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  1. I think ALT Sumika edited the final extra timeline before dying, everything is either a result or an aftereffect of that mess, including the presence of Yuuhi and Kasumi and the memory injection from other timelibes. Anyway I decided to skip everything that happens in that timeline, it's only fanservice crap to please mindless otakus. For me it finishes with Takeru's body disintegration.
  2. No it's not, it is the takeru from the "Final Extra" timeline with some very vague memories arrived from the other timelines. Alt takeru's body disintegrated after Sumika's death (and probably everyone forgot about him, but we don't have a confirmation for that, yet), he's fucking dead (and I hope he will stay as such in Integrate). (BTW gloroius necro.. LOL)
  3. I suppose Ayashi no Ceres is not popular anymore? They felt the need to change a reference to the Legend of the hagoromo to generic Greek stuff.
  4. There's a character from that game in TDA. Oogami Ritsuko | vndb
  5. Yes the had h-scenes originally, the other games did not.
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot we're missing two stories from chronicles volume 4 as well: War Ensemble and Last Divers
  7. No we're still missing the mini-nukige spin-off, IMHO nothing worth of attention, tho.
  8. Solved copy-paste from Vndb: Ntleas worked, Locale Emulator did not (tried with all the available options). FYI: You have to start Ntleas as administrator and load "setup.exe" directly from Ntleas GUI, don't try to start it from the windows right-click menu interface, it won't work. (The actual game does work from the right-click menu though.)
  9. Fail. I'm starting to think that there is a very nasty regional protection here.
  10. I have the original game on DVD disc, I'm trying to run SETUP.EXE but it simply doesn't do anything, no error messages whatsoever. I switched everything to japanese, locale, date, on text screen etc... Nothing works. Any Idea? Maybe it is not compatible with the latest versions of Win10, I'll try to setup a win7 VM, alredy tried with winXP.
  11. Because I got the same results trying to run it with Locale Emulator, same exact screen.
  12. Set Windows locale to japanese. Locale Emulators don't work with this game.
  13. Only the remaster version is new, planning to read it alongside the old translation uploaded on ansheim project. I'm ready for Eustia.
  14. There's no way you can do that with an international transafer such as this, not from Italy.
  15. お世話になっております。お問い合わせ頂きまして、ありがとうございます。誠に恐れ入りますが、今回のご注文につきましては、弊社が対応をしていない海外からの送金を頂いておりました為、お振り込み頂いた代金は受け取り拒否をさせて頂き、ご注文はキャンセルとさせて頂いております。何卒、ご理解ご了承の程お願い申し上げます。 Best way to burn 10k yen, I admit I was reckless.
  16. Ok first step done, let's see if the transfer will arrive or not.
  17. この度は駿河屋にご注文頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 お待たせしてしまい誠に申し訳ありません。 この度のお客様のご注文につきましては、クレジット払いをご選択頂いておりましたが、 弊社、ホームページにも記載がございます通り、 日本国内発行のクレジットカードのみの取り扱いとなっております。 日本国外発行のクレジットカードの場合、お客様のご本人様確認が出来ません為、 誠に申し訳ございませんが、お支払い方法のご変更をお願い申し上げます。 お支払方法につきましては、現在「銀行振込み」でのお支払いとさせて頂いております。 下記に楽天銀行の口座をご案内させて頂いておりますので、 銀行振込みのご対応の程、宜しくお願いいたします。 楽天銀行以外の口座へのお振込をご希望の場合は、 下記より、銀行口座をご選択いただき、 ご連絡いただきますよう、お願い申し上げます。 ・楽天銀行 ・ゆうちょ銀行 ・三菱東京UFJ銀行 ・三井住友銀行 ・ジャパン ネット銀行 なお、PAYPAL及び他のクレジットカードへの変更は 弊社にてカード情報を保持しておりません為、 お受付致しか
  18. Yes but there are items from a limited sale and some very rare products insde the order I made, I don't want to cancel it.
  19. I made the payment using A-too CORPORATION as the company name, if everything go trough as planned I'll make a guide.
  20. Suruga ya doesn't accept foreign credit cards anymore and now I have to pay by wire transfer: お振込み先は下記のようなっております。 銀行名 楽天銀行(旧イーバンク銀行) 支店名 ダンス支店(ダンスシテン) 口座番号 普通 7009176 口座名 株式会社エーツー 正式口座名義 カ)エーツー I alredy found the swift code of 楽天銀行 ダンス支店(ダンスシテン), Now the only thing I'm not sure about is the company name ( 株式会社エーツー ), since I have to input it in romanji ( A2 Co., Ltd.) I'm afraid the wire transfer will be rejected, is there anything you can suggest?
  21. too late, lol, the 1st version was much cheaper (3500 yen from suruga ya jp) When it arrives I'll try to apply the existing partial patch to this and I'll let you know eventually.
  22. 穢翼のユースティア [初回版] or 穢翼のユースティア[通常版] which edition do I have to purchase to properly apply the patch? Is there any difference?
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