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Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I decided to combined both of Pure x Connect opening song title (Snow x Connect) with Makeover opening song title (Girl's Carnival) because we have the progress from both of those two Smee's VNs (Pure x Connect prologue patch release and the increase in Makeover translation progress), so we have 'Snow Carnival'. Apparently there's a short movie with the same title that was produced back at 1949 according to IMDb and that the movie itself promoted the ski resort, but of course I won't review that here because I can't find the movie (It's inevitable I suppose). As for this week, after quite dry last week surprisingly we see a lot of updates from both of official and fan translation sections, so I would say that we have a good week here. Let's see what I an write for this week as well.

For the first update we have our Steam apparently having the bad mood so that they decided to ban Yotsunoha, which obviously hinder Sol Press attempt to release it. We stll ddn't knw thugh what's the next step that Sol Press will take to circumvent it, but hopefully they'll be able to release Yotsunoha in the future even if Steam wouldn't lift their ban on that VN (I guess Sol Press can try to sell it in the other shops just like Nekonyan when HGB was banned by Steam). We also have some progress from Sekai as well, in which it's quite surprising although too bad though it's not in regard of either Majokoi, Daybreak, or Nanairo. But instead the progress that we have are Rewrite+ was at 67% translated and Nekonin 3 was at 71% translated, which to say was not kind of projects that I look closely. If anything, at least they started to give the update more frequently (Biweekly just like Mangagamer), so at least it's good for them. Other than that, we also have Meru indirectly said that Flowers Autumn translation progress was already past halfway mark at her Curious Cat here, so at least there's some work on Flowers there.

From Mangagamer, after Amrilato we have three more projects that were finalizing the release build which mean that we have three more VNs almost ready for the release, although unfortunately Haretaka was still in beta though. As for the projects that are in finalizing progress, they are Hashihime, Amatarasu, and Minagoroshi (At least we can enjoy Higurashi penultimate arc with voices in the near future). Other than those three, we have Sengoku Rance finished the testing (Whatever), Sona-Nyl was finished the translation progress, image editing for Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was in progress, NyanCafe was both fully translated and edited, WanNyan was at 40% edited, and Sukehime was past halfway (54%) edited. We also have one more secret project from Mangagamer, so excluding the revealed projects we currently have six unknown projects from them. For the updates of secret projects, we have 1st was at 88% edited, 6th was at 66% translated along with 9% edited, 7th was at 66% translated along with 65% edited, and the newest one (8th) was at 48% translated along with 10% edited. They also will have Anime Central announcement at 19th later, in which it might be one of secret projects (I wouldn't expect well known title though). That's all for Mangagamer section here.


We have Hemoimo release, in which despite questionable premise and title it was translated by one of well known translator (Cafe). As for the premise itself, we have cute little sister that was voiced by Akiko Hana (Yuzuyu from Fureraba, Kath from Evenicle, Alice from Newton VN, R-Ne from Corona Blossom) suffered hemorrhoid, and somehow she decided to tell the MC about her suffering. Of course the MC as a responsible man decided to help his little sister and as time goes on both of the MC and his little sister getting entangled in incest relationship. Other than that, I can only say it's that we finally can have the release after it did have a lot of hardship at the beginnng seeing that it was banned at Steam (For a very obvious reason) and almost cancelled. Anyway go get the VN if you in need of some short nukige, and have fun. Speaking abut nukige, we have Cherry Kiss announced two nukige (Aunt cousin nukige and isekai nukige) in which the MC will have sex with his aunt and tsundere cousin for the former, while for the latter nukige we'll going to have the MC raping the female knights who each of then rule a territory. Needless to say I'll pass those two announcements.

From Nekonyan, we have several good updates. First of all, we'll going to have Sukiren released at 31st later so at least it help alleviate Nekonyan's burden a bit, and of curse this obviously the good news for anyone else who've been looking forward to Sukiren since it's announced back at a year ago. Fr the updates, we have Hello Lady started the translation progress and currently going nicely, Senren Banka was at 20% translated and edited, Makeover was at a quarter translated and edited, and last but not the least we have Aokana was almost finished the translation progress at 90% translated while at the same time was at halfway edited. From the look of it, I think it might be possible if Nekonyan released Aokana at this year although for now it's still too early to tell though. In any case, I hope that they keep the good work there.

Fan Translation

For fan translation roundup, we have Summer Pocket was at 27.62% translated, Watamasu was at 78% translated, and Loverable was at 64.51% translated. We also have Eusta was currently at 70.03% translated with Licia's arc was almost finished at 95.97% translated, and more importantly we have Eris's patch released in which it'd covered ~36% part of the whole Eustia. While I'm still prefer the full patch for the obvious reason here, at least we'd getting closer to breaking Eustia's curse in which it's been infamous because back at 2012 we have Takajun of Yandere translated it and finally managed to release Fione's patch, only to have his effort fall short because there's no continuation to the older project (Which is understandable seeing that Takajun did have 12-13 hours of works). In any case with Daitoshokan and Yoake available in English, if Eustia is fully translated then we'll going to have three August's VNs translated in that it'll break the famed August's curse even further. Well good luck to Eustia's translation team to finish the rest, and you can get Eris's patch here if you want to try it.

Like I say at the beginning, we have Pure x Connect prologue patch released. As for the patch, it's obviously only covered the prologue so you still need to wait if you want to play it fully in English (Duh). For the team's next plan, they'll release the common route patch next in which it'll have at least 13,000 lines translated, although it might take a while though. As for the progress for Pure x Connect itself, currently we have 7,205 lines translated with 3,560 lines edited (Out of 43,896 lines). You can get the prologue patch for Pure x Connect here if you want yo try it, and have fun. For the last update, we also have Rhapsody's update in which the translator managed to translate hot spring event from the first append disk, while at the same time there's some other works going at the same time (Such as translating character profile, working on image menu, and TLC-ing Chapter 2.

I guess that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week is quite dry to be frank with no new announcements and no releases here (Other than something in regard of Higurashi PS3 patch and Gore Screaming Show partial patch released, in which both of those two were partial release). Although if anything, at least we still got some updates from both of Mangagamer and fan translation so it's not totally dry here. As for this week title here, I'd decide to just literally translate an unknown VN title that was release from Arc System Works in PC (World End Syndrome) back at May 2nd into Espranto because we'd have Amrilato was apparently almost ready for the release, and if we remember Amrilato did have the conversation in Esperanto language. With the introduction and title done here, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From Fakku we'll going to get that apparently they'll release Hemoimo at this weekend here, which to said not really my interest here. But just in case you find cute little sister with Akiko Hana voice that suffer hemorrhoid is really attractive, then perhaps you may find it very interesting (Well hemorroid aside I must admit that the little sister character there (Miu) is quite cute. For other update we also have Frontier was at past halfway (55%) translated, although whether they'll be able to fulfill December 2019 release or not is still unknown though (I hope that Ninetails we'll be able to do the release at that month if possible).

From Mangagamer we have Amrilato beta was finally finished and right now they finalizing the build for the release, so perhaps the release time for Amrilato is getting close. We also have progress for both of WanNyan and NyanCafe with the former was at 35% edited while the latter was at 87% translated along with 85% edited, and for the reminder those two were former Secret Projects (3rd and 5th respectively). Speaking about Secret Projects, Mangagamer decided to add one more so including those two that already revealed we have seven secret projects. For the roundup of secret projects, we have 1st was at 80% edited, 2nd was in beta, 6th was at 62% translated along with 8% edited, and the 7th was at 54% translated along with 51% edited. As for what kind of secret projects that we have here obviously we still no idea, although seeing that Conjueror did retweet 1st current progress it's easy to guess that Conjueror did work on the first project (Although I may read into this too much though).

From fan translation we have Eustia was at 68.67% translated and Loverable was at 63.81% edited. Other than that we have Gore Screaming Show partial patch released, in which apparently the translator decided to retranslated the prologue and the part one, so once again obviously we still didn't have the full patch yet (You can get the patch here if you still want to try it). We also have Tokihogushi patch released, and with that we have 6 out of 10 PS3 arc of Higurashi available in English (For a bit of recap so far we have Tokihogushi, Someutsushi, Kageboushi, Tsukiotoshi, Taraimawashi, and Yoigoshi). As for the next arc that'll be translated, it's Miotsukushi arc in which it's the biggest arc in Higurashi console port, and for the version that'll be translated first is Omote one in that it's PS2 version (Yes we have two version of Miotsukushi with some big difference between PS2 and PS3 version). In any case, seeing that Miotsukushi is apparently absurdly long according to the translator and not to mention it's the first time that it'll be translated, the translation work will took a while here (ie not as fast as previous arcs).

I think that's all for this week and I'm sorry if this week VNTS review here is quite short. See you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and once again sorry for the belated blogpost here. As for this week title, I decided to just combined Phantom Trigger with 2nd part of Grisaia trilogy so we'd have 'Phantom Trigger no Meikyuu' which somehow still fitting seeing that both of Phantom Trigger and Grisaia are both from Frontwing (FW), and more importantly it's because both of Phantom Trigger Vol 6 and Meikyuu did talk about the MCs past. Other than Phantom Trigger release, we have Konosora's Akari's DLC release along with Frontwing announced Loca Love Vol 2 and some of Sekai's update. As for the general comment here compared to the last week when we go some announcements from the conventions, this week is more calm or if we put it rudely very plain. With that done, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

For the roundup from fan translation, we have Eustia was at 67.65% translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 30% edited, Harugi's Branch was at 59% translated, Summer Pocket was at 23.9% translated, and Tokihogushi was at three quarter edited in which it's very fast progress there. Other than those updates, there's nothing much to talk about so that's all for fan translation here.

Sekai did release Nekonin 2 Love Plus in which it's the additional contents (ie sex scenes) that Whirlpool compiled based on fans suggestion, although to me it's just yet another small release though so I guess I better say that I hope you'll have fun if you want to see more Nekonin (Not me). Other than Nekonin 2 Plus, there's two forgettable nukige that Denpasoft announced (Seriously I didn't follow those two VNs there) were already finished both of the translation and editing process and right now they've awaiting for the engine work. We also have Zombie VN 2 translation was already finished, and right now they waiting for the editing (Good luck Fred) and the engine work. The most interesting update to me would be Harumade Kururu in which it's already fully translated and edited, although seeing that it's Sekai I still have a lot of doubt whether they'll manage to release it at this year or not considering that they'd delay both of Nanairo and Majokoi (It's already Q2 2019 for the reminder). That's all for Sekai's section here.

We have both of Love Cube and Date Alive exact release date announced (July 25th and June 18th respectively), so if you've been looking forward to play those two then it's good (I'm not quite interested though). We also have Pulltop did released Akari's route DLC in which compared to Konosora Pulltop did slight improved here. The reason is because while Pulltop wouldn't cut the content much (Akari's route is from all age version, so there's no sex scene to cut in the first place) other than bare minimum that Steam requested (Maybe), on the other hand I'd heaed the translation is comparable to first Konosora (Very bad). So perhaps we should be prepared for the bad translation if you want to play Akari's route, although it's still didn't matter much to me though seeing that it's only the FD DLC here (I didn't mind though if the FD was inserted like Fureraba in which it's only added as the patch for the main game). For more interesting news we have FW did announce that they'll release their 2nd volume of Loca Love at summer later, and as expected each volume will focused on one particular heroine and in this case the 2nd volume will be focused on Nio. Still no info on the 18+ version though, but perhaps FW will also release 18+ version as well later.

We also have FW have yet another Phantom Trigger release here, and in this case they'd release two volumes (Turned out that they release it in English as well (I did think that they may only release Japanese version there)). As for the content, Volume 5.5 did have us to see the characters from the teacher perspective after she's teaching at Mihama for three months, while as Volume 6 it's obviously the most interesting volume to us here because we finally can see Haruto's (Dark) past that allow him to become the handler at Mihana school and how he managed to become an assasain there, so yeah the Volume 6 here would resembled Meikyuu like I said earlier. Also from the look of it apparently we'll see a main antagonist in the end of Volume 6, so perhaps FW will write Volume 7 like Rakuen except without the sex scenes. You can get both volumes at Steam, and have fun if you've been Grisaia fans.

I think that's all for this week (Very late here) and see you next week, or rather at next VNTS Review.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for Mangagamer's announcements let's just say that it's still within my expectation in that it's smaller title although I wouldn't deny though that I also hoping there'll be some interesting title, which to their credits were took my slight interest here. Other than Mangagamer announcements, the other part of this week interest should be Trinoline release in which it's particularly notable because it's minori's VN who as we knew already ceased their operations, although it's nothing new though seeing that Mangagamer managed to released Suki Suki despite the same issue with Chuuablesoft (While I admit that Trinoline graphic is very good, I have more interest in the other release though). So overall this week is quite active and interesting compared to the last week because of the increased activity (ie releases and announcements), and let's see what I can write for this week as well (Also sorry for being late here, and I'll explain the title at PS later).

For fan translation roundup, we have Eustia was at 67.10% translated, Loverable was at 63.3% edited, Tokihogushi was fully translated and at 9% edited, Watamasu was at 76% translated, and Summer Pocket was at 20.86% translated. I think that's all for this week fan translation updates, and hopefully Harugi can pick the pace of the translation again.

Surprisingly we have the announcements from Sekai, although unfortunately it's not in regard of both of Majokoi and Nanairo because both of those VN still have engine work left (Don't ask me why Sekai have a hard time on their technical aspect). But instead they announced yet anther Nekonin VN which very creatively named Nekonin 3 (aka Sekai's 3rd secret project which currently at halfway translated), and they also announced the release date for Nekonin 2 Plus at 26th later. While Nekonin's fans might celebrate the addition of three new girls into Nekonin franchise, I'll just say that I prefer them focusing on getting better Whirlpool title like Suzukaze no Melt. It can't be helped I guess, and that's all for Sekai's section here.


For the announcements, they went to two conventions and they announced two title at Boston and one title at Sakuracon. Before going to the announcements, let me say that Mangagamer announced that they'll release Hapymaher hardcopy at May 23rd later which at least indicate that Hapymaher's sales is quite successful and that we might get the FD (More like my personal wishful thinking though admittedly). Even though the hardcopy release still redundant to me, but at least it mean that there's some fans who want to collect Hapymaher's hardcopy so it mean that the sales of Hapymaher itself might be quite good.

For both of Boston's announcement, I guess I can say it in one sentence in that both of those were nukige and following Nekopara's trend with catgirl cafe. As for my interest, I'll go with WanNyan A La Mode just because it follow KKPC titling and their alternative waitress costumes are quite sexy (Not to mention the staffs use the costumes wisely for the sex scenes unlike Hapymaher). That said while both VNs did have nice arts in the end both of those are still nukige, so obviously we wouldn't have the epic story from those VNs. Also it's important to note that the developer for both of their announcements is from the same group, and coincidentally also the same parent group as Kimisora and Midori no Umi developer (SkyFish). I'm sort of wonder though whether the staffs did put their localization plan in wrong folder for both of Midori no Umi and Kimisora, in which two of those were localized by infamous Sakura Games. In the end, I guess it's good if SkyFish want to be Mangagamer's partner. For more info, both of the announcements were turned out to be the secret projects, with WanNyan as the fifth secret project and the other (NyanCafe) as the third secret project.

