. As for this week, Tay comment about Evangile W aside it was quite interesting one considering that we had the releases from Mangagamer (Evangile W), Sekai (Wagahigh), and Frontwing (Phantom Trigger Volume 3 aka Touko's Chapter). Which mean that three most active VN localization company (For now) was managed to had same release time, and almost at the same day to boot. Other than those three, of course there's still some update so let's see what update that we had for this week.

Fan Translation

As for fan translation, so far there's only usual progress for this week. For the recap here, we got Eustia was at 18.36% translated (12.04% edited and 11.85% TLC-ed), Loverable was at 82.18% translated (Nanako's route was at 69.01% translated, along with 49.87% TLC-ed and 20.82% edited for the overall Loverable), Majokoi was at 92.22% translated, Sansha Mendan was at 97.08% translated (ie almost completed), Venus Blood Chimera was halfway translated (50.3%), and in regard of Pure Pure turned out that last week progress was wrong so I'll give the new update in which right now the chapter 2 was at 19.23% translated (Overall progress was at 19.90% translated for the whole Pure Pure). As for both of Tsujidou and Tsukiyori, I'd already reported the progress from them at last VNTS so I'll report those two new updates here later.

For more updates from fan translation, we had Witch Garden was at 28% translated, Kanobito was regressing to 3% translated - yes regressing, although the reason was apparently because there's translator change, and the new translator was decided to retranslated Kanobito. Other than those two, there's Ittaku in which he was managed to translated 96% of Anzu's route, meaning that Anzu's route and most importantly Clover's Day would be finished the translation progress. Speaking about Ittaku, there's ToHeart 2 in which there's some progress although mostly it was already in finishing touch - the detail was Sasara's route was still in proofread, QC for Yuma's route was finished and twins route was in QC progress right now, and if all of those above were finished then Ittaku will do QC for Sasara's route and finally do both proofread/QC for Ruu's route. As for Koiken Otome fandisc, unfortunately there's some real life matter that was very important for Dergonu, therefore the progress would be (Sorry) slowed down a lot although he promised that he'll try to release Shiho's route patch at this year though so there's that. For the last progress from fan translation, there's Nocturnal Illusion Renewal which right now it was at 13.7% for the second pass.

That's all for fan translation at this week.


Other than Phantom Trigger, actually we had otome VN release for this week. The VN was Collar x Malice, in which it'll tell us the story of how a policewoman tried to handle a brutal case with her life as the bet. Looks interesting, although too bad that I wasn't quite interested with otome and most importantly it's Vita only.

From Frontwing there's Phantom Trogger Volume Three in which it'll tell us more about Touka and her dark backstory, which just my assumption for now although knowing Grisaia it might be the truth here. As for their next plan, while they didn't say anything in regard of the continuation I would said that if Frontwing really want to keep this format then they would be needed at least two more volumes just to tell us the characters, and some additional volumes if they want to tell us the finale like Rakuen (And Haruto's backstory like Meikyuu). For now I would like to just wait and see here, and hopefully they managed to created another volumes there so they won't disappointed Phantom Trigger fans.

By the way, other than Phantom Trigger release Frontwing was also had some saying in regard of Subahibi 18+ patch. It's about the censorship, and turned out it's the only picture that was get censored so you could still 'enjoy' of how screwed up the bestiality sex scene was in form of text. As for my opinion, I see no problem with that and I think it would be easy if someone out there want to make restoration patch seeing that it was only the CG that was censored. Although I wouldn't count too much in regard of restoration patch though, for now at least.


As for Evangile W, since this is only the fandisc I think it's not that interesting to me here. Although if you like the original Evangile, then I think it should be good addition if one want to look more Vincennes (The setting) and it's students. As for the premise, well I could said that it's had some epilogue from the original four routes, with the addition of five short routes for all of the side characters (Except headmistress who apparently gotten saner in Evangile W of course). Other than that, I think it'll be full of fanservice from Evangile characters. While I didn't quite interested with Evangile W, I would say have fun if you already intended to play it (Including Tay).

Oh, and Mangagamer did had another announcement in which that they'll release Marina at August 11st. Well I would say whatever to the VN because it's just short nukige with some NTR, although I won't deny the importance of nukige release for Mangagamer though especially when it's sales helped them to license more VN in the future.

Sekai Project

As for Sekai, right now they only had one update and it was Wagahigh release. As for Wagahigh, the premise was apparently the MC (Kouki) was worked at student council because of some 'deal'. Namely that the deal was that as long as Kouki joined the council, then his secret gonna be safe. For the information here, the secret that Kouki hide was actually he is a mangaka for ecchi romantic comedy manga, and therefore he need to keep his mangaka job as the secret. After that, apparently the council was also doubled as some sort of the problem solver for the students so from there Kouki and the council decided to help more students. As for my opinion, at first I admit that I dislike the girl's boob lol because it's too big lol (It's the drawing fault actually, so maybe I should say that earlier). But since I'd heard some good opinion in regard of this VN, then perhaps I would considering to play Wagahigh later.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - Forgot one update here, and it's from JAST which to said was quite unusual lol. Anyway the update was fot Princess X in which right now it was in beta testing, so at least JAST was in track for Fall release (Hopefully). Here's the tweet from them in regard of that.

PPS - As promised, I'll deliver both of Tsujidou and Tsukiyori here. For Tsujidou, right now Ai's route was almost reached halway translated with the progress was at 44.58% translated and for overall progress was at 32.8% translated. While for Tsukiyori, right now it was at 8.9% translated and 4.4% edited. That's all for the additionsl progress here.


Visual Novel Translation Status (07/22/2017)

As for the title, because this week we had surprise announcement for an unknown VN Kickstarter (Sakura Sakura, or Sakusakura) and an unknown VN that had female assassin as MC was rereleased at Steam, I decided to just make the title as the combination of those two title 'Sakura Assassin'. And no, this is not Winged Cloud plan for their next Sakura VN here lol just in case some user here really interested with Sakura franchise, and I'm sorry in regard of that. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, which to tell the truth still just usual one which is filled with the updates only (And unknown VN releases). Although of course the updates were just as important as either announcements or releases, so I decided to reporting it here. For this week, we had Mangagamer joined fan translation with the usual updates. As for Sekai, too bad that Sekai decided to didn't use their tracker anymore just as I thought (Their new policy) and instead they would be just use 'video format' for their tracker, which sounds very vague since we didn't knew of how that's supposed to be there (I knew that Tay said something like semi regular video, but I wouldn't be sure here until they do that).


As for Song of Memories, I think it's quite interesting that we had both of console (PS4) and PC releases. The premise was looks interesting, but I think for now I wouldn't interested with that for now although the production value for the number of songs were certainly very good there, because after all it's called 'Songs of Memories' not for nothing. There's also the matter that the VN itself looks like was some sort of an attempt to promote unknown idol group, which in this case that idol group would be Dream4You, and here's their website if you interested although it was explained that it was from the game inside the VN though. I'll just wait and see in regard of the release for now.

