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    No, after seeing some horribly drawn genitals in some "demosaiced" versions, I actually also prefer mosaics - better safe than sorry Well, maybe "prefer" would be too strong, but I have nothing against them and they don't bother me. I simply don't "need" demosaiced versions.
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    Your post made me start reading it a week ago. No regrets.
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    Formlose Gestalt

    Otakon Announcements 2019

    Otakon So Otakon starts on Friday and Mangagamer has a panel and three new announcements. http://mangagamer.org/announcements/#otakon July 26th from 7:45p.m. to 8:45p.m. Mangagamer Announcements: 1. Sakura no Mori † Dreamers (Spoiler is NSFW) 2. Magic and Slash - Minarai Boukensha Lille no H-na Daibouken 3. Uchi no Kanojo They also announced the following release dates: - Farther Than the Blue Sky (August 15th) - Sengoku Rance (September 12th) There was a Livestream of the panel that can be found here: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1MnxnvlZyPjxO I don't think any of the other publishers had any panels at Otakon in the past, but if there are any let me know and I will add them to this post. In the past Mangagamer had pretty good announcements at Otakon so this should be something to look forward to.
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    Hello! New-ish VN Reader Here!

    Hey everyone! First, I wanna say thanks to everyone who creates content here, I've already used a couple of the walkthroughs and thought I would join the Forums. Like it says in the title, I'm pretty new to VN reading. I watched Clannad a while back and liked it so much I decided to read the VN. That was a long and emotional ride. I of course had to read Tomoyo After as well to finish off the story. Recently I decided to go back and read the first couple Key VNs and I just finished Kanon. Other than those, I read some smaller ones here and there like Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- and DDLC which I guess counts haha. Anyway, I think I've made the long enough, I'll probably be watching the Kanon anime before I start another VN.
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    Hi there!

    Hi all, I've been into VN's for a while now and have lurked on a few topics here before. Figured it was time I made an account.
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    "This stick of water with skin is better than this ball of water with skin!"
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    Tomato soup über alles.
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    Invention and Insects for me (pretty basic answers at this point, though). The thing I find most interesting about these two chapters is that they use a similar framework to convey different ideas about suffering. They both feature lonely and mentally unstable protagonists that are thrust into increasingly more extreme situations that eventually lead to the "End Sky" (or, in a more literal sense, the "End Earth"). Takuji and Zakuro were ultimately trapped in their own worlds. Their perceptions of reality were twisted to the point where absurd conclusions seemed like the only sane ones. It sort of points back to Ayana's speech on how humans can't understand death and have to change it to a form they can relate to. They wanted to find the truth in the end sky, but they ended up returning to the earth instead.
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    Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    I once was sufficiently bored to make tomato sauce by the book (bar boiling for a few secs then peeling the tomatoes first because who cares if it's smooth or not). Taste was pretty boring, I recommend at least adding some chili flakes. You can make a pretty decent tomato sauce with passata / strained tomatoes tbh I recommend that
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    Nice For similar vibes, check out Seiko Matsuda 松田聖子 (sometimes called "Eternal Idol" ) as well, if you haven't already
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    Still checking out retro Japanese pop and having a damn good time with it. It's especially fun when I find one of those Showa era idols still active. Mako Ishino has a really beautiful voice and damn, she's like... 55 in this recording? God damn it Japan...
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    So far I only played one Chinese VN. I'll quote myself from "What are you playing?" thread. Also played God's One Day World for a few minutes, but I didn't really like it, so I dropped it right after that.
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    The shitty VNDB scores on most Chinese VNs have relatively little to do with their quality and much more to do with the way they were localized. Tricolour Lovestory was released by SakuraGame, known for their throwaway, machine-translated Western releases. That game at least had some editing and is borderline-readable now, but just barely and most of their titles, like the first Fox Hime, are pure gibberish. And even Chinese VNs that weren't machine translated, like Goakao or The Innocent LunA, had major issues with the quality of their English text. A few games picked up by major publishers, particularly Sekai Project, escaped that fate, but bad English releases are still much more common than not, pretty much blocking Chinese VNs from having a proper reception in the West. Other than that, it's my impression that for the indie titles they are, Chinese VNs are often quite impressive and polished visually, but struggle more in the storytelling department. They could still offer a lot to the Western audience though, if they were handled by respectable localisation companies – I mean, people can say all kinds of shit about Sekai, but those Chinese publishers pushing MTL crap all over Steam make them look like saints. Not sure if that will ever happen, as the scam SakuraGame and similar companies run is profitable (by making no real effort in localizing their games they can sell them dirt-cheap, and on Steam good-looking, cheap games will usually sell a lot of copies), but you can always dream...
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    Hi thank you for your hard work. Just started this game yesterday and I really love it so far. Hopefully you release a partial patch for the next chapter.
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    Assuming you want translated only: Shuffle (Kaede is a great imouto... just a bit yandere) Hapymaher (Saki and Maia... though Maia's route is a sad/bad ending) Chrono Clock (blind imouto, great imouto) Tsukihime (old and no moe aspects to Akiha, really... and both her endings can be interpreted as bad endings) Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki Hikoukigumo no Mukougawa (eventually it gets a tl, apparently... and the little sister route is the weakest of the routes) Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato (whenever it comes out over here) Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai I'm almost tempted to recommend Soukoku no Arterial for the great imouto, but the actual patch is a machine translated, only poorly edited. This stuff is all stuff that made it at least into my pile of 'acceptable' VNs or better...
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    Hello, First of all, thank you for your encouragements ^^. Now, as for the patch, well, I do plan on releasing another partial patch. However, at the moment, I do not know when that will be. For the next patch, I want to include our translations of the menu as well, so I'll have to wait for that first. Also, I don't know if I will include all of the story I've translated into the patch. As I've said before, I'll only release a patch if the chapters included in there are playable in English. And well, to release the full story means that pretty much everything else would have to be translated as well. But I'll try to at least include the next chapter and the appends into the next patch.
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    It's completely safe, nothing dodgy about them at all. They are one of the biggest localizers in the business. They sell a wide range of different games, with all sorts of adult content. This is likely one of the factors that keeps getting them in trouble with their payment processors. They also had an incident with a bunch of people cancelling their orders on the site in the past for the steam codes that used to come with the games. But, this wasn't MGs fault, they just wanted to give something extra with the purchase of their games. Scammers sadly saw this as a golden opportunity. Mangagamer is a totally legit and safe site, so you don't have to worry about it "looking dodgy." I suppose that's just an issue with the design of the website.
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    Hello As everyone else has mostly stated, thank you so much for your hard work. Love seeing yet another Eushully game with an active translation ongoing. So now that you have the full story translated from the sounds of it, will we see a partial patch including the story as you have it so far. I understand there is still a lot of translation and editing and so on needed, but a large chunk of people would love to see a partial patch dropped at this point. Thanks again and keep up the hard work!
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    So, I found this obscure idol group with a slight retro-pop/R&B feel and it became a constant source of amusement for me for some unexpected reasons... Otaku idol, lvl hard: Idol industry reality check, lvl soul-crushing:
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    You sir, are in desperate need of To Heart 2 Trope king, very light on drama, more like anime than a visual novel, romance galore, 11 heroines, 9 routes, hours and hours of enjoyment, and translated by yours truly.
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    Trinoline Release

