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  1. KidBuu

    Seishun Fragile

    Fair enough. If only they put more effort in character building or mood making to keep the readers interested instead of shallow setting as excuse to drag on the story in non-main heroines' route. I always have a feeling Saga Planet is not good with the pacing which make the process leading to romance is long and boring. It's a waste since the art is pretty good. However, the true route of this one is really good and made me cry a bit. I rated this one 9/10 solely because of that. Well, if you have time or care enough I do recommend you use the save and play only the true route just for t
  2. KidBuu

    Seishun Fragile

    I'm with you about Saga Planets is not good with comedy and it's not exception this time either. However, the true route is really worth to spend time on and it beats Fragile hands down this time in my opinion. Well, it's still a hassle to read through all routes with just charage and lovey-dovey to reach the true end so it may be hard for some people.
  3. KidBuu

    Seishun Fragile

    Well, we all agree that the drama and impact this time were toned down a lot compared to previous titles so I didn't judge it based on that this time. I did expect some intensive magic battles and heart breaking moments too at first but it turned out a light-hearted charage with just a little bit drama as spice. Still, I think it did a good job as a change of pace for their trademark of nakige and utsuge at some points in the past. At least it made me laugh a lot and I love the chilled atmosphere the entire game more than the others from Purple Soft. So are you going to read Kakenuke from
  4. KidBuu

    Seishun Fragile

    This is my first time posting in this forum and I don't know if I can discuss without spoiling here so I will keep it as vague as possible. I have been waiting for your review about this game for so long and I wasn't disappointed. I agree with you this game lacks of emotional impact than their latest titles. However, like you said it's top tier as charage and the comedy is quite good. About your opinion on heroines, I mostly agree with you about Hio and Toune. Liz's route is best route for me despite she is not main heroine. In my opinion, her bright personality and lacking of c
  5. KidBuu

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    Floral Flowlove had append? I've never heard of this. Well this is just some bonus H but it's still better than nothing I guess
  6. KidBuu

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    Thanks for your explanation. So they did marry to each other while still being students right? I was expecting some What-if story here as foreshadowing for a FD later but look like it's impossible since we are talking about Saga Planets here (Not even once they released a FD before)
  7. KidBuu

    Kin'iro Loveriche

    Hello I want to ask about 1 thing. After completing the additional epilogue of Sylvie I went to Extra mode to see there is 1 CG of Ria getting married but I never saw it anywhere while playing and I'm sure she was dead in her own route so what is the meaning of this? Is this some kind of troll or did I miss something here?
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