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Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased


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I just came back from my 3 week visit to Japan :)

I made few visits to the shops like BookOff, Disk Union, Tower Records - and I bought a ton of music on CDs, DVDs, records and cassettes :) 


And on Monday, when I was killing time before return flight walking around Akihabara, I happened to enter "TRADER" game shop, where I bought 5 VNs.


1) Irotoridori No Sekai 
2) Ano Ko wa Ore kara Hanarenai


3) Kokoro Connect - it was dirt cheap in a 100JPY basket, so why not ;) 
4) Clannad - I have Steam edition, but I wanted some kind of physical edition to put on the shelf ;)
5) ~Da Capo I & II~ Plus Situation Portable


Vita version of Irotoridori No Sekai seems impossible to download, since the download edition has been pulled from PS Store around 2017, and it seems no one has made a good rip of the cartridge. Therefore my only chance to play it was to get actual physical version (and Vita of course) - and then either try to read it on Vita itself, or make a rip myself to use with emulator. So I was really happy to find two copies of it on the TRADER's shelf with a quite decent price tag of 2900 JPY :) 

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Bunch of stuff that came in this past week:




PS4/All ages port of Ever Maiden.

Bought and played the Windows version last year and absolutely loved it. The console port apparently has some new stuff added, so decided to double-dip and get this version too.



Cartagra FHD

Recently finished the Flowers series, and have been interested in trying Innocent Grey's other games so... since it just so happened a remaster of their first game, Cartagra, was coming out I decided to pick it up.



Flowers related CDs.

Vocal Collection Box, OSTs and Drama CDs.

For whatever reason the Summer OST specifically was out of stock everywhere (probably out of print) so I'll likely have to track down a used copy later.



Separate order of older stuff from Surugaya.

Grabbed a few KID games: Erde, Iris and Pocket Love 2 + some KID related CDs and fanbooks.



And lastly this month's new Yuri manga

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1 hour ago, Shinyun226 said:

Cartagra FHD

Noice, I am actually playing right now and boy does it feel good to see the game in full screen, rather than 4:3 ratio. The CG looks so much cleaner, the shading of the characters and everything is so good compared to the first game and Shuugo finally has a VA.

I thought that Shuugo had a VA because he has a voice option in the setting of the original game, but no, I got jebaited and it was in certain scenes where the VA actually spoke. But I am so far loving this game

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