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  1. Recommended me some visual novels you think are masterpieces and have amazing stories. I don't care what genre it is just give me some good stories. Also translated please.
  2. I have been getting bored of all the visual novels that are translated and also have realized a lot of the VNs I want to play are probably never going to get translated. So I was wondering if anyone can give me some direction on how to learn Japanese, since I have no idea where to start and where to learn it from.
  3. So I recently watched the anime Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! and I thought the premise behind it was very heartwarming (even though the fan service was kind of weird at times). I was wondering if there are any visual novels with the same or similar premise to it? Also Translated please.
  4. VNs that will make me cry for days

    For some odd reason I feel like I want to read something that will make me cry. So any recommendations? Also it needs to be translated.
  5. What are you listening to right now?

    Definitely one of my favorite bands
  6. So, Trinoline's release date has been announced

    For people who played this VN, do you think its a worthwhile read?
  7. What snacks do you like to eat while reading a VN?

    I just drink water and apple juice.
  8. Whats the best charage/moege VN in your opinion? Interested to here your opinions.
  9. Which VN should i read?

    Which visual novel out of these three should i read next? and also it would be helpful if you would say why you voted for the VN you chose.
  10. What are some of your favorite songs from visual novels? Mine is definitely Close your eyes from G Senjou no Mauo, how about you guys?
  11. Sorry, didn't read the last part.
  12. You should try out grisaia no kajitsu. The protagonist is a badass in that one.
  13. Visual novels with emotionless heroines?

    Yeah, i want them to have a Dere response at times.
  14. Any good VNs with emotionless heroines?
  15. My next VN

    You should try Ef: A Fairy Tail of the Two it matches your criteria and its a good VN in general.