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Draculius+ Review

Visual Novel Translation Status (06/24/2017)

About the title, because we had Libra release I figured that I'll do Blood+ parody only this time we had Draculius+ from Draculius VN instead, because Libra producer himself was work at that VN (As the producer too of course) along with Fujisaki Ryuta (Grisaia franchise) as the main writer. Although the producer might be the same people, I heard that apparently there'll be some difference between Draculius and Libra itselves because Libra was lacking Fujisaki as the writer. Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week, and about Libra translation issue let's just say that I didn't really want to discuss about it too much here because that topic was too divisive here. Back to the topic here, this week we had some less than usual updates here although this week we had many release though, especially from fan translation section. Let's see what update that we had for this week, along with the releases.

As for Sekai Project, first of all congratulation for successfully gathered 75,000 for the Eternal Heart. As for the release date for Hoshimemo, I think what we could do for now is that just wait and see there. Other than successful Kickstarter, this week we also had fault prequel (Silence the Pendant) demo released so you may try that if you interested, although I prefer that they released side:below ie the sequel though. Oh well.


This week we also had Mangagamer biweekly updates. As for the updates here, we got Hashihime was at 64% translated and 14% edited (Minakami's route was completed and Kawase's route was almost completed), Hapymaher at 82% translated, Naked Butler was fully edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 72% translated, Imopara 2 was at 92% edited, Maggot Bait was at 39% translated, Sideboob was fully translated, and Trinoline was at a quarter translated (Also 3% edited). They also had some secret projects as usual in which the 2nd was at 84% translated and 53% edited, the 3rd was at 64% translated and 61% edited, and the 4th was fully edited in which it mean that there's 2 incomplete secret projects now.

As for Boukaku, right now it was in the middle of the testing along with Suki Suki and Evangile W. For the last news here, actually this was not from Mangagamer themselves but rather it was from Doddler. It was about Bokuten in which apparently Doddle was already started the porting as the video at this tweet show (Enjoy the video there). Also he said that he expect that Bokuten would be out before the end of the year at his Curious Cat, so I think it'll be out at least in 2017 preferrably as Christmas release from Mangagamer. That's all for Mangagamer at this week.

Fan Translation

This week we had good news and bad news from releases. The good news is that we had several VNs releases from one person, and the bad news is that the VNs in question weren't big title. The VNs in question was Harvest December in which it was already had English version for iOS apparently, and this time we also had PC version was translated. In relation with Harvest December, there's also the translation for the side media of those VNs as well. Well, I would say that it was quite nice dedication from the translator himself, although too bad though that I wasn't interested with those VNs in the first place. About the translator, George Henry Shaft or GHS, he was quite a controversial translator in which he tried to created some non sensical book and translated the VNs that he was refrenced in his book. I would say that if he did translate a big title or at least well known like Denwalts did with 11eyes, maybe people would appreciate him more imo. In the end I would like to say have fun to anyone else who play Harvest December series here (If any). Oh, and GHS also had released the translation for another VN here although it didn't had any relation with Harvest December though.

For one more release here, we also had Monster Girl Quest Paradox part one patch here. If I talk about Monster Girl Quest here, my impression here would be that the VN was had story that wouldn't be out of place in any normal old RPG, and it's supposed to make us enjoying the MC would be raped by monster girl (Well, I prefer to avoid all the scenes if possible because the H art was quite bad if I may blunt). I couldn't tell much about the story here, although apparently it's had some difference with normal trilogy and supposed to improve the RPG element. It's still incomplete though if we talk about the translation because there's untranslated Chapter 2, but if you want more Monster Girl Quest might as well try that.

As for the updates, we had Eustia at 10.23% edited, Sansha Mendan was passing three quarter (75.82%) translated, Venus Blood Chimera was at 39.5% translated, Shiho's route from Koiken Otome fandisc was at 36% (1,751 lines) translated, and Anzu's route from Clover Days was at 71% translated. For this week Majokoi was had extremely crazy boost from QC number in which it was at past halfway QC-ed (50.79%), and apparently this time it was solid number according to the translator ie only reading the scripts so I'll keep the translator words here (There's also slight progress from the translation (87.48%) and editing (85.1%) at this week). Of course there's also another update from Loverable, in which right now they managed to past three quarter mark (75.39%) translated with Nanako's was at past a quarter (25.28%) translated, 44.3% edited, and 20.71% TLC-ed. Didn't care about both of Utawarerumono portable and Fate Hollow voice insert, so I'll pass those two.

That's all for this section.


As for this section, we only had Libra release here which unfortunately had some problem with the translation once again. I wouldn't talk about the bad translation issue here seeing that Dergonu was already opened his thread, and I think it was more than enough if you want to talk about the sticky issue itself.

As for the VN itself, actually it was quite interesting that the developer at that time was trying a new thing with vampire chuunige. For more info here, the company behind Libra (Onomatopea) was usually only produce something like moege or harem VN, so apparently MOKA (The producer) there was attempted to make the 2nd Draculius and here we had Libra the Vampire Princess. Oh, even if I said that this is vampire chuunige it's still had mostly slice of life element though according to Clephas. Which mean that the lines was probably wouldn't too hard to read if one read it in Japanese, and therefore quite easy to read. As for my opinion about Libra here, I would still read it anyway even though most people said that the translation was bad. Oh, and about Mikandi here they might be nice people who quite responsive to hear the backer alright, but in the end it's their final product that matter though imo. Well, have fun for reading Libra there or maybe have fun for finding out more mistake at Libra out there lol.

That's all for this week, and I'll add Tsujidou update here later. See you next week.

PS - As promised I'll deliver Tsujidou progress here. Right now they currently translated the common route, and it was at 71.07% translated with overall was at 17.5% translated. As for the plan, Urrim (Tsurezure's editor) said that they'll go with Ai's (The main heroine) route first, then Maki's, Saeko's (Onee-san heroine, and a short extra route), and finally Renna's. I could think the reason although it might be wrong, so I'll just hold up my theory until Tsurezure said the reason for now.

PPS - There's also Seabed translation progress which announced one day after VNTS, and right now it was at 70% translated.


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/17/2017)

For the title, since we had Arietta from Symphonic Rain was together with Chris I decided to gave Arietta the title 'The Rain Woman' because it's called Symphonic Rain after all lol (I knew it isn't raining in the CG). Or if you want to be more precise it's because of Arietta's seiyuu (Mai Nakahara, Moogy's favorite seiyuu by the way) was also voiced Juvia back at Fairy Tail (Also Rena from Higurashi franchise and Nagisa from Clannad), who also had the title 'The Rain Woman'. So I decided to give a seiyuu joke for the title this week, and with title matter done welcome to my belated VNTS Review for this week. As for this week, the release of Symphonic Rain was good enough to me although if I may give my opinion objectively, it's actually quite redundant because we already had the translation from back at 2010 iirc. But it's still nice though that we finally had it officially localized there. Other than Symphonic Rain official release, this week was had less usual updates from fan translation and also one important announcement. For now let's see what this week had, shall we.

For Sekai, there's no updates from them although there's Hoshimemo Kickstarter though in which it was gathered around 69,000 with 65 hours left (So maybe Eternal Heart was impossible, although there's always last burst though in which it might be possible to reach 75,000 for Eternal Heart). From JAST, there's also a statement that apparently right now they finished translating Katahane remake and right now they're editing and QC-ing it. While it sounds good, considering that it's JAST I think it's still impossible if we expect 2017 release from them (They expect that Katahane remake will be released at 2017 back at last year AX iirc). So I think it's better to expect some delay from them if I may suggest here, although to be fair delay was quite common though in regard of game release. Oh, an by the way it's confirmed that Flower Summer episode was still at around halfway translated, so it'll be impossible as well like Katahane to expect 2017 release if we looking at how JAST work on VN Translation in the past. 

Fan Translation

As for fan translation here, first of all we had usual updates from both of nukige. For Sansha Mendan right now it was at three quarter translated (75.8% translated), while for Venus Blood Chimera it was at 37% as of now (Once again I didn't care for those two, but nonetheless good luck to those two projects there). For Majokoi looks like there's some incident that caused the QC progress dropped significantly so right now it was at 28.8% QC-ed for the new QC progress, although it might better expect the progress may change in the future. By the way as for the incident I could think several reason for that, but right now I definitely not in the mood to using Penelope's Web reasoning like Mr Poltroon did. So once gain in regard of Majokoi I'll just wait and see here. For Koiken Otome fandisc, I admit that the percentage was hard to see but actually it had some progress and right now 1,644 lines was translated (Or to be exact Shiho's route was at one third (33%) translated). We also had Konora Restoration project was finished the translation with only two scripts left to edit, and after that it's QC and make a patch so maybe it'll be released in near future (Hopefully).

For the rest of usual updates, right now we had Eustia in which it was at almost 16% (15.94%) translated with Fione's arc was at a quarter translated, 9.90% edited with common arc was fully edited, and 9.09% TLC-ed (With Eris's arc was at 8.19% TLC-ed and common arc was at 87.01% TLC-ed). About Loverable, as usual they still give some nice updates and right now it was at almost three quarter translated (74.33% translated), 43.64% TLC-ed, and one fifth (20.37%) TLC-ed. For more detail in regard of Loverable translation progress, right now Chinatsu route was finished the translation progress and they started working on Nanako's route which right now it was at 19% translated. For the last update from fan translation, we had Tsurezure released Tsujidou common route patch which translated the first part of the common route here and unfortunately there's no progress at this week (Hopefully there'll be at next week). About the patch, they want to do some experiment in regard of the slang translation so it might be good to get if you curious about that.

I think that's all for the fan translation section.


As for this section, other than after-mentioned Symphonic Rain there's Libra in which they already got the release date. The new release date for Libra was at June 20th according to this Kickstarter update. So perhaps it'll be good if one already did looking forward to buying that on Steam, although one should be wary about the translation though because it was quite bad and some user complaint about that here. Apparently it was just some moege mixed with chuunige although it's had better ratio to chuunige though compared to Koiken Otome, but if I may give some suggestion here it would be better don't expect Dies Irae caliber chuunige from Libra.

For Symphonic Rain, once again we did had fan translated release at 2010 according to VNDB so actually it was quite redundant release once again. Despite that, this is actually official release in which was available through Steam. With this release done, maybe we'll gonna see more Kogado VN at Steam in the future if Degica managed to keep the pattern for years to come. But then again, it could be wrong though if we talk about the prediction there. As for the VN itself, it should be very obvious if one talk about that because it's already well known with VN fan, and of course was already discussed several times. Anyway, the fame of Symphonic Rain itself was came from the music itself which apparently was quite good and most importantly it was also had rhythm minigame there. For my last word in regard of Symphonic Rain, my condolence to the composer Ritsuko Okazaki who actually already dead back at this VN release (2004) and the music in Smyphonic Rain was her last works to be precise.

That's all for this week, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/10/2017)

First of all, sorry for this week title which is very simple. It should be obvious what's my title mean, a gunwoman (Rena from Phantom Trigger) hugging Haruto who is also her handler (Same age as Rena too). Well, welcome to this week VNTS Review which to tell the truth didn't had any notable release here after Dies Irae, although we still get updates though. And since right now we had Phantom Trigger head image, might as well tell that it was confirmed that the English version for the Volume 3 of it (Will telling us of Touka's dark backstory) would be out at July 28th which is the same release date as Japanese version. Before going to updates here, let me tell that right now Hoshimemo Kickstarter managed to gathered funds at 63,330.

As for this updates here, so far this week wasn't a lot here although of course there should be some updates that might be interesting for some people. So let's see what updates that we had for this week, starting from Mangagamer because right now they bring some updates here. For the updates here, we had Hapymaher was reaching 80% translated and past three quarter (76%) edited for the first one. Next we had Hashihime at 62% translated and 10% edited, Naked Butler was fully retranslated and 67% edited, Sideboob was at 94% translated, Imopara 2 was at 80% edited, Kuroinu Chapter 2 was fully edited, Maggot Bait was at 37% translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 69% translated and 44% edited, Boukaku was about to entering beta testing, and Sorcery Joker was fully translated.

As for the secret projects, the 2nd was at 78% translated and 52% edited, the 3rd was at 60% translated and 58% edited, and the 4th was at 89% edited. By the way, I still think that all the remaining four secret projecys might be nukige although perhaps I might be wrong there. Oh, Mangagamer will released Rance VI hardcopy at July 7th so if you inyerested with that go ahead and order it. That's all for Mangagamer updates at this week.

For fan translation, once again we still had some usual updates here although of course it's still good that we had updates here. For the updates we had Eustia was at 15.62% translated with some progress at Fione's arc and 8.71% TLC-ed. There's also Loverable in which they had their own chart who gives update at every hour, and for the updates here we had Loverable was at 72.57% translated, 20.2% edited, and 43.27% TLC-ed. As for Majokoi, there's some very slight updates in translation progress (86.9% translated) although perhaps we need to wait dor a while here if one want to look some real number. Oh, and right now Koiken Otome fandisc was at 6% (Or 1,563 lines to be precise) translated.

Other than those updates there's also Sukiuso which give the first update after a while (43.2% translated), Clover Days Anzu's route was at 63% translated, and Sayooshi in which that it did already has some update for a while although I keep forgetting it (It was at 42.2% translated). Speaking about my forgotten projects, actually there's two although it's just nukige though which to said not my priority to keep the eyes on it. The projects were Sansha Mendan which was translated by our Quof with the progress was at 69.16% translated and 67% edited, and Venus Blood Chimera which also incorporate some gameplay and was released the 2nd partial patch just recently (The progress was at 35% translated by the way). Perhaps I'll keep my eyes on those two nukige from now on.

For last updates from fan translation here, there's a surprisingly early updates from Tsurezure in regard of Tsujidou in which right now they managed to fully translated the first part of common route (The overall progress was at 13.05% translated). While this is a good news indeed, there's also some bad news that namely Trip (The translator) will be busy so he wouldn't be able to translate until 18th so maybe there'll be no update for Tsujidou at next week. But we also had a good news there namely that Tsurezure will release the partial patch that'll be translated the first part of common route, and they'll try to release it before 18th so there'll be something to look forward if you like Tsujidou (Although I would like to just wait and see here as usual).

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (06/03/2017)

As for the title, since I did promised in regard of 'Day of Wrath' when Dies Irae release, of course I used that title as it show. Although I decided to add 'Inutilis Dea' here as well though, in which it was the latin for 'The Useless Goddess' (Another released VN here) because Dies Irae here also had some latin words for the subtitle here. Back to business here, welcome to my VNTS Review for this week and sorry for being late here. As for this week, the most obviously big release here was Dies Irae in which it was quite hyped there. Big release aside, this week progress was just usual fan translation mostly. Let's see what this week updates will offer here.

This week, there's no much update that we could expect from official localization such as Sekai and Mangagamer. Although by 'no much' I mean that they had some update here of course. As for the updates, since it's only a few here I'll just round up all of the updates here.

  • From Sekai there's Bell Chime for Gold (An otome VN apparently) which at 62% translated right now, and right now Konosora Kickstarter was gathered around 55,000 out of 75,000 for Eternal Heart localization. Other than those two, there's no update from them this week, so whatever.
  • At one of their tweet, JAST said that right now they currently at halfway (Around 50% or so) translating Flowers, which should be Summer arc (Or Le Volume sur Ete for original title) if we look from JAST release plan. Which mean at this rate it looks like it'll be impossible if they talk about 2017 release plan, but then again it may change in the future though.
  • Mangagamer announced that they release Dal Segno for both Steam and 18+ version at June 30th. Interestingly, Mangagamer said that they'll prepare free restoration patch for Steam version so obviously it'll allow any Steam player to play 18+ version as well (Steam version for Mangagamer VN was usually cheaper, so obviously many people would be probably buy Mangagamer VNs from Steam). By the way, apparently this is the first time Mangagamer tried something like this, so maybe there'll be more in the future (Steam VN using free 18+ patch)

That's all for the roundup from official localization company here.

