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  1. Love it ~ looking forward to hear more of them
  2. Birthday thread

    happy burpday @MaggieROBOT & @Kenshin_sama
  3. Birthday thread

    wow agreed. happy birthday shota @Fiddle
  4. People continue pay for it, so they will keep making it. so yea, most likely until they go under.
  5. too much headache to even be able to watch the screen more then 5 minutes :vinty:

  6. me now when im out of coffee. 


  7. Birthday thread

    happy birthday @Nosebleed
  8. hehe, just because i check latest activity for things, not the main site itself. but you can hide it before you publish it ofcourse. Myea, Shall we date series is more likely a testing bed for what they can get away with. wouldnt surprise me if the otome series have way more readers. sad to see , but always good to get that info out
  9. LvRRDnD.png

    lazy fuwa-chan 3.0

  10. Account deletion: If requested to global moderator or me, Account deletion can be solved. All your posts will be removed and your account will be left empty and banned. (this is to prevent forum breaking). It can take up to 30 days for the account to be "deleted". Bot prevention: There have been a fair bit updates to the bot prevention. Theres also a fair bit of options saved but not implemented yet if it doesnt improve things. Other useless info: I have at times slow weeks where i cant do much due to personal reason. but things is not dead. Still alot of prep going on behind the scenes. The VN queue for things to add to mainpage will be slightly modified to priortize getting "up-to-date" with more recent stuff. 2018-2019 releases will be first, and the current vn queue will be added when theres time after. im just one person afterall, with a huge list of things to do.
  11. Trying to give my head some break from everything and draw fuwa-chan v3. we´ll see how badly that will end up :nico:

  12. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday @adamstan
  13. Conjueror passed away

    You will be missed @Conjueror. Far too early
  14. Birthday thread

    and happy birthday @Nayleen