Other than Song of Memories, there's Sakusakura Kickstarter which would be launched at August 1st. The VN itself was quite unknown and definitely wasn't part of Winged Cloud Sakura's franchise, although I'd heard some good point for Sakusakura though. As for the premise, apparently it'll involved love triangle in the high school. The company behing the localization was quite suspicious, because their website weren't didn't reveal much information from Sakusakura itself and therefore it might be questionable. While I did think that their Kickstarter was in danger, I think it's better to save my comment in regard of that until the launch later (If the launch later wouldn't be delayed that is).

There's also Pure Pure in which we had a new translation project established. As for a little history, actually this VN did had translation project in the past but apparently the old project was getting stalled, and therefore considered dead. Therefore, the leader of the new group (Abyss Translation) was decided to tackle this and right now it was at around 18% (Chapter two was a quarter translated). Not quite interested with Pure Pure to be honest, but good luck to the project here nevertheless and I'll try to keep my eyes on that. By the way I knew that this is supposed to be fan translation section project, but since the translation group was already involved with official Tayutama 2 translation and they also attempted to contact Pure Pure developer, I decided to include it here for time now (I'll add this to fan translation section if they had more updates).

Fan Translation

As for fan translation, it's usual updates for this week as well so there's not much to talk about here in regard of the progress. Although there's a good news though from Bishoujo Mangekyou, namely Arcadeotic want two beta tester to test his first Bishoujo Mangekyou which mean that it should be ready for the release after the testing (Actually he was already prepared the beta patch). As for Majokoi, unfortunately there's no visible progress for this week but Fred assured us that there's still some work behind that, and he would work together with Hijiri's route translator to see of how it's should be going for the progress. This week we also had the progress from Clovers Day, in which right now Anzu's route was at around 87% translated. For Loverable, right now it was reaching 80% mark translated with the exact number was at 80.89% translated (Nanako's route was at 60.72% translated), 47.75% TLC-ed, and 20.79% edited. For the rest of the progress we had Sansha Mendan was at 94.3% translated, Venus Blood Chimera was at 48% translated, and Eustia was at 18.03% translated.

For more news from fan translation section, actually there's one project announced. The project's goal was to translated a VN (Duh) which named 'Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana', which from now on I'll just call it Karehana. As for Karehana, from the first look it's just like usual moege although from the review that I'd read apparently there's something more that make this VN was quite good. As for my personal opinion, I would like to see of how much the translator could translate it so I'll try keep my eyes on this project. Oh, and we already had the progress in which right now it was at 10.43% (1,926 out of 18,461 lines) translated and 4.99% (923 out of 18,461 lines) edited.

Almost forgot that we also had the update from Ate the Moon in regard of Tsukiyori, in which right now it was at 7.2% translated and 3.8% edited. As for the updates, the translator herself said that she decided to do weekly progress just like Tsujidou, so I decided to keep my eyes weekly on Tsukiyori. There's also Tsurezure in which they almost reached 30% translated mark for Tsujidou overall translation (29.43% translated), and for Ai's route itself right now it was at 33.44% translated.


As for Mangagamer, even though this week image header was from Boukaku actually it's still wasn't released yet becaus it's just out from beta testing. Although judging from last experience in regard of beta testing, perhaps we could expect that in near future Mangagamer would be released Boukaku ie one or two months later. Since Boukaku was finished the testing, it mean that right now it's only Suki Suki that was still in the testing although hopefully it won't be that long before it was finally finished the testing. Speaking about the testing, right now Naked Butler was starting the testing and Mangagamer was concerned whether the testers would knew about Naked Butler beforehand or not.

Aside from beta testing, of course Mangagamer still offer some updates here. The updates for this time were goes like Hapymaher was at 87% translated, Sorcery Joker was at 87% edited, Maggot Bait was at 45% translated, Marriage was at three quarter translated and 72% edited, Imopara 2 was fully edited, Evenicle was at 96% translated (Almost completed), Hashihime was at 84% translated, and Trinoline was at 28% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS, and see you next week. 


Visual Novel Translation Status (07/15/2017)

The reason for the title was because we had image header from Subahibi, and we had Subahibi giving the Germany title as well (Usual Frontwing, like French at Grisaia), and since we had Alice allusion at Subahibi I thought that if I used Germany title of 'Alice in Wonderland' it would be fitting (I apologize if any Germany people get upset here), only that instead of Alice I'll using 'Hasaki' because the girl in image header was Hasaki from Subahibi. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which this week there's no much update from official company although I suppose that's given after many announcements from last week AX. Let's see what updates that we had for this week, even if the updates was not a lot and therefore this week post would be short.

Looks like I couldn't access Sekai project progress somehow right now, so it mean that there's no visible updates from Sekai unfortunately. Although to tell the truth it didn't matter though seeing that most of the visible project was already fully translated. Hope I could access the progress in the future, although if that's Sekai new policy then so be it. Lack of visible translation progress aside, actually there's one in which it was from Tokeijikake trilogy 2nd VN (Daybreak) and right now it was at three quarter translated. Sekai also said that right now they performing QA for the first VN, because apparently it was still need some debugging in order to reduce crash when not play on Japanese locale. Oh, and apparently it'll be available soon for the KS backer although it would still had some bug though. There's also Serment RPG VN hybrid thing that had Steam store opened, although I wasn't quite interested with that for now.

This week Frontwing decided to do some Kickstarter for Subahibi in order to produce the hard copy. For the first glance the goal was higher than usual hardcopy only Kickstarter (At $80,000), but actually it make sense though with apparently there'll be many merchandise and there's also stretch goal of $180,000 which apparently there will be some side story that would be wrote by the author (SCA-JI) himself. Not interested with the tiers to be blunt (I'd never interested with those at any Kickstarters in the first place), but good luck to Fronwing in regard of their Kickstarter and I'll report the gathered fund weekly. Oh, I checked their Tumblr in regard of 18+ patch and found out that the Steam version didn't censor yuri scene much, so maybe Steam was more acceptable with explicit content compared to few years ago imo. For newly released VN (Sorcerer's Dream), there's a talk that the VN was had many translation error although the title wasn't interesting to me though, so I'll pass this one (Congratulation for the release though).

