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  1. Majikoi S Translation Project Discussion

    You could check out the Discord, might be more updated. But yeah, things happen, other things take time and sometimes life calls, et cetera. Personally, I've tried my luck with my very limited JP and ITH + TA with MeCab. Makes it tough to read, but still funny. And I suspect Lee's route would be hell to TL, due to the great amount of JP puns.
  2. Fortune Arterial Translation project

    Honestly, for me, it was just that I discovered that it simply wasn't something I wanted to spend time on. After getting a bit further into it, I noticed that it simply wasn't something that I would enjoy. The summary and what I had heard of it gave me a way different impression, which consequently was not met. TLDR; I discovered why it's "cursed".
  3. H-code issue with ITHVNR and Da Capo III PP

    No no, not the substitutions, the /n. As we can see, here in the forum it's visible as just that and does nothing, but if input into TA substitutions it will replace linebreaks. I've also noticed that some games output /n instead of a line breal if you extract the scripts into .txt files
  4. Psychological VNs similar to Evangelion

    No problem. Enjoy the wat
  5. H-code issue with ITHVNR and Da Capo III PP

    Derp, didn't see that text. I tried using the TA substitutions, but I never knew about /n before now. Thanks. In what places can you generally use it?
  6. H-code issue with ITHVNR and Da Capo III PP

    But you have not mentioned any such thing. And if you are referring to the character filter, it's not present in ITHVNR. ITH2.3 ITHVNR:
  7. H-code issue with ITHVNR and Da Capo III PP

    ITHVNR works, but lacks character filter and thread linking needs to be done with commands
  8. H-code issue with ITHVNR and Da Capo III PP

    I see, thanks for clearing that up. Either of you know how to make ITH3 work on win 10?
  9. H-code issue with ITHVNR and Da Capo III PP

    I am unable to run ITH v3(only v2.3 and ITHVNR), I only get errors(using Win10, tried with Win10-fix, didn't work). And that is the h-code ITHVNR is using, I just thought the game.exe wasn't a part of it, so I left it out. Also, the tag had both an opening and a closing tag, not a combined one like you provided here. Character filter is broken in ITHVNR as it doesn't work. Inputting the h-code with :DC3PP.EXE seems to make it work(only crashed without, as I thought it wasn't part of the code) in v2.3. Really wish I could import the h-codes from V3 to V2.3. EDIT: V2.3 seems to have become more crash-prone after my attempts to upgrade it. EDIT2: V2.3 doesn't seem to rely on any external files for it's character filter. EDIT3: Got it running properly again and it has produced an ini file containing settings. I tried to add the letter "a" to the Character filter and it has added this to it's code: CF={ 0061,3,a } EDIT4: Attempted to figure out what to put into the CF tag to get the same result you did, but alas, I have no idea what that 3 means, nor what to replace the "a" with in the file. Please advise. EDIT5: Thanks to being very stubborn, I managed to make it click, still not sure why it didn't work the first three times. Now, it seems to be working, albeit a bit... crash prone, if I press on certain things(for example the DC3PP.EXE in the process list) it'll crash, but I just need to not do that. Secondly, how did you calculate the absolute address? I have a feeling I will need to do so for other VNs, since I can't use V3 with the largely expanded h-code repository.
  10. What manga are you currently reading?

    I know what'cha mean, pal. The best parts are often beyond the confession, as so many comical characters know very well(the incessant teasing and making fun of).
  11. Psychological VNs similar to Evangelion

    Question, why is no one mentioning Forest? I don't think I've ever had a VN fuck with my head that hard(not counting ones with mindblowing plot twists)
  12. Da Capo 3 screen settings

    Orcka, sounds like an issue with your graphic card settings. But please provide screenshot of options page before we say that for certain.
  13. What manga are you currently reading?

    Well, amigo, if shit gets popular, there's a 95% chance of the author being pressured to/choosing to milk the fck outta that shit.
  14. I am using ITHVNR and TA to read the Da Capo III fan disc Platinum Partner and have hit upon a slight, bu very irritating, snag. Every 23 characters on the dialogue line, it will copy in a line break(and a space, varying) and I need to edit the outputted text to remove the extra line break(and space, where applicable). I am guessing this means there's an issue with the h-code, but as I do not know the back from the front of a h-code, I can't really change it. Hint image: Present h-code Any help editing the h-code to make it work properly would be greatly appreciated - TLM PS: This h-code does NOT work with regular ITH, only ITHVNR. I do not know why, so if someone could explain that to me, that would be a nice bonus PSS: Images illustrating the issue: ITHVNR OUTPUT: TA:
  15. Rewrite Game auto exit

    Hint for the future: Write your solution down and post it, so others who hit on the same issue may benefit from a simple Google search