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  1. Does anyone here watch (modern) anime English dubs?

    I try to avoid it, but sometimes I do. If it's something that seems like it'd be better dubbed like Kekkai Sensen, I'd watch it dubbed, but otherwise it's subbed all the way for me. Subs are almost guaranteed quality and are available sooner. It's also closer to how the original script and intentions behind the anime were. Dubs tend to try to stay close to the original script, but they can never be as exact as the subbed release.
  2. Fall 2017 Anime discussion

    Here's my thoughts on everything I'm watching. Shoujo Shuumatsu - Unlike Ittaku, I have the exact opposite problem with this show. Shoujo Shuumatsu is not boring enough. This is mainly due to my comparing it to the manga, but it feels like they're trying to give so much more energy and pep to a manga, which is is a lot more subdued in it's approach. It's the same exact story, but there's so many changes to the tone of it that it loses the spirit of the original. This also means that the the manga and the anime are constantly clashing. We have a story that relies on it's more casual and reflective nature going against a direction that is trying to make it something it isn't. The art is also a lot worse than the manga. It's more detailed and colored, but the roughness of the manga gave it a wasteland feeling, while the anime has a destroyed city type of thing going on. This makes the strange structures stand out as even more jarring and distracting than the manga. It's still a decent enough show, but it could have been so much more. Anime-Gataris - It's okay. The in depth anime talk is pretty amusing, but past that there's not much interesting going on with the story. Ballroom e Youkoso - I hate this show so much. It's like every single bad sports manga cliche put into a sport that I could not give any less of a shit about. I've been watching it at 2x speed for the past two episodes because of how little I like it. Blend S - the main appeal of it for me was the sadist faces, but the past few episodes have been lacking them, so since then I can only think of it as a very average show. Shobitch - Don't know why I'm still watching this shit. It's not funny at all. Sex jokes and japanese humor don't go together at all. Imouto Sae Ireba Ii - This is actually pretty alright, almost good even. People have only reacted to the amazing opening scene, but past that what you have is a competently written show about people and their passions or lack of passion for what they do. It's sad that it's probably being labeled as an incest show by people despite the complete lack of it. Just Because! - It's good. The interpersonal drama between all the characters is very well handled and it doesn't fall into any of the cliches that most other shows of this genre do. Kekkai Sensen & Beyond - It's very similar to the first season. That isn't bad at all, as it's still a fun show to watch, but there doesn't appear to be an overarching plot this season, which is a big disappointment. Kino's Journey - Not nearly as good as the first season, but it still has some fantastic episodes. They're really hit and miss episodes, but the good episodes have all the great writing of the original series. I just wish that the selection of stories here was better, since it could be just as good as the original if it tried enough. Konohana Kitan - Probably the best show this season. It had a few missteps in the beginning, but it's finally found it's footing as is now consistently on point. It uses it's supernatural world with japanese folklore really well to tell interesting lessons. It also has a fun cast of characters and some really strong yuri ships. Oh, and the characters are fox girls, so that also adds a lot to the show's charm. Children of The Whales - It's okay. The art is fantastic, but nothing past that is all that great. The story as a whole feels messy and rushed. The characters are incredibly basic in their personalities and frequently act out of character. It also pushes it's ideas way too much to the point that it's almost insulting. Love Live! Sunshine!! S2 - It's kind of eh. Never really liked the Aquors girls as characters, so seeing more of them leaves me more annoyed than happy to see them again. I also don't really like any of their music, and I think this season turned up the cheesiness levels too much, even for Love Live! Mahoujin Guruguru - still really liking this show. The half this season isn't as strong as the first half and it has slowed down it's pace, but it's still a really fun show to watch.
  3. If my mom asked me for a movie recommendation, I'd recommend Wolf Children, but that's it. She's clearly not an anime person, and my dad doesn't look like one to appreciate anime either.
  4. To be fair, we've warped foreign words all the time. It's why we call manga manga and anime anime in the west. We've used the foreign word to show that we're fans of things from that culture. Otaku has a broader meaning in Japan, but Otaku to us means a person with a heavy interest in Japanese culture. That's just how these things go.
  5. Well, there's not that many anime I can 100% say are good from episode one, and I assume you want something that is more conventional so I'm going with safe picks here Gurren Lagann - an obvious pick to recommend. It's just incredibly fun from the very start and is easy to get hooked on. Usagi Drop - fantastic anime that everybody should watch, and is amazing the whole way through. Only thing wrong is that it doesn't have an ending, but it doesn't matter too much with the type of story it is. Hanayamata - If you want her to watch any CGDCT anime, then this is the one to give her. Very well done drama, well written characters, and it doesn't really have fanservice of any kind from what I remember. Gakkou Gurashi - Most of the first episode sucks, but by the end of it, she'll be hooked. Flying Witch - In the case of SOL/iyashikei, Flying Witch is probably the best introduction along with Usagi Drop. Has a fantastic first episode and the rest is harmless and charming.
  6. Censored dicks look better since you don't have the same gross veiny details. Same with all the weird details of a vagina. Those things look like some kind of deformed deep sea creature.
  7. But I like the way the Japanese censor their hentai.
  8. What Anime are you watching now?

    Sorry. Guess I wasn't subtle enough.
  9. Fall 2017 Anime discussion

    I dunno. It feels somehow very different from Eromanga-sensei. It's doing a pretty decent job at fleshing out it's side characters and from the look of it, the next episode will be dedicated to the protagonist. I'm not loving it, but it's actually quite decent right now and has some potential. Feel pretty much the same. It's a good premise, but it's pacing and the way it's introduced everything just feels off.
  10. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yeah, that certainly seemed to be the case. The final arc felt very rushed around the end and it didn't seem to know where it was heading, so the ending was very rushed.
  11. What Anime are you watching now?

    Yui deserved better. She should have had OVAs dedicated to her arc like Tenri. She was easily the most entertaining heroine. Yeah, most people are, and I can see why because she reflects well on Keima's character. It's just that she wasn't really a part of the final arc, making the final arc inconsequential towards who he chose, thus making the entire last arc feel somewhat pointless.
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    Honestly, if they were to continue the anime, they should adapt the chapters of the heroines that they skipped. Yui's arc in particular is probably the best individual heroine arc in the series. She really got shafted in screentime in the anime. Shame because she's actually the best character.
  13. What Anime are you watching now?

    Don't know if you read the rest of the manga, but it's really best that they ended it there. It really felt like they were just throwing in a bunch of random ideas to try to continue the story, and it never paid off. The ending is more definitive than the anime, but it really feels like a "we had to end it now, so here's who Keima ends up with" kind of ending. Who he ends up with doesn't feel like one that the story past the Goddess Arc built up to since they were entirely irrelevant throughout that half of the story.
  14. Fall 2017 Anime discussion

    It looks like you're actively trying to look for anime that you won't be impressed with or won't like.
  15. If you mean whether or not Eromanga-sensei will reverse it's hate train, then I don't see that happening. It seems that people now consider not liking Eromanga-sensei as a sign of great taste and hating it has become a meme in itself with every single time someone brings up awful anime, someone will bring up Eromanga-sensei. I think the best we could hope for is a Yosuga no Sora situation where it gets a lot of hate, but it mellows out and you occasionally come across people who genuinely like it.