Sakuracon's announcement from Mangagamer is Ciconia, which is new When They Cry franchise work by Ryuukshi07. As for When They Cry franchise, what we know is that it's involved scary murder at multiple time and more importantly each work did have eight parts to tell the story. While granted both of Higurashi and Umineko is full of murders and horror, in the end the writer's interest is more in regard of wars and weaponry (Which is evident since Higurashi) so it's normal if Ciconia here did have the premise revolving the upcoming Fourth World War. While the scale is bigger compared to both of previous series, in the end there's still some conspiracies lurk behind seeing that the group of friends themselves were merely being a pawn (Probably just like Higurashi), and not to mention a certain promise from our Witch of Miracle back at Umineko's end. While the premise sounds juicy here, unfortunately I'm not quite fond of Ryuukishi's art here and not to mention he probably will release this in parts (Should be eight), so even though it'll be simultaneously released in August Comiket later I decided to hold back on this for now (It'll took probably four years to complete the whole story).

This week release from Mangagamer is Trinoline, which once again was minori's VN. I think I already tell the the circumstance behind the release, so I'll just write abut the VN here. As for Trinoline itself, the premise is that we have our MC Shun along with his blind sister managed to befriended two girls, at least until an incident cause Shun's sister to pass away. Time pass, and after 10 years later Shun was getting a surprise that he'd join an experiment in regard of the android, and as for the experiment itself Shun was told to live together with an android which resembled her dead sister that got the sister's memories and was created by one of the girl in his childhood (Sara). From there, Shun must dealt with the dliemma whether he should treat the android as his sister or not. While at first it looks like a sci-fi story, in the end I would say that we better enjoy it as the drama (Especially nakige) because that's what minori excel at (Even though to be fair the sci-fi aspect not quite bad so far). Get that from Mangagamer store or Steam store here if you've been interested with Trinoline, and have fun.

As usual recently Mangagamer will announced their next month release whenever they released a VN, and there's no exception with Trinoline release here. As for the next month release, it's Damekoi in which I've been waiting for it ever since back at AX 2017. For the exact date, it'll be released at May 16th later so you may note that date if you've been looking forward for the release. Personally I still think that it's unnecessary if Mangagamer chose the newer version instead of just released the older version, but I guess what's done is done seeing that the release date is almost close.


This week we have three releases from this section, although only one though that was interesting to me here. We also have both of Konosora's Akari's DLC release (I'll talk about it at next VNTS Review) and HGB Steam release, in which the latter did prove that Steam is quite fickle although granted they also banned Rance VI as well so I guess it's sort of balanced out. While this is a good news in that NekoNtyan still be able to use Steam for their future products, the fact still remain though that Steam itself is quite fickle when it come to banning the game. I guess someone on Steam may suddenly have a common sense and decided to try both of HGB and Rance VI, and find out that HGB is not as bad as they make out when they banned it. In the end, I guess it's good for Steam users who didn't purchase it from NekoNyan's store now that we have HGB being released on Steam back at 18th, and hopefully Steam would be more consistent with their ban in the future (Quite hard to fulfill I know).

The first release is Breeding Village in which it'll tell the story about the MC who came to a rural village that was scarcely populated, and all of the populations are the widows to boot. From there the MC decided to help the widows to give birth to their children, so that the village might be prosper with the population increase and that the MC could be proud on his acheivement. Or the MC can just have fun with the widows in all sort of ways, because Breeding Village here is a nukige which was released by Cherry Kiss Games. Go get the nukige from their store if you interested and have fun. The second release is Our World is Ended in which it's another PQube VNs, with the premise the seven people who is a part of the game developer who trapped inside the augmented reality. To make it worse, in the augmented reality the group were encounter the characters and creatures from their games which about to break into the real world, and so they need to prevent their creations to break out the augmented reality. As for the release, currently it's for console only (At both of PS4 and Switch), but PQube will also release this for PC at May 28th later. In any case, I'll just pass on this even though the premise looks interesting because the PC port might not allowed mouse useage just like back at Shibuya Scramble.

The third and final release is Shirokoi aka Nurse Love Syndrome in which it's from the same series as Hakuai, and obviously from the same developer (KOGADO). Also like Hakuai, Shirokoi here is also focusing on the nurse life only that unlike Hakuai the MC (Kaori (Who is quite cute to me)) here is a new nurse who directly work in the hospital after she graduated from the nursing school. Of course we'll also have GL story here just like Hakuai, and in this case Kaori can have the relationship with six girls although there'll be no sex scenes for obvious reason. For more premise our Kaori here did have accident and that she's the only survivor because her parents were killed in that accident, and from there she decided to become the nurse because she's grateful for their effort to save her. While I don't know whether the routes will be as dramatic as Hakuai or not, at least I can say that Kaori's initial backstory and her reason to become the nurse is more dramatic compared to Asuka. In the end, both Shirokoi and Hakuai here are good games and have their own merit. So if you want to try it, you can get that at the Steam store here and have fun.

I think that's all for this week even though I'm quite late for the review, and see you next week.

PS - For the title, I'd combined both of two of this week releases. As for the 'Love Syndrome' part it's from Shirokoi's English title, while for the 'Android' part it's from Trinoline in which it have the android as one of the main characters.


As for the title, since we have Phoenix Wright trilogy and Corpse Party spin off releases on the PC, I decided to combined the element from both of the two title (Turnabout from Phoenix Wright (All Phoenix Wright (Or rather Ace Attorney) did have the word 'Turnabout' in all of their chapters) and Birthday from Corpse Party spinoff), so we have title here wouls be 'Turnabout Birthday'. I know that there's a fanfic called Turnabout Birtday as well, although of course this is obviously not the review of the fanfic. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being late here. As for this week other than aforementioned two relesses here, we have several updates from both of Sekai and Mangagamer with the latter really like the secret projects a bit too much. For the release, what I can comment is that at least graphically wise Phoenix Wright is improved (Still tedundant release though) and that Corpse Party spin off did use the same seiyuu back at PSP version (I like it because most of them are big names like Kitamura Eri or Sawashiro Miyuki). Let's see what I can write in this week as well.

We have Date Alive release month estimation, and apparently it'll be at June later. Still not interested at it, but at least I know that the anime itself is well known even with the season 3 first episode was quite infamous because of the bad animation. We also have a surprise update from Sekai, and that update is that we already have Baldr Sky was already at 90% done for both of the translation and the editing works. While this is a good news, unfortunately seeing that it's Sekai I'm very wary about that here, because after all they managed to freeze both of Dracu Riot and Tenshin Ranma even with those two were completed. Oh and don't forget that it's still not clear whether it'll be censored or not, although it'll be bad for them though if Sekai censored it per GIGA's request because there's no console version for Baldr Sky like Dies Irae. Other than Baldr Sky update, we have Sekai did add another secret project (The 4th one) and for both of translation and the editing were already at 46%.

At this rate I would like to call Mangagamer as secretive company, because they decided to add one more secret projects so now we have six secret projects from them. Although apparently they'll announce three new title at the conventions later (With two of those from new developer), so hopefully all of those were the secret projects. For the secret projects series progress roundup, the first was at 72% edited, the second was fully edited, the third was at 32% edited, the fourth was fully translated, the fifth was at 67% translated along with 57% edited, and the sixth was at 54% translated along with 4% edited.  For now I'm obviously don't know what's their secret projects is, but if you ask me what I'm hope here then I'll say that personally I hope that one of the projects is Evenicle 2. Other than secret projects series update, we have Sona-Nyl was at 98% translated (Almost complete) and Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was fully edited. Some of the other updates were already finished the testing (Hashihime and Amrilato), while there's some that were just enterimg the testing (Minagoroshi, Haretaka (I like it), and Maghot Baits (Good luck to the tester)). There's also Bokuten that was finalizing the Steam version, so hopefully it mean that the release time is almost close after years in editing hell.

We have Eustia was at 66.49% translated, Loverable was at 62.36% translated, Watamasu was at three quarter translated, Tokihogushi was at 95% translated, 5,965 lines from Pure x Connect were translated while 2,887 lines were edited, and for Rhapsody we have Mistoria's route was at 30% translated while we have New Game+ and append contents was at 40% translated. I think that's all for fan translation section here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being short here. See you next week.


Welcome to this week VNTS Review and since we finally have Natsuki's patch release it mean that we finally have Hoshiori fully translated. With this week biggest news was in regard of Hoshiori full patch release, obviously I'll use 'Star-Weaving Future Dream' naming for the title just like back in Fairy Tails in which the last chapter of Tartaros arc also have the word 'Epilogue'. For the reminder I'd use Fairy Tails Tartaros arc chapter title for the VNTS title whenever one of Hoshiori's route started to be worked on, and with Natsuki's patch being released here it mean that it's the time for the epilogue. As for this week other than obviously Natsuki's patch of Hoshiori big release, we also have some updates from both of Sol Press and Nekonyan along with Sekai so overall this week is pretty interesting. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As expected we have Nanairo being delayed seeing that it's already past Q1 of 2019, and the reason is because Sekai need to clear some remaining technical issue before they ready release it. At least they still try to release it in 2019, although for when it'll be released we obviously don't know. We also have Conjueror being surprisingly dilligent with Rewrite+ did see the big jump at this week from 35% to 60%, so if you've been holding back to play Rewrite Amaterasu's version in order to waiting for Sekai's version you may be very happy with the update here (Whether it'll face the same issue as Dracu Riot or not is another issue though, but safe to say that it's pretty much redundant release to me except for Harvest Fiesta (It's only the FD anyway). We also have Island Diary was at 15% translated, and that Sekai already announced the exact release date for Ninja Girl (At June 28th later) along with fully edited of the script (I wonder on what kind of the writing that Harukuru writer will have, considering that he managed to write serious story that was hidden behind 15 sex scenes.

Just in case you've been interested with JAST's newest trap VN that was recently announced, currently it was at 31% translated along with 30% edited. While once again I should praise their progress on this (Might be understandable because the trap VN is a short one), I would say that I want see that kind of progress in either Flowers Autumn or Django. But I guess we need to be realistic here if we deal with JAST, although their recent are effort certainly improved from their past years.


First of all we have imouto hemorrhoid VN, in which finally Fakku managed to sort out the problem and they already set up the store with the release month at May later. What I can say is that good for them in that they finally managed to release it after several hurdle (It's almost cancelled from what I saw at my past VNTS Review), and that poor the younger sister for having hemorrhoid lol (I didn't keep my eyes on this closely at all). We also have another nukige that would be released by Cherry Kiss at 19th later, and the name of the nukige is Breeding Village in which apparently the female in the rural village were really horny and have big breasts. From Sol Press we have Nukitashi started the work, Kimiaogi was fully edited and started to building the QA, and Onikiss was at 72% translated along with 71% edited.

From Nekonyan we have Aokana was at 80% translated along with 40% edited, Sukiren was fully edited, and both of Makeover and Senren Banka did start the progress with both of translation and the editing progress were at 10% for both of the VNs. As for the progress here, I like that Nekonyan did almost finished with Sukiren so perhaps we can expect it as their next release (And in fact Nekonyan already confirm that). Also looking at Aokana, I think we can be very hopeful that it'll be released at this year looking from the translation progress. Also finally we can see the translation progress from Senren Banka, in which ironically we never saw a single percent progress from them. For the last word in regard of Nekonyan, I'll look forward to the progress for both of Makeover and Senren Banka in the future.

Fan Translation

Before going to our biggest release here, let's roundup this week updates from fan translation. For the roundup we have Eustia was at 66.05% translated along with 49.76% edited and 46.17% TLC-ed, Harugi's Branch was at 58% translated, Watamasu was at three quarter translated, Tokihogushi was at three quarter translated, and Summer Pocket was at 18.88% translated. We also have Evenicle Rance released, in which it's just a bonus gave in that we have Evenicle prologue with Rance as the MC, and some slight alteration to the plot. What I can say would be it's obviously Alicesoft's prototype build of Evenicle so I did have a hardtime when I need to walk, because Alicesoft still didn't map the keyboard button to move (It's quite a pain to using mouse after I got used to use directional button in Evenicle to move). Go get Evenicle Rance here if you want to try it, and have fun.

Other than those updates, we also have Chaos Child Love Chu Chu translated. While in paper it's a good news, unfortunately the one who release it is George Henry Shaft who save to say did have some questionable reputation here. That said, while some of you may have some doubts on the translation perhaps you can try it first before decide whether his translation is good or not. I just know that his Cross Channel translation is very divisive because of being roundabout and adding too much words, while his translation on Chaos Child LN is serviceable enough I guess. Although in case some of the people think of him as an eccentric one perhaps he really is seeing that he release the translation in an unusual format, in which you need to play it through Media Player program. Or if you want direct explanation he'd release it in video format in which he record his playthrough with the translation text at the video. While this is quite a questionable format, at least it should be good if you want to see more on Chaos Child. Just download it at his site here if you want to see it, and have fun watch the video there (The total video size were quite big at 15 GB).

For the biggest release, it's obviously Natsuki's patch of Hoshiori in which it'd translated all of Hoshiori's route. So go get the patch here, and keep in mind that this is charage instead of plot VN. In case you need some reminder, this VN is the 2nd tone work's VN in which apparently they really took the feedback from HatsuKoi very seriously after they uploaded their apology video in regard of HatsuKoi. While some of you may argue that Hoshiori could be boring because of almost no drama, actually tone work's really improved their writing in that they tried to avoid their pitfall back at HatsuKoi. So no triangle love drama, the MC being weak willed, and no actress heroine here (I'm quite surprised that some people didn't like Maya becoming the actress). In exchange of less drama, we'll going to get the romance development between the MC and the heroine doing their best with their friends to make Tanabata festival successful. Another feature to note is that this is the first translated VN that did have after stories for all of the heroines, and from that factor alone it should be interesting to read. Have fun in regard of reading Hoshiori there, and congratulation for Tsurezure for managed to release this in about half a year.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Seeing that we have both of Inugami nukige release back at March 25th (I forget to add that the titular martial art goddess that I mentioned at last VNTS Review is turned out to be a dogirl) and Kami no Rhapsody partial patch release (I prefer full patch to be honest, but oh well), I decided to combined both title so that we have 'Inugami no Rhapsody' or in the literal translation it would be 'Rhapsody of the Dog God'. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and compared to the last week where we got Daitoshokan surprise release, this week is quite calm with no notable release to me here. But instead we got both of Mangagamer and Sol Press gave their updates so overall this week is still active thanks to the updates. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

No surprise that Sekai did delayed both of Majokoi and Nanairo, seeing that even at March's end there's almost no news in regard of that. As for when they'll release those two, we wouldn't know although I just hope that they'll deliver those two VNs in the future. I knew though that Sekai might have engine problem with Majokoi, so perhaps they'll need more time to resolve that problem. For their own updates, we only have that currently Zombie VN chpater 2 was at 70% translated. Other than that, there's no much updates from them. From JAST, we have Mamono Musume was fully translated and edited, while at the same time it's starting the QC (Well I should praise JAST for started being active I guess even though there's still no big projects updates from them).