Fan Translation

This week, there's only some usual updates here so not much that I could write later. But apparently a project from this section was dropped, and it was Shibukuzu in which it was Dergonu's project. Let's just hope that someday it'll be picked up again, although apparently it was already getting another translator though. Also there's one more update from Konosora Restoration project in which there was one script left to be translated (Pabloc complained it was a sex scene though), and then all that was left is the editing (It's almost catch up with the current retranslation) and QC before finally making a patch. Good luck once again there to Konosora Restoration project.

For the rest of the updates we had Eustia was at finally reaching 15% mark translated (15.15%, and Fione's arc was at 20.33% translated), 9.24% edited (Common was at 96.70% edited), and 7.64% TLC-ed (Eris's arc was at 4.5% TLC-ed). For more updates from fan translation here, we had Majokoi was at 86.6% translated and 84.66% edited, Koiken Otome fandisc was had 1,403 lines of it translated (Shiho's route was at 29% translated), Witch Garden was at a quarter translated, and Loverable was at 71.56% translated (Also was at 42.63% TLC-ed and one fifth (20.08%) edited).

That's all for fan translation right now, and I'll add Tsujidou progress here later.


For the first news here, finally Chuusotsu Kickstarter was success with the fund gathered was at 24,104. To tell the truth, I was kind of afraid that the Kickstarter was failed after seeing of how much effort that Fruitbat was put in order to bring Chuusotsu localized there, especially when it's still at around 18,000 or so with three days left back then. Well, in the end it was successful though but it's still not enough for the additional reward though (In which Fruitbat will try to raise it using Backerkit or something like that). Forgot to said this beforehand, but let me said congratulations for the successful Chuusotsu Kickstarter there to Fruitbat Factory.

Once again from this section we had big release for this month, in which it's not Useless Goddess obviously (Apparently it's just another fanservicy VN from MoeNovel there). It's obviously Dies Irae oce again, in which it was quite famous as one of very good chuunige. As for the VN itself, apparently the premise was back at the aftermath of WW2 in which what apparently happened is that some of Germany did some ritual for some reason and as the result the Germany were disappeared to Japan at 2006. From there, the Germany started to cause some havoc and it's up to the protagonist to counter it. While the story might sounds quite cliche there, there's another aspect that make it famous namely that apparently the writing was quite good there compared to other VNs, and also the infamy of it for being hard to translated (According to Moogy). This VN was also established Masada as very good chuunige writer and of course bring money to light (The company behind Dies Irae), so much that they started to churn out some chuunige that was written by Masada and some of his apprentice (I mean as Cash Cow Franchise thing, although it's understandable though). Well, have fun playing Dies Irae though although it's still didn't had 18+ content though (It'll be added later at July in form of patch).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - As promised, right now we had Tsujidou first common route was at 86.01% translated (11.22% translated overall) which meant that it's possible that it'll be fully translated by next week (I meant the first part of common route). That's all for Tsujidou update here, and by the way there's still no plan of releasing partial patch for now.


Visual Novel Translation Status (05/28/2017)

I knew that any Star Wars fan (Hardcore or casual) should knew exactly what I parodying at the title (I'll tell my reason in PS). As for this week, to tell the truth I think the complete releases (Nekopara 3 and Utawarerumono 2) weren't quite interesting to me here although I think those two were quite good for several people here. Releases aside, this week was apparently just another usual week here although this time we also had Mangagamer joined by bringing several updates from their in house translation. Overall, while once again I didn't interested with the releases at least it's still had some interesting progress here so it's all good enough.

Sekai Project

As for them, at least we saw some updates from them at this week (More than one). As for the updates, there's Bokukotsu at around 74% translated, Fatal Twelve at 72%, and KARAKARA 2 was fully translated. In regard of KARA KARA 2, while it's been weeks since last update I think it'll be one short VN just like the prequel. Of course short VN didn't mean it'll be bad though, and for now I'll see what KARAKARA 2 will offer in regard of the new heroines later, because we still knew little of them especially in regard of their relationship with the MC (Leon).

Besides the updates, this week we also had Sekai managed to successfully funded Hoshimemo through Kickstarter which should be enough if they just want to bring it. However, it's still not enough yet for Sekai to bring Eternal Heart translated because it's still not funded enough yet if we talk about the funding (75,000 goal, while right now it's still at 47,985 gathered). Let's see if Sekai will managed to gather 75,000 in 23 days later. Speaking about the localization funded by Kickstarter, there's first Tokeijikake which right now currently undergoing QA and will launched at early summer if possible according to Sekai (I expected some delay at least for now), and we'll had both all ages and 18+ version launched at the same time (18+ release was also through Nutaku, just like Chrono Clock).

For the release, there's Nekopara 3 which focused on a pair of another catgirls (Maple and Cinnamon). They also already planned for Nekopara 4 release, which if all going well it'll be at least next year (Looking from usual release pattern). No comment for this other than have fun to playing it if you're Nekopara fan. Oh, and actually Wagahigh also had the release although it's still demo though.


This week we had Libra 18+ patch for physical edition. In regard of Libra, looks like there's some controversy in regard of the translation. Namely that the translation was apparently quite bad, rivaling MoeNovel's Konosora earlier translation. There's many thing that I want to say about that here, but I figure better not and just hope that Mikandi will fix the translation if that was indeed the cause of the delay in the first place (Other than preparing Steam content thing).

As for this week, finally Chuusotsu was fully funded at around 20,000 which mean at least it should be released per schedule. There's also news from Frontwing that they'll release Phantom Trigger volume 3 at July 28th which will cover Touka's story and her dark past, although it's still not certain though if they'll also release it in English. Other than those two, we had Utawarerumono 2 release for PS4 once again, which should satisfy people who want to see more Utawarerumono and had PS4 (Not me unfortunately). Have fun if you did fulfill those two conditions because I knew that the original Utawarerumono was quite good, and by the way it's quite interesting that English speaking people apparently had trouble for spelling Utawarerumono. 

For last news, PQube announced that they'll release Chaos Child in English for both of PS4 and VITA in English which confirm the rumor back at February in regard of Germany retailer add Chaos Child order page (It was already deleted though). As for the games itself, it was the sequel for Chaos Head and it was telling the story of how there'll be murders once again which eerily alike of the original murders back at Chaos Head. For the release date, still not certain yet but at least it'll be at Q3 2017 which mean it'll be around July to October.


This week we had updates from them here. But before going to updates let me state that instead of six unknown project now we only had four unknown project, because turned out that their announcement back at Anime Central was the secret projects (All two of those). For more detail, the 5th project was Marina pseudo NTR VN thing (I guess right that Mangaganmer would announced 5th project at Anime Central) while the 7th project was Funbag Sideboob Story. As for the progress of those two, Marina was already completed since back when it's still unrevealed and Sideboob was at 74% translated (Also at 62% edited).

Okay, as for the updates we had Hapymaher at 77% translated and 74% edited, Hashihime was at 61% translated and 8% edited, Imopara 2 was at 68% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 59% translated, Sorcery Joker was at 97% translated and 81% edited, Trinoline was at 21% translated, Boukaku was still in scripting, Naked Butler was at 87% retranslated and 58% edited, and Maggot Bait was at 34% translated (Apparently Kouryuu still managed to endure it by not using the bucket). As for the winner of 'beta testing race', it was Dal Segno which was finished the testing (Evangile W and Suki Suki still in testing). As for the release date, still not certain which month but at least it should be this year looking from their pattern (It should be between one to four months later).

For the secret projects, the 1st was fully translated and edited, the 2nd was at 73% translated, and the 3rd was at 54% translated (53% edited). Looking at both of their announced project and recent release which comprised of secret projects, I starting to wonder if all of those secret projects were nukige. No problem to me here though, although my real reason is that if Mangagamer keep pumping the money from nukige sales it could help us to get more good VN localized by Mangagamer in the future (It's common secret though).

Fan Translation

As for fan translation, it was still had usual updates and no release yet. For the first update, we had Eustia was at 14.55% for overall translation (Eris's arc was at 22.64% translated and Fione's arc was at 16.22% translated) while it was at 7.64% edited (Common arc was at 79.34% edited) and 7.19% TLC-ed (Eris's arc was at 1.21% TLC-ed and common arc was at 76.37% TLC-ed). Other than Eustia, there's Majokoi which right now it was at 86.4% translated, 82.1% edited, and 33.8% TLC-ed (By the way, apparently there's some technical problem that caused TLC progress will be on hold for a short while). As for Koiken Otome fandisc, right now Shiho's route was at 27% translated ie 1,352 lines. For Loverable, right now they managed to translated 70.06% of overall scripts and TLC-ed 41.88% of it (Also 19.47% edited as well).

As for Tsujidou, this week they finally starting the real translation progress and the progress was that they managed to translated 7.56% of the script (The first part of common route was past halfway (57.93%) translated. As for the translated route order, still don't know yet but they'll announced it a bit later.

I think that's all for this week, and if some of you knew what I missed just tell me below. See you next week.

PS - As for the reasons in regard of the title, there were two reasons which I'll tell below.

The first reason was in regard of Utawarerumono 2 (aka Mask of Deception according to the localized title) release which as we knew should had an empire if you play the original version. For the reason of 'Neko Wars' part (Other than Star Wars parody), Utawarerumono was also had human with cat ears although admittedly another reason for 'neko' part was because we had Nekopara 3 as the header for this week VNTS, and we should pretty much knew (Or predicted at least) that Utawarerumono would had wars in one way or another (It's SRPG after all). I knew that the empire at Utawarerumono was on the good side unlike Star Wars, but I think the 'Strikes Back' part still fitting though because once again it's wars which involved the changing tide.



it's because both of the seiyuu for Maple (Ogura Yui) and Cinnamon (Arisaka Uyu aka Toono Sayogi) were voicing characters back in Flyable Heart as Yui and Sakurako respectively. Back at Flyable Heart there's a twist that Yui herself was turned out to be the gender bent version of Shou (Flyable Heart MC), while Sakurako was getting Yui's dad (Who in turn was of course Shou's dad) heart transplanted inside her. By the way, if we look back at Michiru's route from Grisaia it should be obvious that the donor personality could be transferred to the host through the organ (It's not possible in real life I knew). Oh, and the real 'Empire Strikes Back' had plot twist called 'Luke, I'm Your Father' so I made the parody of the title because of Cinnamon and Maple as father and son at Flyable Heart respectively.



Visual Novel Translation Status (05/21/2017)

For the title, I just combined it from the release both of nukige 'Sweet Young Bride' and otome game 'Hakuouki' PSV version so we got 'Sweet Young Shinsengumi' as the title. The reason was because Hakuouki featuring shinsengumi, and they quite young looking (Also handsome) by the way (I knew that VNTS image header was only from Hakuouki though). As for this week, no notable release to me here especially with Libra get delayed because they prepare the Achievement and Trading Card for the Steam. Other than that, of course this week we still had updates and most importantly there's some announcement from Anime Central 2017 itself. Let's see what this week updates had here then.

This week, JAST was announced that they already prepared the pre-order for Eiyuu Senki 18+ version (With physical edition). To tell the truth, with the availability of both all age patch and 18+ patch for Eiyuu Senki it selves (I mean translation patch of course) I would said that it's redundant move from JAST. In fact, the man behind 18+ patch himself (Surferdudue) was actually wish that JAST translating the GOLD version instead because GOLD was had some updated content from the original version. Then again, JAST themselves already did that in the past though with Eien no Aselia and Steins Gate though, so there's that. For last word in regard of JAST, to tell the truth I prefer JAST announced Flowers Summer arc though instead of Eiyuu Senki. But what's done is done and it's not as if I couldn't wait here for Flowers anyway.

Once again we had Libra delayed, so it's quite disappointing to tell the truth. But after the announcement for the delay itself Mikandi made the announcement that they already take care the matter in regard of the Steam launch (Including Achievement and Trading Card), and right now they waiting for Valve approval so hopefully Mikandi could announced the new release date for Libra (Hopefully it'll be quick). Well, nothing we could do but wait if we talk about Libra here. As for the Chuusotsu itself, right now it gathered 16,676 out of 20,000 with 9 days left before the closing of their Kickstarter. As for the release from Other section, not interested with Hakuouki because it's for Vita but apparently it had more content compared to past release, so it might be worth it if you like otome game and had PS Vita.


To tell the truth, in regard of the release both of those were not quite interesting to me here. One of the releases in questions was Sweet Young Bride which translated by our Quof, and tell the story of a man was married by a young pink haired girl because of the government birth in regard of declining birth rate (Japanese major problem). The girl in question was looking like a child apparently, so it might interested people who like lolicon. Another release was Funbag Fantasy hardcopy, which safe to said a redundant release imo although it might be good for collection.

As expected, there's no interesting announcement to me in regard of Mangagamer from Anime Central 2017. The reason was because they only announced two VNs, and both of those were nukige. That said, I'd heard some positive thing in regard of Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden (Or as localized title said 'Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story') so it might be worth it. Quite interesting that it's exactly one year between the main game and the gaiden one (Or maybe sequel was more appropriate). In regard of Sideboob, actually Waffle already leaked in regard of that it was already fully translated for a while, so maybe it's not that surprising. As for the other announcement, it's apparently another NTR VN although apparently Tyrosyn said it's not that exciting though because it's just consensual NTR thing. Well, they probably save the major announcements for both of AX and Otakon later so perhaps at both of those two convention Mangagamer will announced something interesting.

Sekai Project

As for this convention, apparently Sekai and Denpasoft once again had separated panel although I still joining my commentary for both panels in Sekai Project section. Back to announcement, and I'll talk about Denpasoft first. For the announcement, they had G-Senjou uncensored version, Wagahigh 18+ version, Re:Lord 18+ version, and Chrono Clock uncensored version. My comment here that at least we got Wagahigh 18+ announcement. Other than that didn't care much here although actually it's Denpa that announced Re:Lord first before Sekai. As for both of G-Senjou and Chrono Clock uncensored thing, I was the one who didn't care about mosaic thing or not in the first place, so in regard of Chrono Clock without mosaic I would said whatever (It's good news though if you think no mosaic would be better). As for G-Senjou, I would said once again it was very redundant (Even with no mosaic thing) in regard of unrated version because we already had fan patched version for a long time (18+ version by the way), and already discussed to death. That's all for Denpasoft announcements.

Sekai was once again had Re:Zero announcement for both of all age version and 18+ version. The premise was like there was three witches who managed to defeat the demons, and one of the demon will try to fight back the witch. For more information, apparently it was had some sort of strategy game and also we'll had the stripping game (Which the stripping targets in game would be the witches). While it might be quite interesting game, too bad it's still the first part out of three (Also quite short as well) so I think I'll pass on this. By the way, Re:Lord was from Escude, so it meant that of course Sekai got another new partner here and maybe in the future there'll be escude VNs translated by Sekai. Oh, apparently the translation process for Re:Zero was finished.

As for the other announcement, we had Hoshimemo was get Kickstarted and right now it was managed to gather more than halfway of the fund required (Around 28,000 out of 45,000). As additional bonus, Sekai promised that if they managed to gather at least 75,000 they'll bring Eternal Heart to English version (Along with some additional add on).  As for my comment, I think I'd already commented several times that Hoshimemo release by Sekai would be redundant although maybe Eternal Heart addition would be worth it for any Hoshimemo fan who want to see more Mare and a certain girl. Since Hoshimemo is retranslated by Akerou here, I wonder if Sekai will handle Saku Saku release the same way. Let's see about that matter later.

I don't care about Sekai new branch for otome game thing, but it's quite interesting that Sekai announced VOID which is a VN that created by the company behind Just Desert (Which of course made it the 2nd Indonesian VN that will be released by Sekai). As for the history, it was quite interesting that apparently this was actually planned first before Just Desert although the lack of funding stop the release (They attempted using Indie Go Go and it was failed). With that in mind, Vifth Floor decided to make Just Desert first using some crew from overseas (Cornelia's voice actrees was actually an American instead an Indonesian that just read the script awkwardly. Sorry). And after Just Desert success, of course they once again tried to produce VOID with apparently Sekai was funding them. The result was still not known yet, but at least it was Greenlighted at Steam which mean it'll be ready for production (Hopefully).

