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Nekopara Vol. 5 Innocent Sin Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review and sorry for be very late here. As for the title, I'll tell it at PS below. Anyway, as we know we have AX several days ago, and as for the announcements let's just say that it's still quite lukewarm even though I knew I shouldn't expect much more of it anyway. That said, there are some interesting highlight when it come to this year AX, so at least it's still quite noteworthy to a degree. Overall, this week is an almost interesting one thanks to AX, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Before going to AX announcements, let me write the updates for this week. First of all, we have the company plan to release Knight Case File sometimes in this year, so feel free to note the release time in case you want to play it. For fan translation updates, we have Akagoei 3 is at 81.48% edited along with 15.96% in QA and Karenai Saku is at 81% translated. Last but not the least, we have Floral Flowlove is fully edited, although it should be noted that said update is not outright confirmed by the staffs themselves with it only appear in the progress bar of their site, so we may need to wait until Nekonyan fully confirmed about it, probably at Otakon in which they're planned to attend it and possibly announce their secret projects.

For AX announcements, first of all we have both Aksys and Idea Factory announced four Switch only otome VNs. From Aksys, we have Mistonia and Uchronia. For the former, it's about a girl who lost everything decided to take the revenge to everyone who had been wronged her, while for Uchronia it's about the sheltered girl who live in the floating city encounter the amnesiac handsome man who involve in the incident related to the hidden truth behind the floating city. Aksys also already have the release estimation for both, with they will release both sometimes in the next year. From Idea Factory, we have Senjou no Waltz and Teminara with both coincidentally have the female MC cursed in different way (Senjou no Waltz MC is wielding the cursed sword, while Teminara MC was said to be cursed). For the release plan, like Aksys they'll also release both of their otome VNs sometimes in the next year, so yeah four Swith only otome VNs to look forward to in 2025.

Mangagamer announced two title, with the first one is related to the princess knight nukige that Shiravune released, and said title is The Alchemist & His Battle-Scarred Homunculus. For the premise, it's about the alchemist who has been betrayed by his kingdom because he didn't like to using homunculus as tool of war. One day, he find discarded female homunculus with her use for war is already over, so the alchemist decided to take care of her even with he know the age span of the homunculi are quite short. The second announcement is Rose Guns Days, in which as we know it's been available in English ever since 2015. That said, it came with the updates, although said update is unfortunately not adding the voice (So no Yukari Tamura as Stella or Daisuke Ono as Philip), but instead it's just graphic update into HD which may be necessary for high spec PC. Anyway, RGD is obviously redundant to me, but at least it should stop people spam Mangagamer survey with it.

Speaking of HD update, we have Sekai decided to re-release Nekopara series into HD, which sounds like desperate milking because the series itself is already have good production value. Then again, maybe some fans still want to play Nekopara in higher definition for some reasons, so if you really want to play (Or maybe replay) Nekopara Volume 1 in HD then you can wait for it. For more important news about Nekopara, we have Nekopara After (Or as I call it Nekopara 5) was currently in production and set to be released in next year. We also have them announced the last part of Amairo Chocolata trilogy with they tried to have it released in at the latest December 31st, and let's see if the release is also has available English text or just has Chinese only translation. Lastly, they have plan to release Akaneiro sometimes on this year with it somehow already in programming despite the last update of it is still at halfway translated, so let's see if they can fulfill it (Also hopefully they meant English translation and not Chinese only translation when they bring that announcement at AX).

Lastly we have JAST bring the most announcements at five, although three of those (Seira, Hanamaru 2, Cornelica) are just nukige so only two are noteworthy. The first announcement is Dead End Aegis fandisc which is the fandisc for dark magical girl VN Dead End Aegis. This should be good fandisc for the fans seeing that it mean they'll going to see more Metawo's good arts with he also drew new suffering magical girl. The last announcement is Daiteikoku, which as we know is Alicesoft VN who mainly work with Mangagamer in regard of Rance series. For the premise, it's about a man who is a playboy tasked to rebuild a ruined army with the man do it very successfully so much he attempt to take over the world. From what I hear, it didn't have good reception in regard of the story and gameplay compared to the other Alicesoft VNs, so maybe I need to temper my expectation. JAST also mention that it's still at the early stage of work so it may take years for the release, and good for them for being honest.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - For the title, because we have Sekai give us update in regard of their desperate attempt of milking Nekopara along with JAST announced Daiteikoku, I decided to combined both so we have 'Neko Para Vol. 5 Innocent Sin'. For elaboration, 'Nekopara Vol. 5' is obviously points toward Nekopara After, while for Innocent Sin it's from Persona 2 first half that featured Hitler as the antagonist with Daiteikoku also feature Hitler as the cute girl (Her name in Daiteikoku is Retia Adolf though).

Edited by littleshogun


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