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The Gal*Gun: DP LE's collector box is the most unintuitive box ever, it's a GIANT ass box meant to shout to the whole world, "Look at me! I'm a weeb!@#", the contents only fill up like 10%, leaving 90% empty space for your stuff to tumble around inside. They could've at least stuff in a mold to hold everything
Ut2WLOZ.jpg (1600×967)

Don't ask what I plan to do with the pantsus. :ren:

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Bought all 3 volumes of The Voynich Hotel. This was my first order from Mandarake so I'm hoping everything arrives safely.

It is quite frankly one of the best stories I have read, so I regret nothing. 

I recommend anybody to read it as well. Perhaps you'll fall in love with it as much as I did.

GPYtfcG.jpg?1 xSlTkYO.jpg?1 AhWKaWZ.jpg?1

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3 hours ago, Efnu said:

Amazon sure took their sweet time shipping these but they are finally here


First Manga I've ever purchased and glad I did, I really enjoyed the show (until the obvious fuckups with the anime original ending)



Picked this one up too, really enjoying the show so far.


I would recommend http://www.bookdepository.com/ it's mostly cheaper than amazon. 2 shipping is quicker. 3 free shipping (also for non-US ppl)

They have manga, Light Novels and even spooky "real books" 

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