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  1. Happening to Re;Lord 1 as well apparently
  2. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Thank you both for the responses - they're really helpful. I think I'm just going to leave the account as is and if such a conversation happens then set it to private: it looks like they recently made an update so you can hide all game activity from people which is handy. Going to try not to worry about it, otherwise. :(. Really sorry to hear that :(. Losing a pet is not fun at all. Not sure what to say that might help, but I really hope things will ease up (dramatically!) and stop being so difficult and painful :(. There's one thing to add though re the cat - take as long as you need to to process everything. Even if it takes 6 months, or 6 years, you'll probably know when you're "okay" but don't put yourself on some sort of timeline and then attack yourself for still struggling to deal with its passing. Oh no it helps a lot. I agree completely with you, and I think it's part of the reason I'm so concerned - I like talking to them otherwise and don't want to be wrong about having trusted them as much as I do.
  3. Denpasoft Spring Sale

    The /r/visualnovels thread has a post mentioning how the VNs aren't at historic lows. IMO it's good advice and you might save some money waiting till the Steam Summer Sale...
  4. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: I have this nagging concern over having to defend myself for reading VNs, and though it hasn't happened yet, I feel like it will at some point and I don't really feel prepared for or interested in doing it. Like, I really really like the medium, and the stories at the end of the day put a a smile on my face or leave me glad for having read them (which is what I look for in a story), so I want to keep on reading them. At the same time, I'd prefer not to be judged and/or attacked for doing so. This all feels a bit silly, but it's not been as much of a concern before, as I've been reading more mainstream and popular stuff, like Steins;Gate and Clannad. The more I've been reading, though, the more I find myself being drawn to less mainstream stuff - relatively lighthearted romance titles in particular. That's the tip of the iceberg, too, though, as I'm now also interested in reading stuff like Fureraba and SukiSuki. I'd made a recommendation thread a few months ago and one title that was listed was WagaHigh. I tried the demo and figure I want to read it since it ticks several of the boxes on my list - student council president heroine, tsundere heroine, great art, funny, and I also like the UI and settings and how many options there are. But yet, if I buy it on Steam and read it (which is what I'd prefer) I worry that one of my Steam friends might see that and go after me. Several won't care - I know that much, but some don't have as much tact or indifference as that. It'd be easy to say "just tell these people to mind their own business" or "stop talking to them" but in some cases I've been talking to some of these people regularly for several years and I enjoy doing so, and would very much prefer to keep things the way they are. I'm not really sure what to do. I don't broadcast the fact that I read them, either and the only people I talk to about them are people who I trust and feel comfortable around, or people online like here where reading them is more of a commonality than not. It's frustrating, too, because usually I'd be one to say "what you do is your own business" and not care for others' opinions, and usually I'm not bothered by such criticism since I figure no matter what you do you can be stereotyped anyways, but for some reason this particular hobby and the concern about being stigmatized leaves me... Well, concerned, even though I know I shouldn't be. Hopefully this winds up being needless worry.
  5. What are you playing?

    I'm going to edit this post and add in some more ramblings on Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth I'm really enjoying this VN, and it feels like a long and fun journey with a lot of twists and turns, and a whole lot more besides. It... It really feels like a visual novel. That's not really the best description considering it actually is a visual novel (durrr ) but like, it's encapsulating the sense of wonder, mystery, and "just one more page" that I've gotten from some of my favorite novel series (Harry Potter for example, but also the Mistborn Trilogy and the Moontide Quartet) - on the days I can read, I wind up reading and reading and reading (I just got off of doing just over 3 hours straight of reading, which is something I don't usually do) and I already want to continue. It's becoming a case of "just one more scene" or "one more battle". The nice thing is that I'd often feel like a day like that would be wasted because I wind up doing little else, but that's not the case here. As for the visual parts, I keep noticing one thing in particular - the backgrounds. They consistently wind up being really pretty to look at, and I'd say they add to the atmosphere and make it a lot easier to be immersed into the events. The CGs are also quite nice (though I would say they aren't as frequent as I'd like), and the visual polish extends to things like the glowing auto-mode icon and the character sprites. It all makes the VN a looker and I think I'll miss that aspect of it more than I realize when I'm done with it. I'd been a bit concerned that it'd lose some of the charms of Mask of Deception, but those worries have been unfounded. For example Between that and scenes like there's a lot of fun and laughter to be had, and the scenes wind up being memorable and making me care about the characters more and more. As before, the supporting cast is really solid too, thanks to the above, and they all have places where they get to shine. It comes across as the kind of group you want to be a part of because there'll always be something going on and some solid companionship, but at the same time you kind of don't because some of the things they get into are just so ridiculous :D. I really don't know how they manage to make the characters shine so much, but for such a large cast, they all are different, and don't feel like fillers. One great example of this was another great scene I read today, where I also like how the additions and improvements have been sprinkled in here and there. Battles, for example, are harder and longer, but there are more options and yet they remain familiar so it doesn't feel like you're being thrown into the deep end. I also like the additions of things like Even the UI for selecting your next scene has been improved. I'm not sure how far along I am in it, but I'm really enjoying the time that I've spent in this VN. It really is a wonderful read, and between it and Mask of Deception, it'll be hard for anything to take their spot as second place for best game / VN played / read this year. Thanks! Means I can go into it with high expectations :D. I've tried to stay away from learning about the VN so the comparison helps a lot. Pity about the character though... And yeah it does seem like it'd be hard to make a character quite as magnetic as Kurisu. She is a really well done character. Cannot wait to read it :D. Congrats! Best route of the VN IMO and Rin really stands out in it. Also you could go back and watch the anime before/after watching Fate/Zero. It's obviously going to be the same story, but the animation is gorgeous and the battle scenes are done really nicely. Plus it has one of the best scenes in the entire VN : Yeah... Heaven's Feel is... Heaven's Feel is... Uhhh... *shudders* Y'know, I've been wondering for a while and may as well just ask. Someone in a recommendation thread mentioned there being "almost too many H-scenes" in this. Are... Are there really THAT many?
  6. What are you playing?

