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  1. Aokana and Onii-kiss in the same week. Interesting week for VN releases Love the #WholesomeFamilyRomance
  2. Protagonist

    There was a route in Clannad where you helped get a couple together (and it counted towards unlocking the after story). You can attempt to date the girl in question yourself, but that leads to a bad end.... ....... ironic that I ended up with that end when I played the VN blind for the first time. Heh
  3. First VN you ever played and what did you think?

    Grisaia no Kajitsu . It was ...... an experience and a half! I felt pretty much every emotion possible, from joy to despair. I even teared up ..... twice.
  4. Funniest VN

    * +1 for Sankaku Ren'al as well. It's comedy is really, really good. Love the memes, genre savvy references and 4th wall breaks. * Fureraba . Really light hearted and comedic. * Princess Evangile . Lots of cute characters, and some comedic skits (I loved the random bouts of jealousy sometimes). Has a bit of drama. * To Heart 2 . Highly recommended, it's a good read all around. Plenty of comedy, and a bit of drama. * Grisaia no Kajitsu . Definitely has really great comedy (especially in the common route). It does though, have some pretty serious drama, and dark themes at times too.... * Little Busters! . Pretty good comedy, and the Battle Rankings during the common route can be fun (probably the most fun Common Route I've had). Being a KEY VN, it's known to pull on your heartstrings.
  5. Prettiest school uniforms in VNs?

    Probably my favorite uniform. https://vndb.org/v19444
  6. What are you playing?

    Good luck with Alternative. Set aside a lot of free time, cause you'll need it.
  7. Well ...... I cried 30 times while reading Clannad (and I'm a guy that never cries normally). Though it was mostly the happy or bittersweet tears. Clannad is a VN about friends and family. This song....... THIS SONG ......... every time it came up! ..... Roaring Tides had some emotional impact too. Little Busters is another KEY VN, that also has that real "band of best friends" theme. It also has an amazing soundtrack. Kira*Kira is another VN I had some emotional attachment too. One of the heroines was almost like a daughter. .......... and then, a scene happened, and I got completely devastated for more than 24 hours.... Totally agreed! I teared up on her route too (when that fast paced vocal track hit during that scene). I was like YEAH!
  8. What are you playing?

    Fal's route ...... left me utterly dumbfounded at that scene, to the point where I couldn't even form coherent thoughts. Symphonic Rain certainly had some very interesting moments.
  9. What's your favourite(s) VN couple(s) ?

    Yuuji and Amane (Grisaia no Kajitsu). The first route I ever did in a VN. Amazing backstory and ending on this relationship. Dat flashback........ Riki and Haruka (Little Busters!). I have a real soft spot for this girl. Shikako and Kirari (Kira Kira). I have a real soft spot for her too. The feels...... Kyousuke and Rina (Fureraba). Aoi and Kotori (Konosora). Still one of my favorite couples, still one of my favorite routes. Takaaki and Manaka (To Heart 2). Junichi and Kazusa (Under One Wing). Pretty cute ending. Kyousuke and Haru (Devil on G-string). Sometimes, the power of love can survive anything.
  10. What are you playing?

    Since I havn't posted in this thread in a while, I'll list my thoughts about the last 3 VN's I've finished..... To Heart 2 https://vndb.org/v20 My first thought is, why didn't this VN get an official release!? I really had a lot of fun with this VN. It had a lot of colorful characters and comedy. It had it's fair share of drama too (nothing too serious). I always like my Tsundere characters, and Yuma was as bonkers and entertaining as they came. Konomi and Manaka were friggin' adorable. And Sasara probably had the best route overall (quite a lot of drama, and quite a lot of fanservice too). Under One Wing https://vndb.org/v17827 This VN had a few standout music tracks, and I liked the plane battles (I wish there were more of them). Otherwise it's a typical rom com. Hikari was highly amusing with her sexual jokes (and sexual harassments). And as far as Tsunderes go, Kazusa is quite a level headed one. Sankaku Ren'ai: Love Triangle Trouble https://vndb.org/v19444 This VN is just loaded with lots of quirky, nerdy, 4th wall breaking humor, and tons of references! Easily one of the funniest VN's I've read (it's up there with the likes of Fureraba and Grisaia). Shiina in particular was hilarious, with her Eroge memes (though the whole cast managed to be almost as quirky as she was)! And of course, this VN has juicy imouto H scenes (and they aren't too long winded either) Meanwhile, here I am still waiting on releases like Lamunation and Aokana....
  11. Cuties with pink hair

