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  1. Hello, it is possible to make annonce of game on site page?
    Post of forums:Β 


    1. Emi


      its possible. would recommend taking it as you get close to starting kickstarter/patreon to get as much traffic as possible to that.Β 
      can try to get somebody to write up something then πŸ™‚

    2. German Espoir

      German Espoir

      Ok, thank you, Emi!

  2. Emi


    update : importing avatars is now free and they have refunded all users that have paid to import.
  3. I have temporary removed links, unless you have valid copyright for hosting it we cant alow it to be linked on here.
  4. happy new year. lets hope for a better 2021
  5. Emi

    Kureiji Ollie

    gotta say i like her energy
  6. had announcement saved in modcp. modcp - announcements. made it active
  7. Already finished it and pretty much all character arcs. its a good game, worked fairly well perfomancewise even tho mine is under recommended. personally i didnt experience much bugs. like a few popin bugs making cars explode a few times but thats about it. just thought it would be bigger then it is.
  8. @Plk_Lesiak dont worry. ive been tempted to post way more then you have can just put up a spam warning for a week as i did when i made the subforum if you feel l ike making any. and yea.. many questionable parts. with many of the studios. thats why many try without studio. just that being hololive auto gives you 400k subs pretty much.. so yea just being part of the brand itself.not like they get any of the donations and stuff anyway. lol
  9. Emi


    i accidently dropped half of it. its better now?
  10. Emi


    qualitycontent ps i dont know why its black on the side in t hat theme its not in the theme i use
  11. Emi


    its because the forums resizer cant handle the original big size too lazy to fix or increase the size forum allows maybe should make them bigger again. hmmmm... but thanks !
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