There's many usual updates from fan translation segment, so let's try to roundup the progress here. For this week we had Clover Days Anzu's route was at around 81% translated; Majokoi was both at 90% translated and edited (70.36% TLC-ed); Loverable was at 79.55% translated (Nanako's route was past halfway (52.06%) translated), 20.75% edited, and 46.65% TLC-ed; Sansha Mendan was reaching past 90% mark (92.5%) translated; Venus Blood Chimera was at 46% translated; and Eustia was at 17.73% translated and 10.97% TLC-ed. For Ataraxia voice inserting, right now it was finished although they said that it'll take a while before the release. Pabloc was also had some update with his Konosora restoration project, namely that he'll had the common route QC-ed as well because the translation was still bad and therefore it'll take a while before the release (Hopefully this year).

We also had Ate the Moon Translation came back, and this time the team was decided to take on Tsuki Yori Yoritsou Otome no Sahou or as I called Tsukiyori which also known as trap VN from Navel (They already planned the translation for a while). Speaking about Tsukiyori actually it's already had the translation project in the past with another team, but it was dropped because the previous translator was too busy. For now I would like to keep my eyes on the project, and good luck to the team in regard of translating Tsukiyori. They already had the progress, and right now it was at 4.9% translated and 2.5% edited. Keep in mind that the updates might take month, because the translator herself tell us that she was quite busy. And since we had Alice for this week title, might as well said that right now Alice no Kuni otome VN progress was reaching 90% (All of it) and right now they want more translator (Not interested with Alice no Kuni, but good luck nevertheless).

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - There's an update from Tsurezure in regard of Tsujidou (Duh), and this time they managed to reached a quarter (25.93%) translated mark for overall translation with Ai's route was at 21.87% translated. No much I could say in regard of that for this week, and that's all for now.


Visual Novel Translation Status (07/08/2017)

I'll be combined both of this week VNTS Review and my opinion in regard of AX into this blogpost here, and let me say welcome to this week VNTS Review (I'll tell the the title at PS later if some of you were somehow curious). As for this week, first of all there's quite a lot of announcement from AX and the genre was quite widespread from my observation (Including otome and BL VNs), and there's also the matter that many of those announced title were in development. Overall, for this time I think I was quite content with AX as of now (Even with some redundant announcements) and let's see what I could write here in regard both of this week and AX.


JAST, well once again good thing that I didn't expect much from them in regard of AX lol, although I still give some credit for them though for announced the estimated timeline for their in translation title if those weren't delayed later. As for the updates, JAST promised us that they'll release Eiyuu Senki this summer, Katahane remake at early 2018, Princess X at this fall, and Flowers Summer arc at winter (Quite ironic I knew, but at least it'll be appropriate at Australia later because it'll be summer there lol. About 60% translated according to Meru right now). What I knew for now is that all of the release date were vague, but at least we could always treat those as the estimated time when JAST would release those (Maybe there'll be sudden release for those VNs later). Anyway, out of those four I think I just keep my eyes on Flowers for now.

For the announcement, well at least it's only one redundant announcement instead of two if I may say something about JAST there lol (Keep in mind that was my opinion). Note that it wasn't improvement in regard of announcement number from the last year though, because JAST was only announced two titles compared to three titles at last year. The redundant announcement by JAST in question was Majikoi, in which it was already translated since back at 2015 by the team from here and this is the translation thread. Although I may said it redundant, Majikoi was definitely one of big VN that many people wanted to be fully translated in the past (So much that the thread was exploded to around 37 pages then shortened to 2 pages, because too many people posted encouragement word there).

For a history trivia, Majikoi was one VN that had many translation history started with when Takajun translated 4 out of 5 main routes, then he translated the 85% of the 5th main route and he disappeared after saying that he must work around 12 to 13 hours (He still had work or not I didn't knew). Then it was picked by the team at Fuwanovel here, and finally once again we had 2015 release comprised of both of Takajun and new team translation. Almost forget that Peter Payne himself tried to pick this back at VNDB (2014), and back then I was afraid that it mean it'll be taken by JAST (JAST was already infamous for slow release even back then iirc). Well, in the end it it didn't really change the fact that Majikoi announcement was redundant to me here though, although if they announced it back at 2014 maybe it'll be different there. Good luck to the new team (Maji Translation) there if they really retranslated Takajun translation, and hopefully the translation could satisfy the fan that want Majikoi to be officialy localized.

Another announcement from JAST was Machine Child. No much info to me here other than the illustrator was Oyari Ashito (Romanesque, Quartett), the gameplay was like Princess Maker, and it was still in development (Apparently Oyari want to make this game from long time ago according to one source iirc). Not my interest to said it lightly there.

Fan Translation

Well obviously there wasn't any announcement from this section back at AX, although since Sekai was used to be fan translator maybe I should add those announcement from Sekai here. Joking aside, this week they still had some usual updates here so let's see what's updates that we had for this week. The updates goes like we had Sansha Mendan was at almost 90% translated (89.4% translated); Eustia was at 17.63% translated (11.19% edited and 10.28% TLC-ed); Koiken Otome fandisc did had Shiho's route was at 45% translated (By the way, the new name for the translator group was 'Dergonu-sama and his kawaii crew' which is quite interesting name lol); Loverable was at 78.01% translated (Nanako's route was at 42.19% translated), 20.73% edited, and 45.31% TLC -ed; and Majokoi was at 89.7% translated, 63.6% TLC-ed, and 88.2% edited (Fred also said that the translator for Hijiri's route was started to work so that's should be the good news for Majokoi, although he also warned that if all progress was at 100% didn't mean that it was over).

For the rest, right now Tsui Yuri was facing a difficult technical problem so there wouldn't be any progress from them now, and hopefully they would be able to overcame it. As for Amagami, I think it was quite nice dedication there that they kept translating it after several years, and the VN itself was apparently quite good. Although too bad that it was for console though so I wouldn't be interested to that (My laptop couldn't handle PS2 emulator if I may say my honest reason). Oh, and by the way in regard of inserting voice for Ataraxia, I admit that they were quite fast and right now they estimated that by September it would be ready for release. As for Tsujidou, right now Ai's route was at 11.18% translated and overall translation was at 22.69% translated. Not much that I could comment in regard of Tsujidou progress for this week unfortunately, but at least it's stable enough for now.

That's all for fan translation.


Considering that only Frontwing that had interesting announcements (ie updates), maybe I better call this section 'Frontwing' lol. Back to topic, I'd pretty much didn't interested with Akysys announcements there (All of those were otome, and for Vita to boot) but if you either otome or BL fan then those announcements would be good for you. Also if some people here look forward to seeing translated Chaos Child, be happy because the estimated release time was already announced (At September later).

