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  1. VN with a heroine who is a villain/rival to the MC

    Shizune in Katawa Shoujo . Yumiko in Grisaia no Kajitsu . Bit on the violent side. Michiru is also antagonistic like.... Yuzuyu from Fureraba is extremely verbally antagonistic. Rina is also on the competitive side somewhat.... Kei throughout the entirety of ef - the first tale . Kyou from Clannad ..... is quite violent (played for laughs though). Fuko acts bratty at times too (and she's adorable!). Azuki in Nekopara series butts heads with the rest of the cast often.
  2. My sister's Otakuness kinda rubbed off on me somewhere. Then I played the Hyperdimension Neptunia games. Then I watched let's plays/streams of Ace Attorney and Steins;Gate. Then I picked up Grisaia no Kajitsu in a steam sale ...... and was seriously hooked. The rest is history....
  3. What are you playing?

    Finally on my new PC build! Hooray! Gotta finish putting on essential programs, then I'm re-downloading MUV-LUV...
  4. What are you playing?

    Well the wait for my new PC parts is over. My 27inch monitor got delivered to my door 20 mins ago. This time next week I'll probably be playing MUV-LUV on it
  5. Romance VN reccomendations?

    * ef - a fairy tale of the two . Quite a lot of drama ....... and feels (it impacted me as hard as Grisaia at times). * Eden . Same makers as ef. If you want a sad tale.... * Fureraba . Light hearted over the top comedy. * Himawari . Lots of drama, and sci fi elements. Apparently, set in the same universe as Island..... * I second Kono Oozora . Also pretty light hearted. * Symphonic Rain . Ditches the usual moe elements, in favour of a melancholic atmosphere with some plot twists. Those are the ones I've read anyways. Maybe you can check out KiraKira or DearDrops ? Or maybe Liittle Busters if you're up for some KEY magic....
  6. What are you playing?

    I approve Every Visual Novel connoisseur needs to read that.
  7. What are you playing?

    What I'm Playing? Currently that's ordering parts for my new PC, and getting my Dad to build it. I started actually ordering parts just now. My return to reading VN's is imminent (now on an awesome 27inch monitor). Nice to see a new person reading Grisaia. What I love about Yuuji is his hilarious inner monologues. Guy has an interesting way of looking at the world.... You like "ChiruChiru"s voice now? Wait till you read her route (especially her goofy, and downright CUTE laughs). Honestly, she's still my favorite VN girl ever Amane's route is ...... pretty special too ...... for entirely different reasons ....
  8. Ever played a VN twice?

    Not yet. Though I do plan to re-read Grisaia no Kajitsu again sometime. And maybe Kono Oozora too....
  9. Romance VN with good plot and feels?

    * Wagamana High Spec is somewhat similar to Fureraba (though not quite as funny). Also has the most H content I've ever seen in a VN. * Kono Oozora . Pretty lighthearted. Some of the flying scenes and music are really good. * ef - a fairy tale of the two . All sorts of drama, packs some real emotional feels too.
  10. Searching for a VN like Edelweiss

    Sorcery Jokers maybe? Has plenty of magic, but is done in a contemporary urban setting. Also for future reference, consider making a VNDB account, so we know what VN's you've already read....
  11. Moenovel announces next Title

    My first thought upon seeing this thread.... "Oh god, what is it this time?" ...... sees Flight Dairy "WHAT!?" Dunno what to think about this.....
  12. Lolis as Good as Mare?

    WagaHigh gives EVERYONE gigantic cupsizes, even the Imouto, even the lolis. Especially the lolis (Mihiro is the smallest girl, and clearly has the largest cup size)
  13. Lolis as Good as Mare?

    My Japanese is almost as bad as my mathematics (aka, pretty bad). I've never played an un-translated VN before. So go nuts.
  14. Lolis as Good as Mare?

    Lolis huh? Here's some of my favorites..... https://vndb.org/c9336 , https://vndb.org/c9337 , (jailbait bi-polar twins ftw) https://vndb.org/c577 , biggest motormouth ever! https://vndb.org/c8626 https://vndb.org/c21657 https://vndb.org/c35046 , evil loli https://vndb.org/c34928 , Imouto loli https://vndb.org/c36023 , Cousin Loli roleplaying the Imouto xD https://vndb.org/c36022 , game itself describes her as a Goth Loli https://vndb.org/c501 , has almost as much attitude as Makina, has the best theme music ever xD https://vndb.org/c15865 , another Imouto loli (though not the protag's Imouto) https://vndb.org/c20 , pretty shy
  15. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Never played any actually scary VN's yet. Played a few that have been mildly disturbing or suspenseful though. * Grisaia no Kajitsu certainly has it's moments. It goes from extreme laugh out loud comedy in the common route, to various kinds of psychological traumas in the character routes. It's still the darkest VN I've read (even though it also gave me the greatest laughs). In particular, you'll like Amane's flashback... * ef - a fairy tale of the two . Has a lot of relationship drama. Then the Latter Tale part of it starts to progressively hit you in the gut. The only other VN I've read that had some darker themes. Of course, if you want something that is really disturbing, Subarashiki is apparently exactly that (I havn't read it yet, but I plan to). You could like The House in Fata Morgana too (apparently has a real mystery vibe to it).