Unlike their announcement, there's still only one usual update from them. Namely that right now Bokukotsu was at 72.12% translated. That's all for Sekai.

Fan Translation

Obviously we didn't had Anime Central announcement for this section here. Of course we still had usual updates from them though. Let's see what updates that this section had for this week.

For Majokoi, it's still going good with the current translation right now was at 85.7% translated, 79.5% edited, and 34% TLC-ed (From same translation group Koiken Otome fandisc was at 5% translated). While Majokoi update was indeed a good news, apparently it'll be inactive once again (Only 10 or so days though) in term of the translation progress because one of the translator who responsible for one route wasn't started yet. Loverable was at 68.43% translated and 40.49% TLC-ed. As for Clover Days, right now our Ittaku translated half of Anzu's route. For the last usual updates here, we had Eustia was at 13.61% for overall translation (7.36% for overall editing) while for more detail two arcs were translated at the same time (Fione's at 12.49% translated and 2.52% edited, while Eris's was almost one fifth (19.63%) translated. That's all for usual updates.

As for this week, finally Tsurezure started Tsujidou translstion with overall progress was at 3.31% translated (The first part of prologue was past a quarter (25.34%) translated). They also tell us the translation plan, in which they'll translate the 2nd VN from tone work (It's obviously Hoshiori) after they finished with both of Tsujidou and HatsuKoi append disk. In regard of append disk, to tell the truth I prefer them to just go to Hoshiori after finished with Tsujidou instead of translating the disk. But it's still nice though to see a translation group translated additional content from the VN that they translated (Unlike Koiresort), even if the content were mostly only sex scenes according to them. Well, good luck with Tsujidou to them and look forward to when Hoshiori project start. Almost forget to say that they'll also translated Tsujidou fandisc (Virgin Road) after Hoshiori.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (05/13/2017)

For the title, since this week we finally had Yukino's (Complete) patch for HatsuKoi I figured that I should use the same pattern like back when Kyou's patch released. The pattern was once again was the same as Koichoco (Love, Election, and Chocolate), only that since we had Morino Yukino who was our (I meant Yuma) childhood friend reading a shoujo manga at the opening video, I figured that I should add 'childhood friend' and 'shoujo manga' (First love was still the direct translation from Hatsukoi duh). Well then, let me say welcome to this week VNTS Review in which there's some interesting announcements coupled with some boost from several fan translation project here. Let's see what I could write here.

For Sekai right now they only had one usual update - Bokukotsu at around 70% translated, so naturally there's nothing much to write from their usual update. That aside, this week Sekai was released one sudden release which is Darekoi or as Sekai localized 'A Butterfly in District of Dream'. As for the VN, well it's already been translated for a while after spending one whole year to do the translation iirc. That aside, as I attempted to search more info in regard of this VN right apparently it was quite unknown so much that back at Erogamescape it was only had 2 votes and the score was quite average at that (74). But then again maybe someone else would be able to find out the hidden potential between this unknown VN, so if someone want to try Darekoi go ahead. Other than Darekoi sudden release, there's Sekai OELVN trial release which named Eternal Hour which safe to said not on my priority to keep my eyes on it. Other than those two, there's a news that fault series developer will be back at AX 2017 according to Sekai's blogpost. That's all for Sekai.


To tell the truth, I didn't care about Taishou Alice release that much. But since we had one very interesting state of release, let me say something here. In regard of the release, it was actually was quite unacceptable so much it cause a conspiracy theory that E2 (The company behind Taishou Alice localization) was in fact a con company (Read the conspiracy theory article here, or a collection of the tweets to be exact). The problem was that it was quite a bad translation according to some people out there, and I'll just let you see here to judge it by yourself (The hiragana and katakana Alice was quite hilarious though). Oh, and by the way maybe I should 'praise' that one man managed to dub all of voiced lines by the voice actor himself I guess.

Taishou Alice aside, actually there's an interesting news from Degica in which they decided to release Symphonic Rain officially. Yes, Symphonic Rain and I definitely not joking when I typed this. Anyway, for a little history lesson Symphonic Rain was one of the VNs that was translated back at TL Wiki back at 2010. Since then, Symphonic Rain was one of the popular VN and of course, being a popular VN was mean that this VN was already been discussed to the dead. While in theory it could be a redundant release, the Steam version itself was redrawn with the new art, so it might be worth to get if anyone else felt interested to had a little nostalgia with Symphonic Rain (Also obviously hope that more new player will enjoy Symphonic Rain). It will be released at June 15th if some of you interested of the release date. Oh, by the way Moogy was quite happy with this news, after last year he was said something 'I hope Degica will release Symphonic Rain instead of gay nurse VN' in regard of Hakuai release (Sorry, Hakuai fan).

Other than Taishou Alice infamy and Symphonic Rain official release, there's also Chuusotsu in which managed to gather 14,284 out of 20,000 with 17 days left. Other than Chuusotsu, there's also another otome game release at Steam in which it was better than Alice Taishou (Gakuen Club). I mean at least there's no controversy in regard of the release.


As for Mangagamer, this week they finally had some of the updates both from their revealed project and secret project. But before going to the updates let me remind that at next week Mangagamer will announce 2 announcements at Anime Central. As for the my expectation, let's wait and see here although judging from the last year it might be not interest me much here though (Just hope it's not another hardcopy announcements, although it might be 5th secret project though seeing that it was the complete secret project right now). Anyway, for secret projects update we got something like:

  • 1st was at 94% translated and 88% edited
  • 2nd was at 66% translated
  • 3rd was at both halfway translated and edited
  • 4th was fully translated and 77% edited
  • 7th was at 64% translated and halfway edited

For a bit of trivia here, our Quof was apparently the translator for Sweet Young Bride (Not that it was unusual though, I mean a fan translator became a freelancer translator).

Of course other than secret projects Mangagamer got their usual updates, and the updates were goes like:

  • Higurashi Kai was finished the TLC progress and in editing progress right now, which naturally mean that the translation for Higurashi Kai was finished - By Higurashi Kai I mean all of the three remaining chapters other than Meakashi (Tsumihoroboshi, Minagoroshi, and Matsuribayashi)
  • Boukaku was in scripting
  • Evangile W and Suki Suki was in beta testing, while Dal Segno was still in testing (I wonder which one will be finished the testing first)
  • Hapymaher was past three quarter (76%) translated and 73% edited
  • Sorcery Joker was reaching 90% mark (93%) translated and 77% edited
  • Fata Morgana fandisc was at 54% translated and 44% edited
  • Naked Butler was at 76% retranslated and 57% edited
  • Imouto Paradise 2 was at 65% edited
  • Trinoline was at 15% translated
  • Hashihime was past halfway (55%) translated and 6% edited

That's all for Mangagamer updates now, and let's see what Mangagamer had in their next updates next weeks.

Fan Translation

There's one big release from this section, and like Decay said it's been a while since we had big name VN fan translated (It was 11eyes back at December). Other than the big release (Very obviously HatsuKoi), there's so many boost if we looking at the updates from usual fan translation here. As for the updates, we got something like:

  • Majokoi was at 80.05% translated (Which was quite big jump looking back at last weekly progress (74.8% translated)) and 74.03% edited
  • Eustia was had Fione's arc was almost 7% translated (6.95% translated), which in turn bring the overall progress reaching 10% mark translated (10.23%); 5.98% edited (Prologue was at 64.95% edited); and 5.83% TLC-ed (Prologue was at 63.28% TLC-ed)
  • Loverable was at 65.89% translated (Chinatsu route was almost halfway (49.07%) translated), 37.08% TLC-ed, and 19.28% edited
  • Koiken Otome fandisc was finally added to VNTS, and it was at 4% translated (Or to be exact Shiho route was at 21% translated)

That's all for the updates, and once again it's quite exciting imo.

As for HatsuKoi, once again the complete patch was finally released exactly one day after last week VNTS (Monday). As expected from tone work, it was one with high production value such as seiyuu (Isshiki Hikaru and Natsunoo Koori), famous singer for VN players (Shimotsuki Haruka and Chata), and the image song for the heroines in which counting the number of the heroines it'll be five (Duh). While the production value was quite good, once again Yuma might be not for anyone else. For a little history, actually there's some sort of effort to translated HatsuKoi in the past through the Youtube video ie subtitle, but apparently it was stopped when it's about to entering common route so it's only the entire prologue was translated (From the old translator). Have fun to anyone else who want to play HatsuKoi there, and for next plan in regard of Tsurezure I'll report Tsujidou progress in here just like HatsuKoi.

Other than HatsuKoi there's another VN release actually which was sudden, but it was for PSP so not interested here (Might be worth to check it though for the particular anime fan, although it might be better to just watch the anime imo).

That's all for this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (05/06/2017)

Since we had image header from Chuusotsu (Which was in the middle of Kickstarter), I think 'Prelude to the Graduation' would be nice here, except of course I added Chuusotsu here. By the way, prelude mean the something that came before, which mean my title would be meant 'The events before Chuusotsu graduation' because we had graduation word at Chuusotsu title. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and unlike last week this time there's no VN releases here yet unfortunately (Correct me if I'm wrong here). But of course we still had some updates here (Duh). Lack of release for this week aside, I think May would be one of more interesting month to me here if only because there'll be planned release of two quite popular VNs in English (Libra the Vampire Princess and most importantly Dies Irae) at this month. I'll be looking forward to those two releases here.

As for Sekai, after the releases of both Chrono Clock and Rakuen their activity was quite lacking ie didn't had much usual updates anymore. I mean most of their project was already 100% translated and it's been a while since that completion (Saku Saku and Maitetsu), also with their lack of progress for some of their other projects there. In the end, I'll just wait and see here as usual and also hoping that their engine work for the VNs would be going smoothly. Beside, at least for now Sekai was still had one usual updates here (Bokukotsu, which was at 64.09% translated right now).

No much comment from Libra other than they released the prize edition of Libra, while the real release was still at 16th. As for the Chuusotsu Kickstarter, it was going well with the current situation that 11,496 out of 20,000 funds was gathered with 23 days left. There's also Little Busters, in which it was finally Greenlighted here . No surprise here, because to tell the truth I was expected that Little Busters passed it easily, considering that it was one of very popular VN that had anime adaptation. As for tge release date, while Visual Arts was promising it will be this spring (Japanese time, not Australian time) Steam listed it as 2017 so maybe there'll be some delay in regard of that.

As for fan translation, there's some usual updates here. But first of all we finally had Bishoujo Mangekyou update here after long time we didn't see that. The update was goes like all of the translation process were already completed (Including proofread), and right now Arcadeotic was made a beta patch for the testers which mean that there'll be testing progress. For the usual updates here, here we finally had Majokoi almost reach three quarter mark translated (74.8% translated), and also was had some updates from both of editing (70.5% edited) and TLC (28.5% TLC-ed). Other than Majokoi, there's also Loverable in which it was at 63.31% translated, 18.79% edited, 34% TLC-ed, and 16.24% TLC-ed. Finally there's Eustia in which we finally had the prologue was fully translated, and for the overall progress it was at 9.21% translated, 5.83% edited, and 5.07% TLC-ed. Also the translator himself stated that he managed to get two QC staff candidates, and one of them was from Yandere which as we knew translated Eustia first.

That's all for this week, albeit it was shorter one here. See you next week.

PS - After almost half a year since the project was begin, finally we had Tsurezure released Yukino's patch for HatsuKoi which mean that the translation was complete for all of the routes (Except the append disc). For their next plan, they'll take a break before tackling at Tsujidou. Go get the patch from here, and have fun for playing HatsuKoi.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/29/2017)

As for the title, since we finally had Rakuen release (Without 18+ content though) I decided to use the French for one of Rakuen opening song (Because Grisaia like using French), which was named Eden's Song. Of course the title here would be obviously my very loose translation for the title itself. I knew that Eden's Song was not Rakuen main opening, but I'd found that it was more appropriate that we had that as this week VNTS Review title imo (The main Rakuen opening song title was Fission by the way). With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review and from the first look at image header this week was the busiest if we talk about the releases so far. Also we had two Grisaia releases to boot, which I must admit was quite popular out there. Let's see what we had this week, shall we.

For the first news here, we had both of the good and bad news JAST here. The good news is that they finally had released a new VN here (Yay), and the bad news is that the released VN in question wasn't something like Sumaga or even Flowers Summer episode. It's the nukige called 'Nympho Sensei Ryoko' in which will tell the story of how pervert the female teacher in question was. Not in my looking forward list to be very blunt here, but if there's people who looking forward to it so much that looking at the update from JAST in regard of Ryoko go get that. Other than Ryoko release, no much news from JAST here.

While this week we didn't had the update from Mangagamer, we had one release from them and another announcement in regard of planned release. This week, or back at 28th Mangagamer release Meakashi which once again a part of Higurashi (Or to be exact a part of the second part of Higurashi (Higurashi Kai)). As for the Meakashi itself, it should be no surprise that it'll be featuring some disturbing element (Higurashi and all), but actually Meakashi was one of most infamous even among of Higurashi arc. For more information, the most known creepy act from the anime was adapted from Meakashi. Other than Higurashi, Mangagamer also announced that they'll release the nukige that they announced in Boston (Sweet Young Bride) at May 19th. Speaking about May 19th, they'll have two announcements at Anime Central later although looking at their announcements in the past, let's just say I won't expect too much here. That's all for Mangagamer here.

Fan Translation

For fan translation here, there's some usual updates. The updates goes like Loverable was at 61.98% translated and 33.75% TLC-ed, Majokoi was at 24%TLC-ed, Koiken Otome fandisc was had Shiho' route at 19% translated, and Eustia prologue was almost reach 90% mark translated (It was at 89.54% translated, and overall was at 8.24% translated. Also was at 60.58% edited and past halfway (50.24%) TLC-ed for the prologue). There's also ToHeart 2 matter of decensoring, which right now was fully decensored so if there's some people here who like to see HCG being uncensored so much (I don't pay attention to HCG in regard of censoring to be honest), be glad and look forward to ToHeart 2 eventual release which will take place after remaining proofread and quick QC finished. There's also some rather interesting news in regard of Clover Days, in which it was revealed that instead of almost halfway Anzu's route was only 15% translated by Astro. So of course Ittaku decided to translate it, and right now it's at one third translated (I mean Anzu's route).

As for HatsuKoi, once again they release Maya's patch back at Monday and right now they translated 35% of Yukino's route, so just usual works for them here (They'll probably had the update tomorrow). There's also the confirmation in regard of Dracu Riot, in which both of Decay and Clephas still working hard to polish Dracu Riot as much as they could, not to mention that apparently the TLC staff was dislike Dracu Riot so he gave up. Well, good luck to Dracu Riot project there and hope they could deliver the patch later. Before forget, there's another release of Higurashi although this time it's original arc from PS3 version. Yes, there's a PS3 to PC port for one of Higurashi arc (Someutsushi) although if I may say I'd quite content with original eight arcs from Higurashi though (Both original and Kai). Nevertheless I believe that port would be quite interesting addition for Higurashi fans out there, especially the hardcore ones.

Before closing fan translation section, once again actually other than updates and Maya's patch release Tsurezure was also announced their next project. It was Tsujidou which had same setting as Majikoi, although it'll be focused on delinquent girls though unlike Majikoi. As for the review, I'd heard that it's not at same level as Majikoi so perhaps it'll be a disappointment for some. Regardless of that opinion, I'll keep my eyes on this and will report the weekly progress from them if they had one just like back at HatsuKoi.


At 25th, Fruitbat was started their Kickstarter for Chuusotsu, and at this time I must said that the Kickstarter itself was running quite nicely with 8,461 out of 20,000 was gathered. I would say good luck to the Kickstarter there, and hope it'll be successful. For other update, there's Psychopass which finally entering Steam (Not interested, especially with VNDB average score which was mediocre) and Period Cube (I admit that the MC girl was good looking, too bad it was for console though). Other than those releases, there's MoeNovel in which they already announced their next release with name 'Lovekami Useless Goddess'. My comment would be whatever ie didn't quite care about that for now, especially after MoeNovel using LoveKami as their answer to Winged Cloud's Sakura franchise (Although LoveKami was had better characters though, at least compare to Sakura franchise). Oh, and by the way Little Busters was entering the Greenlight, which mean the release date was almost close (If you interested with Little Busters, vote it here).