For Frontwing, I would said that Subahibi wasn't new announcement because it was already known back at February. Subahibi aside, let's see what Frontwing had for this AX. This time Frontwing announced Momoiro Closet and two secret projects, which would be revealed later. As for Momoiro Closet, didn't had much info for now other than apparently it'll had female MC which was a student council president, a daughter of good politician, and an otaku; MC will met with a man who also an otaku as well; and it was still in development. Not quite interested with Momoiro for now, but I think both of Frontwing secret projets could be Hatsumira (Written by Fujisaki Ryuta by the way) and Yuki Koi Melt (Yukikoi) if only those two did had planned English release, and both of Hatsumira and Island had a man who was standed at the unknown land - also there's a hint of the secret projects was suggest the similarities between Island and one of secret projects. Keep in mind that it was just my speculation at the secret projects, and therefore it might be wrong (It was too obvious anyway).

As for Subahibi, it was good that they finally release it at end August later. It did had small controversy though, namely that the bestiality scenes was censored because it was too brutal to be shown to the reader. I think what I could say is that I prefer them to censor yaoi sex scene to be honest instead of bestiality, but it's not like those two scenes were had bigger part in the overall story anyway. But since they already decided that, I guess not much we could do here and I would like to see whether there would be the patch to uncensored bestiality or not. Quite interesting release that we must buy the first chapter for $30, then we got the rest of the VN as 18+ patch which mean that Frontwing didn't managed to find another easy way to fit it on Steam without removing the sex scenes in the first place - understandable though because it could be hard to felt disturbed if one removed the sex scenes, and yaoi and bestiality aside some of sex scenes could be disturbing to said it lightly.

As for Herkz comments in regard of Subahibi translation, to put it bluntly he was the one that people called him infamous troll along with Moogy iirc so I think it didn't matter whatever opinion that he had in regard of Subahibi release - also looks like he had some personal grudge from back when Frontwing release Chiru Chiru without his permission. Also if I may be blunt, once again his twitter just looks like he had some tantrum like Aroduc back at September last year. I admit that perhaps Herkz had some point behind his tantrum, but regardless I'd pretty much okay with whatever translation that Subahibi had.

Oh, by the way Island release was delayed to 2018 in order to coordinate it with anime adaptation. Maybe I should check anime season list for next year. And even if this wasn't in AX, MoeNovel did said that they had new project, although looking at their previous titles (Except Konosora, but that's another case) I wouldn't said that I interested with the new title very much.

Sekai Project

I give them point for not make me shocked like last year in regard of their announcements lol. Back to topic, this year once again they had many announcements although most of the projects were still in development though. Oh, and they also had Denpa announced that they would had 18+ version for Sekai announcement so at least from now on we didn't need to worry anymore in regard of 18+ version of Sekai announcement (Probably). Before going to the announcements, let's see what update that they had first. For the update other than usual Bokuko slight update, Sekai announced that they would release Saku Saku at fall and Baldr Sky duology in one package at early next year (2018). Oh, and if some of you look forward to play Wagahigh, look forward to 25th because Sekai will release Wagahigh at that date. I would still wary of delay for those three though, but for now let's just wait and see.

As for the announcements summary for in development VNs, didn't think that Island Diary would be interesting, and so does with Eternal. As for Novectale, interesting that they chose to had partnership with Sekai and this time they had new VN (Nakarma) in development. They don't have the detail yet, but apparently they would had underground setting which had some humanoid creature, and it also would had tabletop RPG gameplay so I think it'll be quite interesting. Forgot to say that at least Novectale didn't dependent on Fata Morgana as I worried about beforehand. For the Ninja Girl (The full title was mouthful lol) the girls were kinda cute, but my focus is to the writer himself which also wrote Harumade Kururu which is quite interesting - by the way, I already knew that Harumade wasn't a nukige in the first place and quite interested with that. Too bad that it wasn't announced by Denpa here. I think for now I would like to just wait and see here in regard both of Nakarma and Ninja Girl.

No comment for Rewrite+ here, although apparently it got new scenes and improved writing though, so it might be good if one want more Rewrite (To me just another redundant announcement here). Apparently it was got the new translator which he would translating it from the scratch instead of using Ixrec translation, although either way my opinion was still didn't care much though. Quite interesting though that Visual Arts finally working together with Sekai.

As for Nanairo Reincarnation, the premise was like a university student was living together with many youkai at his home, because his family was also had task to calmed a wondering spirits. I did heard some good thing in regard of Nanairo, so I'm gonna look forward to this one. Same goes with Senren Banka as well, if only because of the graphic and interesting opening song. Forgot to said that while the premise was quite epic looking - MC was the chosen one who could take the sword from the rock, and the sword turned out to be a little girl, I think I'm just gonna expect this as charage/moege one instead of story VN because I saw many review that was disappointed because they expect an epic story, and turned out it was just normal charage in the end of heroines route. Forgot to said that both of those announcements would be had 18+ content, and so does Tenshin Ranman which Denpa announced as well.

Congratulations to the Decay and his team in regard of Dracu Riot official announcement. As for my opinion, since we already had leaked patch here I didn't shocked like last year when Saku Saku was announced. For a little history lesson, Dracu Riot was translated by Insem first before he stopped giving some progress and after 31 months Insem finally give ~90% translated patch. Of course, just like Majikoi there's a team that willing to continue translated the rest of Miu's route (Decay was one of the member), and then Decay found out that the problem with the translation was quite severe. Of course he planned to doing some editing start from the beginning after Miu's route was fully translated, but back at September last year the patch was leaked and Decay was upset. Long story short, the patch was taken down and Sekai was announced Dracu Riot. Quite interesting that even with leaked patch, there're still some people that was complained about official release although it wasn't as severe as back when Saku Saku announced though. Well, in the end I would said good luck to Decay there and also it's up to Decay if he want to going official or not. By the way, Dracu Riot will also got 18+ version.

Forgot to said that I didn't care for Denpasoft new VNs here by the way, because those two VNs were only short nukige. Also turn out that Harumade Kururu illustrator came to Denpa panel in order to announced his new project (Island Diary).


Once again Mangagamer did won by had the  most interesting announcement to me here (They only announced 3 new title and 2 in production title). But before going to the announcement, let's see what update they had for this week.

As for the updates, Hapymaher was at 85% translated and 78% edited, Maggot Bait was at 42% translated, Hashihime was at 76% translated, Boukaku was almost finished the testing, and Naked Butler was about to do the testing. For secret projects, the 2nd was at 91% translated and the 3rd was at 71% translated and 68% edited. Didn't care for Umineko hardcopy announcement, but if you look forward for Evangile W wait until 28th because Mangagamer will be released it at 28th later. That's all for the update.

For the AX announcements, let's start with Space Life which showed us of how money grubbing Circus were. Okay Circus was already like that in the past with Da Capo, but one thing to note that even back at Da Capo they still had some flat chested heroine (This trait was extended to Dal Segno), while in here all of the heroines were had big chest. Well I knew that I sounded like a pervert here, but one thing is that MoeNovel did had same strategy in regard of the heroines bust size (Quite big) so I would said that Circus was following MoeNovel footstep (It's their business strategy though I think). Anyway, as for the premise it's quite....... interesting I guess with big breasted sexualized internet browser thing (I bet that Internet Explorer woman was the slowest out there lol). Let's just wait and see about this for now in regard of the release, and by the way it's already completed both of translation and editing progress.

