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  1. Its hard do say much about it unless weknow affected country. Some countries is common when it comes to fraugelent puschases, stolen credit cards and many other things. wich is why they might exclude certain areas.
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    nothing to see here. 

    1. Mr Poltroon

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  3. Time flies away , will be a second anniversary befiore you know it :-) and dont have any regrets. its been a sinking ship for a long time. but fuwa still remain and will stay here for many years to come. hopefully it wont remain the way it is for forever but. things is slow
  4. ofcourse. for some it can help alot even if its bad. just saw a fair bit of them on 4ch that it made it worse. removed details that could already bee seen. (semi-transperant censors and so on) but it always comes down to personal preference. im hobby artist and think it would be useful in some cases. but others not. ps. the tool is still very damn cool tho
  5. faster then the usual neural networks ive seen previously. so that is not bad. its worth giving it a try before redrawing
  6. Welcome konekosoft :-) hope you will stay here with us and update us on the progress. it looks good , look forward to see more. if we had more examples i could possible draw some fan art in future. hehe
  7. Well, its interesting. and it does some things pretty well. but i really depends on how the censor look. Could be useful for some artists to do decensor. but some become alot more to clean up then the original. some is pretty close. so would have to experiment for every cg. i havent tested the tool. but the neural network used have been used before and usually is pretty slow i believe?
  8. Nothing is impossible. I havent seen the cg but there is alot of people out there that could redraw it. i think most dont want too tho, sadly. like me. would just need to find the right people.
  9. Looks good :-) will try it out when demo is avaible.
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Because the forums is dead should merge sometime soon. hopefully..
  11. unconventional hi

    Well, if you decide to not be left alone we are here. So welcome. hope you will enjoy it here
  12. Hi everyone

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay :-) make sure to tell us more about the project inthe future. hehe
  13. Hello, it's me, Bishounen-P

    Welcome, hope you will enjoy your stay. i will make sure to give your prior release a read :-)
  14. The appeal of heterochromia?

    Its an artistic choice, its beautiful in its own way. personally i dont see how you relate heterochromia and Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). 2 totally different things. an biological malfunction dont make you less beautiful or good. just saying. many of us have malfunctions/mutations without knowing them.
  15. How many people cares for physical copies?

    Personally i dont really care that much about physical copies, i dont really collect anything. i live at the computer. so im happy enough to have easy access there. but i can see why alot of people would want to have them :-)