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  1. Sup chiefs

    Greetings @Koioniaku from Ireland. Nice thing about the middle of nowhere is more time and more space. We seem a pretty good community (and this world can always use good communities). Based on the favorites you posted, you'd probably like Grisaia no Kajitsu and the Muv-Luv Trilogy.
  2. Nothing wrong with Love Triangle Comedy (which is why I'm enjoying Sakura Sakura now). Much less a comedic love triangle ..... with Imoutos
  3. Hello everybody!

    Welcome to Fuwa, person from Italy. So nice to see another person discover and like Visual Novels. This forum (and myself), has a list of recommended VN's you can read in the future, if you're interested. p.s. your English is perfectly readable to me
  4. What are you playing?

    Been reading Sakura Sakura . A good comparison would be if Fureraba crossed with Princess Evangile. Nothing serious, but quite light hearted comedy ..... with Love Triangles. Yep
  5. Superhero genre suggestions.

    I'm not aware of any VNs about superheroes. So I'll list some "chuuni" VNs, that have a lot of action.... * Sorcery Jokers . Magic users (like a steampunk JRPG) in an urban fantasy setting. * Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru . A magical girl spinoff of the Grisaia series. * Muv-Luv Trilogy. Goes from happy and fluffy slice of life ...... to mech combat against an alien invasion. Emotional feels and trauma galore..... Other Chuuni VNs I havn't read, but are on my future read list.... * Dengeki Stryker * The Shadows of Pygmalion * Tokyo Babel * Fatal Twelve
  6. No harem endings in Kajitsu (though harem ending becomes canon in later entries of the trilogy). Grisaia has two spinoff series (Phantom Trigger series, and a magical idol spinoff). Neither has H scenes though. What kind of moeges are you looking for exactly? There's light hearted comedic ones ( Fureraba , Wagamama High Spec , Chrono Clock , Kono Oozora ). And on the other end of the scale, there's moeges that have a lot of plot, or Nakige elements ( Sorcery Jokers , Kira*Kira , ef - a fairy tale of the two , Muv-Luv Trilogy ) If you're into harems, there's always the Nekopara series, or Imouto Paradise series. As well as Onii-chan, where's my kiss? (when it's released). I've heard Sharin no Kuni is supposed to be like Grisaia, but it isn't released yet (might be within months).
  7. Hey everyone

    Grisaia no Kajitsu was my first VN, and still my favorite. ChiruChiru best girl
  8. * Kono Oozora . Has not one but two loli routes (they happen to be bi-polar twins too). It's even possible to romance both of them at once... * Grisaia trilogy has Makina, and Meido Sachi. * Dal Segno . One of the heroines is literally labeled a Goth Loli (calls herself the Daughter of Darkness too). One of the other heroines is your younger cousin who tries to roleplay being an Imouto. Not to mention the very Loli looking AI girl (she's an unlockable heroine too). * Princess Evangile has a cute loli (but she's only romanceable in the fandisc). * Wagamama High Spec . Has a loli Imouto (she's your blood relative too), and her best friend is an Oppai Loli. * Chrono Clock . One of the girls is not only a grade below you, but she skipped TWO grades, so she's VERY loli (she doesn't have much of a route, and is more of a side character, but can be the final romance option). Also has a Tsundere loli, and one of the unlockable heroines probably qualifies as a loli too.... * Generally EVERYONE in the Nekopara series counts as a loli in human years (and Coconut is loli in even cat years, despite being the tallest catgirl). And you romance all of them. Not to mention the loli sister with an inflated brother complex (she hasn't been romanced yet, but might be in the upcoming Vol4). * Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss? . Literally a harem little sisters game. Dunno when it will be released.... * Yotsunoha . This VN seems ALL about Lolis. Due to be released soon...
  9. Visual Novel with best BGM