For Itaru Hinoue new project, I think it might be not good if we just looking at the writer, because the writer himself apparently was still new. I think in regard of VN, the writer should be the one that had the most influence with the story or if not then it's director job to do that. I still don't knew of how good Itaru project would be turned out, considering that her position should be only an illustrator. Then again, maybe the writer would show his potential later though although to be safe I won't expect much with Hinoue VN, even with apparently an interesting premise (It's a nakige apparently).

Back at March iirc, Mangagamer did had some hints which directed towards marriage. The hints was 'something four' which was associated with the marriage (Don't mind if wiki call it something old). Well, turned out that three of four secret projects that was revealed at AX did had marriage theme to some extend. The most obvious one was Moonstone's Magical Marriage Lunatic aka the 3rd secret project, in which we had our MC who was quite a playboy because he was make a childhood promise to five girls from each different dimensions (MC was stranded out to different dimension). Then each girls were coming to MC's dimension vowing to marry him, and even worse his childhood friend (Obviously a girl) declared rivalry against the marriage vows. By the way, the girls from different dimension were goddess, vampire, tenko, witch, and succubuss. I must admit that Marriage get good graphic like Evangile and the opening song was very interesting remix of wedding march, but unfortunately I'd heard that it wasn't quite good compared to two other Mangagamer announcement, so I'll pass this for now.

For less obvious one in regard of marriage, there's Damekoi aka the 4th secret project in which it was quite good and widely accepted. Also quite hard to translate because the writer was also would write White Album 2, which according to Moogy quite hard to translate. Of course since it was hard to translate, we had our Garejei and Conjueror duo to handle the translation and right now it was already completed at both of translating and editing. Anyway, the premise was like there was an apparently useless man (At 28 by the way) was get fired and get divorced as well (A dark aspect of marriage), and starting to pull himself together while living with a girl who still at 16 yet already more mature and responsible, if only because her mother left her. From now on the pair would likely face some challenge to overcame their trouble. I look forward to this VN if you ask my opinion.

The last announcement here was Evenicle aka the 2nd secret project. It's pretty obvious that Arunaru would handle this one (Because this is Alice Soft RPG), and I think he would be finished this year considering that it was at 91% translated already (The editing need to be catch up though). As for the VN, it had polygamy which is a situation where a man could had more than one wives. The premise was we had our MC want to be knight so he could marry more than one girl, and the MC himself was quite pervert (Nicer than Rance though, although he was quite a playboy). Didn't care about Senran Kagura thing to be honest, but I already tried this and it was quite addictive (I mean Evenicle). Forgot to said that also there's a hint that directed toward Evenicle here actually, but I thought that it would be Drapekoi lol. Looking forward to Evenicle in English here.

That's all for overall my AX commentary and this week VNTS Review. See you next week.

PS - For the title since we had vampire at Dracu Riot I decided to parodying Twilight once again, and combining it with Reincarnation from 'Nanairo Reincarnation' so we got 'Twilight Reincarnation' here (Quite simple I knew).


Visual Novel Translation Status (07/01/2017)

As for this week I tried with parodying Tour Guide from Underworld Yu-Gi-Oh card, only changing the underworld part with Kazana Island (Dal Segno setting). I knew that the girl in VNTS image header herself didn't work as tour guide, but rather her job was actually the caretaker for Kazana Island and the girl herself (Ame) was an AI hence the digital looking CG. Although she was still fit as tour guide to me anyway seeing that she was the one who guide MC to adapt at Kazana's island, and the island itself was quite fitting for a summer vacation there lol. Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week once again, and unlike last week we only had one release which is Dal Segno from Mangagamer, and once again some weekly updates.

For this week, there's no update from Sekai seeing that most of their project was either sitting at 100% or simply didn't had any progress itselves (Probably dealing with some engine work). Actually there's one project that still had progress, but too bad that I wasn't interested with particular project in the first place. The project was Bokukotsu in which right now was at 74.19% translated. Oh, and we had the progress in regard of Rakuen in which the 18+ content for Rakuen was already one third finished. Lack of care from mine in regard of both of those Sekai updates aside, I was kind of interested with their AX panel later because Sekai tends to announce big project at AX.

Fan Translation

We obviously didn't need to look forward to AX panel for fan translation here, but AX aside this week there's many usual updates from fan translation so let's see what they had. Eustia right now was at 16.76% translated, Sansha Mendan was at 80.8% translated (And quite hard to describe how many the editing progressing), Venus Blood Chimera was at 41.5% translated, Koiken Otome fandisc was at 8% translated (ie Shiho's route was at 42% translated (2,041 lines)), and Witch Garden was at 27% translated. For Majokoi right now it was at 87.8% translated, 86.6% edited, and 55% TLC-ed which steadily catch up with the editing progress. This week we also still seeing some progress with Rabu Rabu TL with Loverable project, which right now was at 76.57% translated (Nanako's route was at 32.87% translated) and 44.55% edited.

For more progress from fan translation, there's Monster Girl Quest Paradox in which apparently the translator was already preparing the interface patch for the 2nd part with undecided release date, although it should be next week though (Probably). For ToHeart 2, the proofread was still ongoing although it was slowed down though (Sorry) because the real life factor, and Ittaku himself was planning to do the proofreading for the last route himself (Coincidentally, the last route was Ruu's route). We also had good news from Konosora restoration, in which Pabloc just stated the only remaining work is technical work (Including creating patch) which mean all of the translation progress including editing should be finished, although keep in mind that the release time might be not in near future though and I might be wrong in regard of finished the editing progress (Correct me if I'm wrong here). Didn't care for both of Utawarerumono portable and Fate Hollow voice insert, but nice progress nevertheless I think.

This week we also had Yeah123 was managed to found a hacker in order to start her planned project. The project in question was Tsukiyori which if we remember was showing some progress at last year, before it was stalled because of real life issue from the old translator. As for the project, actually it isn't started yet but at least the script was extracted which mean that it should be ready to be translated, and let's wait until Yeah123 announced the project by herself. For the last progress we had the announcement from Fortune Arterial that the project still alive although admittely lacking activity, and the project just get the new translator which hopefully we could see some activity in the future in regard of Fortune Arterial. Oh, this week we had Hanachirasu side story translation released and it's not took my interest here to be blunt.

That's all for fan translation section, and I'll report Tsujidou progress (17.5% translated right now) later here.


I sort of miss that we had Kuroinu chapter 2 beta testing from last week, although to tell the truth it's not VN that I kept my eyes on that though so whatever.

