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  1. Hearing VNs pirated is new to me. I initially thought VNs are much harder to find pirated copies due to their low popularity compared to other AAA games so I just buy them all if I like. Funnily enough, I pirated almost all AAA titles, especially ones with DRMs like Denuvo-plagued titles; but my Steam library, in contrast, half of it are Visual Novel games.
  2. Best Kiss Scene In A Visual Novel

    Many characters do not have lips. I suppose that's probably why drawing kissing scenes can be challenging.
  3. Ne no Kami (Part 2) Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Late reply in 2019: I don't think there will be even a part 3. I suspect the writers went over their head with progression (Illuminati-like organization, Conspiracy theory, Tsuchigumo backstory ...) and stuck in a block. They introduced a lot of new elements into part 2, as seen in extra story, hint at possible continuity but went silent since. It would have been better if part 2 stopped at Uzume's will (before intervention) and Ruka's confession, so it had sort of nakige ending. Then they can continue writing and planning for part 3 with even bigger plot twists.
  4. Who loves "Kindred Spirits on the Roof"? (spoilers)

    I like Toomi Yuna, Futano Sasa, and Ariu Aki, since I can see bits of myself in them. Ano Fuji wins the best wingwoman, hands down. Soundtrack is really nothing to write home about. The OP, ED and A-A-Ai by Rita maybe the only saving points.