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Found 74 results

  1. Koiken Otome ~ Revive ~ Translation Project Project Introduction: VNDB Page I'm a big fan of Koiken Otome and its fandisk, and feel like the fandisk deserves a TL. It doesn't seem like FlyingPantsu plans on TLing this game, so I figured I'd go ahead and do it myself. I'm completely finished with the translation work on my previous project, so I have been looking for a new game to pick up, and this seems perfect for me at the moment, with my interest in the game and my current Japanese skill level taken into account. My initial plan is to translate the new routes first, which is Chiharu, Chiyoda and Minato's routes. The rest, (Kotona + the main heroine after routes,) I will leave for last, meaning there might be 2 patches released at different times, 1 for the new routes and 1 for the rest of the game. Keep in mind this plan might change down the line, if I get more translators or if I simply change my mind etc. Progress: I just started, so not much have been done yet. Thanks to @Porygon2 I have the scripts extracted, an overview of the line count and tools to work in. (Thanks a lot, you are a lifesaver!) I'm doing this as a side project next to my Japanese studies at uni, so I will have limited amounts of time each week to work on the project. Luckily, the game isn't too long. Although the total amount of lines is 27k, the three new routes I'm starting with only make up 12k of those, which is a lot more managable on my current schedule. I will be making updates kind of when I feel like it, although I plan on doing at least 1 a month. Recruitment: I am doing the translation by myself at the moment, though should any translators want to join, you are welcome onboard. I am also looking for an editor. If you are interested, send me a PM on Fuwa, or contact me at Dergonu@gmail.com. We can talk more about specifics then. That's about it. I am starting with Minato's route, which is about 5k lines, then I'll do Chiharu and Chiyoda. Here is a list of the game's line count etc. I'll be updating this with my current progress once I actually get started with the TL.
  2. Chaos;Head Noah (stylized as ChäoS;HEAd NoAH) is an updated rerelease of Chaos;Head, a 2008 visual novel by Nitro+ and 5pb. This version includes six new endings that were not present in the original; one for every main heroine. However, while the original version was only available on PC, the updated version was available on practically every platform but PC. We at the Committee of Zero intend to change that. The original Chaos;Head was translated on TLWiki years ago. We intend to build on this work, but heavily revise it and edit it as to match our writing style. Please bear in mind that we are not associated with TLWiki's team in any way, and this project is not related to their own abandoned Noah port and translation. Staff We are currently in need of: A translator with some amount of past experience and the availability and diligence to make steady progress over a few months to a year. Our core Noah team consists of: Engine Reimplementation for PC: SomeAnon, DrDaxxy Translator: [RECRUITING] TL Checker: SnowedEarth Editor: Kumin, Discontinuous Qualia CG Editor: Cypert Keep in mind that this list does not include everyone in the Committee of Zero. We have many members, including those who have done... zero work. Progress At the moment, not much work on the translation itself has been done. We've set up the basic workflow and are putting together an organization system, so once we finish our current side project, we should be all set and ready to jump on translation work no later than the start of the new year (assuming we find a translator by then). However, what this project currently lacks in translation work, it makes up for in porting work. Our technical team is building a complete reimplementation for PC of the N2System engine that the Xbox version of Noah runs on, and we've made substantial progress. Right now, the engine is capable of reading and interpreting the game's scripts (though it currently only displays backgrounds and plays in-game audio - nothing to show off yet). Notes By the way, SciADV fans may be interested to hear that we recently released a patch for the Steam version of STEINS;GATE fixing many of that version's shortcomings. We don't feel this warrants a Fuwa thread on its own, but we wanted to mention it. The port will likely be finished before the translation, and once that happens, we plan to release it, so Japanese speakers can read the VN on PC. If you're interested, and think you can help, then aside from this thread and my PMs, the best places to contact us are via e-mail at sonome@dareno.me or our Discord.