This week Mangagamer release Dal Segno which is a VN from Circus, which is the company behind Da Capo franchise. As for the naming, well it's the musical term just like Da Capo in the fast. For a bit of history, Dal Segno was announced as new projects from last year AX along with some other VNs including Maggot Bait. Which mean the time between announcement and the release was only one year. As for Dal Segno itself, it's actually just normal charage with very cliche premise that MC (Was nameable) transferred school to the school in VN. Although what make it a little bit interesting is that Kazana Island was in eternal summer which mean that it was summer even at January, giving nice look of summer imo. Oh, and by the way just expect Da Capo with everlasting summer instead of everlasting sakura if you play it, because apparently from what I'd knew it's resembled Da Capo a lot.

That's all for this week, and for AX I think my plan for now would be reporting it along with next week VNTS Review. See you next week.

PS - As for the update from Tsurezure, we had a quick one this time and right now Tsujidou was at 19.31% translated for overall progress with 2nd part of common route fully translated. Oh, and they also release the patch that translated 2nd part of common route as well. For the next plan, they'll translate Ai's route starting from the next week which apparently was took at least around 30% of the VN content (And longer than common route combined). Oh, and apparently they'll doing the same release pattern like back at HatsuKoi (One patch per heroine route finished), although it might be take a while here though. That's all for Tsujidou.


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/24/2017)

About the title, because we had Libra release I figured that I'll do Blood+ parody only this time we had Draculius+ from Draculius VN instead, because Libra producer himself was work at that VN (As the producer too of course) along with Fujisaki Ryuta (Grisaia franchise) as the main writer. Although the producer might be the same people, I heard that apparently there'll be some difference between Draculius and Libra itselves because Libra was lacking Fujisaki as the writer. Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week, and about Libra translation issue let's just say that I didn't really want to discuss about it too much here because that topic was too divisive here. Back to the topic here, this week we had some less than usual updates here although this week we had many release though, especially from fan translation section. Let's see what update that we had for this week, along with the releases.

As for Sekai Project, first of all congratulation for successfully gathered 75,000 for the Eternal Heart. As for the release date for Hoshimemo, I think what we could do for now is that just wait and see there. Other than successful Kickstarter, this week we also had fault prequel (Silence the Pendant) demo released so you may try that if you interested, although I prefer that they released side:below ie the sequel though. Oh well.


This week we also had Mangagamer biweekly updates. As for the updates here, we got Hashihime was at 64% translated and 14% edited (Minakami's route was completed and Kawase's route was almost completed), Hapymaher at 82% translated, Naked Butler was fully edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 72% translated, Imopara 2 was at 92% edited, Maggot Bait was at 39% translated, Sideboob was fully translated, and Trinoline was at a quarter translated (Also 3% edited). They also had some secret projects as usual in which the 2nd was at 84% translated and 53% edited, the 3rd was at 64% translated and 61% edited, and the 4th was fully edited in which it mean that there's 2 incomplete secret projects now.

As for Boukaku, right now it was in the middle of the testing along with Suki Suki and Evangile W. For the last news here, actually this was not from Mangagamer themselves but rather it was from Doddler. It was about Bokuten in which apparently Doddle was already started the porting as the video at this tweet show (Enjoy the video there). Also he said that he expect that Bokuten would be out before the end of the year at his Curious Cat, so I think it'll be out at least in 2017 preferrably as Christmas release from Mangagamer. That's all for Mangagamer at this week.

Fan Translation

This week we had good news and bad news from releases. The good news is that we had several VNs releases from one person, and the bad news is that the VNs in question weren't big title. The VNs in question was Harvest December in which it was already had English version for iOS apparently, and this time we also had PC version was translated. In relation with Harvest December, there's also the translation for the side media of those VNs as well. Well, I would say that it was quite nice dedication from the translator himself, although too bad though that I wasn't interested with those VNs in the first place. About the translator, George Henry Shaft or GHS, he was quite a controversial translator in which he tried to created some non sensical book and translated the VNs that he was refrenced in his book. I would say that if he did translate a big title or at least well known like Denwalts did with 11eyes, maybe people would appreciate him more imo. In the end I would like to say have fun to anyone else who play Harvest December series here (If any). Oh, and GHS also had released the translation for another VN here although it didn't had any relation with Harvest December though.

For one more release here, we also had Monster Girl Quest Paradox part one patch here. If I talk about Monster Girl Quest here, my impression here would be that the VN was had story that wouldn't be out of place in any normal old RPG, and it's supposed to make us enjoying the MC would be raped by monster girl (Well, I prefer to avoid all the scenes if possible because the H art was quite bad if I may blunt). I couldn't tell much about the story here, although apparently it's had some difference with normal trilogy and supposed to improve the RPG element. It's still incomplete though if we talk about the translation because there's untranslated Chapter 2, but if you want more Monster Girl Quest might as well try that.

As for the updates, we had Eustia at 10.23% edited, Sansha Mendan was passing three quarter (75.82%) translated, Venus Blood Chimera was at 39.5% translated, Shiho's route from Koiken Otome fandisc was at 36% (1,751 lines) translated, and Anzu's route from Clover Days was at 71% translated. For this week Majokoi was had extremely crazy boost from QC number in which it was at past halfway QC-ed (50.79%), and apparently this time it was solid number according to the translator ie only reading the scripts so I'll keep the translator words here (There's also slight progress from the translation (87.48%) and editing (85.1%) at this week). Of course there's also another update from Loverable, in which right now they managed to past three quarter mark (75.39%) translated with Nanako's was at past a quarter (25.28%) translated, 44.3% edited, and 20.71% TLC-ed. Didn't care about both of Utawarerumono portable and Fate Hollow voice insert, so I'll pass those two.

That's all for this section.


As for this section, we only had Libra release here which unfortunately had some problem with the translation once again. I wouldn't talk about the bad translation issue here seeing that Dergonu was already opened his thread, and I think it was more than enough if you want to talk about the sticky issue itself.

As for the VN itself, actually it was quite interesting that the developer at that time was trying a new thing with vampire chuunige. For more info here, the company behind Libra (Onomatopea) was usually only produce something like moege or harem VN, so apparently MOKA (The producer) there was attempted to make the 2nd Draculius and here we had Libra the Vampire Princess. Oh, even if I said that this is vampire chuunige it's still had mostly slice of life element though according to Clephas. Which mean that the lines was probably wouldn't too hard to read if one read it in Japanese, and therefore quite easy to read. Oh, and about Mikandi here they might be nice people who quite responsive to hear the backer alright, but in the end it's their final product that matter though imo. Well, have fun for reading Libra there or maybe have fun for finding out more mistake at Libra out there lol.

That's all for this week, and I'll add Tsujidou update here later. See you next week.

