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  1. Replying Muv-Luv Alternative for the third time ... well, slowly for now. Awaiting the Schwa-whatever to get released. Also reading Muv-Luv Alternative: The Day After 01 (or something). And ... that's it for now really. About to start school in a week and taking a heap of classes to get my degree and put school behind me once and for all.
  2. The VN came out 2 years ago in English if my memory recalls and the translation was utter crap. Some fans began a project to fix the stupidity they made and put back the H-scenes. If you go to the front page of Fuwanovel website, you'll see that big banner with the girl riding behind the back of the main character. I clearly remember the two of them. What is the name of the VN?
  3. Awesome. Are they selling physical copies, obviously for all 3 of the games? EXTRA/Unlimited, Alternative and Schwa.
  4. Born ready. Didn't support the Kickstart. I'd rather see that Schwa-whatever get a Kickstart, not something that's already been translated.
  5. I'd have to say Fate/Stay Night, some of the parts were damn bitter ... . Muv-Luv Alternative, a whole bunch of scenes for various reasons, those who read this VN would know. Tomoyo After, the true ending.
  6. Grisaia definitely fits that category. Muv-Luv series (MC in EXTRA and Unlimited is weak, but in Alternative he is pretty bad ass, and grows to be more bad ass after the PTSD phase), Takeru takes care of a lot of things so I second the Muv-Luv package.
  7. Uh, what's wrong with the current Muv Luv translation? I saw nothing wrong with it, it wasn't Mirror Moon level perhaps, but it was above average for a fan translation. I haven't read Muv-Luv in Japanese but Ixrec simply isn't a very good translator. His translations are overly stiff and full of bad writing and weird phrasing. Muv-Luv isn't exactly known for its beautiful prose so it probably doesn't suffer as much in that regard as for example his translations of Comyu, Inganock or Rewrite but bad prose isn't the only issue with his work. It is often overly literal which gives me the impress
  8. Refresh my memory, what bullshit are they exactly bringing to the West? After the hard earned work from the fan translations, this rip-offs step in to take the helm. How about taking on the big dog and translating Schwarzesmarken (https://vndb.org/v14910) to the west? OH YEAH. It's not translated by the fans yet. What a waste ... and how dull can people get for backing those rip-offs.
  9. Hooooollly crap the Manga is getting super good. A duet is possible with the new Fuuka or that old childhood friend. Im reading into the future!
  10. ReLIFE AniDB | Official Release: 2016 Description: Arata Kaizaki is an unemployed, single 27-year-old who has just been cut off from his parents' financial support. Unable to find a job due to his leaving his previous employer within three months, he is stuck. One night after drinking with a high school friend, Arata meets Ryō Yoake, a man who offers Arata pills to turn him back into a 17-year old so he can redo his life. After agreeing to the experiment, Arata joins a high school class, and meets Chizuru Hishiro, a socially awkward silent beauty who yearns to have friends. Through connecting
  11. So I was looking over the Xillia games and I remember I returned the first game upon 10 minutes of playing it. The utter super shitty jagged background graphics and no dual-audio ... I hate English Dubs on Japanese products. It fucking sucks, period. Xillia 2 doesn't have dual-audio either, so no-go on this either. Are there 'Asian' Editions which usually have the Japanese Audio and English subs? Also, I still have Symphonia factory sealed for the PS3. I hear Symphonia is pretty bad ass. It has Japanese voices (I think dual-audio) with English subs. Who has played the PS3 version? Are there
  12. See you in 2018 or ... maybe 2020 when this shit gets a full English release. Hope it doesn't get butchered like Rewind. I'm looking forward to Angels Beats more than anything.
  13. Definitely someone who didn't even touch Season 3. First two seasons is all drama/introductions/ how the world treats them and turns which leads to how they become in Season 3. And I feel sorry for your opinions. On episode 12, man I hope they get Morgan back ...
  14. holy fuck shit The Walking Dead S3 episode 8's ending made me almost shit my pants, that shit was scary ... I blew through the whole S2 and I'm half-way through S3 now. Man S1 and S2 were all about proper build up for S3, cu'z S3 is ALL survival and action!
  15. H.O.T.D. Complete with the full color, and I only see chapter 30 outside of the large two hardcover color books ... don't feel like reading it. This manga is taking forever to finish. Any survival manga like this out there? Well ... whatever. So what's good to read that's actually completed? Non-high school, no fantasy/magic, with romance is welcomed. Haaaaah .....
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