From Mangagamer we have another secret project (Seriously I started to think that Mangagamer really like to collect Secret Projects lol); and for the secret projects roundup the first was at 60% edited, the second was fully translated along with 99% edited, the third was fully translated and at a quarter edited, and the fifth was at almost halfway (47%) translated. For their updates, we have Maggot Bait build was already finished worked out by ClockUp and it'll be entering the testing, Sona Nyl was at 95% translated (Almost there), Kyokyuu Fantasy 2 was at 86% edited, and Sukehime was at 35% edited. While there's no major updates here, at least I should praise them for give the updates more often (Or rather they'd back to biweekly update pattern) even though they did pile up the secret projects (I'll just hope that the project are turned out to be interesting later).

We also have Eustia was at 65.15% translated, 5,662 lines of Pure x Connect were translated along with 2,646 lines were edited, Watamasu was at almost three quarter (74%) translated, Summer Pocket was at 18.57% translated, Tokihogushi was at 64% edited, and Hoshiori was fully translated although there's no Natsuki's patch yet though. Speaking about patch, we have Kami no Rhapsody partial patch release in which it'll be cover Prologue to Chapter 2 (ie 3 chapters). As for Rhapsody here, to be honest I prefer Amayui more. Although more Eushully VN is always the good things though, so congratulation to the team for the partial patch release and hopefully we can see Rhapsody full patch in the future.

As for this week release, well it's Josou Jinja aka Trap Shrine in which the MC was accidentally unsealed the goddess and then the goddess want to marry the MC, and turned out that the goddess is actually a cross dresser (I guess god should be more appropriate here). If a cross dressed god is not enough, then you'll have a cross dressed older sister to romance there. Don't ask me for the setting there, because I can see that the developer might have fun a bit too much when they made the VN. Anyway I'll just treat this as BL VN, and you can get it at Steam if you've been interested with that. We also have Lamunation release pushed back to Q2 2019, presumably because of some unfinished matter from the publisher itselves. There's also the announcement for both of Utawarerumono Remake and Project Sakura Wars there, and currently I only know that the former is very redundant one because we already have it translated for a long time (And the new version is console only).

From Sol Press, we also have some updates from them in which we have Kimiaogi was at 90% edited, Shitsuaru was at 30% translated, and Onikiss was at 70% translated along with 68% edited. As for the last update, we have Degica did announce another Kogado's VN and this time is Hakuisei Ren'ai Shoukogun or in English is Nurse Love Syndrome (For convinnience matter, I think I'll call it as Shirokoi like official shortening). As for Shirokoi's setting, instead of a 19 year old girl who attend the nursing school we'll going to have 21 year old woman who just graduated from the nursing school and about to do the internship in the hospital. From there seeing that this is another shoujo ai VN, let's just say that the MC will have female love interest (Duh). As for the story, we still didn't know whether it'll be full of surprising event like Hakuai or not, but perhaps in here it would be less dramatic (The drama might be the same as Hakuai one). As for the release estimation, it'll be at this month if all goes well so let's wait and see.

That's sll for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Sorry for the belated review here, and yeah I'm quite surprised that we managed to have Daitoshokan full patch leaked just like Yoake. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I parodied Daitoshokan alias (A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd) by changing 'Librarian' into 'Magical Girl' because we also have magical girl nukige release as well. Another reason is that because there's a seiyuu joke in here, and I'll tell it in PS seeing that it's a spoiler. Other than Daitoshokan which is the biggest release, we also have Tokyo Chronos that was released by Sekai after they managed to funding it through Kickstarter. As for this week, if not for Daitoshokan sudden release I would say that it would be another dry week thanks to the smaller releases, but thanks to Daitoshokan it's getting more interesting here although the updates still didn't much though (ie no Mangagamer updates). Anyway, let's see what I can write for this VNTS as well.

As for the releases other than Daitosho, first of all we have Inugami in which it's a nukige with the premise that the MC did going to live in an island together with the martial art god who turned out to be female (Should be goddess) in order to train, and at the same time have the sex with the goddess. While it's not the most interesting VN out there, you can get it from Steam (Because it didn't have high school setting maybe?) if you getting interested with that and have fun. Other release to note is Gedou Mahou Shoujo Rinne in which it's aforementioned magical girl nukige here, and it's quite unique seeing that we have villainous MC who is a girl (Rinne, which is the title girl) that was jealous with her classmate (Hijiri) and want to beat the classmate after she got the magical girl power (And get corrupted). Also coincidentally Hijiri is the magical girl so Hijiri will obviously try to stop Rinne here, although it wouldn't be easy though seeing that Rinne will using all of her power to beat Hijiri. While this is still a nukige, at least it's still nice to see if you want to play magical girl nukige here in which it's surprisingly rare to see one got translated, so go get that if you interested with it and have fun.

We also have Sekai did release Tokyo Chronos, in which it did got Kicstarted back at August 2018 with the base goal at 75,000. While the premise looks promising with the Virtual Reality world and that one of the staff did involved in Sword Art Online anime as the producer (The romance is as romantic as Twilight for some people by the way), I didn't quite interested with this seeing that there's no much info on this. But still since the VN did have interesting premise with survival and mystery theme, some people should find this quite appealing so if you want you can try Tokyo Chronos there and have fun (At least it got two famous seiyuu (Romi Park and Yuki Kaji) if you interested with that). We also have Sekai finally managed to have G-Senjou 18+ version did enter the QA, which to say was very late seeing that we already got it translated by TL Wiki since back at 2010 despite of the mosaic (Not very important to me here). There's Nekonin 2 Plus in which apparently Whirpool did add the additional sex scenes based on consumer wishes so good for them I think, and currently it's already fully translated and edited so it should be released in near future.

For fan translation, we have Moususgu Natsuyasmi patch release in which apparently have shota MC did have sex with his friends that more or less are at the same age as him. Whether you find this acceptable or not is up to each of their own seeing that it's a loli VN, but if you find it interesting you may try that later and have fun even though the graphich is quite old (It's from 2006). We also have Eustia was at 64.45% translated along with 49.50% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was finally at 29% edited, Relaxation Yuka was at 76.42% translated, Watamasu was at 72% translated, Loverable was at 62.27% edited, and Hoshiori's overall was at 97.42% translated with Natsuki's route was at 80.42% translated.

For the last week biggest release, it's obviously Daitoshokan in which it's been released back at Saturday by one of the editor leaked the complete patch in Reddit. As for the project history, it's been in work since back at 2014 before the leader seemingly vanished after gave the last update back at October 2016. Of course by now people would already give up on this to be released, and yeah we have surprise release on this in which it's a good surprise here. With this it mean that finally August's curse is broken again, after Yoake (Leaked by same person at Reddit) and Daitoshokan side story release (I didn't have any problem on the side story release anymore seeing that we have the main game translated). As for the premise, it's in regard of the MC Kakei who have power of precognition saving a girl (Tsugumi) in a weird way (Touching Tsugumi's boob) and then Tsugumi did invite Kakei to join her project to make the school happy, while at the same time both of them investigate Shepherd rumor because both of them did received the messages from Shepherd. Also Daitoshokan here is better than Yoake, simply because it did have the sex scenes lol. Have fun with Daitoshokan there.

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - For the seiyuu joke in regard of the title, it's because we have Kirihana here voicing a character at Daitoshokan.


As for the character in question (Kodachi), the twist was that she's turned out to be the titular Shepherd that Kakei investigate. Also the magical girl here is not obviously pointed to the magical girl nukige, but rather it's in regard of Nene from Sanoba who is a magical girl there (I knew that there's witch term in Sanoba).



Welcome to this week VNTS Review and as for the title seeing that we finally have Lilycle released and I already parodied Idolmasters back when it's release date announced as The Idolmasters Lily Girls, I decided to add first impression as in I'll treat this as episode 1 review of Lily Girls lol (Of course you wouldn't be able to see the next episodes of Lily Girls). As for my first impression about this week is kind of dry seeing that the official update is very scarce with only Mangagamer releaded Lilycle release here along with following Mangagamer release (Trinoline), so perhaps there wouldn't be much to talk at this week. Regardless of that, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

From fan translation, we have Eustia was at 64.17% translated along with 48.82% edited, Harugi's Branch was at 56% edited, Watamasu was past halfway (55%) translated, Tokihogushi was past halfway (55%) edited, and Natsuki's route in Hoshiori was past halfway (58.68%) translated with overall Hoshiori was at 94.72% translated (Which mean the release time for Natsuki's patch is drawing closer). There's also a project by Surferdude to translate Eiyuu Senki GOLD for the reminder, and apparently the translator (Surferdude) was already translated a lot of the sex scenes although personally I would wait until the full patch is released though (I knew that I might be hoping too much, but to me it's the best option for now).

From Mangagamer we'll going to have Trinoline release at April 18th later (One day after big election in Indonesia here), in which it mean that Mangagamer did get around of minori's inactivity (They also said that they still continuing with Supipara funding). While this is quite a big news seeing that Trinoline did have big size (At around 11 GB) and big breast, I'm more interested whether Mangagamer was already prepared Damekoi for their next release or not seeing that both of Damekoi and Trinoline did have same status in that both VNs did awaiting for additional material from the company itself, at least before Mangagamer announced Trinoline as their next release after Lilycle (I'm still think that emote system in Damekoi was just a gimmic from Hermit there, so actually Mangagamer didn't really need to work on the newer version imo). I knew that my prediction here is can be wrong, so let's wait and see what Mangagamer will announce at next month for their next release.

About Lilycle, congratulation for it's release here. While the system is supposedly the same as Yurirei and that the art is quite like the painting, my interest is more towards the seiyuu though because the seiyuu themselves make Lilycle here more interesting here. In which some of them were involved in Idolmaster like Mangagamer blogpost state and we also got Hatsune Miku's voice (Fujita Saki), so at least it should be very appealing if you look from the seiyuu alone. As for the VN itself, I would say that the graphic is very bright (I find that it's very similar to idol mobage graphic) and the text is very hard to read because sometimes the text color did use very bright color (While this help personalized the characters, it could be very annoying to read almost invisible text). As for the premise, we have the three girls find themselves trapped in the dilemma in which each girls must chose one of another two girls to be her lover, only to be complicated with each girl did also confused as well because of the dilemma. Other than triangle GL love, in here we'll also have several couple that was available in the drama CD beforehand bringing the total girl into 15 girls, and unlike the trio MCs at least they only need to deal with one girl so it's less confusing. Go get the VN from either Mangagamer store or Steam store, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being short here. See you next week.


As for this week title once again we have 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' here because this week we have Hoshiori Sora's patch released back at 5th which is quite fast, and also we have Natsuki's route update which mean the 'arc' here was about to reach the finale because Natsuki's route is the last route that Tsurezure translated. As for Photo Kano the reason is simply because that VN (Adapted into the anime as well) did have a lot of photography with the MC was a member of photography club, and that Natsuki is quite passionate in photography although she's more like school newspaper club member (I knew her goal is to make year book) in common route though. Other than Sora's route patch release, this week we also have the update from Mangagamer and a miracle that was happening in Irotoridori kickstarter. Let's see what I can write for this week as well, and welcome to this week VNTS Review as usual.

From Irotoridori KS, I must admit that it's quite worrying when it's about to reach the last days seeing that it's still slightly more than half. But when the KS was almost close suddenly there's a lot of funding happening to the KS at fast rate, so we have Irotoridori KS successful with the fund barely reach the goal (At 85,359) in which it managed to hit the goal a few hour before the closing. As for the future title, since obviously the stretch goal was unreachable Sol Press did state that they'll see the way to funding both of Hikari and Akai when they finished with Irotoridori, and it could take a long time there. So in case you want the whole trilogy to be translated, what I can say is that we need to wait for quite a while here. Once again I'm content enough with the first part managed to be funded seeing that Hikari was classified as fandiscs, although getting the rest of the trilogy would be very necessity for Irotoridori hardcore fans though.

I like that Mangagamer managed to have their bi-weekly update again, so let me tried to round it up here. For their secret project, they decided to add one more so we have four secret projects to track from Mangagamer and that we don't know whether it'll be interesting title or just a short nukige although for now my guess is leaned toward short nukige though (I might be wrong on this, seeing that back at 2017 some of the secret projects turned out to be interesting title). For secret project roundup, we have 1st was at 51% edited, 2nd was at 93% translated along with 89% edited, 3rd was at 86% translated along with 21% edited, and 4th was at 69% translated. For their other project, we have Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was at 77% edited, Escalayer was fully edited, Sona-Nyl was at 89% translated, both of Amrilato and Hashihime entering the tesing, and Amatarasu was finished the testing. Other than those updates, we also have one nukige release from them so if you like nukige then it should be interesting to try (At least it got Kawashima Rino as seiyuu if you like her voice).

From fan translation, we have Watamasu was almost halfway (At 49%) translated, Harugi's Branch was at 56% translated, Tokihogushi was at 43% edited, 5,367 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 2,120 lines of that were edited, and we have Tsurezure did released Sora's patch in which she's sort of like Hoshiori's main girl simply because her route did carry the star theme that was quite prevalent on the title (You can get the patch here if you've been interested with her since Hoshiori project been announced). Of course other than Sora's patch release, we already have the progress for Natsuki's route and currently Natsuki's route was at one third (33.44%) translated and overall Hoshiori was already reached 90% (91.50%) translated so we should get Natsuki's patch (Hoshiori full patch for the reminder) by the time Easter come later (Should make it a good Easter gift).

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry for being a short one here. See you next week.


Foreword - Since we still didn't have admin Tay fix the main page for VNTS and thus Decay can't make VNTS here, I decided to omit the foreword here starting from the next week. Anyway here's this week VNTS Review and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

Seeing that we finally got 'My GF is Mermaid' released for Switch by Sekai, I decided to adapt Assassination Classroom chapter titling (XXX Time) by adding word 'Mermaid' so we have 'Mermaid Time' as this week title. The reason is simple, because in that VN we have two Assassination Classroom seiyuu (Fuchigami Mai (Nagisa) and Suzaki Aya (Kayano)) voicing two of three heroines from that VN, and to be honest the seiyuu themselves is more interesting than the VN itself mainly because those two seiyuu did play two prominent characters whose been shipped by a lot of fans. Especially after when Nagisa (A male by the way) did French kiss to crazed Kayano 15 times, and after that Kayano is been embarrassed whenever she called that moment. In the end I can only say that I'd more interested with the seiyuu instead of the story here, but if you find the story is interesting then good for you.

Assassination Classroom rambling aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review and other than My GF is Mermaid release we have a lot of releases from official companies. We also have some updates from both of Nekonyan and fan translation, and this week we have another surprise in which JAST did have another surprise announcements in that they announce a monster girl VN. I'll appreciate them more if they announce well known VN and release it quickly, but at least it's good that they started to getting more active. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

This week we have Eustia was at 63.15% translated along with 45.07% TLC-ed, Harugi's Branch was at 55% translated, Tokihogushi was at 35% translated, and interface patch for Fuukan no Grasesta was released in here so you can try it (Personally I would be more happy if they managed to release full patch here). Other than those updates, we also have Tsurezure did their usual updates with Sora's route was fully translated and overall Hoshiori was at 87.23% translated (Irru also said that he might be able to release Sora's patch by the weekend). That's all for fan translation section here.