  3. Game Information: http://vndb.org/v12984 http://shinku-translations.net/ http://www.favo-soft.jp/soft/product/WhiteEternity/index.html Description: For two years now, the city of Tsukigasaki had been stuck in a perpetual state of winter. The snow would fall year-round, but mysteriously not build up, disappearing with a single touch. It was the city where Haruna Riku once lived in his childhood, and the city he returns to years later alongside his partners Hotaru Rinne and Imasaki Hinata. The three of them are what are known as ‘Elfin’, those able to use strange psychic abilities known as ‘Runes’. The director of the Elfin organization they belong to has tasked them with protecting his daughters, Ochiba and Hazuki, who live in Tsukigasaki. In addition, they are also to minimize damage from Runes going out of control, and work to make sure the existence of Elfin isn’t made known to the general public. Upon arrival, he immediately notices that the city has changed a lot in his time away. Soon after, he meets the girl from his childhood, who mysteriously looks exactly the same as she had when he was a child. The girl, Yuuki, tells him that she’s sad that the city has changed, but that he’ll forever the same to her, even if he’d grown up in their time away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l8w6dBvmVA Progress: http://shinku-translations.net/progress/ Team: Translation: Supreme Tentacle Editing: Chuee Hacking: Akerou Image/Video editing: cry western not recruiting anything atm FAQ: Q: Partial patch? A: Nope Q: When will this be done? A: Before the coming of Spring. Q: Which one of these girls is the best? A: The one shorter than 140 cm
  4. http://ittaku-subs.net Ruu \o/ This is an amateur ~one man translation project plus ad-hoc helpers for the ToHeart2 Xrated for PC visual novel Translation Progress:100.0% TL Routes complete: Konomi, Manaka, Tamaki, Karin, Yuma, Twins, Yuuki, Sasara, Lucy, flashbacks. (i.e. all) Translation check: Done for Konomi, Yuma, Yuuki but ideally a fresh translation check required for every route... Editing Progress: 100% Edited: Lucy, Manaka, Yuma, Yuuki, Konomi, Karin, Tamaki, Twins, Sasara. (i.e. all) Proofread: Konomi, Tamaki, Karin, Manaka Currently proofreading: Yuma Proofreading progress: 55% Currently active staff: Conman (aka ittaku), Blake, Benji Price Full staff list: Main players: Team leader: Conman Translation: Conman Programming: AlphaSixNine Conman Rem Velocity7 Kano Major Editors: Ninjakali SL Sovasin Volandum Fred the Barber Graphic Editing: Blake Translation help: Aerul Cala Cheezypoof Jaceryl Kenn SKpride Velocity7 Yaluen Other Editors: jdennis00 naturesbless Velocity7 Proofreaders: Benji Price Conman Vorac ETA for full patch: Beta10 done, final expected mid 2017. Watch for regular beta releases. RECRUITING FOR: Translate Check Sample from running patched game: I have been working on this project for literally years almost entirely alone. I've been hanging out with a dedicated IRC channel at #aikeshi@irc.rizon.net The latest patch can be found here PLEASE BE AWARE THIS IS A PRERELEASE AND NOT THE FINAL PATCH: th2beta10.7z Note this does not include the game, it only contains freely distributable material to patch the game. It does include a ToHeart2 executable binary but the game designers used a GPL licensed engine on the game so they had to make the source code to it freely distributable thus distributing binaries is fine. The Xrated game is no longer in print, the official website for it is http://leaf.aquaplus.jp/product/th2x/ Amazon Japan and various other online distributors still sell new and second hand copies. A PSP all ages version is still on sale today and the official site is http://aquaplus.jp/psp_th2/index.html Other variants (like DX) are still being released due to the sustained popularity of this game. Relevant vndb link: https://vndb.org/v20 Statistics: 2267 unique kanji, 345512 kanji total, 2.9M kana. 50+ hours reading. If you're not familiar with ToHeart2, it's a VN that is over 10 years old now so by today's standards its 600p 4:3 graphics are quite humble. As a visual novel it is extremely dense text wise, with almost 100,000 lines of text (hence why it's taking me so long). It has 9 different girl routes and I've been translating each route one by one and releasing patches as each route has been completed. Not all the routes are of the same duration and story intensity and successfully negotiating the route is very easy. As far as the content of the story goes, it's a mostly light hearted high school harem type story with lots of feel good elements and with mostly amusing and fun characters. It is *extremely* light on with the number of H scenes (though they are hard core) with only one major scene per successful route very close to the end of the story - Xrated was created after the original version, and one character (Sasara) was added to this release. It has had a cult following in Japan for over a decade with tons of anime spinoffs and new figurines and merchandise being created even today. This is unashamedly my first ever translation attempt. When I started out on this translation project my Japanese was not very strong, so the translation may well be rough in places. As it has been hard to get any help translating this for various reasons, I was basically left doing it all myself. Since I have gone to the effort of trying to translate this 97,000 line monster project myself, could you please limit your comments to constructive criticism only! As it is taking me so long to complete, it also means that the translation improves along each route, and is better with those characters that I translated later. I am *always* looking for more help to complete this project and bring polish to it but am basically completely alone at the moment and coordinating ad-hoc people has been very difficult. I could really use a better translator to do translation checking and need editors with good English capable of doing entire routes to provide some consistency with the editing style. I rate my English as quite good but there will be obvious silly grammar errors and typos due to the translation being raw 1st pass in places. UK English is my preference so grammar and spelling is in that form except for when editors have accidentally changed it. You cannot use old saved files as the jump points change each time it's repacked. The question often gets asked if I'm going to do a non-xrated or psp version of the patch. I'm not planning one. I personally would have been very disappointed to play through such a monster without getting H at the end and it's otherwise the same without 1 or 2 scenes. Comments? Enjoy! In addition, I am subbing the Anime OVAs that go with this game and its sequel, Another Days: To Heart 2 OVAs 1-3 To Heart 2 AD OVAs 1-2 To Heart 2 AD PLUS OVAs 1-2 To Heart 2 AD NEXT OVAs 1-2
  5. Hello. I'm a new member and this is my first post so I'm extremely sorry if I'm doing something against the guidelines. There's hardly any good yuri eroge visual novels and most people are just stuck with Sono Hana. But here's a VN with not just eroge but actual routes and choices and a plot , to say nothing of the beautiful art but it has remained untranslated since its release several years ago. I had been waiting for someone to come and translate it but I remember reading a while back that there's so few yuri visual novels to go around that any people find gets translated very quickly. So I'm assuming this gem just fell into obscurity after an abandoned translation attempt back in 2014. I figured it'd stay like that unless someone made people notice its existence again so I made this post. Anyone willing to translate Seisai no Resonance? It would be a worthy and very meaningful addition to the fairly short library of yuri visual novels. The few English reviews I could find of Seisai no Resonance are absolutely glowing. I don't mean to sit lazily while others work either. I am very weak in Japanese and have little to no skill with hacking but I'm ready to help in any way I can. Just give me a task and I'll do everything I can to see to it. I'm very good at English and can help with stuff like keeping the writing style, descriptions or dialogue be as beautiful in English as it was in Japanese. If I'm not needed with that, I could try gathering people who are needed with whatever is required. I've been keeping an eye on this VN for quite a while and would hate to see it sunken forever in obscurity. I once again apologize, I know asking for visual novel translations is useless. No translator will dedicate himself/herself to the work if they're not personally interested in it. It requires some serious time and effort after all. But after keeping an eye on this one for so long, I felt I just had to give it a shot, in the hope that perhaps it's just not been translated because people aren't aware it exists. I realize that the visual novel is a niche medium and has few active members in the community, even less so when you focus on a single genre within the already obscure medium, so it's easy for things like SnR to just be forgotten, but I figured it wasn't truly forgotten if even a single person remembered.
