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  1. Back in August, I played the demo for BRXKEN INSIDE. It's a psychological horror yuri and around... 1 hour? It's still a demo, after all. Check it out here and let's discuss! What are your expectations for the full release?
  2. This is an old review, but back in July, I reviewed Synesthesia, a sci-fi adventure game by Spire Games. Have you played it? What did you think of it?
  3. https://vndb.org/v6482 Main Menu Ever since I watched the hentai adaptation of Black Gate -Kan'in no Gakuen- that has been discontinued, I always wonder what happens next after the second episode. That is why I took the liberty to play the visual novel. Black Gate -Kan'in no Gakuen- is an eroge that was developed by Image-Works and released back in 2004. The story features a boy named Narufumi Hosokawa but the visual novel allows to name him anything you want as long as it contains Japanese characters. He is a student at Kadomori academy who is considered to be a pretty average guy. He is also friends with Shizuku Kadomori and Kasumi Kadomori who are twins that have different personalities. Shizuku is more calm and reserved while Kasumi is more proactive and a bit clumsy. They are also known to have a distinct birth mark on their chest. Talk to Kasumi/Talk to Shizuku In Kadomori Academy, the story also introduces other characters that play key roles in the visual novel. Amane Izumi is another student at the school who is quite reserved, shy and nervous around certain situations. Fuu Katsuragi is the student council president who takes things very seriously and is inept with martial arts. Koyuki Hasegawa is a member of the student council and she is very attached towards Fuu. Nanami Ebizuka is Narufumi's homeroom teacher who doesn't take her job seriously and tends to be laid back. Haruko Fujisaki was the previous student council president in Kadamori academy before Fuu until she graduated and she is very skilled with a bow and arrow. And finally, Mizuki Komiyama is the class representative of Narufumi's classroom who also takes things seriously, especially for the school festival. Narufumi Hosokawa (Main Protagonist) The visual novel starts off with the students at Kadomori academy preparing for the upcoming school festival. At one point, Shizuku and Kasumi are seen arguing to each other about something before Shizuku stormed out of the classroom. After some time when Narufumi was alone in the classroom, Shizuku came and confessed her feelings towards him before having sex. After a few days, the school got terrorized by two humanoid earth monsters from a different world that were attempting to capture Kasumi. Kasumi, Nanami and Haruko would then open a portal inside the school that leads to a different world in order to get rid of the monsters. As a result, Narufumi along with his friends got transported to the alternate world. From this point onwards, everyone aimed to find out how to get back home and and Shizuku. This game has multiple endings that correspond to each character, and they are obtained based on the choices you make. As I played through the visual novel, the story was very mediocre and not that interesting. Its just a bunch of highschool students that traveled to a different world where they are fighting off monsters that are native to this alternate world (very similar to the isekai genre). Each character has their own route which reveals information about their past life, providing you insight on what kind of person they are and what hardships they dealt with in the past. CG Collection The story of the visual novel was also very inconsistent to its hentai adaptation. One example would be that in the hentai, the entire school got teleported to the other world along with Narufumi and his friends. This was not the case in the visual novel where only the characters got teleported. Another example would be that Nanami Ebizuku died in the hentai adaptation after getting stabbed by Shizuku which also didn't happen in the visual novel. I honestly thought that the visual novel would complement the story from the hentai adaptation, but I was completely wrong. I was very disappointed on the fact that the plot in the visual novel doesn't match with its hentai adaptation. In terms of the technical features of the game, there are quite a lot of flaws relative to the other visual novels I played. First off, while the UI has a save, load and backlog button, it doesn't have a skip button. The way to skip dialogue in the game would be to hold down Ctrl, and this includes dialogue that you haven't read before which makes it very difficult to navigate which routes you already have been through and which ones you haven't. You also can't fast forward through an elongated CG that is automatically scrolling during the game. In addition, the UI doesn't have the option to quick save your progress. You can only save normally which can be a bit time consuming if you want to grind on obtaining all the CGs and endings for each character. One flaw that I find to be the most annoying would be that the UI disappears whenever