    * Sachi from Grisaia is an obvious pick. I just love her sensual voice and her NOT very subtle innuendos. * Yuzuyu from Fureraba. Yeah, she's a Tsundere, and an extremely verbally violent one at that. But all Tsunderes have their cute side. * Tamase from Muv-Luv series. She's about as DereDere as they come. She wears Neko accessories too. * Asahi from Sorcery Jokers. I absolutely adored her for her singing Christmas carols randomly. Not to mention her utter fearlessness.... * Mihiro from Wagamama High Spec. For an Oppai Loli, she's cute. Her theme song is also super cute. * "Ruuko" from To Heart 2. She's certainly unique, that's for sure. * Rise from Princess Evangile. I liked her random jealous skits. * Kirari from Kira*Kira. Ever wanted to see an adorable punk rocker girl who changes her hair pink? Well here you go. * Hikari from Under One Wing. Like Sachi, she's rather prone to sexual jokes too.
  12. Why Visual Novels?

    Compared to say, Manga, VN's can have far longer length. And has music and voice acting. Can you imagine Muv-Luv Alternative in Manga form? Quite a lot of content would have to be cut, so it wouldn't do it justice... Can you imagine Grisaia no Kajitsu in Manga form? It would skimp out on a lot of sexual jokes (damn political correctness). The darker moments wouldn't be half as impactful either (without the music, and your imagination going over all the details).
  13. Something akin to a magic school?

    * Sorcery Jokers . It does have a "techno" magic school, and half the main characters are students of said school. The school setting is only a small part of it though. VN has a lot of fight scenes.
  14. * Princess Evangile . For a typical moege, it manages to have more drama then most. * To Heart 2 . I was recently in the same VN slump (getting turned off VNs by a lack of drama). Then I got hooked on this VN. Pretty light hearted, but has plenty of comedic drama (and sometimes actual drama on certain routes). * Sorcery Jokers . Probably a good introduction to the Chuuni genre. Lots of fight scenes. This is basically a cyberpunk Final Fantasy in VN form. * G-senjou no Maou . You will NOT get bored reading this crime thriller. Made by the same people from Sharin no Kuni. * Grisaia no Kajitsu . Has a larger then life cast, and tons of humor in the common route (the common route is very long and almost outstays it's welcome). Character routes have plenty of drama (and emotional punch, and dark themes). I've heard people compare this to Sharin no Kuni too.... * ef - a fairytale of the two . The first half is basically love triangle drama. The drama only manages to get more intense from there (has some dark themes too). * Muv-Luv Trilogy. Set aside a month of two in advance. Muv-Luv Extra is a fluffy comedic drama (character routes are weak though). Muv-Luv Unlimited changes the setting, and adds a lot of intrigue. Then comes Muv-Luv Alternative ....... which is absolutely loaded with drama, action, and emotional feels.
  15. I haven't read much mystery novels, but I've got some suggestions.... * Fureraba . If you liked Chrono Clock, then you might like this comedic dating sim filled with cute waifus as well. * Kono Oozora . Also light hearted and comedic. Get the latest fan patch (official translation is pretty bad). * Island . Has a bit of a mystery vibe to it. Quite a bit of comedy too. * Symphonic Rain . Has quite a unique (if melancholic) setting. * ef - a fairytale of the two . Great visuals and ost. It's interesting how all the separate stories are woven into a larger story. Also ... nakige.... * Grisaia no Kajitsu . The VN that got me hooked on VNs. Writing is awesome. Manages to on one hand have 10/10 comedy ...... while having some dark themes and nakige elements on the other. * Clannad . KEY VNs are quite known for it's Nakige. It's themes of friendship and family will leave a mark on your soul.