  6. Hi there, I'm currently free for commissions and am a keen bg artist I have a very adaptable style and a great grip on perspective, and frankly, I really enjoy it! I'm UK based so work in £s, but paypal handles this very easily so dont let that deter you!! Email me at: itstalburt@gmail.com with any questions you may have! Portfolio Link: chsmith11.carbonmade.com Min Cost of 1 BG: £100 (negotiable) Max Cost of 1 BG: £250 (negotiable) Cost For Variations: Day / Night / Weather £50 Max Cost of 1 CG: N/A Turnaround Time: It takes me 10-20 hours per image depending on complexity. have competed 3 backgrounds in the space of 1 week for another company. Royalties Desired: No Resume: please check out my profile for some of my recent artwork. I'm also creating my own comics tapastic.com/series/bajo-mano Please inform me how many images you need for your project! BG artwork in a comic page Lineart BG in a comic page lineart BG solo
  7. Can someone hack this game for me, I want to translate it but don't know much about tech.
  8. https://vndb.org/v16539 Project Introduction After making my way through KimiNozo and KimiAru and doing much better than I expected I decided to take a stab at translating something myself. A few days ago I slammed the gauntlet on the table looking for everything I needed to get this going, and @CryingWesternwas the first one to have the balls to pick it up. I'm not making promises that this is going to be the most amazing job anyone has ever done - as my Japanese has progressed I've gone from converting Japanese to English to understand it, to simply having an English OS and a Japanese OS. As a result the link between the two has dissolved a bit, but my translation should still make more sense to you than the Japanese. Probably. (^_^); The plan is for me to do the translating and CryingWestern has said he will make the patch from there, so no additional help will be needed for now. It could probably use a second set of eyes to look for typos/missing words some point (like that), but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I'm going to spend a lot of the day preparing for a conference over the weekend, but plan to get started Monday (or possibly Tuesday depending on the damage done by the drive and Never Ending Pasta Bowl as soon as Olive Garden opens on Monday). Looking over the script it's roughly 4600 lines and I'm going to shoot for 50 lines/day. That sounds like a doable pace that won't burn me out. IF everything goes according to plan (snort) before the end of January seems like a realistic timeline for a release. Before everyone asks, I'm not promising to do all of the Drama CDs, but if this goes well and CryingWestern slowly brings me along to script dumping/patch making/etc. or continues to do it for me it's possible. Right now it's one step at a time with focus on the translating. Ultimately I'm a full time entrepreneur and if I could get enough Patreon or similar support to put in 20, 30, 40 hours per week I'm theoretically open to the possibility, but that is getting several steps ahead of ourselves. Let's see if I actually finish this before we talk about doing vol.2-5, Koutetsu no Majo Annerose, KimiAru, Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai and Virgin Road and everything else that's not in English. Just about everyone who undertakes something like this tends to underestimate what it takes to get it finished, and I'm not claiming to be an exception. Yet. Staff - EcchiOujisama (Translation) - CryingWestern (Script dumping, patch making, whatever else I'm not giving proper credit for from script dumping to final product) Update History 9/28/2016 - Scripts dumped by CryingWestern. 9/29/2016 - This post bay-bee! Went through it and there may be less to do than originally thought. Of the two scenarios on the disc, I'm thinking the longer one might be mostly/completely recycled from the first Majikoi. Waiting for confirmation. If that's the case I won't have to translate it and the new content will be done in twice the original estimated timeframe. Because that's how fan projects roll. That last bit about twice the estimated time was a joke. Hopefully. 10/2/16 - There is now something semi-resembling something of the website. I'm also recruiting someone to check Hajime no Majikoi in the Drama CD against the original game to see how much of it has already been done (no Japanese ability required). You'll get copies of the script, copy from the Drama script, open a search box and paste the Japanese line. If an exact match is found, highlight, copy and paste from Majikoi to Drama CD. You'll get full credit, a bunch of thanks and as many 0 yen coins as you can carry for your trouble. 10/3/16 - First actual day of translating in the bag. I went through the segments that play when you close the game (albeit with some questions about what's going in two of them) and got into the new scenario. After I did the first 9 lines I went through the scripts and changed all of the name displays from Japanese to English, each of which count as its own line of text. After spending a few hours making all of the name changes I'm mathematically way of ahead of schedule on top of doing 30 real lines of work. One more for the bad guy. Blog and El Machina de Twitter I set up a site for translations at https://ecchioujisama.wordpress.com/ although there is literally nothing on it right now.now with something! I also set up a Twitter account, but because I had the nerve not to follow a shitton of people immediately after creating it, those douchebags locked it. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I'll post that if/when it gets unlocked.
