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  1. Grisaia No Meiyuu has a comedy rape scene, though the girl was actually half willing (after being ravaged a lot, said girl tries to crawl away, but is slowly dragged back in). Also has a scene with one girl (Michiru) that has 2 souls inhabiting her body (so it's an odd threesome scene). Also, less then 30 seconds into Yumiko's after story, you see her in a bunny suit (which for her, is extremely out of the ordinary). Grisaia no Kajitsu had a hilarious (and VERY arousing) scene, that wasn't even a H scene. At the beach, Michiru ends up getting 'fingered' through the sand, and her swimsuit, by the maid. Michiru doesn't enjoy it at all (but her screaming was hilarious). Kotori's 2nd scene (If my Heart Had Wings), had a comedic start (it even had the game's comedy music playing). Her reaction was priceless xD Dal Segno had a Softcore H scene in Io's route. She flips out when she suddenly realizes she's lost all of her clothes. And the morning after, she attempts to 'admonish' the protag, but her panties are visible the whole time. She flips out again when she's told. And she has another embarrassing panty incident the next day (she gets stung on her Thigh, and she's forced to lift her skirt while the protag applies cream). Technically not a H scene per say, but Clannad had a funny moment. In Tomoyo's route, the protag on 3 seperate times, "imagines" having his way with her in the kitchen. In his imagination, it ends badly for him every time, as he's immediately stabbed in the forehead by a random object (the 3rd time, it was a radish xD). Protag is like "This is how it ends, AGAIN!?". Katawa Shoujo had an awkard anal scene with Emi. At LEAST 5 times after that, they say "we are NEVER doing anal again!".
  2. From these, what would you play next?

    Nekopara games are short and sweet. Overtly cute catgirls doing overtly cute things (and extremely lewd things if you have the +18 versions of course). Vol2 also has a cute feature where you can pet the heads of the catgirls (and your sister), where they will purr in an adorable manner. Clannad ...... is a very long VN with some really powerful endings. It also has some amazing music imo. You will probably cry a lot... The Fruit of Grisaia is amazing. It has laugh out loud comedy, endearing (and quirky) characters, great music, and some serious feels (boy does it have some feels). Highly recommended (even if it might take a while for it to hook you). I'd recommend the rest of the trilogy too if you enjoy this game. Devil on G String is seriously high up on my wishlist. I'm just waiting for a +18 release before I play that. Idol Magical Girl is a wacky spinoff of the Grisaia series. It depends on how much you liked Michiru. Fortunately for me, ChiruChiru is my most favorite character ever! So I'll be playing this series when I need cheering up. Highway Blossoms is some sort of Yuri game apparently. Narcissu is about life and death. Sound of drop ..... from what I've heard ...... is nightmare fuel. Has some very descriptive endings that are not shown, letting your imagination wreck you. At least that's what I've heard....
  3. It's taken me such a long time to get through Clannad. Just gotta complete Nagisa's route, and then I'll finally unlock After Story. Clannad's slow pacing does make it hard to get through. I stopped briefly to play Grisaia no Rakuen, and have stopped again to play Dal Segno. But those endings in Clannad are so powerful. I have every intention of eventually finishing it.
  4. Pretty much this for me. I really enjoy how VN's give my imagination a workout. I also enjoy facial expressions and voice overs (2 things a book won't give you).
  5. Let's Plays on youtube and Twitch I guess got me interested. Watched SuperJeenius' let's play of Ace Attorney, and Cirno_TV's stream of Steins;Gate. Then around the halfway mark last year, one of my friends on Twitch was streaming Grisaia. Heard the unrated version had H content. Bought it, got instantly hooked on the humor and characters. And the rest was history.
  6. Favorite Grisaia Heroine

    Best 'heroine' would be Asako. Best 'main heroine' would be a tie between Sachi and Makina. My Waifu though would be Michiru. Heck, she's my visual novel waifu, period
  7. Favorite choice in a VN?

    CLANNAD had some funny ones. Silly ones like: And Wagamana High Spec had choices on:
  8. H-hi there s-senpai

    Wow, this topic derailed slightly maybe.... Anyways, welcome to these forums Sayaka. Your listed VN's are a bit on the dark side somewhat (not that I've actually played any of those yet). Nothing wrong with that of course. As for my recommendations, go and read Grisaia no Kajitsu https://vndb.org/v5154 if you havn't already.
  9. What are you playing?

    Started playing Dal Segno. So far, we have a holographic AI girl, happiness numbers above everyone, a tsundere who wants to be an imuto, and a goth loli. This is already the strangest visual novel I've read.....
  10. In need of a new VN

    Yeah, Kono Oozora gave me some immense feels (mostly of the good type). I liked the characters and music too.
  11. Favorite opening movie in a VN

    Of all the VN's I've played so far.... Mostly for that theme song!
  12. What are you playing?

    Near ending part of Mei's route in Clannad, that was really, really heavy for me.
  13. Michiru's route utterly wrecked me emotionally. Sachi's ending also had me tearing up hardcore. And finally, Amane's flashback left the greatest impression on me. That scene still haunts me....
  14. I don't mind H scenes. H scenes was half the reason I originally bought The Fruit of Grisaia (my first VN). Of course, the plot of that game was like 80% of the enjoyment for me. That said, some H scenes just drag on too long. You can probably cut out half of the dialogue and it would be fine. I don't mind the foreplay, romance, kissing, and upskirt shots taking a long time though. But once they start actually 'getting it on', it should be quicker. And going for 'three rounds' in a single scene is over the top. If a game wants tons of H content, then divide them up into smaller, optional scenes.