    Grisaia trilogy has pretty good emotional and chill music at times. While Clannad's soundtrack might overall be average, the songs that do stand out ....... REALLY stand out! In particular, Shining in the Sky brought out the waterworks almost everytime it played in game (Roaring Tides was almost as powerful too). Little Busters ...... easily has one of the best OSTs all around. Minori VN's like Eden* and ef - a fairy tale of the two, tend to have really chill soundtracks. The music in the Muv-Luv Triogy is quite nostalgic, and fits the story like a glove imo. Whether that be reminiscing in the park with your childhood friend, or fighting a very desperate war... Kira*Kira has a unique soundtrack with instrumental rock and roll. And yet it still manages to have some solid emotional music too (cause the VN gets seriously emotional at times). Symphonic Rain also has a unique soundtrack (which fits it's rather melancholic setting). For pure Comedic Slice of Life VNs, Fureraba, Wagamama High and If My Heart Had Wings have pretty good soundtracks.
  10. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Added 4 more Neon Tetras to my Tropical Tank. (that picture is a stock image) Did a water test beforehand, ph and other levels were perfect. The 4 new ones are a tad smaller then the 6 I had in there already (new ones are either younger, or the 6 existing ones have grown somewhat due to being in a bigger tank with far less fish then at the pet store). They assimilated pretty well. Until I turned the lights on.... The 6 existing fish know it's feeding time when I turn the lights on (they basically zip to the top of the water), but the 4 new fish didn't know what was happening (so they hid in a remote corner of the tank). So I feed them more then I usually do, and eventually the 4 new fish catch on. Some of them dogfight with the existing fish, but I can't blame them, and it's harmless. They've calmed down now, and their stripes are bright (if their stripes are faded, they are stressed).
  11. Last visual novel

    * Muv-Luv & Muv-Luv Alternative . The Muv-Luv Trilogy is a pretty epic tale all around. It goes from silly Slice of Life comedy ..... to a very intense wartime story. The feels are ..... immense. OST is ...... very memorable. If you read this, just do Sumika's and/or Meiya's route, then move onto Unlimited (to save time). * Little Busters . Somewhat similar to Clannad. OST is amazing. * If My Heart Had Wings . Pretty light hearted, with a emphasis on aviation. Some pleasant scenes about flying through the "morning glory" at times. * Planetarian . If you want an excuse to cry, here's a good one. You could probably read this in a day. * Lucy . Another short VN.
  12. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    https://vndb.org/c31700 She's pretty hardcore all around. https://vndb.org/c37364 This otherwise very nice girl gets a rather dominant attitude in her 2nd H scene (mostly due to sexual frustration). She goes full blown submissive in a later scene...
  13. VN recommendations for a newbie

    If My Heart Had Wings has had a restoration patch for a while (and I havn't even played the new restoration patch which is better). I highly recommend that VN (it was my second VN). Other VNs with cute girls and H scenes.... * Fureraba . Quite a lot of comedy. The fandisk has also been released recently... * Wagamama High Spec . The art is high quality. * Princess Evangile . Art is a bit dated, and VN has some drama. Still recommended though. This also has a fandisk that lets you romance all the other girls. * Dal Segno . Other VNs with H scenes, as well as drama and emotional feels.... * Grisaia no Kajitsu . My first VN ever (and still my favorite). Loaded with comedy (at least in the common route), and tons of sexual jokes and fanservice. Character routes get ..... pretty dark at times though... * ef - a fairytale of the two . Has some really good animations. Some of it's themes hit like a speeding train though.... * Sorcery Jokers . Quite a lot of action and intrigue. VNs I havn't read yet, but you may like....... * Hello, good-bye . * If you love me, then say so! . * Lamunation . Almost released. This is supposed to have a ton of memes. * Aokana . Releases later this year. Supposed to have a lot of action. * The Ditzy Demons are in love with me! . Looks like a lot of lewd action. * Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss? . Release date unknown. Apparently has an unlockable harem end with 4 little sisters * Sanoba Witch . Probably right up your street.
  14. Trinoline Release

    Didn't even know about this VN. Looks very interesting though! https://vndb.org/v19644
  15. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Nope. But I certainly plan to read Grisaia no Kajitsu again