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  1. I suppose it was the taboo romance that I liked. Although, I didn't necessarily dislike the excessive moe of Imopara, but I thought it was kind of boring because it was too overly sexual xD
  2. Arigatou gozaimasu, you're an actual pro in visual novels xD
  3. Well, I know this might sound like an awkward introduction, but I started playing visual novels once I watched Oreimo, and saw Kirino playing them. I looked them up, and I found...Imouto Paradise. I thought it would be like the games Kirino was playing. In the end, I wasn't very satisfied with it because it didn't have much of a story, or at least moe elements. I think it was a nukige. Anyways, I looked up more games, and I found Da Capo. I ended up liking that game more, because it was more dEep but at the same time was also kind of moe. In any case...this introduction was quite long and the only phrase that would fit here is 'yoroshiku onegaishimasu' I guess.
  4. all da capo games. they take place in slice-of-life school settings but also have fantasy topics in them.
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