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  1. Princess Evangile Steam Key Giveaway (ended)

    Okay. Going to close the submissions now and run a randomizer. Sorry for the slight delay. Congrats - you're the winner. I've sent over the key. Thanks everyone for participating :).
  2. What are you playing?

    Despite what my signature says, I'm... Well, I'm rereading To Heart 2 - the Tama-nee route, and it's kind of ironic as I'd planned to reread it at some point, but definitely not now, but have been yanked despite myself into doing so . I kind of feel like I *should* be focusing on reading something I haven't read before, but, well, I paused Grisaia to read eden*, and I've somehow paused eden* to read To Heart 2. I'm not entirely sure why that happened, but I'm really enjoying rereading the route. It's one of my to favorites from the VN (the other being Konomi's) and the character is hilarious, but also really sweet, and it helps to have a great VA as well. It's amazing how much foreshadowing I'm picking up on now that I know how things'll turn out. Plus, I'm a sucker for childhood friend routes of most varieties, and I just realized that Tama-nee would count as one. I really like it though, and think it's To Heart 2 at its best: comforting, relaxing, and easy to read while inviting you to do so and making you not notice the time go by. I think I've said so before but that last portion IMO isn't always the case, so I appreciate it whenever it is. I keep laughing and smiling at the hijinks going on (Yuuji vs Tama-nee especially). I'll most likely polish off eden* soon, and then go back to The Fruit of Grisaia, but for now this is a fun and welcomed detour.
  3. XD. And LOL at the Rewrite comment :P. Hmm. And that's the other thing - I still need to read Clannad... Sounds like it's readable then? And tbh that's the big concern. Like, I was honestly disappointed to find out that it's only at 35% done after all this time. I am admittedly being impatient (and greedy) here (especially considering there are multiple other VNs to read in the meantime) but I don't want to just keep putting it off and not being able to read it. I think I'd feel more comfortable it was released - that way I would then be able to purchase it in my own time, and read it in my own time, but if it's still being translated I worry that maybe something might happen and the release date never gets announced or keeps getting pushed back and back and back. Yeah exactly... I'm not exactly expecting it since it's not the same group, but it'd be really nice if they could bring those engine improvements in too. They were really well done in Little Busters IMO and really did increase my enjoyment of the VN. Hmm thanks. That's actually a really good idea... Thanks all for the comments :D. They're all really helpful and appreciated :D.
  4. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    It's here! I'm SO GLAD to finally have this. I'd been wanting to buy the physical copy for some months now, but it was kind of hard to justify seeing as I've already read the VN (on Steam), and the asking price was kind of high wherever I could find a copy. However, I started to reconsider, but by then the copies had already begun to run out everywhere I could find them, and I just barely managed to miss the chance to get one when they were being advertised a few weeks ago. I managed to find a copy, though, and jumped on it as quickly as I could, and now it's finally here! . I'd been planning on rereading the common route (as well as the Rise route) before jumping in to W Happiness as an end-of-year treat so this just makes me want to do so even more. The really nice part, too, is that it's not just the VN - there's the artbook and soundtrack as well (two aspects of the VN I really enjoyed): I get the strong feeling that even if Mangagamer do reissue hard copies of PE (like for Kara no Shoujo and ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two), they won't include the artbook and soundtrack. Princess Evangile is my third favorite VN, and one I have a lot of happy memories reading, and I'm really really glad to have it physically. It makes for a great start to my burgeoning VN collection. The next step is to acquire what will most likely be the pride of my collection.
  5. Princess Evangile Steam Key Giveaway (ended)

    Thanks but that's no problem. I already have the Steam version - that's the one I read. Because of that I can't (and really won't) use this key.
  6. I have a spare Princess Evangile key from the physical copy that I'd like to give away. (Given away) Requirements: Have 20 (or more) posts here. Have not (and genuinely want/intend to) read the VN. I'm hoping the key can go to someone who'll read the story and enjoy it. It's okay if you don't wind up enjoying it, but I'd prefer that it doesn't wind up going redeemed and then never even started. I'll leave the draw up for 24 (maybe a bit more if I'm unable to get to a PC) hours and then close it, use a randomizer to select the winner (only one post per person per thread will count) and PM the key to the winner.
  7. Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I'm really torn on whether or not I should buy and read Rewrite now, or wait for the upcoming official release. I'm going to be reading it at some point anyways (it's one of my most anticipated titles) but I can't decide exactly when. The thing is, I read Little Busters English Edition and LOVED it - it's my second favorite VN and (effectively) my first time going through a Key VN so it's become very special to me. I enjoyed it not just because of the characters, but because the VN ran really well and had all sorts of options making it a pleasure to read. That seems to have been done by Visual Arts themselves, and not SP, so I'm not sure if a lot of the engine, UI etc improvements will come into the SP release (I can only compare with Clannad which wasn't as good in that regard). I've found a physical copy of Rewrite though, and I do want to collect physicals where I can so that'd be really nice to have. It'd also mean I can read it earlier, which would be an obvious benefit. If I wait, I could presumably get extra content like the fandisc and who knows what else (IMO the EX routes for Little Busters were some of the best). It'd also be on Steam (I assume) which would be more convenient than physical. Plus I do have a bunch of other VNs I want to read (and reread) so I could read those in the meantime. The big con here is I don't know how long it'll take to release. Any idea which would be the better option? Thanks for any votes and/or responses :D.
  8. How many people cares for physical copies?