the character faces multiple multiple that you have to select in the game. You can't save your progress during these instances, making it very frustrating and time consuming if you're aiming to navigate yourself between different character routes. Settings You may think that this visual novel is trash, but for me personally, I don't think its inherently bad. Despite the flaws present, I was able to tolerate them and manage to get all the endings for all the characters, which includes the bad ones. I also enjoyed some of the background music, the background art and the voice acting was alright, especially for the two humanoid earth monsters. In addition, unlike most of the other eroges, the H-scenes are pretty short so I was able to get by through them without falling asleep. What makes this visual novel unique is that it contains these animated H-scenes for each of the heroines which looks pretty similar to the hentai adaptation. Unfortunately though, I was not able to obtain all of them, let alone the CGs because there was a programming error in the visual novel that prevents me from reading more in a particular route. Not sure if there is a problem within the files or its not perfectly compatible with my laptop. Needless to say, I was very frustrated especially after the fact that I went through a lot of trail and error just to get the H-scenes that I missed. I was however able to get all the endings of Black Gate so that's a win right there (I'll make a post for that soon). Overall, this visual novel isn't anything special. It just features a mediocre story with mediocre characters that are somewhat relatable. If you wanna play this visual novel all because of the discontinued hentai adaptation, I wouldn't recommend it. While the general premise is the same, there are many parts in the visual novel that don't match with the hentai. As for the company Image-Works who developed Black Gate, this was their most recent visual novel they made and released to the public. For some reason, they haven't made anymore visual novels ever since. So far they've only made three games and one of them is exclusive to the PS1. Since they haven't made a new game since 2004, and their most recent game being pretty mediocre, I can only assume that the developers have ceased operations. Since the developers put their hard work and effort into the games they've made for Image-Works its kind of sad to see that things are ending this way for them. I'm not sure what the developers are up to now, but I wish them all the best! End Credits
  4. I never read or write a review before… most review form I consume are YouTube video because I dislike reading pure text (surprise much for a visual novel reader?) So, here is it! a review about a game that I accidentally stumble upon. How did I first encounter this game again? A random Reddit shit post? VNDB homepage random image? or a desperation finding of mystery genre VNs ithat somehow, someway I prefer it over my love for Eroge? But nonetheless, the moment I saw the art, I knew, I will love this game. I’m one of those person who really want to judge a book by their cover, art style is the thing that make or break to me, and the rest is History. State of mind: (I play Return to Shironagasu Island after finish playing Swansong, and write this review about a 2 month after finish the game while playing Steins;gate) - Return Shironagasu Island / シロナガス島への帰還 is an Indie Visual Novel game is made by, script by, drawn by and directing by Onimushi Hyougo so 2 out of 3 about this game is craft by the same person - The game release first on 2018-12-30 JP version and first on 2020-10-31 En Version - It has fulling Voice acting (except for Main lead... again) for JP version and EN with My patch. Because this game is Underrated on Visual Novel scene, I will give my best to review This game on an Underrated Forum ....Up Wake up! If you don’t…. Things will get worse We are running….out of time! This world will be…. So please, wake up! Ikeda! Ikeda SEN! - As you wake up, you realize you are inside an airport and waiting for someone... yes, it's all her fault, what takes her so long? - The transitional Visual novel UI faded away, left you with an empty background cg… wait, what happened? Hold on… is this a point and click adventure game? - Ooh, yes it is… well... not completely, this point and click only available on certain scene, but it has been used as an effective tool to make player immerse into the story, as the characters will give out comments and prompts for your click action, you can basically prioritize your curiosity for the scene by simply clicking, truly a breath of fresh air compare to most traditional Visual Novel, ...at least to all the Visual novel experiences I had. - After a while you finally spot her from afar, seems like she got questioned by an airport staff that they're mistaking her for a lost child… - Gosh, Neneko, she hasn’t changed at all, still with that annoying long hair - So the flustered Neneko spotted me - Ah! Ikeda! - Did you know this kid? - No, I have never seen this person in my life…. - Haha.... Just