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  1. Good morning Zakamutt ! 

    It's been a while.  Haha is Fuwanovel still alive? :)

    1. Zakamutt


      approximately maybe. good night sleep is weird

  2. I was going to test this out again and see if working. Edit: Still same as ever no new update or a replacement, but I only use VNR so I can read Japanese on Romaji. Still as buggy as ever.
  3. I was kind of hardcore before but meh it's become repeating farming, good to see thought that there is people enjoying it.
  4. All stuffs you need to read visual novel reader is already download, is just the whole folder is just zip to .rar and you can use it, but if you try to clean up like cache or something you can't not redownload stuff again cause it won't find those thing that are on Sakuradite. Oh right I have to tell you disable your internet there in visual novel reader while you reading, it's kind of disturbing your internet so it become unstable. (well I gotta test that out now so I dunno) but when I shut down whole VNR . Internet going back nice again so probably connecting problem or something. VNR is bugged and outdated.
  5. I still got my new account started I got 2 SSR and 1 SR and rest Rare for 11 scouts I was quite happy about this. My Old account had some UR thought, not like I will work harder on this . I play less than casual.
  6. Too bad I have lost everything from my old data, when I transfer my google+ data. The whole game crash but when I made a new one game is running just fine but it's quite sad to start over, so I just quite just idling.
  7. Yeah but I already said that my old VNs doesn't work with it as well, I get same message "can't found" in there I hope you understand that but it doesn't matter either way is working fine without that. xD
  8. VNR aren't completely working without SakuraDite being online, it doesn't seem like they are working on it and I'm not sure if new server is connect to this VNR or not cause look at my picture above. Searching for Game setting online : can't found. That link aren't working you should go to website create an account and download there but it's pretty much same client as old one .
  9. I have been done testing in old games as well it can't just find anything, not sure if I even connect to new server or not . I just found a way to hook text thought by getting into game and somehow you can choose to hook it. I'm not sure thought, thanks to let me know about edit though. I always have to switch between NTLEA in some of games. WoW I learn something new xD
  10. Edit: Searching onlinedatebase still got this error. Are I'm really connect to server?
  11. Thanks I hopefully it works out. I gotta do some testing by adding new games and maybe get old games into this dashboard by doing a clean install. I haven't used my old VNR but old games should still work hopefully.
  12. I really like reading manga for Tales of Zestiria and hated anime didn't have a longer version, and yeah as a PC users this game would be really good, I hope more games come to Steam, let's hope more pre-order game and you get some free costumes and for last reward free copy of Tales of Symphonia. Not related to this topic but I hope this game is good. http://store.steampowered.com/app/340170/
  13. Compa sure have great healing ability but she died very quick too lol. Plutia have good healing ability too but sometimes I just using healing pots, since her SP skills is awesome.
  14. I have to level up my Neptune since once she got poison and was away for a while. I probably need to level above 40+ for this, those monsters take overkilled damage on me. LoL I don't know if I do it right but I usually play with Neptune, Plutia & Peashy.
  15. It's getting harder in Rebirth 1, finish chapters 5. Grinding will get boring lol.
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