PS - As promised I'll deliver Tsujidou progress here. Right now they currently translated the common route, and it was at 71.07% translated with overall was at 17.5% translated. As for the plan, Urrim (Tsurezure's editor) said that they'll go with Ai's (The main heroine) route first, then Maki's, Saeko's (Onee-san heroine, and a short extra route), and finally Renna's. I could think the reason although it might be wrong, so I'll just hold up my theory until Tsurezure said the reason for now.

PPS - There's also Seabed translation progress which announced one day after VNTS, and right now it was at 70% translated.


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/17/2017)

For the title, since we had Arietta from Symphonic Rain was together with Chris I decided to gave Arietta the title 'The Rain Woman' because it's called Symphonic Rain after all lol (I knew it isn't raining in the CG). Or if you want to be more precise it's because of Arietta's seiyuu (Mai Nakahara, Moogy's favorite seiyuu by the way) was also voiced Juvia back at Fairy Tail (Also Rena from Higurashi franchise and Nagisa from Clannad), who also had the title 'The Rain Woman'. So I decided to give a seiyuu joke for the title this week, and with title matter done welcome to my belated VNTS Review for this week. As for this week, the release of Symphonic Rain was good enough to me although if I may give my opinion objectively, it's actually quite redundant because we already had the translation from back at 2010 iirc. But it's still nice though that we finally had it officially localized there. Other than Symphonic Rain official release, this week was had less usual updates from fan translation and also one important announcement. For now let's see what this week had, shall we.

For Sekai, there's no updates from them although there's Hoshimemo Kickstarter though in which it was gathered around 69,000 with 65 hours left (So maybe Eternal Heart was impossible, although there's always last burst though in which it might be possible to reach 75,000 for Eternal Heart). From JAST, there's also a statement that apparently right now they finished translating Katahane remake and right now they're editing and QC-ing it. While it sounds good, considering that it's JAST I think it's still impossible if we expect 2017 release from them (They expect that Katahane remake will be released at 2017 back at last year AX iirc). So I think it's better to expect some delay from them if I may suggest here, although to be fair delay was quite common though in regard of game release. Oh, an by the way it's confirmed that Flower Summer episode was still at around halfway translated, so it'll be impossible as well like Katahane to expect 2017 release if we looking at how JAST work on VN Translation in the past. 

Fan Translation

As for fan translation here, first of all we had usual updates from both of nukige. For Sansha Mendan right now it was at three quarter translated (75.8% translated), while for Venus Blood Chimera it was at 37% as of now (Once again I didn't care for those two, but nonetheless good luck to those two projects there). For Majokoi looks like there's some incident that caused the QC progress dropped significantly so right now it was at 28.8% QC-ed for the new QC progress, although it might better expect the progress may change in the future. By the way as for the incident I could think several reason for that, but right now I definitely not in the mood to using Penelope's Web reasoning like Mr Poltroon did. So once gain in regard of Majokoi I'll just wait and see here. For Koiken Otome fandisc, I admit that the percentage was hard to see but actually it had some progress and right now 1,644 lines was translated (Or to be exact Shiho's route was at one third (33%) translated). We also had Konora Restoration project was finished the translation with only two scripts left to edit, and after that it's QC and make a patch so maybe it'll be released in near future (Hopefully).

For the rest of usual updates, right now we had Eustia in which it was at almost 16% (15.94%) translated with Fione's arc was at a quarter translated, 9.90% edited with common arc was fully edited, and 9.09% TLC-ed (With Eris's arc was at 8.19% TLC-ed and common arc was at 87.01% TLC-ed). About Loverable, as usual they still give some nice updates and right now it was at almost three quarter translated (74.33% translated), 43.64% TLC-ed, and one fifth (20.37%) TLC-ed. For more detail in regard of Loverable translation progress, right now Chinatsu route was finished the translation progress and they started working on Nanako's route which right now it was at 19% translated. For the last update from fan translation, we had Tsurezure released Tsujidou common route patch which translated the first part of the common route here and unfortunately there's no progress at this week (Hopefully there'll be at next week). About the patch, they want to do some experiment in regard of the slang translation so it might be good to get if you curious about that.

I think that's all for the fan translation section.


As for this section, other than after-mentioned Symphonic Rain there's Libra in which they already got the release date. The new release date for Libra was at June 20th according to this Kickstarter update. So perhaps it'll be good if one already did looking forward to buying that on Steam, although one should be wary about the translation though because it was quite bad and some user complaint about that here. Apparently it was just some moege mixed with chuunige although it's had better ratio to chuunige though compared to Koiken Otome, but if I may give some suggestion here it would be better don't expect Dies Irae caliber chuunige from Libra.

For Symphonic Rain, once again we did had fan translated release at 2010 according to VNDB so actually it was quite redundant release once again. Despite that, this is actually official release in which was available through Steam. With this release done, maybe we'll gonna see more Kogado VN at Steam in the future if Degica managed to keep the pattern for years to come. But then again, it could be wrong though if we talk about the prediction there. As for the VN itself, it should be very obvious if one talk about that because it's already well known with VN fan, and of course was already discussed several times. Anyway, the fame of Symphonic Rain itself was came from the music itself which apparently was quite good and most importantly it was also had rhythm minigame there. For my last word in regard of Symphonic Rain, my condolence to the composer Ritsuko Okazaki who actually already dead back at this VN release (2004) and the music in Smyphonic Rain was her last works to be precise.

That's all for this week, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/10/2017)

First of all, sorry for this week title which is very simple. It should be obvious what's my title mean, a gunwoman (Rena from Phantom Trigger) hugging Haruto who is also her handler (Same age as Rena too). Well, welcome to this week VNTS Review which to tell the truth didn't had any notable release here after Dies Irae, although we still get updates though. And since right now we had Phantom Trigger head image, might as well tell that it was confirmed that the English version for the Volume 3 of it (Will telling us of Touka's dark backstory) would be out at July 28th which is the same release date as Japanese version. Before going to updates here, let me tell that right now Hoshimemo Kickstarter managed to gathered funds at 63,330.

As for this updates here, so far this week wasn't a lot here although of course there should be some updates that might be interesting for some people. So let's see what updates that we had for this week, starting from Mangagamer because right now they bring some updates here. For the updates here, we had Hapymaher was reaching 80% translated and past three quarter (76%) edited for the first one. Next we had Hashihime at 62% translated and 10% edited, Naked Butler was fully retranslated and 67% edited, Sideboob was at 94% translated, Imopara 2 was at 80% edited, Kuroinu Chapter 2 was fully edited, Maggot Bait was at 37% translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 69% translated and 44% edited, Boukaku was about to entering beta testing, and Sorcery Joker was fully translated.

