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  1. Trust me when I say that some of us translators would love to add much more to what the original offers. Sometimes, it isn't possible due to engine limitations or lack of resources. Unfortunately, BGI/Ethornell is one of those locked down engines that make it hard to modify beyond script and image editing. For official localizers, it could be viable. Who knows, maybe if another BGI--based novel has this sort of feature, it could be possible to frankenstein the engine, though it may be more difficult because Buriko keeps updating the engine (don't quote me on that).
  2. Hey there, I personally can vouch for quality since, as I have assisted in both image editing and lyric translation and typesetting, I have seen some of the translation for myself. (He even gave me the first 10 scripts to look through.) --- With image editing, I was given a specific script (not sharing which since it's major spoilers) which was required for changing the text of the image. He basically gave me the entire scene script, giving me the chance to go through it. Now, it doesn't say much if I say it is good, and with considering my own translation efforts didn't reach this far by a long shot. However, he did give me the first 10 script files of their completed translation, which I have definitely reached in my own efforts. Clearly better than my own, as well as much more clearer with the idea trying to be conveyed in the original text. They were even planning on going full-on localization mode with the strawberry pun in the early parts. But ultimately they chose to take the more literal route and take advantage of the furigana text space to explain the joke. --- And that connects to editing. They did most of it during or right after translating a line. That might not sound all that good, but as a manga scanlator looking to get a chapter out sooner rather than later, these actions must be done (source: trust me bro I'm also a scanlator). And with 10 years under their belt as they'd mentioned, it's probably habit. Seeing as how they said they are meticulous, especially in the translation phase, they might catch the odd wording right then and there. And for the QC work, most of it was pretty good as it was, with a majority of the changes being word wrapping issues that the tool used for script reinsertion couldn't do itself, among other things. It is possible to get a translation done in a wildly shorter amount of time if done efficiently and with experience. It a good point to remember that a majority of translations are done by a group of people, and the event chance of one member starting to slack or going AWOL is high. (That's not to say that Tooko's work is a perfect example for ideals; many groups suffer from other issues such as engine related problems. Tooko was just lucky to get a lot of it done with little to no problems snaring progress.) --- Now with the video typesetting. Initially, I was going to be using my translations entirely, but my confidence in the translations are like a twig, mainly because lyrical writing is somewhat different than writing for conversations, especially with two of the EDs. So, I had Tooko look over the translations and correct them. The translations are much more solid now than my jumbled mess of me translating a bit too literally. They really care about how a translation my look, as can be seen in here where they shows the corrections he made for the Grand OP lyrics: That said, Tooko allowed me to share the Grand OP in its English typesetted glory. (<-- that's the link to a streamable page, I don't know if this forum does streamable embeds) Think of it as a "trailer" for release. --- I've already written a lot, and the release is just around the corner. Two people's claim on quality for this patch may not suffice, but it's ultimately up to the reader to make their claim on quality. Sorry for the wall of text.
  3. Hey, Tooko. Amazing job with the translation speeds, it's about around the level of Tsurezure Scans speeds in their prime, if not, faster. Gonna rehash what I said on the discord server since that place is essentially a ghost town. Coincidentally, the two of us began translating Imaimo within four days of each other (me informally announcing my attempts in the koichoco patch server), but after discovering this publicly announced project that blew my translation rate out of the water, I decided to stop. Now, I still wish to have some sort of involvement. If you haven't already, I can provide typesetted OP (which I have translated) and ED (not translated yet) movies, which can be distributed optionally. I did this for the Koichoco HR patch as well. Again, thank you for tirelessly translating Imaimo, and as a one-person team at that!
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