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  1. feel like continue fixing the vtuber section on mainsite today. 
    just a very stressful meeting in 30 minutes so who knows how i will feel after

  2. added 5 bg´s for now. still room for alot more. Only Spectrum (default) and Dashboard gets them for now. as its the only ones that had bg´s by default i think? the others can have aswell tho.
  3. what resolution is youre monitor. theres youre answer.
  4. less serious post. but post all the bg´s you can think of. for whatever game. and well see what works or not. so spam away. and yea its for forum backgrounds.
  5. Being stuck in bed while sick sucks

  6. its not just you. i need too add pictures . was gonna make a thread about it. ive been trying to find anything related to it in settings. but not been able too.
  7. added spoiler button and the missing gif button.
  8. no way to disable it fully. but changed so that it shows up under first post. smaller and should not affect thread witdh. also only shows up in threads with more then 100 pages. so not many threads.
  9. Update is complete, no need for riot. Update comes with some new functions and visual edits. themes is more customizble darkmode toggles (work in progress - have to make new versions of the themes. there is bunch of other new things aswell. but not all we use. yet. still thinking about it. if you find any bugs you can post it in this thread. (yes spectrum have a footer with default text. working on it. disabling it broke the theme)
  10. i missed it. but late happy bday @Clephas
  11. late happy bday @Silvz or late for me i guess
  12. As i didnt have a thread about this i might aswell create one. its always relevant. Positions needed : Reviewers: Barely needs a description, play the vn´s provided and write down a review. experience isnt mandatory but good if you can edit the review yourself. we dont have much people. Leader: As a leader the job is abit more involved then reviewer position You will need to contact developers about review keys. Try keep a good relationship. Keep check on you´re team and hand out keys to people in
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