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  1. SaDistic BlooD was released today. It's the first ever Black Cyc VN to get translated, if you like to see more make sure to support them . You can buy it here: https://jastusa.com/games/sadistic-blood
  2. Sadly its KS exclusive. But there has been a lot of demand for more physical goods even with VBF, so its something we are definitely looking into.
  3. We're happy to announce that the Kickstarter for VenusBlood HOLLOW International is now online! Give it a look if you enjoyed the previous title or Strategy RPG games! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ninetail/venusblood-hollow-english-localization-project
  4. The Steam version is finally available https://store.steampowered.com/app/1189440/VenusBlood_FRONTIER_International/
  5. Venus Blood Frontier is available for pre order now https://jastusa.com/venusblood-frontier-international You can also get the new demo from that page.
  6. The Steam page is up now https://store.steampowered.com/app/1189440/VenusBlood_FRONTIER_International/
  7. Naedoko Demon’s Ground, probably one of the best DLsite HRPGs.
  8. Lilium x Triangle follows the story of Haruka, a succubus from the demon world, who came to the human world with one desire: To kiss cute human girls and suck their vital energy! However, she had no luck with anybody and collapsed in the street, only to be found by sisters Yuuna and Sana. Haruka comes to a realization that's going to turn her world upside-down. Lilium x Triangle
  9. You should try the new demo https://jastusa.com/venusblood-frontier-demo
  10. JAST store supports regional pricing, screenshot is from Bosnia.
  11. Thanks, and we are working on it. There should be some nice news soon.
  12. JAST USA RPG sale: https://jastusa.com/sale
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