As for Konosora FD, well congratulation for Pulltop I guess now that they manage to release it on Steam after they managed to solve the problem with Steam, although in the end it's obviously still censored though and instead of porting available all age version they decided to censored PC version, which is quite questionable seeing that the all age version that they'd have is having additional contents to cover the lack of sex scenes (Well go get Konosora FD if you didn't mind the censorship and have fun). As for Kaziklu Bey, what I can comment is that Mamiko Noto tone as Claudia was surely quite familiar considering that I started to recognize her tone, although too bad though that Light couldn't recast Akira Ishida as Wilhelm here seeing that Wilhem and Claudia romance is quite interesting and surely would make Fairy Tail fan very happy. Even without Akira Ishida as Wilhelm, I still recommend this VN if you a hardcore fans of Dies Irae because it did explore more on Wilhelm's life, especially if we knew that Wilhelm here is a crazy vampire back at Dies Irae and therefore it's interesting to see of how Wilhelm manage to have a normal relationship there.

From Nekonyan we have Sukiren was fully translated and 60% edited, while at the same time we have Aokana was at 70% translated along with 30% edited. From Sol Press we have Kimiaogi was at 80% edited, and Onikiss was at 56% translated. For Sol Press release, we have Hitotsuba in which I did say that the costumes was not as interesting as Aokana because Aokana's costumes did have magical girl feel. That said, it's still interesting on it's own though mainly because people did dubbed it as the second Aokana in which it did have the setting that people did fight using the fighter plane, and it did have competition. As for the story beginning, it's resembled Konosora in which the MC did move to the dorm that was managed by his grandmom who is well known dogfight champion, and in there he'll live with other four girls who have their own quirk. From there, MC and the four girls formed the dogfight team and compete with the other team so you can expect some competition there. Have fun with the VN if you already got it, and if anything else this VN is better compared to Konosora FD because it didn't have censorship.

I think that's all for this week, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS, so here's my VNTS Review for this week even though I'm quite late for this. I hope that you'll enjoy it.

Before going to the title, let me comment that we have so many trap VN announcements at this week (Only two though). As for the title, since we'll going to have Konosora FD release tomorrow (At 27th) I decide to parodied one of Pulltop title (LoveKami) by adding another new 'release' for them, and the new release here should be 'Trap Goddess' in which it's also the premise from one of the trap VNs (Will be released at March 29th later if you interested). Other than trap VN, we also have Steins Gate Elite release in which it's a redundant one to me unless you want to play other routes with the anime graphic, some updates from Sekai, and finally some updates from Mangagamer in which we can hope that they could going back into their biweekly updates period. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Like I said beforehand, we have two trap VN announcements and turned out that the other trap VN is published by JAST. While normally we should be happy that finally JAST being actively announce something outside AX twice for a month, unfortunately I can't say that I took interest into their announcements because their Lilium release is a redundant one and now we have trap VN announcement here. I know that some people might be interested with this and want to play it, but unfortunately it's not my interest here so I'll just say that it's good if you've took the interest to trap VNs (JAST will try to release it at this year summer later). Speaking about JAST, if we remember in the past they'd release Steins Gate and this time Spike Chunsoft did released Steins Gate Elite back at 19th in which it could be summarized as '5pb attempt to milk the series by rereleasing the full game by using anime graphic', and therefore it could be categorized as another redundant release unless you really like the anime graphic (Which to be fair is quite good thanks to White Fox's effort). Well if you've been looking forward to play non-adapted route with anime graphic (Such as Luka's and Faris's), then go get the VN from the Steam store here and have fun.

From Sekai we have Eternal Heart was at 35% translated and Hoshimemo was being retranslated, and to be honest I could less care to those two seeing that the latter is redundant to me in the first place and the former is the Hoshimemo's fandisc (It should be good though if you want more Hoshimemo and apparently it's also categorized as Hoshimemo's sequel like Irotoridori). We also have Tokyo Chronos exact release date, and the date will be at March 20th later so if you've been looking forward to that just keep the note on the date. For the good news from Sekai, we finally have the update from Daybreak in which it's been fully edited and they already worked on the engine. Other than Daybreak, we also have the good news from Morning Mist as well in which it's been fully translated and edited, and they'll start the engine work after the work on Daybreak is done. Even though we still don't know when Sekai will release Daybreak, at least they showed the progress of that which is good enough to me for now. For the note here, both of Daybreak and Morning Mist are the second and third part of Tokeijikake trilogy. Oh and we also already have Nine Chapter 2 was fully translated and edited, and right now they've been waiting the build from the developer. That's all from Sekai here.

For Mangagamer while some of their updates were involving going beta, it's still nice to know that some of their work is progressing and that some of those were already almost ready for the release (Damekoi and Trinoline, in which they've waiting for the release material from the developer and already finished the testing). As for the updates, we have Sona-Nyl was at 86% translated, Sukehime was at 30% edited, Escalayer was at 91% edited, and right now they've been working on Room No.9 unit assets. We also have the updates from their secret projects (1st was fully translated and 46% edited, 2nd was at 90% translated and 86% edited), and they decided to add another one here (Will be dubbed as the 3rd secret project, and currently it was at 78% translated along with 12% edited). For the rest of the updates, we have Amrilato, Minagoroshi, and Hashihime were about to entering the testing while Amatarasu here is almost finish the testing. For last update, we finally have Sengoku Rance in testing so it should be good news for anyone else who want Mangagamer version, although it's redundant to me anyway like I said several times.

From Irotoridori KS, currently they gather 46,421 out of 85,000 which is quite surprising if we keep following the KS with 8 days left, so perhaps we'll going to have another surprise again later. Speaking about surprise, we have Hitotsuba new release date in which it'll be at 28th later so obviously it mean that Sol Press did took care of the engine problem. We also have Maria sidestories was fully translated after some times of no update, and lastly we have Lamunation was fully translated so hopefully we can have it released at this year.

We also have Eustia was at 63.15% translated along with 47.87% edited, Harugi's overall was at 57% translated with Branch was past halfway (52%) translated, Watamasu was at 45% translated, and Tokihogushi was at 28% translated. From Tsurezure, currently Sora's route was at 71.43% translated with overall Hoshiori was past 80% mark (82.55%) translated, in which Irru did say that it might be possible to get Sora's patch within two weeks also he also said that he still isn't sure though so perhaps the plan may be changed in the future.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS yet, so here's this week VNTS Review as usual and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

As for the title, because we have Mangagamer did announce release date for Lilycle (March 14th) I decided to made a title based on 'Idolmaster Cinderella Girls' anime version. Only that we have Cinderella replaced by Lily, because Lilycle is all-age GL girl and we should knew that lily flower is associate with GL (Or shoujo ai if you prefer that). Another reason is that because some of Lilycle seiyuu also participate in Idolmaster franchise, and more importantly the girls was looks like the idols to me. The PV was because it's still not released yet, and that PV mean 'Promotional Video' (I hope that you wouldn't search the PV for Lily Girls in Youtube, because there's no video of that). Anyway as for this week let's just say that we have some surprising updates from Sekai after they being idle for some times, along with aforementioned Mangagamer release announcement of Lilycle and their Steam Prison release. So welcome to this week VNTS Review, and let's see what I can write for this week as well.

First of all we have JAST re-released Lilium Triangle that has been translated and released by our mod Nosebleed in the past. While granted I should be happy whenever JAST release something, I can't say that I'm impressed with their release because it's just nukige yuri VN there (I admit that the art is quite cute) and more importantly it's already released in the past by our mod Nosebleed back at 2015. So what I can say is that JAST release is very redundant, especially if they use the same translation that has been released from back at 2015. As for the advantage of JAST release of Lilium Triangle, well at least you can purchase it legally if you want to buy it (I prefer JAST focused on their newer title there, but at least they start to consider digital only release with Lilium release here).

As for Sol Press, we have Onikiss was at 48% translated, Kimiaogi was fully translated along with 60% edited, and turned out that Hitotsuba release delay was caused by engine problem (I would say they shouldn't announce the exact release date until they certain that all of the problem is finished, but whatever). As for Irotoridori KS, right now they managed to gather 39,042 out of 85,000 with 15 days left, so hopefully there'll be more fund gathered when they about to enter the last days of Kickstarter there. From Nekonyan, we have them released Fureraba mini fandisc back at 15th you you can treat it as the Valentine gift from then, and what I can say is that it should be good if you want more Fureraba even though it contains a lot of sex scenes (Well, that's one of the point of fandisc after all).

We also have surprise announcement that Kogado will release their new VN at both of English and Japanese language, and it'll be available for console and PC that was apparently will depict the life of a small game company (The company was probably inspired from real like Kogado). Other than that, I guess we can say that more or less it'll be like Kouya in which that VN also depict the process of eroge making. From the writers I'll just expect something like Hakuai and Symphonic Rain a totally normal GL VN because all of the casts were female, and the release estimation will be at this spring (Hopefully they'll be able to do that if possible). As for the VN itself, I'll call it Yuremaster and you can visit their site here if you curious.

From Mangagamer we have Steam Prison otome VN release, so go get that if you've been interested with it and I hope that you'll have fun later. Since this is otome, I would say that it's not my interest for now but I would like to say that the female MC is quite good looking there and the premise is quite interesting. Also as expected, they did announce their next release along with Steam Prison release, and this time their next release is Lilycle. As for my personal opinion on this, while Lilycle is interesting with 15 girls that remind me of Idolmaster (Some of the seiyuu also involved in Idolm@ster) and all of the girl did have their couple moment (Because this is shoujo ai VN), unfortunately I still can't help to say that I would prefer Mangagamer to release Damekoi as their next release because they'd been teased to release it at the last year and yet we still didn't get it yet. I knew that they work on the newer version, but honestly to me they can omit the emote release and just release the normal edition because to me the emote is like a gimmick that was implemented by Hermit. In the end, I guess we need to wait for Damekoi release there and try to enjoy Lilycle there (For the reminder the release date is at March 14th later).

Congratulation on Sekai new progress tracker website, and let me say that obviously Sekai didn't release Baldr Sky in mid 2018 like they stated earlier because the progress for both of the translation and the editing was still at 70%. For other updates we have Rewrite+ was at 17% edited (Once again redundant to me), Island Diary was at 13% translated, Love Duction was fully edited, and they also still have some QA left on both of Nanairo and Majokoi. Other than that, apparently the announcement of secret project is something that the localization company should do nowadays because we have two additional secret projects from Sekai (The 2nd secret project was fully translated and edited along with finished 90% of the engine work, and the 3rd secret project was at 40% translated). Sekai also did stealthily announced Nine Episode 2 at their tweet, so at least we should give a praise to Sekai although I would praise them more though if Sekai did announce Daybreak exact release date.

From fan translation we have Eustia was at 62.89% translated, Harugi's Branch was at almost halfway (49%) translated, Amayui's script was at halfway translated, 4,923 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 1,737 lines of it were edited, Tokihogushi was at 16% translated, and Sora's route was already at past halfway (50.31%) translated with overall Hoshiori was at almost reach 80% mark (79.09%) translated. Just in case you still following Miagete restoration, the team already finished translate and edited all of Hikari's sex scenes and their next plan is working on Korona's sex scenes. For the last update, we have surprise release of short yuri VN by our Zakamutt so if you interested with it you can try that (Have fun).

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - Still no VNTS, so here's another VNTS Review here and I hope you'll enjoy the review here.

I believe that you'd remember the infamous Miagete that was censored for the overseas release (Thanks to Pulltop's policy) when you see the chapter title (I'd use 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc' titling because we have Touko's Patch from Hoshiori released), and you're right about that because I'd use Miagete English name as the title for the new chapter here. As for the reason of the chapter title, it was because in both of Miagete and Sora's route we have Haruka Shimotsuki sang the ending song for both (I knew that she sang for one of Hoshimeno ED as well, but I decided to chose Miagete because it's more in line with Hoshiori in that it didn't involved supernatural element like Hoshimemo). As for the English version of the title, I chose that because it's more appropriate seeing that there'll be a lot of stargazing in Sora's route along with the fact that Sora's name here mean 'Sky', and let me say that Sora's route will be better than Pulltop's localized Miagete because we'll going to have sex scenes in Sora's rute lol. Since we have stargazing in Sora's route, we can treat Sora's route as Hoshiori's main route simply because star was quite prominent in the VN itself (Even Hoshiori title told us that they'll focused on the star (TL Note: Hoshi mean star)).

My comment abut this week title aside, welcome to this week VNTS Review in which other than Touko's patch release we have some updates from Mangagamer and fan translation. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

It's quite a shame that Sol Press did delay Hitotsuba release, but I guess it can't be helped seeing that apparently they still need some time to get the approval from Steam which if we knew is been indecisive. They still hoping that they can release it at this month so let's see if they'll be able to do that. Other than Hitotsuba release currently we have 35,076 gathered from Irotoridori KS with 22 days left, and turned out that the estimated release month at December 2021 was for Akai so we'll have new estimation for the first part that they'll release Irotoridori at early 2020 (I knew the first part full name is Irotoridori no Sekai, but I'll just call it Irotoridori anyway). Personally I'm okay with the first part here, but if you want complete experience perhaps both of the FD is necessary (The fans already treat it as the sequels anyway) even though you'll need to wait a little longer. There's also some updates from Sol Press, but I'll talk about that later in the next VNTS Review.

We also have surprise release announcement that we have Dies Irae Kaziklu Bey being translated, and that the release date for translated version is surprisingly near at 28th later. While it's surprising that we can see the story from our crazy vampire Wilhelm here, I think it's reasonable seeing that so far he's the one with the most appearence and therefore it's reasonable that he have a lot of fan (After all Light add the new battle scene with him in the newer version of Dies Irae). As for Kaziklu Bey itself, it's all age so you better don't expect rape scene even though Wilhelm was quite crazy to be able to do that (At least we can have Mamiko Noto as the seiyuu here if anything else). We also have surprise from Nekonyan that they'll release Fureraba FD at 15th (Friday) later, so you should look forward to that if you've been Fureraba fans and waiting for the FD there. Almost forget ti mention that we already have Frontier was at 22% translated according to the KS update here.

From Mangagamer we have Sona-Nyl was at 83% translated, Rance Quest was fully edited, X was at 24% translated, Sukehime was fully translated and 28% edited, and Room No.9 was fully translated and edited. We also have one more secret project from Mangagamer (Will dubbed as the 2nd secret project in the future), in which the current progress for that was at 85% translated along with 80% edited. Speaking abut secret project, the progress for the 1st one was at 90% translated along with 30% edited. I don't know what those two secret projects were for certain, but seeing from of how fast Mangagamer translated it I would guess that both of those were probably short VNs (Might be nukige). We also have Mangagamer sent their Maggot Bait to Clockup for the scripting, in which they did similar thing back at Himawari (And resulted in long wait for the release, so hopefully Clockup will be quick). Other than that, I like that Mangagamer did managed to have anther update within less than a month although I still prefer if they back to biweekly updates though. For the last word in regard of Mangagamer at this week, I just wonder what's the release that they'll announced after Steam Prison release at Thursday later.

