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  1. Hello Lady MC is one of a kind, in my opinion he is better than Senjou no Maou and Grisaia MCs since he is direct, does not give a shit and is quite overpowered, he cares more for his agenda than the girls. The only downside is that since most other mcs are shit in comparison, it will be quite a long time since we see another mc like this one.
  2. Its important to mention that episode 8 has extra content in the manga version and the ending is a little bit more satisfying
  3. The subreddit /learnjapanese has a lot of great content on learning methods, suggestions and so on. Genki I and II is a really good start since it covers both N4 and N5 content, it should be everything you need for a start . Anki is mandatory for retention and its really simple to use. I highly recommend Wanikani for learning Kanji, it is a great method that works for me and a lot of people, it might not work for everyone since you really need a focus and a habit of studying every day. It isnt free, but the first few levels are free so you can check it out to see if it works for you. Japanese is hard to learn, you really need compromise to maintain a regular practice, otherwise its a waste of time. While Kanji are certainly imported chinese characters, Japan will never abandon it, just the suggestion of abandoning it for romaji would embarass yourself and people wouldnt respect you for it, japanese people are very conservative and proud of their culture and this is no laughting matter. It is hard, it takes a lot of time to learn, it takes longer to write, but there is no greater reward than to dominate it, even with some nonsense with some characters like 生 having a fuckton of different pronunciations and no universal rule ( you might think that words in kanji with no attached hiragana might use onyomi but this isnt true in every case). Some people i know have something like 3k hours logged on Diablo, World of Warcraft or some shit like that and complain that learning things like programming or japanese might be hard when they are just lazy, just spend your time to be productive and you should see results
  4. As someone who also liked pillars of eternity, you should know that Baldur's Gate is the spiritual predecessor and also one of the best computer rpg ever made. Romance is only present in Baldur Gate 2 , which is also the best game but you really should play the first one that is also a good game so you can transfer your character to the second game. It is a complete saga, with a conclusive and satisfying ending
  5. I guess Umineko would be mandatory in any mystery/detective request. Ever 17 is also a great mystery VN although some fantastic elements might disappoint G Senjou no Maou has a great protagonist and an excellent main route. The other routes are not as good and certainly not mandatory since they abandon the mystery, just play the main route that is the canon true ending
  6. Crimson Gray ( and the female protagonist is a yandere to the root )
  7. Although I've been reading VN's for quite a while, I was never hooked to the point of reading a single novel all the dam day as I do tend to space out my reading, but Umineko changed that. I managed to read through those 90+ hours in a single week whilst being totally focused and immersed, which is not something usual for me to be able to do. Clannad, which would be one of my favorites VN, took me between 3 and 6 months to fully complete as each session did tire me out, but I guess the mystery and conspiracy aspect can change that. I'm looking for any novel that might replicate this feeling, which is not a problem considering the coronavirus situation, all the free time in the world right now. As for Steins Gate, I did see the anime so I will skip the novel considering it's totally spoiled for me, which doesn't excite me one bit
  8. School days VN is pretty unique in the way that it runs with constant animations. Most of the endings are bad and bloody, a couple of yandere and some pretty dark themes. Not very highly rated since many people hate the douchebag protagonist, but I can recommend it. Crimson Gray is a short one, with a classic yandere love interest, pretty hard to get the only good ending without a guide. "Tomoyo after - it's a wonderful life" (it's not) fits exactly what you looking for - but it requires some knowledge of Tomoyo route in Clannad (either its VN or anime adaptation).
  9. Hoshi Ori for a pure love story, complete endings with a little bit of after school stories and almost no drama at all (just some minor stuff). G Senjou no Maou has a very interesting true route with no mandatory prerequisites, it goes beyond romance whoever (it is also a mystery/ thriller). KoiChoco can be a pain to get running ( need to set JP locale - emulator doesn't work for this one), but it is also a decent one. (it has a mandatory route).
  10. Recently finished reading Hoshi Ori and I loved the way that most of the game is spent after the confession scene with some routes containing lengthy after stories years after school graduation[rikka], though not quite as much as Clannad but still refreshing enough from the standard two sex scenes -> credits roll. It feels like a more realistic approach to relationships, especially when we consider that in the real world most high school sweethearts end up breaking up after a while, just like I did (ROFL). I did play Tomoyo after(being a fan of Tomoyo route in Clannad), but the bittersweet (or just bitter) ending kinda wrecked me and I'm not sure if I should just start Summer Pockets, hanging around in my library, as I can't find much information about how this game compares to others in terms of Key bullshittery tearjerker punches that they randomly pull from nowhere just for the laugh (or the cry). I'm also willing to consider untranslated titles, I may not be able to read them immediately but they prove to be a useful addition to my collection nonetheless, right now I'm barely an N5. It doesn't need to be a romance focused title, but some is always appreciated. edit: fan discs are fine as well
  11. My copy had many problems as well, but I was able to play after changing the locale to Japanese and running the executable as administrator.
  12. Ever 17 will certainly keep you engaged. Keep in mind that spoilers will ruin the entire experience so do a blind playthrough and take care when searching for any info about this specific VN.
  13. Had a really rough semester...dog died, a friend died, I'm exhausted after college exams but finally got some holidays to rest a little bit Well, ever since I became an orphan over a year ago, I found VN's to be really good for distracting my mind. G Senjou no Maou was my first one and my favourite to this day just because I liked the protagonist personality and the ending is one of the best since it is the perfect type of bittersweet i like, Grisaia is a close second but a little bit too unrealistic and deus ex machina in some parts, I've also read Katawa shoujo, Clannad, Koichoco, ever17, Kono Ozora and I'm still waiting for Hello lady, Dracu riot, Sharin no kuni official releases and Umineko gold edition as well, so that's why I'm not reading these ones yet, rather taste the final optimized version always I'm looking for any good VN that I can enjoy but with some romance included. I know VN's like kara no shoujo and fata morgana are probably really good but I want some anime-like, Japanese style romance, don't care for cliches or tropes, in fact, I want them I would appreciate your recommendations Thanks!
  14. So, i just finished reading the grisaia series, it has been a pleasure, and after that i don't think i can go back to the generic VN with weak/dumb/indecisive mc. Also, i started reading VNs this year, first one was g senjou no maou, so im not really a veteran yet. My list until now is: Clannad ( no words to say, it is a 10. that said, tomoyo after sequel had a cheesy and crap ending that undermined my appreciation for the series since it felt like a punch to the face) G senjou no Maou ( a 9 for me, played just the main route but it kept me glued, just like a dan brown book does) Katawa Shoujo ( gave it a 7, quite overrated in my opinion, MC was way too annoying in some routes, playing the jerky white knight type) KoiChoco ( generic but nice and entertaining) School Days ( though many people say its crap, i did like it - mainly due to the 100% animation and guilty pleasure value) Island ( I liked it in the first part, liked a bit in the middle and hated the ending - the anime was crap but it went for the milf ending at least, the vn ending was insulting, unsatisfying and that makes me regret it) Grisaia Series ( It was quite long, took me a few months to finish it, a solid 9. Not as heartwarming as clannad and not thrilling the way g senjou was, still a very good experience)
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