  9. Yeah. Translating Fortune Arterial from scratch where the previous project left off. Website: http://honyakusho.rip (amateur stuff) Can't be arsed to maintain About the game: Hasekura Kouhei transfers into Shuchikan Academy, a prestigious public school in the style of an English six-year school encompassing junior-high and high school students. The school is on an island named Tamatsu Island off-shore from mainland Japan, and the only way to get there is by boat. Soon after transferring, he discovers that Sendou Erika, one of the students in the class next to his, is in fact a type of vampire. EDIT:
  10. Before anything else, an exposition of motives for doing this: Recently, SekaiProject released a translation for Chrono Clock. While some people would consider this translation to have been handled relatively well, I would have to disagree with this. Firstly, I mean absolutely no offense to the translator, the translation itself reads well and I'm sure it would have been difficult to localize the puns and jokes to make sense in English, i just disagree on the way it was handled. 1. The amount of slang in the script its so high, most of the time you would be on google searching for definitions instead of playing the game itself. Plus there where a lot of questionable decisions in regards of translating the meaning of some phrases. What does "guernsey" even mean? or "barmy"? Pack it up, "buster"; I sense this "sandman" is "taking the mickey" with us. -"Roger, wilco". 2. Misaki addressing MC with "buster": Buster means criminal as in what a mother would call her misbehaving kid; The logic behind this decision is that Misaki addresses the MC with such reproach as if she were talking to a thug, mostly because she thinks he is one, but also because she's the classical Tsundere. Misaki's mannerism of speech could have been better handled by empathizing this; using more a more "rude" vocabulary rather than using words that people haven't heard in decades. Now, have any of you ever heard "buster" recently used in normal conversation? I sure haven't until a few days ago when the game dropped, but whatever to you, busters. 3. D.D.: Regarding her very character, she can actually speak Japanese fluently, she's just trying to imitate Kongou from Kancolle; It was even explained and referenced in the common route; hence her weird manner of speaking, which uses broken English in Japanese speech. How do you translate this? Not by using broken romanized Japanese in English text, contrary to what one would believe; this just makes it a chore to read. Your average Japanese will understand simple English words with relative ease, on the contrary, your average English-speaking individual will not understand Japanese at all; even the casual Anime watcher/Manga or VN reader has problems to pick up romanized words. Why is this? Because English is Lingua Franca; in Japan alone it is taught from primary school all the way up to University. How else they would have handled this weird manner of speaking then? Using Bold, Italics, or even [brackets] to denote the use of an English word would have been better than the current method of throwing romaji at people. "Douzo, lad" has become quite the meme to reference this game. 4. Some lines makes me believe this was rushed without proper beta testing just to avoid delaying the release date. Particularly, I believe the H-scenes weren't QC'd at all, and that there is a lot of switching between past and present tense in dialogue which makes it even harder to read. For these motives, and because SP hasn't said a word regarding doing a patch to fix these issues, I've taken it upon myself to fix them. EDIT: apparently SP does plan to fix some of these issues; mainly the problem with the H-scenes, but not with the dialogue, so I will still fix this. What I intend to do: Edit the script of the game to a more universal English while re-translating some parts that were translated way too liberally, the pack it in a patch that can be applied over the +18 version of the game. The help I need: a Programmer, or packing tools. I've already unpacked the script files and made some changes as a test of sorts; but now i can't seem to find a way to repack it, as I don't have the tools needed to do it. The formats used for packing the script are purple-software/ps2 for the script files (.ps3) and purple-software/cpz6 for the container itself (.cpz). I found the unpacker source code at this direction, so all that is needed is to reverse engine it to make a repacker. The main problem is that i have close to zero knowledge of programming. Notice that I don't advocate piracy: For all it's faults, I still recommend to buy the game from Nutaku here. It was SP effort that this game was translated at all. If you want to help with this project, post in the thread or message me directly. Any help would be really appreciated.
