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What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?


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I never really got into Civ V.  I played a lot of Civ IV, but when I tried Civ V, it just didn't feel the same, and it kinda put me off.  It felt too...simplified.  Too streamlined, if you get my drift.  Kinda like they were dumbing it down.  No offense or anything, it just didn't feel like the same type of game to me.

I started out preferring Civ IV, but Civ V grew on me as I played it more, especially as each expansion came out.  The combat especially is hard to go back from -- being limited to one combat unit per tile makes multiplayer battles so much more strategic, its not all just unit composition and numbers now.


Alpha Centauri's still better though.

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I got Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on sale on Steam, with all of the DLC, and so far, it's pretty good.  Not the best RPG I've ever played, but the combat is really well done.  It has some of the best gameplay I've seen in an RPG.

I remember getting that for free on ps plus and it's really funny how much you can screw over the npcs.

Demon gaze is really fun, the bosses and enemies can get difficult. Now I remember why I love dungeon crawlers.

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Wizard level 1291.




I haven't even started raking in the mana. I've seen some have grade 60 by wave 8.

Grade 52 killgem dealing septillions of damage and a grade 54 mana gem generating billions of mana per frame.

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I'm playing Apollo Justice right now (would that be considered a vn...? Considering it's predecessors are on Fuwa now). Alas... There are so many questions I need answers to after beginning the game, but I'm only on the second turnabout.


I wish there were more than just three Phoenix Wright games :( I liked his style. I'm hoping to play Edgeworth's game as well after finishing Apollo's.

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I almost never play video games (with the exception of osu! )

But I'm giving : 


Child of light and Contrast a try


Child of light is really pleasant to play so far.

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Held a retro gaming night this week (just 3 guys playing MAME basically):



Michael Jackson's Moonwalker/Sega/1990



Raiden Fighters Jet/Seibu/1998 *

Espgaluda/Cave/2003 *

Pochi & Nyaa/Taito/2002

Money Idol Exchanger/Face/1997 *


* = games where I turned in an above average performance :-)

Also, I didn't SUCK at anything this time around, surprisingly.

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