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  1. Your Novella was actually really good. Though it's been two years, where were you planning on going with the story, and what did you plan on happening? I would like to know, since it is unlikely to ever be finished or continued after two years of pending action.
  2. Oh, I guess I did misunderstand. Sorry about that. I tend not to keep track of who posted what comment, and so I can miss conversations between two people if they are going on for a long time, perceiving it to be a bunch of random people talking rather than two. Bad habit of mine.
  3. I understand you are in the heat of an argument, but what he said does make sense. Most people that play visual novels in the US do not buy the Japanese boxed version of the game. In a perfect word, they would, as this supports the developers of the game and goes against piracy. I am guessing though that many people like visual novels because they can play on any computer, including laptops or windows XP, meaning many of us do not have very much money, and other more important priorities when it comes to money. You are implying that Jiskra is selfish and egotistical because he refu
  4. When people talk about things being overhyped, the idea is that they praise a work to the high heavens, set an impossible standard for it, and ruin anybody else's ability to enjoy the work. What is really happening is a little simpler. When people like a game, they talk about it. They share their experiences. When people dislike a game (this works with anime too), they will generally drop it and move on. Mabe they will say something quick about it, but most people are more concerned with finding works to enjoy, so it is not uncommon to find things we do not like in the process. When something
  5. I'm pretty sure this discussion is safe. Relax. And I already watch Kodomo no Jikan, so it's a little late for that. It had a good message behind all of that awkward fan service, and was actually a surprisingly nice story. It was written by a female manga author to help girls who were in love with older guys, so the message would make sense. I also watched Boku no Piku and didn't react, so . . .
  6. Although not directly answering the topic, you could also post Anime where the characters simply have a large age gap between them. Examples include Kara no Shoujo (VN), with the 30 year old male and 16/18 year old female, and Spice and Wolf (girl is 300, guy is 25, girl looks only 15). If you do this though, please tell me, as it does not answer the above question but rather a secondary one.
  7. So, I am watching anime. And I notice that there are many loli heroines in Anime. That's cool. Then I decided to watch Log Horizon. And I notice that the main character is Shiro. I did not notice this. It was a huge depravity of thought. In this show, especially evident in the second season when they both confess, you get the idea that there are two girls that like Shiro. I did not know this either. It was mindrape. Their names are Minori (a Miko Preist) and Asuka Langley Soryu (a ninja). Minori is actually 14 (as stated on the wiki), although it also states, and is evident in the show, that s
  8. Are you related to Kayuga? You have complementary profile pics, and I was wondering if I should follow you too. Oh, and where is the list of Global Moderators?

  9. Wow. I think I agree with everything you have said. Part of the reason why I was more concerned over the removal of H-scenes than you are is that I haven't played much Visual Novels before. Of the ten or so I have played, Saya no Uta and School Days HQ both had sex as a very critical part of the story. they were also very well written, and never used it as a crutch for the narrative. I was amazed that these stories could handle this topic in a mature way, so when I hear about censorship in gaming, I tend to be afraid that they are going to take a VN that is well written, and has figured out ho
  10. I said that those who dislike H-scenes are most likely doing so because the culture they grew up in probably taught them to be less comfortable about sex. I said this because based on my limited understanding of the world, the information i gathered led me to conclude that. When I said this, I wasn't emotionally charged, and was not thinking of any of you in a condescending fashion. I simply attempted to infer how and why you guys hold the opinions you do, and based on that, made the most logical assumption I could. I may very well be wrong. I am not in any of your heads, and have no idea if I
  11. I recently have been trying to rate the VN's I have played. And I discovered that I really like Song of Saya. So much so that I believe it has been one of the best stories I have ever read in any medium. I gave it a 10/10, because I enjoyed it as much as I would enjoy a masterpiece (I don't think anything is perfect, nor do I think it is possible to rate an entertainment medium objectively, so I rate based on my enjoyment instead). What I discovered is that I also enjoyed Stiens;Gate just as much as Song of Saya, and think it's just as well written. I also enjoyed School Days HQ just as much,
  12. I lot of you are of the opinion that the censorship more or less doesn't matter because it doesn't impact the story at all. What especially stood out to me was the response "Basically, it's just porn" (Kurisu-Chan, 2). This is where my opinion differs from many of yours, and why I am so torn when the answers for others is so clear. To most people, the hentai scenes in these games is simply there for titillation, and adds no emotional impact to the story. The same thing could be accomplished through the use of a pornographic OVA on HentaiHaven. My opinion is very different from that, so b
  13. Sorry if this is in the wrong board, and too long, but I thought this was a serious enough question to warrant asking. I would like to ask you this: is buying and playing a commercially released censored title really worth it? Specifically the ones with no sort of patch for them? I was wondering this myself because I have not been able to bring myself to play the censored version of a visual novel, regardless if it is officially or fan translated. The thing is, when I pay for these games, I feel as if I am telling the companies they had a job well done. I feel as if I am rewarding them f
  14. Wait, are you the creator of the website? If so, good job. Also, I know this is a very fine line I am walking here, but I felt it necessary to clarify your rules concerning loli (just understand, not debate them). As I understand it, one is not allowed to talk about the ethics of the subject, whether it is right or wrong. That is for another time and place where people aren't so strongly divided. As I also understand it, one is not allowed t post sexually explicit pictures on this site at all, but must post links to them with warnings that they are NSFW. I am assuming that this is the sam
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