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  1. English-translated Eroge Recommendations

    Amane's route had the mother of all flashbacks. I've read dozens of VNs, and very few scenes even compare to that scenario.... You need to experience it (even if you don't care for Amane's character).
  2. English-translated Eroge Recommendations

    * ef . Has a ton of plot, some comedy, and relationship drama. And emotional feels ....... strong emotional feels. And some dark themes too... * Fureraba . Really lighthearted read that is packed with comedy. It probably had the best comedy since Grisaia. And quite a lot of H content too. * Kono Oozora . Lighthearted romance comedy and adventure. Has some of the most feel good character routes too. * Muv-Luv . I've only started reading it recently (well, Extra anyways). So far it's an absolutely absurd anime type comedy that is quite funny. Reportedly, Unlimited starts to dial up the seriousness aspect. And I've heard Alternative dials it upto 12 out of 10. * Nekopara series. If you want nothing but sex, and really adorable catgirl harems, then look no further. * Sorcery Jokers . Has a ton of action! Basically it's like characters plucked out of a JRPG (magic and all), and dumped into a modern city, that's Sorcery Jokers. I thought some of it's themes were quite profound. * Wagamama High Spec . Similar to Fureraba, it's lighthearted. Has cute music and great artwork. And the most H content I've ever seen packed into a single VN. I'll also recommend Clannad too. Even though it has nothing in the way of H, or fanservice. But it's ability to hit your emotions like a truck is second to none.
  3. What are you playing?

    Finished Sorcery Jokers the other day. What a ride and a half that was! That VN had some rather profound themes too. Asahi best girl (I just love how bold she is). While Ruu is ..... unforgettable (that scene when the tables FINALLY flipped on her was crazy extreme!). Time for my next read ......... well ........ thy time has cometh! *Installs Muv-Luv* ..... doesn't Sumika's voice sound familiar? *checks VNDB* Yep, has the same voice as Grisaia's Amane. Apparently all the big sister types have the same voice
  4. What are you playing?

    You play enough VN's, you start recognizing some voice actresses (when they use the same voice at least). Sometimes even the characters they voice across multiple VN's have very similar personalities. Then again, one voice actress can voice an "imouto" in one VN (Sorcery Jokers), only to voice a cat (yes, a cat!) and a timid basketball player, which funny enough, BOTH meet horrible ends (Grisaia).
  5. Looking for some non-depressing VNs

    * Fureraba . The plot is basically "high school dating drama". It is loaded with comedy though. * Nekopara series. If you want a mindless read about ultra cute (and ultra horny) catgirls, look no further. * Kono Oozora . Light hearted all around, but still has some light drama and adventure. * Grisaia no Kajitsu . A mixed bag. The comedy is insanely good. But it does have some pretty dark moments too. Still, watching those girls move past their traumas in the good endings is rewarding too. As for Clannad ....... it's far less "pure depression" and more "it's themes will smack you in the heart", to make you cry bittersweet (and sometimes happy) tears.
  6. What are you playing?

    Some visual novels to give the antagonists a taste of their own medicine. Like Sorcery Jokers.... Sometimes, baddies create their own Hell on Earth
  7. VN's with heroines that have sad routes?

    Seriously, pickup and buy Clannad this second (and a box of tissues while you're at it). Has quite a lot of themes that will smack you in the heart. Other suggestions.... * Eden . The setting for the VN speaks for itself... * ef - a fairy tale of the two . Various relationships, which are all somehow interconnected. Packs serious emotional feels later on too... * Kono Oozora . Quite a lot more light hearted then the other picks. But you're still helping girls move forward in their lives. Has some breathtaking flight scenes. * Symphonic Rain . Interesting setting, and some plot twists.
  8. VN's with ex-gf heroines

    Well there's the "childhood friend" heroines. But those are rather common. Grisaia no Kajitsu's big sister heroine has a rather ........ complicated past... ef - a fairy tale of the two, has a heroine who is the 3rd wheel in a love triangle. Who spends the next chapter trying to mesh with another protag. And the relationships get even more unusual from there... Also, Symphonic Rain. Let's just say that nothing is what it seems there...
  9. G-senjou no Maou, Grisaia or Dies Irae?

    I'm probably a bit biased in my opinion, since it was my first ever VN ...... but I recommend Grisaia. It has emotional feels, and themes, ranging all over the place. Romance and psychological themes. And over the top comedy in the common route. I havn't even read the other two yet. But G-senjou no Maou is right at the top of my wishlist (if an official unrated version is released).
  10. What are you playing?

    Sorcery Jokers ...... reaches the end of Haruto's route. Thoughts.... Yep, that ended well
  11. What are you playing?

    Day 6 in Sorcery Jokers.......
  12. Pacing can be a little long on some VN's. Also, H scenes are generally too long. Though I don't mind the foreplay elements being dragged out
  13. Why do you prefer 2D ecchiness?

    ..... cause ultra cute, ultra adorable, ultra loving, and ultra horny Nekogirls don't exist in real life. And relationships with underaged twins is generally frowned upon too.
  14. What are you playing?

    Picked up Sorcery Jokers from the Steam sale. My initial impression is basically "Final Fantasy in Visual Novel format". Think I'm gonna enjoy this...
  15. 10 reasons real life is like terrible kusoge

    Also, most people aren't protags, where a bunch of romanceable females will inexplicably appear in their life within a week timeframe (nor will you see an accidental panty shot either). Heck, most people won't already have a romanceable female friend they've already known for several years following them.... Also, real romances don't go so well you'll be sexing them up within 2 weeks of a confession. Also, it doesn't take 5 minutes to "reload" between sex scenes. Nor do girls get "moist" merely from 1 minute of groping and fingering.