For the last news here, there's big news from Frontwing in regard of Grisaia which there's release for 2 volumes of Phantom Trigger and the finale for original trilogy Rakuen. As for the Rakuen, to be honest it's quite surprising that Sekai managed to barely release it before the month's end, but then again it's nothing new though I guess (Just like Root Double in the past). Guess like MoeNovel and Winged Cloud Frontwing was using Grisaia as their Cash Cow Franchise (Phantom Trigger case), although I admit that they bring characters with good backstories there if I may say something about that here. 

As for my opinion, to tell the truth the moment I'd read that Grisaia was gonna had two sequels I quite disagree with Frontwing for taking trilogy route, especially in regard of Kajitsu which was actually already good enough charage imo (Besides if Frontwing really need Yuuji backstory, they could make it akin Sharin fandisc instead of two sequels imo). Not to mention unseen 'route' which had Yuuji save five heroines off screen, and Frontwing managed to retconned one of important trait from one of main heroine (Also one very important event from one route, but it could be easier to retcon). It's quite hard to write my feeling here to be honest, so guess it's just my uneasiness here. Although I may already said that, I'm sure that both of Rakuen and Phantom Trigger (Which apparently still need more volumes later, like Corona Blossom) would be good if someone was big fan of Grisaia like Decay. In the end, it's up to you to enjoy Grisaia or not.

Before I closing VNTS Review, there's Bokukotsu update from Sekai in which it was at 64.09% translated. That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - There's additional updates from HatsuKoi, in which they had translated 79.21% of Yukino's route (Overall was at 97.27% translated). They also say that hopefully by next week they could release Yukino's (Completed) patch, although of course it may be change though. That's all for the additional HatsuKoi update here. 


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/22/2017)

Since we had Nishikino Maki as one of the image header there, I decided to just make it like somehow Maki had reverse harem of ayakashi from Ayakashi Gohan lol (I knew that the ayakashi had one girl that they like though). Well sorry if it's quite cheesy there, and let me say welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week, compared to last week we had more updates from Mangagamer and some releases from both of Sekai and fan translation. Although if I may comment here, it's still not big enough to me though if we talk about the releases. For more detail here, let's see what kind of updates that we had at this week shall we.

If some people here waiting for Dies Irae release (I bet there's a lot here), be happy because Light was announced when they release the digital version for it. It's at May 31st, although keep in mind that it was because of the delay though which mean that Light was planned to release it by the middle of May. There's also the matter of physical edition in which it'll be delivered at June 30th. Keep in mind that it may change in the future, although for now I was content though now that we had a release date. There's also Lump of Sugar which planned to release another of their VN overseas (Magical Charming), and it was already Greenlighted at Steam which of course it'll be released at Steam. No idea of how much the cut at H content for now here seeing that Steam was forbid game with explicit sexual content for now, although the first impression that I got for now that it's quite average VN looking at VNDB score. Let's see it later in regard of Magical Charming. Oh, and by the way Fruitbat was announced that Kickstarter for Chuusotsu was begin at 25th (Good luck), and I'll report the progress of the Kickstarter here.

By the way, if there's people who look forward to Nekonin be glad because they finally release it. As for the VN itself, well it's quite interesting if one interested with catgirl and ninja I guess. From what I knew, looks like it was quite mediocre looking at both of of EGS and VNDB average score (Both was at around 68). But then again maybe some people here will find the good side of Nekonin though, so feel free to try it out. Oh, and other than Nekonin release this week Sekai was only had one update in which goes like Bokukotsu was at 57.27% which is quite a big jump from last week. Other than those two news, there's still no word from Sekai in regard of Rakuen yet so I guess it's probably would be going to delayed again.

As usual ie biweekly, this week go got another updates from Mangagamer which of course was good. As for the updates it goes like Sorcery Joker was at 87% translated, Hapymager was at 74% translated (69% edited), Trinoline was 11.5% translated (2% edited), Boukaku was fully edited, Naked Butler was at 63% retranslated, Hashihime was at 39% translated (3% edited), Fata Morgana fandisc was at 44% edited, and Dal Segno was in testing. There's also some secret projects update which goes like 1st was at 88% translated, 3rd was at 43.5% translated (43% edited), 4th was at 97% translated (64% edited), and 7th was at 54% translated. There's also some matter of Imouto Paradise 2 in which right now our Doddler was handling the porting for it, and he was also planned to working on Bokuten next. For one last remark here, I wonder if they about to prepare the release if Dal Segno in near future although looking at Mangagamer release pattern it's probably in this year (Hopefully).

For fan translation section, there's two nukige release. One of those releases was Maki Fes (Another was Black Lilith VN), in which it was tell the story of about how very bland MC was try to made some friendship with Maki in hope to be more intimate with her (Of course Maki will like the MC lol). To tell the truth, the story was just lemon (18+ fanfic) for Maki so for the VN itself it's nothing special. Although the staff whose worked on Maki Fes was quite interesting though (There's Zakamutt and Asonn), and by the way congratulations for Maki Fes release.

As for the updates, first of all we finally got Majokoi continuing the translation progress because Maki Fes was finished (The new translator was also work in Maki Fes), and for the update here we got Majokoi at 73.5% translated and 19% TLC-ed (Good luck with the translation there). For the rest of the updates we got Loverable finally reached 60% mark translated (Also with 33.45% TLC-ed and 18.5% edited); Koiken Otome fandisc was had Shiho route at 15% translated; Eustia was at 7.5% translated (For more detail the prologue was at 81.44% translated and halfway (50.26%) edited), and by the way they were planned to release a partial patch that cover up to Eris arc. As for HatsuKoi, maybe they'll release Maya's patch later or tomorrow but one thing for sure I'll waiting for the update here (Also report it here of course, along with their next project).

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - Right now Tsurezure was released Maya's patch which of course translated Maya's route and all other heroines route except Yukino. As for the progress, Yukino's was at 35% translated and overall was already pass 90% mark translated (91.47% translated). As for their next project, it was Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road which was called as some sort of Majikoi successor iirc. It's also had the translation project here, but looks like it's already dead for years. Look forward if you fan of Tsujidou, and I'll definitely report the progress for Tsujidou here.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/15/2017)

I knew the title was very cheesy here, but at least it should be obvious what it meant lol. For the explanation, the image header was a hero from recently released otome games Nightshade Gekkamaru (Quite handsome to me lol), in which he was described as one of the ninja from Kouga's family. As for the Nightshade itself, I must admit that the graphic look good and the story was at the post Sengoku wars. Too bad that I didn't quite interested at otome games though, although if you interested with otome I would suggest you to get Nightshade. Anyway, sorry for being very late here once again to write my commentary here. As for this week, unless you fan of otome games there this week was to be honest was quite plain there with no notable updates yet, although there were some announcements though. Let's see what I could write here.

While a week ago I was interested with Sekai Project, turned out that their announcement from Sakuracon was not big one (Granted it may be less known convention, but still). As for the announcement, it's from less known company from the info that I could see at VNDB. The premise might be interesting though, but for now I won't quite interested (Maybe I will in the future). Anyway, back to updates we had Fatal Twelve was at 52% translated, KARAKARA 2 was at 60% translated, and Bokukotsu was past over halfway mark translated (53.52% translated). Oh, by the way Nekopara 3 release was delayed to May 26th because of the health problem from the illustrator (Sayori). That's all for Sekai project here.

There's also a matter of Overdrive last project thing, which is at least one of Mangagamer April Fools post in regard of Overdrive closing was at least partially true. Because by last project of course it mean that Overdrive was about to be close (Duh). Anyway, as for the project there's still no concrete info as of now (Other than there will be two crowdfunding, one for the initial funding and another for near release physical edition preorder), but at least there's some confirmation it'll be released in Japan and English at the same time. Well, looking forward to Overdrive swan song here then (Quite funny since the writer (Setoguchi Ren'ya) wrote Swan Song in the past).

For fan translation, actually other than Nightshade there's another otome VN released here. The VN in question was Ayakashi Gohan which apparently was already in translation for a while there, and had the female MC in three personality (Also had some supernatural thing with ayakashi). Congratulation for the release of Ayakashi Gohan complete patch by the way. As for the usual updates, we had:

  • Eustia was at reaching three quarter mark translated for the prologue (75.82% translated, and overall was at 6.98% translated). Oh, and it was also 37.27% TLC-ed (For the prologue, while the overall was at 3.43%)
  • Loverable was at 31.65% TLC-ed and 17.95% edited
  • HatsuKoi was at 84.97% translated (Maya's route was at 90.08% translated), and they hope that they could release Maya's patch by next weekend.
  • Tsui Yuri was at 86% QC-ed
  • Koiken Otome fandisc was at 3% (ie 709 lines from Shiho route) translated

For more progress, there's Konosora retranslation project in which right now Amane's route was at more or less three quarter retranslated (All of other routes were already finished). As for Majokoi, there's no update from the number of translated lines yet although for now we had TLC update though which right now was at 17% TLC-ed (FredtheBarber hope that after MakiFes release the new translator could had more time for Majokoi, or so I'd read in one of his posts). As for the Clover Days, Ittaku stated that he finally started the translation of the Anzu's route although unlike ToHeart 2 in the past, there'll be unedited complete patch though if the translation for Anzu's was complete (I assume it was to avoid similar situation like back at ToHeart 2). Oh, and there's also Nocturnal Illusion Renewal in which the editing was going slowly because the editor was addicted to Persona 5 right now (I understand that very well).

That's all for my very late VNTS Review here, and happy Easter there. See you next Sunday.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/08/2017)

Edit - Since we had our Decay trying to add VNTS weekly, I'll add VNTS link for this week as usual. I knew that the image header was not Kyou from HatsuKoi, but rather it was from Aiyoku no Eustia (Good thing that it's finally added to VNTS). Even so, I decided to keep my own VNTS Review title for this week because it's more fitting imo looking at HatsuKoi Kyou's patch release once again.

As for the review title, since this week we had Kyou's patch release from HatsuKoi translation project, I decided for the title we had something like Koichoco full title (Love, Election, and Chocolate) with some adjustment. First love was the direct translation from Hatsukoi, while pizza and basketball was what we could see from Kyou's route later, so we had 'First love, Basketball, and Pizza' as the title. With the title matter done here, let me said that other than Kyou's patch release, there's no major complete release for this week so I could say that this is a calm week after Boston convention. Speaking about convention, there's SakuraCon next week although this time apparently only Sekai that will had the announcement though. With that done, let's move on to the actual review.

This week there's a video from Visual Arts. I knew that sounds lame here because it's mean that I was like promoting a random video from Youtube lol. But actually it's important video in which it was Little Busters Complete Edition with English subtitle. Speaking about that, there's also a news that apparently Baba (Visual Arts CEO) was planning to release it on this spring. Which mean that it'll be at least early June for be the latest if we speaking about the spring (Unless we count Australia, in which case it would be early December lol). Although I kind of wonder a little bit whether Fruitbat Factory will be involved in the release or not (Probably is, considering that our Phlebas from Fruitbat involved with the translation of original version in the past). As for my comment, well at least we could read three more additional routes which should be satisfy any Little Busters fan there.

For Sekai section, there's not much to say here other than at least there's still some updates from them (Bokukotsu was almost reach halfway translated (49%), while their first secret project was at 68%). Although this week they only had few updates here, actually this week Sekai releasing two demos for their coming soon VNs. The first demo was Nekonin which apparentlybgetting ready for April release and also already opened the Steam store, thile the 2nd demo was from Fatal Twelve which safe to said quite interesting because the Kickstarter wasn't ended yet. Go get those two from their Steam stores (Nekonin and Fatal Twelve) if you interested. Speaking about Steam store, there's also another one established for Rakuen which mean the release date was close (Good for Grisaia fan), and apparently according to Steam the release date was at April.

Other than Sekai, this week Mangagamer was also had some updates. For the updates it goes like Trinoline was at 6% translated (Very recent VN and all), Hapymaher was at 73% translated (66% edited), Sorcery Joker was at 85% translated, Boukaku was fully translated and 91% edited (Very fast update there), recently announced BL VN (I'll call it Hashihime) was at 31% translated (Same number with Maggot Bait), Fata Morgana fandisc was past halfway (52%) translated and 30% edited, Naked Butler was past halfway (53%) retranslated, and Kuroinu Chapter 2 was fully translated (Also 58% translated). For loli nukige (Sweet Young Bride), it was already completed (Fully edited and translated) since it was still announced as secret project. As for secret projects, turn out that there's still six unknown VNs instead of five because Mangagamer add 7th secret project. For the progress, 1st was at 83% translated (78% edited), 2nd was at 55% translated (44% edited), 3rd was at 39% for both of translation and editing process, 4th was at 88% translated (58% edited), and the 7th was at 43% translated (32% edited). That's all for Mangagamer this week.

For this week, first of all there's no Majokoi update at this week unfortunately (Hope there will be next week). Although of course there's still some update from other projects though (Duh). For the updates, this week we had Loverable which is at 59.54% translated right now, following with TLC progress at 29.94% and 17.26% edited (They also completed Satsuki's route, and they'll translate Nanako's route next). Other than Loverable, we had Witch Garden at 23% translated, Eustia finally reached 6% mark translated (Prologue was at 67.78% translated. For more elaboration it was at 45.98% edited and 25.44% TLC-ed for the prologue), ToHeart 2 was 70% proofread (Also Yuuki's route finished the proofreading), and Koiken Otome fandisc was at 2% translated (527 lines). For the last but definitely not the least update we had HatsuKoi project (Tsurezure) who released another patch (Obviously Kyou's patch once again), and of course there's some progress as well in which they tackle Maya's route right now just like they said (Maya's route was at 20.23% translated, while for overall was at 71.55% translated).

That's all for my VNTS review this week albeit early. See you next week.

PS - Today there's another HatsuKoi patch in which it goes like Maya's route was at 44.54% translated and overall translation progress was past three quarter mark (76.52%) translated. That's all for the additional update here.


Visual Novel Translation Status (04/01/2017) 

The title for this week might be too simple here, but it really meant to said of how beautiful the alpaca is that lol. Okay, since we had alpaca here for image header while we had three other human heroines, I decided to make the title 'The Beautiful Alpaca' because I'm sure that behind it's appearance if it's normal human i'm sure that the alpaca will be beautiful human girl (There's other reason though). With the title matter done here, welcome to my VNTS Review for this week and happy April fools here beforehand.

If we could look at the image header, we could see that we had four different image in the header, which mean it's been awhile since we had four notable releases at one week (The last time was at December iirc when we had four release). Which of course this should be good, if only i'm interested with those releases (I'm not too interested by the way). Today we also had Anime Boston, and the announcements was quite letdown imo (At least one of those were the secret announcements from Mangagamer). Although if we talk about Mangagamer announcements, guess they'll probably save the big one for the announcements like AX or Otakon later here. Let's just see what Mangagamer had for us later (At both of AX and Otakon 2017 of course).

From Fruitbat Factory, this week they released Miniature Garden which is actually already delayed because back at February it was stated to be released at March 3rd. That's all in the past though, and at least we already get the release here so what's done it's done. Anyway, about Miniature Garden I would said that the VN was actually had some interesting production value if we looking at the seiyuu (I mean Sora Tokui who as we knew also voiced Yazawa Nico (Or Nico Nico Nii) back at Love Live, the art wasn't so bad ie good, and the opening song was quite interesting. Too bad though that's apparently the VN itself was had some problem so much that the average VNDB score was quite low. Either way, go get that from Steam if you interested, and maybe you could see the good part of Miniature Garden.

