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  1. ~Hia

    Hello and welcome hope you will enjoy it here
  2. Hey, where is all that contact information (edit: oh im blind) and hopefully things will get better soon.
  3. Hey!

    Welcome, hope you will enjoy the out of silence i know how it is with anxiety problems. have had to battle that for many years too.
  4. starting to wonder why i even try. 

  5. and rip, my tablet broke just as i finished.

  6. concept for secret character 2


  7. concept art for secret character. 


    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Darn, I really like this stuff.

  8. sneak peak


  9. not really sure if they do much, but there is some requirements for certain good endings regarding the stats grade included.
  10. Hello everyone

    Welcome, hope you will enjoy it here hope you will find more that you look for
  11. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    i give it 2 days.
  12. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Surprised to see this spam thread have been dead for so long.
  13. Hello! New guy here

    I also enjoy my route. wait. what. but welcome and hope you will enjoy it here. and that you will have abit of free time for the vn´s during uni.
  14. There is not many that have access as far as i know. and doubt anyone will just give access without tay here.
  15. Fuwanewbie

    Welcome and nice to meet you, Hope you will continue enjoy it here