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  1. Looking at the amount of votes, it's way lower than the last poll. As far as I'm aware, the last poll was more accurate, and I'm not just saying that because Kazuko was ranked higher, with her being the most popular of all the original heroines.
  2. The anime wasn't bad. It changes up a few things, but they're not major. Anime kind of rushes stuff though and removes some content (such as a lot of the romance). Not too bad of an anime, and it brushes upon most of the key plot points from all the routes, except Isara's, which is almost entirely forgotten in the anime. I watched it right after I finished Koichoco, and I had no problem with it.
  3. Yosuga no Sora. There's barely anything wrong with it in my eyes. The drama was never complicated enough for me to feel like it was overdone, the incest was handled very well, they actually incorporate the sex into the plot, and I like how they use the omnibus format to shed light on other arcs, rather than have them not be connected at all. It easily gets an 8/10 from me.
  4. MGRP is great. I was originally kind of bored with it, but it's gotten a lot better lately. It's very unpredictable with who's going to die next and in what order. People just kind of die at moments where you wouldn't expect them to, and I love it for it, since it helps keep things interesting. I have a few faults with it, but they're entertaining faults, so I still get a lot of enjoyment out of them. Alice is best girl by the way, she literally has done nothing wrong and despite how she's supposed to seem creepy, she's actually really sweet in a strange sort of way.
  5. Emilia Best Girl. Rem<Ram. Down with Rem.
  6. I believe the author actually wrote that somewhere. They end up happy. It isn't interesting at all. Subaru shouldn't lower his standards like that.
  7. Code Geass doesn't need any more seasons. This sucks since it essentially proves the fan theories of Lelouch being alive right. I don't like it when people in severe denial are proven right. Welp, at least we get more of Best Girl Kaguya. We get a new Gintama season announced every year, so it's not as hype.
  8. Not like she has competition. Who's going to compete with her, Rem? LOL, get that cuck who's pretty much there to suck the MC's dick out of here.
  9. I think it's good, but is getting far too much attention. As a music video it's fucking awesome, and everything synchs up perfectly, but the story seems kind of weird, and I don't think of it as anything worth feeling much towards. I've seen people say they've cried to it, and are extremely attached emotionally to it, and I'm wondering how they formed that much of an attachment in like 6 minutes. It looks good and it sounds good, but it feels like people are over reacting to it.
  10. Not like Mario games were ever renowned for their plots or anything. Mario Galaxy 2 had significantly less plot than Galaxy 1, and it did fine. 64 also has almost no plot at all. You also have to take into account that Sunshine was rather cinematic as far as Mario plots go, and the Gamecube still didn't sell well. Galaxy's success and impact should not be attributed to it's story elements. There's lots of other reasons Galaxy succeeded.
  11. If someone doesn't get it, try to communicate with them in a way where they understand your argument. They don't have to agree with you, just understand where you're coming from.
  12. Probably just a new original title. Nothing worth getting excited over to me. The only thing from them that can get me excited is choosing to remake the Himawari fandisk like they did with the original. I think we've had enough Grisaia for now.
  13. I think Smash Bros is the biggest release Nintendo has in general. Maybe in terms of quality maybe, but 2d Mario games like NSMBU sell more than the 3d ones, and from what I can tell, SM3DW looks pretty great (better than 64 at least, but I'm not the biggest fan of that game). Don't think Mario games push sales as much as they used to. Zelda games don't sell as well as you think. Smash Bros and Mario games sell much more I think.
  14. I see it failing due to it coming out in the middle of a console generation when most core gamers already decided on their console, and the only real reason to get it is for the Nintendo exclusives, and if that was alone was able to push consoles, then the Wii U wouldn't have failed. It's a cool idea though that I can see people getting excited over. I don't see myself actually using the portability of it, since I don't go out much, and even then, walking around with that thing would make me worried of breaking it. It looks huge enough for me not to want to carry it around as well.
  15. Yeah, you probably are the only one disappointed, because Episode 1 did nothing to build any up in the first place. Episode 2 was kind of entertaining at points, even though it's still really stupid. I think the episode would be a hell of a lot less messy had the first episode set stuff up better.