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14 hours ago, Zenophilious said:

My physical copy of Kikokugai just got here  ^_^


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It also came with a sweet booklet that lists a bunch of other Nitroplus VNs.

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Pic of one of the booklet's pages

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Damn, that's really nice :wafuu: 

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My birthday present from @Asonn just arrived. (Thanks again, you are awesome.) (NSFW link) (NSFW link 2) Kinda hard to get a good picture of it, since it's a pretty darn big sheet. (It looks a billion times better outside pictures. Kinda seems weirdly stretched in the picture, which it isn't.) 

I don't know what the hell these are made out of, but it feels like touching silk or something. They are pretty damn amazing. I thought falling asleep with these would be hard for... obvious reasons ( :makina: ) but I might actually buy more of these, as they are unbelievably comfortable. 

(Apperantly customs opened the package to check the contents. Wonder what they thought when they saw it, lol.)

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Not the best quality, I know, but I can't be bothered to buy a better phone.


I was initially planning to start reading Index again after the entirety of the first series was officially released by Yen Press, but with the upcoming Index 3, I decided to start it again early. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem Yen Press has released enough volumes for me to read much of what'll be adapted in the 3rd season. I really enjoy being able to watch the Index anime alongside the novels because of how well they compliment each other. The novels give you a more in-depth perspective on the setting and characters, and the anime brings everything to life. It's one of the very few times I enjoy watching an adaption shortly after reading its source. But that's alright, I don't mind watching the anime first this time around. Depending on how well it's adapted, it may even be better to watch S3 material first without having experienced it in the novels.

I had previously been reading the fan TL of this book, but I stopped after learning it was getting an official TL. As much as I enjoyed reading Index overall, the fan TL was riddled with grammar errors and British English. Plus, I prefer physical books over digital.

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