We have Eustia was at 62.79% along with 45.86% edited, Tokihogushi was at 9% translated, Watamasu was at 44% translated, and Harugi's overall was at 56% translated with Shino's route was fully translated. For the last update we have Tsurezure did release Touko's patch for Hoshiori back at Sunday, so if you've been waiting for that then have fun. We also have the translation update for Hoshiori as well, in which Trip already translated more than a quarter (25.6%) of Sora's route and overall we already have Hoshiori was at almost three quarter (74.98%) translated so we should have Natsuki's patch by mid April if all goes well.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - No VNTS again, so you know what it means (I'll write another my own VNTS Review here). Either way, I hope that you'll enjoy this week VNTS Review even though I'm quite late here.

Since yesterday we have Chinese New Year, I'd been quite busy for two days beforehand so I'm sorry for being late here. Also happy Chinese New Year to anyone else who celebrated it, including me. As for the title, since we have Nine first part released I thought that it would be the best to parodied Nine first episode along with both of the main heroines of that work (Kujou Miyako) and Smile PreCure (Hoshizora Miyuki) into the combined name '9 -Nine- Episode 1: Hoshizora Miyako' because both of their character designer (Izumi Tsubasu for Miyako and Kawamura Toshie for Miyuki) work together in Mashiro Iro Symphony anime, and more importantly both of Miyako and Miyuki did share same seiyuu (Fukuen Misato). My ramble aside, I really like that finally Sol Press did their move on both of their rather big announcements (Irotoridori Kickstarter (KS) and Hitotsuba release) and that they already aggressive on that so we should be more interested with them in the future. Other than Sol Press big move, we have usual fan translation updates along with some updates from Nekonyan so let's see what I can write for this VNTS Review here.

First of all I knew that Pulltop did delay their release for their Konosora FD into February because they'd await Steam approval, which is we knew is been indecisive in regard of the censorship. My feeling in regard of that was quite mixed to be honest because while this could be a good slap for Pulltop to not release their work on Steam and started to sell their uncensored VNs on any other store (Beside Steam), this announcement could also mean that some developer would be over censor their localized VNs in order to fulfill Steam's indecisive censorship policy. In the end while I didn't look forward to Konosora FD much, I just hope that we still can see more VNs on Steam despite some happening like HGB and Konosora FD here.

We also have Noraneko release announcement here, and let's just said that we better wait for Senren Banka because the three heroines of Noraneko did share same seiyuu as Senren Banka (Kirihana, Sendai, and Kotori Yuka). One more reason for that is because it'll be censored according to the opening that I saw in which they use seiyuu's real name instead of their pseudonym (I did see that they list 'Eri Sendai' instead of 'Haruka Sora', in which the latter is Sendai's pseudonym in the eroge's credit), which mean that they'll release PS4 version instead of the default 18+ version. Let's just hope that they uploaded the wrong opening (Because they deleted the opening) and that they'll release 18+ version later, because I can see that the team could fix their mistake in regard of their introduction intro at their website so at least they should be able to hear some feedback from the fans.

From Sekai we have Nine first episode released with the premise the MC who is full voiced (His seiyuu is Atsuhi Abe if you curious) did caught up in serial murder case, and while at it he encountered some people with superpower. While this is definitely a VN with interesting premise and have the art drawn by Izumi Tsubasu to boot (The art is very good), it's quite unfortunate that Nine here is the episodic VN which mean that currently the story is still incomplete although from what I see apparently each episode will cover one heroine. In this case the main heroine for the Episode 1 here would be Kujou Miyako who is a rich businessman daughter and yet she's like to live humbly and very calculating when spending the money. In any case, we need to wait for 2020 (Estimation) if we want to enjoy it fully because even Palette didn't create the 4th episode yet, and even longer if we rely on the translated version like us because we wouldn't know if Sekai will announce the rest of Nine here (They should announce those parts if they want to sell the complete story). Have fun to anyone else who already been interested into Nine, despite that it's still the first chapter.

From fan translation, we have Eustia was at 65.82% translated along with 45.86% edited and 44.47% TLC-ed, Harugi's overall was at 55% translated with Shino's route was at 96% translated and Branch was at 47% translated (Along with 47% TLC-ed) - I'm kind of curious of how the progress will be going after Shino's route is finished, Watamasu was at 42% translated, Higurashi Yoigoshi's patch was released and the current progress for Tokihogushi was fully ported, 4,719 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 1,258 lines of it were edited, Relaxation Yuka was at 66.46% translated, and Hoshiori's overall was at 70.84% translated with Touko's route was fully translated (We may have Touko's patch at this weekend, although I didn't know for certain though). I think that's all for fan translation updates.

We have some updates from Nekonyan, in which we have Fureraba FD as their next release. As for their other updates, we have Aokana was at past halfway (60%) translated along with 20% edited and Sukiren was reach 90% mark translated along with halfway edited. From Sol Press we have Hitotsuba exact release date in which they'll release it at 15th later so at least we can treat it as Valentine's gift from Sol Press, and they already set the store at Steam (Good that it's still not banned) so you should pre-order that if you interested with the VN. I admit that the costumes were not as interesting as Aokana, but perhaps this one could be interesting seeing that it involving plane fight as the in-game fictional sport so that you can try Hitotsuba while we waiting for Aokana (Quite fitting seeing that Hitotsuba has been called as the second Aokana).

For the biggest news from Sol Press, we have them set up the KS for Irotoridori with rather sizeable base goal at 85,000 with the stretch goal was to released two FDs (Or sequels) at 170,000 for Hikari and 215,000 for Akai. I knew that some people did treat Irotoridori as trilogy, but apparently Favorite did sell Hikari as the FD. As for the release estimation, it'll be at December 2021 later which while I think it's too long actually it's quite reasonable time frame because it'll took many times to translate all of trilogy there. Personally I'm fine with the first part only though because it's been too much dying projects there, although obviously it's very good if Sol Press want to translate all of the trilogy. Good luck to the KS there and I hope it'll be successful for the sake of the one who wait for Irotoridori. As for the current funds, right now the KS managed to gather 28,277 out of 85,000 which is quite good for the first part here.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next time.


Foreword - Still no VNTS yet, so here's another VNTS Review from mine and once again I hope you'll enjoy it.

I'm sure that we can recognize what I parodied at this week and in case you want confirmation it's Charlie's Angels, and in this case since we have Kaito as HGB's MC of course I did change 'Charlie' into 'Kaito' which is quite fitting considering that he have four girls who surrounds him (Charlie only have three though lol) with one of those girls is a spy. That parody aside, this is the most active week in January after being idle for three weeks here, so I like this. Other than HGB release by Nekonyan, we also have Irotoridori kickstarter announcement along with usual several updates from fan translation as usual. Overall while it's still the same as the last week, the big release from Nekonyan and Irotoridori KS announcement make this week more interesting. let's see what I can write for this week as well.

First of all we have Nine episode 1 announced their release date at 31st later, in which it should be good if you looking forward to it. Although to me seeing that it's still the first part and Pallette planned to release this as the four parts VN (They have four heroines after all), I still didn't interested with this yet because it mean that we need to wait until we have four parts completed. In this case, perhaps it'll be at 2020 later if we want to see Pallette released all of the four parts of Nine in Japan, and for us who like to read Nine in English we must wait until 2022 (Note that it would be the case if Sekai keeping their good pace in working on Nine, and keep in mind that it may be changed). That said, I would say that you should try it seeing that Nine here is have the good art thanks to Izumi Tsubasu, especially if we knew that she's the character designer for Mashiro Iro Symphony. I bring this because recently I knew that Kawamura Toshie did the drawing for Mashiro anime adaptation, and I knew that Kawamura's drawing is beautiful according to majority of PreCure fan so at least I can say that Tsubasu art here would be close to Kawamura (Might be just my assumption though).

From fan translation we have two nukige release, with one of those is a trap VN (Another one is a volleyball club nukige or something like that). While personally I wasn't the biggest fans of nukige here, I understand that some people may have different opinion on that so if you like to play those two nukige later (Especially the trap one) then have fun. Other than nukige releases, we have Eustia was at 62.12% translated, Harugi's overall was at past halfway (51.31%) translated with Shino's route was at almost three quarter (74%) translated, Watamasu was at 40% translated, Loverable was at 60.61% edited, and Hoshiori was at 68.87% translated with Touko's route was at 88.24% translated.

There's some updates from Sol Press such as Onikiss was at 64% translated along with 40% edited, Shitsuaru was at 27% translated, and Kimiaogi was at 95% translated. My attention for Sol Press here is going to Irotoridori though, in which they'll do the Kickstarter (KS) at February 4th later. Considering that this is one of Sol Press biggest release, I wonder of how much base funds that they'll need. In any case, let's see it in their Prefundia later if they make it. There's also Nekomiko and Chaos Child Steam version release, although to me both of those were not interesting to me though with the former apparently have translation problem with the latter was redundant (At least it's cheaper compared to Committee of Zero version in which you didn't need to purchase both of PC version and PSV version with the latter to extract the scripts). Almost forget that we have Lamunation was at 70% translated, so at least it mean that the release time is almost close.

The biggest release for this week is obviously HGB, or if you prefer the long name then Hello,good-bye. While at first there's some drama behind it namely that Steam banned this at Steam for some reason (People did assume that it's because HGB had high school setting and loli), in the end they still managed to release this even though Steam version was obviously still not released for obvious reason (I just hope that Nekonyan can still release their VNs in the Steam, especially Aokana). Also I like to note that HGB here already been delayed because it's supposed to be released at last year summer (I knew there's a reason for that), in which it's ironically very fitting for Australian seeing that it's summer at there. As for the premise, we have Kaito (Fake name) as the MC who was assigned to be a spy in a neutral zone. I said neutral zone because we have the setting that Japan did separated into two faction just like Korea, and that between two conflicted nation there's a neutral zone with the name Morino. From there we have own Kaito did his job while at the same time enjoy his school life, so if you ask me what's to expect from HGB then I will say just expect the school life in the unusual setting like Sharin instead of actions. Go get that at either Nekonyan's store, JAST, Denpasoft, Mangagamer, or Nutaku, and have fun.

That's all for this week review, and sorry for the belated review here. See you next week.


I knew that I'd already made this post a year ago here, but seeing that I did make some significant change in here (Not much though) I decided to remake this. So here's my second take on 'Top 10 Best Rated VNs Translated at 2017', and since Pulltop decided to censor Miagete overseas I'd remove it because I decided to not add censored VNs here unless the censorship is very small like Subahibi. Oh and for the rules as usual there's no yaoi, nukige, BL, and MTL-ed VN (ie no Your Diary and Fortissimo back at my 2018 list, which is a shame considering that those two were quite good). Anyway, here's the new list and keep in mind that the scores may be fluctuate in the future (The scoring based on today (2019/05/02) for the info).

10. Hatsukoi 1/1 (VNDB 7.41, Erogamescape 70)

The first tone work's that was translated by Tsurezure, and it's also the first work for Tsurezure here in regard of VN Translation. The premise was obviously still the same with our MC Yuuma who decided to form cafetaria club with other five girls, and that the cafetaria club was abut to be disbanded because lack of member problem. While the story is sounds simple, unfortunately the writing on Yuuma's character was quite bad so much that it's enraged the player and the staff decided to post an apology video on Niconico (Youtube equivalent on Japan). While their first product ended up getting bad reception, I see that tone work's did really work hard to improve their next work Hoshiori (Currently translated by Tsurezure as well) with the writing and including after stories as well (Without FD). Of course there's some good point in HatsuKoi though namely that we got multiple vocal songs that was sang by different singer (Repeated in Hoshiori and Ginharu), and that we can see more than one variation of the background in some places (They remove background variation in Hoshiori and Ginharu though).

9. Chrono Clock (VNDB 7.43, Erogamescape 70)

The first Purplesoft VN that was localized, and let's just say that the translation choice for this is quite divisive (Either like it, dislike it, or just neutral). The premise is that our rich MC Rei did have a pocket watch from his grandfather, and with the pocket watch he's been able to turn back the time by five minutes. Even though the power is quite powerful, our Rei was mostly use the clock to search his girlfriend by confessing and then turned back the time. One day, he met Miu who was saved by Rei turning back the time after she did fall down and dead, and our Rei did impressed by seeing Miu's determination to confess to his best friend. From there Rei decided to help Miu while at the same time fall in love with her. While at first glance the man heroine is Miu, actually the true main heroine in here is Cro who is the goddess that reside inside Rei's clock and thus the reason of why Rei's clock did have power. Also while I did say prologue here, I felt that it's not the case because we see Miu's development in the prologue and that Miu's route is more like her ending, so we can say that Miu's route here is the prologue (I did call it Miu's arc) and her ending.

8. Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki aka Saku Saku Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossom (VNDB 7.55, Erogamescape 70)

I still remember that this VN was started as the translation project for Shinku TL with some steady progress back at 2014. At first I expected that they'll release the patch quickly, but then suddenly the updates was stopped at QC progress until one day Akerou did announce that he'll go to vacation in order to have some rest. Little we knew that back then Akerou already asked some help from Sekai in order to do the QC (Sell it to Sekai), and that they announced that they help Saku Saku QC (Announced the license) back at AX 2016 in which it shocked me very hard. Even then, Sekai still have delayed the release twice back at August 2017 end (Mismanagement on the release date) before finally manage to release it back at October 2017.

As for Saku Saku here, I guess we can say that technically it's the first work for Nekonyan because Nekonyan was came from Shinku Translation that was headed by Akerou. The premise was that our MC got a bounty of 21,000 yen to anyone else who managed to make him fall in love, because the MC was known as romance consultant and yet he himself is unable to fall in love. The MC's problem is increasing when he meet a shinigami (Tina) who remind him of his childhood when he saw a shinigami, and Tina herself did insist that she's a love fairy (A lousy one though seeing that she use dramatic romance manga as the reference). As for the graphic, it's very beautiful so at least you can enjoy the graphic there if the story is no good for you.

7. Wagamama High Spec (VNDB 7.56, Erogamescape 76)

My first impression is still the same though that at first I didn't find the design is very appealing because of the big breast, and moreso if people recognize the same face that the heroines have (I tried to not bothered with it though). Same face and big breast aside, actually this VN is not a big breast nukige even though the design would surely gave you that impression lol. That said, this VN got some comedy and more importantly each girl did have their own development in each of their route, which is something that we wouldn't expect from the design alone and the company past work (Yakimochi Stream, which is dubbed as nukige like VN for having a lot of sex scenes). As for the premise, we have our MC Kouki who is a mangaka that must keep his secrets at school. At least until a certain things happen when the student council president find out the secrets and decided to rope Kouki into joining student council. After joining, Kouki did find out that the president was secretly his partner at his mangaka work and after that both of them start to work together in student council along with other heroines including Kouki's little sister. 

