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  1. Honestly guys, Thank you ! I have been going through some rough patches and needed a laugh Thanks to you all!
  2. I just added so different Vns to my list Thanks to you guys. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!
  3. Hello All!, I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend a VN that is downright hilarious, I have been away from the Vn scene for a while so i was wondering if anything came out that was funny recently I really enjoyed Edelweiss and Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! Thanks for all the Help! -Neo
  4. Very well written, i think the theories that replace the "Key Magic" were a very interesting read. Thanks for writing this. I look forward to more of your thoughts!!
  5. I was thinking the same thing, doesn't make me feel better though. But glad i don't have to change myself to get even with her.
  6. Thank you all for your tips. Also shout out to Clephas for making me laugh at Work . At this point i want to move on, hell i thought i did. But i regressed when i saw those comments. It bothers me that people say things just to intentionally hurt someone else, even though we loved each other at one point. Seriously guys, thanks for every comment, makes me feel less lonely.
  7. I am currently 18, i knew my friend since he was 9. Hence, the friendship was for 9 years. They were both 18. Sorry for that, ill definitely clear that up
  8. Thanks so much guys, i have been dealing with this for a while, and honestly is just getting exhausting. you guys are 100% right in i should just continue to ignore and block. its reassuring to have you guys all say to do that. Its just that seeing how she could say those things about me really brought up sadness. Like i said i was not the greatest BF, but nothing to deserve that. As far as the dating pool, i will definitely wait it out. I want to be in another relationship, but right now i am just trying to fill a void, not be committed to the person. This was my first real relationship, so i don't know how to handle the situation. Thanks again peeps.
  9. So me and my ex broke up Dec. 2014. I found out in Feb that she has sex with my best friend that i had known for nine years. One month after the break up. All while I was going to him for advice almost everyday. So i found out and cut them both off. But even now still i really accidentally (no lie) read her twitter for the first time and its all bashing me still. She goes on to say anything between "i hope your birthday is the most miserable day of your life" (Bday is within a week) to "what was i thinking dating you". Now i am not the type of guy to say anything back, as i dont want to feed the fire. But i cant lie, the words hurt. Now i dont want to be with her even but Even after all she did to me, i still wish her the best. She acts like she wants me dead. Now i wasn't the best boyfriend, but i don't think i deserved that. How would you guys try to handle the situation. Any advice is welcomed.
  10. Very Nice review, I only read one route, but this made me want to read more!
  11. Thanks so much for the recommendations, i will be busy for a while, now about clannad, is it worth waiting for the translation, that is currently being done or is the fan translation decent? thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation, I will be sure to check it out!
  13. So i have been dealing with a little rough patch in my life and decided to read edelweiss since i knew it was gonna be great. It was one of the funniest things i have read. I don't care for the whole magic (alchemy) side of it. I would just love if anyone could point me in the right direction for one that had both romance and comedy fused into one. The only other funny vn that i read that comes to mind is "My girlfriend is the President" Thanks in Advance. I cant wait for the recommendations!!!!!!!
  14. By stalking i mean Social media stalking. Shes in a different college, and she dorms there. So we definitely aren't in contact nor do our schedules conflict. Its just knowing that shes surrounded by horny men, and i am siting here in sadness that makes it that much more painful. So i try not to think about it.
  15. I definitely was (6 days stalking free) stalking. It just became painful to watch. It really made my progress regress. The more i listen to the stories though, the more i think it become mind over matter. I think people overcome incredible things, and this is just a small bump. I just hate that is feels so like a large bump lol.
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