As for fan translation, this week they still give some usual updates here. As for updates goes, right now Loverable was at 58.32% translated, 29.87% TLC-ed, and 16.04% edited; Majokoi was at 69.6% edited and 16% TLC-ed (Still no translation update yet by the way); Eustia was at 5.6% translated and 3.78% edited (The prologue was at 60.77% translated and 41.06% edited for more detail); and we had Dergonu managed to translated more lines from Minato's route at Koiken Otome Revive (366 lines). Also for this week we had our Ittaku reporting that right now the proofread for ToHeart 2 was reaching 65% for the progress, or if you want more detail the route that was finished for the proofread was twins route. Other than those updates, there's no announcement from fan translation this week (Duh). For HatsuKoi, I'll add the update in here later but for now the progress was 42.13% of Kyou's route was translated, and overall it was at 58.79% translated.

Sekai Project

There's no much usual updates from Sekai this week, although to tell the truth most of their usual updates were already completed (Chrono Clock, Maitetsu). But of course if we mean 'no much usual updates', Sekai was still had some updates here only not as much as before. For this week usual updates, we got Bokukotsu at 42% translated and Kanonana was at 70% translated. Also this week they add some new updates. The new usual updates goes like we had KARAKARA 2 was at 48% translated and Fatal Twelve was at halfway translated. As for the speed of the translation, it's probably another VNs with short length (I still interested with KARAKARA 2 a little bit by the way) but it's just my guess for now. For the last updates, since this is already April I would said that obviously they had some technical problem at handling Rakuen of course it's inevitable that they delayed the release of it. Let's see if they could managed it in this month (I mean April).

Other than the updates, this week Sekai was had tow releases here. The first one was PacaPlus which to said had quite unique premise to say the least (I mean your childhood friend was alpaca or something like that, although granted there's more on thta once again). As for this VN, actually it's been a while that this VN was received the translation (Back at 2012) although with Sekai usual pattern guess it's nothing new there. As for Sekai other release, instead of Japanese VN we got Chinese VN, and looking from the premise I'm sure that was remind me of the eden if one want to talk about the premise. Anyway, as for Chinese VN itself (Companion) I must said that the art was quite nice to look at although I wasn't quite interesting with the VN though (Maybe I will in the future) for now. Other than those updates and release, this time Sekai didn't had announcement for Boston unlike last year (I guess I better waiting until Sakuracon later).


For Boston, only Mangagamer who had the announcements here. But before going to the announcements here, let me state that this week Mangagamer also had one release and one planned release there. For the release, at 31st they released Kuroinu which safe to said not my taste. Although even if it's not my taste here, I knew that the VN was also had good writers whose their other works was quite infamous euphoria (I knew that euphoria was had some interesting story, but the sex was not my taste here). If you interested with Kuroinu, go get that from Mangagamer. Other than release, Mangagamer also already determined when next part of Higurashi (Meakashi) will be released. The release date was at 28th according to their blogpost. About Meakashi, to tell the truth I'd already guess that Meakashi was almost released from looking at Doddler's tweet, but I forgot to write about that here.

As for the announcements, what I could said is that quite a letdown there. Although at least we didn't need to blindly guess one of their secret project, because it's only quite a short nukige there (I wonder if all of their other secret projects would be short nukige as well by the way). As for BL VN, I admit that the setting was quite interesting just like Kuroinu, but too bad BL was not my interest in the first place. Nevertheless, I'll report the progress for the BL VN if there's one as usual there and coincidentally there's already some progress for it (It was at a quarter translated right now).

While I said that the announcements was quite a letdown, actually there's one interesting announcements. Namely that Mangagamer announce Trinoline (I'd always misspelled it as Trionline lol) which is another minori games. As for the announcements, while this is quite interesting on it's own, actually there's many people who already saw this coming since back at last year AX iirc. As for the premise, maybe I would said it's like sci-fi nakige because there's usual trope for nakige that we love there (Death and sick girl), and of course what's sci-fi without android in the first place (Or to be exact the android who exactly like MC dead little sister and had said little sister memories to boot). With that done, actually there's more that interest me. Namely that this is the first VN that minori attempted to localize after their failure at Supipara (So much that the opening for Trinoline (And any of minori VN) was not animated anymore), which to said at least minori saw some potential in overseas market. Also with what Decay said that Trinoline sales could help minori fundraising (189,436 as of now), and in turn will help Supipara Chapter 2 in English (Although it means that minori should release Trinoline first though if they want to use it as fund raising). What I could say for now here would be let's see it later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.

PS - As for Grisaia Complete Box plan when the Kickstarter of Phantom Trigger reach 180,000 gathered, I would said whatever ie not that interested.

PPS - Kyou's route from HatsuKoi was fully translated, and overall translation progress was at 67.66% (Past two third mark) translated. Also the team will be reveal their next project later after Maya's patch. Oh, and they said that they hope by Wednesday the patch (Kyou's) could be released.


Visual Novel Translation Status (03/26/2017)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review and let me try to do my best to report all of available update here. But before that, let me say this week we had some announcement from Sekai and usual progress from both of Mangagamer and fan translation, so overall I think this is quite nice week here albeit with no complete English translated language VN release (Other than quite strange NTR trap nukige here).

For Sekai Project, instead of usual weekly updates in the past (There's still some of that though) they had some announcement at this week. For the announcement, they planned for KARAKARA 2 which is sequel of KARAKARA with new heroines, Nekonin which is another catgirl game from their new partner Whirlpool, and Project Lux. As for the announcements, I interested little bit with KARAKARA 2 (Also with the new heroines) although I could say otherwise to Nekonin though (Not interested with that, and with 68 EGS score to boot). Not interested with Project Lux, although I admit that the girl was cute. Other than three announcement, Sekai also had Fatal Twelve Kickstarter which is already success as of now with the gathered fund at more than 35,000. As for the usual updates, this week we saw big jump at Kanonana which right now was at 60% translated, while for Daybreak it was at 72% translated (By the way, Kickstarter for Tokeijikake was finished), and finally we had Bokukotsu was at 39.46% translated. That's all for Sekai here.

For Other section, there's Dies Irae which right now it was in debugging process (For English version), and also the 18+ patch was apparently planned to be finished at March (Although it's almost end though). For other news, we had Chuusotsu which will be released by Fruitbat Factory and will be also had Kickstarter. It was already entering Prefundia and it was planned to be released at this year. As for the premise, looks like we'll be going to had all girl cast here, although I suspect there's more to that though especially with suspiciously high average scores at VNDB (7.94 average which safe to said was quite high for usual moege imo. Also Moogy vote this 8 again, although it's not say much though). For last news at this section, finally Fruitbat announced that release date for Miniature Garden will be at March 30th (There's also some progress from Seabed which is 30% translated right now). Before forgot here, actually there's also Zero Escape Nonary games release at Steam with the addition of voice acting. Not quite interested for now, but I'd heard many positive review about the duology itselves. Go get it from Steam if you interested.


This week we also saw some updates from Mangagamer, and apparently they'll be the only company who will be had panel at Anime Boston later with three announcements (One of those announcements was from new partner). Anyway, we obviously won't know what Mangagamer had for us here until the day of the announcement here, so I'll make some roundup for the updates here. The updates from Mangagamer goes like we had Sorcery Joker was at 83% translated, Hapymaher was at 71% translated and 60% edited, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 48% translated and 20% edited, Imopara 2 was at 64% edited, Kuroinu Chapter 2 was at 80% translated and 42% edited, Boukaku was at 73% translated and 70% edited, Naked Butler was at 47% retranslated, and for Maggot Bait it was 29% translated right now.

Before forget here, we also had some secret projects update which goes like 1st was at 80% translated and 78% edited, 2nd secret project was at halfway translated and 31% edited, 3rd secret project was at 33% translated and 32% edited and 4th secret project was at 83% translated and 47% edited. For one more info, I think one of those secret project would be Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden looking back at Waffle tweet although I might be wrong here though (It's too obvious anyway).

Fan Translation 

As for fan translation, we had some updates like usual along with another new project here. For the detail, we had Majokoi was at 69.5% edited (Still no translation progress yet because of translator change), Loverable was at 57.44% translated and 28.94% TLC-ed, Sono Hanabira 11 translation was completed (Still uncertain about time if release though unfortunately), and for Eustia right now it was at 5.51% translated and 2.98% edited (The prologue was reaching 60% mark translated (60.04%), and also edited at 32.37%). There's also the matter of Clover Days which Ittaku state that he'll see if there's a time for him to translate the rest of Anzu's route (At least it's confirmed that he'll also try to tackle Anzu's route). Speaking about established project, it was Koiken Otome fandisc project which was established by our Dergonu. I'll keeping track of this project weekly from now on (Good luck with the project there), and for the progress few hundreds lines (206 lines) of Minato's route were translated. There's also Witch Garden at 22% translated (I didn't keep track of it for a long time).

For last news here, there's HatsuKoi Runa's patch release (Translated Runa's route obviously alongside common and Midori's routes), and they already had the translation plan which goes like they'll translated Kyou's route first, then Maya's and finally Yukino's. They also state the reason for taking Maya's route at 4th order was because it was the 2nd longest route after Runa's, and they afraid that if they tackle Maya route last it'll cause them the burnout. Oh, and by the way they already translated 13.53% of Kyou's route and the overall progress was at 54.41% translated (Also they'll had update later). That's all for fan translation section.

That's all for my VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - There's also HatsuKoi update today (3/27) in which right now the progress is 42.13% of Kyou's route translated, and overall progress was at 58.79% translated. That's all for additional HatsuKoi update.

PPS - For little trivia about the title, looking at how gorgeous the background one (It's from ef after all) I decided to just made the simple title 'The Refined Twilight' just because the current situation in the photo was at twilight, and the girl in VNTS header was Hayama Mizuki from ef (I don't care about Deluxe edition though). Another reason for the title would be I'd also search some girls using Mizuki's seiyuu (Gotou Mai) and found out that she was also voicing Ran from My Girlfriend is the President. Speaking about Ran, it was Japanese name for orchid and orchid in flower language was had the meaning of refinement. I think it's quite fitting for CG imo.


Visual Novel Translation Status (03/18/2017)

The title for this week was very simple. It was meant to combine the otome game title (Funny enough, the title was 'Birthday Song') and new Narcissu character there (Sumire), so we got 'Happy Birthday Sumire' there which ironically the character in question was not in the mood to celebrate it (Sickness and all). Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review which is quite late at that and this is also the first time in 2017 I make the title from combining two VNTS image header. That aside, for this week I think the updates was had some interesting point there, especially with some Kickstarter project which I just noticed. Although from Sekai there's no much that I could write from their usual updates though, instead they prepared for some release of several VNs (Hope that they had some interesting announcement at Boston later). With that done, let's see what I could write for this week.

As for Mangagamer secret project, to be honest I didn't track those at all. Since I already gave their belated updates at last blog post here, let me give the belated updates from their secret projects this week. The updates were goes like 1st secret project was at 74% translated, 2nd secret project was at 46% translated and 17% edited, 3rd secret project was at 27% translated and 26% edited, 4th secret project was at 72% translated and 43% edited, and 5th secret project was fully edited. As for what secret projects is, still don't know yet although maybe they'll announce it at Boston later (Only three announcements, with one from new partner iirc). That's all for Mangagamer belated updates at their secret project.

Sekai Project

For Sekai project, there's no usual update once again (The reason would be that Chrono Clock was finally released and Maitetsu fully translated) other than Bokukotsu which right now was at 39.2% translated. Although their usual updates was getting few, of course there's some release plan from them which I'll tell here later. But beforehand let me state that this week we also had Narcissu Sumire release once again, which was the part of Narcissu anthology or something like that. I would said if you really want to enjoy all Narcissu, get Sumire. As for the premise, it was once again sick girl which apparently the franchise was fond of. The other updates from Sekai was goes like that both of Paca Plus and Darekoi were finally entering Steam Greenlight, which mean that the release time for those two were almost close. Not quite interested with Darekoi for now, but at least I could comment that Paca Plus was quite interesting I guess that we had our childhood friend as alpaca there (I knew that the truth was more complicated).

For last news from Sekai, this week they also launched another Kickstarter. The Kickstarter goal was to realize the release of Fatal Twelve, which is the VN that had same developer as Sound of Drop. Earlier, there's some controversy in regard of Japanese seiyuu, and my answer to the controversy would be I think it's actually quite rational because the developer itself was also Japanese company. As for the seiyuu themselves, all of them was quite unknown (Had few roles in the anime) with one exception which is quite understandable if the company want to reduce the cost (Although they probably prioritizing the budget on the art though, because the art was good looking). For current situation, right now they managed to gather the fund at 26,697 out of 35,000 ie almost complete. That's all for Sekai Project news here.


For this section, first of all there's some interesting OELVN Kickstarter. For the first Kickstarter, this week we had Episicava Kickstarter which was created by our dfbreezy out there. As for the funding, right now it was at 754 out of 5,500 which still far from ideal to say the least. If some of the reader here curious about the VN, just download the demo here. Of course there's one more Kickstarter, and this time it's Crystalline Kickstarter which I found out about that when I saw the LP for the demo. From what I knew after my little searching, it's from save developer as Ace Academy and I think it's quite interesting that it was voiced. As for my opinion, I think the VA was doing quite a good job there (Although to tell the truth I rarely heard VN with English voice though, so I couldn't say more here) and most importantly the art was quite good to look at. Here's the Kickstarter page for Crystalline, and if you interested just download the demo there (For the record right now it gathered CA$ 31,675 out of CA$ 65,000).

Other than those two Kickstarters, once again there's update. First update here would be that Whirlpool was about to releasing Nekonin at April later at Steam, which mean of course there will be no H Scenes there. Although with or with out H Scenes I wouldn't interested with Nekonin in the first place though, and so does for Hakuoki remake in which will be released at May for PS Vita (Otome game and for PSV at that). And for the last news here, this is the best one in regard of Libra release date in which finally they announced the exact date. The date was unfortunately not at March, but rather at May 16th which mean the release was obviously delayed once again (Duh). Apparently the reason was because they didn't want the release date was coincide with Phantom Trigger Kickstarter and release, although to be honest I prefer that they could just release it per schedule (March). Guess it's they policy though to respect another company, and therefore I'll just leave it at that. That's all for Other section.

Fan Translation

There's so many things happened this week, but first let me state that this week we didn't had the update for Majokoi (The first happened) because of some personal business from the editor FredtheBarber (Travelling and all). Hope we could see usual progress at the next week. With that done, this week we also had some Loverable update which right now it was at 56.92% translated and 28.76% TLC-ed. For Sono Hanabira 11, right now it's almost completed the translation with 117 out of 120 scripts were translated (Apparntly they also planned to bring the translation to Mangagamer, although it's still not clear for now though). This week we also finally had some word from Arcadeotic in which he stated that Bishoujo Mangekyou project still alive, only right now he was busy with real life matter (Exams at university iirc). As for HatsuKoi, once again good job to them now that they was past halfway for overall progress (51.53% translated), although they said that too bad they didn't managed to fully translated Runa route this week (It was at 96.25% translated for Runa route). As for they next plan, it should be obvious that they'll try to release Runa's patch next weekend or sooner.

Before closing this VNTS Review, there's another translation project established. It's Aiyoku no Eustia in which was another of August VN (By the way, right now Fortune Arterial was at 47% for the 3rd script of Erika's route). As for Eustia, it's one of quite famous VN in which back in the past Taka Jun was attempted to translate it through Yandere Translation. Which of course was stalled like Majikoi because he was to busy with work and all (12 or 13 hours of work iirc), although they still managed to release partial patch up to Fione's arc though. I'll keep my eyes on this, and the current progress right now it was at 5.18% translated, 2.01% edited, and 1.5% TLC-ed for overall (Or 56.24%, 21.81% edited, and 16.3% TLC-ed for prologue). The team was pick up from the scratch instead of using old translation which translate up to Fione's arc, and what I could say here would be good luck to the project there. Also hope we could enjoy Eustia translated (By the way, I like the opening song of Eustia).

