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  1. Seriously, don't give them any ideas....
  2. What are you playing?

    Starting ef - the first tale. Can't really comment much on what's going on yet. But I'm liking some of the very chill music....
  3. My Short introduction Baby

    Welcome new person. Yeah, visual novels are pretty awesome. You came to the right place to discuss them. If you're after recommendations for future reads, we can help.
  4. Totally what a Tsundere would say
  5. What are you playing?

    Glad to see someone else getting into that VN. For me, the weird and wacky antics of the characters was one of the best things about that VN. Yuuji's quotes as well... Back on topic ....... I finished my current read. And have to pick what to read next...
  6. So What Got You Into VNs?

    I guess it started with me watching let's plays and streams of Ace Attorney and Steins Gate. Then a small time streamer I knew was streaming Grisaia no Kajitsu. I heard it was a hentai game, and for that (and other reasons I forget), I picked it up in a steam sale. And I was utterly hooked (and not just on the hentai). ........ ChiruChiru is still best girl. No other VN heroine has topped her yet (though a few have come close).
  7. What are you playing?

    Idol Magical Girl ChiruChiru Michiru: Part 2: Chapter 13..... Dammit Grisaia....
  8. Many moments in Grisaia no Kajitsu... Grisaia no Rakuen... If My Heart Had Wings.... Me crying like a bitch in Clannad ...... more times then I could count. I probably cried more times then I did in my entire life upto that point... Symphonic Rain was a very unique VN, ditching the japanese setting and moe elements the typical visual novel would usually have.
  9. Bizarre idea.

    If we can get one dedicated platform for selling visual novels, that isn't host to takedowns and morality police, then I'm all for it. But since those factors aren't going away anytime soon, then I don't want anything that could possibly monopolize visual novels. This world already has too many abusive monopolies as is, across various industries.... All we need is a portal that lists all the visual novels out there, and where and how to buy them.
  10. What are you playing?

    I got bored, so I installed Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru.... And so far it's about as wacky, funny, and out there as I expected it to be! ChiruChiru is still best girl!
  11. Recommendation of VN for different categories

    For people who want to cry like a bitch ..... repeatedly: Clannad For people who want adorably cute and horny underaged cat harems (and sex scenes with said cat girls): Nekopara series For people who want comedy, sexual themes, colorful characters, fanservice, awesome inner monologues, psychological trauma, borderline horror, political intrigue, and nearly everything else: Grisaia trilogy For people who want light hearted drama (and loli sex scenes): If My Heart Had Wings For people who want manga and eroge references, a protag that loves panty shots, and LOTS of sex scenes: Wagamama High Spec For something melancholic, characters and a setting that has more then meets the eye, and a few plot twists (and it very unique among visual novels): Symphonic Rain For a mostly earthern based Space Opera in the near future: Himawari
  12. Favorite sibling pair?

    Gotta love the bi polar loli twins from Kono Oozora. Both of them get some delicious H scenes too (there's even a scene with BOTH of them). The Kazami siblings wins the award for "most powerful duo in the universe", most likely. The Fujibayashi twins are pretty cute. Other interesting pairs I've seen..... * Aries and Aqua from Himawari (a cute and powerful duo). * Chocola and Vanilla from Nekopara (series has threesome scenes with both of them). * Kouki and Toa from Wagamama High Spec (complete with incest H scenes if you're into that sort of thing).
  13. Pick from a Juicy Selection of VNs

    Granted, I havn't read most of those choices yet (and as a general rule, I only comment on VN's I've actually read)... But I'm always going to suggest Grisaia. Funny writing (especially the protag's inner monologues), loveable characters, nice music, and quite a lot of sexual themes (I've never seen a VN cast this horny). Though said loveable characters have some dark backstories (but that's one of the reasons this VN is so great). The only other VN on that list I've read (well actually, I'm still reading it), is Himawari. Slice of Life, meets Sci Fi, meets some over the top drama. It's basically a space opera (though for the most part, it's on earth).
  14. Being Yuuji, and having that island and the harem to yourself does sound appealing. Especially since best girl ChiruChiru is part of said harem. But the main characters kinda went through a ton of psychological trauma. So that's a turnoff.... Guess I'll be the protag in Nekopara then .... or if I want some delicious loli action, I'll be the protag in If My Heart Had Wings then