6. Da Capo 3 (VNDB 7.61, Erogamescape 76)

This one VN have some history with our Fuwanovel here, namely that there's first attempt of translating this by our founder Aaeru. Her method is quite divisive though because she'd use VNR which could be amounted as MTL to most of the people. Even so Aaeru keep working on this until she managed to release the prologue patch, only for Mangagamer to C&D her after they got the wind on this. After that she was disappear from the forum and nowadays nobody knew where she is. Anyway, what's done is done and we finally get the release back at 2017 January (By Mangagamer obviously). For the premise, it was set at 2072 after Everlasting Sakura was wither after Da Capo 2 event (The reason of why at 2072 is spoiler though), only to have that tree mysteriously blooming again. So more or less it's just usual Da Capo, and as for play order I would suggest you to play the first side route before going to common route because it's the real prologue for Da Capo 3 (Note that the Prologue and Common Route in Da Capo 3 did have VERY different setting). As for the opening here, there's too much opening for this so I'll just use the prologue opening in which it's very misleading because it only depict the situation at the Prologue (At least it did have 2D drawing).

5. SeaBed (VNDB 8.03, Erogamescape 78)

As for the scoring, since the number of votes was still very few this VN will be the most fluctuative one (At 134 votes on 2019/01/28). As for the premise, it was very simple in which we got a woman (Sachiko) who has her lover disappear and from there she'll try to recover from the heartbreak that caused by the disappearance by the help of her childhood friend (Narasaki) who is also a psychiatrist. By the way Sachiko's lover (Takako) here was the woman as well, so we'll gonna get some yuri VN from the first glance although there'll be no explicit sex scenes though seeing that it's all age VN. Seeing that Sachiko seek some psychiatrist, there'll be some talk in regard of psychology in which it may confusing for some people out there. From there we'll going to see what's going on in Seabed through three POV (Sachiko, Takako, and Narasaki). The VN itself is a doujin one and didn't have voice, although seeing that we have example the good doujin VN that didn't have voice (ie Umineko and Fata Morgana before being ported to the consoles) I would say that you should try Seabed here to see it by yourself, and if anything at least the art is better than Umineko default art.

4. Grisaia no Rakuen aka The Eden of Grisaia (VNDB 8.13, Erogamescape 80)

I'm still think of this as fandisc, seeing that it's developed along with Meikyuu after Frontwing managed to dodge their bankruptcy thanks to Kajitsu's successful sales. While at the first glance there's no problem with it, the thing is that Kajitsu itself is an almost standalone that was intended as Frontwing Swan Song and they set it as charage. While Frontwing already have ambitious plan to make Grisaia as trilogy before Kajitsu's development, the continuity between of Kajitsu and Meikyuu main story (Rakuen is Meikyuu main route's continuation) is almost zero because Kajitsu is a charage. So in the end Frontwing can only 'made' unseen route from Kajitsu that was supposed to tell us that Meikyuu main route was the continuation from that route, although we can only see that route in Kajitsu's anime (It was rushed though because it only have 13 episodes). Anyway what I can say is that Rakuen should be good for Grisaia fans because it did have a lot of fan services Yuuji and the girls did some action, the characters are live happily ever after, and a reunion with certain character (It was destroyed by one of Kajitsu's ending though). In then end, while I did think of this as fandisc, it's okay though if you think of this as Kajitsu's sequel along with Meikyuu.

3. Dies Irae (VNDB 8.23, Erogamescape 87)

I did read that there's no characters development in this VN, although I think it's more like that the characters were already find something to hold on so there's no need on character development. Then again we shouldn't focused on character development in Dies Irae (Just play charage if you want that), but instead we should focused on the battle which is a lot (Chuunige and all). The premise is very cliche with some Germany soldiers were did some ritual to destroy the world and disappeared back at WW2, and somehow reappeared in 2006. The only one who can fight the soldiers is Ren (The MC) who can kill the soldiers who normally impossible to kill with his mysterious power. Another thing to note is the prose, in which it's very roundabout and could be boring for some people, while at the same time we can say that the prose did make the reader more immersive in read Dies Irae. We also have the gods in Dies Irae, in which the gods themselves like to talk in cryptic while at the same time are pretty charismatic. I'll post the all age version opening, because all age version is the best one with side stories available and most people would prefer it over 18+ version (I also recommend that you should play all age version instead of 18+ version here, even though the latter did have 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' scene).

2. Chaos Child (VNDB 8.44, Erogamescape 83)

At first it's for console only (At PS4 and PSV), and then we have Committee of Zero released the PC patch that imported the translation into PC version along with Steam release of this, so we can play Chaos Child at PC if you didn't have the consoles. Anyway, the premise was we have another serial murder in Shibuya which eerily resembled the one back at Chaos Head (The prequel) by looking at the date, which of course would be quite graphic considering that in the past Nitroplus was involved with Chaos Head. From there, we have our MC Takuru who took abnormal interest to the case and then he decided to investigate the murder cases while at the same time being frightened, and hopefully would be able to calm down some anxiety in Shibuya.

From what I read apparently the girls route was not quite satisfying (The girls good as eye candy though if that's the case lol), so at least it could be interpreted that the writing was more focused on the main story which is full of sci-fi. If anything, at least we can learn the additional contents from the girls route. Oh, and actually this is more in line with Steins Gate instead of original Chaos Head, simply because both of Steins Gate and Chaos Child did have routes (Original Chaos Head is linear VN, and they remake it as NoaH with the addition of the routes). As for the opening, I'll post both of XBOX One version above and PS4 version below because we can play both opening in the English version, and by the way personally I'd prefer PS4 version opening (Singularity) here.

1. Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ aka Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ (VNDB 8.67, Erogamescape 86)

We already knew that this VN did suffered translation hell back at TLWiki since back at 2012, in which back then there's almost no hope of this being released before finally saw some progress back at 2015. Long story short, the awaited release was never happened until Frontwing suddenly announced this back at February 2017. I would say that they did the good job for localized this, even with the fact that the overseas release was censored although compared to Pulltop's overseas release it's still far more better though because only the picture that was censored (And disturbing at that for some people). As for the premise, it was in regard of the world which about to face the apocalypse at July 20th 2012 (Even though the in-game year should be at 2009), and from there we can see the events from several POV in order to get the full picture. While this VN was lauded as the best VN because it could change people's life, I would say that there's some flaw inside Subahibi here but even so I would say that you should try it anyway to seeing that by yourself. As for the subtitle, just like French at Grisaia Frontwing also add another language for the subtitle and this time it's Germany.

That's all for the remake of my list here, and I hope you enjoyed this even though once again my list was mostly still the same as Conjueror's.

PS - As for the title, once again I'd just combine Chaos Child (Chaotic) with Subahibi (Everyday), so we got 'Chaotic Everyday' here. The v2 mean that this is my second version of my top ten list here, even though I'm belated a year to make this.


Foreword - Still no VNTS here, so once again I decided to make my own VNTS Review here. As usual I hope that you'll enjoy the review here.

Seeing that we have Mangagamer did released Yurirei Full Chorus back at last Thursday, I decided to just add 'Fullvoice ReBORN' at the end of the full name of Yurirei here (Okujou no Yurirei-san) because it's what Yurirei Full Chorus really is if we boil down into it. For the explanation here, each time Liar-soft rereleased their partially voiced VN into full voiced VN (The example are Inganock and Sharnoth) they always add 'Fullvoice ReBORN' into the VN name, although this time they decided to change the titling for Yurirei though wth 'Full Chorus' (I knew that it's supposed to adapt the school setting that Liar-soft set in Yurirei and in turn made the titling idiosyncratic). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which other than Yurirei Full Chorus release we finally got some updates from Mangagamer and as usual we also got to knew what Mangagamer will release in the next month (Regardless of my interest) along with usual fan translation updates, so at least this week is slightly more active compared to the past weeks. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

There's surprising news from PQube that they'll release Chaos Child at Wednesday later, in which it's should be good if we want to get it legally because it's very expensive if we want to apply the available fan patch (We need Japanese PC version and PSV script if we want to apply it legally). Although in case some people already have the English version of Chaos Child PC here here, obviously the release will going to be redundant to them. That sad, if from Chaos Child entering Steam (Risk for being banned aside) we can have more interesting SciFi ADV available in English, perhaps it's the good news here. In an unrelated note, I start to see that 5pb really like to milk SciFi ADV (Especially Steins Gate) which in turn delaying the continuation of SciFi ADV main story (I knew that the main story scope is quite big, but still), although perhaps it's just my baseless assumption here.

From Mangagamer we have Yurirei Full Chorus release, in which it's only Yurirei re-released that was already released back at 2016. Although this release did have full voice, so if you want to hear more voice in Yurirei you should get it because the original Yurirei here was only partially voiced. As for Yurirei, I think everyone was already knew that we'll going to have two ghost whose deeply in GL/yuri relationship that want to established as many as yuri couple in order to learn of how to express their feeling before going to afterlife, and that they decided to enlist the help from our female MC Yuna who understandably quite hesitant at first. Have fun if you want to replay Yurirei here or just want to play it for the first time (Go get the Full Chorus version if you want full voice here).

Other than Full Chorus release, we also have Mangagamer did have their own updates. Before going to the updates, let me say that their next release (Steam Prison) is not quite interesting to me seeing that it's otome VN (And that my focus was on Mangagamer other queue list), although if you looking forward into it you can wait until February 14th later and treat it as the Valentine's gift from Mangagamer lol. As for the updates, we have Rance X was at 22% translated, Sukehime was at 82% translated along with 27% edited, Room No.9 was both at 80% for both of translation and editing progress, Sona-Nyl was at 79% translated, Escalayer was fully translated and 72% edited, Amatarasu was entering beta testing, and Maggot Bait was fully edited (Good job to the editor for enduring it lol). We also have first secret project, in which Mangagamer was apparently proud of it with the current progress was at 66% translated along with 19% edited. We also have interesting updates from them, in which that both of Bokuten and Damekoi were finished the testing along with Lilycle. Although apparently it's still quite a while though before the release, because Trinoline was still in scripting here and perhaps they'll release Trinoline first there.

As usual we have the updates from fan translation, in which we have Eustia was at 61.97% translated along with 45.54% edited, Harugi's overall was at almost halfway (49%) translated with Shino's route was past halfway (58%) translated and Branch was at 45% translated, Pure Pure was at 91.79% translated with Tobari's route was at 88.79% translated, 4,379 lines from Pure x Connect were translated along with 1,001 lines of it were edited, Watamasu was at 38% translated, and that we finally got the full patch for HaraChuChu at this week although I'm not quite interested with this though seeing that it's just a nukige with pregnancy fetish (Go get the patch here if you interested, and have fun). For the last update form fan translation, as usual we have Hoshiori update in which Touko's route was at 66.8% translated with overall Hoshiori was at 65.27% translated.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - We still haven't VNTS as of now, so once again here's this week VNTS Review from mine and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

As for the title, seeing that we have Miyabi's route from Harugi was fully translated (Well it's been a while here), I decided to do the seiyuu joke again because Miyabi here did share the same seiyuu as Da Capo's Sakura and also same role seeing that both of Sakura and Miyabi were the headmistresses at their respective VNs (Sakura was only did have that role at the 2nd Da Capo though). As for Time Paladin part, it's because Sakura receive her spin off VN that was called Time Paladin Sakura so I decided to parodying it by changing 'Sakura' to 'Miyabi' (I knew that Sakura's seiyuu in Time Paladin VN was Suzuko Mimori (Love Live fans should knew her as Umi's seiyuu) instead of usual Hokuto Minami though). Back to VNTS, as for this week there's no releases but at least we can see that Sekai did have some updates there, and if you've been waiting for the releases there'll be one at three days later (Yurirei Full Chorus) by Mangagamer. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

I see that apparently Sekai decided to add their own three VNs into Upcoming Releases at their own translation tracker site, so at least I should gave them some praise for them to finally start moving at the start of the year. As for those VNs, they were Majokoi (So it mean that the leaked picture is true), Nanairo (They already have Steam store opened, and now we need to wait whether Sekai will release 18+ version or not), and Nine part 1 (Episodic, so I'll pass even though the art is good looking thanks to Izumi Tsubasu). While once again it show that Sekai was already ready to release those three which is good (Personally I'm interested with both of Majoki and Nanairo), perhaps we should be wary about the delay here because it's prone to happen with Sekai here especially if we remember Dracu Riot case. Let's just hope that everything will going well for the releases, and as for the current state of those three VNs obviously they were already finished the QC.

From Nekonyan, we have confirmation that they'll took care of Makeover's FD as well, so that we can fully enjoy it. We still don't know though whether they'll really work on it or not because they still didn't announce it officially (They indirectly announced it through their forum), but at least it's something to take note for. Other than Makeover FD indirect announcement, we have Song of Memories exact release date announcement, in which they say that they'll release it at February 1st later for PS4 only because the Switch version release were cancelled (Not my interest anymore though seeing that the PC version did need high spec and apparently didn't port properly). We also have the translation for Isekai Harem Dungeon Master was almost finished, although seeing that it's nukige I'll pass on it (You may look forward to the release though if you interested with nukige).

We have a new fan translation project with the objective to translate this nukige, and as far as nukige concerned at least I can say it's quite interesting simply because we rarely saw translated nukige with the place setting at the massage parlour even though it's very common in real life (The current translation progress for the nukige itself was at 30.60% translated). Other than the new project, we have Eustia was at 61.60% translated with Licia's route was past halfway (51.17% translated), Harugi's overall was at 45% translated with Shino's route was at 34% translated, Yoigoshi was at 84% edited, and Loverable was at 57.61% edited along with 38.86% QC-ed. As usual we also have Hoshiori progress from Tsurezure, and in this week currently Touko's route was past halfway (52.2% translated) in which it bring overall Hoshiori translation progress to 62.82% translated.

I think that's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - Still no VNTS at 2019 here because admin Tay was still missing leaving the webpage remain unfixed, so here's my first VNTS Review for this year and I hope you'll enjoy this.

Welcome to my first VNTS Review for 2019 here, and as for the first VNTS in this year to be blunt it's very dry seeing that there's almost no updates from official localization companies. Of course it mean that at least we still have some usual update from fan translation, albeit only usual one. Speaking about the fan translation updates, this week title was reflecting the first update from Tsurezure at 2019 and seeing that Trip started his work on Touko's route it mean that the pattern title will be 'Star-Weaving Future Dream Arc', and the VN in question for this chapter would be Wagahigh. While at first I chose Wagahigh because the writer for Touko's route is the same one as one of Wagahigh writer (Nissy), this review made me think that Wagahigh here would be more fitting title seeing that Touko here is like someone who want to get her own way at first (Her first song even have 'Wagagmama' word), and that she have excellent talented because otherwise she wouldn't getting scouted into becoming the club member after she defeated all sports club captains in the school. My rambling about Wagahigh meaning aside, let's see what update that we have for this week even though once again it's quite lacking.

