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  1. Yes, it works for ITHVNR too. Awesome, thank you so much!!
  2. Hi, I'm having a problem with getting White Album 1 pc game to work with text hooker. I tried using ITHVNR with it, but there are no other hook options after I encounter the japanese text in the game (after having processed/attached the game and everything too). Is there a text hook code that will work for this game?
  3. Once I got my paycheck, I splurged Flowers is probably going to be the first game I play!
  4. Confession: I was looking to play something different, and then Rain got me addicted to Sengoku Rance... I've been playing it all night and can't stop! It's actually pretty fun, and I like how there's so many different characters that show up. Rance is an asshole, but it does make me laugh at times and being able to conquer all the girls in a jrpg is kinda entertaining.
  5. Wooow 1st place! Amaazzinggg -clap-, congraaats! Do you get anything for winning the contest?
  6. confession: my brother and I dislike each other. At this point, I think our relationship is pretty much non-existant and dead. My parents want us to be on good terms though, so we've kinda been forced to "act nicely" towards each other. Sometimes, it feels like they care more about keeping up the facade for appearances than really wanting us to mend the actual issues. But, I guess the relationship can't be fixed either, because neither of us cares to anymore. I actually felt more free and happy since the time I cut him out, where he was no longer involved or privvy to the happenings in my life. If we could repair our sibling bond in the future, it'd probably just be for our parents' wishes.
  7. I decided to just make a list of games I'd be willing to part with for your trade. There seems to be a couple on there that matches your wishlist. So, you can pick the amount of titles you think would be a fair trade, and we can come to an agreement we're both happy with in pm later if you decide to trade with me.
  8. Congratulations on getting married! What kind of games do you already have (US)? I do have old PS1/2, DS, and 3DS games I'm not really playing anymore that I might want to trade. But it'd be kinda pointless if you already played most of what I have in my collection already.
  9. I remember mentioning how this character minded me of you, haha. It's a good fit. Take care, Tiago! See you when you're active again~
  10. I'll exchange for video games But yeah~ in case anyone's wondering. I'm not dead, just been busy with the 3D world. I haven't even been able to complete Fire Emblem: Birthright yet, noooooo. (Currently on chapter15!) I hope everyone is doing well!
  11. It explains how to get it here: http://fireemblemfates.nintendo.com/dlc/ Buy one retail game (either Birthright or Conquest), and when you start up the game, you can select Explore Paths to download the other digital version for half price off. There's also a $60 pricing on Gamestop to download both digital versions on nintendo eshop. You'll need a bigger memory card to fit the games though. I think one game is ~3.5gb or something like that. There's also the third game Revelations that is digital only for $20.
  12. Is there anything important you want achieve/accomplish before you die? (like, when you look back on your life, you'd feel satisfied)
  13. I recently picked up a retail version of Birthright, and planning to get Conquest DL for half price off. I was too late to get the special edition ; ; and it was sold out everywhere. Even all the standard editions were sold out at all the gamestops around my area, but I was able to pick one up from walmart. I started with a female character in Birthright~ and planning to play as male character in Conquest. It's too bad I won't be able to date other female characters with my main in BR, so hopefully there's some interesting/cool males! I haven't really played much yet, but so far it's extremely easy xD. I've always played with permadeath in all past fire emblem games, but this time~ I'm being lazy, just wanting to enjoy the characters/story so I set my difficulty at Normal/(no permadeath). Since I mostly just started, I don't really have any particular favorite characters yet. To me, the story started off a bit strangely being thrust into the choice of choosing sides so suddenly (when you haven't really connected with either yet) but hey~ I'm fine with it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what the game has to offer. I do wish they had retained the Japanese voices though, darn. Some of the english dubbing sounds weird, like, I kind of laughed at the sound the main's mother made when she acted surprised..lol.
  14. lol, rain getting NTR'ed. Confession: I've had dreams about Fuwans before, but I forget what they were about now . That's funny that you dreamed about the same thing twice xD. Were there any yaoi pairings on the spaceship? haha.
  15. Ohh yeah, I remember him telling me that. I'm glad you thought up the idea then. As for Stray-Cat, I still keep in touch with him off site, but he doesn't seem to be interested in coming back. It might also be that he's busy with his own irl stuff. I'll tell him you miss him though
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