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  1. Ever 17 will certainly keep you engaged. Keep in mind that spoilers will ruin the entire experience so do a blind playthrough and take care when searching for any info about this specific VN.
  2. Had a really rough semester...dog died, a friend died, I'm exhausted after college exams but finally got some holidays to rest a little bit Well, ever since I became an orphan over a year ago, I found VN's to be really good for distracting my mind. G Senjou no Maou was my first one and my favourite to this day just because I liked the protagonist personality and the ending is one of the best since it is the perfect type of bittersweet i like, Grisaia is a close second but a little bit too unrealistic and deus ex machina in some parts, I've also read Katawa shoujo, Clannad, Koichoco, ever17, Kono Ozora and I'm still waiting for Hello lady, Dracu riot, Sharin no kuni official releases and Umineko gold edition as well, so that's why I'm not reading these ones yet, rather taste the final optimized version always I'm looking for any good VN that I can enjoy but with some romance included. I know VN's like kara no shoujo and fata morgana are probably really good but I want some anime-like, Japanese style romance, don't care for cliches or tropes, in fact, I want them I would appreciate your recommendations Thanks!
  3. So, i just finished reading the grisaia series, it has been a pleasure, and after that i don't think i can go back to the generic VN with weak/dumb/indecisive mc. Also, i started reading VNs this year, first one was g senjou no maou, so im not really a veteran yet. My list until now is: Clannad ( no words to say, it is a 10. that said, tomoyo after sequel had a cheesy and crap ending that undermined my appreciation for the series since it felt like a punch to the face) G senjou no Maou ( a 9 for me, played just the main route but it kept me glued, just like a dan brown book does) Katawa Shoujo ( gave it a 7, quite overrated in my opinion, MC was way too annoying in some routes, playing the jerky white knight type) KoiChoco ( generic but nice and entertaining) School Days ( though many people say its crap, i did like it - mainly due to the 100% animation and guilty pleasure value) Island ( I liked it in the first part, liked a bit in the middle and hated the ending - the anime was crap but it went for the milf ending at least, the vn ending was insulting, unsatisfying and that makes me regret it) Grisaia Series ( It was quite long, took me a few months to finish it, a solid 9. Not as heartwarming as clannad and not thrilling the way g senjou was, still a very good experience)
  4. VN to read after senjou no maou

    Had it in my pc since 2015, but i'm pretty sure it was a fan translation avaiable in vndb page rather than the retail one in steam. Thanks a lot for the recommendations guys! Plenty of good stuff to start with Will be reading Grisaia next as it certainly seems to be as good or even better than devil on g string. Forgot to say i did play a bit of clannad vn, after watching the anime, just for kyou and tomoyo routes, might as well try other key vns in the future but i guess i don't want to shed any more tears for a while.
  5. So, g senjou was my first vn and it was really good, kept me glued to the screen from the middle to the end, though only the main route was that interesting. Katawa shoujo was my second and in my opnion, quite overrated, filled with much unnecessary drama, but at least good enough on some routes. Looking for something with good writing, conclusive endings and i do like when there is a "canon" main route, preferably with a decent male protagonist rather than generic kun