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  1. What are you playing?

    Playing Little Busters. Completed all the other routes (including Rin's bad end), and aiming for Rin's good ending. And once again, RNG scripts some crazy drama in the minigames, this time in the baseball match. Score is 2-2, and it's our last round. Our first 2 batters are knocked out effortlessly. Before Rin herself steps up to the plate...... ....AND SHE HITS A HOMERUN TO WIN THE WHOLE THING!!! I havn't had this much fun with a Common Route since Grisaia....
  2. What are you playing?

    Playing Little Busters, aiming for Komari's route. And once again, the Battle Rankings have had some surprises. Basically, Kengo kept losing, and losing, and losing. And getting demoted. In fact, got demoted so badly, he was being challenged by a debuting Mio..... ..... and before the fight even happened, new cutscenes happened, and she got a new weapon!! Then Mio utterly DESTROYED Kengo with it (and Kengo had Laundry Pegs for crying out loud!)!! Now if I can unlock Saito again, the Battle Rankings should turn into a chaotic bloodbath..... This VN has a lot of unlock-able side stuff......
  3. What are you playing?

    Playing Little Busters, aiming for Nishizono's route. But the real drama has been the Battle Rankings! Here's what's happened...... * Rin defeated Sasami, and Riki got Sasami's Perfume. * I challenge Kengo at the first opportunity. Thanks to the Perfume (and a bit of luck), I defeat Kengo in the very first match! * Rin defeats Sasami several more times, giving me even more Sasami related items. As a result, I'm rather overpowered (with sky high Agility in particular). * I would defeat Kengo another TWO times in a row. And Rin. Before the story demotes me to last place.... * At the bottom of the rankings, Kurugaya hands me my first loss. I would defeat her in the rematch. * Komari would basically curbstomp me twice in a row. I BARELY got past her on the 3rd try.... * I steadily climb the ranks. Rin briefly manages to become #1. She gets demoted, but reaches #1 again! * After Kengo is demoted, I defeat him AGAIN! Placing me in the top3.... * Masato knocks Rin out of the top spot .... again. Meanwhile, Kyousuke makes it to 4. While Komari basically falls to the bottom. * I finally knock off Masato and claim the #1 spot! * ........ and the very next thing that happens is ...... Mystery Man!! First time I've ever seen him.... * "Saito" debuts against Komari ....... AND KOMARI WINS SOMEHOW!!!!! * Kengo continues to be a joke, losing to Kurugaya twice.... * "Saito" defeats Komari in the rematch (SHE ALMOST WON AGAIN!). Then he starts zooming up the rankings.... * Kyousuke would take the #1 spot from me, then I'd take it back. Kurugaya attempts to demote me from #3 to #5 at one point, but I got VERY lucky.... * In a VERY clutch matchup, I defeat Kyousuke again, and become #1....... * ........ while Saito becomes #2, knocking off Masato (Masato would have won, except he slipped on his own Soap!). * Me vs Saito then happens!! AND I WIN with a KO on the final round!! Luckily Saito had a rather useless weapon (mousetrap). Who needs "KEY Magic", when RNG can script the Battle Rankings, and create awesome drama that way! I'm sure the KEY Magic comes later.....
  4. Looking for recommendations

    * ef - fairy tale of the two . From the same makers as Eden. Dunno if it's what your looking for specifically, but it's got a lot of drama.
  5. What are you playing?

    Playing Little Busters..... WELP! Well that route terminated very suddenly.....
  6. Top 5 that I read (in no particular order). * Fureraba. It's plot is simple, but the various skits and comedy made this a fun read! I got so into it I was even voice acting the protag out loud (which is a habit I've seemingly kept). * Muv-Luv & Muv-Luv Alternative. Is it cheating to include both of them in the same spot? I certainly loved the characters in Muv-Luv, and listening to it's music makes me nostalgic. Alternative ...... was a ride and a half (and "certain" scenes certainly shocked me big time). * ef - a fairy tale of the two. Good grief did the latter tale do a serious number on me emotionally!! Some of it's themes were even darker then Grisaia (which is saying a LOT). * Sorcery Jokers. Another action packed ride. * Princess Evangile. Again, I liked the cast. It also has some of the best hentai CG's I've seen (especially when it's Ayaka!). 2019, looking forward to Aokana and Lumunation. I'll read the Princess Evangile fandisk at some point too.
  7. What are you playing?

    Playing Rin's route in Little Busters. Results of the Baseball match.... Pretty much they were slowly scoring (but most of the time, they wern't scoring at all). And my team wasn't scoring at all. 0-3 at one point. Then suddenly, we scored 4 times in a single session (I yelled out when Kud crossed the line). In the final session. 3rd and 2nd bases loaded, 2 out! 3rd batter hits the ball, runner heading towards home!...... Kurugaya catches it!! Victory!! RNG couldn't have scripted that match any better! As for the battle rankings, Masato ended at #1 this time. Rin actually made it to #1, but fell to 6th. She defeated Kengo twice in a row.
  8. Visual Novels with a harem ending

    3rd VN in the Grisaia series has a harem ending. The main point of Nekopara series is it being a underaged cat harem setting. Imouto Paradise (apparently). If My Heart Had Wings has a Loli Twin Harem route....
  9. What are you playing?

    Yep, totally agree. Probably the only VN I've read that has this level of bromance.
  10. What are you playing?

    Speaking of Little Busters ....... I completed Kud's route today. I had a good cry...... Starting my next route ........ and I have seriously gotten addicted to the Battle Rankings. I laughed when Kyousuke got the "Hopelessly Idiotic" title (I love his screams of agony when he gets a title too). Meanwhile, poor, poor Riki gets the "In a Love Triangle with Kyousuke and Masato" title (since WHEN did this game turn into a Boys Love game???).
  11. Merry Christmas Fuwa!

    Merry Christmas weebs .... (and non weebs)
  12. Need a VN with drama.

    * ef - a fairy tale of the two really comes to mind (especially the latter tale). That gut punched me harder then Grisaia....
  13. What are you playing?

    Still reading Little Busters. First Baseball match..... 13-3 loss..... Well at least I scored....
  14. * ef - a fairy tale of the two . Quite a lot of drama and emotional feels. * Kono Oozora . The 2nd VN I ever read (1st being Grisaia). Pretty light hearted, but still has some drama. * Little Busters . I can't comment on this much (since I'm still reading it). If you liked Clannad so much, you'll probably like this too... * Muv-Luv Trilogy. Extra might bore you somewhat. Unlimited starts to get interesting. And Alternative is .......... one heck of an emotional plot train! * Sorcery Jokers . Urban Fantasy about magic in a contemporary setting. Quite a lot of action.
  15. What are you playing?

    Those cats sure love jumping into my baseballs..... In a battle, the MC challenged Kyousuke. He threw a Basketball at me ...... for 250 damage...... OUCH! Also, Rin seems to get bullied a lot in these fights (she's like lost 9 of her last 10 fights, and she only won against the MC)......