As for the secret projects, the 2nd was at 78% translated and 52% edited, the 3rd was at 60% translated and 58% edited, and the 4th was at 89% edited. By the way, I still think that all the remaining four secret projecys might be nukige although perhaps I might be wrong there. Oh, Mangagamer will released Rance VI hardcopy at July 7th so if you inyerested with that go ahead and order it. That's all for Mangagamer updates at this week.

For fan translation, once again we still had some usual updates here although of course it's still good that we had updates here. For the updates we had Eustia was at 15.62% translated with some progress at Fione's arc and 8.71% TLC-ed. There's also Loverable in which they had their own chart who gives update at every hour, and for the updates here we had Loverable was at 72.57% translated, 20.2% edited, and 43.27% TLC-ed. As for Majokoi, there's some very slight updates in translation progress (86.9% translated) although perhaps we need to wait dor a while here if one want to look some real number. Oh, and right now Koiken Otome fandisc was at 6% (Or 1,563 lines to be precise) translated.

Other than those updates there's also Sukiuso which give the first update after a while (43.2% translated), Clover Days Anzu's route was at 63% translated, and Sayooshi in which that it did already has some update for a while although I keep forgetting it (It was at 42.2% translated). Speaking about my forgotten projects, actually there's two although it's just nukige though which to said not my priority to keep the eyes on it. The projects were Sansha Mendan which was translated by our Quof with the progress was at 69.16% translated and 67% edited, and Venus Blood Chimera which also incorporate some gameplay and was released the 2nd partial patch just recently (The progress was at 35% translated by the way). Perhaps I'll keep my eyes on those two nukige from now on.

For last updates from fan translation here, there's a surprisingly early updates from Tsurezure in regard of Tsujidou in which right now they managed to fully translated the first part of common route (The overall progress was at 13.05% translated). While this is a good news indeed, there's also some bad news that namely Trip (The translator) will be busy so he wouldn't be able to translate until 18th so maybe there'll be no update for Tsujidou at next week. But we also had a good news there namely that Tsurezure will release the partial patch that'll be translated the first part of common route, and they'll try to release it before 18th so there'll be something to look forward if you like Tsujidou (Although I would like to just wait and see here as usual).

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/03/2017)

As for the title, since I did promised in regard of 'Day of Wrath' when Dies Irae release, of course I used that title as it show. Although I decided to add 'Inutilis Dea' here as well though, in which it was the latin for 'The Useless Goddess' (Another released VN here) because Dies Irae here also had some latin words for the subtitle here. Back to business here, welcome to my VNTS Review for this week and sorry for being late here. As for this week, the most obviously big release here was Dies Irae in which it was quite hyped there. Big release aside, this week progress was just usual fan translation mostly. Let's see what this week updates will offer here.

This week, there's no much update that we could expect from official localization such as Sekai and Mangagamer. Although by 'no much' I mean that they had some update here of course. As for the updates, since it's only a few here I'll just round up all of the updates here.

  • From Sekai there's Bell Chime for Gold (An otome VN apparently) which at 62% translated right now, and right now Konosora Kickstarter was gathered around 55,000 out of 75,000 for Eternal Heart localization. Other than those two, there's no update from them this week, so whatever.
  • At one of their tweet, JAST said that right now they currently at halfway (Around 50% or so) translating Flowers, which should be Summer arc (Or Le Volume sur Ete for original title) if we look from JAST release plan. Which mean at this rate it looks like it'll be impossible if they talk about 2017 release plan, but then again it may change in the future though.
  • Mangagamer announced that they release Dal Segno for both Steam and 18+ version at June 30th. Interestingly, Mangagamer said that they'll prepare free restoration patch for Steam version so obviously it'll allow any Steam player to play 18+ version as well (Steam version for Mangagamer VN was usually cheaper, so obviously many people would be probably buy Mangagamer VNs from Steam). By the way, apparently this is the first time Mangagamer tried something like this, so maybe there'll be more in the future (Steam VN using free 18+ patch)

That's all for the roundup from official localization company here.

Fan Translation

This week, there's only some usual updates here so not much that I could write later. But apparently a project from this section was dropped, and it was Shibukuzu in which it was Dergonu's project. Let's just hope that someday it'll be picked up again, although apparently it was already getting another translator though. Also there's one more update from Konosora Restoration project in which there was one script left to be translated (Pabloc complained it was a sex scene though), and then all that was left is the editing (It's almost catch up with the current retranslation) and QC before finally making a patch. Good luck once again there to Konosora Restoration project.

For the rest of the updates we had Eustia was at finally reaching 15% mark translated (15.15%, and Fione's arc was at 20.33% translated), 9.24% edited (Common was at 96.70% edited), and 7.64% TLC-ed (Eris's arc was at 4.5% TLC-ed). For more updates from fan translation here, we had Majokoi was at 86.6% translated and 84.66% edited, Koiken Otome fandisc was had 1,403 lines of it translated (Shiho's route was at 29% translated), Witch Garden was at a quarter translated, and Loverable was at 71.56% translated (Also was at 42.63% TLC-ed and one fifth (20.08%) edited).

That's all for fan translation right now, and I'll add Tsujidou progress here later.


For the first news here, finally Chuusotsu Kickstarter was success with the fund gathered was at 24,104. To tell the truth, I was kind of afraid that the Kickstarter was failed after seeing of how much effort that Fruitbat was put in order to bring Chuusotsu localized there, especially when it's still at around 18,000 or so with three days left back then. Well, in the end it was successful though but it's still not enough for the additional reward though (In which Fruitbat will try to raise it using Backerkit or something like that). Forgot to said this beforehand, but let me said congratulations for the successful Chuusotsu Kickstarter there to Fruitbat Factory.

Once again from this section we had big release for this month, in which it's not Useless Goddess obviously (Apparently it's just another fanservicy VN from MoeNovel there). It's obviously Dies Irae oce again, in which it was quite famous as one of very good chuunige. As for the VN itself, apparently the premise was back at the aftermath of WW2 in which what apparently happened is that some of Germany did some ritual for some reason and as the result the Germany were disappeared to Japan at 2006. From there, the Germany started to cause some havoc and it's up to the protagonist to counter it. While the story might sounds quite cliche there, there's another aspect that make it famous namely that apparently the writing was quite good there compared to other VNs, and also the infamy of it for being hard to translated (According to Moogy). This VN was also established Masada as very good chuunige writer and of course bring money to light (The company behind Dies Irae), so much that they started to churn out some chuunige that was written by Masada and some of his apprentice (I mean as Cash Cow Franchise thing, although it's understandable though). Well, have fun playing Dies Irae though although it's still didn't had 18+ content though (It'll be added later at July in form of patch).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As promised, right now we had Tsujidou first common route was at 86.01% translated (11.22% translated overall) which meant that it's possible that it'll be fully translated by next week (I meant the first part of common route). That's all for Tsujidou update here, and by the way there's still no plan of releasing partial patch for now.