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  1. I managed to fix the problem with characters and size. Waiting for them to finish Aiyoku in English. If you want, can we do a ft.? If you want to handle it alone, go ahead. I'm not a company nor is the game mine, good luck.
  2. Good. It's called Aiyoku no Eustia and it uses bgi engine.
  3. I've started an Aiyoku Translation project spanish but i need help to edit the game font. In fact I have already edited it. But he does not read it. Does anyone have knowledge about this issue? Any help I will be grateful.
  4. I've been interested in translating Kinkoi for years. With the output on Steam I have the opportunity to translate it but it uses Unity. As data in the trial version there are .dat files Do you know of any tools you can use to extract, compile and insert build files?
  5. Welcome to Fuwanovel. That said, I'm new too. English is not my native language, I will still try to express myself well. The girl in the profile picture calls Suzuna; and it's from Sakura no Uta (visual novel). Big fan of Chihayafuru, Fruits Basket, Monogatari series and Gintama. If you want to talk, do not hesitate.
  6. May I ask what tool did you use for Rhapsody and Eushully in general?
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