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  1. Top 10 Visual Novel Betrayals.

    I was absolutely stunned by that scene in Symphonic Rain. I was so stunned I couldn't even think....
  2. VNs that will make me cry for days

    * Grisaia no Kajitsu . Certainly has it's moments (even one year onwards, I still think about THAT flashback). And don't let the over the top comedy in the common route fool you either. It's a particularly long read... * Clannad . If this doesn't make you shed tears, I don't know what will (though mostly for me, it was of the bittersweet variety). * Planetarian . Dat ending...... (got me real good). Pretty short VN. * ef - a fairy tale of the two . Boy did this VN scramble my emotions. Amazing soundtrack though.
  3. What will you do if you become your waifu?

    Heh, she's even MORE Autistic then I am (I'm a rather mild case though). She also has chronic bad luck, and even more self loathing than I am. Not to mention, she ....... kinda has a split personality too..... ........ I'd be screwed probably. Unless I can get some very good friends.
  4. Romance Visual Novel Recommendations?

    * Fureraba . Very light hearted, with quite a lot of +18 content. * Kono Oozora . Overall light hearted. Has some light drama. * Princess Evangile . Good comedy, and a surprising amount of drama. * Clannad . This VN taught me (A grown man) ....... how to cry again. It's themes of family and friendship are executed pretty well. * Symphonic Rain . Quite unique in it's setting, and how it mostly ditches the moe characters. * Grisaia no Kajitsu . Don't let the very light hearted and over the stop comedic common route fool you. The character routes get ...... more then a bit tense, and explore some uncomfortable psychological themes. * ef - a fairy tale of the two . Various kinds of relationship drama. The first game revolves around a love triangle, and the 2nd game manages to be even more tense then that...
  5. Hello!

    Oh-hiyo Gozayimasu..... ..... 'cuse my horrible engrish spelling
  6. * Little Busters . Has a baseball match (which is an actual minigame). Also, the main cast typically battle each other in turn based battles, wielding random household items. * Muv-Luv . Extra has Lacrosse, a cooking tournament (the girls vying for a date from the protag), and a archery duel on one route. Unlimited throws the cast into a wartime setting (which has a bit of competition sometimes). And finally, there's Muv-Luv Alternative . Which ramps the drama upto 15 out of 10..... * Kono Oozora . Doesn't really have competition or a tournament. But it does have the cast racing against the clock to build a glider, and fly it through a rare weather phenomenon. * Sorcery Jokers . Quite a lot of battles between magic users.
  7. When Do You Play Visual Novels?

    I tend to read out loud (even putting emotion into scenes that demand it). So basically, any time except at nighttime. Not reading at nighttime also cuts down on the plot picking up, and it just also happening to be 11:30pm, and such.... I don't have any commitments, so I can binge all day if I choose.
  8. Looking for some tear jerkers to read

    The Fruit of Grisaia certainly has some moments (has some of the darkest moments I've read in a VN, it was the first time I cried in a VN too). * Eden . If you want a tragic love story. * ef . Man did this punch me in the feels..... And here's some I havn't read yet, but have heard about.... * Narcissu . About terminal illness. * Subarashiki . Apparently one of the darkest and most messed up VNs ever. * Enigma . Life and Death drama.
  9. Konnichiwa..

    Oh hiyo gozaiymasu ..... (I probably didn't spell that correctly) ..... (it's probably not morning where you are). Welcome to the forums!
  10. What are you playing?

    Playing ISLAND.... ...... yep, I can see that this is made my the same makers as Himawari (and even set in the same universe). That VN loves making you very paranoid too.....
  11. What are you playing?

    After debating for a few days, I finally picked my next read, and bought Island. I've been reading quite a few moeges lately (I finished Chrono Clock the other week). So I wanted something with some drama....
  12. Hello there!

    I-i-it's not like I'm welcoming you to this forum, or anything! Baka! ..... end Tsundere skit. Welcome to the forums dude. If you're after recommendations for future reads, just ask. (you've read a few of my favorites already)
  13. Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    YAS! ..... now I just need to wait, like the next month. And hope I'm not in the middle of another read when it releases.
  14. VN's with strong worldbuilding and story

    * Sorcery Jokers . An urban world which has magic users and magic technology thrust upon it.
  15. Here's some of my top favs..... * Grisaia no Kajitsu . The VN that got me hooked on the genre. Funny comedy and dark psychological themes galore. Probably has the best writing I've seen in a VN. * Kono Oozora . My 2nd VN. I really liked some of those flying scenes. Pretty lighthearted. * Fureraba . If you like cute waifus, and want something lighthearted, with lots of comedy and fanservice. * Clannad . This VN taught me how to cry again...... * Little Busters . Similar to Clannad. It's soundtrack is so powerful. I also loved the minigames (RNG was able to script some awesome battles and dramatic victories). * ef - a fairytale of the two . Pretty funny ..... and yet utterly emotionally devastating at the same time. * Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative . Extra has really nostalgic music and loveable characters. Then Unlimited flips the setting and gets interesting. Then Alternative ...... is as action packed as it gets.