  11. Good day, and say hello to our team: we are Musuworks! I've been working on translating this game for several years. There was a previous translation effort that gave up, and I just took over and have been working on it since. But we'd like to move it here, since this forum fits better for a VN, and we want to get people to help out! Game overview VNDB: https://vndb.org/v1160 Official website: http://www.digitalcute.com/ Getchu: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=540825&gc=gc DMM download: http://dlsoft.dmm.co.jp/detail/hobe_0200/ (There is a non-horribly censored one on digital-cute's website page, here) Brief description by sanahtlig from Mangagamer: Current members RaurosFalls - project leader / translator tymmur - technical leader / programmer Progress Currently there is a 15% translation patch out, which translates from the beginning of the game to a certain date (April 1st). Since the release, there's been more work done, + remaining work from previous effort that accounts for 22%. (10,436 / 47071 lines) of reachable text. In case it's not obvious from the total line number, this game is big. There is A LOT of content, the total installed space is ~4GB. tymmur has also been working on ironing out and improving the technical aspects of the game, such as fixing bugs, making text displayable in-game, fixing balancing issues, etc. The number of things he's done is too much to count, but he the main contribution is a script "translationfix.pl" which performs a check on all script files for accuracy, and greatly automates the translating aspect of it. You can find all of our progress on the github page we use: https://github.com/tymmur/musu-translation Meanwhile, the actual current "patch" is available for download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i3levft6xv3cs7t/musu_translation_patch_v1.0.zip [released August 9, 2015] Recruiting So our decision to move here came about because we think no one knows about our game, and we want more translators to help out! We'll gladly take on anyone who wants to help. This is too much for one man to bear . If someone also wanted to lend a hand decensoring images, that would be amazing.
  12. It is a go! We are now resuming translations until we reach 50% of translations completed. Hello there fellow community members! I am here to announce that our new team, "Eternal Nyaboron," has officially started translating Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo for the PSP and PS VITA! You can view the game and specs on VNDB: https://vndb.org/v11173 Special Note: Yes, we have confirmed that the game can be run on PSP, and PS VITA. PS VITA will be a bit more 'different' to work around with compared to the PSP. Overview of game: Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo is a Visual Novel that is rated C (Rated Teen or 12+ in other countries.) The main protagonist, Sorata Kanda, starts to create a game that was advertised at Suimei University of Fine Arts. His fellow dormmates, Shiina Mashiro, Aoyama Nanami, Jin Mitaka, Misaki Kamiigusa, Akasaka Ryunnsuke, along with 2 new characters, Otoha Nakano, and Koichi Shinagawa decided to help Sorata to create the best ultimate game design. Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo is available for PSP, PS VITA, and PS TV. There's also 6 downloadable content that adds in some character development, and some hilarious tensions between the protagonists. Translating Team and Website Our team is fresh new and formed a few days ago. At the moment, we have 4 translators, 1 Image (or Graphical) Editor, and 1 Hacker. We are hoping to find more Translators and Image editors so process can move without any issues. The Current Team: (As of 2017) Leader: FuryTomic Manager: FuryTomic Translators: FuryTomic Chococat Dylan H. Ishidor Keskel Translation Chekers: LeonidasTan David H. Image Editors: None Others: Makoto Yūki (Hacker*) *Temporarily Inactives: Makoto Yūki (Leader) - Retired off 1/2/17 Cryingwestern (Image Editor) - Retired off ?/?/15 Waverlis (Translators) - Retired off ?/?/16 Shannonware (Translator) - Retired off ?/?/16 "Alex" (Translator) - Retired off ?/?/16 Johan Z. (Translator) - Retired off ?/?/16 Augusto (Image Editor) - Retired off 7/?/16 Vigh B. (Translator Checker) - Retired off ?/?/16 We have a website that contains links to be Part of the Staff, Information and Updates, and in the Future, the patch files and other game patch files that we will translate after Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo is finished. Website link: http://eternalnyaboronofficial.weebly.com We are currently recruiting anyone to help us out! Staff Spots are open and available to anyone who can help us. Progress: We have started to translate the Main Storyline. The side routes are being translated by our staff at the moment. Our Alpha Patch went LIVE! more information can be found on page 6. [UPDATE 7-12-15] [UPDATE 7-16-15] [UPDATE 8-16-15] [UPDATE 12-10-15] [UPDATE 5-14-16] [UPDATE 1-5-17] Contact: If you wish to get in contact with me, you can send a Direct Message to my profile. Thank you for reading and we hope to show more progress in the distant future! Regards, FuryTomic, and Eternal Nyaboron Team!
  13. Tokyo Necro Translation Project Game Information: Description: Staff: Progress: Recruitment: Contact:
  14. www.elevatortl.vntls.com Dating simulator | Nameable Protagonist | High School | Slice of Life | Romance The protagonist lives alone in an apartment owned by his uncle and lives a carefree school life. One spring day, his uncle can’t stand seeing him confining himself in his room any more and tells him to go out and find love while he is still young. However, he doesn’t have any experience with girls nor does he have anyone that he’s interested in. www.vndb.org/v6682 Recruiting: | Full | Message from team: Hello, we are currently working on a fan translation patch for Lovely x Cation. Let us make it clear from the onset that we are not looking to put out a mediocre patch. Quality is preferred as opposed to a rushed product with numerous flaws adorning it. With that in mind, if you feel you are up to the task to deliver a full-proof translation then consider joining our Discord or send us a message using our website. Above all, we are looking for team members that strive against adversity and throw down the gauntlet when the going gets tough. We would prefer to maintain a steady roster all the way until the release of our patch. Though, sometimes extenuating circumstances may lead us to seek additional help so that we can see things through to the end. Other than that thank you for giving us your attention and we would love to deliver a quality patch for this game. Best regards ElevatorTL General links: [Staff] [About us] [Contact us] [F.A.Q] [Apply]
  15. Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Progress Translation: 26582/32977 Translation Check - 0/32977 Editing: 0/32977 Image editing: TBA Hacking: WIP Who's working on this at the moment? Translation: Chifuyu-chan Editing: EldritchCherub Hacking: binaryfail We're not going to recruit anyone as long as the hacking issues haven't been dealt with. Project Website You can have a talk with Lissun at our channel | #kururutl@rizon This could be a long road ahead but it's going to be existent.
