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  1. I would guess he speaks English too. At least a little. Well, I think it would be worth to try it at least, since such "fan projects" tend to get lost after a while. Making something official out of it would therefore not be the worst thing to do. Well quite possible. These books are a decade old. But I guess you'll get some old copies on Japanese auction websites and can import them via proxy services, if you want to have one. Not necessary joining, since I don't think I've enough time to participate here as well. But of course, if I can help you guys with something I will see
  2. Yeah, but he cares more about potatoes than KiriKiri these days. I mean sure, Python isn't the first language you would choose if you want to write a Game Engine (for this reason, they also wrote some critical parts in C and Cython, afaik). But I would argue that memory shortage isn't a major problem today as long as your target platform is not a Raspi Zero. Furthermore, I would say that a typical Visual Novel isn't something you would call "performance intensive" or "time critical". Of course, there are exceptions, but in many many cases you have just text boxes, character images, bac
  3. When I was younger (= 10 years ago) I had an interest in KiriKiri/KAG myself. But of course there was no KrKrZ and everyone used the old KiriKiri 2/KAG 3 by W.Dee. I can’t say much about KrKrZ, but I understood a lot of the KAG markup system and TJS language spec, just through markup and programming language experience and by playing around with code examples. If you’re familiar with the concepts of HTML or XML and any modern C-like programming language (especially TypeScript or Java), you shouldn’t have a hard time understanding the syntax and principles just by playing around with th
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