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  1. I'm currently playing Total Eclipse. Noce ride so far but damn it can became too hreavy with descrptions and discussions of TSF features and functilnaly sometimes.
  2. I think ALT Sumika edited the final extra timeline before dying, everything is either a result or an aftereffect of that mess, including the presence of Yuuhi and Kasumi and the memory injection from other timelibes. Anyway I decided to skip everything that happens in that timeline, it's only fanservice crap to please mindless otakus. For me it finishes with Takeru's body disintegration.
  3. No it's not, it is the takeru from the "Final Extra" timeline with some very vague memories arrived from the other timelines. Alt takeru's body disintegrated after Sumika's death (and probably everyone forgot about him, but we don't have a confirmation for that, yet), he's fucking dead (and I hope he will stay as such in Integrate). (BTW gloroius necro.. LOL)
  4. I suppose Ayashi no Ceres is not popular anymore? They felt the need to change a reference to the Legend of the hagoromo to generic Greek stuff.
  5. There's a character from that game in TDA. Oogami Ritsuko | vndb
  6. Oh yeah, I forgot we're missing two stories from chronicles volume 4 as well: War Ensemble and Last Divers
  7. No we're still missing the mini-nukige spin-off, IMHO nothing worth of attention, tho.
  8. Solved copy-paste from Vndb: Ntleas worked, Locale Emulator did not (tried with all the available options). FYI: You have to start Ntleas as administrator and load "setup.exe" directly from Ntleas GUI, don't try to start it from the windows right-click menu interface, it won't work. (The actual game does work from the right-click menu though.)
  9. Fail. I'm starting to think that there is a very nasty regional protection here.
  10. I have the original game on DVD disc, I'm trying to run SETUP.EXE but it simply doesn't do anything, no error messages whatsoever. I switched everything to japanese, locale, date, on text screen etc... Nothing works. Any Idea? Maybe it is not compatible with the latest versions of Win10, I'll try to setup a win7 VM, alredy tried with winXP.
  11. Because I got the same results trying to run it with Locale Emulator, same exact screen.
  12. Set Windows locale to japanese. Locale Emulators don't work with this game.
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