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  1. I am not a reference at all but maybe that I can help. I love the VN format since you have all the time you want to translate, you have voices (most of the time) and it has a story so you actually want to understand. (BTW, I learned English thanks to this) Firstly you need to at least understand the basic of the grammar, enough to be able to translate a sentence using a website like https://jisho.org/ (I use it all the time when playing Japanese VN), by basic I really mean the basic, reading grammar guide during 5 hours would be horrible. You can try to find a simple VN and read it a
  2. Generally, I skip them but I'm unable to read a VN without it. Because it would feel like this has been made for a "kid", I like to see that they're targeting adults (well not always) by including them. Also some times it helps a lot in the story, but it is mostly so I won't feel like the author has been censored in any way
  3. The new contents is mostly near the end, you should carefully read everything even if it is really boring sometimes
  4. What I heard is that after completing all good endings (baldr 1 & 2) you'll obtain a way to be teleported anywhere you want in the story so you can do the other ends
  5. Is there a way to skip combats that we already did in a previous playthrough? I actually only did one ending but struggle to reach others and it made me stop playing the game entirely even though I really like it
  6. Guess it depends on the game, when the order seems to be important I check online. Otherwise, I do it without walkthrough once (acting as I would in real life) and then with for the rest of the game
  7. I won't be able to help but you should specify if this was an EVN, if not then was it translated
  8. I guess that this is somewhat important for Setsuna route (and kazusa isn't in the closing chapter) but other heroines are completely apart from it. And I still enjoyed Setsuna route a lot without the need to read coda. (At least I'm not that impatient for the translation to be released)
  9. In my case, I enjoyed the closing chapter a lot (in fact it is my favorite VN) so I'll recommend you to read it even without CODA. You still have other heroines worth reading
  10. Hi, so I'm looking for a VN including H-scene while having both English and Japanese text at the same time (or at least a button which switches the displayed language) I guess that the best example of what I want is the steam version of "Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart", except that it has been censured I already saw someone requesting the same as me here but none of those VN really interest me (too bad that I did read Muv-Luv before searching for it...) Also, if you can think of something else than VN such as a novel which includes those 2 languages feel free to include t
  11. White Album 2 I guess (Introductory is high-school only but it is not the case in the closing chapter) The writer is also the same as Damekoi
  12. Like the fact of being able to display Japanese and English at the same time, guess that I'll try to improve myself
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