  16. Hey everybody, I'm an indie music composer who is passionate about making music for visual novels; to get a feel for what I have composed, here is a playlist of various styles below. If you want to contact me, you can pm me or email me at chenjes@umich.edu. I hold a fixed yet negotiable rate that accommodates project size and budget. Thanks,
  17. EDIT: We joined Aleister's group and have a new post here. Forgive me if I screw up formatting, I'm new here. Project Introduction I finished watching the Aokana anime aaaages ago and thought it ended a little abruptly but was too lazy to do anything about it. Recently, I discovered source material for stuff wasn't actually that scary so I looked for the Aokana source. I found out it was a VN and while looking for a translation found this which seems to be pretty much abandoned. Because I was bored I thought it'd be fun to see if I could at least extract the CGs and have a look. At the same time I came across the scripts and posted on that comment thread that I might be able to do something. Albert, another guy on the thread, came and dumped most of the intro to chapter 1, so I thought I'd look into putting it back in the game. It worked. So we don't really have a team name or anything but I figured I'd put something here in case the Wordpress gets taken down or something. Not going to hype you up with false promises and tell you we'll get to the end or anything, just thought I'd share what we have since I haven't seen anything so far. Visual Novel Information VNDB Link: https://vndb.org/v12849 I think most people here know about it, it's more popular than I thought it'd be, since it wasn't a big anime. Staff or Team Members Technical stuff: Me The actual work: Albert. Progress I took what Albert's done so far and compiled it into an ARC so you can actually play it. Just take data01100.arc from that link and dump it in the game folder. Bam. Intro is now in English. Albert's working on the rest of Chapter 1 now. I'll probably update this chunk later if possible so I'll make it into a changelog: 2016-10-03: Intro to chapter 1 complete: Put data01100.arc from here in your game folder. Bam. English intro. Recruitment Status We're not actively recruiting but we're open to any translators who'd like to join us. Extra Relevant Information I've actually only ever played one VN (it wasn't even Japanese)... Please don't kill me. If you see any bugs (like the game crashing) after patching, let us know. Albert mentioned seeing text overlapping. If you see that, whether you see it consistently would be helpful. Also a screenshot. I have no interest in keeping the technical stuff I figured out secret or anything (I mostly hacked other people's scripts anyways) but it's a mess so I'd rather clean it up a bit before I make it available to anyone.
  18. Before this can be translated and read(properly) Chaos;Head Noah needs to be translated(as LCC is a Sequel the remake of Chaos;Head known as Chaos;Head Noah) https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/16019-chaoshead-noah-pc-port-and-translation-project/ Chaos;Head Love Chu☆Chu! - VNDB NoahTranslations.wordpress.com Hello! I'm Rimi and I'd like to bring "Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu!" over to the English speaking community! I feel I'm on the way to at least being able to look for translators as all the needed tools have been found or created. If your interested on how I came to the current point you can read about that over on where I first started a thread for this project over on GBATemp - http://gbatemp.net/threads/chaos-head-chu☆chu.432748/. Anyway if you weren't aware ChuChu is a game that branches off from it's main game "Chaos;Head" which is part of the SciADV series. We would be working with the PSP version of the game as I do not own nor know where to start with modifying xbox360, ps3, or vita games. Team Members: RimiNishijou - Engineer of Sorts. waterflame - Image Editor, Blog Manager Progress: As of 7/5/16 Tools needed to modify the game to work friendly with English have been completed. Extracted text is in a workable format Recruitment: Translator Translation checker Proofreader Editor Contact Information: Please either reply to this thread or via a PM. If at that point you'd like to use a different form of communication it can be discussed. Via PM Reply below Via our website Closing statement: I am fully aware of the amount of time and effort that will be needed to be put in to the game. As stated on the GBATemp thread if this project were to fail I can at least leave the tools needed to res the project from the dead if someone wants. That way they wouldn't need to deal with that side of things. Questions? Comment? Concern? You can leave em below or PM them if you so wish and I'll try my best to answer them. In-game screenshots:
  19. Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana Translation Project Info Staff Team Name: Alei Translations Project Leader: @Aleister Translator: @kokoro Editor: @EldritchCherub Image Editor: @DemonSabre @Aleister Hacker: @marcus-beta QC: @Aleister TLC: Recruiting! Recruitment Info: Hi guys, I made this group recently, so we need help with translation, and in this case and project, TLC and if you are interested in helping with other projects don't hesitate and go ahead! Like I said, I made this group recently, but we have big plans, and of course, projects... but as you can see, we have few members, don't worry though, we are totally serious with any project we work on. Anyway, we need translators and Translation Checkers for this project, if someone wants to join don't hesitate and send a mss! (I'll leave the contact means at the end of the post). Progress - Hacking done - GUI Partially edited Translation: - Prologue 100% Samples Additional Information: As you can see, we are starting our first project, so if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. I'm leaving the group page, translation page, and something more, down here. Team Site: Project Site: https://kimisoratl.wordpress.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/alei_tl Discord (Join it! :D): https://discord.gg/zzPuwuJ