kidding, Yes I'm her guardian Ikeda Sen, a private detective at New York, want to see my ID? - Hey! Neneko, stop hitting me! - You know, Neneko, you're already a high school kid, also you claim to know 20 different languages, what happen? Cat got your tongue? - I told you before Ikeda I have communication disorder, I can’t just talk direct to stranger! - Soon Ikeda received a phone call from his client miss Higgins, A millionaire friend of her father Invitation letter to a private island - Ikeda an Infamous New York detective find himself on an undercover mission to find the truth on this mystery Island called Shironagasu - Along with his arrogant yet timid sidekick who just flew from Japan and seem like she already on her first assignment. - What mystery lie on this island, what people will they meet, and why there's a seaweed monster onboard? - Hey Neneko I told you to be my house sitter for the time being, this mission can be dangerous you know? - But you told me that your neighborhood is full of weirdos! Just the thought of being surrounded by crazy people give me chills! - There's multiple choice throughout the game, player have to use their brain power and put up actual detective work and use the all clues scatter around game, don't worry, your assistant Neneko will make sure to give you a good scolding if you pick out some obvious stupid option. - There's only ONE way to find the truth behind all, the journey to uncover the mystery behind this island are full of danger and challenge, but don't worry, you have made friend along the way, you must give your trust to them or else you won't make it out alive - This game doesn't need a guide, actually it would ruin the experience, so try your best! - With that, hurry up! What are you waiting for? Find the culprit AMONG US and expose the truth for the world to see, and bring Justice for all the all victims that fells into this island conspiracy. Mild Spoiler Zone! You can still read this without getting fully spoiled, I gave everything without proper context! Return to Shironagasu is truly a hidden Gem that worth every of your FIVE American dollar The game hit all my quality check list and will hold dear to me for years to come And good news, there's a Sequel in the making! it's still in development and named Haruka Naru Enkei Sekai Finally I would like to thank everyone that read my "shilling review" And thanks to Onimushi Hyougo to make this amazing game! Also thank to counterstrike that I able to get money on my steam account from the weapon cases because I don't have a freaking online banking account. DID I MENTION THERE'S AN EPILOGUE THAT'S A BEACH EPISODE? Beach "Ebisouge" will be Unlock after you finish the game, it's good relaxing section that give your favorite cast even more indept character devlopment after they leave Shironagasu Island (I never mention who will leave so keep cope and seeth) An Overal a comedic episode that will set you UP and wait for the Sequel to come ...please do not play this chapter in public cause HYOGO will limit test the 15+ rating on steam! Game literally run on potato with the kirikiri engine and hella optimize with non noticeable bug I ran smoothly on my 7th Intel-gen Pentium w/ 4-cores/4T mobile class cpu and 4gb of ram (at the time and god bless I have 8gb now) on Window 10 Character have lips sync.... god dam lips sync on a freaking Indie game, it can't be any better than this The UI and setting ain't Perfect, something like you must quit to title for changing some setting, fullscreen or window mode being confusing at first, will rate UI on 6/10 but still very use-able. You can get the Pc version game from: Steam | Amazon | Melonbooks | Toranoana | Booth | DMM link block my region so Rip bozo Official Game Website Author Xitter: @ONIMUSHI_HYOGO (NSFW twitter btw so no direct link) This game also Available on the Switch, but I heard that it was port to in UNITY VA PATCH At the time of writing, the EN version still doesn't have a voice acting part? Weird? What happen? Turn out you have to have extra licensing for Global release, and I heard from the source himself It will cost him about 3 New car - So..... if it's a Kei car that's 10.000 USD each, that mean 30 grand - If a normal Sedan, lets say a Prius it's a bit less than 30.000 USD each, that mean 90 grand - Even in between, still... that is 60k just for licensing! - I Won't say anything but... I wish him all the best making the sequel. So I made this patch... mainly for myself because I can't stand Visual novel without VA and the licensing rule sound too stupid The patch work backward by granting JP version it EN translation, yes, you must have the JP version (so it kinda legal) You can easily obtain JP version if You're on Steam WITHOUT rebuy the game Just simply go to game setting and redownload the game in JP language Patch Link to VNDB please send bug report to @fos1x at Xitter The current problem for it to not be an EN path is folder structure and various kirikiri engine problem.... and I'm kinda lazy Also thank to Zakamutt for Tech supporting Because I was clueless about patching the game!