That's all for my belated VNTS Review this week, and see you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (03/11/2017)

The title was very bad for this week I knew, so I'm apologize in advance for that regarding the title. About the title here, I mentioned Ayaya because of the seiyuu factor ie seiyuu joke here (By the way Ayaya (Or Komichi Aya for the real name) was from Kiniro Mosaic, and of course I'm continuing Kiniro refrence here from last week). Oh, and speaking about the seiyuu it's Risa Taneda once again who also voiced one of the heroine from Japanese School Life VN. As for the girl in VN image header, of course she was voiced by Taneda (Duh) and her occupation was a doctor hence the title. With that done, welcome to this week VNTS Review which according to Tay was quite anemic ie lacking to be blunt. Although of course there's still some interesting progress though which I'll track those progress here.

Okay, about the girl in image header it's actually from Utawarerumono 2, which was announced will be released at May 23rd. Although once again I would said it'll be interesting release, too bad though I'd not quite interested with that mainly because I didn't own either PS4 or PSV here and buying those not my options for now to said it honestly (Also no PC release once again). But if you already own PS4 or about to buy it like Decay and Utawarerumono fans, I would say go get the game there. Other than Utawarerumono sequels duology, we also had Libra progress in which right now was had all routes was finally translated once again, and the last side episode (Iris's) was already at 80% edited according to them (I missed this back in February by the way) - which of course made the editing process for Aoi and Lycoris side episode was already finished. And in regard of Phantom Trigger Kickstarter, they already reach the goal (80,000) and apparently they'll add more side goal there. Almost forgot to said that Miniature Garden release was delayed to April 3rd according to Mangagamer site there.

As for Sekai, they was the most anemic if we looking at their progress (Bokukotsu was at 37.02% and Maitetsu was fully translated), although perhaps they'd getting ready for Anime Boston announcement later. If one could recall, at last Anime Boston they announced Maitetsu and Tokeijikake, which while it's not quite big title those two were still definitely quite well known. Speaking about Sekai, apparently there's some complain in regard of Chrono Clock translation which apparently was unedited at some section (I could give less care in term of slang and uncommon word). According to some source (Editor's tweet), Chrono Clock was only like 84% edited by the time of the rease so perhaps it could explain some unnatural reading there (Especially H Scenes). In regard of that, Sekai promised that they'll release the patch to fix that particular issue at Monday in case some of you interested with that.

For fan translation, it's still had some usual updates here but for this week the progress was directed toward TLC. As for the updates recap, we had 115 scripts translated for Sono Hanabira 11; Majokoi was at 68.7% edited and 15.6% TLC-ed (Still no translation progress because the new main translator was still trying catch up with the VN); and while we didn't had Loverable updates announced here, the team was still working if some of you wonder (For the current progress, right now it was at 55.86% translated, 27.43% TLC-ed, and 17.03% edited). And for HatsuKoi, still no progress as of now yet but maybe there will be later.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS (3/12) - About Mangagamer, they just deliver the updates at this morning so let me list the updates here. For both of Hapymaher and Sorcery Joker, right now it was at 69% translated (54% edited) and 81% translated respectively. Fata Morgana fandisc was at 47% translated and 17% edited (Quite nice jump there), ehile Imopara 2 was at 59% edited. As for Kuroinu Chapter 2, right now it was at 62% translated and 18% edited. Speaking about high sexual context VN, there's also Maggot Bait which as of now Kouryuu managed to translated 22% of it. For last updates here, Naked Butler was at 42% retranslated and Evangile W was fully edited. That's all for Mangagamer late update, and I'll check if there's updates from their secret project later.

PPS - Right now HatsuKoi did some update. As for the update, they translated almost two third of Runa's route (65.64% translated) and for overall progress it was at 44.98% translated. For their next plan, they'll try to finishing Runa route this weekend and release Runa patch at next weekend. Keep in mind that the plan could be change though because of some circumstance (Also in regard the plan for release one patch for each month), but one thing that was sure for now would be the full patch for HatsuKoi wouldn't be come later than June. That's all for HatsuKoi update.


Visual Novel Translation Status (03/04/2017)

First of all, sorry for my very delayed VNTS Review here. As for the title, I'd quite confused at first but since we had English girl as image header and blonde at that, I decided to use Kiniro Clock which is derived from Kiniro Mosaic anime (Of course the word Clock was from Chrono Clock duh, and Kiniro mean golden ie blonde as the anime state). With that said, welcome to my belated VNTS Review here.

As for this week (Well more likely last, but whatever), while Sekai was released one VN I'd more like the updates from fan translation if I may said it honestly here. Other than both of Sekai and fan translation segments, this week there's no exciting announcent from Mangagamer here (Duh). But actually this week JAST was had a news in regard of their VN, namely that one of their nukige (Nympho Ryoko Sensei) was entering Golden Master which mean the release time was almost close. My respons here would be whatever. Let's see what this week updates offer here.

Today, apparently Frontwing will be launching Phantom Trigger Kickstarter at 6th (6 PM PST to be exact) later. As for mine, well to be honest not one that I'm interested with, but I'll try to keep my eyes on the Kickstarter and doing usual here (Report of how much fund is gathering). Also there's another VN was planned to be release in English version ie Steam, wich to tell the truth it was quite unusual. The unusual thing about the VN (Shibuya Scramble) is that it'll be using real life art for the character instead of using hand drawn sprite. Other than that, apparently this VN got 40 out of 40 scores at Famitsu which is said a lot about the game (Perhaps). I'll try to search the info about this upcoming VN later, although I remember that I'd read about this back at Gamefaqs Ever17 board though.

As like I said before, this week we had some interesting yet usual updates from fan translation section. But before I write the updates let me say that apparently Aokana project was stalled there once again, and apparently they tried to reorganized the team or something like that (Hope the best for them then). Speaking about stalled project, congratulations to Majokoi translation project because they finally managed to find new lead translator there, and hopefully the translation progress could be resumed once again. As for the progress, no progress for the translation (Understandable though) while there's some slight update from edit and TLC (67.2% and 15.1% respectively).

Other than those two, there's once again some interesting updates. For more detail there Loverable was at 55.29% translated, 22.79% TLC-ed, and 16.85% edited; To Heart 2 was at about 55% proofread more or less (Also Yuma route finished proofread process there); Sono Hanabira 11 was at 113 out of 120 scripts translated; and for last but not the least we had HatsuKoi progeress which is quite significant if I may said. For more detail, they once again translating Runa route right now and surprisingly they translated 31.75% of it, because according to the translator themselves it was the longest route at HatsuKoi and they even state that if they did Yukino first the overall progress would be past halfway (51%, compared to current overall progress which at 37.72% translated).

As for Sekai, while there's a release once again, their updates were quite lacking to be very blunt here. For the updates right now Maitetsu was almost finished with the translation at 99.69% and Bokukotsu was at 35.01% translated. Finally, once again Sekai was had released VN there and it was Chrono Clock. As for the release, I admit that at forst I sort of didn't trust that because there's no release date back at both of Nutaku and Steam, and it turned out that the release date was real indeed. Well, as for the VN itself it's sort of heartwarming and light tale about love there, and we had time travel element as well so if people expect deep story, better not play this imo (I already played this a little bit). Also for last note here, the planning staff was also responsible back at minori and Supipara as well (mikage) for a little trivia.

That's all for my once again belated VNTS Review, and see you next week (Or maube next Sunday to be exact).

PS - Speaking about Supipara, I think the time we'll get the Peace Story will be very long time because from what I saw minori was still not gathered 200,000 yet from the sales. Just want to write about that here.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/25/2017) 

The title should be very obvious, especially if you're fan of Madoka. The gist of my title would be very obviously parodying very famous anime Madoka (Duh), only in the title I changed 'Madoka' to 'Mina' in the title because the girl in the image header was not Madoka of course, but rather our MC from recently released Shadows of Pygmalion Hajiro Mina. As for the Pygmalion, I played the demo already and saw some info on the internet, at Mangagamer blog post in which they said that Pygmalion here was quite comparable with Madoka there. In the end, it's just my opinion though that Pygmalion was quite parallel with Madoka, although perhaps the real reason I made the comparison between that was one segment from the demo and a scene from Madoka quite similar imo - also more interesting with one certain seiyuu (It was near the end of the demo, and the seiyuu in question was Kitamura Eri which also voiced Sayaka back in Madoka. Do the math). That's all for my writing about the title here, and welcome to this week VNTS Review in which I'll try to comment the progress for some updates here again.

Okay, as for this week it's the most interesting weeks if we looking at the announcements from some company and planned release (At least for this year, which admittedly was only going at 2 months for now). This week we had some usual updates from both of Sekai and fan translation, a release of Mangagamer in which I already attempt talked about, and the biggest one here would be the announcements from Frontwing. As for what order I should write here, perhaps I'll start to talk about Sekai Project first here.

Sekai Project

They apparently had planned an interesting release for next week, but there's no info from my attempted search there. But first before I writing my opinion about that, let me do some roundup for their usual progress here with the exception the planned release. Okay, the roundup goes like Maitetsu was at 95.92% translated, Tokeijikake 2 was 60% translated (I'll just called this update Daybreak for next week here), 1st sekrit project was fully translated, Bokukotsu was at 33.54% translated, and Kanonana was at 32% translated. As for Tokeijikake kickstarter, it's already success from the last week and it's already gather more than 90,000 so no comment here. Almost forget that right now Rakuen was fully translated and starting the editing process (They still on track to release it on March - at least the Steam version iirc). That's all for the updates here.

As for the planned release for next week, it should be very obvious enough. But just in case someone didn't get that, it's Chrono Clock in which apparently will be released at 28th. While the news here was of course very good if I may admit here, the info in regard of the release was still quite vague at that (Whether it's real or not, and I wouldn't count ANN as reliable source for release date). What I want to said is that one again there's still no indication when Chrono Clock is released as of now (Both of Steam and Nutaku page still said that the release date was 'Soon'). Therefore it's possible that Chrono Clock will be not released at 28th, but maybe at March it could be possible if I said here (Especially with this game was currently at 97.28% translated right now, which is slightly less ideal if one want 28th release). Despite what all I'd saying here earlier, of course I still interested with this VN and I would be happy if the release date was indeed right at 28th. For now in regard of Chrono Clock, I'll just wait and see here like usual.


This week we had some interesting surprise from Frontwing. But first let me state that Phantom Trigger was already prepared their prefundia and the goal was at 80,000. Not the VN that I had interest with in the first place, so I'll pass. Though if some of you here want more Grisaia, go ahead and feel free to look at their Kickstarter later though (I'll report weekly fund gathering if possible here later). As for interesting surprise, there's two this week but first let me state the first interesting news. The first one was in regard of Island translation, which announced back at AX 2016 and right now it was in translation progress. For more info it was at halfway translated, and they planned to release it this year. Let's just see it later here.

As for the second surprise here, it was Subahibi in which definitely had some history with VN Translation scene. This VN was quite (in)famous for apparently quite hard to translate prose, had some controversial sex scene even to me (I'm quite with with yuri in the first place and I could handle bestiality here slightly, but maybe I'll need to tolerate yaoi here), and apparently had some philosophical thing. As for more info, the translation was already there since back at 2012 around time when Kajitsu translation was announced (Both of those projects were at TL Wiki by the way). Of course, looking at current situation here Kajitsu was already finished as fan patch and officially released (Including became popular and discussed to the death), while there's still no complete Subahibi translation here. With this announced by Frontwing, hopefully we got this VN with complete translation here and many more people became aware of this great (Perhaps) - with side effects including there will be more Subahibi fanatic out there later lol. Oh, and Frontwing was also planned to release Subahibi this year as well.

Other than Frontwing interesting surprise, there's Whirlpool with their new VN was apparently about entering Steam but it's not my interest there so I'll just pass on that (It's still quite unconfirmed by the way). Oh, and there's also two more Sakura games release at this month (Valentine Days and Magical Girl) which is awesome that Winged Cloud managed to released two VNs in one month (Although the story and production value from them was another question though).

Fan Translation 

First of all, there's usual Majokoi update for this week (73.3% translated and 67% edited). While the updates was usual for this week, there's some worryingly news namely that apparently the lead translation for Majokoi was already missing for some times and therefore the project will see some obstacle before finally they got the lead translator again. Hope the best for Majokoi team there. Oh, and speaking about Majokoi there's bigger news in regard of the team behind it - namely that apparently Luna Translation was dissolved and becoming inactive there. Quite sad to hear that, but nothing I could do here to be honest (Although if one interested to the projects, I think they'll just go independent again. Shin Koihime Musou already said that, while perhaps for Tsui Yuri there will be confirmation later). By the way, the Luna Translation drama wasn't affected Majokoi translation effort there (Just coincidence iirc). And speaking about Luna Translation, there's two updates from their projects at this week in which they had Ushieta was at 35% translated and Tsui Yuri was at 67% QC-ed. That's all for Luna Translation final update here (Probably).

As for other updates from fan translation, there's only some usual updates there (Although there's one nukige release which I forgotten from last week). The updates were from both of Loverable and Konosora restoration. For more detail, Loverable was at 54.46% translated, 21.27% TLCed, 16.81% edited, and 78 out of 142 mail was image edited (Overall image editing was at 76.98%); while for Konosora right now Amane's route was at 55% retranslated and apparently there's release plan in April later. For the last update from fan translation here (I knew there's some, but both of the other updates was BL and more nukige in which I'm not quite interested with that), it was came from Fortune Arterial project and right now the translation for 3rd script for Erika's route still continuing at 38% translated.


Once again this week we had Pygmalion, although other than Pygmalion Mangagamer also bring some other updates here which while not as juicy as expected it's still interesting (At least to me, although admittedly I only interested in both of Hapymaher and Sorcery Joker for now). I'll list all of the updates here first of all.

  • Hapymaher was 67% translated and 52% edited
  • Sorcery Joker was 76% translated and 65% edited
  • Naked Butler was reaching 40% mark re-translated
  • Fata Morgana fandisc was at 46% translated and 11% edited
  • Kuroinu 1 will be released at March 31st (Not the one that I interested, but apparently it got some interesting story there)
  • Kuroinu 2 was 43% translated and 11% edited
  • Boukaku was both at 69% (Interesting number I think) for both of translation and editing progress
  • Maggot Bait was 16% translated
  • Imouto Paradise 2 was 56% edited
  • 1st secret project was at 72% for both of translation and editing progress
  • 2nd secret project was at 41% translated and 11% edited
  • 3rd secret project was at 21% translated and 20% edited
  • 4th secret project was at 63% translated and 37% edited
  • 5th secret project was at 56% edited

Other than my earlier nitpicking, overall Mangagamer bring some nice updates for their secret project there That's all I could said in regard of the updates from Mangagamer here.

As for Mangagamer release at this week, it was once again Pygmalion in which I'd already describe enough parallel with Madoka. As for my story about Pygmalion, I remember that when I'm in vacation I checked Otakon 2015 announcement and of course there's announcement for both of Tokyo Babel and Pygmalion. Back there, I was interested with both because I think those two was had the most nice looking graphic compared to all announcements from Mangagamer (Except Supipara, but that's chapter based and unfinished to boot so it wouldn't count), and I also thinking that Jessica looking nice in that gothic outfit. Enough nostalgia there, and while I knew the review was quite mixed in Pygmalion I still interested with that here. And to close this section I would said better not expecting something like Tokyo Babel though ie many action - I mean don't expect too much from Pygmalion here otherwise there'll be many disappointment like our Clephas there (It's still good once again - at least from the demo imo).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - There's more updates, and today HatsuKoi partial patch for Midori's route was released (Which of course made Midori's route obviously fully translated (Duh), although it's already is from few days ago though). Also HatsuKoi translation team was already planned their next route to be translated, which is Runa's route so I'll report each update for Runa's route if they had updates there from next weeks. For closing additional update here, right now overall translation for HatsuKoi was reaching 30% mark translated or to be exact at 30.93% translated. That's all for HatsuKoi update.

