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2023 in review feat. Tadoku logs



Probably best viewed on my wordpress blog given the gallery element used.

Academically this year has been a meme. I’ve managed to fail both courses I tried due to Not Doing Work, and also somehow bricked on getting an actual CV to apply for thesis projects. Twice.

More importantly though, in February this year Tadoku added any-time tracking. While there are many tracking platforms and systems, Tadoku is likely the only one I will ever use semi-seriously: the minimalism appeals to me, and there are basically no features I personally need that are missing. In any case, if you’re not aware of my journey I’m an enlightened man who decided to slack as much as reasonable in my Japanese learning, eschewing all SRS and hitting a magnificent 30 minutes per day of input on average1. One might call this unenlightened, but consider: the reckless desire for learning exhibited by many individuals is clearly the very mirror of samsara. The wise man knows that he has many years to live, and has no rush to achieve his goals. Well, if the wise man is as lazy as me anyway. And if he’s not trying to escape himself/his country/his Mafia pursuers by passing JLPT N1 and moving to Japan, of course (many such cases). What I’m trying to say is wisdom comes in many forms, but mine is clearly the best.

In any case, January started out with a month-long contest. Looking back… wait…. did I even read in this thing, I’m on page two and I’m still not… ayyyyyyyyyy I’m in place 120 with 9.1 points! My stellar performance here is due to reading part of this nicovideo article and all of 「意外に」と「意外と」に違いはあるのか――辞書の個性. That’s all I have logged. I think this shows that I have a certain comfort in reading things in Japanese for information when I actually want to, even if I’m not going hard. Also that I’m a fucking nerd that will read about minuscule language differences and the interpretation of legal terms2, but we knew that already.

Having successfully avoided reading during actual contest time, I picked things up in February. The bulk of my points this month are from watching Okayu stream Minecraft precisely once for 80 minutes, and this one LN. Sometime in the month, I picked up and eventually read 80% of 男子だと思っていた幼馴染との新婚生活がうまくいきすぎる件について, which apart from hitting approximately every emotional fetish I possess in its setting also had ok tier writing and even a decent mildly dramatic plot development toward the end. I finished (well, logged…) the last 20% at a totally not sus timing, just late enough to add it for the March contest. I’m often not super diligent about logging my progress, and for books read on my Kobo I will just log at 10% progress intervals based on the LN physical page count; maybe I only ‘legitimately’ read like 11% of the book that first day starting at 89% : >. In the end, I get like 300 points during February. Acceptable.

Anyway, March. It looks like I’m trying to actually score some points for this one, because on the 3rd I start up 戦国の黒百合~ふたなり姫と隷属の少女~ for 12303字. On the 4th I even log 383字 of a script I was reading in preparation to translate it! Honestly I have this perverse urge to log the weirdest things on Tadoku, which is why I’ll definitely log 10 minutes of bad little sister ASMR I didn’t even enjoy just to épater la normaloisie or whatever. Anyway, After this I start up book two of the osananajimi 云々 LN series with a valiant 10%, start legendary eroge Cross Channel and read like 6k/hour due to Romeo’s many references and occasionally otherwise dense prose, some story about how a mangaka was screwed by their publisher or something (I think I saw the manga in mudaebot or whatever and wanted to look it up and shit just happened, but god knows), part of an article about piercings not being accepted at a Japanese school, listened to vtuber and good voice haver polka read a literal story for children and immediately made connections to James Scott’s Seeing Like a State (don’t get me wrong, I only know of it from Scott Alexander’s review and have never bothered to read the original). Also I actually listened to more than the story I guess since she spoke a lot more as it was so short but I didn’t log that because uhh whatever you’re not the master of me!

