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  1. They're a bit more story and less romance focused, but you might like the Spirit of Eternity Sword series (Eien no Aselia and Seinarukana).
  2. I don't think so, it's one of those CGs they specifically made and patched in to replace some of the original CGs which were forced to be 90% beams of light in the PS4 version.
  3. Actually that's from the PS4 version. This is the default Steam version of the art:
  4. I think I might've already said it somewhere earlier in the thread, but to clarify the CGs have the same degree of minimal censoring as the Switch version does, not the light-show of the PS4 version.
  5. I think we have a pretty good understanding of the market, and this is certainly something we already brought up in the first meeting. They had already made all the plans tho and it was clear that there's no 18+ version coming in the immediate future. We'll discuss it again in the future for sure. And if they're interested in bringing out the sequel too, we'll be able to start with a clean slate and hopefully have more of a say in the release strategy. Not our call, sadly. I'm probably allowed to say that it's something we wanted to do, but I'm not able to go into more detail on
  6. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story. We haven't licensed anything - as I pointed out just a few posts earlier in this thread. Not the voices, not the game. It's being released by Harukaze via their label of TOKYOTOON, and would've been exactly the same way without us, just with less QA and lacking user support. That statement's all sorts of amusing on other grounds as well, but oh well.
  7. Good question. It seems unlikely at the moment, I believe that if they were able to offer an 18+ version, they would just do it. What storefront they offer one on isn't relevant to the voice issue. And I don't believe they have any other reservations about making one, considering they're the ones that made the 18+ version in the first place. In some cases voice licensing issues can just make something impossible (see TM just releasing a new F/SN edition that still doesn't have voices), or it might be -significantly- expensive (what I know about the scale of voice licensing costs in genera
  8. We're a co-publisher, not "the" publisher; since you already know we only became involved at the very end, it should be pretty obvious we're not making any executive decisions regarding the release. Our main role is in handling English user support, promos, storefront negotiations and what have you. We are running our own QA for the game as part of the service, but can only report issues and actually implementing changes happens between the developer and the localization company they used for the translation. I want to be very clear about that, since our own standards would be considerabl
  9. I'm not privy to the exact details, but voice licensing is always very complicated in Japan. In this case there's the 18+ PC version, then several console ports (where the seiyuus go by their real names and not the 18+ aliases), and even an anime to muddle the waters. The seiyuus are also very famous so they may have stricter clauses in their contracts than usual. EDIT: Oh, and it's released by the developers themselves, not a localization company, so that's not a factor.
  10. There won't be an official 18+ patch, the voice licensing for it seems very difficult.
  11. There's a demo out now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1010600/The_Princess_the_Stray_Cat_and_Matters_of_the_Heart/ It covers a pretty hefty portion of the common route of the game. Also official release date of June 17.
  12. Welcome! This is definitely one of the nicest visual novel communities you can find :3
  13. Awards is one thing, really anyone can hand those out, but if you're thinking of a big public event then it gets trickier.
  14. The game uses custom font definitions and the specific font is set in several different places. The current font is 'asul', so search for that in script and replace all those definitions if you wish to change it.
  15. We've just hit the 2nd stretch goal that permanently adds an all-new event CG by artist Miko to the game! Next one will add a Kickstarter-exclusive soundtrack to all game tiers. Seven days left in the Seven Days campaign now - also added a social stretch goal where people can boost the campaign for free by just following our social media. Thanks for the support!
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