    Are you enjoying it thus far? It's one of the 3 VNs I want to read most but at the same time I'm kind of scared that it won't match the height of Steins;Gate (my favorite VN).
  7. Do you read VNs on the go or at home?

    I'd take both if possible but as of now I read almost everything at home. My favorite platform for them is a home console (big screen plus couch - a weird choice, I know) followed by PC (which has the most variety). I like the idea of doing so on a handheld console, but I've not actually tried reading one while out and about yet so can't really speak to how well it works.
  8. What are you playing?

    Just wondering - how many hours do you read a day? You seem to go through VNs quite quickly.
  9. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    Re the middle line of your post - isn't that the kind of thing that's best off in spoilers? It's not just this post in this thread either.
  10. Steins;Gate 0 VN is out on Steam.

    How come? You've read the VN and want to see how the anime changes / adapts the story, maybe?
  11. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    Ah thanks a lot! Is her route well done at least? It seems like it's tricky to add characters in well after a release without it going badly... Also there's one other thing I wanted to ask that I forgot to edit into the previous post -
  12. To Heart 2 discussion thread

    Since the thread has been bumped I may as well ask something I'm wondering here. Does the VN have a way of pushing you onto a route of some sort no matter what you do? I've been using the walkthrough to get onto the desired routes, and it says basically to stalk the girl you're interested in. What if you go to random girls every day? Also are there any other routes that were added in after the fact like the Sasara route?
  13. Comedy VN

    How is the quality of the patch on this one? The site says it didn't go through editing, so I'm just wondering if it's a "better not bother" type of situation or more just a few quirks here and there? The VN itself seems interesting (*cough* student council heroine *cough*)
  14. What are you playing?

    I'm starting to feel like I might be clogging the thread a little with the frequent posts, but at the same time can't help but want to give thoughts and impressions on the stuff I'm reading since it's quite good. First, To Heart 2. I'm really enjoying this VN. It's SO FUNNY! I said that last time I posted about it, but it keeps on doing so and doesn't seem to want to get away from that angle, which is great :D. I managed to finish the Sasara route (Student Council President = nearly automatic Best Girl) but having read the route I get the feeling that I made a mistake going for that route first - someone on here mentioned that it had a lot of good ideas btu didn't really flesh them out and I kind of agree with that sentiment. It was still nice though, but not the best way to start the VN I don't think, and it did leave me a bit worried for some of the other routes and how they'll play out. I'm now reading the Konomi route and enjoying it. The thing is, though, that the story continues to unfold and I'm liking what I read. There was a scene last night which had me in stitches (more below), and that's just one of several. It leads into the other thing I mentioned the last time I posted about the VN - it's hard to choose what route to do next because there are several that seem appealing. I really want to see what would happen in the Tama-nee route, considering how she treats him :D. I also want to see what happens with Yuma (I'm convinced she needs help hahaha), Komaki (who seems interesting and is the one I'd been thinking of saving for last) and now Karin. As far as Karin goes, the scene mentioned earlier was To Heart 2 spoilers It was so hard to stifle what would've been really heavy laughter last night while reading that scene. I'm really enjoying the VN though, and I'm really looking forward to reading what happens next. I also really like how thus far the routes feel quite different from each other. Hopefully that stays the case the more of them I read. The other VN I'm reading atm is Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth. I did manage to get a copy as I was hoping to, and have already put almost 7h30 into it in only a few days, and invariably, every time I decide I want to read, I read more than planned, so I'm really being sucked into and immersed by the story. I'm really enjoying how it's unfolded thus far, though. It seems to be somewhat different than Mask of Deception, but that's to be expected, and fortunately, it's providing a lot of what I like still (the funny SoL moments) while continuing to amp up the story. I'd heard it mentioned that it has several twists that surprise, and that's been my experience as well - I didn't expect Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth spoilers With everything that's happened, it really seems like things are going to come to a head, and I really wonder how the events are going to play out. It's still early days yet, but I think I could very well give it an 8/10 as well. I really hope that Atlus continue to localize and publish their stuff in the West, because between just these two VNs Aquaplus really are becoming one of my favorite VN studios. Actually, on that note, there's another thing to be said here. I'm not sure if it's thanks to Atlus, Aquaplus, or someone else, but both Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth come with extra goodies in the box (for the launch editions at least) - an artbook and a pillowcase respectively. IMO it's a really nice gesture for them to do. Neither of those are things I'd really pay much attention to, or even prioritize buying, and both of those things would've meant *some* extra money being spent to produce, package, and ship them instead of just the discs / carts and cases. Even so, they're included, and it makes it really hard to feel like either of the titles were a bad deal in terms of money spent.
  15. What are you playing?

    This is a good way of summing it up. It does have some good qualities (the music isn't bad, the CGs are pretty nice, and the art is really nice) so if you want something more relaxing it's worth a read, but the MC's stupidity does let it down and the drama also feels forced in some of the routes. Maybe if you do the route of the heroine you like most?