I returned to the osananajimi story with 20% more for 59.2 points, then Shoui posted a rec and acquisition method for 子猫を拾う、子猫の癖に in The Moe Way’s discord and I ended up reading it pretty quickly. Is there anything better than edgy yuri? Okay, your mom is better specifically in bed, but that’s an unfair comparison. She is truly unbelievably experienced. Anyway, I also read some of あさにゃあ, a cute TS nukige, recorded a whole story arc porn image series for 45.6 points, this random chiebukuro question text because it amused me, 50 whole minutes of Okayun stream, read 20% of お姉ちゃんといっしょに異世界を支配して幸せな家庭を築きましょ? before concluding the writing was trash and I didn’t want to continue (the Zaka rare drop with malice!), 10% of TRPG before concluding the writing was trash and painfully repetetive… look, it’s a coincidence okay? Anyway, dropped with extreme prejudice. Not feeling like the feelgood moment of osananajimi LN, I picked up 転生王女と天才令嬢の魔法革命, also known as tenten. This one also has bad writing, but it’s mostly in the exposition rather than normal dialogue. Why the writer decided to create a setting where a lot of exposition is practically required despite sucking at it is beyond me, but the other parts of the setting weren’t too bad. The worst thing I subjected to wasn’t even in techno-exposition though, it was this inexplicably redundant pair of lines found on two successive pages:

img_20230406_0115451.jpg?w=768 img_20230406_0116441.jpg?w=768 I’m still mad

I only read 5% of tenten in March, on the 31st — probably to try and keep my position against someone, though in the main contest my 40th place ended up >100 points away from the next person. Maybe I just wanted to hit 1050 points? Maybe it was for a side contest? Could it be I was simply reading it because I wanted to??? Madokami knows.

March was the first contest that admitted listening content, and initially it might have been a little overtuned. While I was a bit annoyed until it got a minor adjustment downward, the truth is that for my own purposes anything that incentivizes listening is probably to my benefit: I very rarely do any of it, and I still only got like 400 minutes logged for this whole year. Sure, there was probably a little more unlogged, but not much. I still wish the site had a UI option to see only a reading leaderboard, but the Tadoku admin and dev io needs more motivation so we’ll see if he ever gets to it.

Anyway, at this point Tadoku has gotten off-contest tracking, and I don’t really slow down that much in April. After hitting 90% on tenten, I don’t quite feel like getting it done and am a little disappoint (but haven’t dropped it with malice!), so I manage to acquire and read 8000字 of the obscure doujinge with known writers 魂々, make a quick patch to fix their miserable scripting, then never read it again. Honestly when I make a patch for something to make it better to read, it’s a bad sign for my reading progress. That’s kind of scary. At least a guy I know actually ended up using it later… So after Kon Kon, I get to Voynich Hotel, which I have imported physicals of. Despite the many cultural references I autistically researched, I make it through volume 1 and 2 from April 13-15, then hit volume 3 and suffered my fear of actually finishing things, ending up even how having just 30 pages of volume 3 read. It wasn’t the easiest reading, but it’s pretty fun and definitely out there. You see why it’s a cult classic — I actually read quite a bit of it in English back in the day, but true to form I didn’t finish then either! Ah well.

I eventually (April 19) do finish off tenten 1, and the last 10% actually makes me feel a bit better about the book as a whole. I immediately start on tenten 2 and by April 23 I’m 60% into it. Unfortunately my feeling-bad-guard activates and since nice characters are in grave danger at this point I stall it and still haven’t read more yet. This volume actually ended up a lot better than vol 1 for the most part, as it focused on characters more than the whole thing about developing magical artifacts that’s half the premise. Since the writer is actually kind of decent at writing this, the quality instantly goes up. Maybe the narration also got a minor upgrade, but who knows. Anyway, I finish 9th in this totally legit user contest for April with 615.3 points.

May. Tadoku constest season again, but now it’s a quirky 14-day one. I start out strong with 120 minutes of Okayun for 48 points, read way too much (17k!) of a Japanese interview, and write a summary for another writer to use in a Fuwanovel article. Though I manage to meme it a bit because technically the damned vague Japanese never says they’re using 2d sprites for the new Ever17 release, just that they’re going to “refine” whatever they did with the crappy 3d sprites for the xbox 360 release. Also, I fucking hate Japanese interview-type stuff. Maybe I’m just not used to the domain, but these motherfuckers barely commit to anything if you really read what they say. Swear to god it drives me nuts.

I try Okayun again but it turns out she’s actually shit at the video game she’s picked this time and I cannot bear to watch longer than 30 minutes. Shoutout to me literally logging 369字 of some amazon description on the 7th; I also read 3 whole chapters of 日本人のための日本語, a Japanese-language Japanese grammar introduction using a modern grammar framework for Japanese that includes such exotic (for traditional Japanese grammar) terms such as na-adjectives and the topic-comment structure. That’s like 29k字. It’s kind of fun but it does do the “wow we Nihonjin so special” thing a bit which is kinda cringe. I’m sure you can find some other language that likes describing things as passively occurring rather than being actively done a lot, nerd! Oh well.