  5. Kowaku no Toki, a visual novel developed by TinkerBell is something that I personally have some mixed feelings about. The art was alright but I'm not so sure about the story since it was a bit confusing, mainly because there were a lot of plot holes. In terms of the H-scenes, some were alright which included some bondage, but a lot of them were massively inflated which is not really essential to the story and I ended up skipping some of it. Kyousuke Mibu (Main Protagonist) The main character for this VN is Kyousuke Mibu who is a private detective. He at first appeared as being lazy but overtime, he had some character development. For some reason, he ends up having these prophetic dreams which reveals what's going to happen in the future. In the beginning he receives and accepts a request to find a missing person which led to him ending up in a western-style mansion in the middle of the forest. There have been various supernatural things occurring in this mansion which has a lot of secrets which Kyousuke intends to find out. There was also this creature that Kyousuke found in the woods which had the body of a cow and the face of a human. According to google translate from Textractor, it is referred to as "The Matter" and it seems to be based on a Japanese mythical creature called "Kudan" which really caught my interest. Kudan (件) Just like any other visual novel, the endings you get are based on the choices you make which lead to the main character getting affiliated with one of the three main heroines in this VN (Momoko, Ai and Yukino). Each heroine has multiple endings to them. Out of these three, Yukino's route seems to have the greatest importance on revealing the secrets in this mansion where supernatural things are occurring and why Kyousuke keeps having these prophetic dreams every time he sleeps. I would recommend you to go through the routes of the other heroines as well since they also have compelling stories. Translation: Looking at the burning mansion, Yukino-san seemed to be thinking of Ruriko-san. I'm not exactly sure how many endings there are for each character, but once you do get them, you'll unlock a bonus route on the main menu which I don't think is canon. It's mainly just for comedy purposes so I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have the time nor courage to get all the endings for Momoko, Ai and Yukino. I still recommend this visual novel to be translated for a wider audience to experience it. It is available for purchase on DLsite. [Ouka] “Kudan, he’s cute…”
  6. Main Menu I've played a visual novel called Bigaku Yurika & Asuna developed by M no Violet. This is a revamped version of its alternative visual novel titled Utsukushiki Emono-tachi no Gakuen. Bigaku Yurika & Asuna has more CGs and character sprites relative to its older version. Honestly for something that was made back in the late 90s, this visual novel really caught my attention. It feels like it has a shoujo theme based on the art style and the romance involved in the plot. It also contains sexual content which includes yuri, bondage and rape. Don't worry, there's no ugly bastards/NTR. Asuna: Ah..... I'm so sorry! Basically, this visual novel is about two protagonists named Asuna Sugihara and Yurika Ichinomiya who are students at a prestigious school called Reyseine Academy. Asuna is essentially a typical high school girl with not much going on at least in the beginning. Yurika on the other hand is the student council president and she grew up in a rich family. Yurika seems to believe in the theory of Darwinism where the strong survives while the weak perishes. She also causes the students in the academy to commit to various forms of debauchery and moral degeneration because of something that happened in her past life. Eventually, Asuna fell victim to this when Yurika proposed her to join the student council. As I played through the visual novel, it really caught my attention. Some of the scenes made me tear up. The character development was also decent. Katsumi: Hey, are you alright!? The ending you get will depend on what choices you make which will influence on filling up masochism and sadism bars at the bottom of the user interface. If you make choices that are more kind/permissive then the masochism bar will fill up. If you make choices that are more rough/assertive, the sadism bar will fill up. Both Asuna and Yurika have 4 different endings making it a total of 8 for the visual novel. What makes this game unique is that you can choose to play through the perspective of these two characters anytime you want except during the endings. Overall, I enjoyed playing this visual novel. I mostly admire the story and artwork for it. There were also some parts where the Japanese voice actors spoke in English which I find it amusing. Its unfortunate that it hasn't been translated which is why I had to rely on Textractor. It would be nice if someone did translate this visual novel so that a wider audience can experience this. Its too bad not a lot of people talked about this.
  7. This game just released and it looks-- no, it is amazing! Who has played it already?? I would love to gush about it with others!!! My thoughts are all on the review above~! Please give it a read... or not! We can just talk about the game!
