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  1. congrats on getting funded , and hopefully you can reach the stretch goals
  2. Welcome, hope you enjoy ! and both sections is okay. perhaps where you see fit. think visual novel talk section is abit more viewed these days. anyway good videos so far !
  3. damn, nice also gotta say nice with the diablo 1 font, brings me back.
  4. well i can try ask nicely. @Mr Poltroon would you please change back to youre original so fiddle can be happy again? i give you a cookie technically he could demote me aswell
  5. not that i know, im dumb. but guessing: its abit luck of the straw with who you get to review it or not, as dergonu said some slip by. they have to do it to protect themself for many reasons, legal wise and other. artistic freedom dont get you coverd in many countries. payment processors can entirely cancel the use thrue them blah blah. controversis is more damaging to them then getting flooded with with copypaste asset flips. so again as derg said. potential exploting of children might not work out too well for them if something start. really doubt theres some sjw´s there hun
  6. for not following orders or for loving xmas too much?
  7. not sure santa hat fits on mine so 24 or 28?
  8. can we manage to make a more majestic tree this year
  9. most likely follows the quality of the rest of amazons products. vaporware
  10. try run in compability mode or redownload if it was on a corrupted drive.
  11. might need to upload the pdf somewhere else and link.
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