On the 9th I give Sengoku no Kuroyuri another shot for 25k字, mostly because I desire to ejaculate and it’s supposed to have quite a bit of sex. I kind of succeed in finding release eventually, but I also realize that the cold, unironic sadism of the protagonist just doesn’t appeal to me and semidrop it. Maybe I’ll read some more sometime though… On the 10th I pick up the above-average and emotional-fetish-fulfilling 不登校の幼馴染が学校に行く条件は、毎日俺とキスすることだった. I enjoy it but a shocking development later on makes me not quite want to see the end… but that’s later, I only hit 40% during the contest! Also I logged 2980 characters of a rather voluminous tweet thread by famed eroge writer Sca-ぢ. I just wanted to say that. 361 points that month, for 22nd. I only beat the 23rd guy by 1.8 points, which is kind of crazy because I didn’t log on the 14th and he did. I guess the 22nd isn’t really significantly different from 23rd in terms of placement, but he could have sniped me so easily…

I spend the rest of the month reading volume 1 of instant bullet (manga) on the 20th, then nothing but two little net pages.

The next entry is on June 25th, somehow. I’ve decided to start reading Oshirabu, and manage to read like 60k字 before July 1st brings with it the next Tadoku contest. Sometimes the perversity of specifically reading right before or after Tadoku just inspires me. Still, July has the next contest, and I start with getting the true end in Oshirabu on the 1st for a bit, then on the 7th realize Suou Patra is actually broadcasting content I vibe with and get 85 mins / 35 points of listening in. Next I read some chars of single-heroine eroge Aibeya 2, which I had read sporadically before and was in Real Coomer Hours after its less porny moege start. Anyway, I read enough story to get to the porn, coom, then finish (wait, aren’t those the same thing?). 24k字.

After that I pick up the edgy and weird horny adult yuri novel 焦点深度 on July 9th, read to 40% the next day, take a break to finish off different endings of Oshirabu as well as the porn addition (that turns out to have a lot of emotional development to it and seems basically mandatory to have a satisfying ending so it confuses the fuck out of it that this isn’t in the all ages version at all probably) on the 13th, then eventually hit 100% on 焦点深度 on the 18th. I doubt I read all of the remaining 60% the same day, I was just chilling on the log because it doesn’t really matter, does it? Anyway it’s a bit harder to recommend than 子猫を拾う, but it was kind of fun and definitely a little unique. Not very yuri genre, but who needs that? The first lesbian romance I saw was Fucking Åmål (on Swedish public television!), in which one of the girls fucked a guy and realized she didnt really care for it before getting together with the other girl. I was always hardcore, okay.

Anyway, it seems like I didn’t care to read more after finishing 焦点深度, leaving me with 404.6 points for 28th place.

August. No contest means no motivation, but also there’s probably some creeping academic deadline I’m not dealing with that’s killing me inside. On the 13th I pick up ロンリーガールに逆らえない (漫誤) and read 2 volumes, if only to feel something again. Another volume falls on the 16th, but then the next volume I don’t finish because an unpleasant (though interesting) development of the plot occurs and suddenly I can’t bear to see what will happen. Damn, is that three times this year now? I can’t believe I’m letting my own entertainment cuck myself like this. That’s all for August. Damn.

September. Normal length contest, but I’m clearly not trying hard as my first entry is on the 10th with this live2d loli nukige that exhentai gifs couldn’t do justice. However it has 3 h-scenes in a row which shows the writers don’t know how to pace their illustrated pornography, so I bail after like 22k字. At least the intro was entertaining for the most part…

Having gotten beaned by mismanaged coom material, I pick up the interesting old-school lowtech scifi キーリ series. I think these are technically published as LNs, but the anime-style tropeyness is low and while I only read 10%, I kind of liked it and would recommend anyone that finds that description interesting to try them. It’s available wherever TMWs are present. It wasn’t easy, mostly due to longer sentences I think, though not crazy hard either; maybe not for the beginner. It looks like I’m still on life support, as the next entry is me reading 10% of アオハルデビル on the 27th (picked up after seeing it come up in TMW sharing mostly because it had a short, effective title). My 200.7 points still got me to 21st place. Truly the Tadoku has fallen.