    I used to not really be bothered by if a copy was physical, but now I've decided I want to start a collection of physical copies and I'm going to start buying and collecting those if they are available, though (like Dergonu said) that's usually if they have extras that make it worthwhile like a soundtrack or an artbook or something else. If it's just a disc and reversible cover then I think I'd prefer more goodies (this is a big reason why I'm not quite as sold on the hard copy of ef: a fairy tale of the two). Also, I want to focus on the VNs I really care about, and not just go for "it's physical therefore buy" which will mean a smaller collection but that's okay. I also don't quite like the ones that are more overtly sexual: Snow Sakura's for example, I wanted, but found that it has one of the heroines pictured in a more NSFW position/situation and I'd prefer to avoid that if possible. I do think digital is more convenient - it takes up less (physical) space and if it's on Steam it's easier to use and download. Also it's just a line in the Steam library so noone would be the wiser as to what it actually is unlike if it was like Snow Sakura and sitting on the shelf, but there's something about having it in your hand and holding it, and staring at it on your shelf that is appealing. Plus, I really really enjoy this medium and I figure that buying the ones that do come out in English will hopefully help convince devs and localizers to bring over more.
  9. Going off of the categories given here, I'd be mostly a person who "mostly sticks to charages or even moeges (or just the waifus)". It's not a strict definition as I do really like the more story-focused (ie option one) VNs quite a lot, and VNs of that type make up my top two (of three) VNs, but on the whole I tend to read VNs of option two more often.
  10. That'd make sense... Wait - aren't they sequential? Like, you must read A-1 before you read A-2? Or can you jump in wherever?
  11. Any reason why Majikoi A-5 is more desired than Majikoi A-4? Seems a bit strange to see that...
  12. Moe Day sales!

    These sales are so tempting . On the one hand, there are a lot of titles I want to read (like ef: a fairy tale of the two and the Da Capo trilogy). On the other, I already have a lot of VNs I need to finish and the prices will likely be the same during the holidays...
  13. I agree here. Like, my most anticipated release is Amagami, and as has been said, I wouldn't be able to read it at all if it weren't for the team putting in the effort to translate it and also make sure the VN works with the translation. That's just one of 4 VNs in the same series (I mean spiritual successor here not literal series): KimiKiss, Photo Kano, Reco Love being the others, and of those 4 two have anime and/or manga releases that divert from the source VNs. That's just an example of one series, but again, those are all VNs that probably won't get localizations, meaning it's either hope for a fan translation, or learn Japanese, which isn't necessarily possible for some people and will also take rather a long time. I can understand wanting to have the translation be an excellent one, but TBH at the end of the day I'd rather be able to read the story, and doing so in English is (for me) far easier and faster than doing so in Japanese. I can understand too (and sympathise with) having higher standards for an official release (for obvious reasons), but again, I care most about the story, and if I care enough about the story to want to read it then having a readable translation is what matters to me. It's the same thing with H-scenes. Do you get the full content and breadth of the experience that you would if you were reading the original release? No, but what you *do* get is in a format that's easier to digest and still provides you with the story that you couldn't read otherwise.
  14. I think it'd be The House in Fata Morgana for me. I feel really bad saying that (a friend gifted it to me) but I can't seem to get into it and whenever I try and read it, I wind up feeling super sleepy within 30 or so minutes. I wish I could get into it, and I want to keep trying to do so as it seems to be a really well received and interesting VN, based off comments both here and elsewhere, but I haven't quite figured out how to get past wanting to sleep...
  15. Birthday thread

    Happy belated birthday @Kiriririri and @littleshogun, and happy birthday to @Mr Poltroon. Hope you all have had (or will have) a wonderful day :).