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  1. If I may ask, who will read the feedbacks?
  2. It may be a stupid question (and sorry if it is) but why is there 2 common routes?
  3. Man I don't know what you want to do here but can you stop trolling and being so annoying? If you want NTR that badly go somewhere else...
  4. Looking to learn

    No offense but in which way clephas is experienced in fan TL? The only fan translation he worked on was his first own project "Ikusa megumi zero" and he was the first to give up after the very first month x). And I don't think Dracu riot is a fan translation...
  5. I might help you with the translation, but for one route at best... I'm not sure my brain is yet ready for so much h scene. I still would like to check if your translation is accurate or not first...
  6. to late I opened it. i dunno if I should be scared or digusted
  7. So Angelic Howl is Amane?
  8. Wait, I didn't read grisaia yet, but who is Angelic Howl? Is that a secret route?
  9. Monster Hazard unable to run

    "Please enter the original disk" You're welcome
  10. ...This is stupid
  11. What is wrong with reading a bad translation?

    The sad thing is that a lot of native speaker here talk about "bad translation" just because the writing style doesn't match their taste (some even said that they want more make up words and slangs, which for me literally destroy the original meaning) in other word it's only a matter of taste since most of the time, people just complain about the writing (so the editing would be to blame here, not the translation) and we can't really trust someone talking about "bad translation" because nowadays, the term "bad translation" is used of almost anything and nothing... If you want to show that the game was badly translated, you have to put the japanese sentence with the right translation, but no one ever do that lol.
  12. Is there a way to contact the team of majitranslation? Or is there someone of the team going around?
  13. Translator, taking fan projects

    Hi, first welcome to fuwanovel! I took a look at the whole thread, and if I may say, going on a translation of GSS would be a waste of your talent. GSS is not that great and since you are N1 (which is pretty great, good job on that) maybe you should pick a harder visual novel that very few translator can put their hand into. I would recommand Devils Devel Concept https://vndb.org/v1308 (someone tried to translate it but got a C and D, but Amaterasu worked on comyu and never got any pbm later), or one light VN like Silverio Vendetta https://vndb.org/v16134 or Vermillion https://vndb.org/v5843 or Zero Infinity https://vndb.org/v9981 (I never read those yet but I think they're kinda hard) Well, you should probably choose whatever you want to translate, or you might force yourself once you're halfway.
  14. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    You seem quite motivated. I'm not that good with hacking but I'll take a look tomorrow, maybe I'll be able to do something for ya
  15. Majikoi A-4 translations, Hacker needed? :3

    OMG you're totally right... My bad for this... And I contest, as far as I know, Baldr Sky and Baldr Force EXE run on nexas