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  1. And that would be froooooom...? You can't just bait us like that. Very rude.
  2. Yeah, but like masturbation, it can get out of hand. I really ought to get back to my studies, buuuut I still have energy left. And golden apples. ....fuck. Never watched I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Evangelion. Mako's square in the I-don't-give-a-fuck camp. Card games on motorcycles was fucking dumb. The show was leagues better than the movies purely on the virtue of not having the worst CGI I've seen since Digimon. I thought that Your Name was consistently good and handled the tone shift well, while the emotional payoff at the end of A Silent Voice felt badly executed to me. I love Ueno, from her design to her personality, and Kawai's a total hypocrite. I don't have an opinion on the loli stuff, though I would love to see a study about whether attraction to different archetypes of lolis (i.e. age groups) correspond to attraction different archetypes of child ages, to see if it's the same or maybe a sort of "all pedos like lolis, but not all who like lolis are pedos". Absolutely Mirai Nikki and Elfen Lied are shallow garbage, especially the latter, with all style and no substance. The entirety of SAO S1 is hot garbage outside of the animation and soundtrack, and people are way too fucking lenient on the pre-Alfheim arc, which is also utter shit. IIRC, Clannad keeps developing Nagisa, her relationship with Tomoya, or Tomoya's feelings towards Nagisa during every single arc, so while it's a sort of mish-mash, it knows where its going. I can't remember anything from Angel Beats! except the monster-whatever band's good songs and the last scene of the singer, the blonde guy falling backwards out a window, and the part of the ending that completely ruined the scene for me, which was the fact that for whatever fucking reason the girl ended up in the afterlife way before the MC despite dying a good while later. Both Near and Mello can go eat a bag of dicks, and Light did not deserve to lose because someone under him fucked up. I did find Cowboy Bebop dull, dreary and uninteresting, but I can't remember Spike at all, so I dunno about him, though I did like Edward. I just made up the shit about Code Geass up, because though I do think it's a little ridiculous that everything just wraps up all fine and dandy after the ending, I can't remember the show well enough to know how it dealt with idealism generally. All anime are cartoons, but not all cartoons are anime.
  3. ...You know, I will always appreciate effort for nonsense's sake, but when you go to this length for me, I feel kinda bad for not being invested enough to reciprocate. Maybe when I'm not on an endless grind in FGO whilst trying my hardest to ignore my upcoming English exam. By the way, Kosakyun, just out of curiosity, which of them did you agree with?
  4. You know what, why not. I hear that, uh... glance ...smileys, are good at guesses.
  5. My mom died of cancer, so I wouldn't know. Wait, maybe that's why I like Sakura Yamauchi so much? Huh. (probably not)
  6. On a separate note, "The Lies of the Ouraibaa" would make a great book title.
  7. I'm not compromising at all. I stand steadfast on my not liking sand. Unlike if I actually stood on sand, in which case I would not be steadfast at all. Hence my steadfast not-liking of sand.
  8. Geez, calm down. You're acting like I'm compromising an a nuclear powerplant or something. No mercy for the wicked!
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