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  1. If you want something more action focused then Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha might be something for you. The first season was a bit too slow for my taste but season 2 is one of my favorite anime ever, even as a not big fan of the genre. There are also movie adaptions for both seasons, so if you can't get into season 1 the movie is a fine replacement.
  2. Can anyone explain to me, why so many people are always saving for Jalter? If it's about her waifu-factor I guess I just disagree. Gameplay-wise she really needs Merlin to be great, otherwise she is a lot less amazing than some other damagedealers (for example Archuria and her ridiculous np spam)
  3. On one side I'm incredibly happy that Index 3 is going to be released, on the other side the PV they showed got me really worried. So far Index always had 2 cours but the content they showed implies too much content for 24 episodes (I'm looking at you Russia.....). And to make it worse, there was not a single scene shown about 2 specific arcs. If they end up skipping England to be able to finish the story I will have to consider this a failed adaption
  4. I would at least watch the first episode from start to finish. The end differs a lot from the rest of the episode and that's also where the best animated parts are (and some nice music). Until when did you watch?
  5. I watched the first two episodes of Revue Starlight and it might be my biggest surprise this season. It starts off with a rather normal slice of life setting and does a complete 180° turn towards the end of the first episode. Also: WHY IS THIS SHOW SO DAMN PRETTY!?!? Revue Starlight had so far amazing production values and animation that's nearly on KyoAni level which really surprised me. I really recommend giving it a try.
  6. Since I didn't want to just watch sequels this seasons, I sat down, started watching Hinamatsuri..... and couldn't stop until I arrived at the current episode because I loved it to bits and pieces. The comedy and especially its timing is brilliant, the animation is great and very consistent in quality and Hina might become one of my favorite characters this year. I love her deadpan personality and her dumb but still endearing behaviour. Why does a series like this have just 12 episodes and horseshit like Black Clover 51?
  7. You should never feel sorry for choosing the meme queen.
  8. This event really showed me Orion's quality. Arts teams are great for this challenge because of their survivability and Orion is one of the tankier Arts DPS making her a good pick even if her extra damage against males doesn't apply here. I know that people love using Jalter for nearly everything but at least before Merlin is a thing she is not great at surviving.
  9. Tamamo, Orion, Support Waver. The only day I couldn't clear consistently was Rider because Waver often died too soon. That team does require 2 SSR though, F2P teams do have a problem here since Ibaraki deals so much damage.
  10. If one pair isn't enough then how about sisters?
  11. So how about our favorite hikikomori moon princess Kaguya?
  12. Don't worry I also got spoiled with that death beforehand. Luckily it doesn't happen too late into the story so don't worry about knowing it already, the reactions from the rest of the cast are what matter much more.
  13. So how was the forum before I joined (january 2014)? I didn't experience Aaeru's reign myself, so I only heard a few stories.
  14. Yeah, they should wait a few more years now for all those servants the people still want. Except Muramasa. I want that guy myself.
  15. Now I hope she is going to be really disappointing gameplay-wise, to punish all those people who saved quartz for so long.
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