  8. Here's my review of Harem Party: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/06/games-for-adults-harem-party.html
  9. I decided to play 999 because it was suggested to me. I was promised a story focused and emotionnaly involving game. I wasn't lied to. Synopsis.The protagonist's name is Junpei, he was kidnapped and brought on a sinking ship together with 8 other participants to play a game called "The Nonary game". His objective during that game will be to reach the last door and escape. Gameplay The gameplay is central in 999. You will regularily have to solve some puzzles to solves. They are part of the said Nonary game. This game is some sort of compromise between the adventure genre (games such as Runaway or Professor Layton) and the VN genre. First thing that I have to say it that these puzzles are quite easy to solve. Most of the time to path the solution is linear or plain obvious. Very often they are basic mathematic problems and the toughest ones can be solves by doing random stuff and eventually finding the correct answer. So if you think mystery will be a problem, do not despair, it's really easy. It's so easy that it became a little frustrating. You don't get the enjoyement you'd usual get after beating a puzzle. Thus, for me they were only a time lost and an irregularity in the pace of the story telling. Which is a shame. System This is a DS game. But I'll strongly suggest you play it on an emulator. Reason is it has only a single save. The interface is non existant and you can't skip anything. The emulator will allow you to use save states and play a little with the settings. That way you can win some time. Simply because if you haven't been through a part or forgot to save. You can't skip it! And you have NO WAY to accelerate the process. You can't mash your keyboard to pass the text, no, you have to wait for it to display from the first word to the last. So make sure you save often in the emulator. Otherwise, prepare yourself to replay several hours of the over game again (Happened to me twice ... 4 hours lost...). Replayabilty Once you completed a route, the game memorizes the segments you've already went through. You'll be able to skip them by pressing the forward button. BUT You have to redo all the puzzles even if you've done them before, and that is a pain. The first puzzle, you will solve it at least 5 times if you want to 100% the game. And believe me when I tell you that you'll know the two required codes on heart starting your 4th walkthrough. Once you know the solution it goes twice or 3 times faster, but still, it's not hard to code a "skip the god damn puzzle" button, is it ? Story That I don't have much to say about. It had everything I expected of this kind of game. A great setting, an interesting and charismatic casting, puzzles (even though they were easy), a deep, well thought and COHERENT story, and most importantly it had explanations for EVERYTHING - mostly. I'm not saying the explanations were the best, one of them dissapointed me I'll be honest, but it had explanations ! And strangely, that is a great quality for these type of games. I've played so many of adventure games who left unexplained mysteries behind. Shadowy parts which the devs didn't find the time or inspiration to explain, and which leave the reader/player frustrated. So to all the game designers in the world : Please ! Explain ! Unfinished games are bad ! If you are looking for an emotionnal ride, it also does a good job at involving ones emotions. I was dead tired when I finished it so I can't say that it happened to me, but I know it could have. One last thing I would have prefered is a proper conclusion. Art It looks good, it's a DS game so you can't except the best of course. But It was really decent. Sprites were animated, and the chara design was flawless. (Clover <3) Music Meh, once again, it's a DS game. So there were few background musics. They reflected the atmosphere and the situations properly so I can't complain but I can't say any good about them either. It wasn't really music, it was more of an ambiance sound, and it did a perfect job at being one. Conclusion A very good and thrilling story which can become frustrating due to the interface and the puzzles. Note 7.8/10
  10. It's nearly two years late, but here's my review of Harukoi Otome: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/07/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-ja-x.html Somehow, having completed a review of this game is making me feel elation comparable to when I finally beat the Dark One in Arc the Lad 2
  11. For the next of my Halloween reviews here's a review for Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori Dai 2 Shou: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2013/10/import-games-for-adults-halloween_17.html And in case anyone's curious, here's my review of the first game: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2013/05/import-games-for-adults-shinsetsu.html
  12. Welcome, to the first of possibly many roundups for the VN community. Each month(?) I'll be taking a specific theme, giving some examples of where it's been done well, and get some discussion going about the theme itself. Theme 1; Kemonomimi Kemonomimi refers to humanoids, taking on animalistic traits. Traditionally, this comprises of cat ears, and tails. There are a lot more subsidies of this though, and we can even define them. Nekomimi Taking on the appearance / traits of a Cat Kitsunemimi Taking on the appearance / traits of a Fox Inumimi Taking on the appearance / traits of a Dog We've also got; ( Caution: Some NSFW ) Usagimimi: rabbit ears Ookamimi: wolf ears Hitsujimimi: sheep ears/horns Umamimi: horse ears Ushimimi: cow ears Toramimi: tiger ears Nezumimi: mouse ears Kumamimi: bear ears Kemonomimi: general, or ambiguous ( means beast ) The usual use of these tropes in Visual Novels is by having them as either a different race, a fantasy creature, or by having them as genetically modified pets. Thus, their personalities usually vary from that of traditional humans and such. There's very few Visual Novels that use this trait currently, however there's been a recent resurgence for the demand, so expect the tradition to rise a little more in the next year or so. As an example, Sekai Project has worked with the creators at NekoWorks to localise