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  1. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Bergamo: https://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2020/03/18/foto/bergamo_non_c_e_piu_posto_70_mezzi_militari_portano_le_salme_fuori_dalla_regione-251650969/1/?ref=fbpr#7 No room to cremate the corpses anymore.
  2. Coronavirus discussion thread

    +475 deaths today.
  3. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Sk did that, as you can see from their nr of testing. Japanese nrs. doesn't match, though.
  4. Coronavirus discussion thread

    How? What's their secret?
  5. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Well, the situation will only explode when you reach a certain amount of infected people in an high density area, and it can happen any time. Then you can't fake the nr anymore because the hospitals will start to get full.
  6. Coronavirus discussion thread

    I don't think they are doing enough testing, I hope they have put in place some genious mitigation protocol or something, otherwise their nr makes no sense.
  7. Coronavirus discussion thread

    I'm worried for Japan. If they are faking their number then RIP. I hope their nr. is low because they managed to contain it.
  8. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Yeah, now they changed the guidelines. Too late... What a bunch of assholes.
  9. Coronavirus discussion thread

    368 deaths today.
  10. Coronavirus discussion thread

    There must be something wrong on how we are reading the flu data. In the ex-red zone (Lombardy, most of Emilia, and other selected areas) daily death rate is around 580 per day. Now we are registering around 150 deaths per day due to sars-cov2 infections alone, and this number is increasing fast. Of course they are not evenly distributed, if you look at the most affected cities, like Bergamo, at the moment, you'll start to notice there's 10 times more deaths than normal. And yes most of them are 70+yo that's correct.
  11. Coronavirus discussion thread

    We were initially focused on people coming from China, but the virus most probaly came here indirectly from Germany, and WHO guidelines doomed us. https://www.tgcom24.mediaset.it/cronaca/coronavirus-galli-paziente-0-arrivato-dalla-germania-il-25-26-gennaio_15995099-202002a.shtml Anyway most countries didn't react fast enough. UK NHS is far worse than ours an I think only a stroke of luck can save them at this point, unless they are really planning to deny hospitalization to severe covid patients. A plan to obtain herd immunity from mass spreading could only be attempted by Germany, which has tons of ICU beds, not by the uk, it will be suicidal.
  12. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Nah, first response was correct. They initially found a 38yo patient with an abnormal pnemumonia that wasn't reacting to any known remedies, a nurse went againts useless WHO protocols (only people linked to China should have been tested and other dangerous restrictions) and insisted to test him tor covid19, they eventually tested him and found the first case. Then they fucked off who protocols and started to do mass testing to anyone around him, found out the first clusters of the infection and put in place a few but very restricted quarantinized ares with almost china level quarantine. Then... They suddenly decided those measures were too scary for the people, the denyal phase started, mass testing was stopped, bullshit like "it's only the flu" started to spread, everything went downhill fast.
  13. Coronavirus discussion thread

    The only incompetence I can attribute to the council of ministers is the denyal phase, when they suddenly stopped mass testing (they were scaring the people, yeah, bullshit) and started pressuring the media to minimize the situation and we started to see bullshit like this: Endorsed by regional governors. A week later SSN started to collapse and Lombardy, most of Emilia and some other regions were put in full lockdown. Now the daily death rate of most affected area are decuplicated (10x).
  14. Coronavirus discussion thread

    Again: this a government problem, a single person can do very little to stop the contagion. Anyway, provided the death rate is not the main problem of this infection, this absolutely not comparable to a seasonal flu, this is nonsense, death rate is like 100x higher. In Bergamo they are getting close to 10x deaths per day then average. (and no, we are not out of icu yet, tomorrow most probably the entire region of lombardy will already be full, there's around 20 beds left https://www.blogsicilia.it/palermo/coronavirus-a-bergamo-finiti-i-posti-due-pazienti-gravissimi-trasferiti-a-palermo-foto/523558/ they already transfering patients to the south.)
  15. Basically modern day Japan but no High school, right? Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - Working, past the prologue: the prologue is set in an high school but it serves only to put the plot in motion. 428 - Working Umineko no Naku koro Ni - Let's say "various people on "vacation"", the protagonist is a high school kid, though (80s japan) Remember11 - Working Saya no Uta - College Tomoyo After - Working then there are many VN in sc-fi or fantasy settings like badr sky, Eustia, Root Double, I/O, zero escape, the steampunk saga, MLA etc.
  16. Upped the pledge to 170 usd. I'll probably add some extra cash the last day if the funding will be feasable.
  17. Voted for an obscure science fantasy game from tactics: Flugel ~Yakusoku no Aozora no Shita e~
  18. If you own an AMD GPU be aware that the game crashes during the prolgue, it's basically unplayable.
  19. Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

    More light novels
  20. Why Visual Novels?

    They are the most advanced narration based storytelling medium so far.
  21. Cyberpunk visual novel.

    Snatcher https://vndb.org/v1305 Policenauts https://vndb.org/v2528
  22. I still remeber the horrible Bill Clinton jokes in Eve Burst error. That game is full of them, nothing more out op place than that crap.
  23. All chunsoft stuff, Machi, 428, Kamaitachi no Yoru, Danganronpa, 999, Virtue Last Reward etc. and Everything from 5bp/mages, everything from otomate/idea factory and late aquaplus games (utawarerumono, tears to tiara).