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  1. We finally have a playable English language demo out for Chuusotsu! You can download it directly from this link. Obviously not a final build yet, but it should give a pretty good idea of the game already. Looking forward to your impressions!
  2. With funding at over 85% and us approaching the final week of the campaign, we updated the stretch goals (making the event CG rewards cheaper) and revealed the remaining stretch goals, including funding for an all-new side story Chuusotsu - 1.5th Graduation: The Moving Castle. We also already unlocked one free event CG from the Thunderclap campaign, and if we can get 70 more Supporters there in the next 6 days, a second CG will be added too. Quite a few of our backers have said they come from Fuwa, so... thank you all
  3. We just added a Thunderclap campaign for Chuusotsu, with a social stretch goal of 100 supporters! If the goal is met and the campaign's successfully funded, a new event CG will be added to the game free of charge! The best part is that you don't even need to be a backer to help make the game better - all you need to do is support the Thunderclap campaign, which will send a single message from your chosen social media account on May 27th.
  4. By extremely popular demand, we now have a limited physical Collector's Edition for Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation available in the campaign too!
  5. Thank you for checking out the project, much appreciated! The Kickstarter page has just gone live, and you can get some cool exclusive physical goods there that we'll only be able to produce via the Kickstarter (as well as a big discount on the game!)
  6. The Kickstarter campaign for Chuusotsu will launch on April 25! We've gotten a fair bit of good feedback and have been ironing out the details. And we'll keep doing that, so don't hesitate to still leave a comment if you have any!
  7. Updated the project page with more preview for physical goods, as well as the first stretch goals, which would add all-new event CGs to the game, naturally made by Studio Beast themselves.
  8. We've updated the campaign page with previews for the all-new poster and stick poster artworks being prepared by Studio Beast, give them a look!
  9. Chuusotsu - 1st Graduation is getting a western release by Fruitbat Factory! We have a Prefundia page up for the upcoming Kickstarter project. It's a new all-ages visual novel by Studio Beast (NSFW link), the circle that made J.Q.V Jinrui Kyuusai-bu ~With Love from Isotope~. Chuusotsu is an HD wide-screen title and it's getting a dual language release (English and Japanese). This is our first Kickstarter project and we welcome all feedback with open arms! Here is some art from the game: More Art (spoilered for brevity):
  10. The feedback's been very useful, thanks everyone! We'll be putting it to good use.
  11. That's true, it's distinctly a question for visual novels more than other types of games, which is why we're only getting feedback on it now that we have more visual novels in the works, despite already having done a bunch of HD upgrades for other games.
  12. Naturally, high resolution art is always good, but as people have pointed out in the replies, not playing on native resolution will always cause some loss of image quality (albeit it'll be the smaller the closer your display resolution is to the game's resolution), so target resolution does matter. On the other hand, many people have expressed a strong preference for playing fullscreen or windowed for immersion or because they alt-tab a lot. The replies have been very helpful so far!
  13. We like to give games HD upgrades when circumstances allow it, but deciding on the target resolution that's most comfortable for most players is always a difficult question. One of the factors is whether people prefer to play their VNs in windowed mode or fullscreen, as I've seen plenty of cases for both ways. That's why I made a twitter poll to get some more data on it. If you have a preference, let us know! Detailed comments are also welcome.
  14. This is interesting. I don't think we'll see tolerable Japanese to English google translate for literature such as VNs in the near future (at least some decades - putting aside how horrible some actual translations already are, can't use those as an example, especially as they may already be using google translate...), but improved accuracy certainly makes it easier to browse Japanese resources and extract the important facts.
  15. Welp, here goes.