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  1. most likely follows the quality of the rest of amazons products. vaporware
  2. try run in compability mode or redownload if it was on a corrupted drive.
  3. Emi

    just for test

    just for testsa
  4. might need to upload the pdf somewhere else and link.
  5. haha yeaaa. doesnt seem like it have worked as well for them in vtube so far tho. less then 2k subs. most likely would need more advertising on theyre other social media
  6. on total derail. seems like everybody starts doing vtube? even mangagamer? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6m64Oc1vvb_hpyOLRtxaYg
  7. The protection thing should have been loosened up abit. so say if you continue have issues entering.
  8. shouldnt be any new folder. the hg3 files appear in same place as youre image is.
  9. quiz on homepage will be down for a few days.
  10. Welcome hope you can find some things that interest you
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