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  1. Welcome back :3 and i lurk fair bit myself aswell. or.. atleast dont talk much lol
  2. Go! Go! Nippon! Live With You! is a YouTube channel hosting Akira Misaki and Makoto Misaki, sisters from MangaGamer's visual novel Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~. Makoto Misaki Hi there! My name is Makoto Misaki! I run… or maybe I should say I ran “Misaki Tours”, a tour business I started to share Japan’s many charms with people from all over the world! I decided to go into business after showing a foreign friend around Japan, but recently I had to close up shop... I really, really hope to reopen the tour business again o
  3. Give suggestions on what vtubers to add on a future date (some day i prewarn for spam ) Indie and any agencies is good. indies harder to find atm todo vtubers: rainhoe Jhinxx Trickywi Shizuka Rin (nijisanji) Seto Miyako (nijisanji) Suou Patra (honeystrap) Meruru Nanahira SelphyMelody Naki Kamizuki Amano Nene LewdNeko Mizuryuu Kei Mafumafu girl_dm_ MinoriUrsae Rikotan Shigure Ui Kagura Nana ayamy Natori Sana Tomari Mari agencies Pr
  4. Emi


    Mikeneko (みけねこ, lit. "calico cat") is an independent Japanese VTuber who streams primarily on YouTube. She was a regular livestreamer on TwitCasting before her VTuber debut. Mikeneko was originally a regular streamer and utaite based in Japanese site Niconico Douga, with her earliest known activities dating back to 2011. She has since been moved her streaming activities to TwitCasting around 2015, but continued her utaite activities on Niconico Douga until 2017. She also had uploaded a single song cover and a facecam stream, as well as few gameplay footages of Splatoon on YouTube. Sh
  5. Emi


    Missmoonified Is an independant English Vtuber who also is voiceactress. Prior to her vtube debute she did gained a big following on twitter as a Hentai voice actress. Her vtube model is a pink cat girl that she has used since before becoming vtuber for years. (fun fact i did draw some stuff as gift for her back in 2019) She currently have 17900 subscribers on youtube & 18000 followers on twitch.
  6. Emi


    2wintails is an Australian VTuber who streams in English. She debuted on 29 April 2020. She mainly streams art, 3D and live 2D model making, and various games. Due to 2win's bulging mitochondria, she possesses the ability to alter her form at will with limited limitations. There are three primary forms which 2win has been known to inhabit over the past century.Modern 2win, dino2win, 2win-kai. She has made avatars for other VTubers such as Shylily, Ironmouse, Shimo Hisae, Violet Dragoness, himedae, ELHmk1, and CafePotion. She currently have 39.000 followers on twitch.
  7. Emi


    FeFe (previously CovFeFe-chan) is a Female English VTuber who debuted on the 1st of November in 2020. She is independently produced, but also a member of the Twitch Team Seiso Girls. In most of FeFe's streams, she remains silent throughout, choosing to express herself through Twitch chat and her very expressive face. She has garnered a reputation for licking other streamers both while they are streaming and in their recordings which many take as a the highest of praise. FeFe is a 2D Vtuber with a punk aesthetic. With short white hair and an undercut, she sports multiple tattoos of Pr
  8. Emi


    Emirichu is a Independant female American VTuber/storytime illustrator and voice actor stationed in Japan. She is known for cheerful and clumsy personality and her story time illustrations. Emirichu uses her already established YouTuber persona as a part-timer at a Strawberry Café. "I've taken up a part time job at the Sweet Strawberry Café and will be casually streaming in between working on videos!" Prior to Vtube debut she was big animation storyteller on youtube. On february 23 2022 she published short video announcing her vtube debute. Her youtube channel mainly remain s
  9. Emi


    Chibidoki is an independent VTuber who debuted on the 3rd of July 2021. She makes a plethora of content on her twitch channel, including playing games, making gremlin sounds, and screaming. She is a man using a voice changer. Shes a cyber magical girl best known for her high energy, adorable model, and humorous personality. In her current lore, she is a magical cyber girl that lives in your computer, and happens to be a cute Vtuber too! Along with this, this means she can also see your search history! She has pink hair that has two long twintails with a white ribbon around th
  10. Emi


    YuzuPyon (CyberYuzuPyon) is an Independant English CyberPunk Virtual youtuber who is the Wholesome General of the RoboWaifu Legion. her mission: to ensure man and machines get along nicely to avoid the dystopian future I come from. Nice to meet you, soldier! She uploaded her debut video on August 19th 2022. She also does Cosplay where she have 657.000 followers on twitter. She currently have 331 subscribers on youtube & 14.100 followers on twitch.
  11. Emi

    Monarch (Leeandlie)

    Monarch, Queen of the Multiverse is the VTuber persona of AmaLee, a singer and voice actor who is known on YouTube for her English-translyric performances of various anime and video game songs. As a VTuber, she focuses on doing gaming, karaoke and other music-related streams. Where do I begin? I guess all stories start at the beginning, but I barely remember mine- barely remember my home realm. All I have are splinters of memories- bright and warm. But what I do remember is the great evil that overpowered us. The warriors and heroes meant to protect my world ended up being its demise
  12. Emi

    Akuma Nihmune

    Akuma Nihmune (悪魔ニムネ) is an independent English Virtual YouTuber who officially debuted on 19 November 2021. She's a partnered Twitch streamer who also uploads on YouTube and Tiktok. She's also a musician and has released 2 EPs in 2021, and a full album in 2022. She is a half-demon, half-human girl that was kicked out of hell for being "too soft." She spends most of her days hanging out with her Noombas (her fans), in alleys and arcades. Numi describes herself as a 7'13", intimidating, and seiso demon switch. Despite this however, her chat often disregards this and often calls her
  13. Emi


    Rael (known by her screen name 'Saruei') is a female independent Virtual YouTuber and illustrator. She has been on Twitch since 27 April 2016 but made her 2D debut on 7 August 2021. A cybernetically enhanced bounty-hunter from a future timeline, born from an artificial embryo and raised in a brutal and heartless environment without family or friends. One day, she became trapped in our timeline when a mission back through time went wrong. During her time here, she discovered a strong love for hentai and video games as in her world, sexualization of all forms had been outlawed. Now she s
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