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  1. What are you playing?

    Wait - seriously? Wow LOL. I literally just started rereading Princess Evangile yesterday after a year and have been looking forward to doing so for the whole year, and I'm also planning on reading W Happiness after, though I'm taking a bit of a convoluted order so I can close off the reading with Rise's route (common route -> WH in reverse order, ie Marika first then the other "new" heroines then the original heroines -> Rise route from the original -> Rise's WH route) . Birds of a feather . That's a good way of putting it though - returning to visit good old friends. I'm finding everything I really liked about it is immediately visible and even though I know what to expect now it's still really comforting and relaxing to read. Thanks for the comparison though - I've been wondering what the differences are between the versions. Seriously though - I need to be careful with reading your posts in this thread because I keep winding up learning about and wanting to read a bunch of VNs hahaha. In other news I've been reading Wagamama High Spec which I've also been really looking forward to reading, and honestly I'm really liking it though I'm sad to be getting near the end (partway through the Ashe route). It's met my expectations in some ways, but failed them in others, but I still think it's been a worthwhile read and one I'll look back on fondly. I'd expected the music, art, and general UI of the VN to be high points, and they have been (the "chaos song" for the VN is hilarious with all the whistles and drums and it fits really well). I've also liked the characters and routes, though I do feel like some of the routes are weaker than the others. Kaoruko's route would be the biggest example here, but it wasn't a bad route IMO. I was also very pleasantly surprised with the Mihiro route and would like to read a similar route in another VN - she really came into her own in the route and I liked how things were handled. The biggest disappointments I've had are two things - there aren't so many CGs (both SD and normal) which is a shame considering how good they are when they do show up. The other thing is that the buildup from feelings -> confession -> romance can come across as really quick and (to me at least) underdeveloped. I was surprised to see this as the VN nails most other things well, but it isn't a dealbreaker - just... Well, surprising. Overall I'd say 7.5 or 8 out of 10, but we'll see what happens with the Ashe route. I'll silently hope that we get the fandisc eventually (please??!?!) because it'd be great to see some of the characters (Karen especially) get routes and I would like to see what kind of hijinks the original heroines could drag Kouki into in their after routes. I've been pretty busy IRL though, and I really think that reading it has helped to showcase something I really like about VNs: the relaxing and calming nature of some of them. Being able to fire up WagaHai and read for an hour or so before bed and/or after work to wind down has been really helpful and given me something to look forward to each day, which is something I very much appreciate. Princess Evangile is already doing the same in my reread and I have full confidence that W Happiness will be no different. I do want to get back to some of the more serious, "edge-of-your-seat" VNs but for now the current ones are right up my alley.
  2. MangaGamer Winter Sale

    RIP wallet :*(. First the Black Friday sale, then the winter sale (from which I *still* want Suika) and now there's another sale because clearly who needs to try and save money, right?
  3. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    This. Some parts of it are divisive (to say the least) but IMO it was one of the better VNs I've read this year and I agree with adamstan - it's definitely worth a read. Just do yourself a favor and watch the anime (if you decide to) after reading the VN, and not before.
  4. Aren't Navel one of the companies that banded together to found Mangagamer?
  5. What are you playing?

    For what it's worth I'm a really big PE fan, got the VN during the Humble Bundle sale, and read the all ages version. I haven't yet read the 18+ release yet but the all ages release didn't feel like it was missing anything and I didn't feel like it was cut, or frankly even notice the edits. Like adamstan said, if you do want to read the 18+ version it's on sale so may as well get it while it's discounted, but I don't think there'd be as drastic a difference between the releases to the point where one is clearly superior over the other. IMO it'd definitely be worth a read if you like the premise, and it's my third favorite VN (I'd give it a 9 out of 10).
  6. Steam Autumn Sale

