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    Making Visual Novels, while listening to Young the Giant, watching anime, watching old episodes of Degrassi, and reading manga, then watching K-pop MVs, also watching any other drama.
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    Pulse Cage Episode 1, 2, 3, & 4 Your Brother's Religion
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  1. Diary: The Naked Truth Your Experience Live in the pages of an array of diaries. Choose reality or clear your own path. A visual novel, otome, & dating simulation game. PLAY HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diary-100/diary-the-naked-truth-you-experience?ref=user_menu Immerse yourself in short stories, but not just any, these are from the heart of diaries around the world. Diary entries will include categories such as childhood, horror, dreams, high school, romantic, never told a soul, text/online, naughty, mystery, travel and daydream stories.
  2. PLAY it here: https://itch.io/s/23489/black-friday-2019-rare-low-sale-only-doing-this-once Lowest sale I'll ever do. Ithio really encouraged me to join, so please enjoy. Watch the video trailer QUICK! This offer only last for 24 hours. Pulse Cage has been around for 4 years now. Enjoy this rare/generous sale and play the charming visual novel everyone loves so much!
  3. Pulse Cage full game A girl makes a chain letter about stalking your crush. Then that chain-letter comes back to hunter her when someone new gets a hold of it. Someone sends her racy video around the school that they have mysteriously got a hold of. She works to find out who's her admirer is as she grows closer to a few guys that might be him. Could it be her creepy English teacher, the boy next door with the dark past, the childhood friend across town, or the new boy with a big secret, or maybe someone else? See how this chain-letter of love and darkness unfolds. Don't click the origami heart! This is the same chain letter in the game. PLAY Pulse Cage (the full game)
  4. PLAY the demo: https://beastcarving.itch.io/ybr-a-visual-novel-official-demo Wow! It's finally here! PLAY it HERE! on Itch.io /beastcarving / Your Brother's Religion A fantasy religious experience about temptations, curses, promises, and loyalty. Experience the beauty in the darkness or the deformity of the light. Can you keep her aura pure in time for the ceremony? THE GAME: >>https://beastcarving.itch.io/ybr-a-visual-novel-official-demo << I am posting reviews of the game starting tonight, I will be selecting a few or all reviews to post on my YBR itch page. To have your review of the demo featured, Email me your review @ Beastcarving@yahoo.com or just leave it in the comments on the YBR page. Thanks for listening and enjoy the demo.
  5. This is the first VN I've ever played. I choose Masa (the one in the back with no forehead w/ brown hair lol.) He was so mean. I loved it! That's probably why I like writing mean VN guys now. I NEVER choose the nice prince type. I did end up playing this twice and choosing Hero (the one in the hat.) Please tell me about your first VN experience. I'm very curious in what type you usually choose as well.
  6. Does anyone like or read western visual novels? Let's talk about it. I've noticed that not many VNs that are western are discussed. Maybe they aren't yet as popular in the west just yet. "Make visual novels popular in the west" Is this slogan referring to anime VNs or western VNs? I personally love love love both. I started off reading only anime-style VNs, now I read both, and I make both, or a fusion of each style because overall I just like Visual Novels. But what do you think?
  7. I make Interactive stories/Visual novel/otome games, Check out our work on Itch.io or follow me on Twitter @beastcarving. My name is BeastCarving. I love drawing and writing, and this way I could fuse my passions together. Right now I'm working on a VN named Your Brother's Religion. A story about a made-up religion. Follow me to see updates. I'm here sometimes. Help me make this fun: Discord Become a Patron for exclusive content: Patreon See what happened: Kickstarter My little area on the web: Website My favorite place to post logs: Itch Land of Pix and DMs: Instagram Daily tweets. Are you ready?: Twitter An ancient ghost town. You'll hear a crackle or two there: Tumblr Buy me a kofi: Ko-fi Enjoy some serious journal read-age: Deviantart Come see my cute little board: Pinterest Or and if you're feeling wild. Look: Facebook See threads here: Reddit
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