  20. HQ and Finished Banner Coming Soon! Hello, everyone! One of our fans mentioned he posted on this site and told me about it and I'm super happy to see how much support FuwaNovel offers for OELVNs! I suppose I should tell you a bit about the game. ZodiaX is in extremely early development. Currently, the game is targeted towards Yaoi audiences, though when we finally begin a KS, we plan to add a funding goal that, if met, will allow us to use a female character as the main protagonist. Ah also! The banner above is just our first designs of our characters. Already they're all going through changes; just wanted to give you guys a bit of an idea as to our very rough sketches. You can find all of our currently released characters, as well as their bios on our TUMBLR CHARACTER PAGE. FEATURES:: • 12 Romantic Pairings to Choose From! • 3 Routes for each Character! Some Romantic, some Lust-filled, and some Violent. • Over 36 Different Endings! Good, Neutral, and Bad for each character. • High-Def Still CGs! • CG Gallery & Scene Replay! • Gorgeous Original Character Models, Backgrounds, and Soundtrack! • Expansive Decision Making. • Your Choices Determine Relationship Status, Dialogue, Consequences, and the Outcome of the Main Story! We also hope to have partial or full voice acting for the game, but that's something we plan to address when we're closer to release. PLOT:: Your choices will play an absolutely integral role in the story. This game is a huge undertaking, and as there are over 36 different endings, we want to make each route as different as possible, so there's little to no repetition. We want to keep the replay value high, and offer our players the most interaction possible between characters. There will be an in-game meter that will keep track of your relationship status with each character, whether negative or positive. Each choice you make will cause that meter to rise or fall, depending on said character's preferences and feelings towards Aster. ZodiaX will have many different branches, and each character's route will intertwine with one to three others, so that the player gets to see different sides and facets of each character depending on who they choose to pursue. Not only will players make romantic choices, but they'll also be making big decisions that affect the world around them. Do you save a little boy, and let Voidwalkers destroy and kill a family-run shop? Do you sacrifice one of your friends to keep the Barrier up and Elune safe? Do you side with the Company and figure the world needs a reset, or do you simply choose to wash your hands of your hometown and run away with your lover? With a myriad of different decisions, we want to keep our players as engaged as possible. TIMEFRAME:: We estimate that making enough content for a demo will take 4 - 6 months, which is when we'lll begin a CrowdFunding campaign, and the full game [ seeing as how huge it is ] should be in early Beta within 12 - 16 months. ZodiaX was created by Noxius and Binary. The idea was formed in mid 2015, and they officially began working on the project in August of this year. They both came up with the concept, characters, and story. All art, music, and other media belongs to their respective artists and ZodiaX. We will be needing people to help spread the word, as well as Beta testers to give us feedback. Character Art:: Noxius Programmer / Social Media:: Binary Background Art:: Spocar Original Soundtrack:: Glitch Nix Seeing as how I'll be the one doing most of the talking, I'm pleased to meet you all! Feel free to call me Binary or 001. Right now, we're looking for people to help us spread the word about the game, as well as those familiar with Unity, and people who are interested to do a test-run on our early Alpha when it's available. Obviously, people who help us will be given lots of goodies~ I. Is the art style appealing? As a VN, our game will ride primarily on the quality / style of our work. II. How do you feel about the story? We get that the whole 'mysterious company' crap has been done before. Cliche? Could it work with a spin? Should we rework that part of the concept entirely? III. 12 characters. It's a lot. Do you think this is a good or a bad thing? How can we be sure to make each interesting? We plan to put in the same amount of time and effort into each route, but aside from that? IV. What do you think of the world building / story setting? We want the game to have an eerie feel to it the majority of the time as the Void creeps slowly closer to Elune. V. Have any general thoughts / questions? We'd be happy to answer and converse with you! We mostly update everything through our TUMBLR. Links to our Twitter, FB, and Instagram can be found there as well. Currently, we're looking for people to give us their opinions and thoughts on the game, as well as to connect with other indie developers who create OELVNs! We hope to be a huge part of the Fuwa community, and sincerely look forward to it! -- Binary, Co-Creator / Writer / Programmer
  21. The Cycle of Magic - A Prelude is a free to play Original Visual Novel with a fantasy setting. It was originally meant to be a project submitted to the Summer Novel Festival a year ago, and therefore neither involves money or will surpass a play-length of two hours. The protagonist is Zevair - a tall, imposing demon male who is the last of his kind after a mass exodus that followed the supposed death of the magical energy that once flowed through the land. Players will follow Zevair on a small, yet integral part of his journey, where he is asked to find the young granddaughter of an old woman who had been attacked by the girl's kidnapper. In the "New World" where Zevair is feared and judged simply for his appearance by the youthful humanity, Zevair will discover that not all is at it seems, for there is a mystery to the girl, and a connection that neither of them dared believe real. As it stands, the character sprites are complete. There are only three integral characters in the story: Zevair, the girl, and Zevair's mother, who plays a small, yet important part of the story. This is Zevair - the protagonist of this short story. Despite his tall and imposing stature, Zevair is quite a stand-up fellow, and does what he can to help the people he comes across, even if they're never grateful and try to drive him away. Ten years of solitude have eaten away at his spirits, but he continues to drive forward regardless. This is Zevair's mother - Jezela. She has a superiority complex towards humanity, and considers them to be naught but insects. Very hoity toity and proud, Jezela was once much warmer as a mother than she ended up in the end. This is the girl who Zevair must rescue. About ten years of age. The above artwork is done by akkalime. You can see some more of her work HERE In regards to required assets, I am still in need of an individual willing to work on three to five musical numbers that have an overall genre of mystical fantasy. One song in particular is extra important, and is a lullaby. I already have the melody and lyrics I wish to use, I simply need someone who can bring it to life. Details of the needed assets can be provided upon inquiry. I am also in need of someone who can make a project logo. It doesn't have to be super amazing, but still be decent for the sake of clarity and fitting the overall feel of the project. I hope that this project can be completed and brought to those who enjoy visual novels, and I intend to work on a larger project in the future that will continue this world's story. If you think you'd be willing to help bring this story to life, please let me know. As I said before, this is a free, noncommercial project, so I hope to get any assistance possible. I hope you find this project interesting, and will follow with the production as it comes along, however slowly. Thank you.