PPS - Almost forget there's also an update from Denwalts new secret project, in which right now it was at 10.44% translated. No line count indication there, so I don't knew if the VN was long or not for now.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/18/2017)

Very belated happy valentine first of all from me here, though I don't celebrate it too much here though. The title for this week was very simple, just combined the character name from KaraKara 2 (Rebecca) with the valentine. And here's we got 'Rebecca's Valentine' - although if someone asked who is it, then I'll said that he was KaraKara MC Leon. With that matter done, welcome to this week VNTS Review from mine as usual. As for this week, well it's very calm and plain from the updates although Sekai was quite active though. Let's move to the updates then.

The progress for Majokoi was 72.3% translated and 66.3% edited, and for more information Fred said that 8 out of 13 routes was finished for both of translating and editing process (There's also the matter about retranslating and reediting 3% of the VN). As for HatsuKoi, the team were planned to release the partial patch covered both of common and Midori's routes at either February end or early March, although I would just wait and see about that for now (They also do some image editing and fine-tuning the script this week). There's also Sono Hanabira 11 translation project in which they translated 111 out of 120 scripts there. For more progress, there's Witch Garden in which was at one fifth (20%) translated right now, and Tsui Yuri which is at 63% QC right now. Other than those updates about, there's Gakuen Heaven (BL VN) demo and Mahotsukai no Yoru chapter 7 translation release, although it's not interest me though. That's all for fan translation.

Sekai Project

Sekai was quite active at this week unusually once again, although I said that only in term of the Kickstarter though. But before going to Sekai's Kickstarter of course they had some updates from some of their projects. For the projects, this week we had Chrono Clock was at 95.8% translated, Bokukotsu was reaching 30% translated mark (31.61% translated), Kanonana was at 26% translated, and Maitetsu was at 94.6% translated. Oh, Sekai also had their 6th sekrit project was fully translated, and looking at the translation pace I think it's just another short VN there although I might be wrong here though. That's all for usual updates from Sekai there.

As for Sekai activity, actually it's more to the announcement though. Their first announcemt was the sequel of KaraKara in which they introduced anpther heroine (Rebecca), and her role was she was trying to plant some seed in KaraKara world. Which is quite interesting a little bit if we considered the setting of KaraKara (The world was barren because some sort of calamity). Other than Rebecca sketch, not much in regard of KaraKara sequel for now.

The biggest announcement from Sekai at this week was Tokeijikake trilogy, in which they launch the Kickstarter for hardcopy and as expected it was very successful (Managed to gather 60,000 in less than one week, which still quite hard to do for some Kickstarter). As for Tokeijikake, I heard it was quite good VN trilogy in which it'll be involving some mystery of the two world. As for the trilogy, it was had some history in which there's already the translation project for the first game long time (After Shinikiss translation was finished, and it's from the same translation group). The progress back there was quite sparse, although before Sekai was announced Tokeijikake it was already finished according to the team. And the rest is history, although now to think of that it's almost one year though because Sekai was announced this back at Anime Boston 2016. For my opinion, I'm not quite interested to this right now but the opening for the first game was quite nice if I may say here. That's all for Tokeijikake here, and for more update it was at 40% translated right now (I mean the 2nd game).

That's all for this week VNTS Review from mine (Sorry if it's short there). See you next week.

PS - There's additional update from Loverable this week. For more detail, it was at 54.14% translated, 20.99% (Or perhaps I should said 21%) TLC-ed, 16.7% edited, and 16.13% QC-ed. Also apparently 4 out of 7 scripts from Satsuki's route were translated and TLC process for Tsugumi's route was going good. There's also the matter of image editing in which it was at 46 out of 142 image edited for mails, and overall the image editing was at 65.47% done. That's all for Loverable update here.

PPS - There's also additional update from HatsuKoi and Frontwing today, bit I'll save Frontwing for my next VNTS Review. Anyway, this week HatsuKoi made another good progress with Midori route was almost completed the translation with 90.38% translated (The translator said that they couldn't reach the goal for this update though, which is fully translated Midori route. Real life matter), and overall it was at almost reaching 30% translated (29.66% translated). Oh, they also doing many image editing near the end of Midori's route. As for their next plan, they aimed the release of Midori's route patch at thos weekend (Saturday or Sunday I didn't know). Look forward to the release then, and that's all for HatsuKoi belated update.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/11/2017)

Welcome to my VNTS Review this week, and sorry for being late here again. The title should be very obvious what I want to said, it was because there's two girl couple who hug under the surface of the sea (Duh), and since we could interpret girl hugging girl as yuri (To most of the people anyway) I made the title as 'Yuri Under the Sea'. That said, I was that the title combining of the anime title Yuri on Ice (The main character was handsome by the way (It's a man, because in Russia Yuri was man name)) and the song titled 'Under the Sea' which was famous as Little Mermaid theme song.

Anyway, the image in VNTS header was from recently announced Seabed in which will be localized by Fruitbat Factory and released at late 2017. Looks like it'll be some calming VN, now that I'd been looking at some review for Seabed (I mean it probably could bore some people though), but apparently there's some interesting multiple point of view aspect in which there will be three POV. Also the casts was mostly adult (At least around 28's) so if some people bored of high school yuri that factor could be the draw. Regardless of all of that, once again I'll be looking forward to Seabed eventual release. One more thing, it's interesting that the team (ie Conjueror and Garejel) was quite highly regarded in their translation back at Tokyo Babel generally.

Other than Seabed announcement, there's no major release for this week if you ask my opinion. Although in spite of that, Mangagamer just recently released Pygmalion demo in which they'll released the full version of that at 24th (Just for reminder). But while once again there's no major release, there's many interesting progress so at least it's okay to me here (Especially Fan Translation one). with that said, let me try to write all of the updates here for last week. Oh, and there's also two additional progresses from Other section. First was for Miniature Garden it was already finished the editing process and starting the testing; and for the second update Dies Irae translation was finished 100% ie completed except for 18+ content which was still in translation progress.

Sekai Project for this week was still their usual way, and by the way Tenshin Ranman was still stuck at 99.25% translated (Although maybe once again there's some cleaning up in term of engine before finishing the translation though). Tenshin Ranman aside, this week we saw some jump from Maitetsu in which right now it was over 90% translated mark (92.55% translated). Other than Maitetsu, both of secret projects were also see some nice progress (1st was 63% translated, 2nd was fully translated, and 6th was at 60% translated) which of course good, although I wonder if those secrets projects were short VNs there though. For more progress, there's also Bokukotsu which right now was at 29.12% translated and Kanonana (Another yuri VN) in which they finally was had some translation progress (20% translated). For last progress, Chrono Clock was at 94.64% translated and apparently they gave the beta version to all of the backers out there. That's all for Sekai Project here.

Last week Mangagamer was released the demo for Pygmalion. It was quite big in term of size, although it was not as big as Tokyo Babel demo though. Other than Pygmalion demo release, Mangagamer was also had some update. This week we had Hapymaher 65% translated and halfway edited, Naked Butler 37% retranslated, Boukaku was 65% translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 44% translated, Imopara 2 was past halfway edited (52% edited), Evangile W was completely translated and 87% edited, and Sorcery Joker was three quarter translated and seeing the big jump in editing if we speak about number (64% edited). Mangagamer was also gave some updates from their secret projects, in which 1st project was 67% edited, 2nd project was 35% translated, 3rd project was 15% translated and 13% edited, 4th project was at 32% edited, and 5th project was fully translated and halfway edited. That's all for Mangagamer section for this week, and for reminder Pygmalion will be released on 24th.

As for fan translation, other than usual one we had some other updates. As for other updates here (Not usual), we had Sono Hanabira 11 was had 109 out of 120 scripts translated, and there's also Fortune Arterial translation in which the 3rd script for Erika's route was 10% translated. For usual updates, we had Majokoi was at 72.5% translated and 64% edited, and for Loverable the current progress were 52.27% translated and 19.31% TLC-ed. Also for To Heart 2 there's some decensoring work in which it was at three quarter decensored. For last usual update, there's HatsuKoi in which they bring another significant progress yet (Comon route was fully translated, Midori's route was past halfway translated (55.05% translated), and for overall of HatsuKoi the current progress was at a quarter (25.01%) translated). For more HatsuKoi news, they planned to bring partial patch which cover common and Midori routes later. That's all for fan translation section here.

That's all for this week, and sorry for being very late here. See you next week.

PS - It's quite funny that this week all of the sections (Except JAST though lol) were had at least one yuri VN update there. To elaborate, from Other section we had Fruitbat announced Seabed, Mangagamer released the demo for Pygmalion, while for both of Sekai and Fan Translation segment were had Kanonana and Sono Hanabira 11 updates respectively which ironically made the title more fitting there. Not that I mind that though.


Visual Novel Translation Status (02/04/2017)

It should be very obvious what parody that the title tried to deliver here (It's Love Live duh). But for more twist here, two of three people in header image were men. Yes men, although they definitely looking good though in their disguise (Hence the title trap). With that said, welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for being late here. Let's see what update that VNTS had for this week, but first let me comment on the VN at header image beforehand.

Apparently Mangagamer decided to do surprise release like JAST. But unlike JAST, Mangagamer just launching nukige which is quite short according to VNDB. To tell the truth, the premise was riduculuous and ironically mimicking Love Live series further. Best not question that I suppose. Although it's quite interestimg that apparently Mangagamer was partnering with Umesoft though, and I think this was quite sudden because there's no announcement from Mangagamer in regard of partnership with Umesoft (Or I just missng the news). For Mangagamer other releases, not care too much here so that's all for Mangagamer at this week.

Sekai Project

About Chrono Clock delay here, while I sort of predicted it gonna happen, I couldn't help but feel a little down there. But while there's delay there, at least they prepared Chrono Clock Steam Store which hopefully means it shouldn't take long time to release it - I still slightly wary though looking at 'Soon' at release time which mean that they're not certain in regard of release time (And we knew of how JAST love word 'soon' here). Now for Chrono Clock update, right now it was at 93.29% translated and apparently Sekai was preparing the launching of beta version there. At least there's notable progress though if we talk about the translation process only.

For the other update we had Maitetsu which finally had resume the updates after two weeks absence (88.45% translated). For more updates, there are bunch of progress from secret projects, but let me state two more updates from non-secret project here - Hoshimemo was fully retranslated, Rakuen was at 90% translated and Bokukotsu was at 28.07% translated. As for the secret projects, 1st was at 37% translates, 2nd was at 73% translated, 4th was at 63% translated, and somehow they add another project which right now was at 24% translated (Maybe they following Mangagamer which had 6 secret projects?). That's all for Sekai at this week.

Fan Translation

While there's no notable release from fan translated VN as of now yet, overall I'm quite satisfied with the updates from all of the project that I interested here. Let's see what the updates had here, shall we?

For usual updates, there's both of Majokoi and Loverable which as expected always deliver the update in time. For more detail, Majokoi was 72.1% translated and 62% edited for the most obvious one, and the less obvious one would be they finished the translation for another route here (Kozue). Also Fred said that the translator will be finishing the translation for the ending soon. As for Loverable, right now it was at 51.58% translated, 18.85% TLC-ed, and the image editing was touching three quarter mark (75.16%). Also right now Satsuki's route was being in work ie translating process, and there's some work on the interface as well. That's all for the weekly usual progress here.

For more updates here, we had ToHeart 2 was finished all of the editing work which mean it was 100% edited for now and for additional info the proofreading progressing at 45% (There's some graphic editing left as well). Also there's Sukiuso in which the translation progressing at 42.3% and Tsui Yuri was at 52% QC-ed. That's all for the unusual updates here.

Before I closing my VNTS Review, there's HatsuKoi in which they had some nice progress. Personally the reason I interested in HatsuKoi was because the production factor. I mean the graphic was nice to look at, there's ton of image song, and there's also famous eroge seiyuu there who voicing heroines. Although too bad though that the review that I found (At least in English) said that the MC was stupid and useless. But still, I'll plan to keep my eyes on this project for now once again. As for the update, they planned to translated Midori's route once again in which right now was at 21.8% translated. For more info, they almost finish translating common route in which it was at 95.78% translated, and for overall translation progress it was touching 20% mark (20.01%) which is quite impressive that they started this back at December 20th.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. See you next week.


Visual Novel Translation Status (01/28/2017)

First of all, before I state my review for this week VNTS let me said Happy Chinese New Year for anyone else who celebrate that (Actually me too). And for the title here, let's just settle for simple title this week in which the meaning should be very obvious. It's from Corona Blossom, and it's depicted the romance between Shino and her childhood friend Keiji (Who is also MC in Corona Blossom) which expressed through kissing. As for Corona Blossom itself, since it was promoted as trilogy perhaps it's the last chapter so hopefully we could get the full story from the VN itself. The release should be good for anyone else who like Corona Blossom, and that's all that I could said for now in regard of Corona Blossom.

This week we also get Seinarukana Steam release, in which JAST did another of their new pattern ie release without the announcement beforehand (Announced the exact date). Oh well, guess they had the reason for that. And in regard of Seinarukana Steam version, I'm quite interested with the extra missions which said was carried from PSP version according to Sanahtlig. Other than extra mission, there's replacement scene for H-Scenes in which I'm sure still had some degree of intimate between the heroines of said route and our MC Nozomu (Eiyuu Senki was had same change if I remember correctly). Right now I'm not interested with Steam version as I'd already content with original version there, but it may change in the future.

Other than those two release which admittedly were quite interesting, there's actually another release from Winged Cloud. Yes this time Winged Cloud was release another Sakura games and this time apparently they tried to portray the life of secret agent and they named the game Sakura Agent. Oh, and by the way there's already Steam release for this game. Get it if you interested, although maybe not much user here interested with that though.

That's all for the releases for this week, and to be honest the releases not as big as Da Capo 3 from last week. But in exchange of that, actually there's so many juicy updates compared to last week especially from Mangagamer in which they finally give the update after one month they didn't give the update (Or perhaps one year seeing that the last time Mangagamer gave the update was at 2016 lol). Let's see what usual update that we had for this week here, but first let me stated that after finished both of Libra side stories translation right now they begin the editing according to their update (For recall, they already finished all of the translation process for the main games).

While back at last week I said that Tenshin Ranman could be completed as long as they doing their usual pace, unfortunately this week Sekai didn't had their usual pace and as the result the Tenshin Ranman progress still stuck at 99.25% instead of completed (Although maybe there's some behind screen work like editing or QC though). Chrono Clock progress was updated slightly with almost touching 90% mark translated (89.67% translated), and they'll delivered the update at January end here (I'll be looking forward to the update then). Other than Chrono Clock, there's Bokukotsu in which they translated 27.25% of the script. That's all for Sekai, and it's quite lacking if we looking at update number here compared to last weeks but perhaps there will be time when Sekai will had many usual updates again.

For fan translation, the updates here were good enough enough so I'm quite satisfied for now. For Majokoi, this week they resumed the translation work after one week holiday in which the progress was touching 70% mark (70.5% translated) and 61.3% edited. Quite good progress if I may say here, especially from the editing front there. For more additional information, the editing for two routes (Alice and Rei) were finished and they started to translating Mii's route. Oh, and they almost finished translating the ending. That's all for Majokoi progress, and there's also update from Loverable in which they finally managed to reach halfway mark translated (50.09% translated. Congratulations again there). For more additional progress beside translation, right now it was at 16.92% TLC-ed, 15.9% edited, and 15.5% QC-ed. Also there's additional information from Loverable, in which Tsugumi route was finished for the translation. That's all for fan translation segment.


Finally after one month there's no update, this week Mangagamer deliver bunch of juicy updates along with one good announcements and several secret projects announcements as well. Let's see what I could gather from the update there.

For secret projects, well I still couldn't speculate here of course although it could be quite fun though to speculate imo. They'd announce that back at December 10th or to be exact after Himawari release that they had five secret projects there, and turn out there's six secret projects instead of five. For the progress, 1st secret project was 71% translated and 44% edited, 2nd secret project was at 33% translated, 3rd secret project was at 10% translated and 9% edited, 4th secret project was at 51% translated and 13% edited, 5th secret project was at 93% translated and 23% edited, and the last secret project was already complete for both of translation and editing. While I said that I couldn't speculate much here, I think the 6th project will be released in near future seeing that the progress was already complete (Only testing left). That's all for the secret project there, which I will take my eyes on those projects.

