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  1. Are there any eroge or visual novel with particularly good h scenes on the beach that you could recommend me?
  2. Does anyone has a solution for this? no matter what i tried it keeps crashing on startup
  3. Umm... what?

    Oh boy, OH BOY
  4. holy shi...!! just looked at the NSFW sccreenshots on vndb and... h-h-holy shit! h-he has a D!
  5. It's us, not me!

    Welcome! Yuri sounds good...
  6. What other hobbies do you have?

    I read very much and enjoy it.
  7. Has anybody the Himegari Eng Translation Patches seperatly from the game? If yes could you please provide it for me? Reason:the links on nekohen are down/dead? no plan
  8. Humiliation

    Well, i guess everyone has their interests imouto paradise: the michika route i guess, she even gets a strap on. It traumatized me for three whole days
  9. Your Worst Fear as an Eroge Player

    My worst fear is that BL eroge will become popular
  10. Introduction

    Welcome! I also like The Rance Series and am actually playing Daibanchou right now! I hope you have a great time here
  11. I just started Kyuuketsuki no Libra went into the option menu and saw 'Support USB Auto Sex Sleeve Speed Adjustment' option i'm not very sure what it means could someone please explain it to me? it Confuses me Thank you very much for all the answers they were funny and helpful
  12. fullscreen problem(URGENT!)

    Thanks! i found the NVidia control panel and did it like you said and it worked Thank you very much!
  13. fullscreen problem(URGENT!)

    lately after i started using a new graphic card a few games when in fullscreen mode had black bars up and down there for example funbag fantasy so i want to make them like before again (Please! I want to at least enjoy my a little longer weekend)
  14. Can someone please help me to learn japanese?

    Visual Novel of course
  15. I want to learn japanese so can someone help me to learn it? Also is it better to first learn how to speak or how to write japanese?