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  1. I assume you're talking about , but wouldn't count as a tsundere too?
  2. To say I'm really excited for this is an understatement :D. I've been wanting to read this since I learned about Hatsukoi 1/1. It seems RIGHT up my alley, with the setting, the art (I really like Tone Work's' art), and (I presume) the soundtrack. That + the all-powerful osananajimi heroine tag has me extremely interested. Probably the best part, though, is that it will most likely be translated really quickly, given how quickly their previous translations have taken. Between this, Aokana, Senren Banka, and Majikoi there is going to be quite a lot of nice and meaty VNs to read :D... *sighs happily*. Do you have a link to the review? Oh boy how long are the routes in HoshiOri, do you know?
  3. Going to recommend Miyase Mihiro from Wagamama High Spec. IMO her route is one of the best in the VN. There's also Kunihiro Hinata from Noble ☆ Works, too. Both of those are kouhai heroines though.
  4. Wagamama High Spec (the Steam version) does. You'd need to download the 18+ patch though.
  5. I've just finished Da Capo - well I say finished but I only read 3 routes - Nemu, Sakura, and Kotori) and Kotori Love ExP and honestly, I was left *quite* disappointed by the both of them. It's been said that Da Capo hasn't aged so well, and the translation/editing has some issues, and I did find those two concerns were ones I shared as well. It was a bit surprising, too, because I'm usually okay with plodding through books/VNs like that, but here it did feel like there were quite a few issues, to the point where they detracted from my enjoyment of the VN. The thing I was most disappointed by was frankly It felt like it was forced, didn't really have all that much of an explanation as to how and why it was happening, and felt like they were being more and more ridiculous for the sake of it, and that really damaged my immersion in the story, as well as my desire and ability to care about the characters. It didn't help things much that Junichi seemed to complain regularly and be rather curmudgeonly. Kotori Love ExP felt like more of the same, so it was easier to get into since I did actually enjoy Kotori's route the most and by that point I knew what to expect, so getting to see more in that route was nice, but the stories themselves weren't particularly amazing or gripping, and felt like run of the mill stories. It felt like a fandisc, which I suppose it is, but it didn't really feel like it added anything to the experience. Contrast that to (for example) Princess Evangile W Happiness which did have some nice stories for the heroines and also added "routes" for the supporting cast (Marika's, Mitsuki's, and Ruriko's being especially good). It's not all bad though - the setting was one I enjoyed, the soundtrack was really good (though short), and (especially in Kotori Love ExP) the artwork was also quite nice, with the CGs being a particular highlight. I also really enjoyed the earlier slice of life portions and the use of the alarm clock to influence what happens next. I think overall it was worth spending the time reading through them. It's just... I'm probably being quite critical, but I was hoping it'd be something like Koichoco, which I liked despite its divisive parts, and I was hoping I'd be able to "get" why it's been such a popular series (at least by the looks of it. That... Didn't wind up happening, and instead it felt like a overly generic VN that tried too hard. It's also made me somewhat reluctant to read Da Capo II. I'm not sure what I'm going to read next, but hopefully it'll be a more engaging read, as it's been a while since I've had a VN that leaves me actively wanting to read it.
  6. Robotics;Notes Elite and Robotics;Notes DaSH have been confirmed as coming to the West (Elite in 2020)
  7. Happy birthday, Fred the Barber :D. Hope it's an excellent one :D.
  8. Just seeing this on the Nekonyansoft twitter I'm hoping this won't be as expensive as it was for Irotoridori no Sekai. Also wondering what the extra content (like soundtracks, artbooks etc) will be. Definitely going to be buying this though.
  9. I tend to read a lot of romance VNs and have been wanting to branch out from that to some other genres / styles, but sadly have been really struggling to get into several of the VNs I've tried to read as of late. I tried going through Clannad for the second time, but now I have to do the first route in the VN that I ever finished: the Misae route. Considering I really didn't like that route, I'm really tempted to fast forward through it. I then opted to take a bit of a break and read Planetarian, but that feels really really slow and despite being billed as something that's probably 5 or 6 hours long, I haven't been able to be really gripped by it. I've also finally finished Chaos;Child, but I really didn't wind up enjoying that, sadly. All of that has meant that I've given up and gone back to, you guessed it: high school romance VNs. I've started reading Da Capo 1 and fortunately I'm enjoying it - it has me looking forward to reading it and the story is captivating enough to leave me wanting to see what will happen next, which is something that hasn't really happened all that much with the other titles. I'm not that far into it - just managed to do a blind playthrough where I wound up not getting an actual ending (not really surprising) and am now doing the Sakura route. I'm really interested in seeing what'll happen with the Kotori route (especially since I have Kotori Love Ex P to go through afterwards) but I'm saving that for last. I'm just glad to be back in the groove of reading something that I enjoy, and looking forward to reading it.