    I've been waiting for this sale for a few months now, but now that it's here, I'm not sure what to do. That bundle for Fureraba + Sanoba Witch is pretty cheap, but I just realized Fureraba is supposed to get its fandisk soon, and Sanoba Witch on the other hand is getting a physical edition which might be nice to have. I'm also still waiting to see what Mangagamer do before jumping in. It's good that the sale is going on but I'm planning on buying up quite a few VNs - provided I can figure out what titles to get now and what titles to wait on.
  7. Personally, no. I find it a bit heavy (though I don't use tablets so much) and as far as controlling it, the right stick is (for me) in an comfortable position so it makes the area just before where the thumb connects to the palm cramp up after some time. Admittedly if you use auto read that's not as likely to be an issue. I find the Vita's smaller size and lighter weight to be more comfortable in general, though. And IMO yes it would be a worthwhile endeavor if you can. It's going to take you a while to do, obviously, and it can be pretty intimidating, but if you figure VNs are that important to you and you'd still be reading them in 5 years then it'd be a good idea. It'll also unlock the ability to consume other content like LNs and manga without waiting for translations. Chances are you're interested in at least some of those.
  8. I get the feeling the Switch is going to have a lot of VNs coming to it in the near (and distant) future, but if you're already concerned about the supply running out then sticking to PC (where the supply is far bigger) or learning Japanese (which should have many more options available) would be advisable, and in the case of learning Japanese it'd mean that you don't have to wait for localizations of titles you're interested in to come along.
  9. What Sources Do You Use to Find New VN's?

    For me it's word of mouth (I lurk the What're you Playing thread frequently) and also following on here as well as my favorite localizers for announcements. VNDB is useful but it's a bit too confusing for me to use unless I'm looking for more info on something I know the name of.
  10. I've been looking at pics of VN collections recently and noticed this is quite common. The below posts show several examples: It doesn't seem to be limited to Japan-only releases either: Mangagamer seems to follow the convention on occasion as well - the Princess Evangile and ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two Limited Edition box sets both did this: Any idea why this is done? I imagine it helps the products to stand out on a store shelf, but is there maybe another reason?
  11. Story-driven VN

    I haven't yet read it but you could try Chaos;Child maybe? Same devs and universe as Steins;Gate.
  12. What are you playing?

    Yeah exactly! :D. They really nailed the atmosphere. Have you read S or any of the fandiscs? Hahaha good choice. I'm partial to Miyako as well (though she's a bit crazy XD) though Chris isn't so far behind. Still waiting to see what the other routes are like but somehow the characters are consistently well done and none of them really feel like supporting characters, even if they only show up every now and then. And OMG - the scene where (Kazuko route spoilers) My sides! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I've been laughing for about 5 minutes straight and it's *still* funny :D.
  13. Fuwanovel Confessions

    I resolved not long ago to buy/build/collect a small collection of physical VNs, focusing on the ones I find most important and/or meaningful, but the operative words there are small and meaningful and I'm starting to think that maybe I'm losing sight of the "small" portion since there are quite a few that I'd like to collect. I'd made a post about Rewrite not long ago, and I've just found that it's not hard to buy physical copies of Little Busters for not that much money either. Thing is, I've already read the VN, and I likely won't be reading this copy or using it, so it'd just be having it for the sake of having it which seems a little bit wasteful to me considering I could use the money for something else. There are several other VNs I want to get that would fit under that same set of reasoning too and that's the concerning part, because the more that happens, the more guilty(?) I start to feel and the more I think that it's not such a good idea. It's really tempting though, especailly since I've always wanted a collection of some sort and this seems like a fun medium to collect. It all makes me think that it'd be really nice to have that copy. Really, really nice. It'd have a lot of sentimental value too, and if my reaction to getting the copy of Princess Evangile is any clue, then I'll be really happy I did so. It's probably best to sleep on it and think about it in the morning...
  14. What are you playing?

    I've been trying to continue with The Fruit of Grisaia but tbh I am not really enjoying it for some reason, and whenever I try and read, I find my mind wandering and I wind up doing something else after only 20 or so minutes. I really don't know what the cause is though and it's disappointing considering I'd been looking forward to reading the VN for quite a while. To try and get past this I've decided to stop reading for a bit and get back into Majikoi. I've already finished the Miyako and Chris routes, though my saves for those got eaten somehow, so I'm doing the Kazuko route. I'm going to do Momoyo next then Mayucchi, then redo Chris and Miyako. I'd forgotten how funny and relaxing it is - I just decided to read it on a whim last night and already I've spent maybe 2 and a half hours reading it. The characters are great and it just somehow manages to be fun to read and keep me engaged. Hopefully the route winds up being a good one.
  15. Just seen this on Reddit. It looks like they're going to be including full English voice acting for free to existing Steam owners of Umineko (if successfully funded), as well as PS3 graphics and some new content. https://www.umineko.us Looks like it's been delayed, though :(.