their visual novel Nekopara, and even releasing it through Steam ( censored of course ) as well as another translation for a renouned Japanese VN with a huge focus on Kemonomimi, "Pure-Pure!" due to release soon™. Pros; Catgirls. HNNNGG! Plenty of community-made originals Psychologically different relationship Affectionate by nature Catgirls. Seriously. can anyone spare a towel? No gross human ears.... bleh Cons; Rare occurrence Traditionally played off as part animal High sexual focus, low story content Probably a recruiting tool of Furries Not seeing human ears is kinda strange Why Kemonomimi? There's two major reasons that Kemonomimi is seen as a huge thing for a niche group of consumers. Firstly, catgirls are cute as hell. We can't really deny this. Secondly, is the psychological side of things with building a Kemonomimi relationship, based off an entirely new social construct. Whether you're falling in love with your family pet catgirl, you're helping spirits make peace with humans, or you've saved a stray from the cruel city streets, there's a lot of writing freedom when building relationships in a way that's not usually done. As another psychological point, there's a lot of erotic content in this genre ( at minimum, consistent fan service ). Having this come from a "person" who is psychologically conditioned different is a huge appeal to some people. Having the pack mentality of an animal, or the need to fornicate while on heat, these are different excuses for lewd content than the usual. Where do I sign up?! Here's a few examples of existing Visual Novels, with a Kemonomimi theme. ( censored, but still NSFW ) NSFW - http://imgur.com/a/lL8eQ - NSFW Please tag anything that's NSFW, and link it externally. Feel free to leave your suggestions on Kemonomimi Visual Novels. As always, I'll also be taking suggestions for next month's theme! Suggest away
  13. Here's my review of Osadai's FD; http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/09/games-for-adults-osananajimi-wa.html
  14. Here's my review of Free Friends aka FuriFure: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/08/games-for-adults-free-friends.html
  15. Hey everyone. We're going to be trying out something new with FuwaReviews and make dedicated discussion threads on the forums to kickstart discussion on particular VNs that we are reviewing. It just so happens that my Sakura Spirit Review is first up for this. Give the review a look, and feel free to tell me how wrong I am and that I should retire and never look at anime boobs again, or tell me how right I am and that I am the VN savior, or tell me anything in between. You can use the FuwaReviews comments section or discuss it right here. So, go give it a read and lets talk oily boobs. Sakura Spirit Review
  16. WARNING: This review contain spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, jump to the "Overall" section in the end. "Mihama Academy - on the surface, a closed learning environment established to nurture students who find themselves at odds with the world around them; in actuality, an orchard-cum-prison built to preserve fruit that has fallen too far from its tree. Whatever the circumstances behind its establishment, Mihama Academy is at present home to five female students, all with their own reasons for "enrollment." For better or worse, each girl has established a routine obliging of her current situation; life moves at an idle, yet accommodating pace within the walls of Mihama. Yet with the arrival of the institute's first male student, the nearly preposterously opaque Kazami Yuuji, the students at Mihama begin to fall out of step with their predetermined rhythms. Will Yuuji prove to be the element the girls around him needed to take hold of their lives once more, or will the weight of their pasts prove too steep a wall to overcome? And in the first place, just who is Kazami Yuuji? While the true nature of the "job" he is wont to alight to at the most haphazard of moments remains shrouded in secrecy, one thing is for certain - his encroachment upon the quiet orchard known as Mihama Academy will prove itself momentous in one way or another. And of course, one cannot discount the possibility that perhaps Yuuji himself carries the weightiest past of any of the students..." Story (7.42/10) Characters (9.04/10) Art (6.90/10) Acting (8.87/10) Soundtrack (5.60/10) OVERALL SCORE = 7.6/10 Overall, “The Fruit of Grisaia” is a good visual novel. It has a quite good story, strong characters and voice acting, and okay soundtrack and art. Not as bad as some people claim to be, but not a masterpiece. It’s not better than Rewrite, like I’ve seen some people put it, because Rewrite beats Grisaia in all those aspects, except maybe characters… However, I recommend it and I’m anxious to play Meikyuu
  17. Here's my review of Atelier Kaguya's Prima ☆ Stella: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/07/import-games-for-adults-prima-stella.html
  18. Here's my review of Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/07/import-games-for-adults-gakuen-de-jikan.html
  19. Well I wrote a review about this game. I think it's rather overlooked and deserves some attention from the VN community. Fair criticism is welcome. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Funnerific/recommended/320760/
  20. Here's my review of Space Pirate Sara: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/06/games-for-adults-space-pirate-sara.html
  21. Here's my review of Mangagamer's first yaoi game (and the first of the genre I've played), NO, THANK YOU!!!: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/06/games-for-adults-no-thank-you.html
  22. Hardcore Gamer: Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 Review Also check out Satsuki's glowing review: (NSFW) Tales of the perverted swordwoman - Random Review - Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1
  23. Seeing as I felt I should release a review on Valentine's Day, here's a much belated review of Eroge!: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/02/games-for-adults-eroge-sex-and-games.html
  24. Been a while since I've reviewed anything but here's my review of Kyonyuu Majo: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2014/08/import-games-for-adults-kyonyuu-majo.html
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