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  1. Just finished the suspision route, and it was good, even better than greed. I loved harrisson character developpement and his internal struggle. The last case was good too. But everything after that is exactly like the end of the greed route : rushed/flawed/full of contradictions. It feels kind of weird there is no further developpement after the last case (which left me a kind of empty feeling). I don't want to be disappointed further, this route will be my last.
  2. I am in the suspision route right now and I am at the investigation part, I am at loss at the part where Harrisson learn that Mia is trying to get new/different contacts but it's helly vague. That info came out of nowhere and we don't know from who with what about who, I assume it was a deal with the producer but wasn't Mia always nagging about never making any deal with them? I am so confused. Can you explain exactly what happenned? Unless we learn more about it later?
  3. create it manually, download a full save folder and put it in document
  4. You said earlier that Harrisson use the girls as a vehicle for popularity and sex sells well. In the end what were the points that boosted his popularity if he didn't act like a dick and didn't fuck the girls?
  5. That's because your save file doesn't exist, you probably didn't give the game admin right when you installed the game
  6. Thank you but you summary brings up more questions now x). I try to understand in detail this route and the character developpement because I would like to be able to compare this one with the routes I played (maybe suspision) I don't think there would be any point for the producers to message harisson while hiding their identity, especially the first time they did it, it was not relevant, also why him?
  7. I may find the courage to play the suspision route because it looks interesting. In the greed route, there are a lot of stuff still not explained, like, who is the mysterious person sending messages, what exactly is Issak relationship with the producer. From what I could read on your review, I'm still unsure if some mysteries are actually rushed plot holes or explained in some other routes. The greed ending was the biggest flaw the whole game had. I mean: Can you make a detailed summary about what happen in the Lust route? I won't read it
  8. Someone finished the game recently and could do a detailed summary? I finished the greed route and while I am curious, I am not sure I want to play the other routes
  9. I'll get some problems if I helped you so openly
  10. Hard? Not really considering there are several way to get these nowadays.
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