October 10th. I read the last of that vjedogonia script I was going to translate and it’s a whole 7k characters. I guess sometimes it pays to log random shit! I also read 16k of the fast-paced, entertaining start of eroge 空のつくりかた, get text hooking working for and quit reading 背徳シレネ after 7.7k on the 21st, then read 2 manga volumes on the 26th. It is very 惜しい that I can’t find more than volume 1 of 夢でフラれてはじまる百合 for free, but I survive by moving to volume one of 世界で一番おっぱいが好き!, which ends up being really meme and god knows how yuri it’ll even be. Probably eventually. Until then girl semiconsensually grope girl boob, I guess.

November. Another 2-week round. I read to 40% of アオハルデビル (it’s actually quite fun — it looks like it will basically be (I think this is kind of spoilers because if you actually hit it blind it’s kind of cool to go wtf, but I can’t really sell it otherwise) :


Monogatari except it doesn’t have the weird wordplay and digressions but is actually character plot focused. So maybe it’s not like monogatari at all, but basically cute girl gets possessed and it’s bad and tied to their emotional issues and our guy helps fix it. Probably one per volume judging by the covers. Honestly it kind of went more dark and interesting in general than I expected. Even as some elements are a little ridiculous.

Anyway I watch Patra (who I have by now realized has become one of the few big vtubers playing actually interesting games rather than the corpo flavor of the month) for some time playing an interesting retro rpg. The same day, I read some of apparently not very pure yurige 早咲きのくろゆり (12k), and dip for the month. 143.3 points gets me 20th. Retvrn! What manner of competition is this! …Okay it was a 14 day one whatever.

December. No Tadoku. You know it’s time to actually read. Early on I pick up 飛び降りる直前の同級生に『×××しよう!』と提案してみた。 I kind of hope they’ll fuck real quick because I want to coom but this doesn’t happen as it turns out this wasnt a nukige book oops. I think I’d class this one as “good anime” in that the insane main character is part of what makes it entertaining, but then it goes pretty hard into darker territory (well, the girl is about to off herself, it’s warranted). Honestly not too bad, happy to have picked it up after some TMW guys reported enjoying it.

But I get to 30% and I realize that I should just read what I really want to read: motherfucking yuri. My roots. I don’t know what exactly brought 私の推しは悪役令嬢 to mind, but apart from having planned to read it for ages based on reputation, I think the anime was also running at the time. December 7th, I hit 10%. December 8th, I take a brief detour because my recently discovered kami 女性実況 Sayaka has a collab out that’s reasonably short for a horror ge. 72 precious listening minutes, 28.8 points. December 10th I hit 20% in wataoshi. and then…


At the end of the year I realized 4k total points this year was close, so I worked a little harder… and 4k I now have. A modest amount, but it does mean like 12 books of modest Japanese size read. To be honest as I realized going through the scores, like 50 of those points are doubled because I couldn’t edit entries and I wanted to enter them to a private contest or some shit like that. So I guess my cope is clearly my untracked input would be enough to hit 4k anyway, and fuck the haters.

I hope I do better in school next year. However have no plans to get more serious about Japanese, because I am an enlightened gigachad and simply don’t need to.

Thanks and thats all nerds.

year score during contests: 2169.1
year score full: 4014.6

[1] Estimated based on 1 tadoku point = 400 characters and a 10k/h reading speed. I actually think I read a bit slower than this most of the time, but it’s actually lower than 30 mins a day naively calculated, so heck it. Of course, this also doesn’t count casual reading of a few lines from someone’s VN screenshot, or whenever someone consults me on translation for a few lines, or when some dude starts playing some VN on stream to show me the “funny moments” with some two-dimensional bishoujo he is particularly fond of. Life is full of surprises, much like your rectum after excessive chili ingestion. Will It Burn? Truly a pertinent question for this age.

[2] Though this one’s very relevant for eroge: I was looking it up in connection with its use in agreements on how to use for example royalty free resources. From what I remember, the legal meaning is generally seen to narrowly protect citizens from entering contracts to do unreasonable or illegal things, but maybe there’s more, I’m not very sure. The more widespread folk meaning would be anything “obscene”, with all the vagueness that term would imply in American law. I’d look it up again, but I don’t think I found a very conclusive answer and besides I’m way too lazy.


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