Seeing that Steam got active to remove another store page for this nukige, safe to day that there's no December release so we must wait longer if we want to purchase it - not that it didn't make official release is less redundant seeing that we already have one released as fan patch beforehand. We also have estimation date of Majokoi from the leaked picture here at Q1 of this year, although seeing that we still didn't have the announcement from Sekai yet (Not to mention that there's still no Steam store for this unlike Nanairo) perhaps we should wait and see until they'll announce it by themselves. We also have Pulltop announced the plan to release Konosora FD at this month, although unfortunately it might be not worth it though seeing that they decided to release the original version with the sex contents was cut (Their usual tactic) instead of releasing the console version (Cruise Sign) like back at Cross Channel (Translation issue aside) that did have Akari's route addition. What I can say is that while I knew that there's a reason of why Pulltop couldn't localize Cruise Sign easily, it's still their fault for not having the sex scenes localized. Almost forget to inform that Bell Chime for Gold spinoff Kickstarter was succeeded with the fund gathered was at around 220,000, so congratulation for that. 

As for fan translation roundup of updates, we have Yoigoshi was at 36% edited, Eustia was at 61.39% translated, Harugi's overall was at 42% translated with Shino's route was at 19% translated, Nursery Rhyme was at 55% edited, and Loverable was at 32.15% QC-ed. I'd forget to announced that Witch Garden project was dropped according to the translator at his forum post here, so it's quite unfortunate that we wouldn't get Witch Garden in English here (Hope that somebody will pick this in the future). For additional update here, we have Tsurezure did have translated Touko's route and that turned out Trip did some work on translation even after he did say that he took a break, and as for the progress as of now overall Hoshiori did past 60% mark (60.4%) translated with Touko's route was already at almost 40% (37.77%) translated which is quite substantial for the work that was done at the break.

That's all for first VNTS Review at 2019, and sorry for once again quite short here. See you next week.


Foreword - Still no VNTS because Decay's new busyness later and more importantly admin Tay is still missing. So here's my last VNTS Review for 2018 here, and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

Since we have nurse nukige VN got released back at last week, I figure that it would be better if this week title should be 'Nurse's Service' simply because the nurse in the nukige was took special priority to service the MC (The nurse was MC's childhood friend), and that MC's situation was sort of the nurses's fault as well so the nurse felt responsible for that. While in real life it shouldn't possible because the nurse supposed to serve the patient equally, at least it's stated that the nurse served the MC after she was done with her works. Anyway welcome to the last VNTS Review at 2018, and first of all let me being blunt that the updates for this week was quite dry. But then again, perhaps we'll going to have many interesting releases at 2019 later and that we already have many big releases in previous weeks, so perhaps we should treat this week as the breather (Still quite unfortunate though that we didn't get the big releases from Sekai like back at the last year). Anyway let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for the updates from the official localization, we have one from Nekonyan. But before that let me report there's Tenkiame release at Steam, and let's just say that the release itself is less than ideal according to Doddler's tweets. What I can say is that if you felt interested and want to try it then go ahead, and at least it's not on the level of Your Diary looking from the screen alone so far. If anything at least they manage to release 18+ version on Steam despite of how their (Steam) recent behavior were quite confusing, and that you can get the 18+ contents directly unlike Your Diary (Hobibox charge around 1000 yen for Your Diary 18 patch). As for Nekonyan's updates, we have Fureraba fandisk were completely finished all of the translation progress (Including TLC and editing) with only QC left, Aokana was at 33% translated and 16% edited, Sukiren was at 70% translated and 30% edited, and currently HGB was almost finished the editing progress (At 95%) and halfway QC-ed.

From fan translation, we have some surprising update though in which we saw Majikoi A-3 got a bit of progress and currently they'd translated 45 scripts files of it. For usual progress, we got Eustia was at 60.90% translated, Harugi's overall was at 39% translated with Miyabi's route was fully translated, Loverable was at 55.38% edited, and Yoigshi was fully translated with the editing process was abut to begin and the translator also said that he aim for January release. Asides from there's no Hoshiori update at this week because Trip took a rest for a week or two, we also have partial patch for Tamainin Asagi Zero that was released by Rattanman back at 25th as the Christmas gift. As for the patch itself, it did cover one third of the overall VN so go get the patch from his Tumblr page here if you want to try it already, although personally I wouldn't took my interest in this seeing that it's nukige and all.

Well that's all for this week VNTS Review and also my last 2018 VNTS Review. Sorry for being short here, and see you next year. And here's hoping for more interesting VNs release in the next year.


Welcome to my top 10 list of translated VNs for 2018, and I think it's the right time to make this seeing that 2019 is almost come. As for the rule, there's no yaoi, otome, fandisc (ie Fata Morgana fandisc), and re-release (Konosora and Chaos Child). As for my list here, my taste here is quite personal so I'm sorry if some of your favorite titles were didn't available here. Here's my list of top 10 translated VNs for this year, and I hope that you'll enjoy it. As for the score currently I'm based on the average score at today (May 2nd, 2019), although it may be change in the future seeing that the scores is often fluctuated.

10. Hapymaher (VNDB 7.44, Erogamescape 78)

While I did admit that I was interested with this VN because of the costumes that the girls wear in the dream, I also can see that the costumes here is quite sexy so much that it did distract the reader's attention from the real meat of this VN which is the mind screw story that have some nakige element (I understand that the distraction may be deliberate, but it's still a waste though to have that kind of sexy costumes considering that this isn't nukige lol). As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC Tohru Naito who is burdened by his past that he was lost his family, so much that he can't rest because he did have lucid dream every night that he keep felt awaken in the dream. One night he saw two mysterious girls Alice and Maia, with the former was trying to help Tohru while the latter keep doing something bad. From there Tohru keep trying to find the solution to his own problem, while Maia somehow keep dragging the other girls into Tohru's dream. Since this VN involving people entering dream, what I can say is that it would be better to just enjoy the show instead of keep thinking seriously of how is that even plausible because it'll be hurt you head if you think it. Oh and almost forget to say that Hapymaher here did have Alice in Wonderland theme.

9. Newton to Ringo no Ki aka Newton and the Apple Tree (VNDB 7.45, Erogamescape 72)

As usual Japanese like to genderbent historical figure, and this time we've got Isaac Newton who in fact turned out to be a tsundere 19(?) years old girl with the name of Alice Bedford. Other than the usual gender-bent premise, we also have the MC Asanaga Shuuji who distanced himself from science because of his grandfather who was left him and get dragged by his female childhood friend Yotsuko to Tenbridge University in London. Then both of Shuuji and Yotsuko were accidentally activated time machine in London and got thrown to year 1687, and they accidentally burned the apple tree that was the source of inspiration for Newton gravitation law which in turn indirectly alter the history. From there Shuuji decided to try fix the mistake while at the same time tried to befriended Alice. This VN is also the first VN that was released by Sol Press, in which it's also the second VN that they'd crowdfund after Sakusakura although the release order was reversed though because they did need to resolve Sakusakura's technical problem back when Newton VN released. So essentially we can say that Newton VN here is the debut VN for Sol Press, and for a supposedly moege it did have some talk in regard of science and the drama itself could be surprisingly heavy at that.

8. Sorcery Jokers (VNDB 7.69, Erogamescape 78)

The first 2018 release from Mangagamer that was announced back at Otakon 2016, and it's setting was in regard of a city which got some magic user that was exist after years ago when the magic was suddenly came to the existance. While at the first glance it made people felt more content seeing that they manage to a normal life, beneath that there's some secret plan happening one that was involved the life of some people. Two of those people were Senri (The magic using criminal) and Mutsumi Haruto (Ordinary school boy), and from there they'd try to understand more about what's happening around them in which they may need have a hard time to do that.

As for the MCs, yeah I did say it in plural because in Sorcery Jokers we'll going to have two MCs (Haruto and Senri) with each of the MC got two heroines each. That said, since this VN involving some combat and world building we won't see much romance at least until you finished the VN, and for more info this VN is a linear one with the feature that you need to unlock the scenes first. Also while there's only two MCs occasionally we also can see the perspective from three other heroines (The fourth heroine didn't have POV), or to put it simply it's like 11eyes Cross Vision system. Speaking about Haruto, I did hear that his 'not playing fair' catchphrase is annoying although I would say that Haruto here is overshadowed by far more cool Senri, and that you can slightly understand there's a reason of why Haruto is like that if you know the twist (The twist remind me of Tales of the Abyss's own twist).

7. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (VNDB 7.75, Erogamescape 78)

I did repeatedly say that it'll be better if we didn't expect Majikoi from this seeing that both premises were already different, but seeing that the tone is the same along with the fact that there's Takahiro who is infamously have big influence in each of his credited works, it's hard to say that it's not like Majikoi here. So perhaps the right word for Tsujidou here is 'Majikoi but no Majikoi', in which I know it's hard to understand but at least I'm certain that Tsujidou here will be full of comedy. Anyway the premise is that our Hiroshi who is far more normal compared to Majikoi's MC did spot the beautiful delinquent at his class Tsujidou Ai (The main heroine) did looking cute while pick a cat, and from there both of Hiroshi and Ai sort of in relationship for a while. While at the same time, Ai was dubbed as one of the three strong delinquent in their territory along with two other heroines (Renna and Maki). For more info, this is the second Tsurezure's work that in which Trip didn't like Maki to put it lightly and said that Hiroshi here is worse compared to HatsuKoi's Yuuma. Even so, they still managed to finish Tsujidou and I'm sure that most people who've been looking forward to this would be grateful, so I appriciate their work on this even with the fact that Trip dislike this.

6. Evenicle (VNDB 7.86, Erogamescape 82)

The first attempt from Alicesoft to make new franchise now that they already ended Rance franchise, although both of Evenicle and Rance did share some of it's lore though. As for the VN story itself, it's self contained enough considering the scope was covering of the whole Evenicle world instead of a part of the whole world like Rance, although judging from the sequel we may have many different worlds for Evenicle series setting though. As for the first Evenicle premise, it's in regard of Aster who want to marry both of his childhood friend only to be stopped by the rule that man can only have one wife unless he became the knight. So Aster decide to become the knight in order to be able to marry both, and from there he met several other womans whose one way or another become his wives while at the same time he face several enemies whose based on Seven Deadly Sins. As for the gameplay I think it's like the combination of Final Fantasy 4 with fixed five party members with specified roles, and Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light with battle system that based on 5 BP that will regenerate by one per turn (Also with the seven sins thing). Overall I did find that Evenicle here is quite good.

5. Island (VNDB 7.86, Erogamescape 83)

Frontwing 15th anniversary project, and instead of ask four writers like back at Grisaia this time they decided to ask Goo to write this, so it's normal if we expect some sci-fi from this considering that Goo did write Himawari who is also known for some sci-fi element. As for the premise, it was in regard of Setsuna who at first didn't remember his name until a girl with the name Rinne call him with that name, and so Setsuna decided to go with it and helping Rinne while at the same time try to understand his own self. We also have the setting that there's a legend that Rinne here is one part of the three families in an isolated island, and that there's a rumored curse that was supposed to be happened because of apparent past mistakes that was done by supposed Setsuna's and Rinne's ancestors. Almost forget that like Tsujidou you can have a romance with the three family daughters, although since this is all age VN obviously we wouldn't have sex scenes (At least Yukari Tamura as Rinne here is more than enough tradeoff lol). Like Grisaia, Frontwing also adapt Island into anime and it should be good if for the conclusive ending only (The anime was kind of rushed though), while at the same time the VN was ended in slightly less conclusive note.

4. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ (VNDB 7.91, Erogamescape 81)

The first time I find this VN was through the opening song, in which I did hear it when I'm binged Astral Air opening. One time I let my Youtube video player to play next video in the play list, and it happen that one of the video was Fureraba opening in which I'd find it addictive because it's sounds melancholic. Anyway after I'd hear the opening I search about the VN, and turned out that it's a VN from Smee in which back then there's no hope to be translated even though I'm quite interested with that. At least until Nekonyan did their debut and announced Fureraba as their first title, in which they'd release it quickly at the same month that they promised (March). As for Fureraba, while the opening sounds melancholic actually the game itself is full of humor so we can say that it got some mismatch lol. The premise is simple though that namely it's about Kyousuke (The MC) who strife get his girlfriend, and that you must accomplish it through the small talks between the heroines. As for the heroines, there's estranged childhood friend, best friend, very rude classmate, and very shy popular senior girl. Overall I did enjoy this VN and if you want more Smee VNs, there'll be more considering that Nekonyan picked Making Lover.

3. Sanoba Witch aka Sabbat of the Witch (VNDB 7.96, Erogamescape 80)

Back at last year I did thought that Sekai will bring more Yuzusoft VNs, and turned out I was wrong because the one who release it first was Nekonyan. Also to elaborate more Senren Banka license was moved from Sekai to Nekonyan, leaving Sekai with Tenshin Ranman and Dracu Riot in which both of those were frozen so any chance for near future release is small. So let me redact my statement by saying that there'll be more Yuzusoft VN in the future because Nekonyan did have Senren Banka. Anyway as for Sanoba's premise here it's about of how love that was started from masturbation, and it make sense in the context. Or if you want to be concise it's about our MC Shuuji who can perceive the emotion saw Nene who was masturbate in the library which turned out it's because of her witch contract that cause the horniness, and Nene sign the contract in order to fulfill her wish just like Madoka. While they say witch, I would say that magical girl here is more fitting to Sanoba but then again both of those were almost the same. For more info, this is the first officially localized Yuzusoft VN while at the same time the third (The second if you still wait for Dracu Riot official release) translated Yuzusoft VN, and once again there'll be more in the future thanks to Nekonyan.

2. Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- (VNDB 8.35, Erogamescape 81)

Also known as Flowers Summer and the most interesting JAST release at this year out of four releases to me. As for the premise, it's in regard of Suoh who attend Saint Angraecum (Latin name for orchid) and currently suffer some heartbreak after the event from the previous Flowers happened. Thus our snarky wheel chaired girl Yaegaki Erika took unto herself to recover Suoh and become the MC of this VN, and obviously we'll going to see of how Erika will handle her own problem in which she did find a new friend with the name Takasaki Chidori who'll later become her soulmate (This is shoujo ai VN after all). As for the whole Flowers itself, one may remember Maria-sama ga Miteru (Marimite) anime in which also did have the same setting, and also both of Flowers and Marimite were happened to be the tetralogy. Since this is the second part of tetralogy, obviously there'll be two more in which as of now JAST was working on the third part and hopefully they'll work on the fourth part later, and seeing that it's JAST I would say that it'll took them a long time to even release the third part. That said, the main part of Flowers Summer here is still resolved though so it would be fine if we play this as standalone VN just like Kara no Shoujo duology.

1. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ aka 428: Shibuya Scramble (VNDB 8.45, Erogamescape 83)

Currently the only VN that got Famitsu score 40/40 in which in term of video game it would be a big accomplishment (Only 25 games as of 2017), and obviously it mean that Shibuya Scramble here would be a subject of hype. Although as for that, I think the hype was pretty much justified seeing that this VN is quite unique because instead of usual anime like drawing, the creator decided to use photograph which mean that it's obviously will cost a lot. As for the premise, it start simple enough with a detective was tasking into resolve the kidnapping case by giving the ransom money to the kidnapper. Of course things turn out to be not as simple as the first look, and so the detective decided to unravel what's really happening behind the kidnapping. Other than the detective, there's four other characters who somehow are involved in the kidnapping case and you'll going to see from the perspectives of all of those characters so essentially we'll going to have five MCs. Other than PS4, Shibuya Scramble was also out for PC so you can play it if you didn't have PS4, although you can only use the keyboard to play it. Almost forget that if you like Canaan anime, you should check Shibuya Scramble here seeing that this VN is the prequel for the anime itself.

As for of the VNs at this year, I would say that with both of Nekonyan and Sol Press being aggressive looks like it'll be possible that we can get more VNs title. Although of course the situation can be change though because it's still up to the company whether they can release it or not, and we know that the company situation could be easily changed. With this year was almost close, let's look forward to 2019 later with more potential VNs release.

PS - As for the title, I'm just combined Flowers's place setting (Saint Angraecum) with Shibuya Scramble, so we got 'Angraecum Scramble' for the title although of course there's no big scrambling zebra cross in Flowers like back at Shibuya.


Foreword - Still no VNTS considering that the page was still not fixed along with Decay will gonna be busy with two Nekonyan's projects (And it mean that he'll no longer working on Nukitashi), so here's usual VNTS Review from mine and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

First of all Merry belated Christmas to all of Fuwanovel's users and guests here. Second as for this week title it's simply because I'm combined the Making Lovers (Makeover) (Nekonyan's announcement) opening song Girl's Carnival with Nanairo Reincarnation, so we got 'Demon's Carnival'. For more explanation, in Nanairo we got a setting where the MC did got live together with the demon, so I decided to add the 'Demon' word there. Note that there's a soundtrack with the same name out there, but of course I wouldn't review that here. As for this week, there's a lot of hightlight namely that this week we have three nukige title releases along with surprise Rikka's patch release, Nanairo release announcement by Sekai, and most importantly two announcements from Nekonyan (Makeover and another title). So in hindsight we'll going to have quite a bit of contents to talk, and let's see what I can write about those hightlights here.

Back at 19th we have Sweet Pool release by JAST in which it's translation was heavily edited compared to the previous patch, so perhaps this release would be slightly less redundant although if I may say something JAST should have more release though. While the premise is quite interesting with bizarre sickness and hallucination, in the end it's BL which is not my cup on tea so I'll pass. Go get that from both of JAST store and Steam in case you want to get this legally, and have fun. Speaking about Steam, we also have Sekai did set their Steam store page for Nanairo which mean the release date for this was almost near, and in this case it would be at Q1 2019 so we should get this by March's end at most if all goes well seeing that usually the company need to preparing a lot of things before the release. I hope that Steam won't banned Nanairo here, so that Sekai can release their big title in a while without much problem seeing that they did lose one of their license.


Frontwing did announce that they'll delay Sharin release to February later in which it mean that there'll be more wait for the people who want Sharin from FW, although personally I did think it's a redundant release though so no much need to wait for Sharin to me here. We also have some updates from Sol Press as well in which they'd finished both of translating and editing work for Hitotsuba, along with the updates from both of Onikiss (58% translated and a quarter edited) and Kimi to Aogi (78% translated and 40% edited). Other than that, I think there's none seeing that they'll start the other three (ie Nukitashi, Mirai Radio, and Himawari no Kioku) at 2019 later including Irotoridori KS, so that's all for the last Sol Press updates at 2018.

Just in case you like otome VN and happen to have PSV, then you can try London Detective Mysteria that was released by XSEED back at 18th, in which it'll told the story of how about a girl who be able to date some handsome men that was happen to be the descendant of the great detective, and those men along with the female MC was about to investigate some mysterious things that was happened around them. We also have Quof announced his nukige work in which it happen will be released by Fakku in the future, and that the premise itself is full of pun if you understand Japanese lol (The puns are in regard of Japanese word for penis). Not quite interested with both of the release and the announcement seeing that the release is a BL VN and the announcement is a nukige, but some people may like it one of those two title (Not both obviously although maybe there's some people who took the liking to both of two VNs out there).

We also have some surprise that Nekonyan was announced back at 21st, and it's in regard of one of their announcement. But before going to that, let me say that I did find Makeover opening song here is quite catchy to me, and that I'll look forward to the release even though it might took a long time seeing that Nekonyan will release this at Winter 2019 later. As for Makeover itself, it's another Smee VN that did have same system as Fureraba along with of how the MC want to find his own girlfriend, so the most thing that I can say is that we better expect this as moege (Duh). Their other announcement is quite surprising because the name of the announcement is Senren Banka in which if we remember it is one of Sekai AX 2017 announcement, and perhaps it mean the rumor that the relationship between Yuzusoft and Sekai was quite shaky is true. Anyway the premise still the same though that the MC got the sword that was stabbed in the rock and the sword turned out to be the girl, and therefore my advice is still the same that it would be better if we expect Senren as normal charage. As for the release estimation, Nekonyan say that they'll release it by late summer 2019 so obviously it'll take a while here. With this Nekonyan's announcements was increased to seven, and I just hope that Nekonyan will be able to release all of those at 2019 later.

Fan Translation

We have three nukige VNs sudden releases here, and two of those were involved some NTR which may not appealing for some people (I also like to note that one of those two NTR VN was from Atelier Sakura which if we remember did have partnership with Mangagamer). As for the third VN, it was in regard of a nurse whose meet up with her childhood friend (The MC) who want to be a doctor only to suffer the accident, and then the nurse did his best to take care of her childhood friend so much that she's willing to go prioritize the MC over her other patients. We obviously didn't need to guess what will happen between the childhood friend couple in that nurse VN, but I did find that it's quite popular because it did have PS4 port with reworking scene to allow the VN could be enjoyed without the sex scenes and it mean that obviously it'd need a lot of rewriting seeing that the original VN itself is nukige. Oh the team that was behind nurse VN translation is Oxford Comma in which if we remember was the one who translate both of Noble Works and Miu's route of Dracu Riot, and this time worked it in secret before they suddenly release this back at Sunday. Regardless of my personal opinion on nukige (Didn't interested much), I would still say congratulations on the releases and I hope that whoever play those three will have fun of playing it.

For the roundup this week fan translations update, other than sudden Rikka's patch release by Tsurezure we have Eustia was at 60.65% translated along with 45.04% edited, Harugi's overall was at 38% translated with Miyabi's route was at 91% translated along with Branch was at 44% edited, Loverable was at 54.16% edited along with 31.25% QC-ed, Oreimo Tsuzuku script was fully finalized, Summer Pocket common route was completely translated and the current progress was at 15,5% translated with the detail 17,291 out of 111,484 lines were translated, and Yoigoshi was at 93% translated.

For the last update from fan translation, we have a surprise Rikka's patch release from Tsurezure in which if we remember Irru keep saying that they might not be able to make it by Christmas, and here we are with the Christmas gift from Tsurezure in form of Rikka's patch. Obviously the patch here will translated Rikka's route here along with Marika's and Misa's, so go get the patch here if you already want to play Rikka's route there and have fun. By the way Irru also say that Trip want to take one or two week of rest, so they may not have the progress at Touko's route for the next week so hopefully there'll be one at 2019 later. As for the progress from Hoshiori, it should be obvious that Rikka's route here is fully translated along with 54.06% of it (Congratulation to Tsurezure for halfway translating Hoshiori there). That's all for fan translation updates.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and once again Merry belated Christmas. See you next week.


Kokuhaku 2 Review

Foreword - No VNTS at this week once again which mean the main page problem is still not fixed so I decided to made another VNTS Review here, and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

As for this week, because I saw Deep Blue's review of Kokuhaku and of how much Suki Suki (Big release for this week) did have a gameplay heavily based on confession (TL Note: Kokuhaku mean confession), I decided to make the review for the 'sequel' which of course never there in the first place and Suki Suki casts here is far more developed compared to the 'prequel'. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, in which other than Suki Suki release we also have some updates from Mangagamer (Their last 2018 updates according to their word), alongside usual fan translations updates and Sol Press one. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

It's quite a pity that Carrion Crow Kickstarter was failed with they only managed to gather ~6,000 out of 10,000, although they did say at their update that they want to re-evaluate the KS so perhaps we can see anther attempt from them to re-launch the KS. If they'll do that later, then I hope that their next KS will be successful. We also have Lamunation was at halfway translated, so be happy if you're one of the people who want to see the meme in Lamunation. In regard of Sol Press updates, we have Hitotsuba was at 90% translated along with 80% edited, Shitsuaru was at 23% translated, Onikiss was past halfway (55%) translated along with 20% edited, and Kimi to Aogi was at 725 translated along with 35% edited. We also have Muv Luv Photonflower will be released at 2019 later, but for now we didn't have much info other than they release year.

To be honest, considering that the updates were very sparse and usually took months so much that I decided to not keeping the eye on that it's surprising that we saw anther Yosuga no Sora updates at this week, and the progress of that was surprisingly a lot with Akira's route was fully translated except the H scenes. While of course it's good that we finally can see that Yosuga no Sora project still active, the translator did say that he'll about to enter university so he warned us that the progress will be even more sparse in the future, and what I can say is that I just hope that someday it'll be finished seeing that it's almost 8 years since the team start the project. Anyway as for the current progress overall it was at 92.6% translated with Akira's route was at 92.51% translated and Motoka's route was at 63.98% translated. Other than Yosuga no Sora sudden update, we have Eustia was at 60.61% translated, Harugi's overall was at 36% translated with Miyabi's route was past three quarters (82%) translated and Branch was at 44% translated along with 42% edited, Watamasu was at 36% translated, Loverable was at 53.14% edted alng wth 29.7% QC-ed, 4,020 lines of Pure x Connect were translated, and overall Hoshiori was at almost halfway (49.79%) translated with Rikka's route was slightly past three quarter (75.9%) translated. That's all for this week fan translation updates.

As for Mangagamer updates, we have both of Bokuten and Steam Prison were almost finished with the testing, Trinoline was finished the testing, Sona-Nyl was at three quarter translated, Sukehime was at 62% translated and 19% edited, Rance X was at 20.3% translated, Amatarasu was fully edited, Room No. 9 was at 60% edited, and the work for Sengoku's image and UI was started. As for Sengoku here, seeing that Suki Suki translation choice did get the flak and that the translator (Arunaru) did also responsible for Sengoku's retranslation, I'm kind of wonder whether people will treat Mangagamer version of Sengoku Rance as redundant release or not seeing that we already got it translated for nine years. Granted that they need to retranslated it in order to make it consistent with the new translation choice seeing that there's some terms that were translated differently between Sengoku and VI, but still some people were probably already getting used by the old translation choice. For the last update, it's the biggest one to me in which they'd already announced Yurirei Full Chorus exact release date at January 17th later, so if you've been looking forward to play Yurirei with full voice go pre-order that from Mangagamer site.

The biggest release at this week (And only release at that) is Suki Suki, in which if we remember was the VN from Chuablesoft that as we knew suffer the bankruptcy. As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC (Souta) who is quite capable at farming and cooking that manage to met up with some mysterious fairy and the fairy told Souta that he'll lost two things in the future if he didn't search the girlfriend. Obviously Souta here didn't understand a thing abut that, but regardless of that he decided to search for a new girlfriend seeing that he did want to get one. One thing that interesting to note in regard of Suki Suki is that this VN was quite viral. Although the reason was not for of how Mangagmer manage to release something from a bankrupt company, or whether the story did have contrast tone at some of the routes, or you can get rejected by the heroines if you confess. Instead the reason of why Suki Suki was viral here is in regard of Arunaru's translation choice, in which it's quite questionable for some people. Some of those were gratuitous Spanish and change 'onii-chan' into 'dude', in which while granted those two changes were quite small, some people were still angry abut that and it's quite understandable. In any case, I guess Arunaru should take a responsibility to his own translation style. Well in the end what I can say is that perhaps you'll better try to enjoy Suki Suki without being bothered with the translation there, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


Foreword - Currently admin Tay is atill missing, so obviously it mean that the font page is still not fixed and therefore no VNTS. So here's another VNTS Review from mine, and I hope that you'll enjoy it.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I'm simply parodied Romance of the Three Kingdom that was the main inspiration of Koihime Musou franchise (Albeit loosely one at that) into 'Romance of the Three Queendoms' simply because we have Shin Koihime Musou was fully translated, and the Queendom part should be obvious because in Koihime Musou we have almost all Chinese historical figure were genderbent into woman. And by 'almost all' I mean all except one character in which that one character only was a naked muscle man, although he's not the king though so the Queendoms part should still applies even though the game not said that. As for this week, other than another fit from Steam there's not much news here other than regular updates, so if I may blunt here this week is kind of dry. That said, let's see what I can write for this week as well.

As for Steam's fit, this week we have HGB was removed from Steam page and banned, in which it proved that my worries was right that Steam may change their policy after allowing 18+ VNs to be added into Steam store. To make it worse, the version of HGB that was added was supposed to be wouldn't have any sex scenes also at least the work should be safe to be added at Steam, even with the fact that 18+ patch will available later. While granted that the deletion was might be just personal matter of taste from the one who reviewed and deleted HGB store page, it's still shown that Steam is not free of censorship and to make it worse it's not clear what kind of the game that would be not allowed on the store page. In the end, what I can say is that while Steam is good platform to market the VN, it would be better to not depending on it too much considering their inconsistent policy (Sorry for going a bit emotional here). If anything at least HGB release was already decided at January 25th later (Good that it's still on time for summer release if you live in Australia) which mean that at least the Steam ban didn't affected the release, and as of now Nekonyan did try to port HGB into their new engine for Englsh release later.

Like I say earlier, we finally have Shin Koihime Musou was finiased the translation progress after a lot of translation works. That said it didn't mean that the work for it was fnished though, because there'll be a lot of editing work in which currently it's at ~28% so easy to say it would need some times before finally we can play Shin Koihime Musou in English. Other than Shin Koihime Musou, we have Eustia was at 60.35% translated along with 44.65% edited, Harugi's overall was at 34% along with Miyabi's route was at 69% translated, Watamasu was at 35% translated, Loverable was at 51.68% edited, Pure Pure was passing 90% mark translated with the current progress was at 91.15% translated for overall with Tobari's route was at 85.05% translated, and Yoigoshi was at 87% translated. Other than those usual updates, we also have Rhapsody's update in which the translator was already finished with Chapter 8 of Lavirie's route translation and currently working on Chapter 9 with around halfway of the chapters were already translated. Other than the update, we also already got the editor for Rhapsody's project so at least it should help the translation. For last update from fan translation, we have Tsurezure did managed to almost halfway translated Rikka's route with the current progress was at 49.51% translated, and with that it bring overall Hoshiori translation progress to 45.12% translated.

For additional update, just in case you already have PSV and been looking forward to London Detective Mysteria otome, be happy because XSEED already announced that they'll release it at 18th later. While for PC version, apparently they work on that version so that the PC player will have good experience, and therefore they still not determine when there'll be PC version release. In that case, then hopefully it mean that they'll take care the porting very seriously.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.