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  1. Okay, thank you for clarifying. That second paragraph was more about the website because someone had mentioned it, not at you. As for myself, I know going into the vn market is not going to make me a lot of money. Not a problem for me because it's more of a hobby. My problem is if no one reads it then I don't find a point in doing it. Honestly, I hope the VN market hasn't failed too much...Seems people were pretty hopeful visual novel readers were growing, but now not so much. Is there honestly a point though for EVN's creators to make visual novels. This site, for example, proves people aren't fans of EVN'S. I mean it's better, but still many dislike EVNs. Honestly, maybe another big problems is that visual novels don't often branch out and that might be why. Though I'm not sure. . Or maybe should people branch more out into things like Yuri and Yaoi stories. Do those even do well? And honestly, will the visual novel market die in the next year? Seems so to me
  2. So then honestly, whats the point of making visual novels if they're still in limbo? I get JVN creators still doing it because they have a shot of getting decently noticed I guess. But with EVN's, what's the point? Honestly, visual novels should just stay on the JVN side of things if it's this bad. Didn't always use to think like this till recently when seeing just how anyone who makes a VN barely gets noticed unless they are lucky enough to be seen, Is that one of the reasons to why you quit your oEVN blog due to how visual novels, especially EVN, failed to make a market? Not trying to be harsh, but at this points it just seems like visual novels are failing and honestly I don't see much of a point in making them, especially EVNs Funny enough, one of the things this site was made for was to make visual novels popular in the west. Given this topic and responses, it seems it's failed in that to a degree, especially for the EVNs.
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