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  1. I still think this project is gonna get finished. There definitely is progress on the tracker. It doesn't even matter that it's slow too because there's little left.
  2. Your reply makes me question whether you are arguing in good faith. This is the one year period I was referring to - image below. Yes, OP posted(after one year - the post you are referring to) but people started to have doubts(and wondering whats going on with the project) before that post because it had been one year since OP had posted and progress had dwindled to a halt. That's why I said that people were right to cast some doubt, along with the other things in my post. I also said "hadn't" as in past tense. It is you who are giving false information and you ignored everything else in my co
  3. All the positive guys need to understand the other perspective as well. Many many projects have failed as can be seen on this forum. You need to understand that a public announcement like this carries consequences and some responsibility (if you don't wanna get criticized) - people can get mad even if it is a passion project, after all something has been announced and in a way promised. Keep in mind this has been in translation since 2017 and is still not out. OP hadn't posted in the thread for a full year. New people can come in and see that seemingly nothing has been happening recently and a
  4. What is Coda supposed to be on vndb? I can't seem to find the page. Does coda refer to the mini-after stories?
  5. Most of their recent VN's are translated or getting a translation.
  6. If all goes well and Ch. 1 is up to par hopefully you can attract more editor and QC so that progress goes faster. The most consuming part - translating - is done but editing and QC can go quite slow with just 1 person each.
  7. Grisaia and Fureraba are good choices definetly, but G-senjou no Maou also comes to mind.
  8. How many chapters does the VN have? Considering you are done with Ch. 1's editing I guess the partial patch by the end of the year is still on schedule?
  9. Check out the usual big names: Clannad Grisaia no Kajitsu and the sequels Grisaia no Meikyuu, Grisaia no Rakuen Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai G-senjou no Maou Fate/Stay Night Little Busters! Steins;Gate Saya no Uta Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative ef - A Fairy Tale of the Two These are all translated and acclaimed VNs so you should find something that you like. They are not very new (I think all are >5 years old) but they are staples of the genre. I also recommend checking the two pinned threads which includes some of the suggesti
  10. Hello, i'm looking for an english VN with a heroine like Reina from Kin'iro Loveriche - namely friendly, confident in herself, stylish but not shy and/or an airhead, tsundere. The only other character that I've seen that is similar is Rina from Fureraba. This is a good description of the character type from Rina's character description: "Anything goes between these two, be it puns or dirty jokes." refering to the MC and Rina. They also seem to be popular with many friends but that's a more generic trait, I'd suggest reading both characters description on VNDB as well as the tags to get an idea
  11. Good project choice. This and Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kami ga Tsukuritamouta Shoujo-tachi- are the Bishoujo Mangekyou games I've wanted translated. Maybe if all goes well on this one you can do that one as well. Good luck.
  12. So first you should play Muv-Luv and then Muv-Luv Alternative, right? Im asking because there seems to be a lot of other games as well. And an upcoming sequel as well. Also at the end of the day is it worth it to play both games? I know they are praised here but is it the plot that makes it good?
  13. Good work. By the way did you ever got around to fixing the Eris route errors people were complaining about?
  14. In the backlog the text is transparent/invisible until I hover over it. How do I change this so the text is darker?
  15. I'm looking for a visual novel with simple japanese (I have a vocabulary of around 6000 words from a language deck) that is good enough to make me to want to finish reading it. I'm still a complete begginer in japanese apart from knowing the aforementioned vocab so easy gramar is a plus as well. Also I'd prefer if it's not very long. Thanks.
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