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Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased

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In relation to Japanese goods. It could be in a form of food, clothing, accessories, or media goods (anime, manga, light/visual novels, etc). Keeping images in a spoiler can help to navigate better with those who still retain their old computers!

Kill la Kill Volumes 6 & 7 [blu-ray, Limited Editions]




Muv-Luv: Schwarzesmarken [Light Novels 1-7]








And go.

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These are amazing.

Things I have bought in the semi-near-past... ummm, a lot of manga. Yotsubato and Gunslinger Girls are some amazing titles

Gunslinger Girl is an all-time favorite of mine; I'm reading the manga right now after rewatching the anime last week.

As for my recent purchases, I just put in orders for the Rewrite Harvest Festa LE, the Hirameki release of Day of Love, the final volumes of the Full Moon wo Sagashite and Chibi Vampire manga (both replacements for the copies I traded for my Ever17 hard copy last year), and the Magical Witch Punie-Chan DVD. I ordered them all off of Amazon from different sellers, which means I have 5 separate deliveries to look forward to in the near future. Pictures then... maybe.

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- Japanese Dictionary Grammar Book (bought)

- Kara no Shoujo VN (bought)

- Mikasa from Attack on Titans! (gift from someone) :)




I want to get the whole manga series of Gunslinger Girl.... >_< but I'll have to wait on that.

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So I got this beauty in the mail today...




It comes with an artbook, a drama CD, a soundtrack CD, some Weiss Schwartz cards, and 2 phone straps (Chibimoth and a tsuchinoko (LOL)). It took 3.5 weeks to get here, but I'd say it was worth the wait. HUGE box though.

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Last time I was available to buy some things I bought a mousepad with Fairy Tail motive, keyring with Happy and a small pillow (30x30 for decoration) of Mashiro Shiina. I also bought a SnK and Zelda T-shirt.


I wished I could've bought an anime, but around 40 - 50 euros for an anime of 24 episodes is a bit too much. VNs didn't even exist at the convention I visited. Looking forward to my next visit at a convention late October.

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BD Limited Edition of both Sakasama no Patema and Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (both Japanese edition)

Official Artbook and BD LE of Sakasama no Patema

Size comparisons to one of Kantoku's ( カントク) books

Patema went through many types of drawings until the final design
^ Another character drawings of Patema inside the link below.

The rest of August second batch purchases are listed on my blog.

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