    Yeah, a good protagonist should be a super manly badass who doesn't give a fuck about anything. And he should curse, smoke, drink beer and after drinking the beer, throw the bottle at some bitch's head.
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    Eromanga-sensei. I'm one of the people who proudly like it and think it's a genuinely good show. It's best seen as a comedy, not because it's in the so bad it's good demographic, because it actually for the most part is a comedy. It just has a bunch of lewd humor to go along with the story, which honestly isn't that bad. I really like the way that Sagiri and Izumi push each other and the way their relationship develops. I think most people have a problem with the age of the characters, but I could not care less about that. In fact, it sort of makes it better that the characters are this old since it makes some of the humor more jarring, thus more funny to me. I would have more sympathy for the anti-Eromanga crowd if they didn't act like they were exaggerating every time they talked about it. Like when they talk about Eromanga's humor saying that most of it is unoriginal, I have to disagree as I find that most of the jokes are actually very original because of how far they take the lewd and uncomfortable aspects of the humor. They also say there's a ton of fanservice and that Sagiri's panties are constantly shoved into our faces, but that's completely wrong. There is some fanservice, but it's not like there some every single second of the show and every time there is some, it's almost always justified within the plot, rather than just getting suggestive angles in unnecessary places. I've even heard people say that Eromanga-sensei looks bad visually. People can say what they want about Eromanga-sensei, but saying it looks bad is just disingenuous. Eromanga-sensei actually looks pretty damn good, and looking back at Oreimo, it's amazing how much better Eromanga is than that show. It's actually a lot better than a lot of the other anime I've seen this year. If you want an anime that looks bad, then there's plenty of anime to choose from, but Eromanga-sensei is not one of those. The Eromanga-sensei hate bandwagon that has surged this year is probably one of the most obnoxious I've seen yet. Especially since Gigguk made some unfunny memes about it and now people are repeating it when justifying why they like Eromanga-sensei instead of actually defending it, so now there's nobody who is trying to look at the good of the show, but rather they just say it's bad but they like it, which is not a way of thinking that I will ever agree with. If you like something, don't just say that it's bad despite your opinion, because somewhere the show resonated with you, and you shouldn't be trying to ignore that.
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    I find that what really makes me like a song is not the song itself, but rather the feelings and memories associated with the song. For example, even the grandest of orchestral concertos have nothing on Innocence (from Katawa Shoujo) because of the epic scenes it evokes. At this point in time i look at my iPod and realise pretty much half my whole library of songs on it come from VNs because of this. Its hard to pick favourites but here are the ones i really like: *WARNING* Some of the videos, even if they are but picture backgrounds, may contain major plot spoilers - you may just want to listen to the audio and not look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y6DNQdlxNo, Katawa Shoujo KS is full of beautiful songs. Nothing like chilling in the school library with the KS soundtrack playing. Songs of Distant Earth, Muv-Luv Unlimited I didn't really like the 'Muv-Luv' song (Alternative's ending) so this is basically the 'Muv-Luv series theme song' to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ywI2bSscl8, Symphonic Rain A very aptly named song, and an extremely beautiful way to end off one of my favourite visual novels. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLLrDE69UW4, Symphonic Rain It's a beautiful song, even though it's associated ending is likely to cause you to destroy something out of rage and grief. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIleIBSm_zc, Tsukihime Poor song, doesn't even have a proper name. Despite its simplicity, it's really beautiful the way its used in-game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHIJz0Op6sc, Ever17 I'm one of those who prefer the newer version over the original. Saya no Uta Beautiful song to end a... not-sure-if-beautiful game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EmhlYh-bLU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S4HvWRrsQU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly5NiKQqJvc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prOdAOZ6jWA, Little Busters! LB! has one of the nicest collection of ending songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Nbj4UUzoas, Narcissu Side 2nd A song that perfectly captures the sadness and despair of the whole VN. Unmei no Farfalla, Steins;Gate A really epic ending song. This is quite possibly my 2nd favourite song ever, i always have this urge to sing along, especially at the chorus. At the end of it all though i think you will have to play a VN to the finish to fully appreciate its music. It just isn't the same, listening to a song and just hearing the song, and listening to a song while recalling all the feelings. This is why i love VNs.