Other than secret projects, once again Mangagamer also offer some juicy updates here. For the updates, this week we had Hapymaher at 64% translated and 49% edited (Perhaps they face the same problem as Sekai right now in regard of text display), Sorcery Joker was at 72% translated and 54% edited, Kuroinu was finishing beta testing, Boukaku was 64% translated and 62% edited (Quite major jump there), Naked Butler was at 35% retranslated, and Evangile W was at 95% translated (Almost finished) and 80% edited. Oh, and for more updates both of Suki Suki and Dal Segno were already preparing for the testing, which mean if all going smoothly it'll be released at this year looking from past experiences (At the very least). That's all for the updates.

For last news, Mangagamer announced that there will be another VN Release at February. It was Shadow of Pygmalion which announced back at Otakon 2015 and they said that it'll be released at February 24th. Apparently they'll had yuri tone and this is also chuunige, but perhaps it'll be like Aoishiro (Or Akai Ito) if we want to compare past released there (Female MC, had actions, and had heroines instead of heroes). The graphic to be honest was take my interest the moment it was announced. Also apparently Mangagamer managed to made several modification to the engine (More on that later). That's all that I could said in regard of Pygmalion for now.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Just realize that there's update from HatsuKoi back at 28th (It's 31st right now), but late is better than never though. The updates were common route was passing three quarter translated (76.65% translated), and overall progress was at 14.34% translated. Oh, they planned to translate Midori's route first and right now it's been in the translating process. If some of reader here want to follow the progress, look at their Twitter here.


Visual Novel Translation Status (01/21/2017)

As for this week, the biggest news was obviously Da Capo 3 release which once again had some history with Fuwanovel like I stated several times here. And of course there's some controversy behind that. By the way, while back at 2012 I'm still not member yet, but I'd remember that I'd like to browse Visual Novel Aer (Fuwanovel old name) to see some VN news, and back there translated VN was not as much as nowadays. Also back there it was thanks to fans that we could keep getting good VN translated, because Mangagamer was still not as aggressive as of now if we talk about licensing and Sekai Project was still not become official company yet (Still categorized as fan translation). Anyway, I'll try to talk about that later and looking back at 2012 archive there's definitely many improvement there right now if we talk about translated VN number.

Welcome to my VNTS Review here, and sorry for being late here. As for the title, let me explain about it later but it was sort of derivative from Love Live song just in case you interested. Other than Da Capo 3 release and some usual update, there's not much what I could write at this week to be honest if we speaking strictly from the updates. But let me see what I could write here.


Before both of Sekai and Fan Translation section, let me said that ATLUS will localized Utawarerumono duology sequel (Or just in case you need some Grisaia joke just said Utawarerumono no Meikyuu for the 2nd game and Utawarerumono no Rakuen for the 3rd game lol). Actually I'd already saw this news from last week back at Erogegames forum and thought it'll be nice addiction to VNTS Review, but after it turned out it'll be localized for the consoles I decided to just ignore that. Although I said that I didn't interested in that, I believe both of sequels were good addition to any of Utawarerumono fans and should be played if one want to knew more about Utawarerumono (Not me though since there's so much to considering other than buying console here to be honest).

Okay, Utwarerumono localization issue aside (Not for PC), there's good news from Libra translation namely that they finished all translation process for main game exactly one year after their successful Kickstarter (Congratulation to the team) and for additional update right now they finished translated both of new mini episode (Aoi and Lycoris story, also Iris story), although it's still halfway though for the progress bar itself. Look forward to March then when they'll be ready for the release. That's all for Other section here.

Sekai Project

This week apparently Sekai was add another secret project (Or sekrit project as they wrote) and right now it was at 20%. Apparently they decided to made the former first secret project as the 5th secret project, and also they remove the tracker for the 3rd secret project there. Don't ask me the reason why because I definitely didn't knew there (Duh), although once again I could only guess that the 3rd project was short one and perhaps if they removed it from the tracker it mean that they almost ready for the release. 

As for their other project which is Chrono Clock, there's another update there which stated that they'll had beta version ready for the backer after they sorted out the technical issues out there. Although this is good news, I predict that perhaps they couldn't make it to late January release as the progress was still not complete yet looking from the tracker (88.35% translated) and they said that they'll deliver it in few weeks. They'll deliver the good news though which is that the game will be 100% playable and can be completed without crash, and also they'll had another update at January end. My opinion here would be that I'm willing to be waiting as long as they didn't take the long time there, and looking at the announcement perhaps it'll be not too long if they talk about delay. That's all for my opinion about Chrono Clock.

Other than Chrono Clock, of course Sekai also had some usual updates with their project. Tensin Ranman was almost completed looking at the progress and as long as Sekai keep their usual work it'll be definitely completed at next week (The progress for Tenshin Ranman was at 99.25% translated). Bokukotsu was also had update here with current progress right now was at 27.02& translated, and unfortunately for this week there's no update from Maitetsu but perhaps there'll be some update at next week. For last update here we had their 2nd secret project was at 57% translated. That's all for Sekai Project.

Fan Translation

There's no much in fan translation segment other than update here, although actually there's release though which is Black Wolf Saga which is VNR based (Quite divisive method at that). Although unfortunately it's otome though which to said it not my taste here, but if you could operate VNR and like otome game might as well give a try there. For this week there's no update in term of translation from Majokoi because of some real life business, but at least there's progress if we talk about editing which right now was at 59% editing. Speaking about Luna Translation, actually there's one update that I missed from last week namely Ushieta editing which right now was at 15% edited there. For more update from Luna Translation, right now Tsui Yuri was at 51% QC progress.

For more update, right now Loverable was at 47.62% translated and 13.56% edited for one more usual progress. By the way there's little problem though ie I couldn't see Loverable update from my laptop, and I could only see the update from my android (Phone) here. It's just probably some bug out there on my internet though, so it's no big deal in the end anyway (Sorry). There's another unusual update here namely Sono Hanabira 11 which right now was that they translated 106 out of 120 scripts. And if some people who read this curious where's the update came from, just click this link. For last update from fan translation, there's Fortune Arterial in which they got another translator there apparently and right now for the progress the new translator managed to complete 2 out of 10 scripts for Erika's route. That's all for the update.

While earlier here I said that there's not much here, turn out there's another interesting project which I'm surprised that I missed it for several weeks here (Facepalm to me). Anyway, the project was Hatsukoi 1/1 (I'll call it Hatsukoi from now on) which is one of Tone Work VN and it was their shortest VN. And by shortest I mean the shortest by Tone Work's standard, in which their later VNs (Gin'iro Haruka and Hoshi Ori) was gotten quite (in)famous for being very long and describe the romance quite nicely (The VNDB obviously state that Hatsukoi 1/1 was long by the way). Well, look forward to this game and right now for the progress they completely was at almost halfway for common route (47.39% translated) and overall was at 10.06% translated. I'll definitely will keep my eyes on Hatsukoi project here, although perhaps I need to keep cautious of several aspect though now that I'd tried to do some quick research (MC was very stupid according to all available review, so much that the company posted an apology video to angry fans).

That's all for fan translation section.


Once again they had biggest news here in regard of Da Capo 3 release both of censored and uncensored version. Although too bad that there's no regular update from Mangagamer though as of now yet. Hopefully they could give it at near future though because the updates were quite interesting to someone who look forward to it, and to be honest I'm one of the people who look forward to the updates.

Back to Da Capo 3, which is had some history for this community. Looking at around 2012, our founder Aaeru was trying to translating Da Capo 3 using some divisive method like I mentioned above (VNR) at least according to some people. It was caused too much commotion in Erogegames forum back at 2012 which back then made me quite annoyed seeing the thread explode from one member there (Keep in mind that back then I'm still not joining any forum yet). After much commotion happened, there's another controversy happened in which the project was getting C&D by Mangagamer and causing Aaeru write some of her rage into Fuwanovel blog post. Back then I also think that Mangagamer take down her project was because Da Capo was licensed by them, although looking at current situation perhaps I was wrong. Oh well, all that in the past though and let us enjoy Da Capo 3 now which serves as the final story for Da Capo story. For last info about Da Capo 3, I think the setting was at 2072 looking from the February which had 29 days (And it's quite fitting after checking the date).

That's all for my late VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Turn out there's another VN with the name of Hatsukoi and also had translation as well (The VN itself was old and the translation project was dead though). So I'll just called it HatsuKoi to differentiate it. Forgot another progress here earlier, and the project was To Heart 2. For the progress the decensoring was almost finished and the editing process was almost completed for Manaka's route which mean that it was almost completed for overall of editing process. From there it was only proofreading left, and after all of those process were finished hopefully the final version of ToHeart 2 patch was ready to be released. That's all for additional update.

PPS - For the title, since we had Nanjou Yoshino singing another opening for Da Capo 3 (Or to be exact fripside) and when I searched for Love Live song I'd found 'Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan' which had Eli as the center for three girl group (Eli, Maki, and Nico). Since Eli's voice was Nanjou and we had sakura flower for Da Capo 3, I thought perhaps 'Sakura ga Kureta Yokan' would be fitting title looking at the translation. For more explanation 'Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan' mean 'Premonition that Winter Give to me', and my title was could be translated as 'Premonition that Sakura Give to Me', which is quite fitting that the girls (And our MC Kiyotaka as well) felt something wrong with Everlasting Sakura bloomed again after withered around 20 years ago. That's all for the title.


Visual Novel Translation Status (01/14/2017)

Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week then, and for the title I'll say it in PPS below but let me said that I knew the image header was from Meikyuu. As for the big release, it's obviously Meikyuu unrated which Sekai was delayed the release from the promised time (December). And for Grisaia fan, have fun for enjoying full version of Meikyuu then which also had the missing H content there (Duh).

Meikyuu unrated aside, this week we also had Dies Irae managed to successfully gathered the fund, and quite surprising at that. Personally I just think that hopefully they could AT LEAST gather the base goal (Quite possible) if we looking from how chaotic the Kickstarter was. There's stuff like troll pledge which managed to drop 10,000 funds when KA was almost end and there's another drop at 9,000 iirc. Not to mention it was quite slow at the gathering compared to Root Double from the last year. But there's a surprise in which not only they managed to gather exceeding the base cost, they managed to gather 220,000 in two last days which obviously quite sharp jump looking from daily funds. Once again congratulations for successful Kickstsrter after I'm worry looking at that every day. Let's look forward to the release then.

Other than those two big news (Meikyu unrated and Dies Irae KS success), there's not much if we look at the update although there's some exception though of course. Speaking about exception, I was talking about Chrono Clock in which this week they managed to translated 83.79% of it which to be said it's quite nice jump after seeing it was progressing quite slow for two weeks. Although it's still not quite enough if they want to release it at late January though, so hopefully they could improve more for next week (Also hoping that they managed to overcome the technical problem). Other than Chrono Clock, they had Maitetsu was at 84.53% translated, Tensin Ranman was reaching 95% translated mark (95.15%), and Bokukotsu at 24.63% translated. Also there's progress from two of their secret projects (2nd project was at 55% translated and 4th project was at 41% translated). For last update, Akerou managed to reach 90% mark of Hoshimemo retranslation for real (Last update said that he almost retranslated 90% of Hoshimemo).

For fan translation, there's a sad news namely that Kimisora was stalled because the translator was apparently had some sort of real life issue and the team said that they'll try to search another way to continuing the project. Well, hope the best for the team. Although with that came anohger project though, which unfortunately not the one that I interested (Gakuen Heaven, and it was BL VN). And this week there's also an update from Luna Translation. The most significant one would be Witch Garden common route translation was finished and right now it was in editing. Although there's some progress from other projects though, such as for SKM they try to convert the game file to be inserted in translation tool (And translating H Scenes in meantime). Also there's some effort in regard of restarting Kanobito progress and hoping that they could release it in current state according to the Tweet. For last update right now, there's Majokoi which is right now was at 68.5% translated and 56.5% edited.

That's all for this week VNTS, and maybe I'll add dome update here later. See you next week.

PS - There's update from Loverable in which right now it was at 46.4% translated, 14.17% QC-ed, 14.55% edited, and 15.58% TLC-ed.

PPS (3/8) - For the title, maybe the the ending song title for Meikyuu would be appropriate here seeing that it was final release for Meikyuu (With restored H Scenes) instead of the opening title. So for the title, since once again Grisaia like using French in their title I decided to use the French for the ending song title. Which in this case it would be 'Sousei no Thanatos', also could be translated as 'The birth of Thanatos' as true ending song title. Of corse my title would be the French translation for the ending song, albeit loosely.


Visual Novel Translation Status (01/07/2017)

The title was very simple for this week, and it's exactly as I describe what the girl did at VNTS Image Header. For more explanation, the girl was looks like running and the name of the girl was Kazuha Shizuka from Harumade Kukuru which apparently will had English release later. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review and this week was had very few update if I may said it honestly. But let's see what I could write from the information that I could get for now.

For the first roundup here, let's see what Sekai offer for this week. The updates from them goes like Tenshin Ranman was at 92.29% translated, Maitetsu was at 83.23% translated, Bokukotsu was at 23.68% translated. About Chrono Clock, right now it was at 75.43% translated which is far from ideal progress if we expect that Sekai will release this at this month so maybe just expect delay in regard of it perhaps. Although the progress was quite worrying, they gave the update in regard of that, namely that they managed to translate four out of five route (I knew that there's six heroines, but one of the heroine was focused in the prologue for more detail and reminder). Also apparently there's still some technical issue in regard of engine which obviously need to worked on before the release, and I predicted that Mangagamer will need to deal with this in regard of Hapymaher. Well, let's just see it for now.

This week from fan translation segment there's less update than usual, and I think I'll just write that right now Majokoi was at 66.8% translated and 55.1% edited. Also there's Tsui Yuri which apparently preparing for the release of full patch translation out there and will stop giving the updates. That's all for usual update this week, although if some people follow Amagami and Ayakashi Gohan translation (Not me) there's good news that those two was already touching 90% mark with Amagami was at 90.5% translated and Ayakashi Gohan was at 91% translated. That's all for fan translation segment.

About Dies Irae, once again that's one of chaotic Kickstarter with some days was having some loss from funding looking at how some days did have very little rise and even some loss according to Dies Irae Kicktraq (Root Double was fared better by the way). But maybe since this is about to end with 5 days left, hopefully there will be some raise if we looking from old pattern which always had big rush if the Kickstarter was almost end. Oh, for the funding progress right now it was at 144,665 gathered. And for next update there's Miniature Garden which right now was at halfway updated. Oh, and if some people wonder what happened with Lucid9, there's update from the Fallen Snow Studio if you looking for that, although the most obvious one would be that they hope that they could finish the first act by the first quarter of yhis year.

For the last announcement, there's Harumade Kukuru official release plan, which apparently was from last week. For my story, I'd attempted to search from the clue at last week after looking from Eroge Games News forum, but no luck because turn out that the news was in Japanese. Anyway, I could only said that it could be good if Japanese company want to bring their VN overseas, although I think I'll just wait and see about this. But if I may speculate perhaps Mangagamer will be the one who will release Harumade if it's not the company itself who will release it overseas. As for the premise, well it's just nukige which featured that MC will have orgies (Sex party) with four girls everydays just like Imopara (Imopara had 5 imouto though).

That's all for the first week of 2017 VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - Forgot one update since last week, and it was Flower - Summer. For reminder there's plan that Flower will had four games based on seasons, and the spring edition was translated. According to JAST on their twitter, they'll release it at 2017 although obviously it was very vague though ie no indication when. Let's just hope that there's no delay, although it might be quite hard to became true.

PPS - There's an update from Loverable which came after I finished my VNTS Review, and for the progress it was at 44.35% translated, 13.73% edited, 10.87% QC-ed, and 14.76% TLC-ed. That's all for additional progress here.