  10. Little Busters, Steins;Gate, Princess Evangile, and Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception (and Mask of Truth after that) All of these have left a long and lasting impression on me, and I wish I could go back and read them for the first time without knowing anything about them. Admittedly they are all higher-recognition titles, but IMO that does speak for itself some and they shoiwcase some of my favorite things about the medium: great art, different styles and stories, memorable characters, great music, and a story that takes a bit to get started, but once it hooks you makes you want to do nothing but read and read.
  11. I really enjoyed Gogatsu no Sora (May Sky). I'm not sure how I found it (I think it was mentioned in a video of free VNs before I'd bought any) but it was a pretty good read, especially considering it was free.
  12. At this point in time, much as I'd like to say yes, I'd have to say no and suggest instead that you either buy a PS4, or a Switch. The Vita has a LOT of VNs as already mentioned, but most of those are in Japanese, and while there are quite a few in English there aren't going to be very many more (especially physically), so you'd cover your bases by going with the PS4, which has a lot of the same VNs alongside several others (Clannad is on PS4 for example in English, but only in Japanese on Vita) and should still get more VNs for a while to come. If you like otome games then it'd be an easier recommendation, but you didn't say anything about those in your post. The Switch on the other hand looks like it will pick up a lot of the market of the Vita but that'd be a longer-term investment that need you to wait for the library to expand.
  13. No matter how many times I see it your collection remains one of my favorites :D. Lots of VNs, and lots of variety too. Hahaha. It's actually thanks to seeing your copy that I decided to get mine :D. Plus, It didn't seem right at all getting the PSP limited edition and not them too. But you're right they seem really rare :(. Either you go new (couldn't find any sellers offering it physically) or you go used, and have missing discs, or other missing pieces. Mine was used and didn't come with the outer sleeve to hold the discs together but I figure that's not as big a loss.
  14. Going to join in the fun and post mine :D. Standard editions: Limited editions: Amagami: Console VNs (I'm going by whether or not they have a VNDB page or not since something like Tears to Tiara II is a bit more on the half-and-half side): I'm quite happy to have this collection - I've always wanted a collection of some sort but never really been able to get to it, let alone decide what to collect. I'm not so much going for size as I am for VNs that I really enjoy, and on that count it's nice to have the physical copies for the sentimental value.
  15. Since November I've gone on something of a spree buying up a bunch of Japanese items, and so this will be a long post as I'll be putting in everything I've purchased from then to now. Firstly, the VNs. In any event, it took a bit of a while to figure out if I did want to buy these but in the end I opted to and it was very fun opening the boxes as they came in one by one :D. I've wanted to read Umineko for a while now (since the beginning of last year I think), and I really liked the art of eden* so wanted to give ef a try as well. I'd love the limited edition copy of that but those don't seem to be available anymore without paying a bunch of money, sadly. Kara no Shoujo 1 and 2 were a bit of a gamble as I don't know very much about them, but I figured that it'd be worth giving them a try with the copies being as cheap as they were, and I wanted to be able to get the KnS 2 LE before it runs out. As for School Days, I do want to read it but like Kara no Shoujo 1 & 2 I'm not quite sure what to expect as I've tried to stay away from reading too much about it. I've also been reading a lot of more light-hearted romance stuff this past year in general, so I do want to try and branch out past that a bit. I was also extremely fortunate to be able to find a copy of Da Capo 2 for a reasonable price, which wasn't something I was expecting to find at all. I'd also made a couple of posts on here where I was considering buying these, and I did wind up springing for them. Looking back I think it was the right move. For Little Busters, considering how much I loved the VN, I did want to have a physical copy to commemorate that. I do wish I'd been able to find an EX copy, but considering that this copy is still sealed, I figured that's a worthwhile tradeoff. I'm most likely going to keep it sealed as well, which isn't something I'd do normally but I figure it has extra sentimental value that way. Plus I can't quite figure out how to get the bubble wrap off it while being able to close the bubble wrap again, so... :x. As for Rewrite, I've noticed that it appears frequently on VN collections, and looking at how much I enjoyed Little Busters I really want to read it. It's pretty heavy though - heavier than I'd expected. I'm planning on reading this relatively soon: hopefully within this year but we'll see how that goes. Now for anime. I was extremely happy to get these: Amagami is most likely my favorite anime and story (more on this later) and I also really enjoyed Zero no Tsukaima. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is the anime that helped me start enjoying the medium (I'd never been able to get into it so much before), so I wanted to pick it up too. I've not yet watched "Rikka Version" yet though, so am very curious to see how that will play out. I also enjoyed watching MM! and Love, Election and Chocolate. For Photo Kano, I didn't enjoy it as much as Amagami but I did think it had its charms, and while I'd still really like to read the VN the anime will suffice for now. If you'd told me even 2 years ago that I'd have a small anime collection I'd think you were crazy - funny how times change. Hatsukoi Limited is the other anime pickup. I've never watched it before, but it seems to be similar to several anime I've enjoyed, according to MAL. That said, I never realized until now that DVDs and Blurays had different size cases. This was the other thing I got in Nov. I'm a fan of the story, and I can't help but laugh every time Suzutsuki Kanade shows up - she is hilarious and crazy :D. It's a real pity the original LN hasn't been translated though, but having the manga certainly helps. Those are the ones that were done between Nov and December. This week, though, I got another set of items :D. I will start with the bonus items before moving on to the "main event" Bonus item 1: HajiOtsu. I really like this manga and blame it for making me like super sweet romantic manga (as well as anime and VNs). Bonus item 2: Hadi Girl. Much like HajiOtsu, I really like this and the concept is hilarious :D. I wish it wasn't so hard to find stories like this, but alas :(. And finally, main event time :D. I'd mentioned before that Amagami is one of my favorite stories. In any event, I'd promised myself that I would collect some Amagami related items eventually, and that eventually wound up being a couple of weeks ago. First: Precious Diary. I really like this manga (the Ayatsuji arc is my favorite) and if I'm honest I think I would've traded almost all of the other adaptations (Various Artists being the exception) to get fully fleshed out arcs like this. I also like the contrast between the arcs in this adaptation and in the anime - you get to see different sides of the characters while maintaining the anime's strength - giving them enough time to be established before rushing in to things. I've often wondered what might've happened if they had indeed been able to publish more of this series, but alas. Next: Various Artists. I like this adaptation a lot, as it manages to show different sides of the characters as well, but I think they pulled off the different-artist-per-entry idea pretty well and that helps keep the stories fresh and interesting. Next: Love Goes On. I like Love Goes On quite a lot (especially the Rihoko arc) and didn't think it'd be right to not get it considering it has the bulk (by count) of character adaptations. As far as Dreamy Forever and Haruka LS Another, I haven't read either but considering they were really cheap I figured that they'd be good to get too. Hoping they'll be good as well. Another Amagami manga that was cheap is this one. Strangely enough I'd never even heard of it until I started buying the items (I'd thought I'd known of all of the adaptations) so that was a nice surprise. It was also really cheap too... Next: the Amagami SS Fanbook. I've never really gotten artbooks before, but this is much better than a lot of the ones I have which will usually be about 40 pages of art and very little else. It's heavy, but packed full of illustrations and high quality pics and I like that they separated it into 7 booklets - one per arc and another for everything else. It was a bit of an impulse decision buying this but not one I regret. And now, we get to the good stuff - not that any of the preceding wasn't good, but still :D. Next: Amagami Chotto Omake & Gianism Special. I've found it really difficult to find any sort of information on this in English, and the little I have been able to find has made it seem somewhat rare. Admittedly, finding a copy of all the discs for a good price is what convinced me to buy the items now, and now that I have I don't regret it :D. Last, but not least: the Amagami PSP Limited Edition. This is probably the one item I wanted most - as soon as I laid eyes on it I wanted a copy, so to have one now is something I am extremely happy about :D. As with the artbook I think they did a really good job with making this a limited edition: the puzzle frame is really nice, and while I would've picked a different picture for the puzzle (Having Miya on it doesn't seem to fit) I do want to assemble it and perhaps hang it where the rest of the items will be. I also like that they included the manga too, and the art cards are also really nice as well. The best part is that I'd been afraid that the box might be damaged during shipping (it seems to be quite fragile) but it came in really really good condition. That said, I noticed after having purchased this that PS2 copies were more available where I hadn't seen any before, so I do kind of wonder if maybe I should've gone with one of those instead. It'd been said online that the LE is really big, but I didn't quite expect it to be as big as it is. This is a pic of it with the Bluray for comparison: Those are the purchases for now but I'm sure there'll be more in future. I'm waiting to see what happens with the Sanoba Witch physicals, and I'm also planning on getting the ones for Aokana, Irotoridori no Sekai, and Melty Moment if that gets one. As far as Amagami-related purchases there are also a few other items I'd like to get, like the soundtracks, and perhaps a couple of the manga adaptations I couldn't get this time around.
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