  22. I'm no translator but I'm looking to expand this project and break its chains out of Hongfire because things are going slow and Full translation with the current team seems impossible so since no one will make this project known i figured Id spread the word. Credits to SakurKoi Hongfire Translation Project page http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/444734-CM3D2-Text-Translations
  23. Truth Unveiled Hello! My name is Miya and I'm recruiting for Truth Unveiled. I am the team leader. At this time, our team is made up of two programmers, three writers, and I. This is a non commercial project. Our Team pigionsdeliver - Lead writer (on lemma) Otometea - Writer (on lemma) Philip Napier - Writer (Not on this site) Logic Nerd - Lead programmer (on lemma) James Inness - programmer (Not on this site) Our progress so far First, let me say that this game is being built in a custom engine that allows episodic release. It is like Ren'py but has many more features. So the script for Episode 1 (of 5) is finished. It needs editing. If you are interested in being an editor, I can send it to you via email or skype. Information below. For the Episode 1 demo, that puts us at about 30% completion What we Need We need a sprite artist for about 7 sprites with your basic expressions. I, myself, am an artist and would be happy to provide you with basic concept art to aid you. I'll do whatever it takes to make your job easier. We need a background artist, I want these locations to be unique. I'm not above using the creative commons but everyone wants to be original. We need a musician. We have our plot in place and would love to have themes per character as well as menu and dynamic event tracks. This is ambition, but at the least, we need background music. We need an editor. We have a VERY talented writing crew and as a small downside, the script needs to be converted to more layman's terms to appeal to a wider demographic. Summary Truth Unveiled is a GxB otome game about a 24 year old English professor that features the option to reject dating any of the available suitors if you wish. You can befriend them or go your own way to find out just what's boiling beneath the surface of your own psyche. Story Synopsis MC (Main Character) Burroughs has done everything she could to run away from her gift. Now, she is forced to stop running from death. It’s time she unveiled her gift and face her problems head on. MC has been able to see spirits her whole life but since her 24th birthday the problem has escalated. With the help of her inner voice and a range of attractive suitors, she discovers more than she bargained for. And, as big as her problems seem, those who surround her carry secrets of their own, some just as big and others more dangerous than she could’ve ever imagined. Life is never simple but the only option left for MC is to live it. No matter how much she tries to avoid it. A messaging feature will be included. Text the guys, make a friend, or choose a route. You're the one in control. However, the neutral story is available if you do not wish to date! Contact information Contact me! Email: miyarishirou@yahoo.com Skype: robbiesmiracle@gmail.com(do NOT email this account!!!) Google+: Miya Hangouts: Miya Moo Or here in the pms I look forward to hearing from you. (I'm still getting acquainted with this site, so sorry for the weird spacing and irregular font size. I have no idea how to fix it.)
  24. Hi, I'm Miya! I'm the leader of Truth Unveiled Visual Novel. We need artists, programmers, and more writers for this project. We already have two. Here is everything you need to know and every bit of info we have so far: http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/15762-truth-unveiled-gxbsupernaturalromancepsychological/#comment-428907 Contact me here, via email, miyarishirou@yahoo.com or Skype: Miyu "Aoba cake" I look forward to hearing from you. ❤
  25. Arcana is a rather old game from 2000 by Ciel, and seems relatively obscure, although it has some very beautiful (if brutally censored) artwork from Tony Taka. I plan to do a complete conversion of the entire game from its own internal engine to Ren'py, and am making reasonable progress as far as that goes. I'm also trying to translate the game to English obviously, and while I do know some Japanese I don't know anywhere near enough to do this sort of thing properly. The project is thus in need of translators, translation checkers, and editors. I should be cut out for most of the programming work required, but I hear the game supposedly has some card battles too, and we'll see if that needs to be reverse engineered from the code too. Would also be nice if someone could undo the damage the censors did to Tony's work, but I think that can wait. Anyone interested in participating, please post your interest here or PM me. Thanks!