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  1. Every KiriKiri based game (= new ones too)? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/eaccess-violation-error/6d0d644c-216e-446a-8472-e9dc5956eea2 Well I would guess its more a compatibility issue than an actual issue with KiriKiri, given you have already changed your "default language for non-unicode apps" to Japanese, as usual. Especially if we talk about really old games (and given it did work before you have started to use Win 11), why not just install a Win XP/Win 7/Win 10 image in some VirtualBox VM and run it there? Or, if you're familiar with Linux, you can also try wine. Works also fine in many cases.
  2. Happy Mealおめでとうございます
  3. The current version is based on an original project which was once available under fuwanovel.se and was initially initiated by some Forums members (especially @Emi and @BunnyAdvocate), iirc. At some point, it was "integrated" into Fuwanovel.net, but in a really improvised way and thats still the case today. Unfortunately, its currently not really mobile-friendly, it has a few bugs and yes, as you realized, its game database is also quite outdated these days. But as KosaKyun already mentioned, we work on a completely new version of it, which will address all these issues. But before we can release a new version of this quiz itself, we first want to have common base for some different features we currently plan for Fuwanovel.net. But once we have this base done, the quiz will be the first thing that will get a remake.
  4. Try again. I made a few changes. It should be fixed now.
  5. I am not sure if this will ever be read, but maybe it gives someone a few hints. Don't know much about GARbro, but your game uses the KiriKiri 2 engine. You know this since there is a "plugin" folder with krmovie.dll and some other .ddl files that are important for KiriKiri. Also, if you inspect your .exe with a Hexeditor you should find this string here: TVP(kirikiri) for win32 If I remember this correctly, KiriKiri 2 engine offers a few distribution formats: In most cases, you have to pack your ks files and all the other stuff into archive files (XP3 files) and distribute these together with the krkr.exe file. Or, alternatively, you bundle everything together in a standalone .exe file (called PEXP3), hence just one .exe file and no XP3 files. For your game, the second option should be the case. In the original KiriKiri SDK (not available anymore since many years), there was a tool called krkrrel.exe or something like that you could use to create XP3/PEXP3 files, but I guess the newer KrKrZ should have something similar. If not, just look if you can find a copy of the old SDK.
  6. Actually, we apply already some layers of anti-spam measures like Google ReCaptcha and the forums software own anti-spam service. There are of course more measures we could take, but many of them would result a restriction of the website access of some kind. We do such restrictions regularly in case of DDoS attacks, but never longer than absolutely necessary, since they're cumbersome for regular users as well (stuff like you see a redirect site if you visit the website or need to solve a captcha to open the site at all). Also, we have still the option to configure the forums anti-spam service more restrictive, but then there would be a high risk that many regular users will be flagged as spammers if they sign up. But I will keep an eye on this in the future, maybe we can at least take targeted measures against this spam campaign.
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