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  1. I remember someone doing a topic like this with a huge work on h scene (which one were good or not) on a google doc. It was posted around one year ago if I remember right. Now that I think about it, someone has a clue about the name of this topic?
  2. My entire physical visual novel collection so far

    I have 2 questions: What is the white box of Kara no Shoujo? What is the difference between your version of konosuba and this one with a different cover: http://5pb.jp/games/konosuba/product/
  3. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    I guess the annoncement from tomorrow will be Tayutama 2 x)
  4. Wait, that's what you meant by deck for learning grammar? I thought it was a deck to revise grammar lol
  5. Ah, could you share this deck?
  6. Good job, I really liked the definitions thing showed in your example. Did you create this deck or card?
  7. For me, I think the most important part is to give you objectives. Let me explain myself: Let's be honest here, no matter how you look at it, learning japaneseis hardly funny: it's hard (more or less), very different from our own langage, and fucking scary (Hi Onyomi and Kunyomi...) but as long as you really want to reach a goal, this is not impossible, so that was not the main problem for me. On the internet, you can find a lot of guides for beginner, really, so when you want to start to learn japanese, you know where you'll start (kana and the syntax), and you have more than enough information about that on the internet. But the main problem is after that: once you reach an advanced level, you'll want to start reading something (books, manga or visual novel and stuff) and that's where the complicated stuff begin: Reading the real stuff hardly looks like what you learnt. I learnt over 1 000 kanjis, learnt all the syntax explained on 2 japaneses books and Tae Kim's guide, all the possible conjugation for ichidan and godan, but even so, I happen, from time to time, to see a sentence with only basics words, but the sentence itself doesn't make a fucking sense (because there might be a word I never saw used like this or because the purpose of one word is not the same explained in the books). That's the limit of someone is trying to learn japanese by himself: the japanese showed in a book for people aiming to learn japanese won't be the same japanese you'll find in a japanese book aimed for japanese speaker. From this, it's not a matter of fun anymore, I could hardly tell if I was good or not, so I stopped from time to time as this point because I had a hard time to understand what I lacked and how to improve. Just saying that having fun in learning japanese won't prevent you to face this problem. I guess the real solution would be something like a translated script (from a visual novel for example) with long sentance, and explain why the sentence is translated this way and not this way, with some explanation here and here. I am just explaining how I see things and the main problem I encountered while learning japanese, and since you want to do a guide and we are in a community about Visual Novel, it would be nice if you could use those to teach the "true japanese".
  8. 1- Well yes. I remember one of the interlude, as I said, it was weird, because I saw 2 characters talking, but without any name. It was long and not interesting. But since I was really in love with this VN, I remembered almost each interlude. For example, this one where there is 2 males characters talking, one saying he is surprised to see the second coming to him. You can understand that one side is going to betray another, but you can not tell who, when, but you can know why, the interlude a lot of information and give you the true face of some character while when they are in front Takumi, they are pretty much factice (you'll understand this once you finish it). I never played Tsukihime or Fate Hollow Ataraxia. 2- I don't remember that much the illusion, but if MC is able to admit this is an illusion, then he is more or less sane, somehow... 4- Ah, one last example about the routes and informations from Chaos Head Noah. Even if you finish Chaos Head, understand that the females characters other than Rimi are not that much useful, you won't have that much information because they have very few few screen time. But in fact, even if you finish Chaos Head, you won't have all the informations (about the nextgen murder, about the Noah project, etc). I'll give one example with next gen murder (but you can skip because it will be a light spoil): remember the white haired girl that want to avenge her dead sister that jumped from a roof (first case of the nextgen murder), well the said dead sister is in fact alive...
  9. 1- Chaos Head is one of my favorite VN, I don't have that much memory about the interludes, but they are more or less all important. It's a very complicated VN, and the fact that you have fiew information on each interlude is weird. but as I come closer to the end, it made sense. 2-Yes and no, the real point is to understand how instable the MC is. You can check how this instability evolve as the story progress. If you really follow the story, you can more or less understand that the story is pretty crazy (New Gen serial murders which are more or less connected to Takumi, people trying to deduct you then set you as the serial murder, the upcoming of Shogun, the upcoming of the bloody Rimi, the girls holding D sword in the street, the drama with the little sister... All those event have an impact on Takumi. A lot of people blame Takumi for being a coward, but I'd like to see how they would react if all those shit happened to them). The delusion is more a way to check this instability than to have a real purpose. 4 I agree about the lack of information about the characters. That's because Chaos Head is linear while Chaos Head Noah allow you to enter a route for all the main heroines, and discover their history, how they became gigalomaniac etc. I remember you don't have that much information about Rimi, but you have enough for the story to make some sense.
  10. Someone should move this thread to the Translation project Section. And good work flame!
  11. Hapymaher [RAW ~ Walkthrough]

    Is there a true end for the whole VN? Or only a true end for a character?
  12. Indeed, thank you guys, but are you sure it's the same singer? Yuki singed the japanese version and 1:35 it seems to be Koike Joanna (I don't know who it is though)
  13. Just took a look at their site, and I saw their video It was not bad at all, but I was interested by the song used for this, (and I saw that it was not the japanese opening of Frontier), I tried to use shazam and other tools, but I have no way of discovering what is this song (maybe it will be the opening of the us version) Someone has an idea?
  14. If I may ask, who will read the feedbacks?
  15. It may be a stupid question (and sorry if it is) but why is there 2 common routes?