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  1. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    Steam doesn't do 18+ patches. 18+ versions of VNs are bought independently from Steam.
  2. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    You'd be surprised at what I do and don't know. I found out today that MoeNovel is Pulltop. Extra disappointment. Also, Koi suru Natsu no Last Resort wasn't TLed by MN, and that's a Pulltop title. Yep. 99% sure that the TL will be butchered terribly. This is one of the few times I'll wait for a review first, and even then I'll think twice before giving them money.
  3. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    Damn. And I was looking forward to this VN for so long, and then I hear that it's MoeNovel who is going to release it! My disappointment cannot be measured in human standards. Just read the whole thread. I agree with @Dergonu's perspective.
  4. Enemy Heroine and Protaganist Romance

    Is there a place I can buy Koiken Otome as a download? I can find hard copies on Amazon, but I don't wanna risk it.
  5. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

    Doesn't feel that real when you know that the game isn't the original.
  6. Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)

  7. Wagamama High Spec Release

    So far it's definitely not bad. A bit of Moe is always good for the soul.
  8. Wagamama High Spec Release

    Really?! That's great news. I read those announcements, but I must have missed that. And it's not like they've announced it anywhere else either. You've gotta be shitting me... The Steam page just updated and the release date is now July 27th.
  9. Wagamama High Spec Release

  10. Wagamama High Spec Release

    I truly hope you're right! Denpasoft's website has gotten a nice makeover now.
  11. Wagamama High Spec Release

    Well, yes, obviously the 18+ won't release on Steam. Steam doesn't allow that. What I mean is; will the 18+ version be out today as well? If so, it'll be on Denpasoft.